[00:04] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03SQ6NEI-12 after 037 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SQ6NEI-12
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[05:05] <Lahti> no 434.662 and 432.665 signal, but SQ6NEI very good
[05:35] <SA6BSS-Mike> BZ-rtty might need a 30-60 min more before the sun is high enough for the solar cells to start the board
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[06:01] <SA6BSS-Mike> ok, BZ comming online :)
[06:01] <SA6BSS-Mike> good signal on web sdr
[06:03] <SA6BSS-Mike> Green !
[06:03] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03BZ-RTTY-5 after 0315 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=BZ-RTTY-5
[06:03] <VK5QI> one line needs to be commented out from radiolib and it shoudl decode just fine with horus-gui
[06:05] <SA6BSS-Mike> yeah, I saw the comment yesterday, easy fix :)
[06:08] <Turjakas> VK5QI: can you describe that change? (OH3BHX here)
[06:09] <VK5QI> after each byte radiolib puts the radio into standby
[06:09] <Turjakas> though it may be my RTL-SDR has USB issues and I can't fix it remotely
[06:09] <VK5QI> https://github.com/jgromes/RadioLib/issues/306#issuecomment-915177878
[06:10] <VK5QI> you can see the gaps in signal between each byte
[06:10] <VK5QI> this is *not* how a modem, RTTY or otherwise, shoudl behave
[06:10] <Turjakas> so out-of-the-box horusdemodlib won't decode that?
[06:10] <VK5QI> correct
[06:11] <VK5QI> because horusdemodlib expects the transmitter to behave like a modem
[06:12] <Turjakas> hm, I haven't installed RadioLib manually
[06:12] <Turjakas> only horusdemodlib
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[06:12] <Turjakas> not sure what the relation is there
[06:13] <VK5QI> RadioLib is whats being used on the payload
[06:13] <VK5QI> its resulting in a FSK signal with very bad timings, and as such the FSK modem used within horusdemodlib will not lock onto the symbol timing
[06:14] <SA6BSS-Mike> so, you have to compile the payload fw with a modified radiolib source?
[06:14] <Turjakas> ahh ok so it's an issue in TX, not RX
[06:14] <VK5QI> well, ideally radiolib will be fixed
[06:14] <SA6BSS-Mike> rr
[06:14] <VK5QI> because it is really bad behaviour
[06:14] <VK5QI> its not how any rtty modem works. in an absolute worst case there should at least be an idle tone between bytes, not silence
[06:15] <Turjakas> yeah sounds bad indeed
[06:15] <Turjakas> 4FSK from Estonia can be heard very well here -- if my RTL-SDR just wanted to work properly, not sure what happened with it... probably crappy extension cable
[06:16] <VK5QI> oh yeah, there will be 4FSK modulation support added to radiolib too
[06:17] <Turjakas> what hardware are these balloons using? both the same? I mean there's another balloon transmitting 4FSK over Estonia right now... the RTTY one is in Finland
[06:18] <VK5QI> the RTTY payload is using custom hardware, using a SX127x radio modem (hence the LoRa)
[06:18] <Turjakas> ah right, yes, I've heard of that
[06:19] <VK5QI> hmm i might have to set mask estimation to be off by default if 4FSK goes into RadioLib, as the tone spacing will be different to whats used in teh RS41s
[06:21] <VK5QI> mask estimation gives better weak signal performance though
[06:23] <Turjakas> I wonder what SQ6NEI-4FSK is using... there's APRS there too
[06:23] <Turjakas> maybe multiple transmitters
[06:23] <VK5QI> nah thats a RS41 still
[06:23] <VK5QI> APRS is probably on 70cm
[06:24] <Turjakas> yes it is... I can receive 4FSK here too -- I was just wondering if it's a re-used RS41 or something else
[06:24] <VK5QI> dammit i keep on clicking payloads on the habhub map expecting the list on the left to scroll like it does on sondehub :P
[06:24] <Turjakas> I do that too! :D
[06:24] <VK5QI> yep in the comment, APRS on 432.5 MHz
[06:27] <SA6BSS-Mike> thay are all rs41 sondes for all I know
[06:28] <SA6BSS-Mike> might find something here http://sp7pki.iq24.pl/default.asp?grupa=230409
[06:28] <VK5QI> its the only platform ive provided code to generate 4fsk on
[06:30] <Lahti> The Lora-5 program is not working, I will continue to follow 4FSK https://ibb.co/hcYjkG0
[06:31] <VK5QI> that's definitely not configured right to decode the flight
[06:31] <VK5QI> select the flight from the drop-down list where it says flight
[06:31] <VK5QI> choose the appropriate payload, then click auto-configure
[06:35] <SA6BSS-Mike> Lahti: for lora you have to have a stand alone rx made for just lora, but from the same puload alos rtty is transmitted, that should be fine with the dl-fldigi I linked to yesterday, did that work to install?
[06:44] <SA6BSS-Mike> nice, I see there landed a wx sonde 7km from here, probably hanging in a tree but will go have a look when it stops raining
[06:44] <Lahti> I dont understand, Horus is really good, I focus on that
[06:45] <SA6BSS-Mike> do you see the BZ payload at 434.662 tx every 90 sec
[06:45] <VK5QI> Lahti: thanks :P
[06:46] <SA6BSS-Mike> horus v16 stil the latest?
[06:46] <VK5QI> theres 0.2.1 now
[06:46] <SA6BSS-Mike> oh :)
[06:48] <VK5QI> finally adds support for the v2 horus mode (which nobody is flying yet)
[06:48] <VK5QI> i need to get some transmitter code out there so someone can do a launch with it in europe and force everyone to upgrade!
[06:48] <SA6BSS-Mike> ok, I see the V1/V2
[06:49] <SA6BSS-Mike> yeah
[06:50] <Turjakas> I've got V2 added to my RS41ng firmware, but haven't completed testing yet... decoding wasn't working right away, so must be some bugs in my code :)
[06:50] <VK5QI> oh cool
[06:50] <VK5QI> if you can add continuous mode to your firmware, i'll just switch to using your code :P
[06:50] <VK5QI> (also the power save bip bip stuff)
[06:51] <Turjakas> let's see if I have the time... I've been more interested in the multi-mode capabilities. But more features is always good :D
[06:51] <VK5QI> for launches here we alwasy run continuous mode
[06:51] <VK5QI> or run 4FSK only with gaps in between, with the regular 'pips' to let people know they are on frequency
[06:52] <Turjakas> is your goal just to get updates as often as possible? or is there a special meaning in what you call "continuous mode"?
[06:53] <VK5QI> continuous mode is where its continually modulating 4FSK. when there is no bytes to send, it just increments the symbol
[06:53] <VK5QI> there is still a 'gap' of about 1 second between data packets, in that time its just doing that symbol increment
[06:53] <VK5QI> that way the modem remains locked on to the modulation, for best performance
[06:54] <Turjakas> ok, but doesn't the RS41 transmitter need breaks to work properly for long durations?
[06:54] <VK5QI> sure, for the multi-day flights you want the gaps to save power
[06:54] <VK5QI> but for a regular up/down flight there's no need
[06:54] <VK5QI> even transmitting continuously, 2xAAs will power a RS41 for 24 hours
[06:55] <VK5QI> and for a regular up/down flight i want fast updates
[06:55] <Turjakas> ok, so transmitting for a couple of hours continuously is OK for RS41... I remember reading something going wrong with the internal state of the transmitter with long TX
[06:56] <VK5QI> oh right - so yes you need to briefly switch the transmitter into standby then back out again
[06:56] <Turjakas> yeah, that's what I meant
[06:56] <VK5QI> this can be done quickly enough that the modem doesnt lose lock
[06:56] <Turjakas> kk
[06:57] <Turjakas> I'll have to see what your code does in the continuous mode at some point
[06:57] <Turjakas> first I'll be focusing on getting V2 working and possibly 4FSK on HF (Si5351)
[06:57] <VK5QI> if there's no bytes of data to be sent, it just takes the currently sent symbol and increments it, then modulos it with 4
[06:58] <Turjakas> ok
[06:58] <VK5QI> so you just send symbol 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3
[06:58] <VK5QI> just like in the preamble actually
[06:58] <Turjakas> aa right
[06:58] <Turjakas> that's fairly simple to do
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[07:02] <VK5QI> https://github.com/darksidelemm/RS41HUP/blob/master/main.c#L266
[07:03] <VK5QI> but yes, you need to just briefly take the radio out of transmit mode into standby, then back into standby. best time to do this is at the end of a packet
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[07:06] <Turjakas> ok thanks, will have a look at implementing that... I'd also like to add variable transmit intervals based on altitude, just to save batteries
[07:06] <Turjakas> I'm also not using GPS/CPU power saving modes yet
[07:07] <VK5QI> ahh
[07:07] <VK5QI> GPS power save mode is well worth it
[07:07] <VK5QI> its not hard to do
[07:08] <VK5QI> https://github.com/darksidelemm/RS41HUP/blob/master/ublox.c#L73
[07:08] <Turjakas> FFS, my RasPi4 lost USB RTL-SDR now completely
[07:08] <Turjakas> preivously it was working 100% fine
[07:08] <Turjakas> bleh
[07:09] <VK5QI> i wouldnt go any lower than the 1 second cyclic mode. thats about the best the ublox 6 series can do reliably
[07:09] <Turjakas> are you using the power-save mode between transmissions?
[07:09] <Turjakas> or how does it work?
[07:09] <VK5QI> power-save mode is just a mode the gps can sit in all the time
[07:09] <Turjakas> aha right
[07:09] <VK5QI> though its recommended to only put it into that mode once it has lock
[07:09] <Turjakas> cool ok
[07:09] <VK5QI> so on startup, run in regular high performance mode, once you have lock you can send that command to enter power-save mode.
[07:09] <Turjakas> and if it loses fix, maybe disable it?
[07:09] <VK5QI> yeah you can try that
[07:09] <Turjakas> I mean until it gets a fix
[07:09] <Turjakas> kk
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[07:10] <Turjakas> is the CPU power saving worth it?
[07:10] <VK5QI> not sure
[07:10] <VK5QI> havent tried it myself
[07:10] <Turjakas> ok :)
[07:11] <VK5QI> oh ok in my code i enter powersave mode once i have a fix, but i dont ever exit it
[07:11] <VK5QI> hasnt seemd to be an issue
[07:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> run the cpu on a lower speed?
[07:11] <VK5QI> https://github.com/darksidelemm/RS41HUP/blob/master/main.c#L484
[07:11] <Turjakas> right
[07:11] <VK5QI> aha i only enter powersave mode when i have >6 sats
[07:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> insted of 8 run it a 1
[07:11] <VK5QI> in powersave mode it doesnt re-aquire new sats as often.
[07:11] <Turjakas> anyway, thanks for the details -> will have to go offline now ->
[07:12] <VK5QI> also i indicate the state of the gps tracker powersace mode in the numSV field https://github.com/darksidelemm/RS41HUP/blob/master/main.c#L524
[07:12] <VK5QI> ok, cya
[07:30] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03NOB9 after 0316 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=NOB9
[07:35] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03KD2FOU-11 after 0316 hours silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=KD2FOU-11
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[10:26] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03F5APQ_chase - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=F5APQ_chase
[10:30] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SP8ESA-4FSK - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP8ESA-4FSK
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[10:51] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SQ9FOX-11 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SQ9FOX-11
[10:55] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SP5LA - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP5LA
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[11:25] <PE2BZ> VK5QI, if possible, can you take a look at this wav file ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nn2x4q07dybh95/bz-rtty-6.wav?dl=0 ? That´s with the sandby() disabled
[11:25] <PE2BZ> 200 baud 7n2 600 shift
[11:27] <VK5QI> yeah still not decoding
[11:27] <VK5QI> might still be timing issues due to the non-interrupt-driven modulation
[11:28] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SP8ESA_chase - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP8ESA_chase
[11:34] <VK5QI> unsure about this one tbh
[11:36] <VK5QI> then again fldigi doesnt seem to be decoding it either
[11:37] <VK5QI> the drift is pretty bad
[11:38] <VK5QI> oh wait, dl-fldigi seems to decode it
[11:38] <VK5QI> yet regular fldigi doesnt
[11:38] <VK5QI> my suspicion is the fldigi rtty decoder has changed between dl-fldigi and now, ans is perhaps less tolerant of timing issues
[11:42] <PE2BZ> My new problem is that I can´t ICSP the processor again with the lora module (RFM98) attached to mosi miso :-(
[11:42] <VK5QI> ahh
[11:43] <VK5QI> a test you could run would be to transmit a very long sequence of 0x55 characters
[11:43] <VK5QI> oh wait, and use 7N1
[11:43] <VK5QI> urgh hand on
[11:43] <VK5QI> hmm
[11:44] <VK5QI> 8N1, sending 0x55 should result in essentially a continuous 0101010101 sequence
[11:44] <VK5QI> i think
[11:50] <VK5QI> ok, i can generate 7N2 RTTY from fldigi and it decodes ok in horus-gui
[11:50] <VK5QI> at 200 baud
[11:53] <Turjakas> VK5QI: would it be easy to add 50 baud 4FSK to horusdemodlib / horus-gui? Just for testing 4FSK on HF (using slow Si5351)
[11:53] <VK5QI> its already an option in horus-gui
[11:53] <Turjakas> oh is it?
[11:54] <VK5QI> for horusdemodlib, you need to use the --rate=50 option on horus_demod
[11:54] <Turjakas> ok :D that was easy
[11:54] <VK5QI> yeah i've always had 50/100/300 options for horus binary
[11:54] <Turjakas> ok I previously saw 100/300
[11:54] <VK5QI> below 50 baud the demod performans falls off a cliff unfortunately
[11:55] <Turjakas> ok
[11:55] <VK5QI> have to go do a different type of demodulator to work at those low baud rates it seems
[11:55] <Turjakas> yeah, well having short packet durations is more important for me
[11:55] <Turjakas> so 50 baud should be good... if Si5351 is too slow, the it is too slow
[11:55] <Turjakas> *then
[11:55] <VK5QI> i dont expect it will work that well over HF tbh
[11:56] <VK5QI> especially at si5351 powers
[11:56] <VK5QI> it really wasnt designed for that kind of radio channel
[11:56] <Turjakas> power is around 10-20 mW I guess
[11:56] <Turjakas> yeah, well, it's an experiment :)
[11:56] <VK5QI> yeah i doubt it'll go that well on hf tbh
[11:56] <VK5QI> you need to the super super slow modes to work well on HF at those powers
[11:57] <VK5QI> i need powers in the order of tens of watts to have the 50 baud mode work over long HF paths
[11:59] <Turjakas> yes, that's to be expected
[11:59] <VK5QI> its in part a problem of noise level
[11:59] <Turjakas> So the 0.2.1 version of Horus GUI binaries (Win/Mac) has the 50 bauds / Horus V2 support?
[11:59] <Turjakas> (don't have a Windows computer here right now)
[12:00] <VK5QI> i thought 50 baud has been in there for ages
[12:00] <Turjakas> ok :) it's weird that I didn't see it before...
[12:00] <VK5QI> v2 is only in 0.2.1, and use of the v2 mode is going to require additions to the custom field list file
[12:00] <Turjakas> yes
[12:00] <VK5QI> i can confirm 0.1.16 had 50 baud support
[12:02] <Turjakas> ok, good
[12:02] <VK5QI> i'd suggest just using teh v1 mode for that experiment to start ith
[12:02] <Turjakas> I'll probably be running V1 as primary and V2 as an alternative tracking method... so no continuous mode yet
[12:02] <Turjakas> yes
[12:03] <VK5QI> until there is a bit more uptake of v0.2.1
[12:03] <Turjakas> no dates on the flight yet, as I'm waiting for TX permit on 80m
[12:03] <VK5QI> 80m? :/
[12:03] <VK5QI> thats like the worst band to do this stuff on tbh. way too much atmospheric noise
[12:03] <Turjakas> yep, it will be a local experiment... not aiming for 20m
[12:03] <VK5QI> 20/30m is a sweet spot
[12:03] <Turjakas> well right. I know.
[12:03] <VK5QI> yeah but if its local, you're using teh wrong kind of antenna on the balloon for NVIs
[12:04] <VK5QI> NVS*
[12:04] <VK5QI> NVIS* (sigh)
[12:04] <VK5QI> so basically its going to be line of sight, in which case you're fighting against local noise
[12:04] <VK5QI> i did a flight on 40m years back, had similar issues
[12:04] <VK5QI> also flying such a long antenna freaks me out nowdays
[12:04] <VK5QI> 2 flights after i did the 40m flight we landed over powerlines
[12:05] <VK5QI> powerlines over a field of very dry, very long grass
[12:05] <Turjakas> it's a possibility of course, but not very likely at least here in Finland...
[12:07] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03NOB8 after 03a day silence - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=NOB8
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[12:08] <Turjakas> we could do another flight on 20m band later, but for that it'd be great to have RX stations ready on HF a bit further away
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[12:09] <Turjakas> (meaning outside Finland)
[12:09] <Turjakas> which requires quite a lot of coordination
[12:09] <VK5QI> or finding decent kiwisdrs you can use
[12:10] <Turjakas> good point
[12:10] <VK5QI> but again, based on my experience testing this mode over long distance paths (with a decent station), you will need more than 20mw
[12:11] <VK5QI> Turjakas: what kind of data are you going to be sending in the custom field area?
[12:11] <VK5QI> i want to make sure i have suitable datatype conversion functions available
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[12:12] <Turjakas> I'm not sure yet if I even need it. Currently, I only have support for BMP280 sensor, which would provide ext temp (signed 8-bit), humidity (unsigned 8-bit) and pressure (unsigned 16-bit).
[12:14] <Turjakas> though I could use signed 16-bit for temp to get 0.1 C granularity... pressure would be in mbar
[12:16] <VK5QI> ok, so i'm going to add some converters for divide-by-10 and divide-by-100
[12:17] <VK5QI> which will just take an integer (signed or unsigned, whatever size) value and divideby 10 or 100, and provide that in the output string
[12:17] <Turjakas> cool, great
[12:19] <VK5QI> which means i'd better get a new horus-gui version out with it..
[12:20] <VK5QI> im hoping the basic data types plus those converters will cover most use-cases
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[12:20] <g__> hi
[12:21] Nick change: g__ -> Prutzz
[12:22] <VK5QI> Turjakas: hopefully this is descriptive enough: https://github.com/projecthorus/horusdemodlib/wiki/5-Customising-a-Horus-Binary-v2-Packet#interpreting-the-custom-data-section
[12:22] <Turjakas> that looks good, I already had a look at it
[12:23] <VK5QI> i just added in the two extra converters
[12:23] <VK5QI> if you think of any other converters that might be required, let me know..
[12:23] <Prutzz> Hi folks. Got a small question. I got a Rasp RTLSDR working with a 1/4 antenna and it works like a charm.
[12:24] <VK5QI> Turjakas: ill get this update out tomorrow
[12:24] <Prutzz> But now playing around with a TTGO with both RDWZ and MySondyGo firmware. But seems I don't receive anything.
[12:24] <Prutzz> Antenna is a yagi and connected with a Baofend the signal comes in loud and and clear
[12:25] <Prutzz> But connecting it to a TTGO nothing...
[12:25] <VK5QI> Prutzz: i can only really speak for the rdz-ttgo-sonde firmware, once is et up a frequency i'm able to receive RS41s fine
[12:25] <VK5QI> havent tried with other sonde types
[12:25] <SA6BSS-Mike> ideal would be if you have a sonde put it outside and see if you can rx that
[12:25] <Prutzz> how sensitive is it?
[12:26] <PE2BZ> Prutzz, let me ask the obvious: The ttgo has an SMA connector, not reversed SMA
[12:26] <bertrik> some lora boards have an antenne switch
[12:26] <PE2BZ> Do you use the right antenna adapter ?
[12:26] <bertrik> to switch between rx and tx
[12:26] <SA6BSS-Mike> my have standard sma, and its quite sencetive, at least on par with the good rtl:s
[12:26] <Prutzz> yes, Im using a SMA connector
[12:27] <SA6BSS-Mike> I use this fw for rs41 rx and upoad to sondehub https://github.com/dl9rdz/rdz_ttgo_sonde
[12:27] <Prutzz> Like I said, when im connecting the antenna to the Baofeng radio it comes in loud and clear
[12:27] <SA6BSS-Mike> no lna inline then I guess
[12:28] <PE2BZ> Does your ttgo have both SMA and mini IPX connector on board ?
[12:28] <Prutzz> no just antenna
[12:28] <Prutzz> err... yes i think so
[12:28] <Prutzz> hold on will have a look, its upstairs atm
[12:28] <SA6BSS-Mike> picture of the board, there is quite a few boards out there
[12:28] <PE2BZ> Can you have a close look, sometimes it´s a missing solder bridge
[12:29] <SA6BSS-Mike> most fw hae a rsi so the noise floor should increase whn you connect the antenna
[12:31] <Prutzz> https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.myshoptet.com%2Fusr%2Fwww.laskarduino.cz%2Fuser%2Fshop%2Fbig%2F3827-1_lilygo-ttgo-lora32-t3_v1-6-433mhz-0-96--sma-wifi-modul.jpg%3F5e9804b9&f=1&nofb=1
[12:31] <Prutzz> got this one but then ofcourse the 400mhz
[12:31] <VK5QI> same as im using
[12:32] <PE2BZ> Now take a close look if the antenna from the lora module is bridged to the SMA or the tiny IPX connector.
[12:33] <Prutzz> I can try to measure continuity from the SMA pin to the LoRa chip. Seems the one on the corner is Antenna output
[12:33] <PE2BZ> That´s right
[12:34] <PE2BZ> One next to that is gnd.
[12:35] <Prutzz> yes it has connection..
[12:36] <bertrik> is it a 434 MHz TTGO (not a 868 MHz)?
[12:37] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SQ6NLN-4FSK - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SQ6NLN-4FSK
[12:37] <bertrik> oh sorry for asking, I see you told that already
[12:37] <Prutzz> When I use spectrum and use my baofeng on the frequency It shows the right frequency. (yes it is the 434mhz).
[12:38] <Prutzz> no worries :)
[12:39] <Prutzz> Don't know what it could be.. Since the yagi antenna work very well compared omni on the baofeng. And the rasp-SDR also is an omni.
[12:39] <SA6BSS-Mike> most fw hae a rsi/signal meter in the dispaly, does the noise floor increase when you connect the antenna?
[12:40] <Prutzz> excuse me what do you mean with fw?
[12:40] <SA6BSS-Mike> there is lots of fw for those boards and can be configured in a nr of ways, does your board show rsi or sn in the dispaly?
[12:41] <Prutzz> will flash the firmware back to RDZ... hold on :)
[12:42] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SQ6NLN-12 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SQ6NLN-12
[12:42] <VK5QI> i prefer the rdz firmware :-)
[12:43] <SA6BSS-Mike> yes, tried a few but this supports sondehub upload :)
[12:44] <SA6BSS-Mike> rdz that is
[12:44] <VK5QI> yes
[12:44] <VK5QI> and its open source
[12:44] <Prutzz> yeah me too. Just tried MySondy to check if that might work. As with the Rasp-SDr I tried RadioSondy first... but didn't work well. Then tried autoRX and it works flawless
[12:45] <VK5QI> heh
[12:45] <VK5QI> nice to know :-) (I'm the author of aut_rx)
[12:45] <VK5QI> auto_rx*
[12:45] <Prutzz> oh really? Great job man! :D
[12:47] <VK5QI> cheers! (though a lot of the really hard bits were done by someone else - i just combined it all together :-) )
[12:48] <Prutzz> still impressive :D
[12:48] <Prutzz> can't do it my self ;)
[12:50] <Prutzz> Ok, firmware is loaded and connected and disconnected the antenna while looking on the spectrum.. floor noise doesn't seem to change
[12:54] <Prutzz> When transmitting with the baofeng with no antenna (yes I know it's bad) and no antenna on the TTGO you can see a spike on the spectrum
[12:54] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SP6ZWR-4FSK - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP6ZWR-4FSK
[12:54] <Prutzz> so it does receive something.
[12:55] <Prutzz> Peak is also the correct frequency
[13:00] <SA6BSS-Mike> could it be the sma center pin is to short?
[13:00] <Prutzz> omg... you are my hero
[13:00] <SA6BSS-Mike> you have any sma adapters you can run it through
[13:00] <SA6BSS-Mike> ok :)
[13:01] <Prutzz> Both SMA connectors are female.. but one is reversed ofcourse
[13:01] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SP6ZWR-12 - 12https://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP6ZWR-12
[13:01] <Prutzz> xD
[13:02] <Prutzz> Ok I feel a bit stupid...
[13:02] <Prutzz> Thanks for the hint haha
[13:03] <SA6BSS-Mike> biggest fail in history of connectors are the rp-sma :) you are not the first and you will not be the last!!! :)
[13:03] <SA6BSS-Mike> im glas you (probably) goina get it going
[13:03] <SA6BSS-Mike> *glad
[13:06] <Prutzz> Well... sometimes you think too difficult...
[13:06] <Prutzz> Instead of starting with the easiest things.
[13:07] <VK5QI> Turjakas: ok, ended up getting it out tonight
[13:07] <VK5QI> you should be able to update the horusdemodlib library and horus-gui
[13:07] <Prutzz> Now I'm even more impressed with a Yagi since it worked very well even it also didn't connect propparly
[13:07] <Prutzz> with the baofeng
[13:07] <SA6BSS-Mike> true!
[13:09] <VK5QI> okeydoke, horus-gui v0.2.3 is up
[13:15] <SA6BSS-Mike> Tnx!
[13:15] OK1MDX (~OK1MDX@ip-37-188-181-68.eurotel.cz) joined #highaltitude.
[13:16] <Prutzz> yeah now I see a noise floor in the Spectrum! Many thanks for the help!
[13:17] OK1MDX (~OK1MDX@ip-37-188-181-68.eurotel.cz) left irc: Client Quit
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[13:43] <Prutzz> Do you guys use the app as well?
[13:43] <VK5QI> i don't
[13:43] <SA6BSS-Mike> what app?
[13:44] <Prutzz> https://github.com/dl9rdz/rdzwx-go
[13:44] <Prutzz> Or do you use the TTGO only to receive and send to hub?
[13:45] <SA6BSS-Mike> cool, didnt know it existed, but the sondehub and the web ui is good enough for my need but I will probably test the ap
[13:45] <SA6BSS-Mike> p
[13:45] <SA6BSS-Mike> yes, only to tx to sondehub
[13:45] <Prutzz> ah I see :)
[13:46] <VK5QI> i run auto_rx and chasemapper
[13:46] <VK5QI> and view that on a tabler
[13:46] <VK5QI> tablet*
[13:46] <SA6BSS-Mike> if there is a local landing I connect the yagi and rx with the rtl and RS41 Tracker
[13:46] <VK5QI> not so good for 'portable' (e.g. out of car) mind you
[13:46] <VK5QI> havent heard *anything* from the rs41tracker guy
[13:46] <VK5QI> have emailed him 3 times now
[13:46] <SA6BSS-Mike> ahh, that couls be nice ading ofc
[13:47] <SA6BSS-Mike> yeah, I have mostly brough at laptop and a rtl in the car chasing them
[13:47] <Prutzz> I see :)
[13:48] <SA6BSS-Mike> any precomipled .app somewhere?
[13:48] <Prutzz> Tonight would like to go hunt for my first balloon. Didn't have thought about a setup yet
[13:48] <Prutzz> Sadly not... Tried to compile it my self this morning but with no luck.
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[13:54] <SA6BSS-Mike> here I found one https://github.com/dl9rdz/rdzwx-go/releases/tag/v1.0.5
[13:54] <SA6BSS-Mike> lets test it...
[13:55] <SA6BSS-Mike> https://github.com/dl9rdz/rdzwx-go/releases/tag/v1.0.6
[13:56] <Prutzz> cool
[14:02] <Prutzz> no clue how to connect
[14:03] <Prutzz> TTGO is an acces point and got my phone connected to the AP.
[14:05] <SA6BSS-Mike> pull the power to router and ttgo, then power ttgo
[14:06] <SA6BSS-Mike> then the ttgo goes into ap mode and you can connect to the go from phone
[14:07] <SA6BSS-Mike> the phone found the ttgo through the router so thats cool :)
[14:08] <Prutzz> errr... :P why mine isn't
[14:08] <Prutzz> I'm connected straight to the GO
[14:09] <Prutzz> did you do something with the config?
[14:09] <SA6BSS-Mike> nothing, whn I pressed the sympol looking like ttgo on the right side I went straight to the go web ui
[14:10] <SA6BSS-Mike> I see the ip adress of the go at the top
[14:10] <SA6BSS-Mike> mine is
[14:10] <Prutzz> thats the IP address from the router to the GO
[14:10] <SA6BSS-Mike> yes
[14:10] <Prutzz> local is
[14:11] <Prutzz> if you are straight connected
[14:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> indeed
[14:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> yes
[14:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> no, not
[14:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> straight now im trough the router
[14:11] <Prutzz> yes
[14:11] <SA6BSS-Mike> its in the attic so not that easy acsess to it
[14:11] <Prutzz> :P
[14:20] Chrischan11 (~Chrischan@ip5f5be027.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) joined #highaltitude.
[14:22] <Prutzz> weird.. can you connect through rdzsonde.local ?
[14:23] <SA6BSS-Mike> yes
[14:24] <Prutzz> my phone can't... only the IP
[14:24] <Prutzz> maybe thats why I have a problem with the app
[14:24] <SA6BSS-Mike> ah, on the phone...
[14:25] <SA6BSS-Mike> no, not on the phone and chrome
[14:25] <Prutzz> weird
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[14:56] <Prutzz> oh got it working! Had an older Master firmware. Now tried one of the dev types.
[14:56] <Prutzz> yes!
[14:56] <SA6BSS-Mike> nice!
[14:57] <SA6BSS-Mike> you know of the http://rdzsonde.local/update.html
[14:58] <SA6BSS-Mike> it must be connected to the router
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[15:01] <Prutzz> ah great didn't know that one
[15:03] <SA6BSS-Mike> 👍
[15:05] <Turjakas> VK5QI: awesome, thanks. I'm able to get back to testing V2 next week.
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[15:13] <VK5QI> Turjakas: dont forget you'll need a payload id (or multiple) at some point
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