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[00:19] <SP3OSJ> #habhub
[00:22] <SP3OSJ> Hello! Hi please enter: Doc ID:558173dec4091f6f0d961047e2142654 "long fly"
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[00:30] <SP3OSJ> Hi please enter: Doc ID:558173dec4091f6f0d961047e2142654 "long fly" Bye, I go sleep!
[00:33] <Lunar_Lander> night SP3OSJ !
[00:33] <SP3OSJ> good
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[00:41] <Lunar_Lander> hi nigelvh
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[00:45] <nigelvh> Howdy Lunar
[00:53] <Lunar_Lander> how are you today?
[00:54] <nigelvh> Doing alright, As usual, highs and lows of a normal day.
[00:55] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[00:55] <nigelvh> Yourself?
[00:57] <Lunar_Lander> quite good
[00:57] <Lunar_Lander> PCB almost complete, dress rehearsal of components on printout went OK
[00:57] <Lunar_Lander> re-adjusted some parts
[00:58] <Lunar_Lander> http://gerblook.org/pcb/mKYX8FmNmqSV4JqXb69Sj5
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[01:00] <nigelvh> Looks pretty good
[01:01] <nigelvh> I'd probably add a bunch more ground vias
[01:01] <Lunar_Lander> thanks
[01:01] <Lunar_Lander> where would you suggest them?
[01:01] <nigelvh> All over
[01:02] <Lunar_Lander> ah ok
[01:02] <Lunar_Lander> thanks for the info
[01:02] <nigelvh> Yep
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[04:59] <massini> hi guys, hope everybody doing fine, wanna ask for approval of flight document, whom to address this? payload name ODS-1. thnks in advance.
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[08:20] <f5vnf> do we have any details for balloonolo
[08:25] <craag> Not much, mailing list just says 433 MHz beacon :/
[08:30] <f5vnf> tks craag have been off chat so was just checking to see if any further info had been put on here.
[08:31] <x-f> payload doc says just "434 MHz"
[08:32] <Upu> I cleared the mess from Spacenear.us
[08:34] <x-f> Upu, could you approve ODS-1 and SP3OSJ flights, please? they asked earlier
[08:34] <g0pai_ian> craag: did you pick up on massini at 04:58 asking for fligh doc approval (no doc ref) and SP3OSJ at 00:30 with a doc reference? Who is the point of contact for flight docs please? And good morning all.
[08:34] <Upu> done Arturs
[08:34] <g0pai_ian> Sry seems I cant read as I type
[08:35] <Upu> no flight doc
[08:35] <Upu> sigh
[08:35] <Upu> found it
[08:35] <Upu> ok both approved
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[08:35] <x-f> cool, thanks
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[08:40] <SP3osj> habhub
[08:40] <SP3osj> #habhub
[08:40] <Upu> its approved SP3osj
[08:41] <SP3osj> OK thanks
[08:41] <Upu> nps
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[08:45] <SP3osj> UPU no approved :(, look dl-fldigi. approved only balloonolo2 and ODS lanuch. My balloon killim
[08:47] <SP3osj> Please enter: Doc ID:558173dec4091f6f0d961047e273e740
[08:49] <SP3osj> Old doc (to night) date 1900 year !!!!
[08:50] <Upu> ok approved
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[09:00] <SP3osj> is good thanks
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[09:08] <jcoxon> morning all
[09:12] <Upu> morning
[09:15] <jcoxon> hey Upu
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[09:23] <number10> morning
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[09:26] <mclane> what happened to the balloon in Portugal?
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[10:32] <LeoBodnar> morning *
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[10:39] <LeoBodnar> SP3osj: what is your APRS callsign for this flight?
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[10:51] <ibanezmatt13> Now that is what I'm talking about: http://gerblook.org/pcb/qctPu386TnD9sSLkdreAfi
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[10:51] <ibanezmatt13> Not worked on the silk screen yet, but the components are in place, routed, and no DRC errors apart from the silk
[10:52] <craag> Curvy :)
[10:52] <craag> Nicely laid out, I like it
[10:53] <craag> Although you have ground pour on the top copper under your gps antenna
[10:53] <craag> and bottom copper too
[10:54] <ibanezmatt13> yes, about that, I wasn't sure how that should have gone
[10:54] <ibanezmatt13> I made a separate ground pour for the GPS connected by a single track underneath, but wasn't sure about the chip antenna because I've never used it
[10:54] <craag> You want to stop the ground plane where your vias are next to the antenna pin on the MAX
[10:55] <craag> So that, rf-wise, your chip antenna is in free space
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[10:55] <ibanezmatt13> ah I see, of course, that would make all the vias pointless
[10:55] <craag> No they're good
[10:55] Action: ibanezmatt13 worries about his NORB 3 board which is set to fly in 2 weeks
[10:56] <craag> You just don't want any copper under the chip antenna part
[10:56] DL1SGP2 (~DL1SGP@dhcp58.signon1.dk.beevpn.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:56] <craag> copper + lots of vias around the ublox is good
[10:56] <DL1SGP2> morning folks!
[10:57] <ibanezmatt13> On NORB 3 I have the ground plane running over and under the GPS antenna, but I'm using a patch, is that bad? :/
[10:57] <ibanezmatt13> Morning Felix :)
[10:57] <craag> patch is fine, as it has a ground plane on the back itself
[10:57] <ibanezmatt13> ah right, phew!
[10:57] <craag> Look at anthony's design here: http://ava.upuaut.net/store/image/cache/data/picobreakout-500x500.jpg
[10:57] <ibanezmatt13> Ok I'll sort that chip now. So no ground plane under or over, purely vias at the side
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[10:58] <ibanezmatt13> yea I see it there, I'll redo that part
[10:58] <craag> The groundplane stops after the ublox, so the chip antenna is in free space groundplane wise
[10:58] <DL1SGP2> heh the new google maps sucks
[10:58] <craag> Just drag the edge of your fill polygon down (assuming that's how you did it)
[10:58] <DL1SGP2> sorry for my french :)
[10:59] <ibanezmatt13> Just doing it now :)
[10:59] <craag> Cool :)
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[10:59] <craag> A couple of people have made the mistake of leaving groundplane under or even next to the chip antenna, and it means you'll *never* get a gps lock.
[11:00] <DL1SGP2> NORB3 flying today ibanezmatt13? :)
[11:00] <ibanezmatt13> lol nope. Maybe on the 15th though :)
[11:00] <DL1SGP2> Ok, you still have permission to land it in my backyard
[11:00] <ibanezmatt13> thanks for telling me then craag, that would have been awful
[11:01] <ibanezmatt13> craag, so you see where I have that horizontal band of vias just above the MAX going to the side of the chip?
[11:01] <craag> yep
[11:01] <ibanezmatt13> Do I get rid of those and just stop the pour under the GPS?
[11:01] <craag> No leave those
[11:02] <craag> just make that the top edge of the groundplane
[11:02] <ibanezmatt13> So I need to continue the pour right up until the side of the chip then
[11:02] <ibanezmatt13> ok thanks :)
[11:02] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Ping me with an updated gerblook if you want me to check it :)
[11:02] <ibanezmatt13> yeah sure, thanks!
[11:06] <ibanezmatt13> think I've sorted it craag, just running cam now
[11:06] <ibanezmatt13> http://gerblook.org/pcb/rAiUFRZ9wZSnEgJBPvxczZ
[11:06] <ibanezmatt13> so the ground plane comes just up to the side but not under
[11:09] <ibanezmatt13> craag: ping
[11:09] <ibanezmatt13> :)
[11:10] <massini> Upu, thnks for approval ODS flight. regards, Serge UR5FSV
[11:10] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Much better :) I'd be tempted to drop it back to in-line with the copper along that top edge, so not have quite so much alongside the chip antenna pad, just to be safe.
[11:11] <ibanezmatt13> aye I see what you mean, will do
[11:12] <ibanezmatt13> hmm craag, it won't go down :P
[11:13] <LeoBodnar> split ground plane grrrr
[11:13] <ibanezmatt13> ah so it's one of those annoying problems...
[11:15] <LeoBodnar> somebody in CUSF started splitting groundplane and *everybody* is doing it now
[11:15] <LeoBodnar> nobody can explain why
[11:15] <craag> Yeah I've never understood
[11:15] <craag> Figured there must be something I'd missed
[11:15] <LeoBodnar> "ground loops" and waving hands in the air
[11:16] <ibanezmatt13> I just followed the trend, don't know much about it
[11:17] <LeoBodnar> exactement, some very naughty boy should feel guilty
[11:17] Willdude123 (~Willdude1@unaffiliated/willdude123) joined #highaltitude.
[11:17] <ibanezmatt13> yes...
[11:18] <LeoBodnar> no you :D
[11:18] <craag> ibanezmatt13: If you can't get the groundplane to do down any more, don't worry
[11:18] <craag> I'm probably nitpicking :P
[11:18] <LeoBodnar> * looks up Life Of Brian links
[11:18] <ibanezmatt13> lol
[11:18] <craag> But removing the groundplane under it as you did will make it work 100000x better
[11:18] <LeoBodnar> look at the chip antenna datasheet, it has dimensions of where GP should stop
[11:19] <ibanezmatt13> ah right, I shall read it
[11:19] <LeoBodnar> -"100000x better"
[11:19] <craag> Yeah true, it gives quite a large clearance iirc
[11:19] <craag> LeoBodnar: well, work at all is probably a better way of putting it
[11:20] <ibanezmatt13> http://www.johansontechnology.com/technical-notes/integrated-passives-rf-comp/jti-chip-antenna-mounting-and-tuning-techniques.html#.UxHCNvl_spk <- looks good
[11:20] <LeoBodnar> if you were to have a choice to see only one reference design layout for this project it would be the chip antenna
[11:21] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Yeah the one right at the bottom is key
[11:21] <LeoBodnar> 1mm back from the pad
[11:21] <craag> mm
[11:21] <craag> So maybe move the antenna part up a bit?
[11:22] <ibanezmatt13> yes that's an idea
[11:23] <LeoBodnar> bad GPS signal will suck more energy from the battery than anything else
[11:23] <ibanezmatt13> Ok so the situation is, if I have one continous ground plane across the whole board instead of splitting it into two and connecting via a track, there will be no difference
[11:32] <Willdude123> Might be getting my aerial up today
[11:32] <DL1SGP2> Sounds great Willdude123 :)
[11:32] <Willdude123> I have permission to get it up to I think it waas 30 feet
[11:32] <SIbot> In real units: 30 ft = 9.14 m
[11:32] <Willdude123> Or in real units
[11:32] <Willdude123> 9.14 meters
[11:32] <Willdude123> He told me it in feet
[11:32] <Willdude123> Not my fault
[11:33] Action: Willdude123 thinks there should be an ARC that bans imperial units
[11:33] <DL1SGP2> heh yeah local construction code here permits me for 10m as well... theoretically
[11:33] <craag> ibanezmatt13: I believe a single one should be better
[11:33] <Willdude123> Might be able to do some HAB tracking
[11:33] <ibanezmatt13> single it is craag
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[12:19] <DL7AD_> hey :) sp3osj is flying
[12:22] <DL1SGP2> indeed, moin Sven
[12:28] <DL7AD_> morning felix
[12:31] <ibanezmatt13> Does anybody know the Eagle tool you use to pull back a bit of silk screen around a via for soldering better?
[12:32] <ibanezmatt13> I've used it before but I just can't remember
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[12:39] <DL1SGP2> ibanezmatt13: getting old huh? I do not know either *winks*
[12:40] <ibanezmatt13> haha, yep that's the problem, age
[12:40] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[12:41] <ibanezmatt13> just need to pull a bit of silk screen around some of those vias under the chips and boom, done: http://gerblook.org/pcb/2UtRiAp729NHmzjcdXE2ak#front
[12:42] <ibanezmatt13> bbl
[12:42] ibanezmatt13 (6d982ae1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[12:57] <Geoff-G8DHE> Grrrr Thanks neighbour just what I needed as the fne weather appears http://www.g8dhe.net/bongo_images/DSC_5552.thn.JPG
[13:01] Laurenceb_ (~Laurence@host81-159-191-104.range81-159.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:01] <LazyLeopard> Ouch!
[13:02] S_Mark (~S_Mark@host86-149-158-190.range86-149.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:02] <Geoff-G8DHE> Reversed up and hadn't cleaned his mirrors :-(
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[13:03] <LazyLeopard> What in? A truck?
[13:04] <Geoff-G8DHE> Just about he's a window cleaner van has a large hot water tank in it so a lot of mass ...
[13:05] <LazyLeopard> Erf. :(
[13:06] <Geoff-G8DHE> hopefully just indicator lights and wing panel, then respray, insurance will probably say write-off :-(
[13:15] <Geoff-G8DHE> SP3OSJ - not a good time to fly down the Russian/Ukraine border!
[13:22] bertrik (~quassel@ip117-49-211-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl) joined #highaltitude.
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[13:48] <Joel_re> hey, can someone point me to tested minimal ckt for a ublox module?
[13:48] <StudentDeNayer> Hi, Does anyone know of a micro sd breakout board that works on 3v ? or has anyone got xp in this cause most work on 3.3v it seems
[13:48] <Joel_re> ublox max 71
[13:48] <Joel_re> 7Q
[13:49] <Joel_re> all I get is $GPGGA,,,,,,0,00,99.99,,,,,,*48
[13:49] <Joel_re> I might not have the antenna right, but even outdoors
[13:49] <Joel_re> I do not get a fix
[13:52] <Joel_re> is the brd/sch files for http://ava.upuaut.net/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_60&product_id=52
[13:52] <Joel_re> online anywhere?
[13:52] <mikestir> StudentDeNayer: it's the card that works at 3v3. SDHC can do lower voltage but you need to start off at 3v3 for backward compatibility
[13:55] <mikestir> Joel_re: how long did you leave it. the boards I have are MAX6, but I found even those could take 5 minutes+ to get an initial fix outdoors
[13:56] <mikestir> after that you could bring them in and they'd continue to work fine
[13:56] <Joel_re> mikestir: ok, well I still dont have the antenna
[13:57] <Joel_re> I've been unable to find a patch/chip/other antenna, from near where I live
[13:57] <mikestir> I guess a little dipole would probably be usable
[13:58] <mikestir> or you could wind a little QFH
[13:58] <StudentDeNayer> mikestir: we were thinking of using 2 *1.5v AA battery in serie for our entire project but then we are starrving the sd i'd think
[13:59] <Joel_re> mikestir: Ill check a QFH antenna
[13:59] <LeoBodnar> Joel_re: https://www.u-blox.com/images/downloads/Product_Docs/MAX7-NEO7_HardwareIntegrationManual_(UBX-13003704).pdf Figure 6
[13:59] <mikestir> StudentDeNayer: also remember the battery end voltage is about 0.8/0.9V for alkaline, similar for lithium iron disulphide, so your circuit should really be designed to work down to 2V if you are going to do that
[13:59] <Joel_re> LeoBodnar: thanks
[14:00] <Joel_re> I think I have it right
[14:01] <Joel_re> I just need to get my hands on an antenna
[14:02] <mikestir> what are you doing for an antenna at the minute? bit of wire?
[14:02] <Joel_re> why doesnt farnell stock any 1.5Ghz antennaz :\
[14:02] <Joel_re> http://in.element14.com/jsp/search/browse.jsp?N=2103+202465&Ntk=gensearch&Ntt=chip+antenna&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial
[14:02] <Joel_re> mikestir: its a 25mm patch antenna
[14:02] <Joel_re> Im wondering if the GND plane of the patch antenna must be shared with the ckt GND
[14:03] <Joel_re> I pulled out the 25mm patch antenna from a old GPS logger, Im not sure its 1.5Ghz tuned
[14:03] <mikestir> the ground plane would need to be connected to the rf ground yes
[14:03] <mikestir> it's part of the antenna
[14:04] <Joel_re> mikestir: on its original ckt, it was just glued down
[14:04] <Joel_re> Im not even sure if the GND plane was shared
[14:04] <Joel_re> wait, you mention RF gnd
[14:04] <mikestir> was it connected by coax?
[14:04] <Joel_re> no
[14:06] <mikestir> maybe try a quarter wave length of wire
[14:07] <mikestir> or a half wave dipole in a plane perpendicular to the board
[14:09] <Willdude123> What coax is best for 145/434 operation?
[14:10] <mikestir> Willdude123: at least RG213
[14:14] Joel_re (~jr@ left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
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[14:16] <Joel_re> mikestir: ok thanks will try
[14:18] <Laurenceb_> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/02/28/broadcom_open_source_driver/
[14:18] <Laurenceb_> interesting
[14:18] SP3osj (563f462a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:21] crash_18974 (~crash_@2605:8900:1000:1001:8:0:e:2) joined #highaltitude.
[14:24] <SpeedEvil> In some ways
[14:24] <SpeedEvil> It reportedly does not support the CSI or MIPI busses
[14:24] <SpeedEvil> Or video encoding
[14:24] <Willdude123> Gah that's expensive
[14:25] <SpeedEvil> Willdude123: 'satellite coax' will work fine
[14:25] <Willdude123> Will it?
[14:25] <Willdude123> Would it work well though?
[14:25] <SpeedEvil> It's several times the frequency
[14:26] <Willdude123> So I need to connect one cable to another, both with pl-259 on the end
[14:26] <Willdude123> Should I replace one with a socket?
[14:27] S_Mark (~S_Mark@host86-149-158-190.range86-149.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:27] <Laurenceb_> doh
[14:27] <Laurenceb_> all the useful bits missign then
[14:27] <mikestir> SpeedEvil: Willdude123: satellite coax is not 50 ohm
[14:28] <mikestir> Willdude123: if you are choosing a connector for 2m and up and your radio/antenna doesn't dictate then you should use N-type over PL
[14:29] <mikestir> and you can get female-female barrels for joining most types of RF connector
[14:29] <SpeedEvil> oops
[14:29] Action: SpeedEvil is not awake.
[14:30] <mikestir> Willdude123: how long is the run?
[14:30] <Willdude123> 20m
[14:30] <mikestir> hmm yeah RG213 minimum
[14:33] <mikestir> it's about £25 for 20m iirc
[14:34] <mikestir> and I'd recommend the "deluxe" compression type connectors that you do up with a spanner
[14:41] ibanezmatt13 (6d982ae1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[14:49] <ibanezmatt13> A good two days work I think: http://pbrd.co/MDU0da
[14:50] <mikestir> very nice
[14:52] <ibanezmatt13> How I managed to route all that with few DRC errors I will never know
[14:56] <LeoBodnar> why do you drive MOSFET gate via resistor?
[14:56] gonzo_nb (~gonzo@host-92-17-200-124.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[14:57] <ibanezmatt13> emr
[14:58] <ibanezmatt13> well I was pulling it up to VCC, so when I gave a signal at the base it would start the flow from VCC to the pin
[14:58] <ibanezmatt13> not sure what the issue is :/
[14:58] <LeoBodnar> base?
[14:58] <LeoBodnar> is it a MOSFET or BJT?
[14:59] <ibanezmatt13> oh, source it's called isn't it
[14:59] <ibanezmatt13> It says it's a FET
[14:59] <ibanezmatt13> ah, mosfet p channel
[15:00] <LeoBodnar> right, so why do you drive the gate via resistor?
[15:00] daveake (~Dave@ptr- joined #highaltitude.
[15:00] <ibanezmatt13> you mean why do I have the 100 ohm resistor in series?
[15:00] <LeoBodnar> yes
[15:01] <ibanezmatt13> I'm not actually sure, I must have cocked up the schematic, that's not good
[15:02] <ibanezmatt13> I was resarching them online and many diagrams had a resistor in series going to the source
[15:02] <ibanezmatt13> then I must have confused myself with datasheets and what not :P
[15:02] <LeoBodnar> source?
[15:03] <ibanezmatt13> yeah the bit where the signal goes in
[15:03] <mikestir> gate
[15:03] <LeoBodnar> it's called gate
[15:03] <ibanezmatt13> ah right, yes.
[15:03] <ibanezmatt13> I know very little about this :/
[15:03] <ibanezmatt13> ah of course yea, so the source flows to the drain when there's a signal at the gate
[15:04] <LeoBodnar> there are a few cases when gate resistor is needed but they don't really apply for your application
[15:05] <ibanezmatt13> ah ok, yeah I only have 1.8v going to it so it's probably not necessary. I must have put it in there when I was making the schematic a few days back
[15:05] <LeoBodnar> it is still going to work but i am just curious what was the thinking behind it
[15:06] <ibanezmatt13> yeah just datasheet and online confusion
[15:07] <daveake> It's to damp any ringing
[15:08] <daveake> dampen
[15:09] <ibanezmatt13> not sure what that is exactly but it sounds like I won't get it on my board. I'll google it
[15:09] <LeoBodnar> I don't think Atmel IC has enough oomph to create any ringing
[15:09] <daveake> Yeah I doubt it's a problem
[15:10] <ibanezmatt13> cool
[15:10] <LeoBodnar> ringing is usually an issue hen using proper gate drivers as they can push a few amps of current easily
[15:11] <LeoBodnar> and not with 5mm trace :D
[15:11] <ibanezmatt13> ah I see, that wouldn't be great. Though yeah at 1.8v, it's not gonna pull that much current
[15:11] <aadamson> if it's used and it's really not needed here it's stop any jitter/ringing on the control of the gate, but an AVR isn't going to have that problem, especially not at 1.8v. Think of ringing like a taught string that you pluck, then think of plucking it as turning it on and off with the micro
[15:11] <daveake> Yes short trace = low inductance = no problem
[15:11] <daveake> low current = no problem
[15:11] <LeoBodnar> and high driver impedance
[15:11] <daveake> There's a pattern here :)
[15:12] <ibanezmatt13> I have none of those :)
[15:12] <aadamson> hehe
[15:12] <aadamson> guitar :)
[15:12] <ibanezmatt13> I have one of those :P
[15:13] <daveake> well try to exclude it from the circuit
[15:13] <ibanezmatt13> I somehow don't think the Ibanez will fit on that board some how
[15:13] <aadamson> nice board btw, but I will tell you my experience with sma's if you are going to connect an antenna directly to the board, on the si parts is less than stellar.. If you are going to connect coax to another antenna you might be ok
[15:14] <aadamson> seems connecting an antenna right to the board, you have no way to create a counterpoise, so all the rf comes right back into the design via ground
[15:14] <ibanezmatt13> aadamson: the plan is to solder directly to those pads
[15:14] <aadamson> ok, that will probably work
[15:14] <ibanezmatt13> sweet :)
[15:14] <aadamson> I just noticed the footprint and knew it didn't work very well
[15:15] <mikestir> anyone playing on HF - 10m is wide open to US again
[15:15] <aadamson> oh and if going to ultimate low power, use a red or green led :)
[15:16] <ibanezmatt13> red ftw
[15:16] <aadamson> yep, that would be my choice as well
[15:18] <aadamson> and I haven't done the math, but pick the resistor on the led appropraitely, at 1.8v, even a 330 or 2200 ohm may be too big to lit the led very well... I've not played at 1.8 yet, but going to 3.3 I had to revise everything from the 5v world, and *I hate dim* leds :)
[15:18] <aadamson> 220
[15:18] GargantuaSauce (~sauce@blk-222-248-226.eastlink.ca) left irc: Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.
[15:19] GargantuaSauce (~sauce@blk-222-248-226.eastlink.ca) joined #highaltitude.
[15:20] <ibanezmatt13> aadamson: On a board I'm due to fly in 2 weeks, I have some 0805 LEDs which are very bright even with 1K resistors! Though to be fair, it's 3.3v operation
[15:20] <ibanezmatt13> So I'm probably gonna try something half that value since I'm using the same strip of LEDs, but can always take it off again
[15:21] <fsphil> other than an LED for debugging, I never saw much point in using them
[15:21] <aadamson> yeah should have said it will also depend on the led of choice... I use some on a bunch of 3v3 designs and 1k was way too dim, in fact on the blue leds I could even use no resistor
[15:21] <aadamson> fsphil, yep, correct, once it leave your sight why bother :)
[15:21] <ibanezmatt13> Yeah, it's purely for debugging, only 1
[15:22] <aadamson> while we are talking about designs and I shared this with Upu, I noticed on this solar design that is used a Voltage divider of 22k and 10k on the vctrl on the spv1040 part. Not sure if that's a reference that lots of you use or not, but in thinking through that...
[15:22] <aadamson> if the solar is dark, those 2 resistors will be drawing current from the lipo
[15:23] <LeoBodnar> it's actually my design
[15:23] <aadamson> the vctl pin wants 2uA - 20uA so those could go to 220k and 100k and you'd 10x lower the current
[15:23] <aadamson> and you'd be at 11uA on the vctrl
[15:23] <LeoBodnar> I wss
[15:23] <LeoBodnar> *was
[15:24] <LeoBodnar> and it did not work well
[15:24] <aadamson> interesting, well, I'm about to build some so I guess I'll get to experience that issue :)
[15:25] DL7AD_ (~quassel@p50865E5C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[15:25] <aadamson> I decided to gate lipo/solar with usb as I want to be able to power my main board from usb for debugging, so it's going to be interesting... found some .3v drop diodes to or gate everything to the buck controller
[15:26] <Geoff-G8DHE> Looks like contact lost with SP3OSJ then :-(
[15:27] <aadamson> LeoBodnar, just curious, is the ltc boost controller your design as well?
[15:27] <aadamson> did anyone look at the ti 61200 part?
[15:27] Tygrys^ (tygrys@moo.pl) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[15:28] <LeoBodnar> not sure, but it was me who put 22/10k on spv1040 and there were reasons for that
[15:28] <aadamson> ok, understood
[15:29] <LeoBodnar> I think everybody sticks to switching converters they know work
[15:29] <LeoBodnar> which one LTC was that?
[15:29] <aadamson> ibanezmatt13, one quicky on your board... if you can, placing the silkscreen labels on parts in the same orientation as the part will help when it comes time to stuff parts, just a trick I learned building by hand... if you can
[15:30] <aadamson> it's an ltc3526 or 3526L
[15:30] <ibanezmatt13> yeah I suppose that would help in some instances on the board, I'll have a look. I'm using the LTC3526
[15:30] <ibanezmatt13> I've used the TPS61201 on a previous board
[15:31] Tiger^ (tygrys@moo.pl) joined #highaltitude.
[15:34] <LeoBodnar> I must have used LTC3526 too as I just searched the PC and one of the early Domino flights used to send the tracker specs and "LTC3526 boost converter" is there :D
[15:35] <ibanezmatt13> :)
[15:35] <LeoBodnar> Yes, LTC3526 is the one I use on AAA powered boards
[15:35] <LeoBodnar> Rev.E atm :)
[15:36] <aadamson> yeah, I decided to do 2 boards, just cuz you can, one with 3526L and one with 61200, the designs were similar enough that it made sense to try that
[15:36] <aadamson> experimenting is part of the fun right :)
[15:36] <LeoBodnar> heh tell me :D
[15:37] <eroomde> revving a design is quite satisfying
[15:38] <aadamson> btw, 22k/10k is only 50 uA of draw when the cell is dark :)
[15:39] <ibanezmatt13> it is eroomde, especially when you run that DRC and get no major errors :)
[15:39] <aadamson> problem with DRC in eagle is that it won't tell you if you have nets that aren't connected however
[15:39] <aadamson> so make sure you check the bottom left of your screen after you refresh the ratsnest
[15:40] <ibanezmatt13> what's in the bottom left?
[15:40] <aadamson> it used to be they didn't even give you a count, there were scripts and such that would go do a count
[15:40] <ibanezmatt13> ah the "nothing to do" bit
[15:40] <aadamson> it will tell you on 6.5 if you have any nets disconnected
[15:40] <aadamson> yes
[15:40] <ibanezmatt13> cool
[15:41] <ibanezmatt13> I'm gonna move that SMA part more to the right, only because I want to get a via in that corner :P
[15:42] <aadamson> one quick q on the 3526 design, I'm assuming all the additional caps on the output are just ESR lowering caps? The design just calls for a single 10uF, but lots o people add more footprints so they can build a capacitance array to lower the ESR
[15:42] <aadamson> ?
[15:43] <aadamson> I found that reference to multiple caps in lots of switcher designs
[15:43] <aadamson> for ESR lowering
[15:44] <LeoBodnar> I remember having Rev.N of something
[15:48] ibanezmatt13 (6d982ae1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:49] <LeoBodnar> people are paranoid
[15:49] <LeoBodnar> and some are rightfully so when it comes to swithers
[15:49] <LeoBodnar> +c
[15:50] <aadamson> yeah, I added them to mine just for kicks, but I want to check with and without. for that matter on my spv design I added the tvs diode too, just because it may be that during testing I don't have a battery connected with on usb :)
[15:50] <aadamson> with = when
[15:52] <aadamson> and I came up with a whacky dual n/p fet in a tiny dfn package so that I can switch on and off the adc sample of both lipo and solar :) Ran an stm32l1 completely out of pins... just cuz you can
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[16:08] fsphil2 (~fsphil@2001:8b0:34:1:56e6:fcff:fe8b:2b59) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:50] Nick change: peter -> Guest95272
[16:51] <fsphil2> tis quiet this evening
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[16:52] Nick change: crash_18974_ -> crash_18974
[16:53] Action: SpeedEvil puts on Disaster Area, and turns it up to 456.
[16:53] <fsphil2> the Martians will complain
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[16:59] <gonzo_nb> when does the spaceshift fly into the sun?
[16:59] <gonzo_nb> ship
[17:00] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[17:03] <fsphil2> g'day Lunar_Lander
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[17:28] samhat (~chatzilla@vpn-user-248-193.nomadic.bris.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[17:30] <samhat> Hi, would someone mind giving me some advice on CAA HAB regulations?
[17:31] <SpeedEvil> sure
[17:32] <samhat> Great thanks. I'm trying to figure out whether the launch site we've picked will be allowed. I could contact the CAA directly, but that might take a while. The site is within Class D airspace. Does that rule out a HAB launch immediately?
[17:33] S_Mark (~S_Mark@host86-149-158-190.range86-149.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:34] <SpeedEvil> Is your payload very small?
[17:35] <fsphil> are you near an airport? that seems to be the main reason for turning down sites
[17:39] <SpeedEvil> Also - where are you. It may be easier to travel to a launch site already approved
[17:40] <jededu> I spoke to the CAA friday concerning exactly this we are in line with the runway approach of birmingham airport , the advice was that we may get permission with strict restrictions so we decided to move site
[17:40] <samhat> The payload is about 30 x 30 x 15 cm, and it's about 900 g. There's also a radar reflector. The site is in South Wales (the Fins Over Gwent rocketry club) and it's about 10 miles from Bristol airport, and maybe 20 miles to Cardiff airport. We all live in Bristol
[17:43] ibanezmatt13 (6d982ae1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:44] <jededu> We are 12 miles away
[17:45] <mfa298> samhat: there have been launches from Glouscetershire, if you search the mailing list you might find the places people have launched from
[17:46] <jededu> We may have obtained permission but it just doesent feel safe launching when you can visually see several aircraft on approach !
[17:47] <samhat> Sure, may have to scrap that site then. I'll have a look at the mailing list
[17:49] mauhen (521f85f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:50] <mfa298> you can always try the CAA and see if it's possible, but at least there are some other possibilities.
[17:51] <mfa298> there was one that looked to be launched from near the M4/A46 junction recently but I don't think that was announced anywhere.
[17:51] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-129-40.49-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
[17:53] <samhat> Okay, do you know how quick the CAA are to respond to requests? Our ideal date is 4 weeks tomorrow (with the weekend after as backup)
[17:55] <mfa298> I can't help there. I think they ask for 4 weeks but you might be ok with less.
[17:55] <daveake> In theory it's "at least 28 days"
[17:55] <daveake> In practice they can usually turn it round much much quicker
[17:55] <daveake> or perhaps I get special "frequent flyer" treatment .... :p
[17:56] <mfa298> how are you planning on tracking the balloon ?
[18:01] <samhat> We have radio, GPS and GSM on board, and Steve Randall will lend us one of his trackers. I can't give you more details than that, I'm afraid, as I'm not involved very heavily with that
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[18:08] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-180-103-127.range86-180.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:11] <mfa298> at least you're not purely relying on GSM - They're known to not always work that well.
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[18:13] samhat (~chatzilla@vpn-user-248-193.nomadic.bris.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[18:13] <S_Mark> Hi samhat, I have launched 3 times from the Forest of Dean if that helps
[18:16] <samhat> (Sorry if I missed any responses, briefly lost connection) Hi S_Mark, that's good to hear. Did you have to obtain permission from anyone besides the CAA? And was there any difficulty with them as well? Thanks
[18:17] <S_Mark> Nope no issues at all
[18:17] <Lunar_Lander> hey S_Mark
[18:17] <Lunar_Lander> hope all is well :)=
[18:17] <S_Mark> Hi Lunar_Lander - yes thanks!
[18:18] <Lunar_Lander> yay
[18:18] <Lunar_Lander> same here
[18:18] <Lunar_Lander> my circuit board is almost done
[18:18] <S_Mark> ah great!
[18:18] <Lunar_Lander> http://gerblook.org/pcb/Uk5vRG5a29UvX3SV9E7jdf
[18:19] <S_Mark> nice looks good
[18:19] <ibanezmatt13> v. good Lunar
[18:19] <LeoBodnar> "NO LOCK" sounds amateurish
[18:19] <LeoBodnar> professionals are using "LOSS OF LOCK"
[18:20] <LeoBodnar> also known as "LOL" http://leobodnar.com/balloons/files/LOL.jpg
[18:21] <daveake> Hey S_Mark
[18:21] <daveake> We've moved :)
[18:22] <S_Mark> Hey daveake - long time coming! Good work though, everything alright?
[18:22] <daveake> I see boxes
[18:22] <daveake> :p
[18:22] <daveake> yeah all is good
[18:22] <daveake> will take a while to get properly unpacked
[18:23] <S_Mark> yeah always does
[18:23] <S_Mark> Got your launch field sorted though
[18:23] <daveake> Sure have
[18:23] <samhat> Cool, is there anywhere in the forest of dean in particular that you'd recommend S_Mark? I see the CAA want lat/long coordinates...
[18:24] <daveake> Nice views from here https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/t1/p526x296/1969278_10151974901797654_802519513_n.jpg
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[18:24] <S_Mark> Well I have launched from a local recreation ground.
[18:24] <daveake> and https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t1/p235x350/14513_10151976629302654_1859615646_n.jpg
[18:25] <daveake> and https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t1/p350x350/1017479_10151976694737654_1831326890_n.jpg
[18:25] <S_Mark> Defo a nice part of the world is Forest of Dean and Wye Valley
[18:26] <daveake> yup
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[18:31] <samhat> Would love to go sometime, your stratodean videos are very useful! (assuming you're the Mark in the videos)
[18:31] <S_Mark> Yes I am lol
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[19:04] <Lunar_Lander> LeoBodnar, xD thanks for htat
[19:04] <Lunar_Lander> *that
[19:06] Joel_re (~jr@ joined #highaltitude.
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[20:06] <Reb-SM3ULC> anyone awake that use sdr-radio v2?
[20:07] <Lunar_Lander> thanks for the comment ibanezmatt13
[20:07] <Lunar_Lander> sorry that I couldn't respond earlier, was dinnertime
[20:07] <x-f> Reb-SM3ULC, i'm using it
[20:07] <ibanezmatt13> np Lunar_Lander, your welcome :)
[20:07] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[20:08] <Reb-SM3ULC> x-f: feel so stupid.. can't find option to change output device
[20:08] azend (~quassel@unaffiliated/azend) joined #highaltitude.
[20:09] <x-f> Reb-SM3ULC, VFO-A -> Audio menu -> Playback device
[20:10] <Reb-SM3ULC> x-f: so simple. thanks!
[20:10] <x-f> you're welcome :)
[20:19] MoALTz_ (~no@user-31-175-247-158.play-internet.pl) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:22] <ibanezmatt13> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YEyzvtMx3s
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[20:57] <mclane_> ping Upu - pm
[20:59] DL1SGP (~DL1SGP@p5B043523.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[20:59] <Lunar_Lander> hi mclane_
[20:59] <Lunar_Lander> wb DL1SGP
[21:00] <mclane_> hi Lunar_Lander
[21:00] DL1SGP1 (~DL1SGP@dhcp18.signon3.dk.beevpn.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[21:11] <mfa298> Reb-SM3ULC: don't worry about missing obvious features in sdr-radio v2. Took me a while of using it until I found a few things I was looking for.
[21:14] S_Mark (~S_Mark@host86-149-158-190.range86-149.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:15] <Lunar_Lander> wb S_Mark
[21:15] <Lunar_Lander> thanks for the comment earlier
[21:15] <S_Mark> yo
[21:15] <S_Mark> no worries
[21:15] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[21:15] <Lunar_Lander> had dinnertime :)
[21:19] <S_Mark> A bit of an off topic question - any other interesting IRC channels that people are into here?
[21:20] <Lunar_Lander> hackvana
[21:24] <Lunar_Lander> I would say
[21:24] <chrisstubbs> multirotors is a bit quiet
[21:25] <Lunar_Lander> hi chrisstubbs
[21:25] <chrisstubbs> just been in the garage making myself sad trying to repair our pressure washer
[21:26] <chrisstubbs> the plastic fan on the driveshaft has like gouged itself loose so it makes a horrible noise. resorted to epoxy
[21:27] <Lunar_Lander> oh
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[21:36] <Reb-SM3ULC> mfa298: thanks :)
[21:39] Tiger^ (tygrys@moo.pl) joined #highaltitude.
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[21:52] <mikestir> any git experts about?
[21:55] <Miek> just punt the question out and people will pipe up if they can help
[21:57] <mikestir> might be better raising it on #git. I'm trying to merge several repos into subdirectories of a new one without losing the logs
[21:58] <mikestir> I have been able to do this, but the log for individual files seems to get messed up (only the top level one is right)
[22:00] Nick change: Hes_ -> Hes
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[22:47] <Upu> ping mclane_
[22:47] <Upu> back now
[22:49] <Lunar_Lander> hi Upu
[22:49] <Upu> Evening Lunar
[22:49] <Lunar_Lander> hope all is well
[22:49] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[22:49] <Upu> tis
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[22:51] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:57] <LeoBodnar> yo
[22:57] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[22:58] <Lunar_Lander> well, currently I am modifying the molex-microsd library because the microsd-slot used in there has been discontinued
[22:58] <Lunar_Lander> the farnell recommendation for the replacement has a smaller form factor
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