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[01:01] <joeman1> gday
[01:01] <joeman1> anyone know how long it takes to inflate a helium balloon (4.5 cubic metres) with those party balloon regulators?
[01:02] <joeman1> or the volumetic flow rate?
[01:02] <arko> depends on the regulator, but it usually takes 10-15minutes or so
[01:03] <arko> the thing that takes more time is setup and tie off
[01:03] <arko> and measuring the neck lift
[01:03] <arko> 4.5cu-m is quite a lot
[01:04] <joeman1> yes, it is, for HAB-800...want to ensure minimal chance of float...and pop...about 1.75kg payload...plus other bits
[01:05] <arko> target altitude?
[01:05] <joeman1> 27km
[01:06] <arko> quite a lot more helium than you really need
[01:08] <arko> are you measuring neck lift?
[01:10] <joeman1> Still ogin gover sums, just went to cusf.co.uk/calc...and netered 1.75kg, 27000m, Kaymont-800 and ascent rate 5.5m/sec
[01:10] <joeman1> it says a neck lift of ~ 3.6kg
[01:11] <Ian_> For info, gleaned from today's RAYNET news - Royal International Air Tattoo Gloucestershire County RAYNET will be using 51.20, 144.650, 145.225, 432.775 and 434.375 MHz as specific frequencies during their support for the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. The Show commences on 7th July through to the show days of 11,12,13th July, and is on behalf of the County Council Civil Protection Team. These operating frequenc
[01:11] <Ian_> and are not moeveable.
[01:12] <Ian_> 434.375MHz was the one that might be of interest.
[01:14] <joeman1> It is interesting
[01:17] <joeman1> arko: I see what you mean.. I can reduce ascent rate...and only need about 3.5 m^3
[01:17] <joeman1> get about 1500m extra height...and a slightly longer flight
[01:19] <joeman1> probably would still need to her a 5.1 cubic metre gas cylinder
[01:19] <joeman1> the other one only has 3.6 cubic metres
[01:19] <joeman1> don't want to be caught short
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[02:25] <joeman1> arko: Thanks for your help
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[04:10] <Aerospark> hey guys, looking for uBlox Max6 or 7 breakout board for raspberry pi eagle files
[04:10] <Aerospark> any leads?
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[04:19] <malclocke> Aerospark, should just be 4 regular header pins, no?
[04:20] <Aerospark> I'm not sure, never built a PCB before :p
[04:20] <Aerospark> was hoping to see how the pros do it
[04:21] <malclocke> well, the max6 breakout I have has 4 pins at the regular spacing, 2.54mm or whatever it is. VCC, GND, RX and TX
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[04:24] <malclocke> or are you wanting to build a breakout board?
[04:24] <Aerospark> yeah, i'm trying to build one
[04:24] <malclocke> ahh
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[04:24] <malclocke> sorry, misunderstood
[04:24] <Aerospark> no worries
[04:25] <malclocke> https://github.com/Upuaut/Eagle-Libraries
[04:25] <malclocke> I have just made a max6 footprint for kicad, but not eagle. and I wouldn't trust my work anyway :)
[04:25] <Aerospark> Couldn't find the eagle schematic for the raspberry pi board on there :(
[04:25] <Aerospark> ah nice
[04:26] <Aerospark> I'm trying to replace Figure 4 (http://amentumaero.com/atlas-ii/) with a custom build
[04:26] <malclocke> urgh, I also didn't read 'raspberry pi' :(
[04:26] <malclocke> I'm going back to sleep
[04:26] <Aerospark> lol np
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[05:32] <Upu> hey Aerospark if you're still here https://www.dropbox.com/s/l3nm604z9ngdwtq/RaspberryPi.lbr
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[06:09] <joeman1> g'day
[06:10] <joeman1> Do you guys use normal part balloon regulators in flate your balloons?
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[08:53] <SpeedEvil> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wifiex - this would be awesome for HAB.
[08:54] <SpeedEvil> (well, if physics...)
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[09:01] <mikestir-work> hahaha what kind of a joke is that
[09:01] <mikestir-work> it's like the internet box from the it crowd
[09:03] <SpeedEvil> Only 9 suckers fell for it so far though
[09:05] <Willdude123> SpeedEvil: is that a joke or what?
[09:05] <SpeedEvil> No, it's not a joke.
[09:06] <SpeedEvil> It's flat-out fraud.
[09:07] <daveake> cash for cache
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[09:09] <mikestir-work> squid's in
[09:09] <SgtBurned> What is the link to the raw flight data?
[09:10] <mikestir-work> http://habitat.habhub.org/ept/
[09:11] <SgtBurned> Thanks
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[09:12] <Willdude123> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-build-a-planetary-energy-transmitter
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[09:19] <on4bhm> i'm in the process for shopping all gear for launching a foil balloon and try to let it float
[09:21] <on4bhm> i'm planning on using solar panels to charge bat to be able to continue sending coord. at nights
[09:21] <on4bhm> what is the lift of 36" foil balloon?
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[09:25] <Reb-SM0ULC> on4bhm: cool!
[09:28] <DL7AD> on4bhm: about 50g at maximum. but ~20 at maximum to get a reasonable altitude
[09:28] <DL7AD> lets say 30g
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[09:30] <on4bhm> so between 20-30 gr
[09:30] <on4bhm> i will see where i end-up...
[09:31] <mikestir-work> you'd want to be at the low end of that range really
[09:31] boo (509303b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:31] <on4bhm> are most of the 'floating guy's" loose there equipement? or do trackers send it back?
[09:31] <mikestir-work> depends how far they get. most are lost
[09:32] <on4bhm> so the cheapest the equipment the better....
[09:32] <SpeedEvil> on4bhm: have you seen leos series?
[09:33] <SpeedEvil> L
[09:33] <DL7AD> on4bhm: yes. LeoBodnar sent 62 and i think he got +- 7 back
[09:33] <DL7AD> on4bhm: i sent 3 floaters. got none of them back
[09:34] <on4bhm> what is leos?
[09:34] <DL7AD> B-*
[09:34] <SpeedEvil> http://leobodnar.com/balloons/
[09:34] <SpeedEvil> http://leobodnar.com/balloons/B-10/index.html
[09:34] <SpeedEvil> For example
[09:35] <SpeedEvil> He's a bit insane.
[09:35] <SpeedEvil> (In a good way)
[09:35] <DL7AD> B-11 have been more impressive
[09:35] <on4bhm> i tracked B-62 for the first time...
[09:35] <SpeedEvil> yeah - that one has actual pictures though
[09:35] <DL7AD> have a look for B-10, B-11, B-47 and B-62
[09:35] <DL7AD> i guess LeoBodnar didnt make a page for B-62 so far.
[09:36] <on4bhm> he uses custom ballons right?
[09:36] <DL7AD> since b-50
[09:36] <DL7AD> ~
[09:37] <on4bhm> i'm intrested in his tracker
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[09:37] <on4bhm> what does he use?
[09:37] <boo> Hi guys, how high is the temperature inside of the balloon at daylight? Has somebody any information?
[09:37] <mikestir-work> oh6gzt: http://www.mike-stirling.com/2014/06/tiny-balloon-tracker/ <- I flew this on a Qualatex a couple of weeks ago
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[09:39] <on4bhm> ok, but where can i get the hardware?
[09:39] <on4bhm> it looks ccol
[09:40] <DL7AD> you mean the parts or the pcb itself?
[09:40] <mikestir-work> most (all?) of the really small pico trackers are home made
[09:40] Geoff-G8DHE (~Geoff-G8D@geoffg8dhe.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:42] <DL7AD> mikestir-work: i've used an FT-101
[09:42] <DL7AD> :D
[09:42] <DL7AD> well... im kiddin
[09:44] <mikestir-work> did you fill the PA with helium so you didn't need to bother with the balloon?
[09:44] Ron_G8FJG (5682df46@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:45] <on4bhm> is arduino pro mini a good candidate?
[09:45] <SpeedEvil> on4bhm: no
[09:46] <SpeedEvil> on4bhm: for the balloon class you mean, you basically need to do a custom board
[09:46] <on4bhm> why not? to hight voltage?
[09:46] <DL7AD> because of weight
[09:46] <on4bhm> it is very light weight ! i got a few
[09:46] <DL7AD> if using an arduino you would end up at 50g
[09:46] <DL7AD> how much?
[09:46] <on4bhm> the pro mini is only few grams!
[09:47] <boo> I want to design a super pressure balloon ... so I ve to handle with high pressures and high tensions during daylight
[09:47] <fsphil> you'd need to add external gps and radio to the pro mini
[09:47] <SpeedEvil> on4bhm: And about 3 grams of that is complete waste.
[09:47] <on4bhm> i know
[09:47] <mikestir-work> boo: one of LeoBodnar's flights had a pressure sensor inside the balloon
[09:47] <SpeedEvil> on4bhm: you only need the AVR.
[09:48] <daveake> It's possible - http://www.daveakerman.com/?p=310 - but really you need to do your own PCB
[09:48] <boo> I also want to reach an altitude above 20km
[09:48] <daveake> Weight is really critical on these things
[09:48] <SpeedEvil> boo: you don't really want to use a mylar balloon then
[09:49] <SpeedEvil> It will not reach 20km with any payload (from memory)
[09:49] <daveake> nope
[09:49] <SpeedEvil> 10km, maybe 12km with 3 grams of payload
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[09:50] <on4bhm> the lightweight boards all have very thin pcb....
[09:50] <on4bhm> dave: i'm having the same idea of how to do it like you!
[09:51] <boo> no I would use special kind of fabric combination
[09:52] <SpeedEvil> boo: what fabric
[09:52] <boo> for the pressure nylon
[09:52] <SpeedEvil> boo: Right. Great. Now, where are you going to get this, and how thin is it.
[09:52] <mikestir-work> boo: http://www.leobodnar.com/balloons/B-5/index.html http://www.leobodnar.com/balloons/B-5/FlightLog.txt
[09:53] <boo> it s 28g/m^2
[09:53] <SpeedEvil> At 20km, the density of air is about a quarter of what it is at sea level - 200g/m^3 or so.
[09:55] <boo> 1/12
[09:55] Action: SpeedEvil is not awake
[09:57] <LeoBodnar> http://www.pigeongps.com/index-en-pigeons.htm
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[09:58] <LeoBodnar> Hacking ready! Only 14gr!
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[10:00] <SpeedEvil> Boring
[10:00] <LeoBodnar> NOT monthly fees to pay
[10:00] <SpeedEvil> Lacks electrodes
[10:00] FlerbPc (~Willdude1@unaffiliated/willdude123) joined #highaltitude.
[10:00] <boo> the B-5 reached just 7,5 km ... :(
[10:01] <mikestir-work> well-nigh insurmountable!
[10:01] <SpeedEvil> boo: Obvious first questions you need to think about. What is your minimum diameter with a 28g/m^2 envelope, and 1/12th atmosphere, at (say) 5 millbars of superpressure
[10:05] <boo> 5 mbar is a temperture delta maybe of 18K ... without helium surplus
[10:05] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[10:06] <SpeedEvil> you need a superpressure to float
[10:07] M0NSA (~HeliosFA@requiem.soton.gia-lan.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[10:08] <LeoBodnar> what's your payload weight boo?
[10:09] <Steve_G0TDJ> 'Morning Guys :-)
[10:11] <LeoBodnar> are you usinh hydrogen or helium boo?
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[10:12] <LeoBodnar> OK, here we go
[10:12] <Steve_G0TDJ> Am I missing something LeoBodnar ?
[10:13] <LeoBodnar> Payload weight 20g, Helium, 10g free lift, 28g/m3, ideal sphere
[10:13] <LeoBodnar> float altitude 20,000m
[10:13] <LeoBodnar> ideal sphere diameter 2.3m
[10:14] es5nhc (~tarmo@178-21-244-214.wmx.levira.ee) joined #highaltitude.
[10:14] <LeoBodnar> balloon weight 465g
[10:14] <LeoBodnar> superpressure with no solar gain 0.11kPa
[10:16] <LeoBodnar> realistically with gores seams, end disks and tendons you are looking at 3m shpere
[10:16] <LeoBodnar> or pumpkin
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[10:16] <SpeedEvil> More if you carve it.
[10:17] <LeoBodnar> quite ambitious boo
[10:18] DL7AD (bc67721a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:19] <LeoBodnar> 10g free lift for total mass of 564g (He+payload+envelope) is way too low
[10:19] <LeoBodnar> needs to be about 30-50g
[10:20] <LeoBodnar> that bumps it up to 2.4m diameter ideal sphere
[10:20] <LeoBodnar> if you are serious boo you must have done all this calcs?
[10:21] <LeoBodnar> helloooo
[10:25] rwsq1 (~rwsq1@234.11-35-82.static.virginmediabusiness.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[10:25] <DL7AD> morning
[10:28] Laurenceb__ (~Laurence@host86-136-117-134.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[10:33] <Herman-PB0AHX> hello to all
[10:36] on4bhm (54c77a9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:47] <DL7AD> Hi Herman-PB0AHX
[10:49] <tweetBot1> @daveake: Hoping to launch this later today when the wind settles. #UKHAS http://t.co/Qp2h6lCNYD $$SLEET 434.4MHz USB 50 baud 7 N 1 520Hz shift.
[10:51] <boo> I am using helium
[10:51] on4bhm (54c77a9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:51] <Boelle_DK> ping mikestir-work:
[10:51] <on4bhm> why are the not using lipo bat for float bolloons?
[10:54] <mfa298> on4bhm: some people do use Lipos. But they only make sense if you're charging via solar. Some floats have just used primary cells and no solar in which case Lipo doesn't make sense
[10:54] <on4bhm> ok clear
[10:55] <boo> sorry had lunch time ^^
[10:55] <mfa298> I'm not sure that daveake's launch is a floater. It may be an up down bursty flight.
[10:55] <daveake> it is
[10:55] <daveake> a floater
[10:55] <daveake> hopefully
[10:55] <LeoBodnar> cool
[10:56] <LeoBodnar> i like floaters
[10:56] <daveake> 100g balloon and a free lift 2 orders of magnitude less than I'm used to :p
[10:56] Action: mfa298 stands corrected
[10:56] <Herman-PB0AHX> i like floaters
[10:56] <fsphil> apollo astronauts not so much
[10:57] <daveake> haha
[10:57] <on4bhm> can a lattex balloon be able to float too? or is it only for foil balloons?
[10:57] <boo> the question is how strong is the sunlight affecting my pressure inside
[10:57] <daveake> In case anyone wonders what that was about - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/11/poop-space-apollo-10-astronauts-turds-mission-nasa-transcripts_n_3054324.html
[10:58] <daveake> on4bhm They can be made to float, but not for as long as an SP
[10:58] <boo> u can calculate it for sure but reality is different I am thinking
[10:59] <craag> If there's anyone here who's an expert on the reality of floating balloons - it would be LeoBodnar
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[11:01] <LeoBodnar> boo for above specs you need to keep supertemperature below 25K to stay below ultimate tensile strength for nylon
[11:01] <LeoBodnar> if your seams are as good as material itself
[11:03] <LeoBodnar> have you launched any floating balloons yet?
[11:03] on4bhm (54c77a9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[11:08] <boo> tht s right the seams are in general the weak points ... this problem I ve already solved ... and yes I did several floating ballons, but nu sp
[11:09] <LeoBodnar> oh, nice
[11:09] <LeoBodnar> which ones?
[11:09] <FlerbPc> craag, how did the rest of FD go?
[11:10] <mfa298> FlerbPc: I don't think it was as good as last year but it was over 200 contacts accross the three stations
[11:10] <fsphil> conditions didn't seem ideal
[11:10] Steve_G0TDJ (d49f4aee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:11] <FlerbPc> Not bad
[11:11] <mfa298> based on the serial numbers others were giving it did seem like everyone was struggling. Although we got some decent contacts
[11:12] <boo> LeoBodnar: have u been floating above 20km?
[11:12] Kodar (~Kodar@ham4.cc.fer.hr) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[11:12] <mfa298> best was something like macedonia on 6m
[11:12] <gonzo__> condx were jusy flat
[11:12] <LeoBodnar> not yet, why 20km?
[11:12] <fsphil> 6m was dead here
[11:12] <gonzo__> seemed sn were half of last year
[11:12] <LeoBodnar> not on SP
[11:12] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) joined #highaltitude.
[11:12] <LeoBodnar> latex yes
[11:13] <mfa298> I think 6m did better than 70cms for us and less time on 6m as well.
[11:13] <boo> but without temp sensor???
[11:14] <fsphil> propagation on 70cm seems pretty rare
[11:14] <gonzo__> I didn't see 6/70 results. We team up with abother club and they run them
[11:18] <Herman-PB0AHX> at which time we expect that there will be a balloon going up
[11:19] Kodar (~Kodar@ham4.cc.fer.hr) joined #highaltitude.
[11:20] <daveake> 2-3pm UK time
[11:20] <daveake> Wind should drop about then
[11:21] marshall_law (~marshall_@ip-64-134-55-197.public.wayport.net) joined #highaltitude.
[11:21] <Steve_G0TDJ> daveake: I'll be waiting
[11:23] <LeoBodnar> there are so many challenges in floating high that instrumentation wasn't my priority since B-6
[11:23] <LeoBodnar> why 20km?
[11:23] <LeoBodnar> you will coollide with loons
[11:23] <tweetBot1> @daveake: Waiting for the wind to drop so I can launch this http://t.co/0oV27tGmn7 @pitsproject #raspberrypi #UKHAS
[11:24] <SpeedEvil> LeoBodnar: keeps it out of the rain, I guess
[11:24] <boo> I know
[11:26] <Herman-PB0AHX> daveake: tnx info
[11:27] Maxell (~Maxell@ipv7.xs4all.nl) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[11:27] malclocke (~malc@121-99-118-44.bng1.nct.orcon.net.nz) left irc: Quit: Ex-Chat
[11:27] <LeoBodnar> why not 17km?
[11:28] <boo> u can reduce the altitude to 15km ...
[11:28] <LeoBodnar> there is massive difference between 15km and 20km lol
[11:28] <boo> it s still the question with the tempertures
[11:28] <LeoBodnar> just launch it and check
[11:28] <LeoBodnar> is nylon matallised?
[11:29] <boo> yes I know the differences in dimensioning
[11:29] <boo> no it is not
[11:29] <boo> maybe the gascell
[11:29] <LeoBodnar> well you have some work to do
[11:30] Action: mfa298 thinks daveake broke imgur https://www.dropbox.com/s/okbe7wdijxqet70/Imgur%20error.png
[11:30] <LeoBodnar> we can't give you all the answers
[11:30] <daveake> mfa298 You should have used imgur to upload the error .... oh
[11:30] <boo> I was just hoping tht there is any informations about the temp changes in those altitudes
[11:30] <fsphil> I knew those kittens would cause trouble
[11:31] <LeoBodnar> NASA and CNES instrument their flights, check their data
[11:32] <boo> allright thxs a lot
[11:32] Alchamist (~alchamist@s17328082.onlinehome-server.info) joined #highaltitude.
[11:33] on4bhm (54c77a9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:33] Maxell (~Maxell@ipv7.xs4all.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[11:34] <on4bhm> which tx module is popular to get on 434.500 mhz?
[11:34] <Upu> NTX2B can do any frequency from 434.000->750 or something
[11:36] WillDWork (c2498339@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[11:37] <on4bhm> do you order them at the right freq.?
[11:37] <on4bhm> or how can they be altered?
[11:37] <Upu> either or
[11:37] <Upu> I can program them up to whatever frequency you want
[11:37] <Upu> but you can set them with a serial command
[11:38] <Upu> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63720513/HAB%20Supplies%20Datasheets/HAB-NTX2B-FA.pdf
[11:38] boo (509303b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[11:39] <on4bhm> is TX2A also ok?
[11:40] <Upu> hmm ?
[11:40] <Upu> the FA version of the NTX2B you can only get from Hab Supplies
[11:40] <Upu> oh radiometrix
[11:41] <Upu> never used that
[11:41] <Upu> but the NTX2B is more suitable as it has a TCXO in it
[11:41] <Upu> right I'm afk
[11:43] <on4bhm> ha ok
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[11:59] Andrew_2E0NRD (560fc217@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:59] <Geoff-G8DHE> daveake, what freq are you using this afternoon ? one says 434.125 and tweet says 434.4 ??
[12:01] <daveake> 2 flights
[12:02] <daveake> former is pi with ssdv latter just telemetry
[12:02] <Geoff-G8DHE> ah ok fl-digi shows 3 pisjy, pisky(2)pi_sky ?
[12:02] <daveake> pi_sky is one
[12:02] <daveake> other is SLEET doesn't have a flight doc
[12:02] <Steve_G0TDJ> Has Geoff got the correct freqs.?
[12:02] <daveake> Waiting for the rain to pass
[12:03] <daveake> Just a sec
[12:03] <Geoff-G8DHE> OK for me 434.4 is right in QRM but 434.125 is nice and clear!
[12:03] jededu (~edusuppor@host109-152-8-100.range109-152.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:05] <LeoBodnar> is SLEET back?
[12:05] <LeoBodnar> it's been awhile
[12:06] <daveake> Been wanting to send that back to its maker for a while now :)
[12:07] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[12:07] <jededu> daveake are you launching today ?
[12:07] <daveake> hoping to
[12:07] <Steve_G0TDJ> Whats your chase callsign daveake?
[12:08] <daveake> M0RPI
[12:08] <Steve_G0TDJ> cheers
[12:08] <jededu> What time
[12:08] <daveake> ask the rain
[12:08] <jededu> ahh i see
[12:09] <mikestir-work> is SLEET coming up north?
[12:10] <daveake> Yes should turn about Manchester
[12:10] <daveake> However need no rain ... free lift is only 4g
[12:12] <mikestir-work> later the better or I'll miss it :)
[12:14] <mikestir-work> daveake: I've been doing some work on doing simultaneous video and ssdv with the picam. don't know if that interests you? I have some code that pulls out H264 IDR frames and passes them to libavcodec for conversion to jpeg. Saves stopping the video.
[12:14] <daveake> Yes, that'd be useful
[12:14] <mikestir-work> it also muxes the video and telemetry into a proper time-synced container
[12:15] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[12:16] <mikestir-work> I'll stick it on github when it's finished
[12:16] <daveake> great
[12:18] <Herman-PB0AHX> i send the sun to the uk now i have more than planty sun here
[12:18] <mfa298> In theory I think you can do all that from the gpu, the python module at least allows you to record video and pull out jpeg stills at the same time direct from the processing pipeline
[12:18] <fsphil> rain has cleared here, sunny at the moment
[12:19] on4bhm (54c77a9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[12:19] Action: daveake goes to fsphil'sm plac
[12:19] <daveake> e
[12:21] <mikestir-work> mfa298: might look into that. Decoding that one frame on the ARM is very slow, although fine for feeding ssdv
[12:21] <mikestir-work> I wonder if the python module uses the old mmal interface directly, because I couldn't get the v4l2 driver to do more than one thing at a time
[12:21] <mfa298> I'm pretty sure it talks to mmal
[12:22] <Geoff-G8DHE-M> Yes Sun is out in Sussex, has been all morning, just been fitting a Solar panel to campervan!
[12:22] <mfa298> which might take a bit more work to use from C - although when I looked ~6 months ago there were a couple of libraries out there which might give a starting point
[12:24] <mikestir-work> tbh the python module might end up being capable of a lot of what I'm trying to do, but as with most hobbyist boards the documentation consists of a mess of over-verbose tutorials I didn't have time to read
[12:30] zeusbot_ joined #highaltitude.
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[12:39] <Geoff-G8DHE-M> Wow there is a lot of rain coming yourway daveake http://www.raintoday.co.uk/
[12:40] <mfa298> is that really 60 baud on SLEET or typo in the email?
[12:42] <daveake> 50 sorry
[12:42] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) joined #highaltitude.
[12:42] <mfa298> thats what I as suspecting
[12:43] <daveake> :)
[12:43] <mfa298> I'm not even sure you can set 60 baud
[12:46] marshall_law (~marshall_@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:46] es5nhc (~tarmo@178-21-244-214.wmx.levira.ee) joined #highaltitude.
[12:51] eSev1 (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) joined #highaltitude.
[12:52] <WillDWork> apologies daveake - my tracking setup isn't working at the moment, it'd be perfect for you today (MUST FIX)
[12:54] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[12:56] <daveake> up
[12:57] napos (~na@ left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[12:57] <daveake> SLEET 434.400MHz 50 baud 7 N 2 520Hz USB
[13:04] <daveake> up would be good
[13:06] Whiteg6 (1f365285@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:06] g8kbz (59caf544@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:06] <daveake> Once it's high enough for someone else to rx, I'll go launch the pi.
[13:06] <daveake> Which at this rate may be tomorrow :p
[13:09] <Geoff-G8DHE-M> Well its listening here but so much QRM on .400 I doubt I'll hear it.
[13:09] <Steve_G0TDJ> I'm monitoring WebSDR
[13:11] DL7AD (bc67721a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:11] <tweetBot1> @daveake: Shot of @AnthonyStirk's PAVA tracker SLEET which I launched earlier. #UKHAS http://t.co/STFlOd1bTW
[13:11] <daveake> sill not-fixing-rotation camera :/
[13:13] napos (~na@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:19] RichardAKJ (522877b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:20] <daveake> 1000m woohoo :p
[13:21] <daveake> 2nd listener evben more woohoo :)
[13:21] WillDWork (c2498339@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[13:22] <mfa298> should just about be in range of the websdr
[13:22] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[13:22] <Steve_G0TDJ> Nothing yet
[13:23] Geoff-G8DHE_ (~Geoff-G8D@geoffg8dhe.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:23] <mfa298> actually this might be in the direction that's not so good for the sdr
[13:23] <daveake> Not that good a direction for me either :/
[13:24] <daveake> We're near the top of a hill, and the peak is in that direction
[13:25] Geoff-G8DHE-M (~Geoff-G8D@geoffg8dhe.plus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 255 seconds
[13:25] Nick change: Geoff-G8DHE_ -> Geoff-G8DHE-M
[13:30] <Steve_G0TDJ> Still nothing on WebSDR (Except for GB3ET breakthrough every so often)
[13:31] <craag> Steve_G0TDJ: There's a hill in the way to the West, you should still get it before green-circle though.
[13:31] <Steve_G0TDJ> OK Phil. Are you the Phil on WebSDR too?
[13:32] <craag> No, not me.
[13:32] <fsphil> radio here is on and ready
[13:32] <Steve_G0TDJ> OK LOL
[13:33] WillDWork (c2498339@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:34] <fsphil> this may go further north than expected :)
[13:35] <daveake> which is good :)
[13:35] <fsphil> in the off chance, the chase car is still ready
[13:35] <daveake> :)
[13:37] <daveake> I keep reading the battery mv off the dl-fldigi screen instead of altitude :p
[13:40] <fsphil> sunday habers
[13:44] <daveake> haha
[13:44] <fsphil> I'll be surprised if this doesn't float
[13:44] <fsphil> 2km ... nearly ... nearly
[13:44] <fsphil> neeearlllyy
[13:44] <fsphil> almost
[13:45] jedas (~gedas@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:45] <fsphil> heh, it wend down on that last string
[13:45] <fsphil> went*
[13:46] <fsphil> yay, 2km
[13:46] <mattbrejza> so you can get a full reel (5000) of 0603 resistors for £1.50 on farnell...
[13:47] <fsphil> and you only need 10?
[13:47] <mattbrejza> well knowing farnell 50 of what i would otherwise get will probably cost the same as 5000 of these
[13:49] <daveake> getting PI_SKY ready now
[13:49] <fsphil> I should open a webstore that should just give them away, for the cost of postage
[13:50] <SpeedEvil> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20pc-Stainless-Steel-304-Extra-Thin-Wall-Hypodermic-Tubing-058-od-x-050-/380885146062?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58ae8619ce - related
[13:50] <SpeedEvil> 100 feet of tubing for 80 quid
[13:50] <SpeedEvil> I need one, tops
[13:50] <fsphil> SLEET just went into orbit briefly
[13:51] <Steve_G0TDJ> 3183m/s Wow LOL
[13:51] <mattbrejza> i noticed daveake was wearing his nasa tshirt as he launched it
[13:51] <mfa298> everyones doing mexican habs now.
[13:51] <fsphil> 2179km
[13:51] <fsphil> not even mexico can beat that
[13:52] <fsphil> PI_SKY will probably be above my horizon first
[13:52] <fsphil> and it's not even launched yet
[13:53] <fsphil> I've cleared that point
[13:54] Action: daveake blames Upu :)
[13:54] <Upu_M0UPU> hmm ?
[13:55] <daveake> SLEET told a fib
[13:58] <daveake> Phew for a moment I thought the Pi cam was upside down
[13:58] <Upu_M0UPU> oh
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> I think there are some bugs in the code on this one
[13:59] <daveake> Payload glued up and I'm not changing it now anyway :)
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> its like a year old
[13:59] <daveake> yeah
[13:59] <mfa298> is it bad that I keep looking at that "SLEET told a fib" line and thinking it's an SQL statement
[13:59] <daveake> yes
[13:59] <daveake> :)
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> yes
[13:59] <daveake> right off to fill
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[13:59] <fsphil> ORDER BY fib;
[14:00] <fsphil> goodness, 2.5km. we're breaking records here!
[14:00] <db_g6gzh> I was beginning to think it might not get high enough to receive here.
[14:02] <daveake> batc should be on now
[14:04] <Steve_G0TDJ> BATC is on - CFM
[14:05] <daveake> ta
[14:06] <Ron_G8FJG> soon 434.400500 for 1khz centre
[14:12] eSev1 (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[14:14] <Ron_G8FJG> lot longer than I thought!! green
[14:16] <Steve_G0TDJ> Very feint traces on WebSDR
[14:18] Tramvai (50eb2c78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:19] <Tramvai> Hi guys, me again with more ridiculous questions!
[14:19] <Tramvai> Can I connect a resistor directly to an Arduino input pin?
[14:19] <fsphil> 55km, hah
[14:20] <Tramvai> Output, sorry.
[14:20] <Tramvai> Heck, it's both. But I will be using it for output.
[14:20] <fsphil> output to what?
[14:21] <Steve_G0TDJ> PI_SKY Launched - I think......
[14:21] <Tramvai> I soldered my NTX2 to an Arduino shield, but it seems to transmit only one continuous beep.
[14:22] <daveake> up
[14:22] <Upu_M0UPU> SLEET is it RTTY ?
[14:22] <daveake> yes
[14:22] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[14:22] <fsphil> that's bad
[14:22] <fsphil> you can't remember? :)
[14:22] <Steve_G0TDJ> Interesting launch Dave
[14:22] <Upu_M0UPU> thats why its not decoding :)
[14:22] <Tramvai> So, I'm running through all the stuff that could be wrong: starting with the NTX2 being connected to the Pin10 with a resistor
[14:22] <Upu_M0UPU> hell no :)
[14:23] <Steve_G0TDJ> 5.3m/s ascent Yay! :D
[14:23] <fsphil> Tramvai: do you have a diagram of how you've wired it up?
[14:23] <fsphil> I've cleared the new bad point from sleet
[14:23] <Tramvai> Well, yeah, sure I drew it somewhere
[14:23] <Upu_M0UPU> if this is transmitting RTTY the code is very very old
[14:23] <daveake> it is rtty
[14:24] <fsphil> so expect more mexican waves?
[14:25] <Upu_M0UPU> not sure why its doing wierd positions
[14:25] <Upu_M0UPU> must be some hills as its very weak here
[14:25] <fsphil> lol, PI_SKY half way to SLEET's altitude already
[14:25] <daveake> turbo vs turbot
[14:26] <Upu_M0UPU> what frequency is that on ?
[14:26] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) joined #highaltitude.
[14:26] <daveake> 434.120
[14:26] <Upu_M0UPU> ta
[14:26] <daveake> auto-config will work on that
[14:26] <Herman-PB0AHX> sleed is 50 or 60 bd ???
[14:26] <daveake> 50
[14:26] <daveake> sorry
[14:27] <Herman-PB0AHX> ok
[14:27] <daveake> When PI_SKY gets to 2000m it will change from 1:1 image packet:telemetry, to 4:1 (or 6:1 I can't remember which I set
[14:27] <daveake> Also images will double in width and height
[14:28] <Steve_G0TDJ> Is there a page for the SDV images?
[14:28] <Steve_G0TDJ> SSDV even
[14:28] <daveake> http://ssdv.habhub.org/
[14:28] <Steve_G0TDJ> Cheers
[14:28] <Steve_G0TDJ> daveake: Are you going to stream the chase this time?
[14:29] <daveake> probably
[14:29] <Steve_G0TDJ> Cool, I'll leave the BATC window open
[14:29] <daveake> Julie will drive and I'll set up
[14:29] <Tramvai> fsphil: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zg8kdvrstiwb0l7/2014-07-07%2017.27.50.jpg The resistors are correct
[14:29] <daveake> Not using the 4x4 as the driver's window fell down the door :/
[14:29] <Tramvai> I drew it again as simple as I could :S
[14:29] <Steve_G0TDJ> Oh dear...
[14:30] <db_g6gzh> faint PI_SKY on the waterfall already
[14:30] <Steve_G0TDJ> PI_SKY Image 9 looking good
[14:30] <fsphil> looks fine Tramvai
[14:30] <daveake> s'ok easy to replace the regulator
[14:30] <Tramvai> But all it transmits is just one continuous beep
[14:30] <fsphil> Tramvai: write a program that toggles the pin high/low very slowly
[14:30] <db_g6gzh> propagation must be good in that direction
[14:30] <fsphil> then check with a mutlimeter that it's actualyl changing
[14:30] chrisstubbsw (~webchat@host86-177-145-5.range86-177.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:30] <daveake> and make sure you've selected the right pin and set it as an output
[14:30] <daveake> Sample code in the wiki
[14:30] <Tramvai> Alright, I'll do that
[14:31] <Steve_G0TDJ> Tramvai: Have you seen this: http://ava.upuaut.net/?p=617
[14:31] <daveake> #9 does look good
[14:31] <Tramvai> I got the NTX2
[14:31] <Tramvai> Not the new one
[14:31] <Steve_G0TDJ> It's a drop-in replacement isn't it? Oin compatible
[14:31] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[14:32] <Steve_G0TDJ> Pin compatible
[14:32] <Upu_M0UPU> it is
[14:32] <Steve_G0TDJ> You should be OK Tramvai
[14:32] <Steve_G0TDJ> Read all of Upu_M0UPU's tuts
[14:32] <mfa298> That code should work with the NTX2 the only bit that won't work is the DominoEX section
[14:32] <fsphil> daveake: looks pretty grim there, weather wise
[14:33] <daveake> yeah not the best
[14:33] <daveake> Forecast looked better
[14:33] <mfa298> Tramvai: Code and bits for the setup you're currently using are now here http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:linkingarduinotontx2?rev=1381045698
[14:33] <Tramvai> Yeah, I know
[14:34] <Ron_G8FJG> reds for pi-sky...right in middle of QRM
[14:35] <db_g6gzh> decoding image packets despite local ISM interference - FEC is good
[14:37] <mattbrejza> got a good few MHz of interference here :/
[14:41] <Tramvai> So... I can't connect the resistor directly to the arduino IO pin?
[14:41] <Tramvai> Because that's what's failing apparently
[14:43] eroomde (~ed@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:43] nosebleedkt (nosebleedk@ppp141237229173.access.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[14:43] <fsphil> did you try my suggestion Tramvai?
[14:44] <Tramvai> Yeah
[14:44] <Tramvai> The pin changes fine, but nothing beyond the pin changes
[14:44] <fsphil> did you see the voltage change?
[14:44] <Upu_M0UPU> Live now from the inside of a cloud : http://ssdv.habhub.org/
[14:44] <Upu_M0UPU> behold the grey
[14:44] <Tramvai> I'll try switching the resistor with a proper wire and add the resistor individually somewhere
[14:44] <fsphil> and red oddly
[14:45] <fsphil> there's a forecast for Sleet in Wolverhampton
[14:46] <fsphil> hopefully it dries off and heads back up again
[14:46] <Upu_M0UPU> you need to work on your "most interesting image" algorithm daveake :)
[14:46] <daveake> lol
[14:46] <daveake> Also either that camera is broke or there's a dust speck on the lens
[14:47] <daveake> more cloud
[14:47] <daveake> right off in car
[14:48] <fsphil> these images do at least compress very well
[14:49] <SpeedEvil> :)
[14:53] Tosty (3e9c3916@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:56] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) joined #highaltitude.
[14:57] Tosty (3e9c3916@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[14:57] <Steve_G0TDJ> Chase car live on BATC
[14:59] <fsphil> sleet still dropping
[14:59] <fsphil> I though it might stop
[14:59] <Upu_M0UPU> thats a metric poop load of cloud
[15:00] <fsphil> ah it's finally clear it
[15:00] <fsphil> blue sky
[15:00] <Upu_M0UPU> yep
[15:01] <fsphil> receiving it now
[15:02] eroomde (~ed@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> white sheet
[15:04] <Steve_G0TDJ> Partial through WebSDR: $$PI_SKY,261,14:59:12,42.18880,-2.d7085,09511,0,0,3,13.0,6.0*DA
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> who is M0ION ?
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> new call sign I've not seen before
[15:06] <M0ION> That's me :-)
[15:06] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[15:07] <fsphil> hah
[15:07] <Upu_M0UPU> welcome aboard :)
[15:07] <M0ION> cheers
[15:07] <fsphil> SLEET still in a dive
[15:07] <fsphil> nooo
[15:07] <fsphil> pull up
[15:07] <Upu_M0UPU> needs fixing again
[15:07] <fsphil> yea refresh
[15:08] <Steve_G0TDJ> Finally! A green
[15:08] <tweetBot1> @pitsproject: In the air now over a very cloud UK : http://t.co/FIxWBfRx3n #ukhas
[15:08] eSev (~Adium@outbound01.eduroam.fh-jena.de) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[15:09] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-177-145-5.range86-177.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:09] <Upu_M0UPU> lost SLEET here
[15:11] <Steve_G0TDJ> Loosing PI_SKY.....
[15:12] <fsphil> steady but weak here
[15:13] <Herman-PB0AHX> i have pi-sky intrace now not yet writing
[15:13] <fsphil> no chance of a decode for a while yet
[15:13] <Upu_M0UPU> will be a 1 decode then burst again fsphil :)
[15:15] <fsphil> would be typical
[15:15] <fsphil> it's fairly close, should get a few
[15:16] <fsphil> small thunderstorm just south east of the flights
[15:16] <fsphil> may be visible in the images
[15:17] G8AFC (52178d99@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:20] <Steve_G0TDJ> Dave driving through rain now
[15:21] <Upu_M0UPU> I don't think SLEET is going to pull up
[15:21] <fsphil> sadly not
[15:21] <fsphil> wonder if dave will go get it
[15:21] <Upu_M0UPU> get to it put a little more gas in and let it go again
[15:23] <SpeedEvil> This startling video shows american releases of CO2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHNVAmoHGUQ
[15:25] <jededu> sleet is 20 miles from me ;)
[15:27] <fsphil> ah interseting, got a partial string from PI_SKY but no ssdv packets yet
[15:27] <fsphil> normally they start decoding first
[15:28] <Upu_M0UPU> hey jededu can I remove your flights from the map ?
[15:28] <db_g6gzh> strangely I just got a telemetry string too, despite not decoding ssdv at the moment
[15:28] <gonzo__> w3hat freq for pi?
[15:29] <fsphil> 434.120
[15:29] <gonzo__> ta
[15:29] <jededu> Upu yep got it
[15:29] <Upu_M0UPU> ta
[15:29] marshall_law (~marshall_@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[15:30] <jededu> Upu is deve getting sleet
[15:30] <jededu> Dave
[15:30] <Upu_M0UPU> don't think so
[15:30] <Upu_M0UPU> you close to it ?
[15:30] <fsphil> got the first packet
[15:30] <Steve_G0TDJ> Dave just pulled over
[15:31] <fsphil> expect it to burst now :)
[15:31] <jededu> not far 30 mins
[15:31] <Upu_M0UPU> you're welcome to go after it for me
[15:31] <Upu_M0UPU> but be aware it may take off again
[15:32] mikestir-work (~mike@ left irc: Quit: Konversation terminated!
[15:32] <jededu> lol i know all about that waiy till it goes down and ill go retreive it
[15:33] <fsphil> yea once it dries off it should take to the air again
[15:33] <fsphil> unless it catches onto something
[15:35] <fsphil> there's an odd periodic pattern to the signal
[15:35] <fsphil> seems to be a gap every second
[15:36] mikestir-work (~mike@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:36] <Upu_M0UPU> uh sleet seems to be slowing
[15:37] <Upu_M0UPU> take that back
[15:37] <fsphil> maybe
[15:39] <jededu> going up
[15:39] <db_g6gzh> 666m
[15:40] <Upu_M0UPU> lol wow
[15:40] F1VJQ (53c144d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:40] <mfa298> is this going to be another bouncy flight then.
[15:40] <fsphil> woo
[15:41] <Upu_M0UPU> second thoughts using He was probably a good idea
[15:42] <daveake> sleet doing a balyolo?
[15:42] <Upu_M0UPU> think it got wet
[15:42] <Upu_M0UPU> may end up coming down
[15:43] <Upu_M0UPU> but currently its floating @ 600m :)
[15:43] <db_g6gzh> ground is 90m
[15:43] <daveake> hah
[15:43] <db_g6gzh> rising to 100m in that direction
[15:43] <Upu_M0UPU> fortunately its away from the airport
[15:45] <fsphil> quick, call Oli
[15:46] <db_g6gzh> too early for bats
[15:46] <fsphil> it seems to have taken a dive Upu_M0UPU
[15:46] <Upu_M0UPU> yep
[15:46] <fsphil> lived up to its name anyway. got frozen in a cloud and fell to the ground
[15:47] g0azs (3e294819@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:47] <Upu_M0UPU> I'd be keeping a watch on that frequency for the next few hours unless someone gets it
[15:48] <mikestir-work> don't know what the weather's like down there, but we just had a pretty heavy rain shower
[15:49] <aadamson> out of curiousitys sake, what was the planned ascent rate for SLEET?
[15:49] <Upu_M0UPU> what it was
[15:49] <Upu_M0UPU> it was an attempt to float a 100g latex
[15:50] <Upu_M0UPU> but with so little lift any water is going to screw it
[15:50] Tramvai (50eb2c78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:50] slobber (linkxs@unaffiliated/linkxs) joined #highaltitude.
[15:50] <aadamson> it was pretty hard to determine what *it was* it was .4 - 3000 :)... I'm assuming it was roughly targetted at .7-1m/s?
[15:51] <F1VJQ> Can anyone remind me of FLdigi setting to a new location? I've set operator details and DL-Client Location... and have fldigi running...yet on the map still as G8APZ, not F1VJQ
[15:51] <aadamson> Upu_M0UPU, did it only have one of your trackers as payload weight?
[15:51] <jededu> ill take a slow drive down their
[15:52] <mfa298> If you're changing callsign you might appear as both until the old one times out (24 hours)
[15:52] <Upu_M0UPU> yes aadamson
[15:52] <F1VJQ> Aha, just appeared on map with delay
[15:52] <mattbrejza> F1VJQ: try setting flidigi to offline then online
[15:52] <Upu_M0UPU> the map is cached
[15:53] <mattbrejza> it might resend your details
[15:53] <Upu_M0UPU> so it can take a while
[15:53] <F1VJQ> OK thanks.. I did that and reloaded map!
[15:53] <F1VJQ> Thanks guys
[15:53] <mfa298> G7OGX appears to have gone /MM
[15:54] <mfa298> failing that close and reopen dl-fldigi as that will then send new details
[15:55] <F1VJQ> OK - I don't do it that often... !!
[15:56] <aadamson> so let me test me understand of all these numbers... 100gr hwoyee with 15 gr payload, needed a neck lift of 19g for 1m/s ascent. that would be 4gr free? - If I have the mechanics right, ya, I understand the *moisture* issue
[15:56] number10 (d57b038f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:57] Laurenceb__ (~Laurence@host86-136-117-134.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[15:57] <Upu_M0UPU> aadamson http://ssdv.habhub.org/ thats what it went through
[15:57] <F1VJQ> I may get to receive PI-SKY if it gets to 30km
[15:57] <Upu_M0UPU> well didn't go through
[15:57] <aadamson> *attempted* go through :)
[15:57] <Upu_M0UPU> had a good stab at it but ran out of steam
[15:57] <daveake> or in fact
[15:57] <daveake> hit steam
[15:57] <aadamson> what would have been the guess of *float alt*?
[15:58] <daveake> *25km*
[15:58] <fsphil> it may yet
[15:58] <daveake> The jededu one had a lot more lift and managed to do something similar
[15:58] <aadamson> ok, interesting... that is what the calculator suggests at burst are the 2 related on these latex balloons when trying to float one?
[15:59] <Reb-SM0ULC>
[15:59] <fsphil> the balloon will rise and expand until the material can't stretch anymore
[16:00] <fsphil> there is a fine line between bursting and floating
[16:00] <daveake> yup
[16:00] <aadamson> thanks fsphil so indeed if it could it would burst, but you try to make it such that it just equalizes there... black art :)
[16:00] Aerospark (~aerospark@CPE68b6fcf4b383-CM68b6fcf4b380.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:00] <fsphil> you have to approach the burst altitude slowly
[16:00] <F1VJQ> Actually with a yagi and preamp, I may get it outside blue circle. What is accurate dial QRG pse?
[16:00] <mfa298> or possibly lack of fine line in the case of floating as that fine line would probably cause the burst
[16:00] <aadamson> yep understood
[16:01] <fsphil> F1VJQ: 434.120 here
[16:01] <jededu> upu pm
[16:01] <fsphil> it's been spot on all flight
[16:01] <F1VJQ> OK - I'm hearing stuff in the noise...
[16:01] <Steve_G0TDJ> Finally getting greens on my home Rx 434.120.46 for 1500 center
[16:01] <fsphil> most of the image data is decoding here
[16:01] <aadamson> whats the balloon on Pi_sky?
[16:01] <fsphil> FEC working overtime
[16:01] <Steve_G0TDJ> In fact, home Rx is stronger than WebSDR - Must be the hill
[16:03] <aadamson> daveake, what balloon did you use on Pi_sky?
[16:03] <Reb-SM0ULC> fsphil: for the pi-sky?
[16:04] <mattbrejza> at a guess 350g hoywee
[16:04] <fsphil> Reb-SM0ULC: yea
[16:04] <aadamson> thanks mattbrejza
[16:06] Aerospark (~aerospark@CPE68b6fcf4b383-CM68b6fcf4b380.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc:
[16:08] <Reb-SM0ULC> which one of the three profiles to use?
[16:08] <Reb-SM0ULC> pi-sky..
[16:08] eSev (~Adium@95-91-216-48-dynip.superkabel.de) joined #highaltitude.
[16:09] <F1VJQ> impatient waiting for the blue circle to get closer!!
[16:10] Laurenceb__ (~Laurence@host86-190-34-190.range86-190.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:12] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[16:13] <daveake> 500g hwoyeee aadamson
[16:13] <aadamson> thanks daveake
[16:16] <db_g6gzh> carrier!
[16:16] <daveake> whoops pi stopped txing
[16:16] <daveake> damn
[16:16] <daveake> ahh
[16:16] <daveake> phew
[16:16] <db_g6gzh> feature 8-)
[16:16] <daveake> yeah feature :/
[16:17] <F1VJQ> Oh bugger!
[16:17] <daveake> how strange. There's a short period between images but that wasn't then
[16:17] <daveake> anyway back in business now
[16:17] eSev (~Adium@95-91-216-48-dynip.superkabel.de) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[16:18] <F1VJQ> Phew!
[16:18] <daveake> Burst expected soon
[16:19] <F1VJQ> Hope not before I decode at least one packet!
[16:19] <daveake> :)
[16:19] <Upu_M0UPU> looks wobbly
[16:19] <daveake> burst alt arrived
[16:20] <daveake> that does sound bursty
[16:20] <daveake> nope still going
[16:20] <Upu_M0UPU> hmm
[16:20] <Upu_M0UPU> old telemetry
[16:20] <Upu_M0UPU> ?
[16:20] <daveake> yes
[16:20] <daveake> max alt since previous
[16:21] <Upu_M0UPU> k
[16:21] <Upu_M0UPU> probably burst then
[16:21] <Upu_M0UPU> oh no
[16:21] <daveake> Still going
[16:21] <Upu_M0UPU> ignore me
[16:21] <daveake> lol
[16:21] Action: Upu_M0UPU sits in the corner
[16:21] <F1VJQ> hands on head!
[16:21] <daveake> it's scoffing in our general direction
[16:24] g0azs (3e294819@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[16:25] PE1RQM (25fb0833@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[16:26] <Reb-SM0ULC> SSDV rules!!
[16:27] <F1VJQ> Now I know La Rochelle needs 31.6km... and I'm 50km south so should hear something soon if it soesn't pop first!
[16:27] <daveake> sounds bursty now
[16:28] <daveake> there we go
[16:28] <Upu_M0UPU> good effort for a 500g
[16:28] <F1VJQ> Oh bum!
[16:28] <Upu_M0UPU> you need to be a little further North Dave
[16:28] <F1VJQ> That's my attempt to hear it over!!
[16:29] <Upu_M0UPU> not bad though F1VJQ given the lower altitude and that it was going away from you
[16:30] <aadamson> is daveake doing anything for detaching the burst balloon? or just letting it come down under parachute with the rest of the payload?
[16:30] <F1VJQ> Upu_M0UPU yes, I was looking forward to it... last year I got one at 34km but it would not decode... but I wasn't as well versed in decoding then!!
[16:31] <F1VJQ> There'll be others...no doubt! Perhaps even one of Leo's may float by one day!
[16:31] <F1VJQ> Off to the shops then... see you later. 73
[16:31] Andrew_2E0NRD (560fc217@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[16:32] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) joined #highaltitude.
[16:32] Nick change: F1VJQ -> F1VJQ_away
[16:32] <Steve_G0TDJ> Damn! Missed the burst
[16:39] mikestir-work (~mike@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
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[16:45] SA6BSS (~kvirc@81-236-232-232-no30.tbcn.telia.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:51] Nick change: SA6BSS -> SA6BSS-Mike
[17:05] Nick change: gurgalof_ -> gurgalof
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[17:24] mikestir (~quassel@cpc10-brmb8-2-0-cust107.1-3.cable.virginm.net) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:42] eSev (~Adium@95-91-216-48-dynip.superkabel.de) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:48] marshall_law (~marshall_@2620:101:80fc:224:7842:a9a7:d19e:cb26) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:54] jed_edu (5284e885@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:54] <jed_edu> sleet recovered
[17:55] marshall_law (~marshall_@2620:101:80fc:224:7842:a9a7:d19e:cb26) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[17:56] marshall_law (~marshall_@2620:101:80fc:224:1cde:46a9:b591:35f) joined #highaltitude.
[18:01] <fsphil> hah
[18:01] <fsphil> nice
[18:03] <fsphil> looks like the thunderstorm in image 27
[18:07] Whiteg6 (1f365285@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[18:07] PE1RQM (25fb0833@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[18:13] F1VJQ_away (53c144d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[18:15] <mikestir> had sleet burst jed_edu?
[18:18] SgtBurned (d568283a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[18:18] <jed_edu> no lift
[18:19] <mikestir> no chance of losing some weight and letting it go again?
[18:20] <jed_edu> no unless i chop the antenna off
[18:21] <mikestir> hehe. I was thinking more about insulation
[18:21] mclane_ (~quassel@p5B02FB1C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[18:21] <jed_edu> ill ask upu i could put some gas in it
[18:25] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-177-145-5.range86-177.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[18:27] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-177-145-5.range86-177.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[18:30] <Upu_M0UPU> hey jed_edu
[18:30] <Upu_M0UPU> got it ?
[18:30] marshall_law (~marshall_@corp.mtv2.mozilla.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:31] <Upu_M0UPU> awesome
[18:31] <jed_edu> yes
[18:31] <Upu_M0UPU> get any pics ?
[18:31] <jed_edu> yes
[18:31] <Upu_M0UPU> super
[18:31] <Upu_M0UPU> was it wet ?
[18:31] <jed_edu> 10
[18:31] <jed_edu> mins
[18:32] <Upu_M0UPU> nps
[18:32] <Upu_M0UPU> daveake checked in yet ?
[18:33] <mikestir> would be nice to see it in the air again!
[18:33] <Upu_M0UPU> I'd stick a new battery on
[18:34] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-95-28.47-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
[18:34] <mclane_> what happened to SLEET ( did not see the start of your conversation)?
[18:34] <mikestir> it landed
[18:35] <Upu_M0UPU> went up
[18:35] <Upu_M0UPU> got wet
[18:35] <Upu_M0UPU> came down
[18:35] <Upu_M0UPU> we think
[18:35] <Upu_M0UPU> very small lift
[18:35] <mclane_> ah its raining over in your place?
[18:36] <Upu_M0UPU> Check http://ssdv.habhub.org/ images 11-13 thats what it got caught up in
[18:36] <Upu_M0UPU> The SSDV had way more lift so punched through it
[18:36] <arko> was it underfilled on purpose?
[18:36] <Upu_M0UPU> yeah
[18:36] <Upu_M0UPU> 100g latex float attempt
[18:37] <arko> oh neat
[18:37] <mclane_> ah - not looking nice indeed
[18:37] <Upu_M0UPU> if it had been clear may have worked
[18:37] <Upu_M0UPU> it was the second payload from when we launched that glider
[18:37] <Upu_M0UPU> we initially planned to drop 2 gliders
[18:37] <Upu_M0UPU> but it was so windy we just did one
[18:38] <arko> who's SP3OSJ?
[18:38] <mclane_> glider - you launched that from PI-SKY?
[18:38] <arko> Upu_M0UPU: nice
[18:39] <Upu_M0UPU> no mclane last year we did it
[18:39] <Upu_M0UPU> this was the second tracker we didn't use
[18:40] <mclane_> ah ok. Dropping a glider is also on our agenda ;-)
[18:40] <Upu_M0UPU> http://ava.upuaut.net/?p=650
[18:41] <mclane_> ah the one which landed in the Netherlands!
[18:41] <Upu_M0UPU> yup
[18:43] <mclane_> the paper plane has not been found I assume?
[18:43] <Upu_M0UPU> no
[18:43] <Upu_M0UPU> never recovered
[18:46] jed_edu (5284e885@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[18:46] <LeoBodnar> what was the story of CRACKLE?
[18:47] <jededu> Back
[18:47] <LeoBodnar> descent looks vertical
[18:47] <Upu_M0UPU> wb jededu
[18:48] <Upu_M0UPU> daveake recovered the other payload
[18:49] <jededu> It had been wet there are stains on top where I found it it had not rained at all at the moment it has 0 lift
[18:49] <Upu_M0UPU> may have leaked a little
[18:49] <Upu_M0UPU> check the neck for any damage
[18:49] <Upu_M0UPU> if you do relaunch it put a new battery on it
[18:49] <jededu> no damage all looks fine
[18:50] <jededu> what do you want me to do with it I can relaunch it or send it back to you
[18:50] <Upu_M0UPU> its yours
[18:50] <Upu_M0UPU> you went after it
[18:50] <Upu_M0UPU> code on it is buggy
[18:51] <Upu_M0UPU> that was my very first test board
[18:51] <jededu> no i dont want it :) ill relaunch it how much lift
[18:51] <Upu_M0UPU> what balloon ?
[18:51] <Upu_M0UPU> 36" foil ?
[18:51] <Upu_M0UPU> 1-2g
[18:52] <jededu> same i have a few of those
[18:52] <jededu> with new batt
[18:52] <tweetBot1> @pitsproject: Payload recovered by @daveake and a friendly farmer! #ukhas
[18:52] <Upu_M0UPU> go for it :)
[18:52] <mikestir> isn't it a 100g latex?
[18:52] <Upu_M0UPU> was
[18:53] <Upu_M0UPU> looks like it took a pit stop to change into something more shiny
[18:54] <mikestir> decided the latex was just too kinky
[18:59] <jededu> SLEET http://imgur.com/J8yHM2A
[18:59] <db_g6gzh> LeoBodnar: CRACKLE came back like https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Br3O0YFCcAA5URx.jpg so not much to slow it
[18:59] <arko> jededu: nice!
[18:59] Boelle_DK (~Boelle_DK@x1-6-4c-60-de-00-35-c2.cpe.webspeed.dk) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[19:00] Boelle_DK (~Boelle_DK@x1-6-4c-60-de-00-35-c2.cpe.webspeed.dk) joined #highaltitude.
[19:00] <mfa298> nice and easy to spot then :D
[19:00] <LeoBodnar> ah, it's yesterday and i posted the twitter pic link myself
[19:00] <LeoBodnar> </amnesia>
[19:01] <craag> LeoBodnar: It was a tracker that I'd programmed a while back but had lost the code in an OS reimage - so a flight had to be done to check the code!
[19:02] <craag> So I threw it up on a foil with plenty of free lift so as to burst and land before london.
[19:02] <LeoBodnar> yep, i frgot it was yesterday
[19:02] <LeoBodnar> i watched it go up and down
[19:02] <LeoBodnar> valve blowout?
[19:02] <craag> Turns out the code has some very strange bugs (padding on UBX integers?), so I'll be rewriting it.
[19:03] <craag> Yeah, only valve was left - has happened to all 3/3 foils of mine.
[19:03] <LeoBodnar> it's common mode of failure
[19:04] <LeoBodnar> why did ittake so long to recover? i could see your chase car was picking up the telemetry but payload did not move
[19:04] <craag> GPS on satellite imagery showed it in a tree
[19:04] <Upu_M0UPU> nice jededu
[19:04] <LeoBodnar> and there was no car icon
[19:04] <craag> Yeah, I was driving, so hadn't set up chase car tracker
[19:05] <LeoBodnar> on my map it was slightly off the tree
[19:05] <craag> Also it was at the side of a busy A road, we had to park a while away and walk down the road to it
[19:05] <LeoBodnar> and near the powerlines
[19:05] <LeoBodnar> hah! that's exactly what i thought
[19:05] <LeoBodnar> :) pleased
[19:05] <craag> It was eventually spotted about 5m away just peeking out of 6 foot high nettles/brambles
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[19:06] <LeoBodnar> ok that explains it all
[19:06] <craag> Needed a machete - so took us a while to get to it even then
[19:07] <craag> Not a very easy recovery - and tbh we were very lucky it wasn't a few feet further into the nettles, or a couple of inches down.
[19:08] <amell> missed all the habbing today? was at Tour de france
[19:08] <craag> but anyway - launch from the VHF Field Day site has perked a few people's interest :)
[19:09] <amell> btw, TdF wipes out 70cm.
[19:09] DL7AD (bc67721a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:09] <amell> all the bike telemetry is 70cm. The cars going in front have dozens, maybe even 100 x 70cm antenna fixed to a board on the roof.
[19:10] <amell> dont expect to hear any balloons if the TdF goes past your house :)
[19:10] <Upu_M0UPU> can I remove crackle craag ?
[19:10] <craag> Upu_M0UPU: Yep, thanks.
[19:11] <mikestir> amell: they have a separate antenna for each one? - talk about doing it wrong!
[19:12] <amell> mikestir. not sure. there were not enough antenna for all the bikes. so maybe 3 bikes per antenna?
[19:12] <amell> 145 bikes or so in the race
[19:13] <amell> they cycle bloody fast. never seen bikes move so fast.
[19:13] <amell> superhuman fitness.
[19:13] <amell> left cambridge 12.30 ish, and they were in the mall by 3.30pm
[19:14] <amell> whats daveake chase car doing in Cambridge?
[19:15] Herman-PB0AHX (535439a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[19:16] <amell> confused. according to snus daveake was driving north of cambridge at 4.30pm today
[19:16] nosebleedkt (nosebleedk@ppp141237229173.access.hol.gr) left irc:
[19:17] <db_g6gzh> spurious position
[19:18] <db_g6gzh> he zoomed off the map a few times too (probably to the equator)
[19:18] <amell> something is bugged then
[19:18] <jededu> sleet is going up as soon as the weather clears
[19:19] <amell> do you expect that to be today?
[19:19] <jededu> could be
[19:21] <LeoBodnar> there's a chance of sleet later today
[19:21] <amell> sleet? wind up.
[19:21] <sp2ipt> anyone using st-link v2 (nucleo board) on OSX? I've upgraded firmware and now openocd reports 5V instead of 3V3 and dies :/
[19:22] <amell> Does this mean that B-63 is postponed until tomorrow?
[19:22] <aadamson> sp2ipt, what version of openocd are you using?
[19:23] <Upu_M0UPU> hehe
[19:23] <aadamson> When the nucleos first came out they wouldn't work with 0.7.0, I had to build a 0.8.0, but I think they just released an official 0.8.0 so I'd try that
[19:23] <Upu_M0UPU> amell $$SNOW and $$SLEET were two tracker we used last year http://ava.upuaut.net/?p=650
[19:23] Lunar_Lander (~kevin@p54889D4B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[19:23] <Upu_M0UPU> SLEET never got off the ground
[19:23] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[19:23] <Upu_M0UPU> Hi Lunar_Lander
[19:24] <Upu_M0UPU> but daveake decided to get rid of it today
[19:24] <sp2ipt> aadamson: 0.8.0
[19:24] <amell> oh i see! leobodnar got me good
[19:24] <Upu_M0UPU> but jededu spoilt it :)
[19:24] <sp2ipt> aadamson: it worked until firmware upgrade :)
[19:25] <aadamson> sp2ipt, ah, nucleo firmware?
[19:25] <aadamson> sp2ipt, sounds like someone introduced a new buglet :)
[19:26] <sp2ipt> aadamson: definitely
[19:26] <aadamson> sp2ipt, for what it's worth, I gave up on the st-links and I pretty much only use a segger (EDU version) now
[19:26] <sp2ipt> guess I'll have to do the same :)
[19:26] <aadamson> they work, but are slower and more limited than the segger, which works with pretty much all the dev platforms
[19:26] <aadamson> and then some
[19:26] <jededu> Im trying lol
[19:27] <jededu> to get rid
[19:30] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[19:31] <sp2ipt> so another question - segger (j-link v8) or keil (ulink 2) clone? :)
[19:31] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[19:31] <aadamson> I use a real segger jlink - the EDU version and something makes me think there is a v9 from segger
[19:32] <aadamson> they continue to implement software changed that lock out the *clones* so just be careful what you get it may work now and not later when newer segger software
[19:32] Prometheas (marios@ left #highaltitude.
[19:33] <aadamson> sp2ipt, this one - http://segger.com/j-link-edu.html
[19:34] <sp2ipt> aadamson: ok, will give it a thought. Although I don't expect them to make software for osx :)
[19:35] <aadamson> ah, but they do
[19:35] <aadamson> http://segger.com/jlink-software.html
[19:35] <aadamson> bottom link
[19:35] <sp2ipt> ok, I'll just go read that page instead of guessing here :) tnx
[19:35] <aadamson> it just uses a modified gdb
[19:37] astrobiologist (~astrobiol@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:37] <astrobiologist> so I got my bat detector...
[19:37] <astrobiologist> they literally sold out overnight - were off the Argos catalogue by this morning!
[19:38] <astrobiologist> a steal for £7.50 - reasonable build quality. 20khz-100Khz, true super het
[19:38] <astrobiologist> can pick up some really vicious buzzes of CF lightbulbs etc
[19:38] <astrobiologist> now all I need are some bats. or a rodent infestation
[19:39] <mikestir> sp2ipt: +1 for jlink. I use it on linux, works very well
[19:39] <astrobiologist> don't feel like tearing it apart for "bathab" quite yet tho'
[19:42] <sp2ipt> mikestir: ok, thanks :)
[19:43] <chris_99> Does anyone recall a site that sells ion propulsion engines per chance, i remember one, but forget its name
[19:45] <amell> what would you use one of those for?
[19:46] <qyx_> rc plane!
[19:46] astrobiologist (~astrobiol@ left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
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[19:48] astrobiologist (~astrobiol@ joined #highaltitude.
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[20:04] forrestv (~forrestv@unaffiliated/forrestv) joined #highaltitude.
[20:04] <daveake> home :)
[20:05] <amell> from Cambridge? :)
[20:05] <Upu_M0UPU> wb
[20:05] <daveake> ?
[20:05] <daveake> Oh the car jumping around?
[20:05] <Upu_M0UPU> your chase car appeared near Cambridge
[20:05] <daveake> Yeah need to fix that
[20:05] <daveake> Seen it before in that program
[20:05] <amell> i got excited for a moment there, the famous daveake coming by.
[20:06] <daveake> ha
[20:06] <daveake> Nah it's a bug
[20:07] <mikestir> no sleet yet?
[20:08] <daveake> Last seen hovering in a field apparently http://imgur.com/J8yHM2A
[20:08] <daveake> Wasn't expecting to see that again :)
[20:08] <mikestir> jededu was going to relaunch it on a foil I think
[20:08] S_Mark (~S_Mark@host86-139-99-143.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:09] <daveake> cool
[20:09] <daveake> or top up the latex
[20:18] <Lunar_Lander> wb daveake
[20:21] <tweetBot1> @daveake: Explaining High Altitude Ballooning to a very helpful farmer http://t.co/qPrAzcnP3D #UKHAS
[20:21] <S_Mark> How did the launch go?
[20:21] <Lunar_Lander> cool!
[20:21] <daveake> brb food
[20:22] <S_Mark> City landing for Sleet?
[20:22] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[20:22] <Upu_M0UPU> no it landed in a field
[20:22] <Upu_M0UPU> http://i.imgur.com/J8yHM2A.jpg?1
[20:22] <Upu_M0UPU> jededu drove it back
[20:22] <Upu_M0UPU> and is going to launch it again I think
[20:22] <Lunar_Lander> what happened to it?
[20:23] <S_Mark> Wow what happened?
[20:23] <S_Mark> leak?
[20:24] iamdanw (uid459@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-onkluwhtxocifcic) joined #highaltitude.
[20:24] <daveake> minimal lift
[20:24] <daveake> maybe the air pressure has dropped :p
[20:25] <Upu_M0UPU> latex with 0.5m/s ascent rate
[20:26] <Upu_M0UPU> so farmer was chatty then ?
[20:26] <daveake> just a bit
[20:27] <daveake> very helpful though
[20:27] <Upu_M0UPU> cool
[20:27] <daveake> glad to walk us round till we found it
[20:27] <daveake> The SSDV image helped - it included an overhead power line and he knew where that was
[20:27] <jededu> sleet is up
[20:27] <daveake> ha great
[20:28] <daveake> HAB relay
[20:28] <Lunar_Lander> yay
[20:28] <jededu> 1.9 m/s
[20:29] <daveake> Could have collected that one myself :)
[20:31] <daveake> I so want this one to land near Upu_M0UPU :)
[20:31] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[20:31] <Upu_M0UPU> just going to stick another battery on and send it back
[20:31] <daveake> lol
[20:32] <Lunar_Lander> xD!
[20:32] <daveake> The payload that nobody wanted
[20:32] <Upu_M0UPU> this doesn't even have a payload doc does it ?
[20:32] <LeoBodnar> put a 2nd Hab stamp on it
[20:32] <daveake> payload yes flight no
[20:32] <mikestir> frequency?
[20:32] <daveake> twice a day
[20:33] <daveake> 434.4
[20:33] <Upu_M0UPU> ok approved fligth
[20:34] <Upu_M0UPU> refresh its called "The Unwanted One"
[20:34] <jededu> lol
[20:34] <daveake> lol
[20:34] <Upu_M0UPU> you on Twitter jededu ?
[20:35] <jededu> not as me
[20:36] <tweetBot1> @AnthonyStirk: $$SLEET did a quick pitstop for a new envelope and is now back in the air thanks to Jededu #ukhas 434.400Mhz
[20:36] <jededu> Cool
[20:38] <Upu_M0UPU> did you put an AA or AAA on it ?
[20:39] <jededu> aaa
[20:40] <Upu_M0UPU> 24 hours then
[20:40] <Upu_M0UPU> possibly 27
[20:40] <Upu_M0UPU> nice one thanks
[20:40] <Lunar_Lander> cool!
[20:41] <mikestir> i keep catching glimpses on the waterfall. still below my horizon
[20:42] <Upu_M0UPU> coming down again lol
[20:42] <Lunar_Lander> strange
[20:42] jedas (~gedas@ left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[20:43] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin_G4@mjrigby.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:44] <malgar> LeoBodnar: when will you launch the next balloon down here?
[20:44] <aadamson> is there a general aviation airport around it you can check the cloud layers?
[20:44] <aadamson> maybe it's bouncing of the layer again
[20:45] <Lunar_Lander> daveake, can you look at the temperature data of your flight if we got an inversion at about 1 km?
[20:46] <daveake> No didn't have an external sensor
[20:46] <mikestir> probably wants to land in that tesco car park
[20:46] <Lunar_Lander> oh ok
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[20:48] Action: mfa298 reckons SLEET is feeling upset and unwanted.
[20:48] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[20:48] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) joined #highaltitude.
[20:48] <Lunar_Lander> noon sounding at cornwall does not show an inversion
[20:48] <Lunar_Lander> according to the uni of wyoming
[20:48] <Upu_M0UPU> certainly seems to be having issues with the "going up" part of habbing
[20:48] <aadamson> http://www.pilotfriend.com/av_weather/eurocasts/uk_weather.htm - this was 30 mins ago
[20:48] <aadamson> select birmingham airport
[20:49] <amell> malgar: Leobodnar NEVER announces his balloons.
[20:49] <malgar> :P
[20:49] <Lunar_Lander> thanks aadamson
[20:49] <malgar> iìm addicted
[20:50] <amell> so Sleet never really got going?
[20:50] <amell> recover again? more gas?
[20:51] eSev (~Adium@95-91-216-48-dynip.superkabel.de) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[20:51] <amell> jededu: are you re-recovering?
[20:52] zsentinel (~zsentinel@unaffiliated/zsentinel) left irc: Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in
[20:53] <aadamson> probably bigger issue than clouds is the humidity... Birmingham was reporting 87% and temps and dew were without 2C of one another
[20:53] <fsphil> oh sleet had another brief flight
[20:53] <aadamson> s/without/within
[20:54] <mfa298> it's a bit like the british weather - cant decide what its doing !
[20:54] <aadamson> new kind of record, the most number of launches of the same payload in a 24hr period :)
[20:54] zsentinel (~zsentinel@unaffiliated/zsentinel) joined #highaltitude.
[20:54] <aadamson> course I suspect 2 isn't the record ...
[20:55] <mikestir> shortest distance travelled by a flight that actually took off?
[20:55] <aadamson> oh, that works too
[20:55] <aadamson> it's called *balloon golf*
[20:57] malclocke (~malc@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:59] <tweetBot1> @daveake: Moon captured by suvvessfule @pitsproject test flight today #raspberrypi #UKHAS http://t.co/44uB0gqwtj
[20:59] DL7AD (~quassel@p508657CE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[20:59] <daveake> I shall try again ...
[20:59] <tweetBot1> @daveake: Moon captured by successful @pitsproject test flight today #raspberrypi #UKHAS http://t.co/44uB0gqwtj
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[21:12] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin_G4@mjrigby.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:12] <aadamson> hmm, SLEET stopped for a late snack, between jimmy spices world cuisines - buffet, tgi fridays and mcdonalds... lol
[21:12] <aadamson> ah, and the package store across the street
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[21:34] <Laurenceb__> we need a snus icon for carrier pigeon
[21:35] <aadamson> longer bungie cords
[21:36] <aadamson> Hey, SLEEP is on the move it seems
[21:36] <aadamson> SLEET that is
[21:36] <SA6BSS-Mike> SLEET still transmitting froom the roof :)
[21:36] <Laurenceb__> i wonder if a cryogenically frozen pigeon dropped from a floater could defrost before hitting the ground
[21:37] ak4rp (~hp@91EC20BC.catv.pool.telekom.hu) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[21:38] <SA6BSS-Mike> maby relaunch in the morning .
[21:38] <SA6BSS-Mike> as sun warms it
[21:39] <aadamson> rooftop hoping
[21:39] <SA6BSS-Mike> it junmp around :)
[21:39] <SA6BSS-Mike> *jumps
[21:40] <aadamson> well, hopefully it's resting on the top of the flat roofed building, but it seems to be centered around the other side of the street
[21:40] <SgtBurned> Laurenceb__: Just wondering if you are an evil genious or just evil? xD
[21:41] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[21:42] <SA6BSS-Mike> is sleet moving up again? looks like it
[21:42] <SA6BSS-Mike> over 200m again
[21:43] <mikestir> ground's quite high there though I think
[21:44] <SA6BSS-Mike> no, its back at 130m
[21:45] <SA6BSS-Mike> who is recieving this, cant se EDU0001 on the map
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[22:00] <jededu> Its in a private garden rain bought it down again 4g lift I have posted notes through doors will try again tomorrow
[22:06] <amell> did anyone appear to be home?
[22:06] gonzo_nb (~gonzo@host-92-6-244-14.as43234.net) joined #highaltitude.
[22:07] <jededu> No but i diddnt think knocking doors at 10 :30 was a good idea
[22:07] <amell> agreed, especially in birmingham area.
[22:07] <amell> :)
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> they did that on TV in germany
[22:08] Laurenceb (~Laurence@host86-168-104-213.range86-168.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> ringing on doors at 2 AM and betting on what sorts of words the people would say
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> xD
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[22:16] <amell> Lets all pray - We're planning to try our Trajectory Correction Maneuver burn tomorrow. Arecibo window 12:42-3:29pm EDT
[22:17] <SA6BSS-Mike> that will be exciting !
[22:17] <myself> one way or the other!
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[22:22] <Reb-SM0ULC> I can sacrifice an untuned coax for the correction ceremomny
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[22:25] <Reb-SM0ULC> the sun still shines on sp3osj :)
[22:29] marshall_law_ (~marshall_@2620:101:80fc:224:242d:1987:377a:bbd9) joined #highaltitude.
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[22:32] <amell> the TCM thruster hasnt fired since April 1986, so fingers crossed&
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[22:32] <malclocke> I only need to leave my car in the driveway for a week and it won't go :/
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[22:33] <Reb-SM0ULC> amell: what powersrouce onboard?
[22:33] <amell> solar
[22:33] <amell> batteries failed in the 80s
[22:34] <Reb-SM0ULC> ah
[22:34] <amell> they need approx 90m/s deltaV for earth orbit. Estimated only 150 m/s delta V of fuel in the tank.
[22:35] <amell> tbh they have left it a bit late, not through any fault of their own.
[22:37] <amell> It will be VERY impressive if they pull this off.
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[22:40] <jededu> pic from yesterdays flight http://imgur.com/N3olMtR
[22:41] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[22:42] <Lunar_Lander> good night
[22:42] <jededu> nite
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[22:56] <SpeedEvil> Can I - to a first approximation - if I want to convert a 'sea level' propellor thrust to ~30km/10mB - simply divide the thrust, torque, and power by 100?
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