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[08:45] <MikeTango> Well, in germany the airspace is free to use
[08:45] <MikeTango> this was on a field, there is no one to ask for permission, the start was on a street
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[08:46] <MikeTango> flying over areas with buildings or over/near groups of people is prohibited
[08:48] <MikeTango> i was definitively below 100m, the line length on the chute is 35m, you can see that it's just a few ten meters above the top chute
[08:48] <MikeTango> had full line of sight between me and both objects in the sky
[08:49] <MikeTango> and actually i was on stilts, holding the camera on a stick so the whole "drone" foo doesn't apply prove me wrong
[08:50] <MikeTango> i am sick of discussing legalities everytime i do something awesome that may or may not have been haraaam
[08:50] <MikeTango> for every recovery in a tree, do i have to find the owner and ask for permission to touch his tree
[08:51] <MikeTango> for every recovery on a field, there will be someone walking onto that field
[08:51] <MikeTango> the amount of traffic / no trespassing laws being broken every second of sonde chasing is mind boggling
[08:52] <MikeTango> but if i post a drone video everyone loses their minds
[08:52] <MikeTango> actually, the camera was on a toy kite, i'm sorry i might have misremembered that fact
[08:56] <MikeTango> toy kites are legal right?
[10:21] <Hotaru> MikeTango: <3
[10:33] <daveake> Kites have an altitude limit too without a NOTAM (UK) :P
[11:00] <MikeTango> it's actually a lot lower
[11:01] <MikeTango> 30 meters when "close" to an airport (6 kilometers or more)
[11:01] <MikeTango> what the hell
[11:02] <MikeTango> toy kites, the number one menace to modern aviation
[11:02] <MikeTango> jesus
[11:03] <MikeTango> "distance to buildings, powerlines, highways and rail lines 600m"
[11:04] <MikeTango> I want to make a map of places where flying kites is legal...it will be "in the middle of the desert we don't have" or "on that little island over there which is off limits because of bird sanctuary"
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[11:17] <murb> MikeTango: so Cody would be right out of luck trying to fly a kite now days in the northern parts of aldershot?
[11:22] <MikeTango> is Aldershot in Germany?
[11:23] <MikeTango> i think the Germans tried flying some things there
[11:23] <MikeTango> that didn't end well
[11:24] <murb> MikeTango: Aldershot is where Cody did his man carrying kite experimentation, and was later killed in a plane crash.
[11:25] <murb> (it is a military town in south west of london.)
[11:25] <MikeTango> yea, the germans definitively tried flying some things there
[11:26] <murb> MikeTango: nah it was mostly the canadians rioting
[11:26] <murb> they didn't want to be sent to the far east.
[11:34] Action: MikeTango reads up on the history of Alderhshot, UK
[11:35] <MikeTango> ok, everyone BUT the germans bombed it or set it on fire
[11:35] <MikeTango> that's quite ironic
[11:36] <MikeTango> glasshouse has since become synonymous with all military prison establishments
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[11:37] <MikeTango> that's funny, in germany it's called "Café Viereck" - the square coffee shop
[11:38] <MikeTango> referring to the holding cell that is/was directly at the guard post of every garrison/military compound
[11:44] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03SP6QKM-4FSK after 0321 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP6QKM-4FSK
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[12:01] <murb> MikeTango: ha local military establishemtn now has an info panel on the fence, with a fecking QR code!
[12:01] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SP9SKP-12 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP9SKP-12
[12:02] <MikeTango> QR codes are great. Hold a ruler to it, print your own, laminate, double side adhesive
[12:02] <MikeTango> That trick will never gonna give you up
[12:02] <MikeTango> never gonna let you down
[12:02] <murb> previously there was a sign that began Achtung! militärischer Schutberiech! Es ist verboten die..... banning everyhting including Bildgeräte, lichtbiler skizzen oder andere...
[12:03] <murb> MikeTango: i'm very impressed how officals are able to mentally decode and validate QR codes :-)
[12:03] <MikeTango> oh i might have one of those in our party room
[12:03] <MikeTango> there was nothing about stealing the sign on the sign so we nicked it
[12:04] <MikeTango> it says...
[12:04] <murb> o they're threatining readers with Geldbuße bis zu DM 10 000,- :-)
[12:04] <MikeTango> not on my sign
[12:04] <murb> (of course i took a photo of a sign telling me not to take a photo!)
[12:05] <MikeTango> the americans in Wiesbaden plastered their fences with Symbol of camera, crossed out
[12:06] <MikeTango> the camera being one of these https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:C.P.Goerz.jpg
[12:07] <murb> https://www.yuri.org.uk/~murble/IMG_8519.JPG
[12:07] <murb> oh is the army airfield still a thing?
[12:07] <MikeTango> in Wiesbaden, very much
[12:07] <murb> can you fly kites near it? say in the Ikea carpark on a sunday?
[12:07] <MikeTango> you do know quite a lot about that area
[12:08] <MikeTango> also, you have an ä handy
[12:08] <MikeTango> and your knowledge about german words is oddly specific to no trespassing signs
[12:08] <murb> i used to live on Rheinstraße...
[12:08] <MikeTango> military no trespassing signs, that is
[12:11] <murb> oh and https://www.yuri.org.uk/~murble/img_0712.jpg # yeah the sign
[12:12] <MikeTango> Ok, mine reads "Achtung Militärischer Schutzbereich" "Verboten ist innerhalb des Schutzbereiches:" "der Gebrauch von Schusswaffen in Richtung auf die Anlage" "- zu rauchen, zu zelten oder offenes Feuer anzulegen" "die Lagerung von leicht brennbaren oder explosiven gefährlichen Stoffen," "Sprengen ohne Genehmigung der Schutzbereichsbehörde," "Fotografieren sowie anfertigen von bildlichen Darstellungen" "Zuwiderhandlungen werd
[12:12] <MikeTango> erfolgt"
[12:13] <MikeTango> For those not having the ä
[12:15] <MikeTango> "Caution protected military area" "Inside the area it is prohibited to" "shoot into the direction of the area" <-- WTF "smoke, camp or use open flames" "store highly flammable or explosive hazardous materials" "blast without permission of the local authority" "take pictures or create any kind of sketch" "These acts will be prosecuted"
[12:16] <MikeTango> talk about oddly specific
[12:17] <MikeTango> explosive or flammable material - no. nothing about toxic or whatevs
[12:17] <MikeTango> do not shoot at this thing WELL DUH
[12:19] <MikeTango> i once was on an abandoned munitions storage compound that had a sign telling you to drop off your cigarettes, lighters and matches at the guard house UNPROMPTED emphasis not mine
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[13:43] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03DirkDuyvel - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=DirkDuyvel
[13:48] <chris_99> Does anyone use a hackrf out of interest to pickup balloons, curious if i'd need a preamp
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[15:43] <PE2BZ> chris_99, weathersondes or radio amateur balloons ?
[15:45] <PE2BZ> For weathersondes a HackRF works great, but they usually have 200 mW or more transmission power. Radio amateur balloons, 4fsk in the 20 - 40 mW range, also works OK over here but I usually have to anable the built in preamplifier with 14 dB extra gain.
[15:56] <chris_99> good question, i was thinking radio amateur baloons
[15:57] <chris_99> oh so it's got a built in preamp? didn't know that
[15:58] <PE2BZ> I use the HackRF mostly with SDRConsole V3. That gives RF gain up to 40 dB and External Amplifier (which is inside the HackRF) for another 14 dB
[15:59] <PE2BZ> I blew that seperate amplifier chip on occasion running 50 Watt in a nearby antenna transmitting on 70 cm band, the newer releases of HackRF do have a bit different design with overload protection.
[16:05] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03SA6BSS-9 after 0317 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SA6BSS-9
[16:08] <PE2BZ> chris_99, can you read diagrams ;-) https://github.com/sdr-x/sdr-x.github.io/blob/master/_resource/hackrf-one-schematic.pdf
[16:08] <chris_99> merci :) i just got it today from aliexpress, so just been having a little fiddle with gnuradio
[16:11] <PE2BZ> the diagram at the bottom, the right corner, shows 2 times 13317 to switch between TX and RX paths and 2 times MGA-81563 to be switched on or of as extra amplifier for either RX or TX. But don´t worry to much about that, just enjoy it :-)
[16:12] <PE2BZ> does your computer / os support GQRX as receiver software ? That would be my first choice instead of Gnuradio for starting with an SDR radio for reception.
[16:21] <chris_99> oh yeah i've used gqrx a little while ago, was just curious about transmitting atm heh
[16:22] <PE2BZ> Do you have Windows OS around ?
[16:23] <PE2BZ> SDRConsole V3 allows RX and TX with HackRF and / or PlutoSDR (and more capable SDR´s) Or you must just like Gnuradio :-)
[16:25] <chris_99> oh , no i only have windows in a vm
[16:27] <ly2en> take sdrangel from a .deb package and it will rx and tx with all of the above
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[18:08] <SA6BSS-Mike1> chris_99: check this https://github.com/AlexandreRouma/SDRPlusPlus
[18:09] <SA6BSS-Mike1> https://github.com/AlexandreRouma/SDRPlusPlus
[18:09] <SA6BSS-Mike1> https://www.rtl-sdr.com/signalseverywhere-testing-sdr-a-hands-on-overview/
[18:12] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03WB0URW-15 after 0318 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=WB0URW-15
[18:12] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03AB5SS-84 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=AB5SS-84
[18:23] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03AIRCOR-3 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=AIRCOR-3
[18:27] <chris_99> cheers, hadn't heard of sdr++ or sdrangel before
[18:32] <bertrik> sdrangel was the first sdr package that I saw a successful lora decode in
[18:32] <chris_99> oh interesting! iirc i was curious if you could use an sdr to decode lora
[18:32] <chris_99> i think i saw a module for gnuradio for that, but will defonitely investigate sdrangel then for that
[18:34] <bertrik> this was years ago, I haven't looked at it recently
[19:44] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03LU1ESY-28 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=LU1ESY-28
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[21:40] <VK5QI> bertrik: iirc it didnt reallyt perform well, or have proper support for the different settings
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