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[00:09] <Ferran> hi
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[00:12] <Ferran> Hello all
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[00:15] <vk3smc> balloon flight from Bendigo still happening today?
[00:16] <Ferran> hi vk3smc
[00:16] <PSBPI> vk2fabx here ... Im co-ordinating communications from the PSBPI team today for the SSDV launch today
[00:17] <PSBPI> We are about 1 hour from launch .... team has just pulled over just outside Bendigo
[00:17] <PSBPI> not far from launh site now
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[00:18] <vk3smc> awesome. I will be tracking this balloon today. I am on the south eastern suburbs of melbourne, using a x520 @20m and a Kenwood TS-2000
[00:18] <vk3jed-wx> Cool, I'm setup to monitor telemetry for the launch
[00:19] <vk3jed-wx> I'm in Long Gully, about 4km from the middle of Bendigo
[00:19] <PSBPI> The team is planning to release a high altitude balloon from Bendigo this coming Saturday at 11am. AEST time .. approx 1hour, We will have an onboard camera sending images back live images via SSDV
[00:19] <vk3jed-wx> Hoping to download some of those
[00:19] <vk3smc> vk3jed, you might be able to see the balloon. :)
[00:20] <PSBPI> For those in south eastern australia to listen All you need is a radio capable of receiving SSB at 434.650MHz, and a Mac/Windows/Linux computer with sound card input and access to the internet. High gain antenna is highly desirable. See instructions here: http://projectspaceballoon.net/ssd/
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[00:20] <vk3jed-wx> Yeah, have good visibility in most directions too! ;)
[00:20] <VK1OD> PSBPI: Can I make the observation that there is so much other traffic on this channel that PSBPI related traffic is lost in the noise. I will monitor ##PSBPI for traffic from active listeners.
[00:20] <PSBPI> thanks vk3jed and vk3smc :) .. I will posting updates here as the launch progreses
[00:21] <vk3jed-wx> Running a Diamond V2000 at approximately 4m AGL
[00:21] <vk3jed-wx> Radio is IC-7000
[00:21] <PSBPI> IM happy to post updates to multiple channels but as there was such a large mailout with this channel I will continue to update here as well
[00:22] <vk3jed-wx> .j #PSPBI
[00:22] <vk3jed-wx> oops
[00:22] <Ferran> am so excited to see the launch and fly
[00:23] <VK1OD> PSBPI: makes sense... Owen
[00:23] <vk3jed-wx> One of these days I should come down and watch a launch :)
[00:23] <vk3jed-wx> Hmm, no one in the channel
[00:23] <PSBPI> Im in the PSBPI channel now as well
[00:24] <VK1OD> PSBPI: It was ##PSBPI
[00:24] <vk3jed-wx> ahh I had a bit of dyslexia :)
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[00:29] <vk3bq> morning all.
[00:30] <Ferran> morning vk3bq
[00:30] <Ferran> ( night here )
[00:30] <PSBPI_> morning vk3bq
[00:31] <vk3bq> thats becasue you are on the wrong side of the planet!. :D
[00:31] <Ferran> sure, am on Spain, Barcelona
[00:31] <vk3jed-wx> morning vk3bq
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[00:32] <PSBPI_> BAlloon tracking will be on http://spacenear.us/tracker/ as well
[00:32] <PSBPI_> live images will be on http://ssdv.habhub.org/ if not directly received and decoded
[00:33] <vk3jed-wx> Hope I'm able to contribute. Threw the antenna up last night, radio and feedline this morning, fldigi is up and running in HAB mode
[00:33] <vk3bq> morning tony. long time no talk.
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[00:33] <vk3jed-wx> how r u?
[00:33] <vk3jed-wx> don't recognise the call
[00:33] <Darkside> PSBPI_: what ascent rate are ou going for
[00:33] <vk3bq> good, back in melbouen (ex vk3xas / ex vk2two) :D
[00:33] <PSBPI_> Great news vk3bq
[00:33] <vk3jed-wx> cool :)
[00:33] <vk3bq> andrew..
[00:33] <vk3jed-wx> I'm in Bendigo :)
[00:34] <vk3jed-wx> long time no chat
[00:34] <vk3bq> its been a while ,maybe 2 years tny,
[00:34] <vk3jed-wx> yep
[00:34] <vk3jed-wx> well I've escaped the city lol
[00:34] <PSBPI_> HI Darkside .... IM not sure .. Andy wants it to float at about 20Km
[00:34] <vk3bq> you always had,
[00:34] <Darkside> how heavy is your payload
[00:35] <vk3jed-wx> Enjoying it out here. :)
[00:35] <Darkside> if its any heavir than 100g, you'll need to put too much gas in just to get it to go up
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[00:36] <vk3bq> pspbi, ive let as many of the ssb ops I know know its going up,, hopefully you get some listeners, i only have a short verticle in melbourne, but im up high and see MOST of the horizon ~300 degress at 60km, i tracked the balloon the sa guys released the other week for 20 hrs, this one should be EASY!.
[00:36] <Darkside> vk3bq: it will be quite low to start with
[00:37] <vk3bq> but will head south, so it will head towards me
[00:37] <vk3bq> should be good.
[00:37] <Darkside> if they go for a float, the ascent rate is going to be veeeery slow
[00:37] <vk3jed-wx> I used to have trouble with the SA launches, but have a much better antenna up and a much better view in their direction now
[00:37] <PSBPI_> I know andy was keeping it as light as possible .... so hopefully his calculations are correct
[00:37] <Ferran> helium or hydrogen filled?
[00:37] <Darkside> PSBPI_: the problem is there are no calculations for float
[00:37] <Darkside> its jut a best guess
[00:37] <Darkside> i had a 40g payload and filled for approx 0.8m/s
[00:37] <Darkside> but i ended up getting 0.5m/s
[00:39] <PSBPI_> ok ... we thanks for the information .. we will ahve to see once the data starts coming in
[00:39] <Darkside> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=657660e67f54c157b64e3fd389dfa86489bb2375
[00:39] <Darkside> itll be off the coast before it even gets close to floating
[00:40] <Darkside> hrm this one is 300 baud isnt it
[00:41] <vk3jed-wx> I loaded the launch and it configured for 110 baud...
[00:41] <Darkside> ok
[00:41] <Darkside> pictures are going to take a long time to come in then
[00:41] <vk3jed-wx> when I hit the auto configure in fldigi
[00:41] <vk3jed-wx> yeah, I would have expected 300
[00:41] <Darkside> 300 isnt good for floaters
[00:42] <Darkside> especially when they start getting towards the horizon
[00:42] <PSBPI_> I will confirm with the team but when they were doing testing it was at 300bps
[00:42] <Darkside> i did mine at 50 baud as i wanted to extend the range as much as possible
[00:43] <vk3jed-wx> hmm, ok, keep us posted, because the launch parameters configured me for 110
[00:43] <Darkside> 300 baud needs an extra 7dB or so of SNR
[00:43] <vk3bq> me too, got 110 on the config fil
[00:43] <vk3bq> e
[00:43] <Darkside> yep its 300 baud
[00:43] <Darkside> the payload document is wrong
[00:43] <Darkside> looking at the email they sent out, anyway
[00:43] <vk3jed-wx> k
[00:44] <Darkside> thats going to confuse a lot of people
[00:44] <vk3jed-wx> yeah
[00:44] <PSBPI_> ok will confirm once I hear from them again .. go with what was in the email ...
[00:44] <Darkside> too late to change the document now
[00:44] <Darkside> all the people that can change it are asleep
[00:44] <PSBPI_> yes exactly
[00:45] <vk3jed-wx> I'll wait until the launch crew confirm the baud rate and other parameters
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[00:46] <Darkside> yep
[00:46] <Darkside> PSBPI_: if ou can confirm the baud rate ill put it on the spacenear.us pag
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[00:47] <PSBPI_> Yes I will .. just asked for a confirmation ......
[00:47] <vk3jed-wx> k
[00:48] <VK3TBC> Howdy, just spoke to VK3ZLD launch is not far off. 300 baud
[00:48] <vk3jed-wx> OK, reconfiguring
[00:48] <Darkside> right...
[00:49] <Darkside> vk3jed-wx: is it only the baud rate that is incorrect?
[00:49] <Darkside> im guessing the shift is going to be wrong too
[00:49] <vk3jed-wx> shift is 450
[00:49] <Darkside> ok thats about right
[00:50] <VK3TBC> Make sure you set the filters wide about 160 Khz, shift is around 470 or so
[00:50] <vk3jed-wx> think they were ralking about 180 Hz filters
[00:50] <VK3TBC> Yep, anything larger than 160 is good.
[00:51] <vk3jed-wx> Mine are set for 180
[00:51] <vk3bq> email says RTTY with 460Hz shift, 300 baud, 8 bit ASCII, no parity, one stop bit.
[00:51] <vk3jed-wx> Can you guys confirm exact carrier frequency when you fire up
[00:51] <PSBPI_> Update from the team - Baud rate is 300bps .. shift is 450 to 460
[00:51] <Darkside> itll drift all over teh shop
[00:52] <Darkside> these launches are always frequency +-a few KHz
[00:52] <VK3TBC> USB or LSB :)
[00:52] <vk3jed-wx> yeah, just want to know where to start listening, as I am relatively close to the launch site
[00:52] <Darkside> USB
[00:52] <vk3bq> usb
[00:52] <Darkside> just watch the waterfall
[00:52] <VK3TBC> watch for the inversion
[00:52] <Darkside> right, spacenearus page updated
[00:52] <PSBPI_> Also they are at the launchsite. 4 people on the ground setting up. They are securing the camera and doing some adjustments and final testing
[00:53] <vk3jed-wx> The frequency tolerance is wider than the SSB passband
[00:53] <PSBPI_> thank you darkside
[00:53] <VK3TBC> Listening on 7.087 Mhz
[00:53] <Darkside> PSBPI_: can you find out the exact weight of the payload
[00:53] <Darkside> i want to run some calculations
[00:53] <vk3jed-wx> hence wanting the rough carrier freq
[00:53] <VK1OD> Darkside: Does that update for fldigi???
[00:53] <Darkside> nope
[00:53] <vk3jed-wx> I manually changed fldigi
[00:53] <Darkside> the autoconfigure will be wrong
[00:53] <Darkside> and theres nothing i can do to fix it
[00:54] <VK1OD> Darkside: So is manual update of fldigi the only way now???
[00:54] <vk3jed-wx> yep
[00:54] <Darkside> yes
[00:54] <VK1OD> Darkside: That should confuse a few people later in the day!
[00:54] <Darkside> yup
[00:54] <vk3jed-wx> yeah, someone might need to send an update email to that effect
[00:54] <Darkside> well nah
[00:54] <Darkside> the email was correct
[00:54] <Darkside> its just everyone is used to using autoconfigure
[00:55] <Darkside> because its usually correct
[00:55] <Darkside> its just it seems andy decidec to change the baud rate, and didnt update the payload document on habitat...
[00:55] <vk3jed-wx> k
[00:56] <VK1OD> Darkside: There are two entries in the test tab for PSBPI, and one is 300Bd, presumably that is fine to use.
[00:56] <Darkside> probably
[00:57] <Darkside> right, GFS files are downloading
[00:57] <Darkside> if someone at the launch site can get start uploading some points, then we can see where this thing is going to go
[00:57] <vk3jed-wx> I'm 20km from the launch site
[00:58] <vk3jed-wx> will head outside now
[00:58] <vk3jed-wx> check my winds
[00:58] <vk3bq> did you have beans for breakfast tony?
[00:59] <vk3jed-wx> lol not that wind
[00:59] <PSBPI_> This is the launch site they have chosen - 36°40.99' S 144°03.02' E
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[01:00] <Darkside> doesnt help
[01:00] <vk3jed-wx> light westerlies at my location
[01:00] <Darkside> i need points on the map for the prediction to run
[01:00] <VK3TBC> 10min from launch, will check data tx in 5 min
[01:01] <Darkside> jeez
[01:01] <Darkside> you should be doing that LONG before launch
[01:01] <Darkside> especialyl with SSDV, since it takes so long to come in
[01:01] <VK3TBC> It was tested for days before hand, it should come up ok :)
[01:01] <Darkside> itll take 3-4 minutes to get a single 320x240 frame in
[01:01] <Darkside> thats what we always thing too
[01:01] <Darkside> then the morning of the launch something breaks
[01:02] <VK3TBC> ha ha
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[01:02] <Darkside> which is why we have such strict launch procdures now
[01:02] <Darkside> so shit dosn't happen
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[01:02] <Darkside> same with the payload document - the telemetry format it set in stone a week or so before launch, so all that stuff can be set up in advance
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[01:07] <fz> Just created two parts for Fritzing: ntx2 and ublox Max6
[01:07] <bambi> hello everyone - I was just wondering if there has been any news on the proposed launch of PSBPI 11:00 EST (01:00 UTC) from Bendigo, Australia?
[01:07] <VK3TBC> A few minutes away
[01:08] <fz> https://github.com/Reflejo/Fritzing-Parts
[01:08] <bambi> yay
[01:08] <bambi> I have tracking here in Brisbane but I will probably be out of the reception area
[01:09] <vk3bq> just a little bambi.. unless its injected into a airbus ex tullamarine - brisbane
[01:09] <vk3bq> ingested
[01:09] <bambi> well I'll be watching anyway
[01:09] <PSBPI_> Hi Bambi .. yes final preparations being performed now ... launch should be soon .. updates will be published here as well as #SpaceBalloonTV on Twitter
[01:10] <vk3bq> from what twitter account?
[01:10] <PSBPI_> is from my personal one toddhampson .. but just search for the hastag .. #SpaceBalloonTV
[01:10] <vk3jed-wx> I'vre got myself on the tracking map now
[01:10] <vk3bq> done, added, thnals
[01:12] <Darkside> any updates on the payload weight?
[01:14] <PSBPI_> not yet .. will find out
[01:15] Nick change: fxmulder -> jiffe1
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[01:18] <PSBPI_> Weight is 140grams .... expected to release in approx 10mins
[01:18] <Ferran> thanks PSBPI_
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[01:19] <Darkside> hrm
[01:20] <Darkside> 140g with a 100g balloon
[01:20] VK3GRK (70d59469@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[01:20] <vk3jed-wx> maybe I'll hold my hand up as it goes past? ;)
[01:20] vk3ln (3aa474e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[01:21] <Darkside> yeah
[01:21] <PSBPI_> :)
[01:21] <Darkside> if they want it to float they're going to have to have a VERY VERY slow ascent rate
[01:21] <Darkside> like, 0.3m/s
[01:22] <Darkside> and that that kind of rate, any small gust of wind will stop it from ascending
[01:22] <vk3jed-wx> I might be the only tracker for a while!
[01:22] <VK3GRK> Hi all, what is the status with the Bendigo balloon, I hear nothing on 434.650.
[01:22] <Darkside> VK3GRK: they havent launched yet
[01:22] <vk3jed-wx> launch in < 10 mins
[01:22] <PSBPI_> HI VK3GRK ... launch in 10mins
[01:22] <Darkside> echo
[01:22] <VK3GRK> Ahhh great, thanks.
[01:23] <Darkside> still nothing ont he map yet
[01:23] <vk3jed-wx> I'm on the map lol
[01:23] <PSBPI_> I am updating in here for the team as well as twitter feed #SpaceBalloonTV
[01:23] <Darkside> no balloon info on the map anyway
[01:23] <vk3jed-wx> IRC is good enough for me
[01:24] <VK3GRK> I'm going to give the SSDV program a go.
[01:24] <Darkside> its part of dl-fldigi
[01:24] <bambi> Is there somewhere the details of the launch/payload etc are posted?
[01:24] <Darkside> bambi: there was a few posts to some different mailing lists
[01:25] <Darkside> but not much info on the payload
[01:25] <Darkside> apart from it being a rpi
[01:25] <PSBPI_> yes .. look here http://projectspaceballoon.net/ssd/
[01:25] <bambi> < looks....
[01:31] <vk3bq> all i hear is the CMB
[01:32] <vk3bq> do they have receivers at the site/on the net?
[01:32] <vk3bq> launch
[01:33] <PSBPI_> there are receivers at the launch site .. yes
[01:33] <vk3jed-wx> yeah nothing here either
[01:33] <Darkside> they dont seem to be uploading anything...
[01:34] <PSBPI_> IM not hearing anything back from the team as the moment .. i assume they have their hands full with the balloon inflation .... will update once I hear something
[01:34] <Darkside> thre we go
[01:35] <Darkside> it takes one person to inflate a 100g balloon...
[01:35] <Darkside> srsly
[01:35] Carlo_ (65a44260@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[01:35] <Darkside> they are *tiny*
[01:35] vk3zyc (7b02f4be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[01:35] Nick change: Carlo_ -> Guest78970
[01:35] <bambi> oh corrupted image on SSTV...
[01:36] <Darkside> no
[01:36] <Darkside> well
[01:36] <Darkside> yes
[01:36] <Darkside> :P
[01:36] <PSBPI_> but they still need to tie everything together and make sure everything is working ....
[01:36] <Darkside> he started receiving part way through an imae
[01:36] <Darkside> image*
[01:36] <Darkside> which is normal for SSDV
[01:36] <Darkside> SSDV is basically JPEG imags over RTTY, but with ways of handling missing packets
[01:37] <bambi> understood
[01:37] <VK3GRK> Nothing heard year yet, I'm in Bendigo.
[01:37] <Darkside> http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:ssdv
[01:37] <bambi> its on the map
[01:37] <Darkside> so the more complex an image is, the more packets it will have to send
[01:38] <Darkside> so for example, the image thats coming through right now will be quite large, as it has a lot of detail
[01:38] <bambi> I see
[01:38] <Darkside> images with half the frame black, as you'll probably see later on in the flight, will be a lot smaller
[01:39] <VK3GRK> I'm not hearing anything on 434.650.
[01:39] <vk3jed-wx> me neither
[01:39] <Darkside> doesnt look like they have launched yet
[01:39] <vk3jed-wx> you put your details into fldidi? din't see you on the tracker vk3grk
[01:39] <vk3jed-wx> where in bendigo are you?
[01:40] <VK3GRK> Strathdale
[01:40] <vk3jed-wx> k
[01:40] <vk3jed-wx> i'm in long gully (and on the map)
[01:40] <Darkside> VK3GRK: you need to enter more than just your locator - you need to go to DL-Client -> Configure -> Location and fill in lat/long/alt
[01:40] <VK3GRK> Can you heatr it Tony?
[01:41] <PSBPI_> It hasnt launched just yet VK3GRK
[01:41] <VK3GRK> Ok.
[01:41] <VK3GRK> I'm too excited!
[01:42] <Ferran> same here
[01:42] <vk3jed-wx> no nothing here yet
[01:42] <Darkside> looks like they are filling in a shed
[01:42] <Darkside> that looks lik a corrugated iron roof
[01:43] <Darkside> oh wat
[01:43] <Darkside> wait
[01:43] <Darkside> nope
[01:43] <Darkside> thats wood
[01:43] <Darkside> its sitting on a table
[01:43] <vk3jed-wx> looked like timber decking to me
[01:43] <Darkside> yup
[01:43] <vk3jed-wx> yeah table would fit
[01:44] <PSBPI_> :)
[01:44] <VK3GRK> I thought it might have been furrow lines in a paddock earlier, but that was my imagination!
[01:44] <vk3jed-wx> should setup a mobile tracker for future launches :)
[01:44] <vk3jed-wx> since I have an IC-7000 in the car as well
[01:44] <Darkside> you wont want to go mobile for this one
[01:45] <Darkside> if all goes well, this one isnt coming back
[01:45] <vk3jed-wx> lol on thhis one, can simply drive home and let the bast station take over tracking :)
[01:45] <Darkside> yeah
[01:46] <vk3jed-wx> hmm, cloud's clearing, could try for visible
[01:46] <Darkside> this one is going to be out over the tasman before it bursts
[01:46] <VK3GRK> Do you know where it is launcing from Tony?
[01:46] <Darkside> VK3GRK: look a the map
[01:46] <Darkside> http://spacenear.us/tracker/
[01:46] <vk3jed-wx> the general area, but not the exact site
[01:46] <Darkside> its all there...
[01:46] <vk3jed-wx> as dunno exactly what sort of property the site is
[01:46] Gillerire (~Jamie@182-239-220-184.ip.adam.com.au) joined #highaltitude.
[01:47] <Darkside> they are launching from a road
[01:47] <Darkside> or the side of a road
[01:47] <PSBPI_> north west of Bendigo off the calder highway
[01:47] <vk3jed-wx> up past Marong near the main drag
[01:48] <vk3bq> big HV line track the calder that way, hope it takes off quick :D
[01:48] <VK3GRK> Ahh ok. Yes there is a Rd name on the map.
[01:49] <vk3jed-wx> well, waiting for launch :)
[01:50] <vk3jed-wx> certainly can't hear it on the ground
[01:50] <PSBPI_> Bells Lucas Rd
[01:50] <VK3GRK> I think I just heard a bit of audio for a second.
[01:50] <Darkside> watch on the waterfall displayu
[01:50] <vk3jed-wx> i keep hearing brief things, could be any old birdie
[01:50] <Darkside> yeah
[01:50] <Darkside> you're in the middle of the ISM band
[01:51] <Darkside> theres lots of crap around
[01:51] <vk3jed-wx> and similar scratchy trails on the waterfall
[01:51] <Darkside> once its in the air it'll overpower them
[01:51] <vk3jed-wx> yep the birdies are around noise floor
[01:52] <vk3jed-wx> or below
[01:52] <vk3jed-wx> biggest issue here is noisy ignition on passing cars occasionally
[01:52] <VK3GRK> It's free from noise this end.
[01:52] <vk3jed-wx> most of the time is is here too
[01:53] VK5ZRL (96656526@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[01:53] <vk3jed-wx> noisy cars I can hear out to around 200m
[01:53] <Darkside> VK5ZRL: just so you know, you'lll have no hope of hearing this one
[01:54] <VK3GRK> Surely we will in Bendigo though.
[01:54] <Darkside> its going east, and will be quite low for a long time
[01:54] <Darkside> of course
[01:54] <Darkside> i'm talking tro a VK5 here
[01:54] <Darkside> to*
[01:54] <Darkside> we wont here it in adelaide even if we go up the top of mt lofty
[01:55] <vk3bq> darks, when is your next flight?
[01:55] <Darkside> whenever i feel like it
[01:55] <Darkside> weather has been crap lately
[01:55] <vk3bq> ok,
[01:55] <Darkside> i want to do another floater, but i cant do it when its raining
[01:55] <Darkside> or cloudy
[01:56] <vk3bq> are you interested in selling the pcb/kit?
[01:56] <Darkside> nope
[01:56] <vk3bq> so i cant buy one?
[01:56] <vk3bq> bugger
[01:56] <Darkside> to get it to float, the lift has to be so marginal, that any bit of water on the balloon will cause it to either stop ascenting, or descend
[01:56] <vk3bq> :D
[01:56] <Darkside> launch kits are not for sale
[01:57] <Darkside> the point of developing your own payload is so you have time to learn about the risks involved
[01:57] <Darkside> and have time to talk to CASA
[01:57] <Darkside> you need to get CASA's approval for these kinds of launches
[01:58] <vk3bq> ahh, but you would be a consultant
[01:58] <vk3bq> :D
[01:58] <Darkside> yeah not happening
[01:58] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[01:59] <Darkside> we dont want to be responsible if someone stuffs up and launches into an airport
[01:59] <Darkside> that is our biggest fear: someone screwing up a launch really badly, and killing the hobby
[01:59] <vk3bq> its only tullamarine
[01:59] <vk3jed-wx> oh drae @ "only"
[02:00] <vk3jed-wx> *dear
[02:00] <Darkside> heh
[02:00] <Darkside> this one should be quite a way north of tullamatine
[02:00] <Darkside> tullamarine
[02:00] <Darkside> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=657660e67f54c157b64e3fd389dfa86489bb2375
[02:00] <bambi> Darkside> I am still planning my launch and to that end you may be interested that I just passed the Standard Radio Exam on Monday *smiles*
[02:00] <vk3jed-wx> yeah... bendigo airport might be a different proposition!
[02:00] <Darkside> bambi: nice!
[02:00] <Darkside> congrats
[02:00] <vk3bq> I'm heading to the kimberley, would be good to let one go in the middle of AUS headed east
[02:00] <vk3jed-wx> cool bambi
[02:00] <Darkside> VK3GRK: the problem with that is theres noone to track it
[02:00] <bambi> Thank you all
[02:00] <Darkside> vk3bq: i mean
[02:01] <Darkside> these launches dont get to altitude for a good 12 hours or so
[02:01] <vk3bq> if it was released near broken hill (or west a bit in mcdonald ranges
[02:01] <Darkside> or... adelaide
[02:01] <Darkside> >_>
[02:01] <vk3bq> yes :D
[02:01] <Darkside> i wonder who could have done that before
[02:01] <vk3bq> my little verticle in melbourne was enough
[02:01] <Darkside> oh wait
[02:01] <Darkside> me
[02:02] <vk3bq> further north to catch the sydney guys? maybe
[02:02] <Darkside> nah
[02:02] <Darkside> you just launch when the flight path looks good
[02:02] <bambi> for me here IN Brisbane I will have to go to Outback Queensland some 400km for a launch as most predictions have the capsule tracking east
[02:02] <PSBPI_> still no launch as yet ...... waiting for update from the team
[02:02] <Darkside> i've found that setting a day to launch in advance never ends well
[02:03] <Darkside> the predictions are always crap for that day
[02:03] <Darkside> so if i do another floater, you guys will have maybe 3 days notice tops
[02:03] <Darkside> :P
[02:03] <vk3bq> join vklogger
[02:03] <vk3bq> ans post on that!
[02:03] <Darkside> i am on there
[02:04] <Darkside> anyway, i will do anothe floater soonish
[02:05] <Darkside> hell, if it wasnt so cloudy i could do one today
[02:05] <Darkside> actually its too windy for it today
[02:05] <bambi> welll Lauch +1 hour now *smiles*
[02:05] <Darkside> hrm
[02:05] <Darkside> i think they resetted the payload
[02:05] <Darkside> ite sending image #1 again
[02:06] <bambi> have to get it right
[02:06] <Darkside> oh well
[02:06] <Darkside> ill be back later
[02:07] <bambi> ~byes~
[02:07] <Darkside> hopefully they will have launched by then
[02:07] <Darkside> :P
[02:07] VK5ZRL (96656526@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc:
[02:09] <PSBPI_> just received an update that .. they are .. "still checking the camera" ....
[02:09] cuddykid (~acudworth@ left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[02:12] vk3ohm (789496c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[02:12] <vk3jed-wx> the resistance is here! :)
[02:13] <vk3ohm> First time irc user. Am I connected? (I am the resistance)
[02:13] <Ferran> hello vk3ohm
[02:14] <vk3ohm> No launch yet I assume?
[02:14] <Ferran> no yet
[02:14] <vk3jed-wx> yep you're in
[02:15] <vk3jed-wx> nope, not yet
[02:15] <vk3jed-wx> welcome vk3ohm
[02:15] <bambi> thanks for the updates...
[02:16] iamdanw (uid459@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-udfrjtbpbkcvguay) joined #highaltitude.
[02:17] <Ferran> we are all expecting..
[02:20] <vk3jed-wx> hopefully the guys can sort out their technical issues
[02:21] <bambi> I am sure when I do my launch things will take longer than planed as well
[02:21] <Ferran> yes, hopefully,
[02:21] <vk3jed-wx> Murphy's law
[02:22] <vk3jed-wx> cloud's clearing here. Might have to try for a visual sighting :)
[02:22] <bambi> yay!
[02:22] <Ferran> ohh, nice
[02:22] <vk3jed-wx> got binoculars
[02:22] <PSBPI_> issues with the camera was the last update
[02:22] <Ferran> but, not easy, its a very small balloon
[02:23] <Ferran> thanks PSBPI_
[02:23] <vk3jed-wx> that update was at 12:09 (I use timestamps on IRC all the time)
[02:23] <vk3jed-wx> 12:09 = 0109 UTC
[02:26] <bambi> oh differnt image coming in
[02:26] <vk3ohm> 12:09 = 0209 UTC
[02:26] <Ferran> yesss bambi
[02:26] <PSBPI_> Yes, thats looking a bit better :)
[02:27] <vk3jed-wx> looking good so far *touches wood*
[02:27] <bambi> hey stop touching my head *smiles*
[02:27] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[02:27] <Ferran> hehe
[02:28] <bambi> image antenna and vehicle back light?
[02:29] <Ferran> maybe..not sure
[02:30] <bambi> I'll have to read up on SSDV looks interesting
[02:30] <bambi> the image is inverted I can tell that
[02:31] <Ferran> right bambi
[02:33] <bambi> it's like watching paint dry
[02:36] cuddykid (~acudworth@ joined #highaltitude.
[02:36] <vk3jed-wx> oops lost a packet there :(
[02:37] <bambi> where is photo shop when you need it?
[02:37] <PSBPI_> image is inverted .... white thing is the bullbar of the chase 4wd
[02:38] <bambi> correct
[02:40] <vk3bq> does chase 4wd float?
[02:40] <PSBPI_> :) not very well
[02:41] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[02:41] <vk3jed-wx> need more helium then :P
[02:42] <PSBPI_> yes more helium .. Stat !! :)
[02:42] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[02:43] <PSBPI_> update from the team ... will be launching shortly ....
[02:43] <vk3jed-wx> cool :D
[02:43] <vk3jed-wx> waiting for confirmation of launch :)
[02:44] <bambi> < taps her foot.....
[02:44] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[02:45] <vk3jed-wx> I'll had back out to the shack in a min :)
[02:45] <vk3jed-wx> *head
[02:45] <bambi> OK.....
[02:45] <vk3ohm> I see a foot
[02:46] <Ferran> better images
[02:47] <Darkside> bigger = slower
[02:47] <Darkside> also this image will still be coming in long after launch :P
[02:47] <Darkside> but this is normal for SSDV launches
[02:49] <PSBPI_> balloon is released !!!
[02:50] <vk3jed-wx> cool
[02:50] <Ferran> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[02:50] <vk3bq> horray
[02:50] <vk3jed-wx> off to the shack :)
[02:50] <VK3GRK> Ye can just hear it.
[02:50] <bambi> yay
[02:50] <VK3GRK> Getting louder.
[02:50] <vk3jed-wx> i have signal!
[02:50] <Darkside> main screen turn on
[02:50] <bambi> lovely
[02:51] <Darkside> no new data yet
[02:54] <Darkside> hrh, negstiv ascent rate
[02:54] <PSBPI_> aprs tracking data coming through now
[02:55] <bambi> cool
[02:55] <vk3ohm> Can't see it on the tracker
[02:55] <PSBPI_> its moving on the tracker now ... at 450m & 24kmhr
[02:55] <PSBPI_> http://spacenear.us/tracker/
[02:55] <VK3GRK> Can hear it but not decoding anything yet.
[02:58] <vk3jed-wx> tough getting good decodes
[02:58] <Darkside> give it time
[02:58] <Darkside> its still too low
[02:58] <PSBPI_> ascent rate is 0.7 - 1.0m s .... at 546m now
[02:58] <Darkside> PSBPI_: we can see the tracker
[02:58] <Darkside> you dont have to give a play-by-play on IRC
[02:59] <PSBPI_> ok
[03:00] <vk3jed-wx> hearing it clearly but not getting good packets...
[03:00] <vk3jed-wx> anything to improve decode performance?
[03:01] <bambi> giving the receiver a <wack> always works for me *smiles*
[03:01] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[03:02] <VK3GRK> It says I am decoding some image packets. I have to go but will leave the receiver on.
[03:02] <vk3bq> any decodes tony?
[03:03] <Darkside> vk3jed-wx: wait for it to get closer san dhigher
[03:03] <vk3bq> 3grk - what frequency does it seem to be on pls
[03:04] VK3zyc-2 (7b02f4be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[03:04] <Darkside> vk3bq: its well below your radio horizon
[03:04] <Darkside> you wont see it yet
[03:05] <vk3jed-wx> I'm now decoding packets, but not telemetry
[03:05] <vk3bq> i know, just curious what people are seeing it on. how far off .650?
[03:05] <vk3jed-wx> pretty close actually to 650
[03:07] <vk3bq> grk is decoding packets now
[03:07] <bambi> Temp 36C I guess thats internal or external with the sun hitting it
[03:08] <vk3ohm> Don't see it on http://spacenear.us/tracker/, but do on aprs.net.au :-(
[03:09] cuddykid (~acudworth@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[03:09] <Darkside> vk3ohm: what browser are you using
[03:09] <Darkside> and refresh
[03:10] <Darkside> because its working fine here, im using chromw
[03:10] <Darkside> chrome
[03:10] <Darkside> gtg
[03:10] <vk3ohm> IE10 Will switch to something else
[03:10] <bambi> Waterfox is displaying correctly
[03:11] <vk3ohm> Chrome works fine - I now hate Microsoft
[03:11] <vk3bq> hate now, or more than you did beofre
[03:12] <vk3ohm> What's the signifivance of the blue and green rings?
[03:13] <vk3bq> i believe blue is radio horizon
[03:13] <vk3ohm> I'm guessing blue is horizon, but what's the green?
[03:13] <vk3bq> green is visual?
[03:13] <vk3bq> not sure
[03:13] <vk3bq> can hear data now, in melbourne.
[03:14] <bambi> place your mouse on the rings and click the <?>
[03:16] <vk3ohm> Can just hear as blue line passes me (Donvale). No decode yet
[03:16] <VK3TBC> I can hear it in Melb but it's way in the noise to decode. In essendon
[03:18] <bambi> oh new image coming in......
[03:21] <arko> woah nice
[03:23] <vk3bq> no decodes :(
[03:24] <vk3bq> wonder what im doing wrong
[03:24] <vk3bq> its loyd now
[03:24] <vk3bq> u
[03:25] <vk3jed-wx> yeah I have a huge RF signal but not decoding all packets and few position reports
[03:25] <arko> http://i.imgur.com/CgRWIpO.jpg
[03:25] <arko> we have it on our projector at our hackerspace :)
[03:25] <vk3jed-wx> cool
[03:25] <bambi> OMG reception central
[03:26] <PSBPI_> arko: Cool :)
[03:27] <arko> good luck!
[03:28] <vk3jed-wx> mystified as to reception issues... is there any guide on tweaking fldigi?
[03:29] <bambi> have you set it to the "auto configure"?
[03:29] <vk3jed-wx> yep
[03:30] <vk3jed-wx> on the 300 baud one
[03:32] <bambi> mmmmm
[03:32] <VK3TBC> decoding
[03:32] <bambi> ge ALL the images are upside down *smiles*'
[03:32] <PSBPI_> first picture from the balloon rotated .... http://twitpic.com/d11uwb
[03:33] <bambi> < looks
[03:33] <bambi> cool it save me doing hand stands *smiles*
[03:35] <PSBPI_> bamba: :)
[03:36] <vk3bq> nothing :( rtty 300 baud / shift 450
[03:36] <PSBPI_> bambi: :)
[03:36] <vk3vcl> Contact
[03:39] <vk3bq> so what am I doing wrong? annoying hearing it wonderfully
[03:40] <PSBPI_> second image from balloon - rotated http://twitpic.com/d11wh1
[03:40] <Ferran> nicee
[03:42] <bambi> maybe the peopel decoading can assist you - of course here in Brisbane I am reciving nothing
[03:42] <vk3bq> so, thos who are decoding, hat setitngs,
[03:42] <vk3bq> what
[03:44] bfirsh (uid1308@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-gnciusxfvmdydrkr) joined #highaltitude.
[03:44] <vk3vcl> vk3bq: Hows the local noise floor? Is your waterfall clutered or is the signal clearly visible?
[03:44] <VK1OD> vk3bq: Andrew, are you using appropriate bandwidth?
[03:45] <vk3bq> i have my filter at 2.2khz
[03:45] <VK1OD> vk3bq: That is not what I meant, how wide are the red bars in fldigi
[03:46] someone112233 (7ca814e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[03:46] Gillerire (~Jamie@182-239-220-184.ip.adam.com.au) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[03:47] <VK1OD> vk3bq: over...
[03:48] <bambi> vk3bq> you van move the red bars manually with your mous - that may improve decoading?
[03:49] vk2io (dce95a8f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[03:50] <vk3ohm> "Receive filter bandwidth" too narrow was my decode problem
[03:51] <vk3bq> think that was it, too narrow
[03:51] <vk3vcl> vk3bq: Whats your S/N dB ratio reading . Lower left hand side of the screen?
[03:51] <VK1OD> vk3bq: You may have had it set appropriately for 110Bd... and as you know the project team uploaded bad configuration data to confuse the beginners!
[03:51] <vk3bq> 12db
[03:52] <vk3vcl> vk3bq: Try to lower the input level to get the S/N ratio down to around zero
[03:55] <vk3bq> turned it down, its very loud RX now,
[03:55] <VK3TBC> 480 shift, 160 BW LSB and reverse on the program for fldigi.
[03:56] <VK3TBC> Signal strength 5 in Melbourne Essendon easy copy
[03:56] <vk3jed-wx> hmm, my ssdv decodes don't seem to be getting uploaded
[03:57] <VK3TBC> did you tick the box on the config?
[03:57] <vk3jed-wx> which box where... the config is a bit of a dogs breakfast
[03:57] <VK3TBC> in the dl config
[03:58] <VK1OD> If you let fldigi automatically choose recieve bandwidth for the baud rate, it will choose 300Hz for 300Bd. If you make the bandwidth too low, you will compromise copy.
[03:58] <VK3TBC> Click the tab in sl client and there is a config item. It normally defaults to on to upload, but perhaps yours is unchecked
[03:59] <vk3ohm> In Config Modems RTTY set "Receive filter bandwith" to Auto (or 300)
[03:59] <vk3jed-wx> which box specifically?
[04:01] <vk3ohm> Configure | Modems | RTTY
[04:01] <VK3TBC> DL-Clientt-> configuration->habitat upload checkbox
[04:02] <vk3jed-wx> there's an online checkbox under habitat, no upload
[04:02] <VK3TBC> thats it
[04:02] <vk3jed-wx> yeah it's been checked all the time
[04:03] <VK3TBC> Dont know. Firewall?
[04:03] <vk3jed-wx> nope
[04:03] <VK3TBC> pass
[04:04] <vk3jed-wx> i'm updating telemetry when I get it, so that one is on
[04:05] daveake (~daveake@daveake.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[04:05] <PSBPI_> latest picture from the balloon ... rotated .. http://twitpic.com/d121cn
[04:05] <VK3TBC> you have the uri set to habitat yes?
[04:05] <vk3jed-wx> the one that was in there by default
[04:06] <vk3jed-wx> habitat.habhug.org is the uri
[04:06] <vk3jed-wx> *habhub
[04:06] <bambi> PSBPI > Thank you
[04:08] <vk3bq> after much yelling
[04:09] <vk3bq> im decoding
[04:09] <vk3bq> :(
[04:09] <vk3jed-wx> what did you do Andrew?
[04:09] <vk3jed-wx> I'm decoding lots of packets, a little telemetry, telemetry is appearing, packets aren't being uploaded it seems :(
[04:09] <vk3jed-wx> not getting my callsign on any pics :(
[04:11] <vk3bq> the mode
[04:11] <vk3bq> it was rtty
[04:11] <vk3bq> not USB
[04:11] <vk3bq> :(
[04:11] <vk3bq> near the frequency bit
[04:11] <vk3jed-wx> on your radio?
[04:11] <vk3bq> on software
[04:11] <vk3jed-wx> hmm, ok
[04:12] <vk3jed-wx> mine's on usb, :)
[04:12] <vk3jed-wx> 57k 5.3 degrees elevatiom, latest telemetry :)
[04:13] <bambi> vk3jed-wx> so all is working for you now?
[04:13] <arko> are you guys aiming to have a floater?
[04:13] <vk3jed-wx> not uploading :(
[04:14] <vk3jed-wx> From what I understand, it's supposed to be a floater
[04:14] <bambi> vk3jed-wx> are you decoading the data on your screen OK?
[04:14] <vk3jed-wx> and only occasional telemetry decodes
[04:14] <vk3jed-wx> yeah probab;y 2/3 of the ssdv packets are good
[04:14] <vk3jed-wx> or better
[04:17] <VK3TBC> vk3jed, are you able to decode the picture locally?
[04:17] <vk3jed-wx> yeah
[04:17] <vk3jed-wx> been getting pictures, subject to the missing packets as received here
[04:18] <VK3TBC> Hmmm, your callsign is set in the config, yes. It will display a message albeit really quicly on successful telemetry picture decode as to why it is not uploading. Is on the bottome of the screen.
[04:19] <vk3jed-wx> ok, haven't seen it. I see telemetry uploaded successfully, when I get any sniff of telemetry, but nothing for ssdv packets
[04:19] <PSBPI_> arko: Yes the team was aiming for a floater
[04:19] <arko> nice
[04:20] <vk3jed-wx> SSDV packet decoded
[04:20] <vk3jed-wx> is all I get
[04:20] <vk3jed-wx> SSDV: Decoded image packet! that's the only SSDV status I get
[04:21] <VK3TBC> Down the bottom. Also, you need to have the latest version of DL FLdigi earlier versions dont do the partial upload thing from memory
[04:21] <VK3GHZ> hearing from East Gippsland QF32, no decode yet
[04:22] <vk3jed-wx> downloaded fldigi last night
[04:22] <vk3jed-wx> 3.21.50
[04:22] <vk3bq> in DL Clinet in menu
[04:22] <vk3bq> is online ticked
[04:23] <Darkside> arko: i dont think this one will floar
[04:23] <Darkside> ascent rate is too high
[04:23] <vk3bq> and maybe untick then retick that
[04:23] <Darkside> and the payload is 140g
[04:23] <Darkside> 1.5m/s with th 140g means a bit too much gas to float i think
[04:24] <Darkside> ok so the camera is upside down?
[04:24] <Darkside> and pointing at an angle it looks like
[04:25] niftylettuce (uid2733@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-ibezykprsfakwaln) joined #highaltitude.
[04:25] <vk3jed-wx> ok, improved decoding... squelch threshold was set too high, now getting rock solid telemetry decodes
[04:26] <vk3bq> and ur listed as an uploader
[04:26] <vk3bq> :D
[04:26] <vk3jed-wx> woohoo.... that was hidden off the screen thanks to a bloody mickeysoft display issue :(
[04:26] <bambi> YAY! AT last! *smiles*
[04:27] <vk3jed-wx> w00h00 that looks better... had me stumped, as my setup is usually rock solid on data modes
[04:28] <vk3jed-wx> still not appearing on images, but I am on the tracker :)
[04:28] <VK3TBC> S8 at the moment in Essendon Great job PSBPI!
[04:30] <PSBPI_> VK3TBC: :)
[04:31] <PSBPI_> I am rotating and re-posting pics that are not just clouds ...
[04:32] <vk3jed-wx> cool.... well getting 100% decodes after my last tweak! :D
[04:32] <Darkside> just turn off squelch altogether
[04:32] <vk3jed-wx> yep that's what I did
[04:33] <vk3ohm> Payload just QSY'd + 1kHz ?
[04:34] <vk3jed-wx> it's been gradually drifting up in freq, no sudden jumps tho
[04:34] <vk3ohm> OK - wasn't watching closely
[04:34] <VK3TBC> 434.655 lsb at the moment here
[04:35] <vk3bq> my 3 year old son just said, cool - space clouds..
[04:35] <vk3jed-wx> cool
[04:36] <PSBPI_> VK3BQ: :)
[04:36] <vk3jed-wx> I'm on usb, somewhere near 434.651 carrier freq
[04:36] <vk3jed-wx> currently monitoring remotely, no CAT connected
[04:36] <vk3jed-wx> VNC rocks :)
[04:37] <vk3jed-wx> balloon now 95k away, it's got up a bit od speed I see
[04:41] <vk3jed-wx> Still not appearing on the images as a contributor. :(
[04:41] <vk3jed-wx> though decoding 100% locally
[04:44] <VK3TBC> Anyone from Canberra? Footprint is not too far off :)
[04:44] VK3FLAC (~VK3FLAC@ joined #highaltitude.
[04:45] <WIlldude123> Morning.
[04:47] <vk3jed-wx> must have some url wrong somewhere
[04:48] <VK3TBC> http://www.sanslogic.co.uk/ssdv/data.php for the image
[04:51] wizdude (uid10270@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-brmsheomrxbzryvh) joined #highaltitude.
[04:52] steveg7vrk (c2a82a0d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[04:53] <vk3jed-wx> thanks
[04:54] <vk3jed-wx> that did the trick :)
[04:55] <vk3jed-wx> now i'm appearing :)
[04:56] <VK3TBC> Excellent
[04:56] <bambi> well it look long enough! *smiles*
[04:56] <vk3jed-wx> all working... now the question is how much longer i'll have Rx...
[04:56] <vk3jed-wx> helps to have the right info! lol
[04:57] <vk3jed-wx> according to fldigi, it's now 140km away and 3 degrees above the horizon
[04:57] <VK3TBC> Its still strong here S7. Soon to hit the 10000m mark. That's cool
[04:58] <vk3jed-wx> S1-2 here
[05:03] <vk3jed-wx> just passed 1000m altitude :)
[05:03] <vk3jed-wx> 10000
[05:04] <vk3ohm> s 0.5 here
[05:05] <vk3ohm> Just found out what the green ring is - 5 degree above horizon. Mouse popup only works in Firefox :-(
[05:05] <PSBPI_> Update from ground team .... battery life is expected to be 20 hours... they are not chasing and are in Bendigo watching data ..
[05:05] <bambi> <memo to self> sont use IE
[05:05] VK3GHZ (65a0c61d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[05:06] <VK1OD> I have just got VK1KW online... he is not hearing it yet, but should be in 15min or so.
[05:06] <vk3jed-wx> cool
[05:06] <VK3TBC> 10000 meters, now that is cool. Can we blow away the clouds please!
[05:06] <heathkid> who in the UK was thinking of a glider?
[05:06] <heathkid> http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=14284
[05:06] <vk3jed-wx> so the launch team are somewhere around town here?
[05:06] <heathkid> works and should be okay... right?
[05:06] <heathkid> I have two... planning on one for a launch later this summer...
[05:07] <PSBPI_> They are at the Beechworth Bakery by the looks of it
[05:07] <vk3jed-wx> ahh ok, know it :)_
[05:07] <heathkid> spherachute first... then a cutdown to deploy...
[05:07] <vk3jed-wx> :)
[05:07] <heathkid> thoughts?
[05:08] <bambi> <heathkid> may I ask how you plan to jetison the exploded baloon?
[05:08] <vk3jed-wx> dunno heathkid
[05:09] <vk3jed-wx> signal getting weak here at 180km... still decoding though
[05:10] <PSBPI_> its really moving in the jetstream now .. doing 220km/hr
[05:11] <vk3jed-wx> woah
[05:11] <VK3TBC> S7-Still strong
[05:12] <heathkid> bambi: multiple cutdowns
[05:12] <vk3jed-wx> what's your distance to the balloon?
[05:12] <vk3jed-wx> it's 190k from here now
[05:14] <bambi> <heathkid>radio controlled?
[05:14] <heathkid> can it swim?
[05:14] <heathkid> PSBPI?
[05:15] <VK3TBC> How high can the balloon go before it pops?
[05:15] <heathkid> what are you using for a temp sensor?
[05:15] <VK1OD> Why is VK3LN near Japan? Hint: check lat/long... especially sign of lat.
[05:15] <heathkid> seems not working now?
[05:16] <vk3jed-wx> think i've decoded my last complete pic... unless i get lucky!
[05:16] <heathkid> external... also batt voltage...
[05:16] <heathkid> 0
[05:16] <VK3TBC> I dont think they are using the outside temp sensor only internal
[05:16] <bambi> yes I saw that erroronious location too (japan)
[05:16] <heathkid> ah
[05:17] <vk3jed-wx> that's some Dx :D
[05:17] <vk3ohm> Have sent vk3ln an email about his location
[05:17] <heathkid> 12.3C is pretty nice inside the payload!
[05:18] <vk3ln> thanks Owen
[05:18] <heathkid> *serious* DX
[05:18] <vk3ohm> vk3ln is back with us!
[05:18] <heathkid> :)
[05:18] <heathkid> awesome launch!!!
[05:18] <bambi> nicer here in Brisbane 23.3C in my room at the moment window open blue skies
[05:18] <vk3jed-wx> that looks better
[05:19] <vk3jed-wx> I'm happy, got the bugs out of my Rx setup
[05:19] <PSBPI_> VK3TBC: The team was aiming for 20,000m
[05:19] <heathkid> 27.4C here in Indiana, USA right now
[05:19] <heathkid> windows open... nice
[05:20] <vk3jed-wx> nice
[05:20] <heathkid> 68%RH
[05:20] <heathkid> feels nice
[05:20] Seejjay (~Seejjay@ceejay13.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[05:20] <heathkid> slight breeze
[05:20] <vk3jed-wx> Looking forward to the next launch now. :)
[05:20] <bambi> super still day here
[05:21] Action: heathkid can't launch at night
[05:21] <heathkid> and I don't have any He
[05:21] <heathkid> :)
[05:21] <heathkid> or I'd have been up in the air yesterday
[05:21] <heathkid> or today
[05:21] <heathkid> or tomorrow
[05:22] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-157-39-177.range86-157.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[05:22] Action: heathkid has launch fever...
[05:22] <heathkid> is there such a thing?
[05:22] <heathkid> *everything* is perfect.... have everything except He...
[05:23] <heathkid> why don't I have He?
[05:23] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[05:23] <heathkid> glad you think it's funny
[05:23] someone112233 (7ca814e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[05:24] <heathkid> do I go with the 600g or the 1200g... where's my He tank.... oh yea, don't have one yet. DAMN.
[05:24] <heathkid> :)
[05:25] SamSilver (c5573e2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[05:25] <heathkid> I am so ready for ....yes.... my first launch.
[05:26] <heathkid> I've spent so much time doing reading, research, predictions, etc....
[05:26] <heathkid> shouldn't I just launch by now?
[05:26] <heathkid> it all works (APRS)
[05:26] <heathkid> perfectly
[05:27] <heathkid> 12g tracker plus 2 AA lithiums and a keychain HD camera (tested... no GPS interference with the 808)
[05:27] <bambi> for pete's sake... someone get <heathkit> some helium! *smiles*
[05:27] <heathkid> :)
[05:28] <vk3jed-wx> lol
[05:28] <heathkid> first launch is fast ascent to burst
[05:28] <heathkid> 2nd is a floater
[05:28] <heathkid> 3rd is trying to deploy a para-foil for "return to home"
[05:28] <bambi> I still havent mastered the computer coding - its what is holding me up for launch
[05:29] <heathkid> ambitious? :)
[05:29] <bambi> I say....Go for It!
[05:29] <SamSilver> what country bambi
[05:29] <heathkid> :)
[05:29] <SamSilver> ?
[05:30] <bambi> < hands SamSilver a Vegemite sandwich....
[05:30] <bambi> ((Australia))
[05:30] <SamSilver> Oh good clue
[05:30] <heathkid> Vegemite??????????
[05:30] <heathkid> ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
[05:30] <bambi> hehe
[05:30] <SamSilver> marmite = vegemite
[05:31] <SamSilver> Bovril = ewwwwwwweee!
[05:31] <heathkid> my friend from Perth ran out so I didn't have to "try it"
[05:31] <heathkid> "have to" try it
[05:31] <bambi> well both of those are just scraped off the factory floor and placed in jars I think *smiles*
[05:31] <heathkid> :)
[05:31] <SamSilver> i have always had the thought that it could be flamabile
[05:32] <bambi> yes its the ardunio programing that is difficult for me - I have nover done it before
[05:32] <heathkid> tell anyone what it is and no one will eat it... EVER!
[05:33] <heathkid> arduino programming is the easy part
[05:33] <bambi> well you could say the same about eggs (psst do you kno
[05:33] <heathkid> so much help here
[05:33] <bambi> < waves her hand "I need the help please!"
[05:34] <heathkid> yes, and you KNOW you'd love a bottle of good Ranch Dressing! :)
[05:34] <heathkid> oh... contains eggs... can't export/import.. whatever.
[05:35] <SamSilver> I see PSPBI is heading for float, pity the predictor is not working
[05:35] <heathkid> and yes... I may be in the middle of nowhere in the midwest USA... but I worked for an Oz company for about 5 years
[05:36] <bambi> heathkid - well then you know how lazy wer are here then *smiles*
[05:36] <heathkid> :P
[05:36] <heathkid> work harder than I do now
[05:37] <heathkid> :)
[05:37] <heathkid> sucked that I was at the perfect time zone to work 24 hours a day!!!!
[05:37] <jcoxon> quite cloudy
[05:37] <jcoxon> is the camera facing down and upside down?
[05:37] <bambi> well about the ardunio I am serious actually I woudl appreciate any help with that
[05:37] <heathkid> I'd get home... Perth office would open
[05:38] <bambi> yes the camera us upside down and it is on cloud servey it seems *smiles*
[05:38] Action: heathkid is confused
[05:38] <heathkid> if in oz... isn't the camera already upside down?
[05:38] <heathkid> :P
[05:39] <jcoxon> and that ground speed is amazing
[05:39] <bambi> nah its right side up here - its you all in the northern hemisphers that is standing one your heads
[05:39] <jcoxon> 226km/hr
[05:39] <heathkid> that's FAST
[05:39] <bambi> just look at the moon - the rabit is right side up here *smiles*
[05:40] <x-f> good morning, world!
[05:40] <heathkid> worldly we are
[05:40] <bambi> 226km/h thats approching shinkansen (bullet) train speeds
[05:40] <heathkid> dang that's moving fast!
[05:42] <x-f> last night i discovered that nothing is being saved to the SD card for unknown reason, so we might loose some datapoints today, but that's a fairly minor issue
[05:42] <jcoxon> okay this might sound crazy
[05:42] <jcoxon> but if this floated the JS is heading towards NZ
[05:42] <heathkid> ???
[05:43] <heathkid> where's my jetstream imaging...
[05:43] <daveake> Should have added wifi so it could have relayed via the Google balloons
[05:43] <jcoxon> i'm running a predict now
[05:44] Ferran (5f3f61c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[05:44] <jcoxon> not sure this will work as a link
[05:44] <jcoxon> http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=en&MENU=0000000000&CONT=aupa&MODELL=gfs&MODELLTYP=1&BASE=-&VAR=w200&HH=0&ARCHIV=0&ZOOM=0&PERIOD=&WMO=
[05:45] <jcoxon> yeah predictions say that if it floats it'll head towards NZ
[05:45] <daveake> :)
[05:46] <daveake> Is it me or are images 13, 14 and 16 *exactly* the same?
[05:46] vk4dz (~vk4dz@ joined #highaltitude.
[05:46] <daveake> and 11
[05:46] <jcoxon> 12 an 15
[05:47] <daveake> ah yes those two
[05:47] <daveake> too
[05:47] <daveake> Suspect this is using my patent-pending best-image-finder algorithm :p, and that the winner isn't being deleted
[05:48] <jcoxon> eek
[05:48] <daveake> either that or it's not taking a new image so deliberately reverts to the previous one
[05:48] <VK3TBC> Good to see VK1 on!
[05:49] <vk3jed-wx> yep VK1 is good, doing a fair trip from up there
[05:49] <daveake> I've looked at clouds from both sides now
[05:49] <daveake> From up and down, and still somehow
[05:49] <daveake> It's cloud illusions I recall
[05:49] <daveake> I really don't know clouds at all
[05:49] <daveake> Except I'm getting to know those ones quite well :p
[05:50] <daveake> 17 looks the same too. Ping PSBPI
[05:50] <vk4dz> G'day all. My boys and I watching our first Hab launch. Good work!
[05:50] <WIlldude123> Morning daveake
[05:50] <jcoxon> http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/16741_trj001.gif
[05:50] <jcoxon> awesome!
[05:51] <Darkside> jcoxon: i think it'll burst before that :P
[05:51] <WIlldude123> Do you know what is happening with the VHF field day dave? Someone I know from nadars saying there was also a station at walbury hill, but I can't find any reference to iy.
[05:51] <jcoxon> the NZ part though
[05:51] <jcoxon> 24hrs
[05:51] <Darkside> mm
[05:51] <daveake> Yeah it's an RPi suspect it has ~20 hours max
[05:52] <daveake> WIlldude123, I know nothing
[05:53] <PSBPI_> im back at the computer now .... sorry was away for a little bit
[05:53] <bambi> Welcome Back
[05:53] <daveake> Ah, was wondering about the duplicated SSDV images
[05:54] <PSBPI_> Yes from 11 onwards they look the same
[05:55] <daveake> Any idea why?
[05:55] <bambi> as its not coing towards me here in Brisbane I will stope receiving
[05:56] <Darkside> daveake: PSBPI_ didnt make the payload
[05:57] <PSBPI_> no I dont know ... the ground team have headed towards home now and are on the road ... So im sure they will have some ideas when they debrief later
[05:57] <daveake> Ah OK
[05:57] <PSBPI_> bambi: ok thanks bambi
[05:57] <bambi> nps *smiles*
[05:57] <Darkside> looks ike APRS have failed
[05:57] <Darkside> has*
[05:57] <Darkside> hasnt updated in ages
[05:58] <PSBPI_> IM still seeing data on the tracker ...
[06:01] <jcoxon> bbl
[06:01] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-157-39-177.range86-157.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[06:01] <PSBPI_> Just went through 15,000m over orbost
[06:02] <heathkid> PSBPI: what are the specs on the launch? payload weight? balloon size? etc?....
[06:02] <bambi> yay
[06:02] <heathkid> still ascending.... nice!
[06:03] <PSBPI_> payload was 140g ... 350g balloon I think may have been smaller
[06:04] <Darkside> oretty sure ndy was going to use a 100g
[06:05] <PSBPI_> yeah like I said may ahve been smaller ...
[06:05] <PSBPI_> IM sure there will be an update on the teams webpage http://projectspaceballoon.net/ in the not too distant future
[06:07] <vk3jed-wx> Cool
[06:07] <vk3jed-wx> and looking forward to the next one :)
[06:07] <vk3jed-wx> think next time I can offer a lot more telemetry
[06:08] <PSBPI_> vk3jed: that would be great
[06:09] number10 (56aca2b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[06:09] <vk3vcl> @393 kms I'm LOS.. Cheers all.. Good job to the team.
[06:09] <vk3jed-wx> Will be happy to.
[06:10] <vk3jed-wx> I lost teletry at 367km
[06:10] <vk3jed-wx> telemetry
[06:10] <PSBPI_> vk3jed: thank you for assisting with the decoding :)
[06:10] <vk3jed-wx> you're welcome. Had fun, gave me a foot in the bum to get the station up :)
[06:10] <PSBPI_> vk3vc1: Thank you for helping with decoding
[06:11] <PSBPI_> vk3jed: :)
[06:11] <vk3vcl> np.. see you next time
[06:11] <vk3jed-wx> been here 2 1/2 months
[06:11] <vk3jed-wx> bloody hell, just decoded telemetry at 420km!!!
[06:11] <Darkside> thats nothing :P
[06:12] <vk3jed-wx> 0.3 degrees elevation
[06:12] <vk3jed-wx> which would probably put it below my local horizon
[06:12] <Darkside> last floater we did people were getting it at -0.1
[06:13] <vk3jed-wx> that'd work if they were on a hill, getting a bit of tropo, etc.... (none of the above apply here ;) )
[06:13] <bambi> its crossing the coastline ocen photos coming up?
[06:13] <Darkside> well given its been sending the same photos over and over again
[06:13] <Darkside> probably not
[06:13] <bambi> drat
[06:14] <vk3jed-wx> looks like sigs have taken a nosedive now, can barely see it on the waterfall now
[06:14] <PSBPI_> no ... technical issue with the camera most likely ...
[06:14] <Darkside> something failed
[06:14] G8KNN (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[06:14] <Darkside> APRS has also failed
[06:15] <vk3jed-wx> looks like it's over for me, the waterfall very faint here now
[06:15] vk4dz (~vk4dz@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[06:15] <PSBPI_> darkside: what are you seeing that says APRS has failed ? Im still seeing data on the tracker ....
[06:16] <PSBPI_> vk3jed: OK thank you very much for your assistance ...
[06:16] <vk3jed-wx> np, you're welcome
[06:16] Grover (65a11220@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[06:16] <Darkside> PSBPI_: look at aprs.fi
[06:16] <Darkside> last position was far inland
[06:18] <Upu> morning all
[06:18] <PSBPI_> Darkside: Yes can see it now ... you are right ... :)
[06:21] <bambi> Upu good morning
[06:21] <Upu> oh hi bambi long time no see
[06:22] <bambi> yes indeed - I have been here with others for about 5 hours with the PSBPI travking - but I couldn't help out (out of range)
[06:22] OZ1SKY_Brian (~Brian@ joined #highaltitude.
[06:23] <Upu> Do we have any trackers in New Zealand ? :)
[06:23] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[06:23] <bambi> < Upu You may be interested to learn I passed the exams for the Standard Amateur Operator last monday
[06:24] <Upu> oh comgrats
[06:24] <Upu> whats your calls sign ?
[06:24] <Upu> or don't you have it yet ?
[06:24] <OZ1SKY_Brian> good morning
[06:25] <OZ1SKY_Brian> bambi congrats, looking forward to hearing you on air
[06:25] <bambi> < Upu> thanks. And I am still planning a launch - just stull struggling with the ardunio code. Passed the exam, now waiting for the paper work - maybe 3~4 weeks till I am 'official'
[06:26] <Upu> cool well congrats
[06:26] <bambi> I passed the Foundation on ANZAC Day (April 25)
[06:26] <Upu> right dog needs a walk brb
[06:26] vk3ohm (789496c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[06:26] <bambi> >OZ1SKY thank you
[06:26] <PSBPI_> bambi: What are you trying to do with the arduino .... ?
[06:27] <bambi> transmit the GPS data
[06:27] <bambi> and store it on an SD card
[06:27] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[06:28] <PSBPI_> ok .. storing it on the SD card I can help with ... we write all our sensor data to the SD Card ..
[06:28] <bambi> yes please
[06:28] <Darkside> we dont bother
[06:28] <Darkside> temp vs altitude data isnt interesting enough to keep
[06:28] <Darkside> and we receive everything on the ground anyway
[06:29] <PSBPI_> Bambi: There is some arduino code here from our logger .... includes writing to the SD Card
[06:30] <PSBPI_> http://hab.hampson.net.au/?p=251#more-251
[06:30] <bambi> Thank you kindly
[06:32] <bambi> now I have to tie it all together *smiles*
[06:32] Ferran (5f3f61c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[06:32] <Ferran> re hello
[06:32] <bambi> as I will probably be the only tracker for my launch the SD is just for back up and may have sensor data recoded too
[06:32] <PSBPI_> Yes ... just be careful what pins are being used for what devices ... dont overlap/share any
[06:33] <bambi> OK Thank you
[06:33] <PSBPI_> also the serial console is your friend for debugging :)
[06:33] <bambi> I have never used code before so its all new to me
[06:34] vladimirek (~vladimire@ joined #highaltitude.
[06:36] <PSBPI_> there are lots of examples with the arduino IDE. Start simple ... one device at a time, then tieing them all into one piece of code is not too difficult
[06:36] <bambi> OK thank you for your kind advice
[06:36] g4ayu (50c193ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[06:36] <PSBPI_> welcome
[06:37] number10 (56aca2b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[06:37] g4ayu (50c193ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[06:38] <bambi> VK1's height is helping the tracking no doubt
[06:39] vladimirek (~vladimire@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[06:43] vk3ln (3aa474e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[06:47] <VK1OD> Has it burst, suddenly fairly rapid descent???
[06:48] <VK1OD> No, going up again.
[06:49] <PSBPI_> no tracker still has it going up ....
[06:49] <vk3bq> gone from my range, hope it can swim :D cya guys, thanks
[06:50] <PSBPI_> vk3bq: thank you for your help today :)
[06:51] mikestir (~quassel@cpc10-brmb8-2-0-cust107.1-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[06:53] <eroomde> might be worth getting someone with access to gysplit to calculate how long it might take to hit NZ
[06:54] <eroomde> unless it's a definite gonner, battery-wise
[06:56] homewld (518183ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[06:56] <vk3bq> is it just me, or do all the images LOOK the same :D
[06:56] <bambi> its not just you
[06:56] <bambi> new images stopped a while ago
[06:58] <Guest97955> Received email: Anthony Stirk "[UKHAS] PAVA"
[06:58] vk3bq (724c34f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[06:58] vk3vcl (657273dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[07:01] <PSBPI_> vk3bq: Yes seems to be a failure with the camera as its been transmitting the same picture for a coupe of hours
[07:03] bambi (79d0d2f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[07:04] <PSBPI_> altitude has been fairly stable for the last 15 minutes .. slight ups and downs
[07:05] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[07:11] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[07:12] kpiman (56b3b7ec@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:20] <VK1OD> It just died, carrier with no modulation.
[07:20] <VK1OD> And modulation is back on... perhaps it rebooted?
[07:21] steveg7vrk (c2a82a0d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[07:22] Adam012 (d5cde345@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:22] ibanezmatt13 (~ibanezmat@host86-176-53-27.range86-176.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[07:22] <ibanezmatt13> Good Morning :)
[07:22] <Adam012> Good morning all from the Horizon Team
[07:23] <daveake> Morning Adam012 how's the prediction looking?
[07:23] <Adam012> Our first available 'safe' launch path is 15:00 today: http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=e993844cb967d00e5528d0bc9388d3a9a29211a5
[07:23] <daveake> Yeah later = more south I noticed
[07:23] <Adam012> With a 2hr 42 min flight time we could pick it up and be back here by 18:30
[07:24] <PSBPI_> That may be our last packet of data
[07:25] zs6bnt (5c16fa0c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:25] <WIlldude123> daveake: Just realized that NADARS and BARC are both doing the VHF field day.
[07:25] <eroomde> that doesn't looks very seafe
[07:25] <WIlldude123> Not sure which one to go to.
[07:25] VK1OD (omd@CPE-60-229-12-22.lns4.ken.bigpond.net.au) left #highaltitude.
[07:26] <eroomde> you're completely completely overflying the 2nd biggest city in the UK
[07:27] <eroomde> and you're crossing about 4 different motorways
[07:28] <eroomde> that's the kind of flight path I would use as a canonical example of 'when not to launch'. You'd only beat it by landing on heathrow
[07:28] Tramvai (50eb2c78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:29] <Tramvai> Oh wow :P A lot of radios activated for one launch in Australia
[07:30] <PSBPI_> NO we are back ... payload did a reboot .. and is transmitting again ...
[07:31] <PSBPI_> Tramvai: Yes we are still flying ... 100km+ out in the Tasman sea now ....
[07:32] <Tramvai> Was that expected?
[07:32] <ibanezmatt13> Guys I have a bit of an issue. At Steve's site, I can't launch with Hydrogen in the month of August because of the risk of his crops setting fire. Only helium in August and Hydrogen any other time. Damn :)
[07:32] <ibanezmatt13> not his, the farmers
[07:33] <eroomde> so don't launch in august
[07:33] <eroomde> or use helium
[07:34] number10 (b2688eab@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:34] <PSBPI_> Yes was a sacrificial payload this time
[07:34] <daveake> Adam012 I wouldn't fly that. You can't tely enough on the prediction or your ability (or mine or anyone else's) to get the ascent rate just right. You've got a lot of Brum there to hit not to mention 3 motorways.
[07:34] <Tramvai> Oh, okay
[07:34] <eroomde> Adam012: i hope you picked up the above. i'd consider that flight path dangerous and irresponsible, by historical hab standards.
[07:34] <ibanezmatt13> eroomde, looks like it may have to be helium, can't really do any other month
[07:34] <number10> morning
[07:34] <ibanezmatt13> morning number10
[07:35] <Adam012> We're of the same opinion.
[07:35] andy_n (cbd93905@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:35] <number10> nice day - little winds
[07:36] <andy_n> Hi guys, how's PSBPI going?
[07:37] <eroomde> Adam012: cool
[07:37] <eroomde> just checking
[07:38] <PSBPI_> hi andy .. todd here
[07:38] <eroomde> it's just you used the word 'safe' which made me almost spit my cornflakes out
[07:38] <PSBPI_> its almost out of range ... just getting occasional telemetry data now
[07:38] <andy_n> Hi Todd
[07:38] <PSBPI_> JUst got another
[07:38] <andy_n> We have been driving back
[07:38] <PSBPI_> the guys in canberra are still traking it
[07:38] <daveake> They're full of salt anyway eroomde best to spit them out :)
[07:38] <PSBPI_> ok
[07:39] <andy_n> looks like the camera failed
[07:39] <PSBPI_> it did a reboot about 15 minutes ago
[07:39] <eroomde> if you've got everyone assembled anyway, do a dry run of getting the payload and lines layed out and locked and up to the point of filling
[07:39] <eroomde> it's a useful exercise
[07:39] Chris_M6CSV (52085b0a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:39] <PSBPI_> yes it was transmitting same picture for the last 3 hours or so
[07:39] <andy_n> We think it is the camera that failed
[07:40] <PSBPI_> Yes that what it seemed to us as well
[07:40] <PSBPI_> IM in ##PSBPI with the canberra guys as well ...
[07:40] <andy_n> Great job guys!
[07:41] <PSBPI_> JUst got 1 more telemetry packet
[07:42] <PSBPI_> Its a good 200km off the coast now
[07:43] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[07:44] <Darkside> andy_n: so this was a 100g?
[07:45] <andy_n> Yep
[07:45] <andy_n> Thanks for you help Darkside
[07:45] <andy_n> No APRS on this one, it was just a conversion from RTTY to APRS by our software
[07:48] <Darkside> ohh ok
[07:48] number10 (b2688eab@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[07:48] <craag> ping WIlldude123
[07:49] PE2G (~Miranda@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[07:51] <arko> woah it's floating!
[07:51] <Guest97955> Received email: David Akerman "Re: [UKHAS] Re: Vague Launch Possibility Brightwalton 6th/7th July"
[07:52] <PSBPI_> arko: Yes .. has been for nearlly an 1hr
[07:52] <arko> heh, just got home
[07:52] <arko> very cool :)
[07:53] <arko> its time get friends in NZ to post towers
[07:53] <arko> heh
[07:54] <PSBPI_> arko: Yes :)
[07:55] <PSBPI_> I need to go away from the keyboard for a while ... the balloon may stay in coverage area for another 20-30 minutes. Id liek to say thank to all that helped out today tracking and decoding data ... :)
[07:58] GMT_hears_nowt (GMT_hears_@cpc15-haye15-2-0-cust426.17-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[07:58] <andy_n> There is probably another 10H of batteries life for the payload, which might bring it within range of NZ
[07:58] <andy_n> Does anyone have any contacts there?
[08:01] <Adam012> Hi all, the Horizon team is heading to Oxfordshire to join daveake for a launch as all predictions here are too risky!
[08:01] number10 (95feb4e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:01] <x-f> LAASE team is heading to the launch site
[08:01] <daveake> Try Berkshire :p
[08:01] <x-f> good luck to all flyers!
[08:02] <Adam012> ...sorry, I saw Wantage on the map nearby and thought south Oxfordshire.
[08:02] <daveake> :)
[08:02] <daveake> We're not far past the border
[08:02] <Adam012> We'll be back online around midday!
[08:03] <daveake> Seeya later then
[08:03] vk3smc (9084585b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[08:04] VK3TBC (79db2760@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[08:07] beingaware (~aware@pi.icanhaz.org) joined #highaltitude.
[08:07] Adam012 (d5cde345@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[08:08] lz1dev (~rgp@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:09] <ibanezmatt13> Well, I'm off to catch a train. Best not be cancelled again... See you :)
[08:09] ibanezmatt13 (~ibanezmat@host86-176-53-27.range86-176.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[08:09] <Tramvai> x-f: Good luck mate!
[08:12] <Geoff-G8DHE\M> Ah ha time for breakfast then as the schedule has changed ;-)
[08:12] <daveake> :)
[08:13] <eroomde> aeolus farts on everyone
[08:14] Tramvai (50eb2c78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[08:16] <number10> about to launcgh nanu
[08:16] <daveake> Not fair eroomde that there were 3 of him
[08:16] <GMT_hears_nowt> where is NANU launching from?
[08:16] <daveake> No wonder it gets so windy
[08:17] <Geoff-G8DHE\M> Suffolk
[08:17] <GMT_hears_nowt> ok
[08:17] Nick change: Geoff-G8DHE\M -> Geoff-G8DHE_
[08:17] <daveake> Have you chosen a tree to aim for number10 ?
[08:18] Carlo_ (65a44260@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:18] Nick change: Carlo_ -> Guest45273
[08:19] <number10> up
[08:19] Nick change: GMT_hears_nowt -> GMT
[08:19] <number10> no tree daveake :)
[08:19] <daveake> excellent :)
[08:20] <fsphil> you launched ahead of schedule
[08:20] <fsphil> making us all look bad
[08:20] <daveake> Yeah stop that
[08:20] <number10> even receiving at my home station so thats a good sign
[08:22] <Chetic> does the max discharge on AA-batteries remain the same if I connect them serially?
[08:22] <WIlldude123> daveake: Didn't you launch Purley and Kingsley last week>
[08:23] <daveake> Chetic, Yes
[08:23] <daveake> WIlldude123, Yes
[08:23] <daveake> GoPro didn't work
[08:23] <WIlldude123> Ah right.
[08:23] <daveake> Running it again but with a cutdown alt of 27km
[08:23] <WIlldude123> Why do you need a cutdown.
[08:24] <daveake> To release the lions
[08:24] <daveake> lion
[08:24] <fsphil> said in a Mr.Burns voice
[08:25] <daveake> exactly :)
[08:26] <Maxell> Oh, wow, NANU is already in the air.
[08:26] VK3zyc-2 (7b02f4be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[08:26] <Maxell> *looks at clock*
[08:26] <Maxell> whaaaaaaat
[08:26] <daveake> Yeah this won't do :p
[08:26] <daveake> Interesting prediction for that flight
[08:28] <Maxell> Kinda looks like a slice of pizza. yummie
[08:29] <mfa298> WIlldude123: reading some of the scrollback, there will be a lot of clubs running VHF Field day stations (I think there's a few people on here taking part)
[08:29] Ferran (5f3f61c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[08:29] <WIlldude123> Like craag.
[08:29] <WIlldude123> In basingstoke.
[08:30] <Maxell> hah
[08:30] <mfa298> craag's doing one which is the Uni station (and I think some help from the basingstoke club)
[08:30] <fsphil> yea 432mhz could be active for once
[08:30] <Maxell> UK only, right?
[08:31] clump (7815d40b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:33] clump (7815d40b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[08:33] <mfa298> Maxell: I think it's just uk although you might hear some stuff in europe
[08:34] Guest45273 (65a44260@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[08:36] <mfa298> WIlldude123: if you do head out to one of them it could be worth taking your reciever with you as someone might have an antenna you can test it out with (assuming there's nothing in the contest rules that means you can't)
[08:37] <WIlldude123> I'll ask craag, I know my receiver works though.
[08:37] G8LZE (d4386511@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:38] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm... NANU at 434.242
[08:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ugh that low down ?
[08:39] <LazyLeopard> ...with a lovely line in QRM right nearby
[08:39] <fsphil> suppose to be .250
[08:40] Action: LazyLeopard was hunting a little wider than the usual...
[08:41] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:43] <fsphil> it's cold in Latvia today
[08:43] <fsphil> Temperature, External: -127.0 °C
[08:43] <arko> haha
[08:44] Seejjay (~Seejjay@ceejay13.plus.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 22.0/20130618035212]
[08:44] <x-f> it's not connected yet, fsphil :P
[08:44] <x-f> but all systems ar GO, woo!!
[08:44] Seejjay (~Seejjay@ceejay13.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[08:44] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[08:45] <LazyLeopard> Yep, a little outside the +/- 5 we've grown used to.
[08:46] <fsphil> goodness, the sun is out here
[08:46] <LazyLeopard> (or even +/- almost nothing of some recent flights)
[08:46] <db_g6gzh> fsphil: I think there are almost enough balloons going up today to give us some shade 8-)
[08:47] <fsphil> none heading this way :)
[08:47] <mikestir> no sign of this one from preston yet? I might actually see that one through all the qrm
[08:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> Thats Preston in Suffolk not upNrth
[08:48] <mikestir> oh
[08:48] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[08:48] <mikestir> I'll have to wait for PAVA then, unless there's another Halifax as well!
[08:48] <Geoff-G8DHE> I did a double take as well!
[08:48] <daveake> pAVA isnt flying today
[08:49] <fsphil> yea, refresh spacenear for new schedule
[08:49] <daveake> postponed due to an expected flypast of Leeds/Bradford airport
[08:49] <fsphil> I'm tempted to put NANU's launch time back an hour just to make it more realistic
[08:49] <daveake> lol
[08:49] <daveake> fsphil That's one time for 2 launches there
[08:50] <daveake> Obviously the time was supposed to be the median
[08:50] <daveake> So it was late
[08:50] <daveake> :p
[08:50] <fsphil> james understands ISH time :)
[08:53] g0hww (~g0hww@46-18-104-230.static.vivaciti.org) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[08:55] G0ELJ (4d6668da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:56] Minivat (4e54ed65@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:57] <daveake> pico up
[08:57] Seesis (576e0f2e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:57] <fsphil> like a rocket
[08:57] <daveake> whoosh
[08:57] <fsphil> ah there we go
[08:57] <fsphil> just missing data
[08:57] <daveake> turbo pico
[08:58] <Geoff-G8DHE> Pico did something similar then levelled off ?
[08:58] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:58] <Geoff-G8DHE> sry NANU did something similar I meant
[08:58] <GMT> what freq for PICO?
[08:59] <Geoff-G8DHE> Nomial 434.175
[08:59] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[08:59] <GMT> thanks
[09:00] loon (2582e016@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:00] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) joined #highaltitude.
[09:01] <fsphil> thought it was coming down there for a sec
[09:01] <jcoxon> can see it still
[09:01] <jcoxon> nice andclear
[09:02] <x-f> LAASE filling has started
[09:02] <x-f> a little behind the schedule
[09:02] <x-f> ISH you know :)
[09:02] <fsphil> good good
[09:02] <daveake> That's more like it :)
[09:03] m3eav (bc1ec722@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:03] Leyhart (~Leyhart@cpc3-warr5-2-0-cust358.1-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:03] <fsphil> breakfast time
[09:04] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/PICO_20130607/
[09:05] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/NANU_20130607/
[09:05] <Maxell> Pico not going like a rocket anymore
[09:06] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:07] <Geoff-G8DHE> Very similar so far http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/PICO_20130607/PICO-NANU%20together_1008.jpg
[09:07] g0hww (~g0hww@46-18-104-230.static.vivaciti.org) joined #highaltitude.
[09:08] <Geoff-G8DHE> Oops whats happening to PICO ?
[09:08] <Geoff-G8DHE> Oh just a glitch
[09:08] loon_ (2582e0ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:10] <jarod> yo yo morning
[09:10] <jarod> which balloon to try in Amsterdam?
[09:11] <g0hww> blimey, i wake up to find NANU over my house
[09:11] <PSBPI_> andy_n: Any update Andy on NZ contacts ?
[09:11] <Maxell> jarod: 0830 UTC : NANU 434.250MHz, PICO 434.175MHz, Preston, UK
[09:11] loon (2582e016@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[09:11] <jarod> ya i see those, but which has biggest chance reaching .nl?
[09:12] <jarod> nanu airborn i see
[09:12] <Maxell> jarod: both.
[09:12] <Maxell> jarod: NANU's horizon is near
[09:12] <Maxell> It will hit .nl first.
[09:14] <g0hww> what's PICO's signal params?
[09:14] <g0hww> no worries
[09:14] <g0hww> got it now
[09:14] loon_ (2582e0ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[09:15] <Maxell> jarod: just use the autoconfigure for NANU, it's fine.
[09:15] <jarod> Maxell let me know when you got it :)
[09:15] <jarod> ya got it runnig
[09:15] <jarod> n
[09:15] <jarod> on that freq big peaks of signals though
[09:15] <Maxell> Yeah, 434 is a minefield
[09:16] <Maxell> it's jammed4evar
[09:16] <Maxell> RTTY can prolly survive
[09:16] <jarod> ya
[09:17] <x-f> LAASE will launch in some 10-15 minutes (i think)
[09:17] <Maxell> -probability- *knock knock*
[09:17] <Maxell> jarod: DXing eastern europe? :P
[09:17] <Maxell> try LAASE \o/
[09:18] <jarod> got all: USB mode right? (sdr#)
[09:18] <jarod> and in dl-fldigi too?
[09:18] <jarod> *for all:
[09:18] <mfa298> jarod: yes USB in sdr#for all
[09:19] <jarod> http://x264.nl/dump/434-transformer.jpg sounds like a transformer :)
[09:21] <jarod> got to love the zoom option :)
[09:22] Nerdsville (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:22] <fsphil> PSBPI_: do you think the batteries will last that long?
[09:23] JDat (JDat@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:24] <GMT> for the PICO and NANU team: French Air Force combat aircraft very high above you. maybe they have come to check-out your balloons?
[09:24] <x-f> JDat, soon, few minutes
[09:24] mikestir (~quassel@cpc10-brmb8-2-0-cust107.1-3.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[09:24] <Maxell> jarod: more FTT resolution
[09:25] <jarod> zoom works grat :)
[09:25] <Maxell> Oh, and you can try without the "filter audio" option.
[09:25] <Maxell> It's not needed but I don't think it does any harm with RTTY.
[09:25] <JDat> x-f: sorry i am in riga, plans changed, i am not listening.
[09:25] <JDat> why altitude is so low?
[09:27] heathkid|2 (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) joined #highaltitude.
[09:27] heathkid (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) left irc: Disconnected by services
[09:27] <Maxell> NANU is dropping
[09:27] <Maxell> WHAT? :(
[09:27] <fsphil> small rip probably
[09:27] <fsphil> it's an oddly smooth altitude graph for a pico
[09:27] <Upu> dial for PICO ?
[09:27] <mfa298> Maxell: I think it's a foil floater so it may go up and down a bit
[09:28] gonzo___mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:28] <mfa298> that's a very smooth graph
[09:28] Nick change: Upu -> Upu_M0UPU
[09:28] <g0hww> PICO's position looks broken
[09:28] <Maxell> yeah, it doesn't look like burtst
[09:28] <g0hww> missing decimal ponts
[09:28] <G8KNN> PICO is 434.174
[09:28] <jarod> i go for a shower quick... i slept 5 hours just for you guys :P
[09:28] <mfa298> could be a rip as fsphil says, have to see if it keeps coming down or if it flattens off
[09:29] <jcoxon> g0hww, oh its a non-decimal point format
[09:29] <Maxell> good good jarod >:)
[09:29] <jcoxon> no floats onboard
[09:29] <fsphil> fixed-point
[09:29] andrejs (d45d642c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:29] <jcoxon> hehe
[09:29] <g0hww> dl-fldigi is horribly confused
[09:29] Nerdsville (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[09:29] <jcoxon> yeah
[09:29] <g0hww> gives bad elev and distance
[09:29] <jcoxon> i'll fix that one day
[09:29] <fsphil> there is an imaginary decimal point 7 digits in from the end
[09:30] <fsphil> to be honest this way is probably safer
[09:30] <g0hww> i'd call the literally pointless
[09:30] <g0hww> s/the/that
[09:30] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[09:30] <fsphil> good point
[09:31] PSBPI_ (3aad80e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[09:31] <g0hww> i was just sending my lodger out to look for it, but when i told him it was at -30 degs elev, i thought "no, hang on"
[09:31] <mfa298> even pico looks like a pretty smooth graph, must be a good day for them
[09:32] Herman-PB0AHX (53560375@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:32] PSBPI (3aad80e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[09:32] <fsphil> nanu probably landing north of Mundford
[09:32] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: PICO 434.175MHz incoming :-)
[09:33] <mfa298> have to hope it's north. lots of trees to the south
[09:33] <fsphil> yes
[09:33] <g0hww> i was trying to decode nano using my hackrf, with gqrx demodulating and dl-fldigi decoding, but it doesn't seem to work. the RTTY scope in dl-fldigi is mostly stationary (with a pulse train visible) and then it slews along very fast and then becomes stationary again. i am running two copies of dl-fldigi at the same time. any ideas what's up?
[09:33] vk2io (dce95a8f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[09:34] LeoBodnar (5c116e74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:34] <g0hww> i had a similar experience when i tried last weekend. similar results using a USRP instead of the hackrf
[09:34] <fsphil> got the mode right?
[09:34] <fsphil> USB vs LSB?
[09:34] <fsphil> fldigi should be in USB or RTTYR mode iirc
[09:34] <LeoBodnar> Morning!
[09:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> Sounds like the audio buffering might be having a problem ?
[09:35] <fsphil> morning LeoBodnar
[09:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> what OS is it
[09:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> if your using VAC look at the underflow/overflows ?
[09:36] <Maxell> HackRF/gqrx sounds like linux/macos
[09:36] <g0hww> using ubuntu 12.10 x86_64
[09:36] <g0hww> yeah, i used auto-configure
[09:36] <Maxell> Samplerate higher.
[09:36] <Maxell> Don't go near the end.
[09:36] <Maxell> Thats what got me confused a few times with RTLSDR.
[09:36] <Maxell> You think, 0,9 MSPS is suffcient. NOPE
[09:36] <g0hww> i'm feeding the audio out of gqrx at an unused USB soundcard output and using pulse audio monitor channel for that to feed dl-fldigi
[09:37] <fsphil> that should be fine
[09:37] <g0hww> the other dl-fldigi instance is running conventionally with the AOR-8600mk2
[09:37] <Maxell> Can't you just use the pulse server "local monitor"
[09:37] <Maxell> ah
[09:37] <Maxell> g0hww: do you get good strings but sometimes the end or beginning just craps out?
[09:38] <fsphil> SQL is off?
[09:38] <g0hww> i could but then i have to listen to the ballooon too
[09:38] <fsphil> in fldigi?
[09:38] <Maxell> g0hww: true.
[09:38] <fsphil> and RV off too?
[09:38] <g0hww> Maxell, i'm sampling 8MS/s which is the lowest the hackrf supports at the mo
[09:39] <Maxell> g0hww: don't go near the end.
[09:39] <Maxell> Try something higher.
[09:39] <Maxell> Also, disable GQRX's "IQ balance"
[09:39] <Maxell> It introduces some horrid mirror images in the FTT
[09:40] <fsphil> it does?
[09:40] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[09:40] <Maxell> Well, I have been tuning to ghosts images of that feature.
[09:40] <Maxell> You can decode it, with RV in USB or normal mode LSB
[09:40] <Maxell> it's mirrored :P
[09:41] <fsphil> I only usually see mirroring of really strong signals
[09:41] <g0hww> yeah i've left IQ balance off
[09:41] <daveake> nanu didn't get very high
[09:41] <Maxell> And hows the higher samplerate going?
[09:42] <GMT> daveake: what time for launch? (-ish?)
[09:42] <daveake> About 1:30pm ISH for Horizon I guess
[09:43] <GMT> okay, I've got time to go do some shopping then!
[09:43] <daveake> Mine not till 2:30 poss slightly later as the person it's for is coming now
[09:43] <g0hww> woot
[09:43] andrejs (d45d642c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[09:43] <g0hww> its working
[09:44] <GMT> okay, not having any success with NANU/PICO, so will wait for yours
[09:44] <LeoBodnar> What are the equipment details for NANU and PICO?
[09:44] <g0hww> decoding PICO on the analogue and digital paths
[09:44] <g0hww> i changed to 10MS/s
[09:47] Wouter-[pa3weg]1 (~wouter@5354D2D3.cm-6-5d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[09:48] <Maxell> g0hww: ;-)
[09:48] <Maxell> g0hww: low samplerates don't go well
[09:48] <Maxell> you like
[09:48] <Maxell> whaaat 400 hz signal
[09:48] Jess--M0VBR (bc1c07fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:49] <Maxell> No, the near end with rtlsdr is 1 MSPS you dont want to go any lower.
[09:49] <Jess--M0VBR> anyone have a freq for pico? mobile today and think that's the best chance I have got of receiving
[09:49] <Maxell> it breaks, kinda. Like some kind jitter makes 10% of the decoded signal crap out
[09:49] <x-f> i'm really sorry for the delay
[09:50] <Maxell> Jess--M0VBR: PICO is 434.174
[09:50] <x-f> we are still "soon"
[09:50] <Maxell> x-f: relax!
[09:50] <Jess--M0VBR> cheers Maxell
[09:50] <jcoxon> i've found pico quite stable
[09:50] <jcoxon> freq wise
[09:50] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> Hi All
[09:50] <Maxell> If it still at 434.174, thats good
[09:51] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> some troubles with PICO in the telemetry parsing?
[09:51] <Maxell> hai Wouter
[09:51] <daveake> jcoxon Are you doing power-saving on the ublox? Wonder if that's why the altitude is a bit noisy compared to nanu
[09:51] <jcoxon> yeah
[09:51] <jcoxon> i am
[09:51] <jcoxon> powersaving = 1
[09:51] <Maxell> Yeah, GPS is kinda weird.
[09:51] <daveake> That'll be it then :)
[09:51] <daveake> Ah I could have read the panel then :p
[09:51] <Maxell> Wouter-[pa3weg]1: decoding already?!
[09:51] <LeoBodnar> Are PICO and NANU foils?
[09:51] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> Yes, I am
[09:52] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, yeah
[09:52] <jcoxon> i launched pico and number10 launched nanu
[09:52] <LeoBodnar> Cheers jcoxon
[09:52] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> but the pointing info given bij DL-FLDIGI is wrong
[09:52] <Maxell> I think PICO is going to float now, looks like it's not going up that fast anymore.
[09:52] <jcoxon> Wouter-[pa3weg]1, yeah its because tehre is no decimal point
[09:52] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> ah, ok
[09:52] <LeoBodnar> UPU is launching today as well?
[09:52] <jcoxon> all integers, no floats to cause trouble
[09:52] <daveake> difficult to say might have a way to go
[09:52] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:52] <daveake> LeoBodnar, no
[09:52] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> and you can not update the flight docs / parser to know that??
[09:53] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> sorry, did not look into that yet
[09:53] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> might be RTFM
[09:53] <jcoxon> Wouter-[pa3weg]1, the flight doc is updated hence its on spacenear.us
[09:53] <Upu_M0UPU> no LeoBodnar
[09:53] <jcoxon> but i need to add a patch to dl-fldigi
[09:53] <fsphil> it's just dl-fldigi that doesn't understand it
[09:53] <jcoxon> will get round to it one day
[09:53] <Upu_M0UPU> fligth path goes pretty much over the run way at Leeds Braford
[09:53] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> oh, allright
[09:53] <fsphil> otherwise we'd not have such a nice plot on spacenear
[09:53] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> I always thought that some of the formatting rules were downloaded from habitat
[09:53] <Maxell> Is PICO supposed to float? :x
[09:53] <Upu_M0UPU> ping craag Hab Rotate is pretty much constantly bombing out
[09:53] <LeoBodnar> How come Upu_M0UPU ?
[09:54] <jcoxon> Wouter-[pa3weg]1, some are, but not these ones :-)
[09:54] <Maxell> Upu_M0UPU: yeah, due to the no decimal point :P
[09:54] <Upu_M0UPU> [10:53] <Upu_M0UPU> fligth path goes pretty much over the run way at Leeds Braford
[09:54] <jcoxon> its a simple patch, next version
[09:54] <Upu_M0UPU> ah
[09:54] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> roger
[09:54] <LeoBodnar> K
[09:54] <Maxell> ah, PICO going strong again
[09:54] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> S5 to 6 here
[09:54] number10_ (56aca2b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:55] <number10_> mm, just got home - dont think I have a floater :(
[09:55] gonzo___mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[09:55] <jcoxon> number10_, bad batch of balloons?
[09:56] <number10_> that is one from the old batch
[09:56] <LeoBodnar> Can't wait to see their details!
[09:57] <mfa298> is Nanu about to find the only bit of open ground ahead of it ?
[09:57] KiwiDean (6f45b241@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:57] Broliv (~chris.ath@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:57] <Broliv> Hello All
[09:57] <mfa298> except that might be a splash down if it does
[09:57] <g0hww> NANU fading badly now
[09:57] <jcoxon> okay i'm relocating
[09:57] <jcoxon> back in 5 mins
[09:57] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[09:57] <fsphil> nope
[09:58] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[09:58] <fsphil> stoopid trees
[09:58] <number10_> just a few trees in that area
[09:59] <daveake> ah
[09:59] <fsphil> what a weird place
[09:59] <daveake> It took a last-minute detour to hit them
[09:59] <fsphil> "Subtropical Swimming Paradise"
[09:59] <Broliv> Can anyone tell me what the frequency is to follow Pico?
[10:00] <Maxell> Trees? Like no buildings and stuff? what?!
[10:00] <fsphil> ah, Centre Parcs
[10:00] <number10_> yea thye holiday place
[10:00] <Geoff-G8DHE> That looks like Centre Parc's site could be fun getting in!
[10:00] <daveake> prison
[10:00] <fsphil> you landed in a park :)
[10:00] <daveake> "Can I get my balloon back?" "Sure, that'll be £80 please"
[10:00] <Geoff-G8DHE> Pico 434150 nominal
[10:01] <Maxell> 150?!
[10:01] <db_g6gzh> 434.174 here
[10:01] <number10_> lo
[10:01] <Broliv> cheers Geoff
[10:01] <number10_> l
[10:01] <Geoff-G8DHE> Sry 434175 nominal
[10:01] <fsphil> "The subtropical environment is maintained at a blissful 29.5°C, it's summer all year round."
[10:01] <number10_> I should have not used the balloon from the old batch
[10:02] <Broliv> hehe no probs :)
[10:02] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-132-168-210.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:02] <g0hww> i had a nice chocolate bar from centre parcs once daveake. you should have one. oh and don't burn it down again. there wasn't a chinese lantern on that balloon was there?
[10:02] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:02] <daveake> Not my flight ask number10 :)
[10:03] <number10_> no flames
[10:03] <daveake> awe
[10:03] <number10_> chineese lantern would have floated longer :(
[10:03] <fsphil> at 29.5c I'm not sure anyone would notice
[10:03] <daveake> haha
[10:04] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[10:04] <x-f> LAASE launched!
[10:04] <Geoff-G8DHE> Doesn't look like Pico wants a free holiday at least!
[10:04] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) joined #highaltitude.
[10:05] <x-f> _Linas_, it's up
[10:05] <LeoBodnar> number10_: what was the balloon, payload weight and free lift or ascent rate?
[10:05] <g0hww> there's about 2 characters lag in the SDR path
[10:05] <_Linas_> hi x-f, im trying to catch some signal
[10:05] <number10_> LeoBodnar: 36" foil 34g payload ascent 1m/s
[10:05] <_Linas_> sdr doesnt pick up a thing, ill try if its possible to hear something in fm atleast
[10:06] <jarod> Maxell got anything yet?
[10:06] <number10_> descent faster than last time so suspect a largish sply
[10:06] <LeoBodnar> Thanks, did you measure free lift or went for ascent?
[10:07] <Maxell> jarod: nope, NANU came down, PICO is next (434,175 MHZ).
[10:07] <Maxell> It's incoming.
[10:07] <Maxell> jarod: Wouter-[pa3weg]1 is already decoding...
[10:08] <number10_> just quessed the ascent rate but was about < 1g LeoBodnar
[10:08] <jarod> PSBPI is where?
[10:09] <LeoBodnar> Hmm number10_ with 1g fl ascent should have been 0.5m/s
[10:09] <LeoBodnar> roughly
[10:09] <Geoff-G8DHE> LAASE http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/LAASE_20130706/
[10:09] h4yn0nnym0u5e (~chatzilla@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:10] <LeoBodnar> I am guessing there :)
[10:10] <number10_> :) - and I didnt measure it
[10:10] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, i think the temp is important
[10:11] <jcoxon> as in the balloon has certainly warmed up today
[10:12] Jess--M0VBR (bc1c07fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[10:12] <Herman-PB0AHX> what is the proper shift of pico?
[10:12] <LeoBodnar> I have just plugged data for 1m/s ascent rate as this seems to be true into modified Pico calculator and got that it would try to float at 3800m but will reach it with differential pressure exceeding its bursting limit :(
[10:12] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: 470 Hz seems to be fine.
[10:12] <LeoBodnar> So it was almost guaranteed to burst
[10:13] <Herman-PB0AHX> tnx maxell
[10:13] <Maxell> $4PICN37,1012:46,733=2?42,725919.4238,6<6,1,3,4
[10:13] <Maxell> jarod: it's coming. Man the harpoons!
[10:13] <jarod> :O
[10:13] <jarod> 434.175?
[10:13] <Maxell> Yeah, and it's loud!
[10:14] <Maxell> $$$$PICO,375,10:13:18,523399755,7283377,425,,6,1,3,436*D302
[10:14] <jarod> nothing yet :/
[10:14] <LeoBodnar> Is PICO levelling off?
[10:14] <LeoBodnar> I am asking a lot of questions today! XD
[10:14] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[10:15] <LeoBodnar> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3sLzmmejCA
[10:15] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, hehe
[10:15] <jcoxon> its giving a hint of levelling off
[10:15] <Herman-PB0AHX> pico 50 bd ??
[10:15] <jcoxon> yup
[10:15] <LeoBodnar> Valve?
[10:15] <jcoxon> no
[10:16] <jcoxon> going for 'super-pressure'
[10:16] <LeoBodnar> Strategic leak maybe
[10:16] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: yeah, use the autoconfigure feature :-)
[10:16] <LeoBodnar> jcoxon: what is your payload weight and free lift?
[10:16] <jcoxon> 28g
[10:16] <jcoxon> ascent rate is about 0.8m/s though a bit jumpy
[10:17] <jcoxon> but
[10:17] <jcoxon> i think its burst
[10:17] <jarod> Maxell got two sticks running now
[10:17] <Herman-PB0AHX> I hear pico fine but he will not write strange
[10:17] <jarod> discone + dvb-t antenna
[10:17] <jcoxon> oh wait
[10:17] <jcoxon> perhaps not
[10:17] <jcoxon> i think the gps is being a bit noisey, antenna wasn't as exposed as it could have been
[10:17] <LeoBodnar> I predict a float at 4700
[10:18] <Herman-PB0AHX> yes now he writing
[10:18] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, i find it easier to measure ascent rate
[10:18] <jcoxon> rather than free lift
[10:18] <LeoBodnar> Definitely.
[10:19] <jcoxon> lost lock
[10:20] <Hix> got a replacement phone delivered. thought it was going to be 10 mins to s-off and reinstall backup. But turns out that aahk has been withdrawn :/
[10:20] <Hix> oops
[10:20] Action: x-f can finally breathe.
[10:20] <jarod> Maxell nothing :/
[10:21] pws (~chatzilla@pD9521725.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[10:21] <LeoBodnar> Don't sweat it x-f
[10:21] <LeoBodnar> PICO going to Paris?
[10:22] <bertrik> just changed its mind
[10:23] <jarod> nothing here yet, 2x rtlsdr, discone & dvb-t konig
[10:23] <g0hww> http://www.g0hww.net/2013/07/pico-hab-on-hackrf-with-gqrx-and-dl.html
[10:24] Leyhart (~Leyhart@cpc3-warr5-2-0-cust358.1-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Leyhart
[10:25] <_Linas_> x-f, my friend in kaunas is receiving some noises, but only on fm
[10:25] <Maxell> jarod: hah, it's there
[10:26] <Maxell> jarod: like, wait for the horizon to pop up
[10:26] <Maxell> We are not as high as you, but we do live closer to it
[10:26] <jarod> blub, ok :)
[10:27] <jarod> at least two running at the same time :)
[10:27] <Herman-PB0AHX> pico writing verry well but no green mmmmmm
[10:27] <jarod> gonna sit 20 mins in the sun, brb
[10:27] <bertrik> Herman-PB0AHX: I think it can help to disable squelch in dl-fldigi for weak signals
[10:27] <LeoBodnar> jcoxon: do you seal the valve?
[10:28] <Herman-PB0AHX> $PICO,425,1027:26,523589887,7669861,4558,8,6,1,3,437*C1A0 $PICO,426,1 27:43,523592850,7677394,456,5,6,1,3,440*A571 $PICO,47,10:27:59,523595990,7684271,4580,6,>,1,3,438*3A
[10:29] KiwiDean (6f45b241@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:29] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, just with tape
[10:29] number10 (95feb4e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:29] <jcoxon> though silicone sealent would be an option
[10:29] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-wryfquazkdzbtipj) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[10:30] <Chetic> don't you lose a _lot_ of the signal by using an audio cable from sdr# to fldigi?
[10:30] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-wseyemceobgfpaqr) joined #highaltitude.
[10:31] <Maxell> PICO is weak now
[10:31] <g0hww> i get quite a few curl errors now i'm running 2 instances of dl-fldigi
[10:31] <Herman-PB0AHX> yesssssss now green lines
[10:32] <jcoxon> do people find the extra $$$$ helpful when the radio is reset?
[10:33] <g0hww> please send them via paypal
[10:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> Has helped in the past depends on how much freq. drify occurs
[10:33] <LeoBodnar> does dl-fldigi maintain internal sync for RTTY outage or it is always looking for a new start bit?
[10:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> drift*
[10:34] <LeoBodnar> When radio resets it cools down a tad
[10:35] <bertrik> LeoBodnar: I have wondered about that too, also whether it has some kind of delay-locked-loop to always try to sample at the most optimal instant
[10:36] <bertrik> but I guess I can find out by looking at the source code
[10:36] Helmars (d45d6916@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:36] <jcoxon> getting a little bit high
[10:36] <jcoxon> either it floats soon or burst time
[10:38] <LeoBodnar> fun either way
[10:38] <jcoxon> yeah
[10:38] <daveake> HORIZ2 team here now. We'll be up at the launch site in a few minutes to launch their flight. Mine will be later on.
[10:38] <Upu_M0UPU> sounds wobby ?
[10:38] <Upu_M0UPU> hmm
[10:38] <Upu_M0UPU> thats floating
[10:39] <jcoxon> Upu_M0UPU, altitude is a little bit noisey
[10:39] <PE2G> http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/19535_trj001.gif
[10:39] Ugi (545cd630@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:39] <jcoxon> PE2G, interesting flight path
[10:39] <x-f> LAASE teamp is on the road again, trying to get the chase car on map
[10:40] <Upu_M0UPU> I'd call that a float
[10:40] <Upu_M0UPU> lets see if it can maintain it
[10:40] <Geoff-G8DHE> Looks like floating from closeup!
[10:40] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/PICO_20130706/index.php?ind=3
[10:40] <Ugi> Mornin' guys
[10:40] <Ugi> pico at .175?
[10:41] <LeoBodnar> morning!
[10:41] <Upu_M0UPU> yeah
[10:41] <Upu_M0UPU> bang on it
[10:42] <LeoBodnar> jcoxon: are you using power save mode on UBLOX or switching it on and off?
[10:42] <Ugi> OK - inadequate antenna + SDR + big building in the way = not much for me ATM
[10:42] <LeoBodnar> Get rid of one out of three
[10:42] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, powersaving
[10:43] <Ugi> Antenna in the post
[10:43] <LeoBodnar> at 1 second update rate?
[10:43] Nerdsville (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:43] <Ugi> proper receiver broken :-(
[10:43] <jcoxon> but i think teh antenna is a little bit covered
[10:43] G7UXW---Kevin (569b81bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:43] <jcoxon> so might be a bit desensitised
[10:43] <JDat> z-f: Lielvarde stable signal, Riga stable signal
[10:43] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[10:43] <JDat> x-f: Lielvarde stable signal, Riga stable signal
[10:44] <Ugi> I'll just have to demolish the building - it pretty ugly anyway.
[10:44] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:44] vk3zyc (7b02f4be@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:44] <LeoBodnar> yess! levelling off
[10:45] <Ugi> pico yours LeoBodnar ?
[10:45] <LeoBodnar> No, jcoxon
[10:45] Grover (65a11220@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:45] <LeoBodnar> But I am excited just as much
[10:45] <Ugi> ok - looking like a float maybe
[10:46] <Ugi> foil I assume
[10:46] <jcoxon> it often oscilates a bit before settling
[10:46] m3eav (bc1ec722@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:47] <number10_> my one oscillated but only 1/2 wavelength
[10:47] Nick change: number10_ -> number10
[10:47] <Ugi> rather cool trajectory to the channel via Belgium at the moment!
[10:47] SamSilver (c5573e2b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:47] <Maxell> Did PICO stopped transmitting?
[10:48] <G7UXW---Kevin> Morning All what are Pico setting freq 434.175 475/50 ?? 7n2 ??
[10:48] <number10> no still transmittin
[10:48] <Maxell> G7UXW---Kevin: yeah, you could use the autoconfigure.
[10:48] <Chetic> the NTX2 says 3.0v for the TXD line, but 3.3v should be ok, right? (no min or max specified, only 3.0v 'typical')
[10:48] Nerdsville (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:49] <G7UXW---Kevin> auto gives me 500/50 7n2
[10:49] Seesis (576e0f2e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left #highaltitude.
[10:49] Maroni (~user@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:49] <Ugi> chetic - can't you just use a resistor - it's tied ot Gnd by a 100K so control through a 10K and you lose 10%
[10:49] <jcoxon> G7UXW---Kevin, its 8n2
[10:50] PD4KDZ_klaas (3e2d87d7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:50] <G7UXW---Kevin> oooppppss wrong pico my fualt
[10:50] <G7UXW---Kevin> its going here now
[10:50] <mfa298> Chetic: if you're using the resistor network from the wiki the voltage you feed to the ntx2 will be under 3v
[10:51] <Geoff-G8DHE> NTX2 the input is actually analogue
[10:51] <Chetic> I was hoping to minimize heat from resistors..
[10:51] <Chetic> but maybe that'll happen anyway
[10:51] <Ugi> current through a 10K at 3v is so small you won't notice
[10:52] <mfa298> there shouldnt be much heat, there'll only be a few mA of current
[10:52] <Chetic> alright, yeah, that makes sense
[10:52] Action: Chetic is very fresh to electronics
[10:52] <Geoff-G8DHE> Look at the Wiki is shows how to interface to the NTX2
[10:52] <mfa298> you can probably use larger value resistors but you'll need to choose values to give a suitable shift. The calculations are all on the wiki
[10:52] <Chetic> good idea, Geoff-G8DHE
[10:54] <_Linas_> all i get is some data from 433.920 or so, but nothing from 434.075 :(
[10:56] <_Linas_> maybe anyone have sample of what a baloon sounds like
[10:56] <G7UXW---Kevin> are there any live pictures today???
[10:57] <jcoxon> eek 5km
[10:57] <number10> a bit hotter than usual
[10:57] daveake_ (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:58] Nick change: daveake_ -> daveake_horizon
[10:58] <mfa298> it's at time like this it would be nice/worrying to get data out of flightradar so you could overlay that on the flight path.
[10:58] <Maxell> _Linas_: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c5/RTTY.ogg
[10:58] <daveake_horizon> Horizon no on batc.tv - M0UPU channel
[10:58] <jcoxon> mfa298, ummmm
[10:58] <_Linas_> ah its rtty, then i heard something else
[10:58] <Maxell> :D
[10:58] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/PICO_20130706/PICO_201307061200.jpg flying beside PICO at 5.00Km
[10:58] <daveake_horizon> s/no/now/
[10:58] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:59] <jarod> Maxell still nothing :O
[11:00] <mfa298> wow, I think that's the quietest I've seen the BATC feed. I must be one of the early ones to join
[11:02] <fsphil> PICO's slowing down is nice and smooth
[11:03] <G7UXW---Kevin> Is Pico realy going to land in the Bay of Biscay ???
[11:03] <Maxell> jarod: yeah, it climbing at 0,1 meters per second
[11:03] <Maxell> jarod: like, floating \o/
[11:04] <Herman-PB0AHX> hello klaas
[11:04] <jarod> :O
[11:04] <Maxell> As soon as it floats the blue circle over your house you'll able to hear it
[11:05] <Maxell> And the prediction is looking good for floating! http://spacenear.us/tracker/?filter=PICO
[11:05] <PD4KDZ_klaas> Hoi Herman
[11:05] <daveake_horizon> HORIZ2 on the map now
[11:05] <GMT> G7UXW---Kevin: in theory, if it stays up long enough, the upper winds will take it that far. So, 'Yes'
[11:06] <jarod> Maxell: well tell it to hurry up :P
[11:06] <G7UXW---Kevin> cool but sad for the loss in the water
[11:06] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) left irc: Quit: Konversation terminated!
[11:06] Helmars (d45d6916@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[11:07] <fsphil> the smooth slowing down could also indicate a leak
[11:07] DrLuke (~quassel@v120420003125117.hostingparadise.de) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[11:07] fergusnoble (fergusnobl@repl.esden.net) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[11:07] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[11:07] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:07] <ibanezmatt13> Good Afternoon
[11:07] <GMT> G7UXW---Kevin: well yes, but it's only a v.small payload; no cameras or anything
[11:08] <GMT> ibanezmatt13: all launches are cancelled!
[11:08] <ibanezmatt13> What"?
[11:08] <ibanezmatt13> Why?
[11:08] DrLuke (~quassel@v120420003125117.hostingparadise.de) joined #highaltitude.
[11:08] <G7UXW---Kevin> GMT: its still a loss of good radio etc
[11:08] <GMT> ibanezmatt13: only joking ... tee hee. HORIZON2 soon to launch from Berkshire
[11:09] <GMT> G7UXW---Kevin: you have to expect to lose quite a few balloons and payloads in this hobby! If you have never lost one, then you're not doing it right!
[11:10] <G7UXW---Kevin> GMT: :)
[11:10] Hiena (~boreger@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:10] <Geoff-G8DHE> Its no good temp has reached 30 in the shack Air Con has to go on!
[11:10] ibanezmatt13_ (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:11] <ibanezmatt13_> Internet failed, why no launches?
[11:11] <GMT> ibanezmatt13: only joking!
[11:11] <PD4KDZ_klaas> Herman ik werp door de dag heen af een toe en blik op de tracker...in geval van een float probeer ik PICO op te pakken... even QRT nu @Wouter ..beterschap!
[11:11] fergusnoble (fergusnobl@repl.esden.net) joined #highaltitude.
[11:11] <ibanezmatt13_> GMT: oh :)
[11:11] <ibanezmatt13_> lol
[11:11] <ibanezmatt13_> Was gonna say
[11:12] <GMT> ibanezmatt13: knowing you'd travelled for for this moment, it was a weak and lame attempt at humour
[11:12] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[11:13] <GMT> ibanezmatt13: PICO went up and came down, NANU went up and is floating, HORIZON2 launch shortly
[11:13] <Geoff-G8DHE> Nope NANU went up and down PICO is floating just below my horizon :-(
[11:13] <jarod> Maxell 434.175 is super clean as well..... :O
[11:13] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:13] <ibanezmatt13> Not got a good connection here
[11:13] <Geoff-G8DHE> Well below the South Downs need my aerial up another 100m to hear it ...
[11:14] <ibanezmatt13> ping Upu
[11:14] <jcoxon> g3wdi is well placed
[11:15] <PE2G> Forecats based on GFS 06Z: http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/19820_trj001.gif
[11:16] ibanezmatt13_ (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[11:16] <Geoff-G8DHE> What do you reckon they have buried under that ground sheet ? http://batc.tv/ch_live.php
[11:17] <jcoxon> hmmm 5.1km
[11:18] <GMT> they are burying the remains of last weeks aborted flight; it's a sacrifice to the 'HAB gods'
[11:18] <Darkside> Geoff-G8DHE: which stream
[11:18] <Geoff-G8DHE> M0UPU stream
[11:18] <Darkside> hrm
[11:18] <Darkside> dont se it on the list
[11:19] <Darkside> that link doesnt work
[11:19] <Darkside> you need to go to the main page
[11:19] <jcoxon> did the Oz flight stop txing or go out of range?
[11:19] <Darkside> then go to members streams
[11:19] <Darkside> probably both jcoxon
[11:19] <Darkside> oh i know that launch site
[11:19] <Darkside> haha
[11:19] <Darkside> i've launched from there before!
[11:20] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yup its the URL after you signed in I gave
[11:20] <Geoff-G8DHE> Oh look a bring and buy sale
[11:20] <Darkside> man
[11:20] <Darkside> i want to com eback to the UK and do more balloon launches
[11:21] <Darkside> maybe one day when i have lots of money
[11:21] <Geoff-G8DHE> The Oz flight di both dropped out then came back and then went out of range
[11:21] <jcoxon> Darkside, we have weather like yours today
[11:21] <Darkside> pff
[11:21] <jcoxon> clear skys, warm
[11:21] <Darkside> its been raining all day
[11:21] <Darkside> and hit max 13 degrees iirc
[11:21] Broliv (~chris.ath@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[11:22] <Geoff-G8DHE> My Air Con in the shack just dropped the temp to 19.5 :-)
[11:22] <Geoff-G8DHE> 29.5 that was mean to be
[11:22] Broliv (~chris.ath@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:22] <Darkside> temp sensor noise
[11:22] <Darkside> :P
[11:22] <Geoff-G8DHE> lack of coffee to wake my fingers up!
[11:24] <jcoxon> don' t think pico can take much more altitude
[11:25] <Geoff-G8DHE> It looks pretty flat from here http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/PICO_20130706/index.php?ind=5
[11:26] Tramvai (50eb2c78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:28] <x-f> LAASE team is chillin', waiting for burst, all is good :)
[11:28] <Maxell> No PICO, you are not PACO :(
[11:28] <Maxell> x-f: thats great!
[11:29] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-wseyemceobgfpaqr) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[11:29] <Tramvai> x-f: Awesome launch :) Great to see the balloon didn't head straight for Russia
[11:29] <Maxell> The best moment of habbing. "I think all is OK now. Lets take a break"... "WHAT THE HELL QUICK GET IN THE CAR!!"
[11:29] G0TDJ_Steve (d49f4aee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:29] <x-f> Tramvai, we kind of knew the prediction :)
[11:30] <Chetic> I'm trying to understand FSK modulation.. is it right that as long as the transmitter is on, it's constantly transmitting 1s?
[11:30] <Geoff-G8DHE> LAASE looks good http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/LAASE_20130706/index.php?ind=1
[11:30] <Maxell> jarod: it is very near your reciever now...
[11:30] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-qdlydvhzxrfpuwdt) joined #highaltitude.
[11:30] Helmars (d45d6916@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:30] <x-f> thanks, Geoff-G8DHE
[11:31] <Maxell> And PICO is not that strong here... My time to shine will come :)
[11:31] fz (~fz@c-98-207-169-56.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: fz
[11:31] <Tramvai> x-f: What's your predicted burst altitude?
[11:31] <Geoff-G8DHE> Not a one as such its transmitting a Carrier wave on the frequency set by the voltage on the TXd line
[11:31] <x-f> 31.5, will see
[11:32] <Geoff-G8DHE> By wobbling the TXd lines voltage it changes freq.
[11:32] <Darkside> love the shirt
[11:32] <Chetic> Geoff-G8DHE: how can one tell the difference between 1, 0 and nothing?
[11:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> When you output a "1" the voltage is higher hence a higher freq. when you output a "0" then the voltage drops and you send on a lower freq.
[11:33] <daveake_horizon> HORIZ2 about to fill
[11:34] <Chetic> I understand that there is a carrier wave at the specified frequency as long as the transmitter is on, but from what I gather, carrier wave = constant stream of 1s
[11:34] <Geoff-G8DHE> wobble between the two 1010 etc and the Frequency Shift Keying occurs
[11:34] <Chetic> hmm
[11:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> If you want to associate the Higher Freq with "1" thats fine but it doesn't have to be the case some FSK signals use multipile freq's so a simple "1" and "0" doesn't apply
[11:35] <Broliv> see you in a bit guys
[11:35] Broliv (~chris.ath@ left irc:
[11:36] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[11:36] <Chetic> trying to relate it to the NTX2
[11:36] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[11:37] <Chetic> I can only switch between 1 and 0 on TXD..
[11:37] <Chetic> I don't understand how you output a 1 or a 0, since it's always transmitting
[11:37] <Geoff-G8DHE> For a simple RTTY signal then after the STOP bit "0" you keep sending that until the START bit "1" occurs the leading edge then starts the next chaacter
[11:37] G0ELJ (4d6668da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[11:37] <G0TDJ_Steve> daveake_horizon: Is there a live feed this time?
[11:38] <Geoff-G8DHE> Its the SHIFT that defines it not the steady state
[11:38] <Geoff-G8DHE> Hence FSK and not FM
[11:38] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[11:38] <Chetic> what in the shift decides if it's a 1 or a 0?
[11:39] <G0TDJ_Steve> Hi dutchtux
[11:39] <dutchtux> hi
[11:39] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) joined #highaltitude.
[11:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> The transition followed by a check half way thru the bit to make sure its still at the new freq.
[11:39] <Chetic> ah so timing, because there already is an established baud rate?
[11:39] <PE2G> G0TDJ_Steve: http://batc.tv/ch_live.php?ch=5 , select M0UPU
[11:39] <jcoxon> has pico lost lock?
[11:40] <jcoxon> oh its back
[11:40] <G0TDJ_Steve> Cheers PE2G
[11:40] <Herman-PB0AHX> PE2G tnx nice to see that
[11:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes you set the Baud rate and define it, the transition indicates a possible start, followed by a check at half way (or some point to be sure) thast it really is a transistion and not noise
[11:41] <Chetic> excellent, I think I get it
[11:42] <x-f> _Linas_, Polish hams are hearing LAASE, you don't?
[11:42] <PD4KDZ_klaas> Hi dutchtux what is your QTH?
[11:42] <PE2G> Herman-PB0AHX: Welcome. How's PICO's signal?
[11:42] <daveake_horizon> Filling. batc.tv channel m0upu is live in case anyone missed that earlier
[11:42] hombre1 (020da487@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:42] <LeoBodnar> Why PICO prediction has changed?
[11:42] <_Linas_> im pretty sure my neighbour house is right where the baloon is
[11:42] <_Linas_> completely in view
[11:43] <WIlldude123> This works, http://pastie.org/8115302 now how do I start on the checksum?
[11:43] <Herman-PB0AHX> PE2G the signaal from pico is perfekt only green lines
[11:44] <PE2G> Herman-PB0AHX: Great!
[11:44] <Herman-PB0AHX> PE2G the signaal is abt s5 here
[11:44] <g0hww> pico is very stable
[11:44] <Herman-PB0AHX> yes very stable
[11:44] <g0hww> in frequency
[11:45] <PE2G> No traces here in the east yet
[11:45] <jcoxon> not stable in gps lock
[11:45] <Herman-PB0AHX> no gps is $@@%$#% from pico hihihihihihihihi
[11:46] <Herman-PB0AHX> elevation of pico on screen is -71.9 hihihihihi
[11:46] <x-f> _Linas_, sorry to hear that, but thanks for trying
[11:47] <_Linas_> sorry i cant hear it
[11:48] <x-f> wow, 35.3 km atm..
[11:48] <_Linas_> i i try my vhf yagi on the roofi get so much noise in the rtl sdr that its impossible to hear anything
[11:48] <Tramvai> 35.4 :) good game
[11:49] <x-f> totally unexpected
[11:49] <x-f> max altitude i mean
[11:50] <jcoxon> come on gps lock on pico
[11:50] <JDat> laase falling as brick
[11:50] <JDat> 60 m/s
[11:50] <x-f> it'll slow down
[11:50] <JDat> -60 m/s
[11:51] <Maxell> PICO's freqency is drifting like a madman.
[11:51] <jcoxon> oh
[11:51] <jcoxon> thats not good
[11:51] <fsphil> oh no!
[11:51] <Maxell> fast automatic freqency corrction can barly keep up
[11:52] <Maxell> Better now :-)
[11:52] <g0hww> Maxell, i meant over short periods. i doesn't seem to waggle back and forth like some others have
[11:52] <Geoff-G8DHE> Why the change in powersaving on Pico , it was a 1 now 0 ?
[11:53] G0TDJ_Steve (d49f4aee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[11:53] <g0hww> but that may be during descent, i don't recall
[11:53] <PE2G> LeoBodnar: Hysplit pred. is: http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/1156_trj001.gif
[11:53] G0TDJ_Steve (d49f4aee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:53] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ah the lock was aso at 0 maybe switch of Power Saving if locl lost ?
[11:54] <LeoBodnar> Looks like a good plan! Thanks for acces to the forums PE2G
[11:54] <Maxell> g0hww: the drifts are slow, but noticable
[11:54] mikestir (~quassel@cpc10-brmb8-2-0-cust107.1-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[11:55] <LeoBodnar> Voltage sagged by 30mV on PICO, GPS probably went back into acquisition mode now
[11:55] <jarod> Maxell anything on 434.200?
[11:55] <jcoxon> LeoBodnar, yeah
[11:55] <jcoxon> thats what i thought
[11:56] <jcoxon> not great
[11:56] <jcoxon> a bit worrying
[11:56] <Herman-PB0AHX> the page off http://habitat.habhub.org/stats/ is not working here for pico
[11:56] <LeoBodnar> It has many hours to recover
[11:56] <jcoxon> right
[11:56] <jcoxon> unfortunately i need to go for lunch
[11:57] <g0hww> Maxell, ok. i guess i was fooled by the 10MHz wide spectrum I'm looking at for a long duration waterfall
[11:57] <jcoxon> back later - hopefully still flying
[11:57] Relz (5ea86fda@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:57] <LeoBodnar> Stop worrying and go for lunch! XD
[11:57] <jcoxon> Upu, give me a shout if it goes wrong
[11:57] <jarod> i got a signal on 434.195 is that known to anyone?
[11:57] <Relz> is something up with the auto config settings for PICO in DL-fldigi ?
[11:57] <Geoff-G8DHE> Is it not PICO Atlas not PAVAPICO
[11:57] <jcoxon> Relz, yes, don't worry - as long as it goes green
[11:58] <Relz> jcoxon: what settings should i be using?
[11:58] <jcoxon> oh, it should work on autoconfig
[11:58] <g0hww> i'm using a shift of 470
[11:58] <jcoxon> but it won't do el, bearing etc
[11:58] <jcoxon> its 50 baud 8n2
[11:58] <jcoxon> right bbl
[11:59] <Relz> i am getting rubbish using those settings. oh well
[12:01] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: check "PicoAtlas X"
[12:02] <Maxell> jarod: I have green decodes now, you are in horion at great heights, it might just work for you.
[12:02] <Maxell> 434.177 ish
[12:02] <Upu_M0UPU> rgr
[12:02] <Upu_M0UPU> lovely float
[12:03] <fsphil> it's perfect
[12:03] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:03] <Relz> ok fixed it
[12:03] <Relz> its in reverse
[12:04] <Relz> getting green decodes now
[12:04] <LeoBodnar> GPS is back on PICO?
[12:04] <Maxell> Still not quite there http://i.imgur.com/bFdUDKt.png
[12:05] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-160-132-171.range86-160.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:06] <Upu_M0UPU> Maxell turn your input volume down
[12:06] <Upu_M0UPU> the red diamond should be grene
[12:06] <dutchtux> PD4KDZ_Klaas: flevoland
[12:06] hombre1 (020da487@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[12:08] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[12:09] <G0TDJ_Steve> Whats Dave's payload this time around?
[12:09] <Herman-PB0AHX> Maxell yes then i see wat i hoop tnx
[12:10] <Maxell> np
[12:10] <WIlldude123> Why is my code adding so many checksums? http://imgur.com/7LOeXMC
[12:10] <Maxell> Upu_M0UPU: hmm, lets try that
[12:11] <GMT> Dave's payload is not actually his payload ... it's the HORIZON2 one from last week
[12:11] <Upu_M0UPU> nice WIlldude123 you're getting RTTY
[12:11] <WIlldude123> Yup.
[12:11] <WIlldude123> I think the first checksum is actually correct.
[12:11] <WIlldude123> But it adds so many more.#
[12:12] <WIlldude123> Pastie.org will probably start charging me soon.
[12:12] <WIlldude123> http://pastie.org/8115350
[12:12] Nick change: chrisstubbs -> chrisstubbsM6EDF
[12:13] number10 (56aca2b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[12:13] <fsphil> think about it WIlldude123
[12:13] <craag> Dial freq for pico?
[12:13] <x-f> WIlldude123, your first tracking?
[12:14] <WIlldude123> Will do.
[12:14] <WIlldude123> Hmm.
[12:15] <WIlldude123> x-f: Yeah. Well, I got it sending RTTY last night.
[12:15] vk3jed-wx (~tlang1@2001:44b8:4176:f100:cabc:c8ff:fed8:50f2) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[12:15] number10 (56aca2b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:16] <WIlldude123> Ah is it because I'm adding the checksum after a \n fsphil?
[12:16] <fsphil> how many checksums are there each time?
[12:16] <Maxell> Upu_M0UPU: http://i.imgur.com/71HxXFY.png hmm
[12:16] <Maxell> craag: around 434.177
[12:17] <mfa298> WIlldude123: you might want to look at some of your variable names, there's at least one instance where you've got a local variable with the same name as a global.
[12:17] <G0TDJ_Steve> Hey craag
[12:17] <Upu_M0UPU> that with a HAB Amp Maxell ?
[12:17] <WIlldude123> fsphil: More than the previous.
[12:17] <WIlldude123> So it gets longer, and longer and longer.
[12:18] <fsphil> so there must be somewhere you're adding the checksum to the end. and again. and again,,,
[12:18] <fsphil> bbl, lunch!
[12:18] g6uim (5b54d74b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:18] <Relz> so how comes PICO isn't on the tracker map, sorry if i'm the millionth person to ask that
[12:19] <WIlldude123> erm.
[12:19] <Geoff-G8DHE> It is on the tracker map !
[12:19] <Upu_M0UPU> http://spacenear.us/tracker/
[12:19] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Relz arew you using IE? :P
[12:19] <Darkside> dont use IE?
[12:19] <Darkside> :P
[12:19] <WIlldude123> Ah right.
[12:19] <WIlldude123> I'm appending a new checksum every time.
[12:19] <Relz> haha i see it now
[12:20] <Relz> chrisstubbsM6EDF: yes i was , i am in chrome now
[12:20] <G0TDJ_Steve> Relz: Could be your browser. I had trouble with IE last time
[12:20] <WIlldude123> And I need to only add one.
[12:20] <daveake_horizon> HORIZ2 launching soon expecting 4.75m/s and 33km
[12:20] <daveake_horizon> WIlldude123, You should be able to rx this
[12:20] <WIlldude123> Doubt it.
[12:20] <Relz> cheers guys
[12:20] <daveake_horizon> coming your way
[12:20] <WIlldude123> With a huge piece of wire?
[12:21] <daveake_horizon> It's heading for Basinggrad
[12:21] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[12:21] <G0TDJ_Steve> daveake_horizon: Whats the payload this time?
[12:21] <daveake_horizon> If you can't rx it when it's up your setup is deaf
[12:21] <WIlldude123> Heh
[12:21] <daveake_horizon> gopro + camera + cuddly toy
[12:21] <daveake_horizon> Not my flight
[12:21] <WIlldude123> I'll get my wire out the window.
[12:21] <Relz> chrisstubbsM6EDF: i'm looking forward to the talk on setting up your station at the UK hab conference, i'm actually managing to decode the balloons now but any more tips is always welcome
[12:21] jcoxon_ (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:21] <mfa298> WIlldude123: make sure the bit of wire going to the centre of the coax is vertical and outside (and ideally away from the house a little way)
[12:22] <G0TDJ_Steve> Wish I could track it direct. All my radios are packed for VHF NFD
[12:22] <WIlldude123> The main problemo is that I have no proper antenna, I'm getting one after my bday.
[12:22] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> WIlldude123, result, managed to talk the parents into it then?
[12:23] <Maxell> Upu_M0UPU: yes. Could it be that the HAMamp isn't powered on anymore?
[12:23] <Maxell> It blocks all signals if that happens, right?
[12:24] <WIlldude123> chrisstubbsM6EDF: Well. kinda. I'm hoping to put it on my granddad's house and operate from his spare bedroom.
[12:24] <daveake_horizon> Parachute cords need re-doing so slight delay :)
[12:25] <jarod> Maxell still nutting :/
[12:25] <Maxell> Hmm...
[12:26] <Upu_M0UPU> you wouldn't see it at all if the amp wsn't ont
[12:26] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> WIlldude123, Ah thats good. Could set it up remotley with an old netbook and CAT cable if need be
[12:26] <Upu_M0UPU> it is a weak signal in fairnesss
[12:26] <Maxell> Upu_M0UPU: ok, so the amplifier is working :P
[12:26] <Chetic> what baud rates do people use for their RTTY? I want 300, but I suspect that's not going to be practical
[12:26] <Maxell> jarod: try higher!
[12:26] jcoxon_ (~jcoxon@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[12:26] <Maxell> Chetic: it has been done.
[12:26] <mfa298> Chetic: between 50 and 600 has been done
[12:26] <Chetic> yes but so has landing on the moon
[12:27] <Geoff-G8DHE> How much data do you have to send aand how long before refreshes ?
[12:27] <mfa298> 50 might work slightly better in weak signal conditions, 300 is good if you want something like SSDV or want to use a hardware UART for the timing
[12:27] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:28] <Chetic> yeah I was hoping to use the hw UART too
[12:28] <Chetic> I only want to send sensor and position data though
[12:28] jcoxon_ (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:28] <WIlldude123> Why does it say that here datastringwithcs has not been declared in that scope? http://pastie.org/8115388#51,53
[12:28] hombre1 (020da487@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:28] <WIlldude123> Because it has, I declared it as a parameter.
[12:28] <Chetic> Geoff-G8DHE: what do you mean by "how long before refreshes"?
[12:29] <Maxell> The resolution of the GPS path.
[12:29] <jcoxon_> Pico still up?
[12:29] <Geoff-G8DHE> before you need to send the data again
[12:29] <Chetic> I want to send it as often as possible of course?
[12:29] <Geoff-G8DHE> 10 seconds between Lat/Lon/Tmp or 1 second
[12:29] <Maxell> The faster the baud rate, the more location data we have, the more accurate the flight path will be.
[12:30] <mfa298> WIlldude123: check all three instances of that name
[12:30] <Maxell> Chetic: "as possible" would be at 600 baud :P
[12:30] Nerdsville (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:30] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> jcoxon, yes 5233m
[12:30] <Chetic> while still staying safe
[12:30] <Maxell> heh
[12:30] <Geoff-G8DHE> the GPS can ony do a max of 10 per second most are set for once a second lots are once every 5 seconds
[12:30] <mfa298> if it's says it's not been declared then it hasn't been declared, so check how you're declaring it.
[12:30] <Maxell> Yeah, check the update rate of your gps reciever
[12:31] <Chetic> that's a fair point
[12:31] <bertrik> the weather sondes I have experience with, send 1 frame per second (at 1200 bps IIRC) and I can receive those from quite far away
[12:31] <WIlldude123> Ah datastrwithcs not datastringwithcs.
[12:31] <bertrik> not sure if they are limited to 10 mW too
[12:31] <Chetic> but just how much better signal do I need by choosing 300baud over 50?
[12:31] <Darkside> they do >50mW
[12:31] <Darkside> Chetic: 6dB
[12:31] <WIlldude123> error: 'checksum_str' was not declared in this scope
[12:31] <Darkside> if its your first launch, stick with 50 baud
[12:31] <Geoff-G8DHE> 4 times the power
[12:31] <Chetic> 50 baud it is
[12:32] <bertrik> Darkside: do you have more information on those?
[12:32] <Maxell> bertrik: yeah, but thats not RTTY>
[12:32] <Darkside> bertrik: not a huge amount
[12:32] <Darkside> i have a few RS92SGPW's in a box
[12:32] <Maxell> Chetic: 100 baud can be done too.
[12:32] <Darkside> im pretty sure they do about 50mW
[12:32] <Darkside> or more
[12:32] <Maxell> I can recieve it overeas, so yeah.
[12:33] <daveake_horizon> Launchig v soon
[12:33] <Maxell> And chase car was also able too :-)
[12:33] <Maxell> (the most important reciever)
[12:34] <Darkside> bertrik: datasheet says 60mW min
[12:34] <Darkside> http://www.vaisala.com/Vaisala%20Documents/Brochures%20and%20Datasheets/RS92SGP-Datasheet-B210358EN-F-LOW.pdf
[12:34] <daveake_horizon> up
[12:34] <Maxell> Yep, they launching
[12:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> Looks nice and calm
[12:35] G4MYS_Andy (5207d160@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:36] <G0TDJ_Steve> It's away!
[12:36] <Chetic> the ublox max-6 gps says maximum 5hz update rate
[12:36] <G0TDJ_Steve> Great launch daveake_horizon
[12:36] Nerdsville (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[12:37] <Chetic> guess I can just keep a more detailed log locally
[12:37] <Upu_M0UPU> Chetic 1Hz
[12:37] <Upu_M0UPU> and 10hz on the 7C's
[12:37] <Chetic> http://www.u-blox.com/images/downloads/Product_Docs/MAX-6_DataSheet_%28GPS.G6-HW-10106%29.pdf
[12:37] <Chetic> Maximum Navigation update rate 5 Hz
[12:37] <Chetic> what am I misinterpreting? :p
[12:37] Maroni (~user@ left irc: Ping timeout: 268 seconds
[12:38] <Upu_M0UPU> odd never noticed that before I was under the impression it was 1hz
[12:38] <Upu_M0UPU> I stand corrected
[12:38] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> in a minute I have to decide if I keep tracking PICO or switch to HORIZ2
[12:38] <Maxell> Wouter-[pa3weg]1: both!!
[12:38] <G0TDJ_Steve> Can someone tell me what the significance of the blue and green footprint circles is on the tracker please?
[12:38] <Maxell> Quick, grab another dongle
[12:38] <WIlldude123> Changing the local variable within the function does nothing. This code is still iterating over it loads of times. http://pastie.org/8115420
[12:38] lz1dev (~rgp@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[12:39] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> G0TDJ_Steve, horizon and 5 degree horizon
[12:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> Blue is horizontal horizon green is 5 degreee footprint, run the mouse over the line slowly!
[12:39] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> you can mose over them
[12:39] <G4MYS_Andy> hor 2 on 434.073 with 50/680
[12:40] <G0TDJ_Steve> chrisstubbsM6EDF: Geoff-G8DHE I get a question mark on my cursor but I understand, thanks.
[12:40] Helmars (d45d6916@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[12:40] <GMT> decoding HORIZON2, needs RVs
[12:40] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[12:41] <mfa298> that's a wide shift on horizon
[12:41] <mfa298> don't need Rv for it here
[12:41] <WIlldude123> Please someone help me.
[12:41] <GMT> yes, sorry my fault, clicked int LSB!
[12:42] <mfa298> WIlldude123: have you read about pointers yet (or even have you read any of K&R yet)
[12:42] fsphil-m (~phil@dab-bas2-h-18-10.dab.02.net) joined #highaltitude.
[12:42] <Maxell> Wouter-[pa3weg]1: you don't have any more FCDs or rtlsdrs?
[12:42] <WIlldude123> Maybe not.
[12:43] <WIlldude123> Anyway I'm tracking now.
[12:43] <SpeedEvil> Oooh - I'd missed 'n March 2013, SpaceX announced that, beginning with the first flight of the stretch version of the Falcon 9 launch vehiclethe sixth flight overall of Falcon 9, currently scheduled for later in 2013every first stage would be instrumented and equipped as a controlled descent test vehicle.'
[12:43] <SpeedEvil> Cool.
[12:43] <mfa298> WIlldude123: you need to understand pointers (this is why we keep telling you to read the book) to understand what's going on in your code.
[12:44] <G4MYS_Andy> getting some reaaly weird distance readingson Hoz 2 says its 2106 km from me anyone else got simular readings?
[12:44] <Seejjay> OK, I think I see HORIZ2, but using autoconfigure in dl-fldigi, it looks like by 'gates' (for want of a better description), are too close together. Any suiggestions on how to increase the spread?
[12:44] <GMT> same for me ... 4587 km! Lat/long positions not standard
[12:44] <mfa298> G4MYS_Andy: you'll get odd distance readings due to the format of the lat/long
[12:44] lz1dev (~rgp@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:44] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> Maxell, I´m at home with fever in bed, remote tracking with VNC
[12:45] <Wouter-[pa3weg]1> but more sleeping than tracking
[12:45] <jcoxon_> Pico update please
[12:45] <GMT> Seejjay: bottom left corner, see 'RTTY'; right click on RTTY and increase bandwidth (at bottom of pop-up screen)
[12:45] <mfa298> Seejjay: right click on the RTTY at the bottom of the screen and then adjust the carrier shift (I'm on 730)
[12:45] <Geoff-G8DHE> PICO still floating
[12:45] <G4MYS_Andy> set gate to 50 / 680 and thsanks for the "DX " info
[12:45] <WIlldude123> ARRRGh
[12:45] <Seejjay> TA! GMT
[12:46] <G4MYS_Andy> 434.073Mhz
[12:46] <jcoxon_> Alt?
[12:46] <G4MYS_Andy> GOK
[12:46] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> jcoxon, 5293
[12:46] Nick change: mfa298 -> mfa298_M1ARI
[12:46] <WIlldude123> So why the hell is it not re-initializing datastrwithcs everytime I call the function? It shouldn't retain it from the previous iteration.
[12:47] <mfa298_M1ARI> WIlldude123: read about pointers in the book!
[12:47] <jcoxon_> Thanks
[12:47] <fsphil-m> Still floating?
[12:48] <G0TDJ_Steve> Gotta get ready for Field Day - Well done daveake_horizon and the team. Smashing launch. Hope it all gos well. Speak to you soon!
[12:48] <daveake_horizon> cheers
[12:48] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Upu_M0UPU, are you sticking to 434.525 tommorow?
[12:48] G0TDJ_Steve (d49f4aee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[12:48] <bertrik> WIlldude123: the string is passed as a pointer, not as a value, so by doing strcat on it you modify the only actual instance of the string
[12:49] <Relz> getting Horizon here great.
[12:49] <Geoff-G8DHE> Rising nicely http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/HORIZ2_20130706/
[12:50] <Maxell> Wouter-[pa3weg]1: here too. Setup at revspace if one desktop, so I'd just VNC to it. Going good now... http://i.imgur.com/GGRwSoS.png
[12:50] <WIlldude123> Nothing heard of horizon.
[12:50] <WIlldude123> It is 434.075 right?
[12:50] <Relz> less
[12:50] <Relz> 434.0745
[12:50] <G4MYS_Andy> its dritfting try around 074 _+_ dial readout
[12:50] <WIlldude123> I can hear a constant tone on 434.075.
[12:51] <Relz> you will only be getting the right side of the rtty at that freq
[12:51] <Relz> lower it and you will get the first half
[12:51] <G4MYS_Andy> currebnt VFO reading is 434.074198 and drifting upband slowly
[12:55] <LeoBodnar> jcoxon_: GPS came back, all is well but it is out of power save mode
[12:56] <jcoxon_> Okay, at least its still up, put to sea yet?
[12:56] <Geoff-G8DHE> Just SE of Norwich
[12:56] <Geoff-G8DHE> SW of Norwich sry
[12:57] Paul_Alf (~anon@dab-bas1-h-24-7.dab.02.net) joined #highaltitude.
[12:57] <G4MYS_Andy> afternoon paul
[12:57] <LeoBodnar> 6mph GS jcoxon_ it's a long way to sea at that
[12:58] <G4MYS_Andy> set it to 50 /680
[12:58] <Upu_M0UPU> think so chrisstubbsM6EDF
[12:58] <Upu_M0UPU> its Dave launching it
[12:58] <Paul_Alf> morning
[12:58] <Upu_M0UPU> hi Paul_Alf
[12:59] <jarod> Maxell no go :/
[12:59] <daveake> Blimey HORIZ2 launched only 5 minutes later than I said :p
[12:59] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Ok cool, so I should be safe on .300 if we go for a launch tommorow too?
[12:59] <Paul_Alf> just setting up the radio
[12:59] <daveake> Upu_M0UPU, Sorry can only launch 2 this weekend .....
[12:59] <daveake> Had a better offer :p
[12:59] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-132-168-210.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep
[12:59] <Upu_M0UPU> yeah I was just about to say :)
[12:59] <G4MYS_Andy> OK youll get some funny distance readings mine says 1257.ee !!
[13:00] <Seejjay> This is frustrating, I can see it, hear it, but it won't decode. Nearly got a line of data, but doesn't appear to be decoding anything now. RTTY 50 / 850 s/n 27db
[13:00] <G4MYS_Andy> Set to RTTYR?
[13:01] <Seejjay> RTTYR????
[13:01] <G4MYS_Andy> seejay RTTYR nec xt to your red display USB on the radio!!!
[13:02] <Geoff-G8DHE> Seejjay, the shift is a bit large try 720Hz shift
[13:03] <Geoff-G8DHE> I wonder if your over driving the audio as well is the volume bar lowr right GREEn or RED ?
[13:03] <Seejjay> USB - Missed the bleeding obvious!! Decoding OK now - PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:03] <Seejjay> Thanks Guys
[13:03] <G4MYS_Andy> never mind you got it!!
[13:03] <jarod> Maxell its still on 434.175?
[13:04] <G7UXW---Kevin> shift 700 here and working
[13:04] <LeoBodnar> PICO burst?
[13:04] <Geoff-G8DHE> certainly dipped
[13:05] <Upu_M0UPU> gps stuck atm
[13:05] <Upu_M0UPU> droped 60m
[13:05] <WIlldude123> Argh
[13:06] <LeoBodnar> Maybe local weather?
[13:06] <Upu_M0UPU> dropped another 75m
[13:06] <Upu_M0UPU> possibly split
[13:07] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[13:07] <WIlldude123> How come when I try to pass a string as an arg, I get a invalid conversion error? http://pastie.org/8115486
[13:08] <WIlldude123> What's wrong with having a string as an argument.
[13:08] <WIlldude123> It comes up at line 50
[13:08] <Upu_M0UPU> ping jcoxon
[13:08] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> WIlldude123, char*
[13:08] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> its an array of characters
[13:08] <WIlldude123> But that passes it as a pointer.
[13:09] <WIlldude123> Then it keeps iterating over the string with a checksum, and adds another.
[13:09] <mfa298_M1ARI> WIlldude123: Go and read the book, That's likely to be the best help for you. It's going to be much harder to describe the fundamentals of C via irc.
[13:09] Action: mfa298_M1ARI feels like a broken record
[13:09] <daveake> datastrwithcs isn't a char*
[13:10] <WIlldude123> Arrrrgh,
[13:10] <daveake> and your line before loop() ...
[13:10] <daveake> char* datastrwithcs="";
[13:10] g4ayu (50c193ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:10] <daveake> isn't doing anything
[13:10] <daveake> Which is just as well actually
[13:11] <jcoxon_> Eek
[13:11] <Geoff-G8DHE> PICO looks to be sinking
[13:11] <mfa298_M1ARI> your code looks like you're just adding random things without understanding what you're doing. This isn't the right way to write code.
[13:11] pws (~chatzilla@pD9521725.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[13:11] <WIlldude123> So if it isn't a char* and it's not a char.
[13:11] <WIlldude123> Whatever.
[13:11] <mfa298_M1ARI> WIlldude123: have you read anything in the book yet ?
[13:12] <daveake> WIlldude123, There's a lot of experience here in this channel and you are ignoring the advice
[13:12] <WIlldude123> I'm bloody well trying to follow it,
[13:12] <Relz> what book is it?
[13:12] <daveake> WIlldude123 No what you're doing is :
[13:12] <daveake> <mfa298_M1ARI> your code looks like you're just adding random
[13:13] <daveake> fail
[13:13] <daveake> <mfa298_M1ARI> your code looks like you're just adding random things without understanding what you're doing. This isn't the right way to write code.
[13:13] <WIlldude123> So if it isn't a char* and it's not a char , wth is it?
[13:13] <mfa298_M1ARI> read whats in the book, try it with simple examples and *understand* what its teaching you
[13:13] SWL_UK (516fc93d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:13] <daveake> Hint: If the compiler says you've done something wrong, it's usually right
[13:13] <WIlldude123> ffs I'd rather just die.
[13:13] <jarod> wow
[13:13] <Relz> lol
[13:14] horizon2 (d5cde5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:14] <jarod> PICO radio is moving up and down
[13:14] <Relz> mfa298_M1ARI: what book are you referring to?
[13:14] <Herman-PB0AHX> wath is the shift off horiz2 ??
[13:14] <jarod> Maxell
[13:15] <daveake> HORIZ2 is about to buzz AWE
[13:15] <Relz> Herman-PB0AHX: i have mine at 730
[13:15] <jarod> pico radio is very instable
[13:15] <Herman-PB0AHX> ok tnx
[13:15] <Seejjay> Geoff-G8DHE: So the carrier shift is best if it is on the two frequncies used for teh modulatio? as opposed to 'covering them'?? Presumably the s/n ratio is higher??
[13:15] <SWL_UK> What freq you seeing PICO @ ? seeing 434.137?
[13:15] <jarod> 434.175 but the carrier is moving up and down
[13:15] <horizon2> What's AWE Dave?
[13:15] <WIlldude123> Jesus. I give up now.
[13:16] <daveake> Atomic something. I forget :p
[13:16] <Herman-PB0AHX> yes first green line now from horiz2
[13:16] <jarod> YES!
[13:16] <Relz> Is there a way to tell out of all the transmits how many you were successful in decoding? some kind of stats etc?
[13:16] <bertrik> yes, at habhub.org
[13:17] <daveake> http://habitat.habhub.org/stats/
[13:17] <Relz> thank you very much
[13:17] <Relz> anyone heard when the next time a SSDV payload will be launching?
[13:17] <Paul_Alf> first decode !
[13:17] <jarod> http://x264.nl/dump/pico-434.175mhz-2013-07-06-1316utc.jpg
[13:18] <jarod> pico? Paul_Alf
[13:18] <daveake> Relz Dunno but I should be launching one later this month
[13:18] <Paul_Alf> no, horiz2
[13:18] <jarod> ah ok :)
[13:18] <jarod> Maxell: http://x264.nl/dump/pico-434.175mhz-2013-07-06-1316utc.jpg :D
[13:19] <bertrik> jarod: disable SQL, it helps on weak signals sometimes
[13:19] <mfa298_M1ARI> Relz: he's been pointed to K&R
[13:19] <Relz> daveake: i will keep and eye out as I'd really like to try one. What is your balloon called?
[13:19] m6thz (021bffe2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:19] <jarod> bertrik check
[13:19] <daveake> Relz Depends :p. It'll be announced on the mailing list.
[13:20] <Relz> daveake: ok will keep an eye out
[13:20] <WIlldude123> FFS I give up with High Altitude Ballooning. It might have been a nice idea, but it's sheer hell in places. I'd prefer to die than to carry on trying to figure this fucking thing out.
[13:20] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[13:20] lz1dev (~rgp@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[13:21] <mfa298_M1ARI> WIlldude123: keep at it, this stuff can take a while to understand (especially pointers) but suddenly it will all click.
[13:21] <fsphil-m> I keep planning one... Taking ISH to extreme
[13:21] Nick change: daveake -> daveake_M6RPI
[13:21] <mfa298_M1ARI> WIlldude123: you might find a learn C in x days style book or learn C the hard way helps understand some of it better
[13:21] <jarod> 434.075 is bad frequency in .nl
[13:22] <Maxell> jarod: yeah, PICO is hard...
[13:22] <Maxell> jarod: no QRM here for HORIZ2...
[13:22] <PE2G> I just had the variometer of an RC plane on .074
[13:23] <jarod> HORIZ2 "bandwidth" too small? auto config?
[13:23] <jcoxon_> Language WIlldude123
[13:23] <Herman-PB0AHX> yes jarod he is on 720 shift
[13:23] Tramvai (50eb2c78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:25] <jarod> discone no, dvb-t konig yes :)
[13:25] <Maxell> Autoconfigure is at 600 hz, but I use >700
[13:25] <Maxell> jarod: HORIZ2 is going fine I guess...
[13:25] <Herman-PB0AHX> I hear horiz2 perfectly with 50/720 only green lines
[13:25] <jarod> stil dont have it
[13:26] <Maxell> wel
[13:26] <Maxell> uh
[13:26] <Maxell> PICO is going down, HORIZ2 going fine here
[13:26] fez (518727d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:27] <horizon2> So long as someone's got a fix on it. We're on the A34 headed to some services to see if we can get a fix from stationary - tryng to keep an eye on things in a car is hell!
[13:27] <jarod> i hear it, dont see it :)
[13:27] <jarod> lets rotate antenna
[13:28] <Seejjay> horizon2: Predicted landing is just off A339 at N of Basingstoke (Ramsdell?)
[13:28] Action: jarod opens google earth
[13:29] Lunar_LanderU (83ad0bed@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:29] <Lunar_LanderU> hello
[13:31] <PE2G> First traces from HORIZ2 on 434.0757
[13:32] <jarod> i hear it.... dont see it on waterfall :O
[13:32] <horizon2> Horizon 2 team making a pitstop at McDonalds!
[13:34] <G4MYS_Andy> you have my deepest sympathy
[13:34] <Maxell> jarod: get a rotor w/ https://www.thecraag.com/HABrotate
[13:34] <jarod> i use google earth + hand power :-)
[13:35] <Paul_Alf> its fading badly for me
[13:36] MI6VIM (~phil@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:36] <Maxell> hehe
[13:36] MI6VIM (~phil@ left irc: Client Quit
[13:36] horizon2 (d5cde5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[13:38] <fsphil> awww pico's coming down
[13:38] fsphil-m (~phil@dab-bas2-h-18-10.dab.02.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[13:39] <mfa298_M1ARI> Looks like Horizon wants to visit a Field Day station
[13:40] <mfa298_M1ARI> although no doubt that will change before it bursts
[13:40] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[13:41] <jarod> why cant the text stay foced in dl-fldigi ?
[13:41] <jarod> focused
[13:42] <fsphil> bug in the current version, while using 8-bit ASCII
[13:42] <jarod> ok
[13:42] <fsphil> it's been fixed but not released
[13:42] <jarod> cool
[13:42] <fsphil> are you using a binary or did you build it?
[13:42] <jarod> binary, windows
[13:43] <fsphil> ah
[13:43] SWL_UK (516fc93d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:43] <mfa298_M1ARI> if you clear the current data (right click and there's a clear option) it should start scrolling again.
[13:43] jcoxon_ (~jcoxon@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[13:44] <fsphil> yea. for a little while anyway
[13:44] <fsphil> it's less a program if you're getting good decodes
[13:44] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:44] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ left irc: Client Quit
[13:45] <jarod> $HOR[}_w_w65s~>]8
[13:45] <jarod> almost :P
[13:45] <fsphil> haha
[13:46] <fsphil> of course, those sending only text should really be using 7-bit ascii anyway :)
[13:46] <fsphil> that poor 8th bit is always 0
[13:47] <Maxell> \o/ Pico was very hard, Horiz2 is much better \o/
[13:48] <jarod> ok sun time, brb soon :P
[13:48] <fsphil> haha
[13:49] Adam012 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:49] <Adam012> Hello all
[13:50] <number10> hello Adam012
[13:50] <Maxell> Hello Adam012
[13:50] <Maxell> s/n like 27 dB \o/
[13:51] Action: Maxell likes this
[13:51] <Herman-PB0AHX> who knows email address where I can send the horizon2? a sound file to go
[13:51] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[13:52] lz1dev (~rgp@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:52] daveake_horizon (~Dave@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[13:53] Hiena (~boreger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[13:54] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: why would you send RTTY data in a mail? :P
[13:54] fez (518727d9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[13:54] <Herman-PB0AHX> maxel i make a recording that i wil send
[13:55] <Maxell> But it's the same everywhere :(
[13:55] <Herman-PB0AHX> to horinz2
[13:55] <Herman-PB0AHX> i know
[13:55] <Herman-PB0AHX> its fun
[13:55] <Maxell> \o/
[13:57] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: http://horizon.qmgs.walsall.sch.uk/ might be some contact info on there
[13:57] Adam012 (~androirc@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[13:57] horizon2 (d5cde5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:57] <PE2G> Strong, stable signal here. HORIZ2 is able to drown out local QRM. DX is 544 km
[13:58] <Herman-PB0AHX> Maxell tnx
[13:58] LeoBodnar (5c116e74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[13:59] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: hmm, you could try https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/ukhas/xVHRkln7IsQ
[13:59] <Maxell> but that would reply the whole list, I think.
[14:00] <Maxell> PE2G: I did not expect anything else!
[14:00] <horizon2> Hi all, the Horizon 2 team are all fed and watered. Just waiting for the glacially slow internet connection to load spacenear.us
[14:00] <Maxell> horizon2: Herman-PB0AHX would like to send you guys an email. Where can he drop messages to?
[14:01] <PE2G> Maxell: Thanks. 075 band is not quiet here, but HORIZ is strong enough
[14:02] <Maxell> Why is everywone having problems with 434,075...
[14:02] <horizon2> Glad to hear it
[14:03] <fsphil> there's a very long gap between strings on horizon
[14:03] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-132-168-210.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:04] <PE2G> http://s21.postimg.org/5vd17qep3/Screen954.jpg
[14:04] <Maxell> http://i.imgur.com/beHBH2U.png it's clean here
[14:04] <jcoxon> back
[14:04] <jcoxon> eek a bit close to norwich
[14:05] <Maxell> PE2G: looks fine...
[14:05] <WIlldude123> I figured out my problem!
[14:05] <fsphil> the signal is a little bit down on other payloads, but not by much
[14:06] <Maxell> WIlldude123: horay!!1
[14:07] horizon2 (d5cde5dc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[14:08] DiJuMx (~dijumx@97e68983.skybroadband.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:08] <fsphil> http://i.imgur.com/WMAWmCl.png
[14:08] <jcoxon> pico must have sprung quite a small leak
[14:08] <fsphil> still a bit to go here
[14:09] <fsphil> you got the ascent perfect jcoxon
[14:09] <jarod> $$HORIZ2,499,13:9:5)v4h_{6X7,35{~~~M58Y
[14:09] <jarod> got that too :P
[14:09] Paul_Alf (~anon@dab-bas1-h-24-7.dab.02.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[14:09] <fsphil> nearly got a full string
[14:09] <Maxell> jarod: can so much better.
[14:10] <Maxell> jarod: Thats with discone or yagi?
[14:10] <jarod> yagi
[14:10] <fsphil> there is an unusual noise in the signal, when it's idle
[14:10] <fsphil> something affecting the voltage on the payload maybe
[14:10] <jcoxon> fsphil, i wonder if its just too warm during the day
[14:10] <jcoxon> so the it continues to warm up and keeps climibing very slowly
[14:10] LeoBodnar (51932a7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:10] <mfa298_M1ARI> I seem to keep missing packets although I've only been watching dl-fldigi via vnc so the updates are slow
[14:10] <fsphil> indeed, though the air it's in at that altitude is quite cold
[14:11] <jcoxon> but radiation...
[14:11] <fsphil> wonder i the material is trapping the heat
[14:11] <fsphil> a temperature probe inside the foil would be interesting
[14:11] <fsphil> putting a second layer over it to reflect the heat would probably be too heavy
[14:12] <fsphil> another foil maybe
[14:12] <number10> it certainly went higher than expected jcoxon
[14:12] <jcoxon> eeek
[14:12] <jcoxon> its getting close to an RAF base
[14:12] <jarod> :O
[14:12] <number10> closed in 2006 jcoxon
[14:12] <fsphil> ah, full string from horizon
[14:12] <G4MYS_Andy> and? its at 92,000ft!
[14:12] <jcoxon> good good as i can't be doing all that again
[14:13] <fsphil> bet they have a file on you
[14:13] <number10> you and ed should write short history
[14:13] <number10> or do a short talk at the conf
[14:14] <fsphil> "Where it all went wrong"
[14:15] horizon2 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:16] <fsphil> one of the reasons I'm sure hadie2 didn't land in the military base in the dales is that I've yet to be visited by scary army people :)
[14:16] <mfa298_M1ARI> would they not just blow it up and ask questions later
[14:17] <fsphil> horizon's signal is very weak now
[14:17] <PE2G> yes it has become weaker half a min ago
[14:17] <horizon2> Hi all, we can't get spacenear.us running on our internet connection because it's too slow here. Any idea where Horizon2 might land?
[14:17] <fsphil> probably. it's either landed there and had been blown up into a million pieces. or landed on a farm, and been taken apart by sheep
[14:18] <fsphil> north of Baisingstoke horizon2
[14:18] <mfa298_M1ARI> horizon2: somewhere around basingstoke but predictions will probably change until it bursts
[14:18] <Hix> horizon2, have you tried the habhub mobile tracker?
[14:18] <Hix> http://habitat.habhub.org/mobile-tracker/
[14:18] <mfa298_M1ARI> horizon2: try http://habhub.org/mt
[14:19] <G7UXW---Kevin> Is there any SSDTV over this weekend ???
[14:19] <fsphil> G7UXW---Kevin: nope. there was some in Australia last night though they seem to have had technical issues
[14:19] <horizon2> Anywhere near Kingsclere?
[14:20] tiouk_com (~tiouk_com@rtr-stoke.theinternet.org.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[14:20] <fsphil> I'm planning an SSDV launch but my launches are always late. this one was suppose to be three months ago :)
[14:20] <mfa298_M1ARI> horizon2: do you have a chase car app on a smartphone - that would help us know where you are for directions when it's on its way down.
[14:20] <G7UXW---Kevin> fsphil: I got realy spoilt as my first tracking was live ssdtv i thought that might have been the norm
[14:20] <Geoff-G8DHE> horizon2, its currently over Newbury heading NW, but that will change when it bursts
[14:21] <PE2G> Signal getting a bit stronger again
[14:22] <fsphil> horizon2: http://i.imgur.com/Z9iIsr0.jpg - already a bit out of date
[14:22] <fsphil> but should give you a rougth idea of where to start haeding
[14:23] <horizon2> Chase tracker running, can you see us?
[14:23] <fsphil> G7UXW---Kevin: I think daveake is doing one in a few weeks
[14:23] <mfa298_M1ARI> heading down towards kingsclere is probably worth doing
[14:23] <fsphil> horizon2: yep
[14:23] <mfa298_M1ARI> horizon2: yep, shows you on the A34 at the momeny
[14:24] <fsphil> signal fading again
[14:24] <mfa298_M1ARI> looks like burst
[14:24] <fsphil> yea
[14:25] <fsphil> neat -- I didn't hear it on the radio
[14:25] <fsphil> must have been very clean
[14:25] <Herman-PB0AHX> Horizon2 wat is ur email i will send u a sound file from this flight
[14:25] <G7UXW---Kevin> fs ok ween looking for a few weeks now i work away from home all week wake up saturday hoping :)
[14:25] <Seejjay> Horizon2: Looking at the predicted track, you might want to get across to Basingstoke turn off at the next services, or go down further to Whitchurch
[14:25] horizon2 (~androirc@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[14:26] <fsphil> current prediction is closer to Basingstoke than Kingsclere
[14:26] iain_G4SGX (~iain@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:27] <G7UXW---Kevin> Bye all got to get burgers from sainburys too late me thinks
[14:27] <fsphil> ooh sounds nice
[14:27] horizon2 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:27] <fsphil> enjoy!
[14:27] G0ELJ (4d6668da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:27] <G7UXW---Kevin> bye
[14:27] G7UXW---Kevin (569b81bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:27] <fsphil> "Little London"
[14:27] <Seejjay> Horizon2: Predicted landing now shows heading across to A340 - Basingstoke - Tadley road
[14:27] <jcoxon> i think pico will be down now
[14:28] horizon2 (~androirc@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[14:28] horizon2 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:28] <mfa298_M1ARI> have to hope it moves away from there - lots of trees.
[14:29] <jcoxon> oh
[14:29] Nick change: ghoti_ -> ghoti
[14:29] <jcoxon> please not the airfield
[14:30] <SpeedEvil> On the topic of laser pointers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-23178484 Incredible pictures.
[14:30] M6KZT (~myst@ipv6.resistance.is.futile.net) joined #highaltitude.
[14:30] daveake (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:31] <iain_G4SGX> its duissued
[14:31] <daveake> launch 2 coming
[14:31] <mfa298_M1ARI> the one benefit of such a long gap between strings. I was able to retune the radio and reset dl-fldigi in the gap (and had time to spare)
[14:31] <iain_G4SGX> the airfiled
[14:31] <daveake> batc video on
[14:31] <number10> jcoxon someone needs to edit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Coltishall to add PICO on the list of non-resident aircraft
[14:32] DiJuMx (~dijumx@97e68983.skybroadband.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[14:33] G0ELJ (4d6668da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:33] <iain_G4SGX> Just popped back from field day for a bite, good timing
[14:33] <jcoxon> thanks iain_G4SGX
[14:33] <iain_G4SGX> Is someoine chasing?
[14:33] <jcoxon> no
[14:34] <iain_G4SGX> Hmmm
[14:34] <jcoxon> was hoping it would float a bit more
[14:34] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ugh 434.350 is blocked with me :-(
[14:36] <number10> looks like it will be a fairly safe landing
[14:36] <iain_G4SGX> Signal just dies for me
[14:36] <iain_G4SGX> died
[14:36] PE2G (~Miranda@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[14:37] <Maxell> Yeah, it went away pretty fast
[14:38] <Maxell> Horizon2 gone under the blue horizon :x
[14:38] <iain_G4SGX> Am driving past there in an hour, will take a look
[14:38] <mfa298_M1ARI> horizon2: from kingsclere you want to head down the A339 towards basingstoke. depending on how long it takes you you might want to find somewhere along there to stop to see where the prediction moves
[14:38] j2c (5eae8914@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:39] <jcoxon> iain_G4SGX, oh thanks!
[14:39] <jcoxon> don't feel obliged to recover
[14:40] <G4MYS_Andy> wrap itself round hanningtoon mast?
[14:41] <jcoxon> the line is cotton so shouldn't take much for it to break
[14:42] <Herman-PB0AHX> i lost contakt with the horiz2 now
[14:43] <jcoxon> thanks everyone for tracking
[14:43] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-132-168-210.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[14:43] <Herman-PB0AHX> jcoxon no thanks was fun
[14:46] <JDat> laase chase team final aproach, distance to balloon ~ 500 meters
[14:46] <JDat> good luck!
[14:47] horizon2_ (d5cde62d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:50] <mfa298_M1ARI> horizon2: looks like you want to head towards hannington just south of kingsclere
[14:51] daveake (~Dave@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[14:53] <Maxell> JDat: did they found it already? :D
[14:53] <JDat> no
[14:53] <mfa298_M1ARI> this looks like a perfect time for WIlldude123 to be trying to track. I think this is headed right for him
[14:53] <JDat> they are still searching
[14:54] <mfa298_M1ARI> (this being Horizon)
[14:54] <JDat> htey have bad GSM coverage
[14:54] <JDat> they have bad GSM coverage
[14:54] <Maxell> Landing spot for horizon2 is looking good!
[14:54] <Maxell> JDat: ai, as long as they have offline maps and a correct gps loc they'll be fine
[14:55] <JDat> btw 10 mW transmitter works great.
[14:55] <JDat> It was received in Warshaw, Poland!
[14:56] <JDat> 600 KM away!
[14:56] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[14:57] <SpeedEvil> :)
[14:57] <Maxell> JDat: 10 mW is suffcient if you are so high \o/
[14:57] <JDat> Yes!
[14:58] Action: SpeedEvil wonders again about hitting 1000km, with a modest arial ariel.
[14:58] daveake (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:58] <JDat> I am thinkig about kicksat receive possibilities from orbit
[14:58] Wa0tjt (4b577488@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:58] <JDat> thinking*
[14:59] <SpeedEvil> Yeah, that's cheating though :)
[14:59] <daveake> launching in 5 mins
[14:59] <Geoff-G8DHE> Which one first Dave ?
[14:59] <Upu_M0UPU> together Geoff
[14:59] <Maxell> is there one prefferd?
[14:59] <daveake> Together
[14:59] <Upu_M0UPU> they serperate
[14:59] <Geoff-G8DHE> Oh right!
[15:00] <daveake> Well ... they do but the lion is tethered so he won't go far! Bit too close to Basingrad if I dropped him
[15:01] <Wa0tjt> Hello from America
[15:01] <Maxell> Hello there
[15:01] <daveake> But the video will still show the "jump"
[15:01] <SpeedEvil> North, or south america Wa0tjt?
[15:01] <daveake> batc back on
[15:01] <daveake> sorry netbook overheated!
[15:01] <SpeedEvil> :)
[15:01] <Upu_M0UPU> Hey there Keith
[15:01] <Wa0tjt> Kansas City. Missouri
[15:02] <Upu_M0UPU> Wa0tjt runs www.arhab.org
[15:02] <SpeedEvil> :)
[15:02] <Upu_M0UPU> he's the man you speak to for records :)
[15:02] <SpeedEvil> Oooh - does he have Queen - Fat bottomed girls?
[15:02] <SpeedEvil> Or more on-topic - Nena - 99 red balloons.
[15:02] <Upu_M0UPU> loose one hab point for bad jokes on channel
[15:03] <Wa0tjt> I do
[15:03] Action: SpeedEvil sighs and needs to build up some HAB points by doing some launches.
[15:03] <mfa298_M1ARI> if they're lucky looks like the Horizon team might see it land
[15:03] Action: SpeedEvil looks at the 50kg roll of polythene, and the natural gas tap in his kitchen.
[15:04] DiJuMx (~dijumx@97e68983.skybroadband.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> they are very close
[15:04] <Wa0tjt> Cautious about the flights today. How or do the get into the APRS-IS?
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> only if they are transmitting APRS Wa0tjt which is none of the UK ones
[15:04] <Upu_M0UPU> we can however take APRS and import to spacenear.us
[15:04] <SpeedEvil> APRS is illegal in the UK - well - to transmit airborne.
[15:05] <SpeedEvil> (on the normal frequency)
[15:05] <daveake> up
[15:06] <Seejjay> Horizon2: Lost signal I'll go look at Purley Good luck finding it!
[15:06] <Upu_M0UPU> Purley & Kingsley launched
[15:06] <Wa0tjt> I knew that, I guess but sure would like to post results of your flights like I do most of the rest
[15:06] <Upu_M0UPU> tbh Wa0tjt you'll have a job keeping up at the moment
[15:06] <Upu_M0UPU> there has been one launch each day last week
[15:06] <Upu_M0UPU> and 5 today
[15:06] <Wa0tjt> I just run a PHP script I wrote it does all the real work
[15:07] <Upu_M0UPU> http://habitat.habhub.org/stats/
[15:07] <Upu_M0UPU> click flights list
[15:07] <Wa0tjt> I already marked horizon green, it was only one posted
[15:07] <mfa298_M1ARI> shift on kingsley looks to be about 50Hz wider than the doc
[15:09] horizon2_ (d5cde62d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[15:09] <Upu_M0UPU> dial on these two ?
[15:09] <Geoff-G8DHE> Indeed
[15:09] <mfa298_M1ARI> purley .345
[15:10] <mfa298_M1ARI> actually call it .346 I didn't look at the other digits
[15:11] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:11] <LazyLeopard> kingsley .6475
[15:11] <Geoff-G8DHE> too much QRM for Purley :-(
[15:11] <Geoff-G8DHE> Kingsley looks OK
[15:12] <mfa298_M1ARI> that was perfect timing for the launch of those two, just as Horizon landed
[15:12] daveake (~Dave@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
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[15:14] JDat (JDat@ left irc:
[15:14] <gonzo__mob> hearing good signals here on a dorset hillside. but no decode and getting spattee from the next door contest stn
[15:14] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[15:15] chrisg7ogx (568424fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:16] <LazyLeopard> Both are clear signals from here.
[15:16] CHNSA (3aad80e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:17] <CHNSA> andy_n: Andy are you still listening in the channel ?
[15:17] j2c (5eae8914@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:19] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:20] <ibanezmatt13> What would I need to make an Arduino receive data and then decode it for use in a program?
[15:20] <ibanezmatt13> It's almost the reverse of what we do for HAB
[15:21] <Geoff-G8DHE> Its what you do for the GPS
[15:21] <mfa298_M1ARI> ibanezmatt13: depends on what data you want to recieve
[15:22] <ibanezmatt13> Well, I'm making a remote controlled device and I want to be able to control it by sending it data from a controller (like a joystick) then I need it to interpret the data to drive some servos
[15:22] <ibanezmatt13> Basically an Arduino powered RC car, but not a car :)
[15:23] <Geoff-G8DHE> So what sort of output does the controller have ?
[15:23] <daveake_M6RPI> What's the latest new from Horizon?
[15:24] <Upu_M0UPU> they were pretty much on top of it when it landed
[15:24] <Upu_M0UPU> no news though
[15:24] <ibanezmatt13> Geoff-G8DHE: I'm not sure. I was thinking of using i2c to take data from a joystick and then send the data with an NTX2 but it's the receiving end I'm not sure about. I'm not sure how to process the data for sending
[15:24] Minivat (4e54ed65@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:25] <Geoff-G8DHE> Need to find out what format the data is available in then from the controller, is it I2C or is that a guess ?
[15:25] <mfa298_M1ARI> ibanezmatt13: for something like this a radio module that allows you to send it data with a matching receiver module that can decode the data could make life easier. I'm pretty sure the rfm22b can do that (but its not how it's normally used in HAB)
[15:25] <ibanezmatt13> guess to be honest, I'll look into it :)
[15:26] <ibanezmatt13> is the rfm22b a receiver?
[15:26] <Geoff-G8DHE> Then what sort of data it it, is it simple on/off switches or is it a binary value ?
[15:26] <daveake_M6RPI> Thanks Upu_M0UPU
[15:26] <daveake_M6RPI> I expect they saw it then - nice clear skies
[15:26] <mfa298_M1ARI> rfm22b has transmit and reciever in the same module
[15:26] M0NSA (~HeliosFA@requiem.soton.gia-lan.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[15:26] <ibanezmatt13> oh cool :) I'll read into it
[15:27] <Geoff-G8DHE> I ask because lots of chips will talk I2C but not usually a module as such, I2C and SPI are intended to run around a PCB not run over a cable of any great length.
[15:27] <ibanezmatt13> Geoff-G8DHE: This sort of thing: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/JoyStick
[15:27] <Upu_M0UPU> yep
[15:27] <daveake_M6RPI> The live prediction today doens't seem to be matching the flights or for that matter the predictions I ran earlier
[15:28] <mfa298_M1ARI> and I think there's a mode with the rfm22b that allows you to just send it characters and you get characters out the other end (so you don't have to write modulators/demodulators yourself)
[15:28] <Geoff-G8DHE> Right with that you will have two resisive pots giving a voltage out, so you willn eed to have 2 ADC channels to convert voltage to a binary value.
[15:28] <ibanezmatt13> Geoff-G8DHE: That sounds reasonable
[15:29] <ibanezmatt13> mfa298_M1ARI: That's quite convenient too
[15:30] <mfa298_M1ARI> plenty of other radio modules that can do something similar (assuming you're wanting to do this over a radio link)
[15:30] CHNSA (3aad80e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:30] <Geoff-G8DHE> you will then then need to process the two binary values into something suitable to send over the link, you might even
[15:30] <Geoff-G8DHE> want to convert into a PWM type if your running servio's at the Rx end.
[15:30] DiJuMx (~dijumx@97e68983.skybroadband.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[15:30] <ibanezmatt13> That's exactly what I was thinking Geoff-G8DHE
[15:31] <ibanezmatt13> I'll start by looking into how the various components operate and then I'll think about the receiving side
[15:31] <Geoff-G8DHE> In which case start looking up the PWM methods used for Servo's, and then see what the RFM22b can handle
[15:32] PE2G (~Miranda@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[15:32] [1]Geoff-G8DHE (~Geoff-G8D@geoffg8dhe.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> Didn't know I'd left!
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[15:35] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
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[15:39] <Maxell> I can barly see it in the waterfall. No decodes. How come this blue horizon circle is fooling me very time...
[15:39] <horizon2> Horizon 2 has been recovered! Just heading back to the car.
[15:40] <Upu_M0UPU> congrats
[15:40] <Maxell> \o/
[15:40] <Geoff-G8DHE> Excellent
[15:40] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> horizon2, nice work
[15:40] <daveake_M6RPI> excellent :)
[15:40] <Maxell> l4.4P*8s55$PURLEY<527,1:39
[15:40] CHNSA (~CHNSA@CPE-58-173-128-231.cjcz1.cht.bigpond.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
[15:40] <Maxell> muahaha line of sight? whaaaat
[15:41] <daveake_M6RPI> horizon2 Did you see it coming in to land?
[15:41] beingaware (~aware@pi.icanhaz.org) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[15:44] <horizon2> No, sadly
[15:45] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:47] <Herman-PB0AHX> yesssss purley is writing here
[15:48] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-qdlydvhzxrfpuwdt) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[15:48] <PE2G> Herman-PB0AHX: Congrats. On what freq?
[15:48] CHNSA (~CHNSA@CPE-58-173-128-231.cjcz1.cht.bigpond.net.au) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[15:49] <Herman-PB0AHX> PE@g on 434.348.9 here 50/460
[15:49] <PE2G> Thanks
[15:49] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-ziblcrsauwfjkhev) joined #highaltitude.
[15:53] Leyhart (~Leyhart@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:54] <Maxell> PURLY feels stronger and has shorter messages.
[15:54] <Maxell> Tried kingley too but too much garbage (yet)
[15:54] <Maxell> And purly is now also spitting out good decodes.
[15:55] <Maxell> Herman-PB0AHX: have you tried tracking two at the same time?
[15:56] horizon2 (~androirc@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[15:57] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:59] <ibanezmatt13> For some reason I can only find information using a potentiometer to make a servo move to a specific position. Instead of this, I'd like to use a potentiometer to set the speed and direction of a servo. For instance, if the program returns a 0 from the pot, do nothing; if the pot returns a 255, set the servo rotating at max speed clockwise, if the pot reads 100, set a proportionally slower speed in the same direction, and
[16:00] <ibanezmatt13> Are there any ways I can send this data to the servo using PWM. At the moment I can only see that 2ms pulse will send it to position x or whatever, as opposed to a 2ms pulse making it rotate at speed x
[16:00] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> ibanezmatt13, servos arent designed to rotate fully
[16:01] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> you can get specialist/modified ones that do what you want though
[16:01] <ibanezmatt13> like this chrisstubbsM6EDF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W64Emi5aEEc
[16:01] <ibanezmatt13> But intstead of a GUI, I'll be taking data from some pots
[16:02] <ibanezmatt13> But I'm gonna use a continuous rotation one
[16:02] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes Servo's are driven by a PWM signal that specifies the amount and direction of rotation (most servo's you can others) so a minimum PWM signal is fully clockwise and a Max PWM is fully anti-clockwise.
[16:02] <Geoff-G8DHE> *you can get others
[16:03] <ibanezmatt13> Geoff-G8DHE: So if I get a continuous rotation servo, I can use PWM to set the speed and direction of rotation as opposed to the position. That's good. Will these particular servos be under a certain name or just "continuous rotation"?
[16:03] <Geoff-G8DHE> if you want to set a rate and direction you will have to store the "last" position and work out what to send it based on the incmoing signal
[16:03] g4ayu (50c193ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[16:04] <ibanezmatt13> For the code, I think the examples have given me sufficient knowledge, it's just the hardware I need to sort
[16:04] vladimirek (~vladimire@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:05] <Maxell> VAC for Windows known as VB-Audio software. VB-Audio installs drivers on your Windows box giving you a VB-Audio cable choice among you audio devices. This allows you to pipe the SDR output to the decoding program of your choice for free. Of course, the VB-Audio developers appreciate a donation, and in exchange for a donation of any amount you get the ability to unlock two additional virtual audio devices, helpful if youre using a multiple-SDR setup.
[16:05] <Geoff-G8DHE> There will be a few that can work on a rotation seed never needed one myself you would normally use a stepping motor and drive it if you want a continous speed
[16:05] <Maxell> Via eek
[16:05] <Geoff-G8DHE> rather tha a servo
[16:05] <Maxell> Kingsley is also going strong now
[16:06] <ibanezmatt13> Geoff-G8DHE: Ah right. I've heard of stepping motors but I thought they were pretty much the same thing :) I'll have a look
[16:06] <Geoff-G8DHE> Can you describe what it is that needs continous rotation ? It might be better to use Stepper Motors depending on power and speed needed ?
[16:07] <PE2G> I have PURLEY decodes on 434.3488
[16:07] Leyhart (~Leyhart@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[16:08] <Maxell> PE2G: do both :D
[16:08] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[16:09] <Geoff-G8DHE> Nice thing about steppers is you can get chips to drive them directly from processors and hence take away a lot of the processing needed in software!
[16:09] <PE2G> Maxell: Can't manage that with the old FT-790R
[16:10] Nick change: heathkid|2 -> heathkid
[16:10] <ibanezmatt13> Well, my Granddad likes little gadgets, especially ones he can have some fun with. I was going to make a high powered water gun mount that he could control. So he could sit there and use a joystick to control sideways rotation on the gun, I'm gonna use a standard 180 servo for the up/down control of the gun. It's the panning movement that I need to work out the motor for
[16:11] <iain_G4SGX> jcoxon: Had a quick look,looks like Pico descended into some marshy broadland area, heard the RTTY but didnt have my laptop on me to decode. If I didnt have to get back to NFD it'd be a nice chase on a sunny afternoon. Might drive past on the way and get an accurate GPS off it before it dies.
[16:12] <Geoff-G8DHE> Are right you want some of the old Missle Bases that allow that http://www.geoffmather.me.uk/az-el/index.htm I use mine for the WebCam in the shack here
[16:12] <Maxell> hmm
[16:12] <ibanezmatt13> That's pretty much it Geoff-G8DHE
[16:12] <Maxell> PE2G: discone here is like, deaf on 434 mhz
[16:13] <Maxell> And have not yet figured out sdr-console
[16:13] <ibanezmatt13> The sort of mount you would move a sentry gun on but one that can be controlled with a joystick. The remote side I was discussing earlier is a later step where we'll have a live streaming webcam from the top of the gun :)
[16:13] <Geoff-G8DHE> You could just use a pair of servo's in that case you wouldn't need continous rotation as the wires will get twisted up!
[16:15] <Geoff-G8DHE> The hardest part is making a good firm base to mount all the suff on.
[16:15] <ibanezmatt13> That's what I thought but I wondered which to get. I want to have speed and direction control
[16:15] <ibanezmatt13> So, the more the joystick is turned, the faster it moves to one side, the nearer to the centre it is, the slower it moves around
[16:15] <Geoff-G8DHE> Why speed and direction, servo's can be quite fast and the criticalthing is direction
[16:16] <SpeedEvil> Booooring.
[16:16] <SpeedEvil> Meh - joystick.
[16:16] <SpeedEvil> Gaze tracking and servos that can do 0.15s slews are where it's at
[16:16] <Geoff-G8DHE> start there then make it sight controlled with eye position sensors
[16:16] <Geoff-G8DHE> snap!
[16:16] <ibanezmatt13> ok, thanks
[16:17] <ibanezmatt13> gotta run, see you :)
[16:17] ibanezmatt13 (6d995db0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[16:17] <Geoff-G8DHE> CU
[16:18] Biglrp30 (~Biglrp30@ joined #highaltitude.
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[16:19] omd (~omd@CPE-60-229-12-22.lns4.ken.bigpond.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
[16:20] omd (omd@CPE-60-229-12-22.lns4.ken.bigpond.net.au) left #highaltitude.
[16:23] <Seejjay> Anything special about Kingsley? Got a good signal but won't decode. Purley is fine.
[16:23] <Geoff-G8DHE> Works fine here Purley is in QRM and hidden most of the time
[16:23] Biglrp30 (~Biglrp30@ left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[16:24] <Seejjay> Thanks Geoff - First time tracking so quick learning curve.
[16:24] <Geoff-G8DHE> Kingsley and Purley( in the noise)
[16:24] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/Capture6.JPG
[16:28] Fin (2e413884@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:30] <Fin> Hello! I'm new to HAB and have got a tracker almost working. NTX2 voltage divider works from 5v supply but only gives one "tone" in dl-fldigi when powered from 3.3v Arduino. Am I ok to have an "unequal" voltage divider?
[16:30] <x-f> we recovered LAASE :))
[16:31] <x-f> thanks to UKHAS and all trackers!
[16:31] <PE2G> dx 544 km on the horizon: http://s9.postimg.org/5gpxhajbj/Screen955.jpg
[16:31] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Fin have you tried the hi/low code on the wiki?
[16:32] <Geoff-G8DHE> Fin have you seen the Wiki page on NTX2 interface ?
[16:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:linkingarduinotontx2
[16:35] Chris_M6CSV (52085b0a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[16:37] <Fin> Yes I've followed the Wiki, which was really helpful but for some reason setting equal R4 and R5 resistors doesn't work for me when using 3.3v supply. Works fine on 5v supply. I'm currently using a potentiometer to set a different bias point and that seems to work ok. Maybe I just need to play with resistor values more...
[16:37] <Seejjay> Suspect that I am 'so underneath' PURLEY and that is why some of my decodes are bad at the moment.
[16:38] <Maxell> Seejjay: how much antenna gain?
[16:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes likely that you will be in the blind spot
[16:39] <Seejjay> Not sure how you get that, but I am using a WSM-270 mag mount on a baking tray!!
[16:39] <Maxell> Geoff-G8DHE: heh. RC5? Doing distributed.net?
[16:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yup going for many many years!
[16:39] <Maxell> :P
[16:40] <Maxell> OGR is much more worthwhile
[16:40] <Seejjay> Decodes have been good until PURLEY got real close - suspect something to do with radiation pattern of my antenna
[16:40] <Geoff-G8DHE> RC5 finshed ages ago yes its running OGR currently
[16:40] Nerdsville (d5cde88d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> 0.01:12:29.79 - [21,493,729 nodes/s]
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> [Jul 06 09:11:26 UTC] OGR-NG #c: 27/12-16-20-1-4-18 [93,493,361,544 nodes]
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> [Jul 06 09:11:26 UTC] OGR-NG #c: Loaded 27/12-16-20-1-4-29
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> [Jul 06 09:11:26 UTC] OGR-NG: Summary: 4166 packets (283979.53 stats units)
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> 22.16:12:40.87 - [144.90 Mnodes/s]
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> [Jul 06 09:11:26 UTC] OGR-NG: 3 packets remain in buff-in.og2
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> [Jul 06 09:11:26 UTC] OGR-NG: 93 packets (4898.66 stats units) are in
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> buff-out.og2
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> [Jul 06 09:16:38 UTC] OGR-NG #a:27/12-16-20-1-4-27+7-50-17-9 [12,255,805,650]
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> Oops sry that was meant to be a line!
[16:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> Need to pause during HAB operations it fouls up the VAC buffers causing underflows every few minutes!
[16:42] iain_G4SGX (~iain@ left irc: Quit: On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.
[16:42] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://stats.distributed.net/participant/psummary.php?project_id=25&id=395689
[16:44] <Nerdsville> On holiday in Lake District decoding PURLEY on the laptop with the FCDP+ and a small magmount on the caravan! Blis
[16:45] daveake (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:45] <Geoff-G8DHE> It is nice! I wa doing similar from the Campervan couplke of weeks ago, just made up an SDR Dongle and HABamp for ongoing use http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/HABAMP_and_DONGLE/
[16:45] <mattbrejza> i thought holiday was the time to get away :-P
[16:45] Nerdsville_ (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:45] <Geoff-G8DHE> What better than sitting in the Sun and enjoying hobbies
[16:46] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[16:46] <Nerdsville_> 3G connection is a bit dodgy here
[16:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> Have to choose sites carefully ;-) WElsh Coast not so good!
[16:47] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) joined #highaltitude.
[16:47] LeoBodnar (5c116e74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[16:51] <Geoff-G8DHE> Deep fading on Kingsley
[16:52] <Geoff-G8DHE> Was there going to be a cut-down on Kingsley ? 1871 metres ?
[16:53] <PE2G> PURLEY drifting downband with ~100 Hz/min
[16:53] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ah at 27Km
[16:53] <Geoff-G8DHE> Gone past that ....
[16:54] <Upu_M0UPU> cut down was at 30km
[16:54] <Upu_M0UPU> I think
[16:54] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes its was amended in a lter post!
[16:55] <daveake> 27km but it's a tethered release :)
[16:55] <daveake> So only 1 thing to chase
[16:55] <Upu_M0UPU> oh so they are still together ?
[16:56] <Upu_M0UPU> I like it
[16:56] <daveake> yup
[16:56] <G8KNN> Genius :)
[16:56] <daveake> But the "jump" will still be on the video
[16:56] <Geoff-G8DHE> Are yes 18.71 miles!
[16:56] JFS1 (56810292@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:58] <Upu_M0UPU> 33km then
[16:59] <Upu_M0UPU> predicting a rough decent :)
[16:59] <LazyLeopard> What's the tether made of?
[16:59] GMT64 (~GMT64@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:59] <Upu_M0UPU> not sure what the aerodynamics of a teddy bear are but I suspect not great
[16:59] <LazyLeopard> ...and presumably there's only one chute?
[17:00] <Upu_M0UPU> still should make for some awesome stills :)
[17:00] <daveake> video
[17:00] <Upu_M0UPU> GoPro you can take some epic stills :)
[17:00] <daveake> In fact,, Upu_M0UPU
[17:00] <Upu_M0UPU> from the video
[17:00] <daveake> Your video :)
[17:00] <daveake> sure :)
[17:00] <Upu_M0UPU> I know its my GoPro
[17:01] <Upu_M0UPU> thats why I suggested you go chase it :P
[17:01] <daveake> ah
[17:01] <daveake> lol
[17:01] <LazyLeopard> How many flights has it done now?
[17:01] <Upu_M0UPU> this is the second
[17:02] GMT64 (~GMT64@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[17:02] <daveake> come on burst you bugger
[17:03] <Upu_M0UPU> 1200?
[17:03] <Upu_M0UPU> high ascent rate
[17:04] <daveake> 1000
[17:04] Laurence2 (~laurence@vlsi1.eee.nottingham.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[17:04] <Laurence2> http://www.littlenewshamforge.com/work-portfolio/sculpture#!lightbox[sculpture]/1/
[17:04] <arko> was the separation mechanism on this the same as the last launch?
[17:04] <jarod> wow
[17:04] <jarod> big one up?
[17:05] <daveake> arko yes but it's also tethered
[17:05] <LazyLeopard> Much better signal than last time. What's the difference?
[17:05] <daveake> So I only have 1 thing to chase
[17:05] <daveake> Replaced the tracker (with another pAVA same model)
[17:05] <arko> ah! awesome
[17:05] <Upu_M0UPU> faulty RFM22B
[17:05] <daveake> yup
[17:06] <daveake> Low on power an out by 15kHz
[17:06] <eroomde> they are crap
[17:06] <eroomde> they should die
[17:06] <arko> how can you tell it didn't separate?
[17:06] <eroomde> haven't the actually died?
[17:06] <Upu_M0UPU> done eroomde
[17:06] <Upu_M0UPU> EoL
[17:06] <mfa298_M1ARI> purley is getting so strong down here I can turn on the attenuator and still get good decodes
[17:06] <daveake> Can't tell till later
[17:06] <Upu_M0UPU> Little 1000 thinks its a 1600
[17:06] <arko> kk
[17:06] <daveake> It's the new 1600
[17:07] <LazyLeopard> How much tether is there between them now?
[17:07] <daveake> 2m
[17:07] <daveake> roughly
[17:08] PE7ER (2582e016@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:09] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm... 36kms
[17:09] <PE2G> Wow alt 36km, very impressive.
[17:09] Nerdsville_ (d5cde80d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[17:09] <jarod> sh*T!
[17:09] <arko> break a record!
[17:09] <Geoff-G8DHE> Deep long fade there again
[17:09] <LazyLeopard> How high were you expecting? 28?
[17:09] <jarod> signals on 435.275 overload the rtlsdr :/
[17:09] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-157-39-177.range86-157.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:10] <jarod> WOW a trick, tune on the left side :D
[17:11] <jarod> $$KINGSLEY,866,17:10:58,51.25262,-1.50823,36800,68,271,13,-9,9,5.53*404F
[17:11] <jarod> green! :D
[17:11] <G4MYS_Andy> where is kingdley cant find on map!
[17:11] <PE2G> LazyLeopard: What are you expecting?
[17:11] <jarod> brosw down
[17:11] <Upu_M0UPU> 37km ...
[17:11] <jarod> browse down
[17:12] <arko> damn thats impressive, whats the balloon?
[17:12] <daveake> This one read the science and spat in its face
[17:12] <daveake> 1000 Hwoyee
[17:13] <arko> >_> number keeps climbing
[17:13] <daveake> And 1000g of payload
[17:13] <LazyLeopard> More Hwoyee unpredictability, then...
[17:13] <LazyLeopard> Ah!
[17:13] <PE7ER> burst..
[17:13] <LazyLeopard> Burst methinks
[17:13] <jarod> http://x264.nl/dump/kingsley-434.650mhz-2013-07-06-1711utc.jpg :D
[17:13] <Herman-PB0AHX> wow PURLEY flying very well
[17:13] <daveake> burst
[17:14] <daveake> Saw it on the waterfall first
[17:14] <arko> nice!
[17:14] <LazyLeopard> Yep
[17:14] <LazyLeopard> Yeah, often hear it in the RTTY time.
[17:14] <LazyLeopard> tone, even
[17:14] <arko> those pictures are going to look awesome
[17:14] <arko> 37km
[17:15] <jarod> wow so i took screenshot 1 moment before burst, lucky :)
[17:15] <LazyLeopard> ;)
[17:15] <arko> -61m/s
[17:15] <arko> crazy
[17:15] <jarod> signal getting stronger here :P
[17:16] <Geoff-G8DHE> -51m/s
[17:17] <jarod> why is long/lat/alt not shown in dl-fldigi?
[17:17] <Herman-PB0AHX> PE@g perley go down now
[17:17] <mfa298_M1ARI> hmm, I made the mistake of reloading the spacenear.us page
[17:17] <jarod> on my green decode?
[17:18] <jarod> you guys get long/lat/alt?
[17:18] <PE2G> Herman-PB0AHX: Yep, LOS soon
[17:20] <jarod> Purley not as strong as kingsley?
[17:21] vladimirek (~vladimire@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[17:21] VK3GRK (70d59469@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:22] <jarod> same balloon?
[17:22] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes
[17:22] <jarod> ah, purley much weaker then?
[17:22] <SpeedEvil> WIlldude123: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23162846
[17:23] <jarod> ah got purley too :-)
[17:24] PE2G (~Miranda@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[17:25] <jarod> http://x264.nl/dump/purley-434.350mhz-2013-07-06-1724utc.jpg
[17:25] <Maxell> jarod: both should be out of line of sight at you right now...
[17:26] <jarod> still hear it
[17:26] <jarod> $$P5!LEY,10117z66;0{Z1.2444,-1.5811,45=3,120
[17:26] <jarod> :P
[17:26] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-157-39-177.range86-157.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[17:26] <Guest97955> Received email: James Coxon "[UKHAS] UKHAS Conference 7/9/13"
[17:27] <jarod> now its lost
[17:27] hombre1 (020da487@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:28] <jarod> who greated dl-fldigi?
[17:28] <jarod> its fecking awesome
[17:29] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Upu_M0UPU, the link in jcoxons email is dead
[17:29] <jarod> they should make the same for rtty amateurs on HF :)
[17:29] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> looks like an SQL error
[17:29] <Herman-PB0AHX> the signaal off purley going down now here tnx all
[17:30] <mfa298_M1ARI> jarod: dl-fldigi is based on fldigi which is what a lot of amateurs use on HF
[17:30] <jarod> i know
[17:31] <jarod> but all that required manual and has no browse :)
[17:31] <jarod> whats best site to download dl-fldigi again?
[17:31] <mfa298_M1ARI> there's a link from the ukhas wiki
[17:31] <jarod> seems outdated
[17:32] <jarod> Windows: dl-fldigi-DL3.1-windows-2abd6a7.exe
[17:32] <jarod> i got 3.21.50 installed?
[17:32] <jarod> dl-fldigi-DL3.1-windows-2abd6a7.exe
[17:32] <jarod> ah that is that :O
[17:33] <mfa298_M1ARI> the 3.21.50 is the fldigi version it's based on
[17:33] <jarod> ah
[17:33] <jarod> i love this browse setup + the website
[17:33] <jarod> really good job
[17:35] <daveake> Oh good
[17:35] <daveake> A firing range
[17:36] zs6bnt (5c16fa0c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:36] <SpeedEvil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UntN_cZUQg8 - low altitude
[17:36] <SpeedEvil> (Insanity)
[17:37] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-ziblcrsauwfjkhev) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[17:38] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-fpjlgquqpuutycwa) joined #highaltitude.
[17:38] <jarod> SpeedEvil wow :O
[17:39] mclane (~uli@pD9E85482.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[17:40] <fsphil> they only found the camera...
[17:41] <Laurence2> chase car needs to head down the lane
[17:41] <Laurence2> drive, drive :P
[17:41] <fsphil> yea
[17:41] <fsphil> heading for the next field over
[17:42] <Laurence2> wind speeds prediction seems off
[17:42] <Laurence2> its bearing West
[17:42] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-178-60.49-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
[17:42] <fsphil> it'll soon be lion in that field
[17:42] <Laurence2> Lions?!
[17:42] <Laurence2> eeek
[17:43] <Laurence2> no not down the B road
[17:43] Action: Laurence2 facepalm
[17:43] <fsphil> I see what he's doing
[17:43] daveake (~Dave@ left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[17:43] <fsphil> heading for Chilbolton Down
[17:43] <fsphil> shorter walk
[17:44] daveake (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:44] <fsphil> and a better road
[17:44] <mfa298_M1ARI> the smaller road 2 fields further down the A30 might have been a better choice
[17:44] <LazyLeopard> Some of those "roads" won't be... ;)
[17:44] <fsphil> is there even a road there?
[17:45] <mfa298_M1ARI> sorry, 4 fields
[17:45] <fsphil> looks like a dirt track in the field
[17:45] <G4MYS_Andy> there is a military compond in the area!
[17:45] <Laurence2> doh
[17:45] <Laurence2> i was using google maps
[17:45] <fsphil> oooh
[17:45] <fsphil> check out the giant satellite dish
[17:45] <G4MYS_Andy> possably why the maps show no s detail
[17:45] <Laurence2> 9 minutes
[17:46] <LazyLeopard> Satellite dish, or water tower?
[17:46] <G4MYS_Andy> b great dishes thats what
[17:46] <fsphil> I see a feed on it
[17:46] <LazyLeopard> Definitely a dish. ;)
[17:46] <Laurence2> i see crop circles
[17:46] <SpeedEvil> Which payload is this?
[17:46] <Laurence2> Chilbolton observatory XD
[17:46] <fsphil> purley/kingsley
[17:46] <G4MYS_Andy> and dont flash a laser pointer near there either
[17:46] <fsphil> ooh it's radio astronomy
[17:46] <Laurence2> yes
[17:47] <G4MYS_Andy> yep
[17:47] <fsphil> hopefully not examining 434mhz atm....
[17:47] <fsphil> "They've made contact!"
[17:47] <Laurence2> lol
[17:47] <Laurence2> hence the crop circles
[17:47] <fsphil> hah, so there is
[17:47] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm... Do dishes have *100 attraction?
[17:47] Herman-PB0AHX (53560375@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:47] <fsphil> this is too close
[17:47] <fsphil> oh man it's heading right for it
[17:48] <LazyLeopard> Oh dear. It couldn't find anty trees, so...
[17:48] <fsphil> next worst option
[17:48] <Geoff-G8DHE> still at 2Km
[17:48] <fsphil> yea hopefully it overflies it
[17:48] <fsphil> but they're doing circles atm
[17:48] <fsphil> slowing it down
[17:48] <Laurence2> get the camera out
[17:49] <Laurence2> should be in time to photo it
[17:49] <Laurence2> would be cool to get the dish in view as well
[17:49] <fsphil> heading away
[17:49] <LazyLeopard> Ah. Into the low level not-really-going-anywhere air...
[17:50] <fsphil> c'mon, keep heading that way
[17:50] <arko> payload is dancing
[17:50] <LazyLeopard> Could end up anywhere ...
[17:50] <fsphil> eek
[17:51] <Geoff-G8DHE> dropped out with me
[17:51] <fsphil> this is horrible to watch
[17:51] <LazyLeopard> Looks set to land in the car park...
[17:51] <arko> daveake: 10 points if you get it in the dish
[17:52] <arko> https://www.google.com/maps/preview#!data=!1m8!1m3!1d3!2d-1.429601!3d51.145368!2m2!1f284.12!2f82.64!4f75!2m5!1e1!2m3!1sLnC8ytpX1G6-0BCS6x2HeQ!2e0!7e11&fid=5
[17:52] <Laurence2> hmm lane is fenced off to the south west
[17:52] <mfa298_M1ARI> more if you get it in the dish and reclaim the payload
[17:52] <fsphil> getting further
[17:52] <Laurence2> hard to get it
[17:53] <fsphil> too low to make it that far now I think
[17:53] g4ayu (50c193ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:53] <eroomde> oh chilbolton!
[17:53] <SpeedEvil> Looks like a nice field.
[17:53] <eroomde> my boss used to work there
[17:53] <LazyLeopard> Heh!
[17:53] <Geoff-G8DHE> In that year what's in it this year!
[17:53] <LazyLeopard> Small world. ;)
[17:54] g4ayu (50c193ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[17:54] <Laurence2> underground alien complex
[17:54] <arko> touchdown?
[17:54] <Laurence2> clearly
[17:54] <eroomde> he did lots of weather radar experiments
[17:54] <daveake> yup
[17:54] <G4MYS_Andy> congrats to M1ARI
[17:54] <fsphil> yep, down
[17:54] <arko> nicely done!
[17:54] <fsphil> right in the middle of that field
[17:54] <daveake> Reboot on landing on KINGSLEY
[17:54] <SpeedEvil> :)
[17:54] <arko> great place to land
[17:54] <G4MYS_Andy> traced it till 396 M how low did yopu go?
[17:54] <eroomde> they also did downloinks for the first galileo sats
[17:54] <arko> nice
[17:55] <eroomde> they have lots of interesting low freq phased arrays
[17:55] <arko> why didnt they let you use that dish for tracking
[17:55] <arko> would have been very handy
[17:55] <SpeedEvil> I assume kingsley and purley are tied together?
[17:55] <mfa298_M1ARI> G4MYS_Andy: you did well as well.
[17:55] <fsphil> yea
[17:55] mclane (~uli@pD9E85482.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[17:55] <heathkid> did kingsley just land in a crop circle?
[17:56] <G4MYS_Andy> but go on how low did you track it to?
[17:56] <arko> it needs to go back to it's homeplanet
[17:56] <fsphil> is that a smaller dish to the south east of the main one?
[17:56] <mfa298_M1ARI> I got a partial on the string after the one that got uploaded
[17:56] <mfa298_M1ARI> $$PURLEY,1134,17:53:00,51.14553(/1.44326,0316,9,186,9,4.50*345D
[17:57] <eroomde> so last week daveake landed near me
[17:57] <eroomde> this week near my boss's old hangout
[17:57] <arko> did you recover?
[17:57] <fsphil> he's got a hit list
[17:57] <G4MYS_Andy> wow thats good! amazing thing was it was well have way i up the S metrewr just before it landed 25 miles away
[17:57] <daveake> slow here - potholes that redefine the word
[17:57] <mfa298_M1ARI> I've got a bit of a height advantage for that
[17:57] <arko> i see lots of puddles in the streetview
[17:57] <fsphil> potcraters?
[17:57] <arko> astroid landing zone?
[17:58] <fsphil> or parts of a spacecraft?
[17:58] <daveake> looks like it
[17:58] <mfa298_M1ARI> I never saw anything on the TS2000 S-meter although it does seem to need a really strong signal to register (I could legitimately give a report of 4&0 on HF)
[17:59] <SpeedEvil> Oooh - neat
[17:59] <SpeedEvil> http://www.stfc.ac.uk/chilbolton/24989.aspx
[17:59] <SpeedEvil> They do funky cloud radar stuff.
[17:59] <arko> wow
[17:59] <arko> i thought you guys were kidding
[17:59] go01 (568ba9f0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:59] <arko> that exact field is known for crop circles
[18:00] <arko> thats awesome!
[18:00] <arko> go daveake for landing a UFO there!
[18:00] <fsphil> http://spaceinimages.esa.int/var/esa/storage/images/esa_multimedia/images/2006/03/chilbolton_observatory2/10150727-2-eng-GB/Chilbolton_Observatory.jpg
[18:00] <fsphil> it's a big beastie
[18:00] <SpeedEvil> http://gate.chobs.rl.ac.uk:8090/latest_photo.jpg
[18:00] <SpeedEvil> Is that the payload?
[18:00] <SpeedEvil> (alas, probably not)
[18:00] <fsphil> dead fly from the looks of it
[18:01] <arko> i think thats gunk
[18:01] <fsphil> and a really large single cell alien
[18:01] <eroomde> from james
[18:01] <eroomde> "usually it's locked and no one there at the weekends"
[18:01] Geoff-G8DHE_ (~Geoff-G8D@geoffg8dhe.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:01] <Laurence2> http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/imagenes_circultivos/circuloscultivos12_07.jpg
[18:01] <fsphil> there's a pool to the south of the landing site
[18:02] <daveake> hah
[18:02] <daveake> It's what they've been looking for all this time
[18:02] <Laurence2> http://thegreaterpicture.com/images/chilbolton-crop.jpg
[18:02] <Laurence2> lol
[18:03] <fsphil> hah
[18:03] <Geoff-G8DHE> I think it just updated
[18:03] go01 (568ba9f0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[18:04] <Laurence2> http://crops.u-sphere.com/index.php?title=Crop_Circles:010814_Chilbolton
[18:04] <Laurence2> lolling
[18:04] <Laurence2> last diagram is brilliant
[18:04] [1]Geoff-G8DHE (~Geoff-G8D@geoffg8dhe.plus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[18:06] <qyx_> lol
[18:08] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-fpjlgquqpuutycwa) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[18:08] <Geoff-G8DHE> Dave's doing how own circles now!
[18:09] <daveake> lol
[18:09] <daveake> Car Park
[18:09] <daveake> end of road in a nature reserve
[18:09] <daveake> Off on foot now.
[18:09] <SpeedEvil> Good luck!
[18:09] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-fuuwldmtpgbjcnzn) joined #highaltitude.
[18:09] <fsphil> 600m walk
[18:09] <daveake> Not sure if we can get to the payload or if it's on government land around that radio telescope
[18:10] <Geoff-G8DHE> Looks like there is a path getting very close field
[18:10] <SpeedEvil> It seems unlikely that government land would be ploughed as in that google images
[18:10] G4MYS_Andy (5207d160@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[18:10] <Geoff-G8DHE> Have you got G-maps Dave ?
[18:13] <SpeedEvil> Looking on wikipedia for the 800m distance record - I reckon the fastest we can expect them is about 3 minutes.
[18:15] <eroomde> SpeedEvil: a few sites like that let farmers use it
[18:15] <eroomde> they just want it to keep it quiet
[18:17] <LeoBodnar> Is landing predictor website broken?
[18:18] <fsphil> tne servers it gets wind data from has been misbehaving for a few weeks
[18:18] <fsphil> it may not work, or be very slow
[18:20] <jarod> moar bloons tomorrow?
[18:24] <Maxell> jarod: check the mailinglist https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!forum/ukhas
[18:27] horizon2 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:27] Nick change: horizon2 -> Adam012
[18:29] <LeoBodnar> Is 434.500 good frequency? It does not seem to have any repeaters on it.
[18:29] daveake (~Dave@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[18:29] <fsphil> should be safe enough
[18:29] <eroomde> dey all good
[18:30] <Adam012> Hi all, thank you for tracking and a special thank you to Dave and his lovely wife for hosting us. We got some great footage, the equipment worked really well and we hit a respectable altitude of 32km.
[18:32] <eroomde> congrats
[18:32] <eroomde> but is dave not lovely also?
[18:32] go01 (568ba9f0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[18:34] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin@mjrigby.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[18:35] chrisg7ogx (568424fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[18:37] <Guest97955> Received email: Anthony Stirk "Re: [UKHAS] UKHAS Conference 7/9/13"
[18:38] Adam012 (~androirc@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[18:52] <LeoBodnar> I feel a bit bored. If I launch a small balloon within an hour would there be enough trackers tonight?
[18:52] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> LeoBodnar, where from?
[18:53] <LeoBodnar> Northamptonshire
[18:54] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Might get a bit of it if Im lucky. There are usualy a fair few people around on a saturday night. Stick in a launch announcement if you are going for it
[18:54] <Martin_G4FUI> Well due to other commitments, I've missed _all_ the fun today, so it might satisfy my craving (providing it got up to 10km!) ... :)
[18:55] <LeoBodnar> Gimme an hour
[18:55] <SpeedEvil> :)
[18:55] <mfa298_M1ARI> if it comes far enough south I can track it although your last one never made it over the horizon
[18:55] <Martin_G4FUI> Dunno if I can last that long ...
[18:55] <SpeedEvil> Is this the most in one day?
[18:55] <Martin_G4FUI> SpeedEvil, you're just rubbing it in!
[18:56] <mfa298_M1ARI> if it's not the most payloads I suspect it's the most balloons
[18:57] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> I was going to go for a launch today/tommorow. Could have added to the total :P
[18:57] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> tommorow is looking better though
[18:57] LeoBodnar (5c116e74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[18:57] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-178-60.49-151.net24.it) left irc: Quit: Sto andando via
[18:57] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/11772_trj001.gif
[18:58] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> should skim along the bottom of the UK but I expect it will burst before it gets too far away
[18:58] <mfa298_M1ARI> how can the 70cm band cope with all the activity it's getting this weekend
[18:58] <mfa298_M1ARI> I actually heard a 70cm ssb ham contat earlier
[18:59] <fsphil> whoa
[18:59] <Martin_G4FUI> I expect there's been some tropo about
[18:59] <mfa298_M1ARI> was only from dorset so a shorter distance than the balloons.
[19:00] <LazyLeopard> mfa298_M1ARI: A whole 70cms SSB contact? ;)
[19:00] <Martin_G4FUI> I suppose I should check "wassisname's" web site before I come out with something like that ...
[19:01] <mfa298_M1ARI> tropo seems possible, there seems to have been a bit about recently
[19:01] <mfa298_M1ARI> I'm having to use one of those magmount antennas for TV as i have issues with anything that's got some gain
[19:01] <Martin_G4FUI> Hepburn, that's the fella
[19:04] Linas (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) joined #highaltitude.
[19:04] nick__ (577fc485@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:04] <Martin_G4FUI> http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo_nwe.html Doesn't look as spectacular as I expected
[19:05] daveake (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:06] <arko> http://i.imgur.com/8LllJXw.jpg
[19:07] <Martin_G4FUI> It'll be fairies next arko
[19:07] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[19:08] <SpeedEvil> I was expecting that to be dealextreme
[19:08] <arko> remembered daveakes rpi and those interesting images it sent at night
[19:13] go01 (568ba9f0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[19:15] <Seejjay> Thanks to Daveake and his team for letting me test my new rig!! Couldn't have asked for better flighpaths!!
[19:15] <Seejjay> Enjoyed it
[19:16] <daveake> recovered
[19:16] <SpeedEvil> daveake: Woo!
[19:16] <daveake> lovely walk
[19:16] <SpeedEvil> :)
[19:16] <daveake> nice view of the dish
[19:17] <daveake> some barbed wire may have been involved
[19:17] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> daveake, looking forward to pics on this one
[19:17] <daveake> gopro stopped 5 mins after recovery, which is good
[19:18] <SpeedEvil> :)
[19:19] homewld (518183ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[19:24] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p54888F9C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[19:24] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[19:24] Biglrp30 (~Biglrp30@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:24] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> evening lunar
[19:25] PE7ER (2582e016@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[19:26] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[19:26] <Lunar_Lander> Stormdrifter II now got the GPS from Stormdrifter I :)
[19:27] <Lunar_Lander> also I transplanted the NTX2 from Stormdrifter II to Breezedrifter I
[19:27] <Lunar_Lander> means Stormdrifter II is out of order for the moment
[19:27] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> These payload names are getting confusing already ;)
[19:27] <Lunar_Lander> yea xD
[19:30] <eroomde> fartwobler
[19:30] <eroomde> has a germanic ring to it
[19:30] <Lunar_Lander> lol
[19:31] PE2G (~Miranda@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:32] <SpeedEvil> eroomde: For the proper effect, it has to be shouted.
[19:33] <eroomde> like all german
[19:33] <eroomde> while waving a finger agressively in the air
[19:34] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Does anyone know at what distance out to sea from the UK the 10mw limit stops? If it does even stop?
[19:34] <eroomde> there was some debate about this
[19:34] <eroomde> the conclusion i think was never if you're UK-ish
[19:35] <eroomde> but steve i think for a US callsign so he could Tx anything over international waters
[19:35] <eroomde> which i think are 12 miles from the coast or something but don't remember
[19:36] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Oh darn
[19:37] <mfa298_M1ARI> For the HAM side i think you're limited to your terms and conditions in international water, The interesting one might be what happens with the ISM band
[19:37] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> was going to throw together some code to kick the rfm22b power up when it got a certain distance away
[19:37] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Yeah I am thinking ISM
[19:37] <eroomde> maybe drop the rfm22b into the water
[19:37] <eroomde> it might work better
[19:37] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Lol, already done that
[19:38] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> the german woman found it 2 weeks later, would have loved to have seen some photosd
[19:38] nick__ (577fc485@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[19:41] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[19:42] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:44] <mfa298_M1ARI> the german woman, is there only one woman in Germany ?
[19:44] <mfa298_M1ARI> :p
[19:44] <daveake> How to land a UFO next to a radio dish without anyone noticing :) http://imgur.com/Fg4QQuk
[19:45] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[19:45] <Geoff-G8DHE> Nice one Dave!
[19:48] fz (~fz@c-98-207-169-56.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[19:48] <mfa298_M1ARI> maybe they were too bust trying to get contacts on 70cm for Field day
[19:49] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:50] Biglrp30 (~Biglrp30@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:50] Nick change: mfa298_M1ARI -> mfa298
[19:51] <SpeedEvil> Did it fly over the dish?
[19:51] <Biglrp30> Martin_G4FUI: how did the jump go
[19:55] <daveake> No it was going straight towards the dish then turned away
[19:57] <eroomde> the rfm22b was homing in on the one thing that it thought might have enough reception
[19:59] <daveake> lol
[20:00] Biglrp30 (~Biglrp30@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[20:00] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> The question in my mind is: Is the RFM22B running at less than the stated output power, or the the NTX2 running at more?
[20:00] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> becuase the NTX2 just seems to give such a better signal
[20:00] <daveake> The NTX2 is a much cleaner signal
[20:01] fz (~fz@c-98-207-169-56.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: fz
[20:01] <daveake> They sound quite different
[20:01] PE2G (Miranda@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) left #highaltitude.
[20:04] G8KNN (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[20:04] <eroomde> i have a soft spot for ntx2s
[20:05] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
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[20:06] daveake (~Dave@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
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[20:07] G8KNN (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:08] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:09] <Lunar_Lander> my prof said we can make a crystal oven for the NTX2
[20:09] <Lunar_Lander> maybe with a peltier
[20:10] <Lunar_Lander> but I think that might be complicated
[20:10] lz1dev (~rgp@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
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[20:12] <WIlldude123> Where did horizon land?
[20:13] <mfa298> not that far from you, it should still be on spacenear
[20:22] Hiena (~boreger@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:23] HixPad (~Hix-pad@host86-163-37-28.range86-163.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:24] LeoBodnar (51932a7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:24] _Linas_ (~Linas@78-61-120-183.static.zebra.lt) joined #highaltitude.
[20:25] <LeoBodnar> Launching B-3 mission - 36" foil in 10-15 minutes from Silverstone on 434.500MHz DominoEX16
[20:25] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> LeoBodnar, Awesome!
[20:25] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Nothing like a night launch
[20:25] <Lunar_Lander> another flight? cool
[20:25] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[20:26] <LeoBodnar> See you in a tick
[20:26] LeoBodnar (51932a7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[20:32] <Martin_G4FUI> Lunar_Lander, is the NTX2 crystal and SMD job?
[20:33] <Lunar_Lander> if it is the crystal that is sticking out the back, then no
[20:33] <Lunar_Lander> it is a macroscopic part
[20:33] HixPad (~Hix-pad@host86-163-37-28.range86-163.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: L8Rs
[20:33] <Martin_G4FUI> Not seen one in the flesh - my prospective copilot and I are hatching a "cunning plan" ...
[20:34] LeoBodnar (5c287825@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:35] <LeoBodnar> B-3 is off, start your receivers, gentlemen
[20:35] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> Listening.....
[20:36] <LeoBodnar> see you in 20 minutes
[20:36] LeoBodnar (5c287825@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
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[20:38] lz1dev (~rgp@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> Intriguing how you get meaning full gibberish from noise with DOMX16!!
[20:40] <mfa298> if this gets a bit higher I can hopefully get it this time.
[20:40] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Wow if it floats it will be amazing for me :D
[20:41] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> fingers crossed
[20:43] <Fin> Hello Chris/Geoff - thanks for NTX2 pointers earlier. I've now got resistor values that make RTTY work at room temperature, but the frequency drifts when temperature falls (e.g. 5 degrees in fridge) so I end up with only one tone in dl-fldigi. Any more top tips?
[20:44] <Geoff-G8DHE> What was the spec. on the xtal bought with the NTX2 did you get it ftom UPU ?
[20:44] <Geoff-G8DHE> *from
[20:45] <mfa298> you might want to adjust the values a bit more so you get the bias voltage nearer the middle of the range.
[20:45] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Fin, both lines on the waterfall drifiting at the same rate is normal
[20:45] <Fin> mfa - I tried middle bias but don't get two tones at room temperature - so I went for an unequal voltage divider
[20:46] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> is it just that one line is dropping off the side of the waterfall (try returning radio)
[20:46] <Fin> chris - one line of waterfall has drifted off the right so I can't see it any more in dl-fldigi
[20:46] <mfa298> Fin: I'm meaning near the middle of the range the NTX2 requires (so around 1.5v)
[20:46] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Fin ah just turn your RX frequency down on the radio
[20:46] <mfa298> you also want the shift to be around 400Hz
[20:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> You will need to re-tune from time to time, but it might be you have to much shift as well ?
[20:47] <Upu_M0UPU> evening
[20:47] <Upu_M0UPU> payload recovered ?
[20:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes Dave has a picture up
[20:47] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Dave's was :) B-3 has just been launched too!
[20:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://imgur.com/Fg4QQuk
[20:47] <daveake_M6RPI> Yes Upu_M0UPU I have your GoPro here :)
[20:48] <daveake_M6RPI> Some cracking video
[20:48] <Upu_M0UPU> oh wow
[20:48] <Upu_M0UPU> nice landing
[20:48] <Upu_M0UPU> what is that dish for ?
[20:48] <Geoff-G8DHE> Tracking
[20:48] <gonzo__mob> that vhilbolton?
[20:48] <Upu_M0UPU> super look forward to watching if its public
[20:48] <gonzo__mob> chilbolton
[20:48] <daveake_M6RPI> Yep will be
[20:49] <Upu_M0UPU> super
[20:49] Nick change: Upu_M0UPU -> Upu
[20:50] <Upu> btw it would be quicker for you to mail me the SD card rather than upload it from home :)
[20:50] <LazyLeopard> Not so easy to find faint Dominoex16 in the waterfall...
[20:51] <Geoff-G8DHE> have you found it ?
[20:51] Nick change: daveake_M6RPI -> daveake
[20:52] <daveake> http://www.stfc.ac.uk/Chilbolton/default.aspx
[20:52] <LazyLeopard> Not yet, but the blue circle's not quite here....
[20:52] <Upu> cool
[20:52] <daveake> Meteorological Radar
[20:52] <daveake> Replacing weather balloons perhaps :p
[20:52] <Upu> you launch again Leo ?
[20:52] <Geoff-G8DHE> Glad you said that wondered why the band was so flat! no aerial connected!
[20:52] LeoBodnar (5c116e74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:52] <Upu> Leo you launch again ?
[20:53] <Fin> geoff / chris / mfa - thanks for your help. I've just discovered the "Fine Tuning" function on my Kenwood radio. Dialing that up a little brought both lines back onto the waterfall :-)
[20:53] <mfa298> 21:25 < LeoBodnar> Launching B-3 mission - 36" foil in 10-15 minutes from Silverstone on 434.500MHz DominoEX16
[20:53] <mfa298> Upu ^^
[20:53] <Upu> lol nice
[20:53] <Upu> thanks mfa298
[20:54] <Upu> just parked the rotator and turned verything off :)
[20:54] <LeoBodnar> Has become bored XD
[20:54] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Fin, nice one :) Yeah its normal to have to do a bit of dial spinning in a flight
[20:54] <Upu> haha nice
[20:54] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> LeoBodnar, Love the walk up to the launch location on the map. Do you work there?
[20:54] <Lunar_Lander> Upu, the 2012 GPS will fly again :)
[20:54] <Upu> ok we'll not in range yet
[20:54] <Upu> super Lunar :)
[20:55] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[20:55] <LeoBodnar> Please ignore the note that it has internal/external pressure sensors. I have launched it so quickly, it does not have any HW on board yet.
[20:55] <Lunar_Lander> probably you read earlier about my transplantations today
[20:55] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Fin, Try the 50:50 voltage divider again
[20:56] <Lunar_Lander> btw the Solid-State Radiation detector runs at 9V
[20:56] <LeoBodnar> chrisstubbsM6EDF: yes, nobody on the circuit, the shop is full of LMP2 stuff just arrived from Le Mans. Dusk, classical music, zero speed, launch!
[20:56] <Lunar_Lander> would it be a good Idea to send onboard voltage through a booster for that?
[20:56] <Fin> chris - I will do - just seemed odd that I only got one line on waterfall - being able to tune the radio better now might solve that :-)
[20:56] Hiena (~boreger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
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[20:57] jdtanner (56800938@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:59] <LazyLeopard> Almost there....
[20:59] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin@mjrigby.demon.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[20:59] <mfa298> damn, it's getting confusing with all the blue circles on the map
[20:59] <Lunar_Lander> hey jdtanner
[21:00] <Upu> use the filter mfa298
[21:01] K9JKM (~chatzilla@c-67-184-171-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:03] <jdtanner> Evening
[21:03] cn8dn (c4cebce7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[21:04] Tiash (~Tiash@ca-18-199-146.service.infuturo.it) joined #highaltitude.
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[21:04] <LeoBodnar> Eneving!
[21:04] <LeoBodnar> Evening rather!
[21:10] <Geoff-G8DHE> Prediction is a bit odd for B-3
[21:13] <LeoBodnar> Predictor website does not work all day today. Maybe it uses old cashed wind data?
[21:13] <LeoBodnar> cached rather
[21:13] <jdtanner> Good day flying today eveyone?
[21:14] <LeoBodnar> Yep, beautiful day and evening
[21:15] <eroomde> LeoBodnar: yes data probably bollocks. gfs servers being flakey
[21:16] <Upu> NOAA servers just aren't working atm
[21:16] <jdtanner> Cool...it has been stunning up here in the Peaks today.
[21:16] <LeoBodnar> However I wouldn't mind Bay of Biscay chase
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[21:18] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:20] <LeoBodnar> Somebody commented that B-2 output was on the low side. I have used different UHF low-pass filter matching this time. Also fixed Lat/Lon blackout bug (purely assembly typo.) And also stuck some adhesive in the valve.
[21:20] <Geoff-G8DHE> B-3 will have to get above the South Downs before I can hear it :-( Even PICO didn't get high enough today.
[21:24] <number10> probably should have submitted a flight doc LeoBodnar - so that stats recored
[21:24] <number10> +d
[21:26] <Guest97955> Received email: Chris Stubbs "[UKHAS] Launch Announcement - CHEAPO4 pico - 7th July 2013 - 11AM -
[21:26] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:26] <Guest97955> Received email: Martin Conte Mac Donell "[UKHAS] Salutations + Fritzing parts"
[21:27] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[21:28] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Wow domino is working pretty well
[21:29] <g0hww> what dial frequency you you have?
[21:29] <LeoBodnar> number10: I have submitted the doc
[21:29] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> 434.499.89
[21:29] <g0hww> tnx
[21:29] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> domino center at about 2000Hz
[21:29] <Upu> its seriously awesome
[21:29] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Not much noise today, I didnt see antyhing last time but its clear now
[21:29] <Upu> I'm almost decoding and I can't really see it on the water fall
[21:30] <LeoBodnar> Are you parked for tonight Upu?
[21:30] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> I only got one green followed by constant reds now, looks like its decoding okay
[21:30] <Upu> well no flight doc
[21:30] <LeoBodnar> Thanks a lot for LMT2!
[21:30] <Upu> so the auto rotate doesnt' work
[21:30] <Upu> welcome
[21:30] <Upu> I have a PCB coming for it
[21:30] <LeoBodnar> It looks neat from the underside
[21:30] <Upu> ~11 days fits a 16 bit DAC to it
[21:30] <eroomde> just wait till you try gps
[21:31] <eroomde> decoding miles beneath the noise floor
[21:31] <Upu> I heard :)
[21:31] <eroomde> it's spooky
[21:31] <LeoBodnar> I don't have 10MHz bandwidth :)
[21:31] <eroomde> well you probably do
[21:31] <eroomde> no one would notice :)
[21:31] <LeoBodnar> True! Is it allowed on ISM bands?
[21:31] <LeoBodnar> I think not
[21:32] <eroomde> probs not
[21:32] <eroomde> but you'd be practically undetectable
[21:32] <eroomde> the perfect crime...
[21:32] <LeoBodnar> If I remember right 434 ISMs were listed as 25kHz channels
[21:33] <LeoBodnar> I have submitted flight doc to habhub but no reply so far
[21:34] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> I think the twitter and mailing list bots have broken
[21:35] Nick change: chrisstubbsM6EDF -> griffonbot
[21:35] <mfa298> I think it's had an identify crisi
[21:35] <griffonbot> Launch Announcement - CHEAPO4 pico - 7th July 2013 - 11AM - Chelmsford, Essex : https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/ukhas/8ZN68sdBsnI
[21:35] Nick change: griffonbot -> chrisstubbsM6EDF
[21:36] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> That will do
[21:36] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:37] bambi (79d0d2f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[21:37] gonzo___mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:39] <Upu> fading a bit for me
[21:39] <Upu> mind you I'm not in the blue circle yet
[21:39] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[21:40] <LeoBodnar> Did you get the antenna to rotate?
[21:40] K9JKM (~chatzilla@c-67-184-171-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: I'm getting tired of holding my nose in the election booth
[21:40] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[21:41] <Upu> yep its autotracking now
[21:41] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:41] <LeoBodnar> Upu: do you have two receivers?
[21:41] <Upu> I split the signal into an 817 and a FCD
[21:42] <fsphil> even more flights?
[21:42] <Upu> from the Yagi
[21:42] <Upu> Yeah Leo was bored :)
[21:42] <fsphil> c'mon folks, this is a bit much :)
[21:42] <Upu> the FCD does better on weak signals with the HAB amp
[21:42] <LeoBodnar> It's not really a "flight" so far, just vertical ascent.
[21:42] <fsphil> ah sweet
[21:42] <fsphil> which way is it heading?
[21:43] <fsphil> long term
[21:43] <Upu> I might splash out on a FCD Pro
[21:43] <LeoBodnar> No idea, predictor is broken
[21:43] <fsphil> oh yea
[21:43] <Upu> let me see if I can fix it
[21:45] gonzo___mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[21:46] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> LeoBodnar, http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/14329_trj001.gif
[21:46] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> That uses GFS data too so may be bad
[21:47] <LeoBodnar> Cheers, triangle marks are 6 hours apart, right?
[21:50] bambi (79d0d2f3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:50] lz1dev (~rgp@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[21:51] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Yes the small ones are
[21:52] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Oh I ran it for the wrong time and date too
[21:52] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> well done me
[21:52] jdtanner (56800938@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:53] <LeoBodnar> Have you run it for midday tomorrow?
[21:53] <Lunar_Lander> back :)
[21:53] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Yeah looks like it
[21:53] <LeoBodnar> wb
[21:54] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> date and time was from cheapo4. Rerunning it now
[21:54] mikestir (~quassel@cpc10-brmb8-2-0-cust107.1-3.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[21:55] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> http://ready.arl.noaa.gov/hypubout/14341_trj001.gif more interesting
[21:55] <Lunar_Lander> thanks
[21:55] <Lunar_Lander> it is definately more interesting than boxing which just finished on german TV
[21:55] Martin_in_Orkney (~Martin@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:56] <Geoff-G8DHE> Just beginning tosee something in the waterfall ....
[21:56] Nick change: Martin_in_Orkney -> Martin_G4FUI
[21:56] <LeoBodnar> B-3 moved 2 miles in more than an hour XD
[21:56] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm... B-3 GPS having the odd blank moments...
[21:57] <Lunar_Lander> Martin_G4FUI, you asked about the NTX2 xtal earlier, right?
[21:57] <Martin_G4FUI> Yes
[21:57] <Lunar_Lander> hang on
[21:57] <LeoBodnar> Yes, dropping satellites it seems
[21:57] <Lunar_Lander> Upu, is that xtal on the back of the NTX2 the xtal that creates the frequency?
[21:57] <Martin_G4FUI> My internet is down, I'm logged on to BTOpenzone from next door ...
[21:57] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> LeoBodnar, do you have a pic of the tracker?
[21:58] <Upu> yes Lunar
[21:58] <Upu> whatever it is x 5 = frequency
[21:58] <WIlldude123> http://pastie.org/8116586 why is this iterating over datastr? It's a parameter, and therefore should be re-defined on each iteration?
[21:59] <Lunar_Lander> thanks
[21:59] <Lunar_Lander> Martin_G4FUI, yeah the xtal on the back it is
[21:59] <Martin_G4FUI> Ok Ta
[21:59] <mfa298> WIlldude123: its due pointers
[21:59] Action: mfa298 definetly feels like a broken record
[22:00] <WIlldude123> A broken record?
[22:00] <Geoff-G8DHE> Decode!
[22:00] <mfa298> I've said the same thing several times today toyou
[22:00] <Martin_G4FUI> There is a warning in red on the HABSupplies NTX2 web page saying :- IMPORTANT : Before placing your order for the module please come visit us on IRC so we can advise you on the ordering options for this module.
[22:01] <LeoBodnar> chrisstubbsM6EDF: it is the same as B-2 http://leobodnar.com/balloons/B-2/
[22:01] <LazyLeopard> Back in the days of vinyl and shellac...
[22:01] <WIlldude123> Read the K&R book? I did read the bit on pointers. Absolutely pointless.
[22:01] <Lunar_Lander> LeoBodnar, nice one
[22:01] <WIlldude123> Doesn't help at all.
[22:01] <Lunar_Lander> you invented a new radio mode I think
[22:02] <Lunar_Lander> DimonoEX
[22:02] <Lunar_Lander> is it an improvement of DominoEX?
[22:02] <LeoBodnar> Built in a hurry this time: http://leobodnar.com/balloons/B-3/Images/2.jpg
[22:02] <Lunar_Lander> :P
[22:02] <fsphil> cute
[22:03] <mfa298> WIlldude123: in that case search on google for a guide on pointers
[22:03] <mfa298> you *need* to understand them to know whats happening in your code and it's not something that can really be taught over irc
[22:04] <fsphil> it'll take a few goes
[22:05] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[22:05] <WIlldude123> Arrgh. I still don't see how the fuck it'll help my fucked up code but OK.
[22:05] <mfa298> From a very quick look at the bit in K&R about pointers it looks like it's a good guide.
[22:05] <mfa298> WIlldude123: language
[22:06] <WIlldude123> Ah so I'm pointing to datastring[x].
[22:06] <WIlldude123> So I'm basically making it treat datastr as datastring.
[22:06] <WIlldude123> *datastring
[22:07] <WIlldude123> OK I'll remove the asterisk so it's a normal string.
[22:07] <mfa298> just removing the * isn't going to change it to a normal string.
[22:07] <mfa298> you might need to learn more about variables as well.
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> LeoBodnar, sorry for making that spelling joke :)
[22:09] <LeoBodnar> Lunar_Lander: Lol, I have noticed that earlier but I think I have corrected it. Must have had it again! XD
[22:09] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[22:10] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[22:10] <mfa298> oooo, there appears to be some dominoEX on my waterfall at long last :D
[22:10] <fsphil> you guys get all the pico fun :)
[22:11] <WIlldude123> Well. It's not a constant char.
[22:11] <WIlldude123> I can't do char*
[22:11] <WIlldude123> And I can't do char
[22:12] <WIlldude123> So AFAIK, they are all the possible methods of storing a string.
[22:12] <fsphil> it helps to realise the language itself doesn't do strings
[22:12] <fsphil> C has no string type
[22:12] <fsphil> char is a number
[22:12] <LeoBodnar> fsphil: It might burst soonish. In such case I can go for a walk and pick it up in the morning :)
[22:13] <fsphil> an 8-bit number, which happens to match ascii
[22:13] <fsphil> or utf-8, kinda
[22:13] <fsphil> a string, is actually an array of chars
[22:14] <fsphil> when you say: char string[] = "narf";
[22:14] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[22:14] <fsphil> "string" is a pointer, to the first char in an array
[22:14] <fsphil> not the value itself
[22:14] <fsphil> but where in memory it is
[22:15] <fsphil> so string is just a memory location
[22:15] <fsphil> when you pass that to another function, you're passing the memory location
[22:15] <fsphil> not the letters "narf"
[22:15] <fsphil> but a pointer to them
[22:16] <fsphil> for added evil, you can have pointers to pointers
[22:17] <fsphil> to get at the actual values, you use [x]
[22:17] <fsphil> string[0] is the value 'n'
[22:17] <fsphil> or, *string
[22:17] <fsphil> which is also 'n'
[22:17] <WIlldude123> Right.
[22:18] <WIlldude123> :/
[22:18] <fsphil> so there is only one string in memory
[22:18] <fsphil> and you're passing references to it
[22:18] <LeoBodnar> Predictor is working again, thanks for kicking it
[22:18] <fsphil> because there is no string type in C, you can't pass the string itself
[22:19] <WIlldude123> Right. So even though I'm pointing to it, there's no reason for it to change it.
[22:19] <fsphil> if you did change it, you change the only version you have
[22:19] <eroomde> gosh the ouse river comes all the way back to buck
[22:19] <eroomde> that's long
[22:20] <fsphil> I'd make a rubbish teacher :)
[22:20] <WIlldude123> And how do I make a copy for doing stuff inside the functtion, and then passing it in it's original form again>
[22:20] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:21] <fsphil> I leave that as an exercise for the reader
[22:21] <WIlldude123> But I have no clue.
[22:22] <WIlldude123> And I'll probably fuck things up when I start trying to do that.
[22:22] <Upu> Will
[22:22] <Upu> language
[22:22] <WIlldude123> Sorry
[22:23] <WIlldude123> I just have no clue about it .
[22:23] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:23] <fsphil> you're not the first to have fun with pointers. there's crap loads of stuff about them on the webs
[22:24] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin@mjrigby.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[22:24] <WIlldude123> Have fun? This is a bloody nightmare. I'd rather be dead than deal with pointers more.
[22:24] <craag> Dominoex is nice!
[22:25] <craag> No messing around with shifts
[22:25] Relz (5ea86fda@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[22:25] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[22:25] <Martin_G4FUI> Net back up :) Someonw must have kicked the DSLAM
[22:26] <mfa298> you having a go at recieving it craag ?
[22:26] <LeoBodnar> craag: as soon as RX is not drifting :)
[22:26] <craag> mfa298: Yep 19-ele yagi working well :)
[22:26] <LeoBodnar> Has NANU been recovered today?
[22:26] <WIlldude123> craag: How's it going?
[22:27] <craag> WIlldude123: Very well, hayfever is killing me though.
[22:27] <WIlldude123> Heh me too.
[22:27] <fsphil> it's horrible isn't it
[22:27] <mfa298> WIlldude123: I think you'd probably benefit from finding a learn C in 30 days type course and to follow it all the way through - it would help you learn a lot of the things that would help you.
[22:27] <craag> All this sunny weather, absolutely awful
[22:28] <fsphil> blue skies, gentle breezes. it's horrible
[22:28] <fsphil> I look like I'm really upset, eyes watering up
[22:28] <WIlldude123> Me too, well I am really upset, that's probably why.
[22:28] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Doubling my dose of hayfever tabs has pretty much fixed me
[22:29] <Lunar_Lander> dang
[22:29] <Lunar_Lander> ubuntu doesn't show the update progress :(
[22:29] <Lunar_Lander> and it takes ages to download the 80 MB update package for some reason
[22:29] <fsphil> it doesn't always bother me, just some years
[22:29] Action: Geoff-G8DHE Do I turn the vol down or listen to DOMEX16 all night ?
[22:30] <fsphil> Geoff-G8DHE: add some beats
[22:30] <fsphil> a few wub wubs
[22:30] <Geoff-G8DHE> Symbals ?
[22:30] <Martin_G4FUI> What does it look like in the w/f, this Dominatrix mode?
[22:30] Tommo (4f4e7f5c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[22:30] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[22:30] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/B-3/index.php?ind=1
[22:30] <Lunar_Lander> lol
[22:30] <Tommo> what frewquency is B3 on?
[22:30] <Lunar_Lander> "Changes are being applied"
[22:30] <Lunar_Lander> thanks ubuntu, I figured that
[22:31] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> 434.500
[22:31] <Martin_G4FUI> I was kind of hoping you'd do that! Thanks Geoff-G8DHE
[22:31] <fsphil> ubuntu knows better
[22:31] <fsphil> sheesh
[22:31] <Tommo> cheers Chris :)
[22:32] viewer34 (43bc7ef7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[22:32] <LeoBodnar> Geoff-G8DHE: This looks nice! What are the other carriers?
[22:32] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p54888F9C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Quit: Verlassend
[22:32] <Geoff-G8DHE> Rubbish in the band possibly overlaoding from other local signals, even with the HABAMP in
[22:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> The widest band at the top is the entire ISM band
[22:33] <mfa298> 12 unique listeners, that's not bad for such short notice!
[22:34] <Geoff-G8DHE> The RFgain is set to 19db on the Dongle
[22:34] <LeoBodnar> Cheap entertainment for Saturday night mfa298 !
[22:34] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:35] <Martin_G4FUI> Saturday night is always crap on the telly, apparently ...
[22:36] <GMT> can't think the last time I decoded 4 different flights on the same day. B-3 will fly almost overhead.
[22:36] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p54888F9C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[22:36] PD4KDZ_klaas (3e2d87d7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[22:38] <GMT> what time did B-3 launch?
[22:39] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> 20:32 UTC
[22:39] <GMT> at the current rate it will be overhead me at about 01.30 local
[22:40] <Martin_G4FUI> Only another five junctions up the M6 to go before I get a signal!
[22:42] iain_G4SGX (~iain@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:42] <Geoff-G8DHE> See you lot in the Morning! I'll leave this running as is .....
[22:42] Nick change: craag -> craag_G3KMI_P
[22:43] <Martin_G4FUI> Nighty night Geoff-G8DHE
[22:43] <GMT> I'm probably gonna do the same ... leave it running and check in the morning
[22:43] Nick change: GMT -> GMT_gone_to_bed
[22:44] <Lunar_Lander> got a basic question, read on Digital DIY that Harvard is a better architecture on uCs than RISC
[22:44] <Lunar_Lander> why?
[22:44] <iain_G4SGX> Pics are sort of both i thought
[22:45] <LeoBodnar> Architecture and instructions set are not the same thing
[22:45] <LeoBodnar> *instruction set
[22:46] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:46] <Lunar_Lander> I am just told that RISC has only one bus while Harvard has 2
[22:47] <LeoBodnar> RISC is an instruction set, the opposite is CISC
[22:47] <LeoBodnar> Harvard is usually opposed to von Neumann arch
[22:48] <WIlldude123> Okay. This was all I could come up with and it spits out a fucking shitload of checksums. http://pastie.org/8116685
[22:49] <Lunar_Lander> ah thanks
[22:50] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> WIlldude123, if you dont follow the rules, people just arent going to want to help you
[22:50] <Lunar_Lander> we had an arcon A3010 computer
[22:50] <Lunar_Lander> I think it was 3010
[22:50] <Lunar_Lander> and I think it said it was a RISC system
[22:50] <WIlldude123> Sorry yeah no swearing.
[22:50] <Lunar_Lander> *acorn
[22:50] <Lunar_Lander> sorry
[22:50] <WIlldude123> But seriously.
[22:50] <WIlldude123> strcpy isn't declaring data for some reason.
[22:51] dutchtux (~hansh@dhcp-089-098-191-235.chello.nl) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[22:52] <WIlldude123> Anyone?
[22:53] <iain_G4SGX> What's B3's frequency etc?
[22:54] <mfa298> WIlldude123: to repeat what I said earlier
[22:54] <mfa298> WIlldude123: I think you'd probably benefit from finding a learn C in 30 days type course and to follow it all the way through - it would help you learn a lot of the things that would help you.
[22:54] <Martin_G4FUI> 434.501 - ish according to G8DHE's last screen grab
[22:55] <daveake> iain_G4SGX, About 434.401
[22:55] <Martin_G4FUI> Below my horizon here
[22:55] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[22:56] <daveake> Autoselect the payload. It's running DominoEx
[22:56] <Lunar_Lander> daveake, do you have time for a short ancient computer question?
[22:56] <Lunar_Lander> i.e. as you said you worked with computers all your life
[22:57] <daveake> I don't remember any short ancient computers
[22:57] <daveake> They were pretty tall mostly
[22:57] <WIlldude123> mfa298 I heard you the first time.
[22:57] <LeoBodnar> iain_G4SGX: 434.500
[22:57] <Lunar_Lander> yea :)
[22:57] <iain_G4SGX> Oric, was short! lol
[22:57] <daveake> <daveake> iain_G4SGX, About 434.401 <<-- sorry can't type have had beer
[22:57] <WIlldude123> OK, I'll read a book, come back to the code and still find I can't figure it out.
[22:58] <Lunar_Lander> I wanted to ask what your experience with Acorn was
[22:58] <Lunar_Lander> as I said we had a A3010
[22:58] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[22:58] <daveake> none
[22:58] <LeoBodnar> Cray was modestly short
[22:58] <daveake> Next ....
[22:58] <WIlldude123> For god's sake I just wish I was dead already.
[22:58] <LeoBodnar> You could sit on it
[22:58] <Lunar_Lander> yeah Cray looked cool
[22:58] <mfa298> WIlldude123: doesn't necessarily need to be a book, but find a tutorial that works for you (there are lots out there)
[22:59] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:59] <Lunar_Lander> does anyone else have acorn computer experience?
[22:59] <mfa298> But at present all I see happening is we spend several hours helping you fix this bug and there'll be another one within a couple of lines.
[23:00] <mfa298> A lot of the things you're having problems with will be covered if you find something that teaches you in a more structured way.
[23:00] <iain_G4SGX> Did have an acorn electron i think it was called, or was it an atom. Where am I?
[23:00] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[23:00] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[23:01] <mfa298> WIlldude123: and please stop with the bad language and negativity. It makes me (and I suspect others) less inclined to try and help.
[23:01] <LeoBodnar> Acorn developed ARM which is probably in your phone now
[23:01] <daveake> less than zero here
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> ah I doubt that
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> got an Nokia 3310
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> :
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> but yeah then I got it right that they developed it
[23:01] <iain_G4SGX> Bit late, been listening to too much bleepy morse, I suffer from synaesthesia.. :)
[23:01] <Lunar_Lander> so Acorn PCs were big uCs?
[23:02] <WIlldude123> I'm sorry about the bad language, but I can't help negativity. If I want to die, I want to die.
[23:02] <daveake> Onthe p.lus side, bno point wasting time reading that book then
[23:02] <Lunar_Lander> I read that the final computer project of them "switched from FPGA to Silicon"
[23:03] <Lunar_Lander> what does that mean exactly?
[23:03] <mfa298> WIlldude123: negativity is all about attitude. I suspect some people in here have been in much worse places than you are.
[23:03] <iain_G4SGX> This is what I had.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acorn_Electron
[23:03] <iain_G4SGX> Ran basic OK, thought it used a uP
[23:04] h4yn0nnym0u5e (~chatzilla@ left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 3.6.28/20120306064154]
[23:04] <fsphil> that's a cute computer
[23:04] <LeoBodnar> B-3 come on, level off already or you are going to burst. Just above 7000 is OK, don't push it
[23:04] <fsphil> very similar keyboard to the 8-bit commodore machines
[23:05] <WIlldude123> mfa298, exactly, so it'll get much worse and I'll have to live in crap places and live in hell, all for no reason.
[23:05] <Lunar_Lander> fsphil, yeah and made in Britain
[23:05] <Lunar_Lander> :P
[23:05] <fsphil> my C64 was made in germany :)
[23:06] <Martin_G4FUI> Used to be able to get down to component level repairs to those old Acorns, especially Beebs
[23:06] <Martin_G4FUI> No SMDs
[23:06] <iain_G4SGX> Loved my TRS80, very similar
[23:06] <Lunar_Lander> I meant the Acorns :)
[23:06] <fsphil> SMD board where a bit more reliable though
[23:06] <daveake> Yup. Though most of my experience back then was fixing Nascoms that had been assembled by iriots
[23:06] <mfa298> WIlldude123: it's all about how you look at life. If you think negativly then things will go down hill. Think Positivly and you might find things improve.
[23:06] M0NSA (~HeliosFA@requiem.soton.gia-lan.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[23:07] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Now QRT
[23:08] <WIlldude123> I tried the latter option.
[23:08] <WIlldude123> It doesn't work.
[23:08] <iain_G4SGX> Are u a Neemo Willdude? Cup half empty?
[23:09] <mfa298> To quote a wise master: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ4yd2W50No
[23:09] <LeoBodnar> Computers are doing EXACTLY what you told them to do, not what you want them to do WIlldude123
[23:09] <daveake> A very good point.
[23:09] <WIlldude123> Finding nemo is a good film iain_G4SGX
[23:10] <WIlldude123> You really think the only reason I want to kill myself here and now is because of the code.
[23:10] <daveake> And chooding programming as a career results in decades of computers telling you that you messed up yet again
[23:10] <daveake> choosing
[23:12] <WIlldude123> I thought about it,
[23:12] Ugi (545cd630@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[23:13] <WIlldude123> It's one of the only things I'm interested in.
[23:13] <Lunar_Lander> "He doesn't know what fear is, and also not happiness or sadness. He only runs programs"
[23:14] <WIlldude123> I'd prefer to do not than to do, because doing is hell, and doing not only might be hell.
[23:14] <fsphil> I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.
[23:15] <fsphil> Dune was a really weird book
[23:15] Jess-- (51a81682@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[23:16] <Jess--> freq for B3?
[23:16] <craag_G3KMI_P> 434.500.40
[23:16] daveake (~daveake@daveake.plus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[23:16] Martin_G4FUI (~Martin@mjrigby.demon.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[23:16] <Lunar_Lander> hi Jess-- :)
[23:17] <WIlldude123> Night, I'm kinda hoping I never wake up.
[23:17] WIlldude123 (Willdude1@wikipedia/W-D) left #highaltitude.
[23:17] <Jess--> Hi Lunar_Lander, just got home from working, started at 7am
[23:17] <Jess--> locked on perfect to B3
[23:18] <craag_G3KMI_P> fsphil: Did you want to try some 70cm?
[23:18] <Lunar_Lander> ohhhhh
[23:18] <iain_G4SGX> I cant detect B3, forgot they nicked my Scam mast for NFD, colinear's lying on the grass. DOH!
[23:18] <fsphil> craag_G3KMI_P: worth a try. I've not got a yagi setup though
[23:18] <LeoBodnar> Is B-3 signal strength OKish for your QTH guys?
[23:19] <craag_G3KMI_P> fsphil: Ah, I take it you don't have anything horizontal then?
[23:19] <craag_G3KMI_P> LeoBodnar: Great here :)
[23:19] <mfa298> LeoBodnar: keeps fading for me but that could be due to my location
[23:20] <fsphil> craag_G3KMI_P: ah nope, all vertical atm
[23:20] <craag_G3KMI_P> :(
[23:20] <fsphil> craag_G3KMI_P: will you still be there tomorrow?
[23:20] <craag_G3KMI_P> Yep
[23:20] <Jess--> Rock solid into lincs (M0VBR) LeoBodnar
[23:20] <craag_G3KMI_P> Will start contesting on 70cm again at 8am
[23:20] <fsphil> I'll head up the hill tomorrow with the yagis
[23:20] <craag_G3KMI_P> Awesome :)
[23:20] <LeoBodnar> Cheers
[23:21] <craag_G3KMI_P> until then, I'll leave this on B-3
[23:21] <iain_G4SGX> I'll be on 70Mhz 2moro morning if you active on it.. G6IPU/P
[23:21] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Just narrowly avoided having another flight with awful signal. I accidently bent and taped up the element as one of the radials. Would have bee interesting if I didnt spot it
[23:22] <craag_G3KMI_P> Unfortunately not got rigs for that.
[23:22] viewer34 (43bc7ef7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[23:22] <craag_G3KMI_P> Just 6/2/70m
[23:22] <craag_G3KMI_P> *cm
[23:22] <iain_G4SGX> 2 as been busy, lots of DL's
[23:22] <craag_G3KMI_P> We've got a QRM source due south, so missed out a lot on those.
[23:22] <craag_G3KMI_P> Plenty of ON's though!
[23:23] <iain_G4SGX> Tnink we were approaching 190 when I left..
[23:23] <craag_G3KMI_P> Well ahead of us, we're just over 100 on 2m
[23:24] <craag_G3KMI_P> Anyway time for me to get some sleep
[23:24] <LeoBodnar> chrisstubbsM6EDF: interesting radiation pattern this would have been!
[23:24] <craag_G3KMI_P> gn all
[23:24] <LeoBodnar> gn!
[23:24] <iain_G4SGX> Our location in North Norfolk good for Europe,our 70cms guys normally comes quite high up, but hes using a 35 ele beam
[23:24] <mfa298> I was surprised earlier, I stuck the fcd+ on 2m and could see a fair few contacts happening with just a basic dipole. I didn't find as many when I tried tuning with the ts2000
[23:24] <mfa298> The waterfall really helped with spotting them.
[23:25] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Wow most of the noise seems to have gone away, domino is looking lovley on my waterfall now
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[23:29] <LeoBodnar> Were they local QRM chrisstubbsM6EDF ?
[23:29] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> I have no idea where it was from. We still get a constant burst every 1hz or so, even when I use the yagi its in all directions. May hunt down the source of that one day
[23:30] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Dosent show up when I go mobile in the next town so must be fairly local
[23:30] <iain_G4SGX> So,B3 is a floater..?
[23:31] <LeoBodnar> Looks like it iain_G4SGX
[23:32] <LeoBodnar> But according to my data it is on the limit of bursting at this altitude.
[23:32] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[23:32] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Seems to have levelled off very high. Nice light payload for it
[23:34] <LeoBodnar> It's also a bit too cold for such a light payload :( -30C outboard
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[23:36] <Maxell> WHAAAT midnight HAB?!
[23:36] F5MVO (52e6b25d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[23:39] Nick change: Martin_in_Orkney -> Martin_G4FUI
[23:39] Nick change: wolf -> Guest64767
[23:40] <F5MVO> Hello, i search B-3 qrg please ?
[23:40] <Maxell> F5MVO: freq is 434.501
[23:40] <F5MVO> ok thanks
[23:40] <Maxell> autoconfigure the settings, it;s DomEX digital mode
[23:40] <LeoBodnar> Maxell: why not?
[23:41] <LeoBodnar> DominoEX16 F5MVO
[23:41] <F5MVO> ok thanks
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[23:41] <Maxell> LeoBodnar: because recovery
[23:41] <Maxell> :P
[23:42] <LeoBodnar> I am not expecting recovery
[23:42] <Maxell> LeoBodnar: It doesn't look like it's horizon is going to touch my reciever.
[23:43] <Maxell> Will it go northwest?
[23:43] <LeoBodnar> No idea Maxell , predictor is broken but it looks like it will drift SSE
[23:44] <Maxell> ah, I need it to float east yes
[23:45] <chrisstubbsM6EDF> Night guys!
[23:45] <Lunar_Lander> good night chrisstubbsM6EDF
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[23:56] <Maxell> Meh, cant tune it, so i can't sleep
[23:56] <Maxell> And slow floating floater is slow.
[23:57] <Maxell> nn :)
[23:57] <LeoBodnar> :)
[23:59] <M6KZT> It just passed by me by 2 odd miles
[00:00] --- Sun Jul 7 2013