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[00:39] <Laurenceb__> hi folks
[00:39] <Laurenceb__> conference was excellent
[00:39] <SpeedEvil> :)
[00:40] <SpeedEvil> I have watched the first second of the video, and am going to watch the rest tomorrow :)
[00:40] <SpeedEvil> Night.
[00:40] <Laurenceb__> cya
[00:52] <Laurenceb__> where have i seen this recently...
[00:52] <Laurenceb__> http://hackaday.com/2015/08/22/spectrum-painting-on-2-4-ghz/
[00:54] <BrainDamage> http://i.imgur.com/gnijIU2.png
[00:55] <Laurenceb__> lul
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[01:03] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03PS-50 - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=PS-50
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[01:14] <Laurenceb__> coming up on Leos flight count soon
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[01:27] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03KD7YYH-9 - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=KD7YYH-9
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[05:13] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03SP3OSJ-12 after 0311 hours silence - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP3OSJ-12
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[05:48] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03SP3OSJ after 0311 hours silence - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SP3OSJ
[05:49] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03my car_chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=my%20car_chase
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[06:32] <SA6BSS> sp3osj http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/122100_trj001.gif
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[06:34] <arko> Laurenceb__: no leo at the talk?
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[06:51] <HB9RSU_> morning. Wewant to start next Friday. Now I want to test the telemetrie. SSDv, and chase car do appear on habhub, but not the data from the payload (it's uploading though). Is there a special test secion on the tracker for flights which did not happen yet?
[06:55] <fsphil> arko: nope sadly
[07:23] <HB9RSU_> Ah, I see the problem. The new PITS Software seems to have two datafields more than the old one and the parser cannot parse that... :-((
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[07:32] <jcoxon> morning all
[07:33] <fsphil> morn
[07:33] <jcoxon> fsphil, in the rocket late last night?
[07:33] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03SPL1 - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=SPL1
[07:33] <fsphil> jcoxon: I think we left about 10:30, not too late
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[07:42] <Upu> yeah wasnt a late evening
[07:43] <jcoxon> i didn't realise how tired i was until i got on the train and promptly fell asleep
[07:43] <Upu> lol yeah I only woke up at 8.15 which is a 2 hour sleep in for me
[07:44] <fsphil> I set my alarm for 8, chinese family next door woke me up at 7:55
[07:44] <jcoxon> was quite a long day
[07:45] <jcoxon> fsphil, saves you batteries that would be wasted on alarms - it was obviousy a public service
[07:45] <fsphil> indeed
[07:46] <daveake> I woke at 4 and couldn't sleep :(
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[07:50] <daveake> It's pretty changeable http://predict.habhub.org/hourly/cambridge/# (CUSF / 30km / 5m/s)
[07:50] <daveake> sorry wrong window :/
[07:53] <fsphil> my hourly has been pretty stable. ocean, ocean, ocean...
[07:53] <fsphil> actually there's a ukhasnet opportunity in there somewhere
[07:53] <daveake> You need a bot to alert you when it isn't ocean
[07:54] <daveake> you'll get alerted once maybe twice a year
[07:54] <fsphil> hah, sadly probably true
[07:54] <fsphil> there is one good prediction if I launch at midnight
[07:55] <fsphil> http://predict.habhub.org/#!/uuid=b8234f0428a41b17f5dd1eb53c26df86aed6bf7e
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[08:47] <eroomde> morn
[08:49] <jcoxon> morning eroomde
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[08:54] <eroomde> morning jcoxon
[08:54] <eroomde> back ok?
[08:54] <jcoxon> yeah fine thanks
[08:54] <jcoxon> you?
[08:54] <eroomde> yep, pretty painless
[08:54] <eroomde> gonna treat myslef to a fryup in town
[08:55] <jcoxon> nice
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[09:43] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03HB9RSU _chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=HB9RSU%20_chase
[09:44] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03hb9rtz_chase_chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=hb9rtz_chase_chase
[09:45] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03hb9rtz_chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=hb9rtz_chase
[09:47] <bfirsh> Morning! Good to see you all again yesterday.
[09:47] <fsphil> morning, and indeed
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[09:55] <Upu> on the train bye London
[10:02] <russss> btw, if you're interested in SDR, these videos I mentioned yesterday are a very good intro: http://greatscottgadgets.com/sdr/
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[10:11] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03skcademy_chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=skcademy_chase
[10:17] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03CALLSIGN123_chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=CALLSIGN123_chase
[10:18] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03fsphil_chase - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=fsphil_chase
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[11:06] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03F5KAV-11 after 035 days silence - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=F5KAV-11
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[11:54] <PE2BZ> !flights
[11:54] <SpacenearUS> 03PE2BZ: Current flights: 03SP3OSJ 144.7MHz RTTY100/450/7n2+APRS+CW 10(781e)
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[11:55] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03HB9HFJ-11 after 03a day silence - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=HB9HFJ-11
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[12:35] <mickmondo> Hi all,,, can never remember where to get launches approved...arr is it habhub
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[12:36] <fsphil-mm> Yep
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[13:00] <Laurenceb__> hi folks
[13:00] <SpeedEvil> ho
[13:03] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03F-1 - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=F-1
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[13:18] <mickmondo_> Hi all I know its stupidly late but is there any way anyone can sort a flight doc for me,,, Im trying to launch a float payload this afternoon at around 18:00 if the rain stops,, and need a flight window as long as possible I guess
[13:18] <mickmondo_> Doc is : 05e311e95716c354d1b251f4461d0330
[13:19] <SA6BSS> it ben aproved 1min ago in habhub so u all set
[13:20] <mickmondo_> ah cheers,, jus
[13:20] <mickmondo_> just seen it..
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[13:20] <SA6BSS> :)
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[13:22] <Ian_> Home again, home again - Good Conference, good company; Thanks guys and to Daniel tor this year's organisation.
[13:24] <eroomde> thank you v much for the honey!
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[13:28] <Ian_> May all your breakfasts be suitably blessed
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[13:35] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03KJ4ZVJ - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=KJ4ZVJ
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[13:51] <amell_> Any idea where mick is launching from this evening? Elsworth?
[13:51] <amell_> Or is it a back garden pico job?
[13:57] <craag> 05e311e95716c354d1b251f4461d0330
[13:57] <craag> hmm no bot
[13:58] <craag> Canewdon (51.6208,0.7031)
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[16:09] <Lunar_LanderA> so everyone's still in London? :)
[16:10] Nick change: Lunar_LanderA -> Lunar_Lander
[16:10] <ibanezmatt13> I think most are on their way home now
[16:11] <fsphil> back in westeros
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[16:14] <M0XIN> I'm still in London
[16:19] <fsphil> wish I was there. weather was nicer
[16:19] <fsphil> torrential rain here
[16:19] <Lunar_Lander> oh
[16:19] <Lunar_Lander> and did you like it?
[16:19] <ibanezmatt13> same here
[16:20] <fsphil> yea london was good fun
[16:20] <fsphil> always is
[16:21] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Don't worry its torrential rain in London as well! Even the SKY uplink dropped out ealier ...
[16:23] <Lunar_Lander> ohhhhhh
[16:23] <Lunar_Lander> thanks to Steve for recording
[16:24] <Lunar_Lander> the reading talk was the first thing I watched and I think he did a good job
[16:25] <fsphil> all good talks. watched the sdr one last night
[16:26] <Lunar_Lander> :)
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[16:31] <Lunar_Lander> was a good conference
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[16:56] <M0XIN> It was - thoroughly enjoyed it. All good talks too.
[17:03] <jcoxon> maybe its time that we took off the enormous ukhas conference sign from the map...
[17:05] <tweetBot> @jamescoxon: Compiled up to date version of dl-fldigi thanks to the amazing work of @hexameron - will test it and hopefully merge into main #ukhas repo
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[17:18] <chimpusm_> Looks like F-1 is away
[17:19] <chimpusm_> ok i jumped gun....
[17:24] G8FJG (5682de05@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:25] <G8FJG> anyone know the freq of F1?
[17:25] <jcoxon> 434.070Mhz
[17:25] <craag> G8FJG: 434.070 according to the email
[17:26] <G8FJG> cheers
[17:27] infaddict (~infaddict@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:27] <G8FJG> right in the middle of the crud
[17:27] fab4space (~fab4space@AMontpellier-656-1-308-43.w86-202.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #highaltitude.
[17:28] <jcoxon> be aware 20min gaps in tx
[17:28] julien (027d0dfb@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:29] Nick change: julien -> Guest78031
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[17:33] <Laurenceb__> ooh irc questions
[17:33] <Laurenceb__> <amell> Laurenceb: just watching your presentation - how do you connect e-match from the spinning casing? 145km with a pro24 - i like it :)
[17:33] <Laurenceb__> I didn't have time to discuss that properly - we use an inductive coupling
[17:33] <Laurenceb__> air cored transformer
[17:42] <G8FJG> $$$$F-1,004,17:40:51,5139.0642,+00044.3040,00325,+01.0*51
[17:43] <G8FJG> 434.069 for 1khz centre
[17:44] <chimpusm_> Cheers , will set up and see what i can get
[17:46] <Upu> !track F-1
[17:46] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Here you go - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=F-1
[17:48] <mattbrejza> !whereis F-1
[17:48] <SpacenearUS> 03mattbrejza: 03F-1 was near 03Essex, UK 10(51.65107,0.7384) at 03325 meters about 037 minutes ago
[17:48] <G8FJG> I made it 500 shift
[17:51] <fsphil> anyone know if this is a pico?
[17:51] <jcoxon> yeah it is
[17:52] <fsphil> can't test with that then
[17:52] Action: fsphil digs out an old payload
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[18:03] <SA6BSS> Im picking up ve3kcl Fligt S4 on Jt9
[18:03] chimpusmaximus (~Chris@host86-178-84-167.range86-178.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:03] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[18:04] <SA6BSS> http://qrp-labs.com/ultimate3/ve3kcl-balloons/ve3kcl-s4.html
[18:04] <chimpusmaximus> Do i need to do anything special to decode f-1, only could pick up a single band in my waterfall
[18:05] <SA6BSS> its tx every 20m
[18:05] <SA6BSS> 20min
[18:05] <SA6BSS> had no idea thas s4 was going!! its allmost reached EU
[18:06] <SA6BSS> its just east of Ireland, hearing it on 30meter
[18:06] <SA6BSS> thar would be west of Irelnad
[18:07] <jcoxon> SA6BSS, nice!
[18:07] <fsphil> oh
[18:07] <fsphil> hello
[18:07] <fsphil> I have no HF antenna atm
[18:08] <LazyLeopard> Ah, yeah. That got mentioned by someone on the club net this morning. Meant to go have a look...
[18:08] <G8FJG> tx is single tone for 20 ish sec then a few short bursts then 50/490 8 n 1.5
[18:08] <fsphil> hmm there's no good JT9 software on linux
[18:08] <LazyLeopard> ...though my digital decode capacity is about nil at present...
[18:08] <chimpusmaximus> ok cheers, prob a bit far away for me to get more than the single tone at moment#
[18:10] <SA6BSS> PS-50 shouls start to charge up soon, thats why I had the jt9 sw running
[18:10] Action: LazyLeopard has been drowning in Morse too much recently, and let the digital side bit-rot away...
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[18:17] <SM0ULC> SA6BSS: 30 or 20 m ?
[18:17] <SA6BSS> 30m
[18:17] <SA6BSS> running wspr, qrss and jt at the same time at same freq
[18:18] <SA6BSS> http://www.qsl.net/sa6bss/
[18:19] SkippyUK (Skippy@panel.justvigilantes.com) left #highaltitude ("WeeChat 0.4.3").
[18:19] Abdel_m0npt (4e9563af@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[18:20] <Abdel_m0npt> has teh F-1 been Launched?
[18:20] <SA6BSS> yes
[18:20] <SA6BSS> 434.070
[18:21] <G8FJG> next transmission about 3 mins
[18:21] <G8FJG> time
[18:21] <Abdel_m0npt> ok thank you, keeping an eye to see if I can track if make it to Midlands way :)
[18:21] Action: M0XIN is ready
[18:24] Nick change: fl_0|afk -> fl_0
[18:25] <M0XIN> Nothing yet
[18:28] pjm (~pjm@uhfsatcom.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:31] infaddict (~infaddict@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:36] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-167-136-229.range86-167.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[18:39] infaddict (~infaddict@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:40] <chrisstubbs> Spent the last 3 hours scratching my head why I can't yet uart to work with a bluetooth module, turns out the rx and tx pins on the breakout board (not designed by me) don't actually have any traces routed to them!
[18:41] <jcoxon> oh dear
[18:42] <chrisstubbs> Serves me right for buying breakout boards and not designing them myself
[18:42] <fsphil> eel
[18:42] <fsphil> eek too
[18:42] infaddict (~infaddict@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[18:43] <chrisstubbs> why put the header on and not route it argh
[18:43] Action: fsphil puts the eel back into the river
[18:43] <chrisstubbs> </rant>
[18:44] <daveake> electric eel?
[18:44] Hoogvlieger (~Hoogvlieg@ip41-37-211-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[18:49] <Lunar_Lander> :D
[18:49] <SpacenearUS> New vehicle on the map: 03KG7VCK-11 - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=KG7VCK-11
[18:53] fxmulder_ (~fxmulder@unaffiliated/fxmulder) joined #highaltitude.
[18:54] <Lunar_Lander> name entered on InSight lander for mars
[18:58] <Lunar_Lander> http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/insight/
[19:00] <chrisstubbs> yay uart :)
[19:00] <Lunar_Lander> :) well done
[19:00] <fsphil> all working?
[19:00] <chrisstubbs> yep
[19:01] <Lunar_Lander> how did you do it?
[19:02] <chrisstubbs> http://i.imgur.com/nHnar0q.png
[19:02] <Lunar_Lander> nice :)
[19:02] <chrisstubbs> I wonder what other surprises this board will have
[19:02] G4YHE (521c935d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:02] <fsphil> neat job
[19:03] <fsphil> needs some kapton tape to complete it :)
[19:03] PE1CME (56529067@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:03] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[19:03] <Lunar_Lander> btw, did you already see the BMx280 series from Bosch?
[19:03] mickmondo (5c1f6982@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:04] <Lunar_Lander> I2C as well as SPI interface
[19:04] <Lunar_Lander> and BME280 also can measure humidity
[19:05] <mickmondo> Hi all, I have a float balloon in the air if anyone wish to track... cheers details are:- SHOULD:- transmit five lines of data sleep 20 mins ish wake up with 25 second single tone transmission sleep again Call Sign ( F-1 ) SHIFT 425 -450 BAUD 50 BIT 8 PARITY none STOP 1.5 434.070Mhz
[19:05] <mickmondo> just leaving Essex
[19:05] <chrisstubbs> Ah not far from me, will get the radio plugged in
[19:06] <Abdel_m0npt> all set for tracking here in Nottingha Mondo
[19:07] <fsphil> ping me if it heads this way :)
[19:07] <mickmondo> hello Chriss yes you live just down the road from me... im in leigh
[19:14] <chrisstubbs> What transmitter are you using mickmondo?
[19:18] darkstar-20011 (~matt@dsl-217-155-229-6.zen.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[19:18] <Ian_> mickmondo, just for interest, 0.5 stop bits is historically only used with ITA2/Baudot RTTY communications. What used to be known affectionately as 5-unit equipment. One start, five data and 1.5 stop bits
[19:19] <Ian_> Correction 1.5 not 0.5
[19:19] darkstar-2001 (~matt@dsl-217-155-229-6.zen.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[19:19] <amell> mickmondo: is there a carrier tone in between tx?
[19:20] <chrisstubbs> amell, not that I can see
[19:20] nigelp (56a3504f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:20] <amell> uh. going to be a hard one to lock on then. got an accurate dial?
[19:21] <chrisstubbs> was centered around 1000Hz on the waterfall with the radio bang on 434.070MHz
[19:21] <fsphil> the stop bits have no effect on fldigi's decoder
[19:21] Nick change: fl_0 -> fl_0|afk
[19:21] <fsphil> (though it does for ssdv)
[19:21] <Ian_> In the past RTTY referred to Baudot type transmissions, but increasingly ASCII/ITA5 is being used due to the influence of Microcontrollers/computers which typically use 7 or 8 bits and
[19:21] <M0XIN> I got it on the SUWS WebSDR at 434.071 earlier
[19:23] <Ian_> I appreciate the receiver finishes after the last data bit, but longer stop at the tx give an increased probability of recovering from a garble - also increases suceptability perhaps :)
[19:23] <M0XIN> Next transmission in about 7 minutes
[19:24] <fsphil> perhaps
[19:24] <fsphil> if I was designing a mode from scratch there would not be start or stop bits
[19:24] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) left irc: Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.
[19:24] <Ian_> :) we can't all be synchronous fsphil
[19:25] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[19:26] <fsphil> though I understand why it's there, definitly made things simpler
[19:26] <russss> you could totally synchronise based on time actually, especially at 50bps
[19:26] <russss> everyone has an accurate timebase in this scenario
[19:29] <Ian_> I'm a bit of a stop-start person myself. At 50 baud HF you would have struggled back in the day. Mechanical Teleprinter/TTY machines didn't have the smarts we take forgranted today. Even lines show a bias, which is why machines had a 'range' control to often match machines to particular wire circuits.
[19:29] Nick change: fl_0|afk -> fl_0
[19:31] <M0XIN> F-1 is transmitting
[19:32] <fsphil> anyone using linux know why hamlib controlling an ft817 would go a bit crazy? dial/mode on fldigi keeps changing to random things
[19:32] <fsphil> I remember fixing this ages ago but can't remember how
[19:32] <fsphil> think someone was opening and probing the serial port
[19:33] <M0XIN> Bah
[19:33] <amell> is it txing now?
[19:33] <M0XIN> Some fading combined with local QRM meant I didn't get any successful decodes
[19:33] happil (545c7455@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:33] <M0XIN> amell: Nope, it's just finished. Time to wait another 20 minutes.
[19:33] <amell> oh ffs.
[19:33] <happil> Hello! I have posted on the UKHAS group as requested yesterday concerning a launch site.
[19:33] <Upu> !dial F-1
[19:33] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Latest dials for 03F-1 10(0330): 03434.0694 MHz, 434.06931 MHz, 434.06891 MHz, 434.06925 MHz
[19:33] <M0XIN> $$$$F-1,003,19:32:19,+5215.4281,+00100.4403,0475+01.045
[19:33] <amell> I -know- i will miss the next one!
[19:34] <amell> why so long between tx?
[19:35] <amell> B style pips would at least let me lock on.
[19:35] <M0XIN> amell: Look out for the 25 second continuous tone at the start of the next TX
[19:36] <amell> what time do you expect the next tx? 19.52.
[19:36] <M0XIN> About 16 minutes from now
[19:37] <fsphil> extreme power saving?
[19:37] <amell> btw i am seeing two very faint carrier tones at that freq, qrm or F-1?
[19:37] <M0XIN> QRM
[19:37] <M0XIN> Two strings every ten minutes might have made it easier to track
[19:38] <happil> Does anybody here know of any launch sites that aren't too far north that have rolling launch permissions?
[19:38] <amell> happil: churchill or elsworth in cambridgeshire.
[19:38] <happil> Sorry but I can't make cambridgeshire :(
[19:38] <happil> I was already suggested this sorry
[19:38] <happil> I heard somebody say worcestershire?
[19:38] <happil> at one point?
[19:38] <daveake> can't because ?
[19:38] <amell> happil: have you bribed daveake?
[19:39] <daveake> yes but I'd need to be there
[19:39] <daveake> and I'm not
[19:39] <amell> oh dear
[19:39] <happil> Cant make cambridgeshire because both the launch and landing sites are way too far away from myself, our filming guy and backers.
[19:39] <amell> cambridgeshire or bust then.
[19:39] <daveake> winds this week are high
[19:40] <M0XIN> happil: Can you not delay the launch?
[19:40] <daveake> You'd have trouble launching anywhere
[19:40] <fsphil> yea this is a crappy week to launch
[19:40] <happil> Lol, the launch isn't looking good anyways.
[19:40] <daveake> welcome to hab
[19:40] <happil> Our original site in Keynsham - the CAA want us to launch at 6AM
[19:40] <happil> Which is physically impossible considering the park opens at 10am...
[19:40] <happil> and we put "10am-4pm" on the application form.
[19:40] <fsphil> well it's not impossible
[19:41] <daveake> you can't launch in restricted airspace during flight periods
[19:41] <amell> Thats what the CAA do. Perfectly normal
[19:41] <happil> ik. I had no idea it was restricted airspace and they didnt notify me
[19:41] <happil> Until 3 days before the windows starts
[19:41] <amell> Why cant you have a special early opening, have you spoken to the park.
[19:41] <happil> My filming people cant make it for that time anyway
[19:41] <amell> someone might let you in if its just a few people.
[19:42] <daveake> No the CAA are unlikely to tell you about restrictions in advance, even if you explicitly ask
[19:42] <happil> Which is why I have to phone tomorrow
[19:42] <daveake> phone CAA?
[19:42] <daveake> for what?
[19:42] <happil> and desperately ask if they can give us permission for an alternate site ASAP
[19:42] <daveake> sure alternate should be fine
[19:42] <happil> ik but can they get it done in 3 days?
[19:42] <daveake> I've had them done on the day
[19:42] <happil> wat
[19:43] <daveake> but don't try that :)
[19:43] <amell> well, i suggest if your project timeline was this critical you would have been better off enlisting the help of experienced habber.
[19:43] <happil> 1 day?
[19:43] <happil> They said 28..
[19:43] <daveake> it's very very very rare that the date/time of launch is that critical
[19:43] <amell> on the day probably entails sexual favours.
[19:43] <fsphil> the form says 28
[19:43] nlincs (92c773e5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:43] <happil> amell, it's not really a critical timeline.
[19:43] <daveake> eclipse was a notable exception :/
[19:43] <happil> It has just been months in the planning
[19:44] <daveake> ofc
[19:44] <fsphil> the actual number is highly variable
[19:44] <happil> I gave myself a nice two week window to launch to make sure everything went well
[19:44] <daveake> well it can be months to wait
[19:44] <happil> I had no idea that the CAA would scupper our plans by making us launch at 6AM and telling us 3 days beforehand
[19:44] <daveake> being flexible on launch site is your best option to get launched within a window
[19:44] <happil> I understand. which is why i gave a large daytime window
[19:44] <daveake> happil Should have asked here
[19:45] <amell> how big is this balloon? payload weight?
[19:45] <amell> im assuming its not a pico
[19:45] <happil> Payload weight is approximately 1.3kg
[19:45] <daveake> not a pico
[19:45] <happil> With a Hwoyee 1200g balloon
[19:45] <daveake> heavy (these days)
[19:45] <amell> at least it doesnt contain a car battery.
[19:45] <happil> I spoke to some of you guys on here before and apparently it's a good setup
[19:45] <happil> Well it has 3 cameras, some peoples lego and 2 trackers.
[19:46] <amell> which trackers?
[19:46] <happil> Habduino and SPOT trace
[19:46] <daveake> spit
[19:46] <happil> Spaced 12 inches apart to avoid gps interference
[19:46] <amell> oh well the first is a good tracker.
[19:46] <amell> the second not so good.
[19:46] <daveake> 12 inches? big payload too then
[19:46] <happil> Yes, rather large to fit the stuff in.
[19:46] <daveake> personally I'd separate them by about 30km at burst
[19:46] <amell> how are you ensuring the spot faces up on landing?
[19:46] <happil> But I followed the manufacturer recommendations to avoid the interference.
[19:47] <happil> By having a little thingy on the roof
[19:47] <happil> (top)
[19:47] <amell> eh? :)
[19:47] <happil> The payload could fall on its side, but wont go upside down.
[19:47] <happil> Im not quite sure how to describe it.
[19:47] <M0XIN> Gimbal?
[19:47] <fsphil> rounded top?
[19:47] <happil> It's basically just a small bit of plastic stuff on the top
[19:47] <daveake> It can still land upside down
[19:47] <daveake> ground isn't flat
[19:47] <happil> Yes but it won't be face down
[19:47] <M0XIN> Neither are trees
[19:48] <amell> and if most of your balloon remnants are wrapped round it?
[19:48] <happil> its tiny
[19:48] <daveake> then he has bigger problems
[19:48] <happil> and it can't wrap around
[19:48] <M0XIN> amell: Five minute warning on F-1
[19:48] <happil> i've tested it on the floor
[19:48] <amell> it might be tiny but if it isnt pointing up, no cookie.
[19:48] <daveake> balloon remnants do wtf they want
[19:48] <happil> I am also launching backers messages
[19:48] <daveake> anyway habduinoshould be fine
[19:49] <happil> Using a high quality helium standard balloon filled with air
[19:49] <daveake> make sure you know how to track
[19:49] <amell> time to slip a tk102 in as well?
[19:49] <happil> I have already tracked dont worry :)
[19:49] <daveake> Oh I worry
[19:49] <amell> btw, i discovered you can get isle of man sim cards that will login to any UK network.
[19:49] <daveake> yeah
[19:50] <daveake> well known trick that
[19:50] <daveake> if you can be arsed with those trackers
[19:50] <daveake> which I can't
[19:50] <amell> better than a spot surely, if youre going to take a backup?
[19:50] <happil> ...? gsm?
[19:50] <daveake> no a spot is probably better
[19:50] <happil> I do hope you arent using gsm...
[19:51] <daveake> but a second radio tracker is bestist
[19:51] <happil> I have read awful things about GSM...
[19:51] <Upu> gsm is great because you won't get your payload back and will get rid of one GSM tracker in the process
[19:51] <amell> MOXIN: can you confirm the shift?
[19:51] <happil> Would I be right in saying that a latex balloon filled with backers messages (and air) would burst at a lower altitude than a HAB?
[19:51] <daveake> lol
[19:51] <happil> But would burst nonetheless?
[19:51] <Upu> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXhJPey3i_A
[19:51] <happil> The irony of GSM is that by using it, you lose/destroy/exterminate it.
[19:51] <amell> happil: depends how much helium you put in it.
[19:51] <daveake> er, you're littering now?
[19:52] <daveake> he said air not he
[19:52] <amell> wtf.
[19:52] <daveake> same answer tho
[19:52] <happil> littering?
[19:52] <happil> No, biodegradable tiny paper messages.
[19:52] <daveake> the backers messages you're going to drop
[19:52] <happil> Better than some great big plastic plane right?
[19:52] <amell> inside the helium balloon?
[19:52] <happil> Inside the mini latex balloon.
[19:52] <amell> where is this air? a second balloon?
[19:53] <happil> A second balloon.
[19:53] <daveake> The CAA were asked about doing this once
[19:53] <daveake> they said "no"
[19:53] <daveake> because littering
[19:53] <daveake> not sure that's within their remit mind :)
[19:53] <amell> Yeah, you drop shit, you no launch.
[19:53] g0hww (~g0hww@46-18-105-34.static.vivaciti.org) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[19:53] <happil> It's not.
[19:53] <happil> I have read up about this
[19:53] <M0XIN> amell: F-1 is transmitting.
[19:53] <happil> It's fine provided it is biodegradable.
[19:53] <amell> the tone. is that upper or lower tone?
[19:53] <daveake> well we all drop big lumps of latex but biodegradable
[19:53] <M0XIN> Lower
[19:53] <happil> Have you seen the one launched with the paper planes?
[19:54] <happil> I'd be more concerned about them ;) they dropped a massive net from near space.
[19:54] <daveake> The paper planes one wasn't in the UK
[19:54] <happil> Yes it was
[19:54] <Upu> txing now
[19:54] <fsphil> was that the samsung one?
[19:54] <daveake> No it wasn't
[19:54] <happil> mr. steve from random aerospace launched a paper plane one
[19:54] <happil> with his school
[19:54] <daveake> planes = samsung = Steve in Germany
[19:54] <Upu> not decoding but can see it
[19:54] <daveake> Plane (singular) = Steve in UK but had a tracker
[19:54] <fsphil> where they claimed to reached australia
[19:55] <amell> green on my first packet. lol
[19:55] <daveake> so I was recovered
[19:55] <amell> $$F-1,003,19:54:39,+5230.3553,+00111.0294,05765,+01.2*57
[19:55] <daveake> Rather different to dropping stuff you don't expect to get back
[19:55] <M0XIN> $F-1,003,19:54:39,+50553,+00111.94,05765,+01.2*57
[19:55] <M0XIN> QRM is too bad here
[19:55] <fsphil> the UK plane had explicit permission iirc
[19:55] <daveake> it did indeed
[19:55] <amell> I gather it was quite a lot of discussion with CAA>
[19:56] <daveake> You see, happil, when you do the application
[19:56] <amell> $$F-1,004,19:54:53,+5230.5109,+00111.1360,05781,+01.1*53
[19:56] <daveake> and it asks "descending by parachute?"
[19:56] <daveake> and you checked "yes"
[19:56] <daveake> that's not entirely true
[19:56] <amell> Im also sure it helps that they know Mr. Steve
[19:56] G8FJG (5682de05@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[19:56] <daveake> Well Steve doesn't automatically get a yes for unusual projects
[19:56] <happil> surely they are more concerned about the massive ~1kg you are dropping?
[19:56] <amell> shift is 490 by the way
[19:56] <daveake> e.g. the action man one needed him to provide test results
[19:57] <happil> as opposed to the ~5g of tissue paper
[19:57] <happil> 1kg being of latex btw
[19:57] <daveake> Don't suppose they care point is you didn't ask
[19:57] <daveake> I doubt they'd care at all
[19:57] <amell> youre taking 1kg of latex?
[19:57] <happil> 1200g balloon?
[19:57] <daveake> but they did care for the Samsun one which is why he went to Germany
[19:57] <happil> samsung one was ridiculous lol...
[19:57] <happil> massive net of planes
[19:58] <happil> reminds me of the bin bags full of propaganda they send into north korea
[19:58] <happil> do you guys run that too? :)
[19:58] <amell> I thought germany was more strict on hab?
[19:58] <happil> so sorry to revert but yeah does anybody know of any launch sites I would be able to use as an emergency last resort?
[19:59] <amell> btw F1 seems to be a good signal. surprised you cant get it Upu
[19:59] <happil> I basically have a week to sort things out because I didn't realise it was restricted airspace
[19:59] <happil> They didnt read my application till 2 days ago :(
[20:00] <happil> I just hope they are sympathetic and can figure out something tomorrow at the last minute
[20:00] <amell> I wonder if we will know if F-1 is in a float before it goes out of range...
[20:00] <Lunar_Lander> wait, who went to DE?
[20:00] <Upu> not range yet amell
[20:01] <happil> Are there any sites or people I could contact concerning launch sites near gloucestershire?
[20:01] <Upu> also my Yagi is out of action
[20:01] <happil> Lunar_lander; the samsung people
[20:01] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[20:01] <Lunar_Lander> well in DE you now have a two-stage application process
[20:01] <Lunar_Lander> depending on the state
[20:01] <happil> http://projectspaceplanes.com/
[20:01] <amell> Upu: aha. ok. youre inside the blue, and you dont usually have a problem with that
[20:01] <Lunar_Lander> thanks happil
[20:01] <happil> np
[20:01] <Upu> no preamp no yagi
[20:01] <happil> How do you do the red?
[20:02] <happil> In front of the name
[20:02] <amell> Upu: I have a habamp for sale? :)
[20:02] <Upu> and right in the ISM band
[20:02] <Upu> oh I have many
[20:02] <Lunar_Lander> in bavaria for instance you need to provide permits of city and ground owner, as on a manned hot air balloon launch
[20:02] <Upu> just not installed
[20:02] <Lunar_Lander> happil, happens automatically if someone writes your name, like I do now
[20:02] <happil> oh ok
[20:02] <Lunar_Lander> it's like calling someone up
[20:02] <happil> Lunar_Lander you don't know of any launch sites near gloucestershire do you?
[20:02] <amell> ISM? hmm, hardly anything on that freq round here.
[20:03] <Lunar_Lander> no sorry, I'm from DE
[20:03] <daveake> mine is near Gloucestershire :/
[20:03] <happil> oh lol
[20:03] <mickmondo> yeah sorry about the shift think things are heating up onboard
[20:03] <happil> lunar_lander only a plane flight away
[20:03] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[20:03] <Lunar_Lander> and here in lower saxony, it is a bit better
[20:03] <happil> daveake do you have rolling permissions/cost to use site?
[20:04] <Lunar_Lander> the air office likes to know who flies the balloon, when, where and how heavy it is and what colour and so on
[20:04] <daveake> I do but this is not helpful
[20:04] <Lunar_Lander> and then you can contact flight safety when they gave their Go
[20:04] DutchMillbt (5380fbdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:04] <mickmondo> not sure if it will float first try and all that,, its at 0.65 m/s just a tad to much and its a home made balloon too
[20:04] <amell> they want to know what colour a latex balloon is? wow.
[20:04] <daveake> I'm in Cambridge much of this week and Montreal next week
[20:05] <happil> daveake why, i am sure its lovely?
[20:05] <DutchMillbt> !dial F-1
[20:05] <SpacenearUS> 03DutchMillbt: Latest dials for 03F-1 10(0330): 03434.125 MHz, 434.06891 MHz, 434.06937 MHz, 434.06925 MHz, 434.0694 MHz, 434.06931 MHz
[20:05] <happil> daveake oh i see. so it's not an open field?
[20:05] <amell> daveake: oh, funny that, so am I. you doing any pi launches this week?
[20:05] <daveake> you don't understand
[20:05] <daveake> the permission is for me
[20:05] <daveake> you can't just stroll up and use it
[20:05] <happil> oh
[20:05] <happil> so it's not your land?
[20:05] <daveake> also yes it's private property
[20:05] <Upu> NOTAMs are in someones name
[20:05] <daveake> You're still not quite getting it
[20:06] <happil> nono i get it's rolling permissions for you
[20:06] <happil> so you have to oversee it
[20:06] <daveake> Actually the notam doesn't have anyone's name but the permission does
[20:06] <amell> and its his back garden.
[20:06] <daveake> it would have my number my phone number etc
[20:06] <Upu> and its not rolling he applies each time
[20:06] <amell> so he doesnt want you treading on his veg.
[20:06] <happil> eh?
[20:06] <happil> i'll only smash the front door and back window. deal?
[20:07] <happil> although if i see a nice plant, i may uproot it to plant back home.
[20:07] <daveake> the land is a farm
[20:07] <daveake> farmers have guns
[20:07] <amell> ok. well, good luck with finding a launch site.
[20:07] <Lunar_Lander> amell, more like the colour of the payload system
[20:07] <happil> Are you the farmer?
[20:07] <daveake> especially (like in this case) ones that breed pheasants for shooting
[20:08] <happil> so basically im just looking for a field
[20:08] <happil> and hoping the caa will grant me emergency permission
[20:08] <daveake> you need 2 things
[20:08] <daveake> 1 - permission from the land owner
[20:08] <happil> I contacted the council about a field before. and they wanted money and insurance.
[20:08] <daveake> 2 - permission/notam from the caa
[20:08] <happil> I see a lot of people who just launch on council land - parks, car parks etc.
[20:08] <amell> and sometimes 3 - permission from ATC.
[20:09] <happil> do you need to ask for permission before using public land like parks? because i did... and they wanted me to fill out forms and pay money
[20:09] <daveake> well the permission would say so
[20:09] <happil> and to get £5m in public liability insurance...
[20:10] <daveake> you can get flight insurance
[20:10] <amell> Steve has to call someone just before he launches. I never quite worked out who, i think it is a nearby airfield.
[20:10] <daveake> it'll eat about half of your budget
[20:10] <Upu> whats the TX interval on this ?
[20:10] <daveake> Cambridge ATC iirc
[20:10] <amell> Upu: 20 mins
[20:10] <Upu> ta
[20:10] <happil> ugh
[20:10] <daveake> I've never had to on my sites
[20:10] <amell> Upu: 5 min warning.
[20:10] <happil> cant believe i had everything worked out lol
[20:10] <fsphil> yea calling ATC is normal for me
[20:10] <Upu> you didn't happil
[20:11] <happil> the park owner let us use his land for free
[20:11] <happil> my one mistake: i was in restricted airspace!
[20:11] <happil> how can I find out if a place is restricted airspace?
[20:11] <amell> look at the notam site.
[20:12] <chimpusmaximus> Steve calls Bourne airfield i believe
[20:12] <happil> circles cover the whole country lol
[20:12] <amell> chimpusmaximus: oh, that figures, but nothing ever takes off there.
[20:13] <M0XIN> One last go at decoding F-1
[20:13] <daveake> Once when I launched with Steve they said we could launch immediately, or wait 30 mins
[20:13] <daveake> so yes it's not always ok to launch
[20:13] <happil> The NOTAM site shows the whole UK as circles.
[20:14] <daveake> those are notams
[20:14] <happil> How do I know what the CAA will class as restricted and impose 6AM time limits?
[20:14] <amell> yeah, the stupid trainers out of cambridge airport keep flying over rocket launch site with notams.
[20:14] <daveake> <> restricted airspace
[20:14] <daveake> google it
[20:14] <amell> Its clear that the pilots dont read notams.
[20:14] <daveake> amell I met a rocket guy once who had that problem
[20:14] <happil> googled
[20:14] <daveake> so he did a talk to the local club
[20:14] <happil> already
[20:14] <happil> it's not helpful
[20:14] <happil> notam site and wikipedia comes up
[20:14] <daveake> and explained what would happen if he hit a small plane with his rocket
[20:14] <happil> the notam site wont tell me time restriction etc.
[20:14] <daveake> problem solved
[20:15] <Lunar_Lander> yay!
[20:15] <qyx_> lol
[20:15] <amell> daveake: it happens pretty much every elsworth rocket launch. sometimes they fly really low.
[20:15] <fsphil> there are pilots who read my notam and flew around the area to see what I was doing
[20:15] <Lunar_Lander> fsphil, D
[20:15] <Lunar_Lander> :
[20:15] <Lunar_Lander> :(
[20:15] <daveake> fsphil yeah I get that
[20:15] <Lunar_Lander> :D
[20:15] <fsphil> actually I should have asked them to photo it next time
[20:15] <happil> noflydrones?
[20:15] <happil> that site isn't helpful?
[20:15] <amell> tone txing now from F1
[20:16] <happil> my existing launch site is already outside of the drone no fly areas
[20:16] <chimpusmaximus> uk airspaceAVOID is a useful app
[20:16] <amell> F1 txing now.
[20:16] <happil> Would it be worth asking the caa tomorrow where their restrictions end?
[20:16] <amell> $$$$F-1,001,20:16:35,+5243.6056,+00114.3910,06327,-00.5*54
[20:17] <happil> i.e. if they can advise me on some general area to launch?
[20:17] <amell> mickmondo: your sentence count has reset
[20:17] <daveake> happil Near major airport is always going to be problematic
[20:17] <happil> Yes, but I don't know how far?
[20:17] <daveake> The eclipse launch from Leicester had the restriction of going nowhere near EMA
[20:18] <daveake> That was 20 miles away
[20:18] <amell> this is strange. I got 5 sentences then. first sequence id is 0, and it goes up to 4. It cut off before the last sentence had finished.
[20:18] <happil> The nearest airport, bristol, to the current launch site, is about 13 miles away
[20:18] <happil> and is west.
[20:19] <happil> There doesnt seem to be an area which says "you cannot launch here after 6am"
[20:19] <happil> Keynsham is outside of the blue circle on the noflydrones site
[20:21] <mfa298> I suspect the limit for balloons will be much wider than for drones as balloons go much higher and uncontrolled (drones are supposedly limited in height and distance by laws)
[20:22] <happil> so i guess i just ask the caa?
[20:22] <happil> I have no idea where they restrict
[20:22] <happil> For all I know I could choose another location and they would impose the same 6am restriction i cant meet
[20:22] <craag> happil: Ideally you want to avoid the large blue circles.
[20:23] <mfa298> whilst its more work, potentially look through launches in the last year and see if any have useful launch sites, then see who you mgiht need to contact about permissions. Although I think several sites in the south that have been used have various restrictions on time / wind direction.
[20:23] <Lunar_Lander> btw a bit of "advertising"
[20:23] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) left irc: Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.
[20:23] <craag> But in the outer parts of them you sometimes just have limited restrictions
[20:23] <Lunar_Lander> on F2 launch I was told there is a photographer who wants to bring his video drone to the launch
[20:23] <Lunar_Lander> to film the liftoff from above
[20:23] <craag> eg. we launch from the New Forest with a restriction that the payload cannot go east.
[20:23] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[20:24] <happil> we had a no-west restriction
[20:24] <Lunar_Lander> so you need a day with winds that match it
[20:24] <happil> on top of the 6am stuff
[20:24] <craag> happil: So you're too close
[20:24] <happil> we are doing a drone video too
[20:24] <craag> need to try further away.
[20:24] <happil> although only a few metres off the ground, not above any trees.
[20:26] <Lunar_Lander> and hello craag
[20:26] <craag> Hi Lunar_Lander
[20:26] <mickmondo> amell,,,, yes its shutting its self down, only draws about 0.75ma in shut down so all data gets lost..
[20:27] <happil> if i suggested a few places to the CAA would they be able to tell me if restrictions would apply?
[20:27] <mfa298> I'm half wondering if watching fr24 for a bit might help show places that might have more restrictions e.g. a plan has just flown fairly close to Keynsham at around 2k ft
[20:28] <amell> happil: you can see the restrictions on the notam site.
[20:28] <happil> ok
[20:28] <amell> if you launch near an airport, there are clearly going to be restrictions on time.
[20:28] <happil> problem is i dont know these places!
[20:28] <gonzo_nb> my attempts to get any advice off the caa has met with total silence
[20:28] <craag> happil: Yes, you can try applying for a few. Do be polite though.
[20:28] <happil> and i have no sites!
[20:28] <happil> and i have to get this permission in 3 days...
[20:29] <gonzo_nb> just had to put in an application and see what, if anything, came back
[20:29] OZ7EMA (~emanuel_@2-111-63-178-static.dk.customer.tdc.net) left irc: Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz&
[20:32] <happil> okay
[20:32] <happil> marlborough looks like a good bet
[20:32] <happil> or swindon
[20:32] <happil> do they place restrictions on city launches too?
[20:32] <happil> these locations are on the outskirts/out of blue circles.
[20:32] <happil> and outside of airport atc zones.
[20:33] <amell> swindon? beware of LHR flight path
[20:33] <amell> oh hang on. its not where i thought it was :)
[20:34] <craag> hehe
[20:34] <amell> i was thinking of slough
[20:34] <happil> slough? no :/
[20:34] <craag> happil: Yes, those places look ideal from the info on notaminfo.
[20:34] <daveake> god no
[20:34] es5nhc (~tarmo@108-40-71-217.sta.estpak.ee) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[20:34] <happil> i wouldnt launch in slough
[20:35] <daveake> best not to do anything in slough
[20:35] <happil> probably get killed
[20:35] Lemml (~andreas@p5080FA6C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[20:35] <daveake> but anyway far too close to HRW
[20:35] <happil> slough...
[20:35] <happil> blink and your hab will be gone
[20:35] <happil> cameras will be smashed on the ground
[20:36] <happil> and you will be lying on the ground, most likely dead.
[20:36] <happil> i have to go now, hopefully i can resolve this tomorrow
[20:36] <happil> time to look for some parks near swindon :)
[20:36] <happil> ciao.
[20:37] <happil> cheers for the advice.
[20:37] happil (545c7455@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[20:37] <amell> seems to be overdue
[20:38] <amell> here it is
[20:40] <amell> $$$$F-1,004,20:39:44,+5257.3176,+00114.3251,06407,-00.2*55
[20:40] gb73d (~gb73d@81-178-176-191.dsl.pipex.com) left irc:
[20:41] <amell> It seems to be coming down& or has entered a low float.
[20:41] DutchMillbt (5380fbdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[20:41] <amell> 6431, 6430, 6421, 6411, 6407
[20:43] infaddict (~infaddict@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:43] <Geoff-G8DHE-m> !dial f-1
[20:43] <SpacenearUS> 03Geoff-G8DHE-m: Latest dials for 03F-1 10(0330): 03434.125 MHz, 434.0694 MHz, 434.06931 MHz, 434.06941 MHz, 434.06937 MHz
[20:47] chimpusmaximus (~Chris@host86-178-84-167.range86-178.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[20:48] infaddict (~infaddict@ left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[20:48] Babs__ (522fe266@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[20:51] BitEvil_ (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[20:57] <mickmondo> think its got a leak....
[20:58] <Upu> well possibly just its dark and got cold
[20:58] <Upu> leak usually = > 1m/s
[20:59] <amell> well find out any minute now...
[21:00] <amell> transmitting now
[21:00] xfce (~xfce@cpe-85-10-26-137.dynamic.amis.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:01] Nick change: xfce -> andew
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[21:01] BitEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[21:01] <amell> 6255
[21:01] <Upu> coming down unless I got a bad bit
[21:02] <amell> definately going down
[21:02] <amell> now its going up :)
[21:02] <Upu> nah bad packet from me
[21:02] <fsphil> definitly not wise to use absolutes when talking abouts picos :)
[21:02] <Upu> its floating
[21:02] <amell> Upu: are you getting greens now?
[21:02] <Upu> no
[21:02] <Upu> partial
[21:03] <Upu> Cba crawling round to connect the habamp
[21:03] Nick change: BitEvil -> SpeedEvil
[21:03] <SA6BSS> 6259, 6255, 6265, 6271, 6270
[21:04] <Upu> aka float
[21:04] <amell> for some reason i cant leave it unattended, the freq seems to change slightly each time its turned on.
[21:04] <SA6BSS> inded
[21:04] <amell> SP3OSJ appears to be UK bound. is it APRS over the UK?
[21:05] <amell> and if its a float, can we get a hysplit?
[21:07] <Upu> .aprs add F-1
[21:07] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Added 03F-1 to APRS Importer
[21:07] <Upu> err
[21:07] <Upu> .aprs del F-1
[21:07] <Upu> .aprs remove F-1
[21:07] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Removed 03F-1 from APRS Importer
[21:07] <Upu> .hysplit add F-1
[21:07] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Added 03F-1 to defaults
[21:07] <Upu> .hysplit run F-1
[21:07] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Your job has been added to the queue. Check in a few minutes
[21:07] <amell> SP3OSJ too
[21:07] <Upu> .hysplit add SP30SJ
[21:07] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Added 03SP30SJ to defaults
[21:07] <Upu> .hysplit run SP30SJ
[21:07] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Your job has been added to the queue. Check in a few minutes
[21:07] <Upu> habamp is in
[21:08] <Upu> http://i.imgur.com/8zyxyNA.png
[21:08] <Upu> dat qrm
[21:08] <amell> dat bad
[21:09] <Upu> that crap at the left is something to do with the power
[21:09] <amell> mine is clean as a whistle. only very occasional qrm
[21:10] <amell> whoa re F-1 hysplit :)
[21:12] <amell> some complex wind patterns there
[21:14] <Babs__> Many thanks everyone for yesterday, talkers and organisers
[21:14] <amell> its SP3OSJ not SP30SJ
[21:19] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[21:19] <fsphil> nice meeting you again Babs__
[21:20] <Babs__> you too mate - great to see you
[21:21] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-167-136-229.range86-167.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[21:22] <Upu> .hysplit del SP30SJ
[21:22] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: No HYSPLIT for that callsign
[21:23] <Upu> .hysplit list
[21:23] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: HYSPLIT available for: 03DL7AD-12, EDUPIC16, K6RPT-11, PS-48, PS-49, PS-50, UBSEDS9, F-1
[21:23] <Upu> .hysplit add SP3OSJ
[21:23] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Added 03SP3OSJ to defaults
[21:23] <Upu> .hysplit run SP3OSJ
[21:23] <SpacenearUS> 03Upu: Your job has been added to the queue. Check in a few minutes
[21:27] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:29] <Lunar_Lander> Upu rocks!
[21:29] malclocke (~malc@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:29] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[21:29] <amell> oh thats interesting.
[21:29] <amell> looks like SP3OSJ wont make the UK after all
[21:30] <amell> maybe scrape north scotland if that
[21:32] <mickmondo> Yep seems to be floating,, it must be temp related I cant see its fully expanded yet... you not able to receive upu ... btw I passed OK...
[21:33] <Upu> you did :)
[21:33] <Upu> I have your sheet here
[21:33] <Upu> my yagi is out of action
[21:33] <Upu> and the colinear doesn't seem to be doing so well
[21:33] <mickmondo> ah, yes I know the two I got wrong
[21:34] <mickmondo> ah thats a shame was hopping you would be able to track the top of UK.
[21:35] <Upu> let me have a fiddle
[21:35] PE1CME (56529067@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:36] <mickmondo> not sure where its heading thought it may turn back a bit more over UK
[21:36] <SA6BSS> can se traces of sp3osj on the Cleethorpes web sdr, tuned to 144699.55 right trace @1500
[21:37] <Upu> ok yagi back in
[21:37] <SA6BSS> about 3-4min tx
[21:37] <SpacenearUS> New position from 03PS-50 after 0315 hours silence - 12http://tracker.habhub.org/#!qm=All&q=PS-50
[21:40] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.lazyleopard.org.uk) left irc: Quit: Now QRT
[21:45] <amell> how long has PS-50 been up now?
[21:45] <amell> TX now
[21:46] <SA6BSS> about a day
[21:47] <Upu> mickmondo is this 8N2 ?
[21:48] <amell> its 8n1.5
[21:48] <Upu> 1.5 ?
[21:48] <Upu> really ?
[21:48] <amell> yes
[21:48] <amell> 1970 called, they want their half bit back.
[21:50] <mickmondo> ha ha,, yes its 1.5
[21:50] <jonsowman> they want their entire protocol back whilst they're at it
[21:51] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[21:52] <amell> actually think it goes back to 1930s. teletypewriter compatibility, 1.5 meant that it would work for stuff that didnt use stop bits.
[21:52] <jonsowman> yep
[21:52] <jonsowman> 'tis ancient
[21:52] Babs__ (522fe266@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:52] <mickmondo> like me
[21:54] <mickmondo> It might be 2 bit have you tried... I might have this wrong, I used to use 5 bit but changed to 8 bit,, I would if its a typo on my half
[21:55] <amell> 5 bit teletype? wow.
[21:55] <amell> think thats baudot
[21:55] <mickmondo> yes
[21:56] <mickmondo> I never used to use the tracker just chased with a map and plotted the data manually
[21:56] <fsphil> nothing wrong with 1.5 bits :) unless you're trying to do rtty with an interrupt. then it's a pain
[21:56] <mickmondo> thank you
[21:57] <mickmondo> at the end if the day it seems to work Ok
[22:00] <Lunar_Lander> good night :)
[22:00] Lunar_Lander (~kevin@p5488906C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Quit: Verlassend
[22:08] <amell> txing
[22:09] <amell> 6610 going up
[22:10] <amell> still no greens upu?
[22:10] <craag> !dial F-1
[22:10] <SpacenearUS> 03craag: Latest dials for 03F-1 10(0330): 03434.125 MHz, 434.06935 MHz, 434.06941 MHz, 434.06937 MHz
[22:10] <Upu> nah giving up
[22:10] <amell> strange as youre about the same distance as I am
[22:10] <amell> 188km ele 1.2
[22:11] <Upu> told you my setup isn't working
[22:11] <Upu> either coax is cracked or water in it
[22:12] <amell> oh right, a summer repair job then
[22:12] <mickmondo> OK upu,,, thanks for trying,, from what I can see should sweep out over iceland then head back over Scotland,, might be able to receive in a day or so, if its still working that is..
[22:13] <mickmondo> signal a bit weak my end,
[22:13] <Upu> yup would be good
[22:13] <Upu> I have new coax at work
[22:13] <Upu> just need to book the antenna guy to come help me
[22:14] <Upu> anyway logging night all
[22:14] <amell> scared of heights? :)
[22:14] <Upu> no you muppet its a two man job :P
[22:14] <mickmondo> I hope you get it sorted anyway,,, yeah me too
[22:16] G4YHE (521c935d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[22:24] <Geoff-G8-> You need one of these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNiDkS6QyxQ
[22:25] Nick change: Geoff-G8- -> Geoff-G8DHE
[22:44] infaddict (~infaddict@ joined #highaltitude.
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[22:57] <Laurenceb__> the crop is...
[22:57] <Laurenceb__> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2GcdpJiNGfKTmk3MDNzZVl6ZlU/view?usp=sharing
[22:58] <Laurenceb__> at a poor choice of heights
[23:02] nlincs (92c773e5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[23:08] Triskel (triskel@ircaddict.org) joined #highaltitude.
[23:08] <Triskel> yo
[23:11] gonzo_nb (~gonzo@host-92-4-33-202.as43234.net) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[23:19] mickmondo (5c1f6982@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[23:26] <amell> Laurenceb_: Im glad that video is cropped&
[23:26] <amell> are they really flying rc naked?
[23:27] <Laurenceb__> no lol
[23:27] <Laurenceb__> inadvertant crop makes it look like a porno
[23:30] <amell> Geoff-G8- that tube is impressive.
[23:30] <amell> Laurenceb_: enjoyed watching your rockoon presentation on youtube
[23:30] <amell> very interesting. when are you going to do your test launch.
[23:31] Laurenceb__ (~Laurence@host86-144-252-3.range86-144.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 244 seconds
[23:31] <amell> oh well
[23:37] <amell> i seem to have lost F-1 at 208km 0.9 ele
[23:41] <amell> actually i got some reds just then, its coming down
[00:00] --- Mon Aug 24 2015