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[17:02] <M1DLG> Hello channel! Could someone advise me if there is a ready made RPi image with the tools installed for tracking?
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[17:52] <PE2BZ> M1DLG, not that I am aware off.
[17:53] <PE2BZ> I tend to start from a fresh Pi distro (mostly headless) and follow the instructions for LoRa gateway. What kind of tracking would you like to do ? amateur sondes, weather sondes ?
[18:02] <M1DLG> Hello PE2BZ, Its complicated. I previously set up a laptop to track some HAB launches sometime back, But while it was exciting I was busy and didn't track any more. That was a few years back. The company I work for was taken over a few months back and we have all been asked to think of things we could do to promote new products, and I thought launching one in to near space would be a great idea. a bit of of a challenge and a very tight budget but I
[18:02] <M1DLG> think If I can get something tracking this week and set it up at work, I think I might be able to pull it off with a lot of help (if people are willing and able to help of course). I know there are launches by other people going on all the time so having a receive station on would help them, and I'll have that running all the time from home after the event (if I can pull it off)
[18:03] <chris_99> launching what out of interest?
[18:04] <M1DLG> A pop-up greeting card. I can't say much more than that because the one in question has yet to be announced formally.
[18:04] <chris_99> gotcha, sounds like that wouldn't weigh a lot :)
[18:05] <M1DLG> probably 50g
[18:05] <M1DLG> The only weight would be the regular payload and the stick to sit it on
[18:08] <M1DLG> I noticed our photograoher has 2 360 degree cameras, they look quite tiny I no idea what they cost, but I think one of those could be repurposed, if not I can sacrifice a mobile phone if that makes the task of filming and tracking easier, even if it is cheating.
[18:09] <chris_99> i've never launched a balloon, but wonder how well a typical phone battery works in the cold
[18:11] <M1DLG> They dont - I think I'd have to pack it in a lot of insulation, and have a trade off between letting it run warm and the battery dying sooner than ideal, and having some other power source too.
[18:13] <M1DLG> I regret giving away several phone insulated boxes I had, they would have been perfect for the task as the were light weight, air tight as they were designed for shipping frozen food through the regular postal network
[18:13] <M1DLG> *foam stupid typo
[18:16] <M1DLG> @PE2BZ you mentioned LoRa, do the balloons now use LoRa instead of 433MHz transmitters?
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[18:50] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03BSS43 after 0311 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=BSS43
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[18:58] <M1DLG> Just realised LoRa uses 433, I should have specified what I meant better. I was meaning general purpose 433 transmitter modules.
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