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[06:43] <Chetic> how do people not tangle their parachute with their balloon?
[06:44] <Upu> hey Chetic
[06:44] <Chetic> hiya
[06:44] <Upu> generally you put the parachute midway between the payload and the balloon as a load bearing part
[06:44] <Upu> the distance from the payload to parachute ~ 20 m and then from parachute to balloon ~ 10m
[06:45] <Upu> so the "stump" of the balloon should end up somewhere between the top of the parachute and the payload
[06:45] <Chetic> ah so the burst balloon just sort of flails around above?
[06:45] <Upu> https://plus.google.com/photos/118244444241111963790/albums/5866449031725163409/5866449172647436210?banner=pwa&pid=5866449172647436210&oid=118244444241111963790
[06:45] <daveake> hopefully
[06:46] <Upu> in theory yes
[06:46] <Upu> sometimes the balloons don't burst cleanly
[06:46] <Upu> and come down with most of the latex
[06:46] <Upu> this ends one of two ways
[06:46] <Upu> 1/ Balloon acts like a parachute and decent is very slow = good
[06:47] <Upu> 2/ everything wraps up in a bit ball of latex death from above
[06:47] <Chetic> is the parachute always deployed, or deployed at a certain altitude?
[06:47] <eroomde> Chetic: some people implement mechanisms to cut away the balloon remains
[06:47] <Chetic> heh latex death
[06:47] <Upu> always deployed
[06:47] <Chetic> ah alright
[06:47] <Upu> predeployed but held shut by tension on the line
[06:47] <Chetic> I want as simple and reliable as possible
[06:48] <Upu> best plan
[06:49] <Upu> let me see if I can find a better image
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[06:51] <Upu> https://plus.google.com/photos/118244444241111963790/albums/5658660548779579377/5658662256899099186?banner=pwa&pid=5658662256899099186&oid=118244444241111963790
[06:51] <Upu> there you see the parachute
[06:52] <Chetic> ah excellent
[06:52] <Chetic> why does the line need to be so very long?
[06:52] <Chetic> hasn't been on most other rigs I've seen I think?
[06:53] <number10> daveake: when we did two payloads on Anu-1 was that balloon-10m-20m-20m or 10m-20m-10m
[06:55] <daveake> 10-20-10
[06:56] <Upu> the balloon can be up to 10 meters at burst
[06:56] <daveake> Chetic Long = less/slower swinging (better for photos and for the radio receivers)
[06:56] <Upu> if it ends up with 10 meters of latex left
[06:56] <Upu> also what Dave said
[06:56] <daveake> And when it lands in a tall tree you can still reach the bottom payload :)
[06:59] <Chetic> makes lots of sense
[06:59] <Chetic> appreciate the help
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[07:01] <Chetic> is there a simple way to reduce/avoid spinning?
[07:01] <Upu> you can put spinners on there small bearing like things they use in fishing
[07:01] <Upu> but don't erradicate it entirely
[07:03] <Chetic> hmm might not be worth it
[07:03] <Upu> well sometimes some spinning helps as you get photos from different perspectives
[07:03] <Upu> and can then stitch them together
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[07:04] <Upu> i.e : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63720513/Images/HAB/Nosebleed/u7kJZ.jpg
[07:04] <Upu> those we taken on a small canon point and click
[07:04] <Upu> and stitched
[07:05] <Chetic> I don't mind some spinning
[07:05] <Chetic> just don't want it to be crazy
[07:05] <Chetic> I was planning to both film and take pictures
[07:05] <Upu> generally isn't on the way up
[07:05] <Upu> way down is another matter
[07:05] <Chetic> not sure what the necessary exposure time would be up there
[07:05] <Chetic> heh yeah I guess
[07:05] <Upu> just set camera to landscape automatic
[07:05] <Upu> where are you based ?
[07:06] <Chetic> Sweden
[07:08] <Upu> should be some good scenery :)
[07:09] <Chetic> aw, bet you say that to all the space balloneers
[07:11] <Upu> !=space :)
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[07:12] <Chetic> I know
[07:12] <Chetic> high-altitude balloneers
[07:13] <Upu> how are you planning on tracking it ?
[07:13] <Chetic> gps+sms
[07:13] <Chetic> already had gps and modem dongles
[07:14] <Upu> ah ok
[07:14] <Chetic> radio sounded expensive
[07:14] <Upu> which GPS ?
[07:14] <Chetic> Globalsat BU-353
[07:14] <Upu> a lot of those things don't work above a certain altitude
[07:14] <Chetic> ah yeah I was gonna look into that
[07:14] <Upu> yeah
[07:14] <Upu> SiRFIII
[07:14] <Upu> won't work above 18km or something
[07:15] <Chetic> but it's not really vital
[07:15] <Upu> also if it lands outside a GSM area game over
[07:15] <Chetic> I can live with the gap
[07:15] <Upu> radio isn't expensive
[07:15] <Chetic> a non-gsm area in Sweden? eheh
[07:15] <Upu> those things have about a 50/50 success rate
[07:15] <Chetic> it's water I'm afraid of
[07:15] <Upu> http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:linkingarduinotontx2
[07:16] <Upu> and then get an USB TV Dongle to receive with
[07:16] <Upu> http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:sdr_tracker
[07:16] <Upu> you'll get live real time data on where your balloon is
[07:16] <Upu> and live prediction
[07:16] <Upu> and its not that expensive
[07:16] <Darkside> Chetic: the gap can be bad
[07:16] <Darkside> it may not regain lock after losing it
[07:16] <Darkside> better to use a ublox gps
[07:16] <Darkside> also means you know where its going at all times
[07:16] <Upu> yeah I'll stop pussyfooting around : GSM based trackers are crap and I would only use one as a backup
[07:17] <Darkside> +1
[07:17] <Chetic> would help to know which way to drive as it's flying around
[07:17] <Upu> exactly
[07:18] <Chetic> I'll read into it more
[07:18] <Upu> pls do and ask on here you'll get lots of help
[07:18] <Chetic> just don't wanna sink too much money into it
[07:18] <Darkside> if you get data into the habitat system, you can have live oredictions
[07:18] <Darkside> hahaha
[07:18] <Upu> I hate people loosing payloads
[07:18] <Darkside> hahahahahhahahaha
[07:18] <Darkside> not much money
[07:18] <Darkside> "we can do a hab flight for a hundred dollars"
[07:18] <Darkside> hahaha
[07:18] <Darkside> sorry
[07:18] <Chetic> I said too much :p
[07:18] Action: Upu pats Darkside
[07:18] <Darkside> god
[07:18] <Darkside> i dont want to tally up how much i've spent
[07:19] <Chetic> I get sponsored by work and a gas company :)
[07:19] <Upu> lol Daveake is winning he bought an entire vehicle for it
[07:19] <number10> and is now buying a new house for it
[07:19] <Darkside> hey, if you count the foxhunting vehicles we use :P
[07:19] <Upu> though the £1000 of finely tuned scaffolding on my roof is close
[07:20] <Chetic> lol jesus
[07:25] <Chetic> Darkside: how cheap do you reckon a HAB flight can be?
[07:25] <Chetic> +successful
[07:25] <Upu> under a latex ?
[07:25] <Upu> £200
[07:25] <Upu> less if you use H2
[07:26] <Chetic> what else would it be other than latex?
[07:26] <number10> but also depends on if you have equipment already - e.g. radio
[07:26] <Upu> you can make a tracker for £50 if you know what you're doing
[07:26] <Upu> Chrisstubbs made one from crap from ebay
[07:26] <Upu> we launch very small ones under 30" foil balloons
[07:26] <Chetic> alright I just got a bit scared by Darkside's manical laughter
[07:26] <Upu> oh don't mind Darkside he's Australian
[07:26] <Chetic> my goal altitude is about 30km
[07:27] <Chetic> oh, alright
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[08:49] <griffonbot> Received email: Adam Cudworth "[UKHAS] Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
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[09:56] <cuddykid> UpuWork: any prices for the HAB amps?
[09:56] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ah yes any progress UpuWork ?
[09:56] <fsphil> yea UpuWork. and stuff
[09:57] <Geoff-G8DHE> He was pllaning on doing the costings last week he said along with options on enclosures and the like ..
[09:57] <cuddykid> bb in 30
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[09:58] Action: SpeedEvil refers a Geoff-G8DHE to the 1764 enclosures act.
[09:58] <SpeedEvil> ooh!
[09:59] Action: SpeedEvil even got the timescale right.
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[10:08] <Upu> hey guys
[10:08] <Upu> sorry HABAmps will be back on sale in the next day or so
[10:09] <SpeedEvil> hello!!!!!!!
[10:09] <Upu> sorry been off ill
[10:09] <SpeedEvil> getting better?
[10:09] <Upu> sort of
[10:09] <SpeedEvil> good.
[10:10] <fsphil> a few bugs going around the office here
[10:10] <fsphil> had about half the normal numbers last week
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[10:14] Nick change: GW8RAK_ -> GW8RAK
[10:43] <griffonbot> @daveake: I and the #raspberry_pi will be in a repeat of Cracking The Code on BBC2 this Thurs at 5am and at http://t.co/SPOWqdg6ri for 7 days #UKHAS [http://twitter.com/daveake/status/341867793744015360]
[10:44] <griffonbot> @G0TDJ: RT @daveake: I and the #raspberry_pi will be in a repeat of Cracking The Code on BBC2 this Thurs at 5am and at http://t.co/SPOWqdg6ri for 7& [http://twitter.com/G0TDJ/status/341867970907226112]
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[10:44] <mfa298> 5am, that would require a lot of bacon to make that a reasonable time in the morning for HAB related activities.
[10:46] Nick change: Phil_M0DNY -> craag
[10:47] <craag> hehe mfa298
[10:47] <craag> Busy weekend coming up!
[10:47] <craag> BATC summer contest as well.
[10:48] <mfa298> Saturday looks like it will be a busy day for tracking.
[10:48] <mfa298> and decent weather again
[10:50] <craag> Yeah! Unfortunately I need to be near a decent internet connection for the contest.
[10:50] <craag> So no heading off to the new forest for me..
[10:51] <chrisstubbs> Looks like I will need to get a temporary setup so i can try out this 19 el yagi
[10:52] <mfa298> having more power might be useful as well -depending on how much kit is needed for things
[10:53] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:53] <chrisstubbs> 3 tier stepladder,some broom handles and duct tape might be in order
[10:53] <ibanezmatt13> Good Morning :)
[10:54] <mfa298> chrisstubbs: 34mm abs plastic waste pipe from wickes isn't bad either as a support. The slightly cheaper PP stuff is a bit bendy though
[10:54] <fsphil> I will be on a boat on Saturday, could try tracking from the top deck :)
[10:54] <mfa298> ooh, a real /mm tracking station then
[10:55] <chrisstubbs> need to clear the houses so thats why i thought mounting it on the ladder would be a good temporary fix ;)
[10:55] <chrisstubbs> Ah i think i have some spare waste pipe
[10:55] <mfa298> temporary antenna setups are where the knotting / lashing skills come in useful.
[10:56] <fsphil> MM0VIM/MM -- mmmm
[10:56] <craag> And poking-rope-over-tree-branch skills ;)
[10:56] <mfa298> a suitably tall tree can be a good support as well - craag and I had a vertical suspended from a tree last week.
[10:57] <Upu> don't forget to ask the ships captain
[10:58] <lz1dev> lol
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[11:18] <craag> Anyone familiar with the CC1101?
[11:18] <mattbrejza> kinda
[11:19] <craag> Ah hi matt
[11:19] <mattbrejza> afternoon
[11:19] <craag> Am I right in thinking that you can only change it's frequency in divisions of about 350hz?
[11:19] <mattbrejza> something like that
[11:19] <craag> Hence why you used the crystal-pulling
[11:19] <mattbrejza> but i crystal pull it
[11:20] <mattbrejza> well the reason i put that there in the first place was i wasnt sure if changing hte PLL would be a nice way of doing it
[11:20] <craag> Fair enough, I've just got some cheap CC1101-based modules so might give it a go.
[11:20] <mattbrejza> 350Hz will do though?
[11:21] <craag> Yeah that's what I thought, would be a 300 baud tracker if it works for what I'm planning.
[11:21] <craag> Just need to see how quick/clean the transition is
[11:21] <mattbrejza> i would probably set the shift to 700 rather than 350 if its 300 baud then
[11:21] <mattbrejza> mind you 425 is used for 300 baud and that works fine
[11:22] <craag> mm
[11:23] <craag> btw, if you could email me info on astra such as IP address/MAC, I can email isolutions to put it on the SOWN vlan for globaltuner stuff.
[11:23] <craag> We really need to kow what port it is, but with those details they should be able to find it.
[11:25] <mattbrejza> ok
[11:25] <chrisstubbs> cuddykid: feeling brave with the stub antenna?
[11:26] <craag> THanks for info on the 1101, now I just need to chop up this module, it's got an atmega doing interfacing, but not using the SPI pins...
[11:27] <mattbrejza> oh its one of those
[11:27] <mattbrejza> you gonan program the on board micro to test the radio?
[11:28] <craag> I was hoping to, but I can't find much info on doing software SPI.
[11:28] <cuddykid> chrisstubbs: should be fine I think - I know others have used small antennas with no probs
[11:28] <mattbrejza> well you just need to replicate the timing diagrams they show
[11:28] <mattbrejza> toggle the clock and shift your variable along, outputting the bottom or top bit
[11:28] <chrisstubbs> Ah right okay, was just wondering how the performed without the ground plane
[11:28] <mattbrejza> only needs to be one way which helps
[11:29] <chrisstubbs> anyway im off for lunch, laters
[11:29] <craag> I'll probably just cut the tracks and wire it to the SPI port, makes things a bit easier.
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[11:30] <craag> cuddykid: 50 baud?
[11:31] <mattbrejza> personally i would spend the time in software rather than with the iron
[11:31] <mattbrejza> also it helps to have a logic probe
[11:32] <mattbrejza> also you dont need to cut tracks, just connect the spi pins to the currently used pins and try to keep those currently connected as Hi-Z
[11:32] <craag> Good point.
[11:33] <craag> THe SPI pins are broken out to pads which makes it easier.
[11:34] <mattbrejza> which is helpful if you intend to program it
[11:34] <cuddykid> craag: yep
[11:34] signaleleven (~signalele@anon-53-65.vpn.ipredator.se) joined #highaltitude.
[11:35] <Laurenceb> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/06/04/spears_part_deux/
[11:35] <craag> cuddykid: Should be fine then, plenty of headroom. :)
[11:35] <Laurenceb> these guys look familiar
[11:35] <cuddykid> yeah :)
[11:35] <cuddykid> GSM backup too, just in case
[11:42] infinity__ (52cb03eb@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[12:02] <griffonbot> @ukscone: RT @daveake: I and the #raspberry_pi will be in a repeat of Cracking The Code on BBC2 this Thurs at 5am and at http://t.co/SPOWqdg6ri for 7& [http://twitter.com/ukscone/status/341887623708684288]
[12:06] <mattbrejza> lol primetime...
[12:10] chrisstubbs (~webchat@host86-167-136-94.range86-167.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[12:13] <SpeedEvil> both 5 and 7 am are clearly primetime.
[12:13] Geoff-G8DHE (~Geoff-G8D@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:13] <SpeedEvil> they have no other divisors than one.
[12:17] <griffonbot> Received email: "[UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - Pico Cheapo launch - 14th June 2013 4PM"
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[12:40] <griffonbot> Received email: "[UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
[12:41] <griffonbot> Received email: Anthony Stirk "Re: [UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
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[12:42] <cuddykid> hm, I need to test it though as I have a few flights coming up where there isn't any space for a 1/4 wave
[12:42] <cuddykid> it's not predicted to travel far so I'll give it a go
[12:43] <cuddykid> especially when a GSM backup is present
[12:43] <craag> With the amount of receivers we have now, I think you'd be fine with a stub. Even flights with damaged antennas nowadays tend to end up with a pretty continuous stream of data from the collective.
[12:43] <cuddykid> yep
[12:43] <cuddykid> I'm going to be close by this flight at all times too
[12:44] <cuddykid> should be a high one - aiming for altitude record :P
[12:44] <cuddykid> 2000g hwoyee with h2
[12:44] <craag> oh wow!
[12:44] <cuddykid> but payload is quite heavy
[12:44] <craag> how heavy?
[12:44] <cuddykid> around 1kg
[12:44] <craag> Didn't know you could get 2000g balloons..
[12:44] <cuddykid> can get 3000g :)
[12:44] <craag> well, good luck!
[12:44] <cuddykid> cheers :)
[12:45] <craag> All things going well, I'll help track. But I might be running around with my hair on fire (new website getting it's first onslaught this weekend).
[12:48] <cuddykid> nice
[12:48] <cuddykid> I may not be launching, as the launch is for someone else, it's dependant on them getting back to me and shipping stuff to me on time
[12:48] <cuddykid> will be built the day before :P
[12:49] <Laurenceb> what are you planning to launch?
[12:49] <cuddykid> been making the postie earn his money over the past few days - had a lot of stuff arriving for various projects :)
[12:50] <cuddykid> Laurenceb: pm
[12:51] <craag> Make sure you're not up the whole night before debugging it! (I did that with VERTIGO pico and underfilled by 10g cos maths+sleep deprivation is not good)
[12:51] <cuddykid> ah yes, I've been there done that!
[12:51] <cuddykid> flight computer is ready to go
[12:52] <cuddykid> just bog standard styrofoam box etc that needs to be glued together and camera holes cut
[12:52] <craag> Cool.
[12:52] <cuddykid> camera holes are the worst to do
[12:53] <fsphil> cookie cutters help
[12:53] <cuddykid> problem is sanding down the styrofoam enough for GoPros wide angle
[12:53] <fsphil> yea that'd be a pain
[12:54] <cuddykid> always that annoying bit in the corner of the GoPro vision
[12:54] <cuddykid> waiting on my hot cutter to be dispatched too
[12:56] <x-f> what cookie cutters?
[12:57] <fsphil> something like http://www.irresistiblecookiejar.com/Images/cutters/roundcbb.jpg
[12:58] <eroomde> shotgun too
[13:02] <Laurenceb> that makes nice holes
[13:02] <eroomde> with a cone angle too
[13:07] <Laurenceb> http://www.amazon.com/Hasselblad-H3D-Digital-Camera-50MP/dp/B001P9MFEY
[13:07] <Laurenceb> launch that on a hab
[13:07] <Laurenceb> /jk
[13:08] <griffonbot> Received email: Adam Cudworth "Re: [UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
[13:08] <cuddykid> a spy hab
[13:08] <Upu> they do work cuddykid
[13:08] <Upu> Dave used one on that wedding dress flight
[13:08] <cuddykid> Upu: yeah, I remember you saying that you got reasonably good results
[13:09] <Upu> and M0DTS picked it when it was on the ground 50 miles away
[13:09] <cuddykid> Will Duckworth has also flew one and got decent results
[13:09] <Upu> makes it harder for the further away stations
[13:09] <Upu> but coveage is better than it used to be
[13:11] <cuddykid> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=652a2e82d5e91ec5171f2ea8199e3e0e7ebc4ba0
[13:11] <cuddykid> not looking bad at all :)
[13:12] <cuddykid> no snow in the forecast
[13:20] iain_G4SGX (~iain@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:21] Vulspur (~Vulspur@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:31] <SpeedEvil> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2335122/Terrifying-video-captures-moment-German-drone-missed-Afghan-plane-carrying-100-passengers-just-metre.html derp
[13:35] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-185-88.46-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
[13:43] <malgar> someone of you used arduino+gps em406?
[13:43] <malgar> i get garbage on the serial monitor
[13:46] <HixWork> ping jonsowman
[13:46] <jonsowman> hello HixWork
[13:46] <jonsowman> what's up?
[13:46] Steffanx (~Steffanx@524834A0.cm-4-1a.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
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[13:46] Steffanx (~Steffanx@unaffiliated/steffanx) joined #highaltitude.
[13:49] <Laurenceb> any python gurus here?
[13:50] <HixWork> snake charmers?
[13:50] <Laurenceb> i'm trying to install http://ruggedcircuits.com/gerbmerge/
[13:50] <fsphil> animal, comedy show or language?
[13:50] <Laurenceb> File "/usr/lib/python2.6/posixpath.py", line 67, in join
[13:50] <Laurenceb> elif path == '' or path.endswith('/'):
[13:50] <Laurenceb> AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'endswith'
[13:50] <HixWork> jehova jehova jehova
[13:51] <fsphil> is that like candyman?
[13:52] <HixWork> more like the Spanish inquisition
[13:54] <fsphil> wasn't expecting that
[13:54] <HixWork> nobody does
[13:54] <HixWork> fear and SURPRISE!!!
[13:54] <HixWork> oh and nice red uniforms
[13:55] <Laurenceb> but seriously
[13:55] <Laurenceb> how do i fix this
[13:55] <Laurenceb> i hate python
[13:55] <Laurenceb> never works
[13:55] <fsphil> installing python modules is a right pain
[13:56] <fsphil> if it had a foot, that's where it shot itself
[13:58] <fsphil> looks like path is not assigned
[13:58] <Laurenceb> distutils.sysconfig.get_config_var("LIBPYTHON")
[13:58] <Laurenceb> returns "None"
[14:00] <Laurenceb> aha
[14:00] <Laurenceb> distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib()
[14:00] <Laurenceb> im running newer python/modules or something
[14:00] <fsphil> the root of most python problems I suspect
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[14:07] <Geoff-G8DHE> Thanks UpuWork I'll keep an eye open on the site, hope you feeling better!
[14:09] <cuddykid> custom chute arrived for a project earlier - it's huge and looks great - uploading some photos now :)
[14:10] paultech_______ (paultech@shell.vaerchi.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:11] <cuddykid> http://imgur.com/5g7oiHP
[14:11] paultech______ (paultech@shell.vaerchi.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[14:16] <cuddykid> going to be a mahoosive rig
[14:16] <cuddykid> around 5m in height and 2 to 3m wide
[14:17] <chrisstubbs> cuddykid: does it contain any clocks?
[14:17] <chrisstubbs> :P
[14:17] <cuddykid> haha
[14:17] <cuddykid> no, thankfully!
[14:18] <cuddykid> it better not be windy on launch day..
[14:18] <cuddykid> otherwise it will be a nightmare
[14:23] <malgar> sorry, I repeat the question:
[14:23] <malgar> someone of you used arduino+gps em406?
[14:23] <HixWork> malgar, I don't believe the EM406 worksd at altitude
[14:24] <malgar> HixWork: I didn't say that
[14:25] <HixWork> i interpreted the question as you were enquiring about using ine
[14:26] <HixWork> *one
[14:27] <malgar> no, is because I'm getting junk data from it
[14:27] <HixWork> ah, sorry. I think there is quite a bit on that on sparkfun
[14:28] <HixWork> #sparkfun
[14:30] vladimirek (~vladimire@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:31] <x-f> malgar, if it's only junk it must be baud rate mismatch
[14:36] <malgar> x-f: yeah! now is working ;)
[14:42] <Ugi_> Hi guys - couple of random questions - 1) does anyone use i2c to talk to the GPS rather than serial?
[14:44] <Ugi_> is it any more or less reliable than using serial?
[14:45] <Ugi_> Also: 2) Anyone know how good or not a isaw a1 is in comparison with gopro?
[14:45] <Ugi_> gorpo is a bit pricy to risk losing in the sea first launch!
[14:45] <Ugi_> gopro
[14:47] <fsphil> a few have used I2C with the ublox
[14:47] <fsphil> since the only uart is normally wired to the ntx2
[14:47] <mattbrejza> i2c means you dont need an external XL too
[14:48] <fsphil> yes it might even be more reliable
[14:48] <fsphil> though I2C on an AVR is a right pain, it seems quite simple on the RPi
[14:48] <fsphil> which reminds me
[14:49] <fsphil> (actually take that back, daveake ended up bitbanging the I2C - though still works well)
[14:50] <fsphil> (on the RPi)
[14:51] <Ugi_> OK - I though the NTX2 was handled in SW (at least with an AVR) and UART used for monitoring and/or GPS
[14:52] <fsphil> on an AVR the NTX2 is normally software (bit-banged)
[14:52] <fsphil> as you have complete control over the timing
[14:52] <fsphil> on Linux that's not so easy
[14:52] <Ugi_> I was thinking that i2c GPS would mean I didn't need to run SW serial but can still debut through serial monitro, which will save a bunch of RAM
[14:53] <fsphil> you're on an AVR right?
[14:53] number10 (d42c14ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:53] <Ugi_> Sure - I don't have Linux background yet - one more thing to learn in due course but first launch I'll stick to AVR that I can already use to some degree.
[14:54] <fsphil> if you are only outputting debug messages, you can have the same sort of thing as the rtty bit banging
[14:54] <fsphil> only on another pin and at a faster rate
[14:54] <Ugi_> Do you know if timing is good enough using internal osc' ?
[14:55] <Ugi_> I want to use 3v3 for everything, meaning internal osc' or a 8MHz crystal
[14:55] <fsphil> not got room for 8mhz?
[14:55] <fsphil> I don't know how accurate the internal one is
[14:56] <Ugi_> Not sure I follow - on the board? Yes, I have space (just) I just wondered.
[14:56] <Ugi_> if crystal is better then I'll go that way.
[14:56] chrisstubbs (~webchat@host86-167-136-94.range86-167.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:56] <fsphil> I'd worry about the effect of temperature on the internal osc
[14:57] <mattbrejza> its doable and itll work without one but its not recommended
[14:57] <mattbrejza> from my testing
[14:57] <mattbrejza> of what baud errors the ublox cares about
[14:57] <mattbrejza> (or use i2c)
[14:58] <fsphil> it might be possible to calibrate it against the gps second pulse
[14:58] <fsphil> in a way that might be even more accurate than a crystal
[14:58] <Ugi_> Board is 5 x 5 cm and has '328, GPS header, SD header, NXT2, Honeywell Pressure sensor, internal and external DS18B20s and all pins broken out to the edges for breadboarding. Not much space left!
[14:58] <fsphil> you can get avr's with two uarts
[14:58] <fsphil> or four
[14:58] <mattbrejza> well the ntx2 can hang off the edge
[14:59] <fsphil> or over other parts
[14:59] <fsphil> though that's annoying if you need to check or test something below it
[14:59] <Ugi_> Like the idea of GPS pulse but first-time I'll stick to a crystal!
[14:59] <mattbrejza> switch everything to 0402
[15:00] <Ugi_> Yes, all components through-hole ATM and it does all fit (including crystal). Just wondering whether that was one thing I could lose.
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[15:21] Nick change: signaleleven -> s11_afk
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[15:41] <Laurenceb> Steffanx: stop trolling
[15:42] <Laurenceb> clearly using /ignore
[15:42] <Steffanx> Not really, but I'm not going to discuss this here.
[15:42] <jonsowman> hmm?
[15:43] <Laurenceb> epic dramaz
[15:43] <jonsowman> i see
[15:43] <Laurenceb> irc the soap opera
[15:43] <Steffanx> I banned him from some channel, he doesnt like it.
[15:43] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:43] <jonsowman> the not discussing it here idea is a good one
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[16:09] <cuddykid> bargain class 10 32gb SD card - http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lexar-32gb-ps-sdhc-200x-class10-for-13-98-delivered-ebuyer-1570989
[16:10] <chrisstubbs> oo not bad
[16:10] <chrisstubbs> still annoyed i missed out on that currys/pcworld deal
[16:11] Babs (1fdd51ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:13] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:16] <Ugi_> Thanks for link cuddykid - was looking for a 32GB.
[16:17] <cuddykid> no probs
[16:17] <cuddykid> chrisstubbs: ah yes, that was a brilliant deal
[16:17] <cuddykid> I'm waiting for 32gb microSDs to come in super cheap
[16:18] <chrisstubbs> found some reasonably cheap lithiums too but the ebay seller is away :(
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[16:20] <Ugi_> what was the PCworld deal?
[16:20] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ left irc: Quit: mikewintermute
[16:20] <chrisstubbs> 16gb cards for £3 or so i think, cant really remember
[16:21] <chrisstubbs> by the time i had opened the link they were all sold out
[16:22] <Ugi_> That's incredible - Ho Hum. May come round again.
[16:23] <Ugi_> 32GB is good 'cos I just got a Canon camera to hack and 32GB should give me something like 7000 16Mpx stills.
[16:23] ibanezmatt13 (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:23] <ibanezmatt13> ping daveake
[16:23] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ joined #highaltitude.
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[16:25] <cuddykid> ibanezmatt13: daveake's not online unfortauntely
[16:25] <ibanezmatt13> ah right, good afternoon :)
[16:25] <cuddykid> afternoon
[16:26] <cuddykid> lovely day
[16:26] <ibanezmatt13> Certainly is :)
[16:26] <ibanezmatt13> My Raspberry Pi Cam arrived todat
[16:26] <ibanezmatt13> today*
[16:26] nigelvh_ (~nigelvh@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:26] <cuddykid> excellent
[16:26] <ibanezmatt13> yeah, it's a lot more fragile than I thought though
[16:26] <chrisstubbs> quick turnaround, was that an ebay one ibanezmatt13?
[16:26] <cuddykid> indeed, especially the sd card bit
[16:27] <ibanezmatt13> sd card?
[16:27] <fsphil> nothing I ordered turned up yesterday. annoyingly
[16:27] <cuddykid> sd card holder/slot
[16:27] <fsphil> nothing I ordered yesterday*
[16:27] <ibanezmatt13> chrisstubbs: yeah ebay :)
[16:27] <ibanezmatt13> it's not got an SD slot has it?
[16:27] <fsphil> your camera doesn't have an SD card slot?
[16:27] <cuddykid> fsphil: similar situation here - I ordered a *lot* that should have arrived today.. only a few things arrived
[16:27] <fsphil> does it have the flash?
[16:28] <ibanezmatt13> I've no idea :)
[16:28] <cuddykid> ibanezmatt13: yes, raspberry pi uses an SD card as a hard drive/SSD
[16:28] <ibanezmatt13> oh sorry I thought you meant the camera
[16:28] <cuddykid> oh!
[16:28] g7uxw (d92c87e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:28] <cuddykid> sorry, read it as "raspberry pi arrived today"
[16:28] <cuddykid> didn't see the "cam" bit on end
[16:29] <ibanezmatt13> haha :) It would be good if it had its own SD card though
[16:29] <g7uxw> are any ballons up today ????
[16:29] <craag> g7uxw: Not today, plenty this weekend though!
[16:30] <cuddykid> yeah, should have one up on saturday or sunday :)
[16:30] <ibanezmatt13> I was experimenting with the camera before. I'm trying to work out how to get a 720p video to record. What is 720p, what resolution?
[16:30] <ibanezmatt13> yeah I was reading that before and it said 1280x720.
[16:30] <cuddykid> 1280×720 :)
[16:31] <g7uxw> ok thank you craag
[16:31] <ibanezmatt13> Ah that's good :)
[16:31] <ibanezmatt13> I really don't know how this Cam can survive up there; it's soo delicate
[16:31] <ibanezmatt13> if daveake can do it, anythings possible :)
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[16:34] <g7uxw> bye
[16:34] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:34] <g7uxw> quit
[16:34] <g7uxw> exit#
[16:34] <Babs> Ugi - if it is a compact canon you may get chdk struggling over certain card sizes
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[16:35] Upu- (~Upu@2a00:14f0:e028:0:f5fa:b4a1:7ce:4fcd) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:56] Nick change: Upu- -> Upu
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[17:01] <Ugi_> Thanks Babs - I'll bear that in mind. I'll need to validate it before I send it up but there's plenty to do yet.
[17:03] cn8dn (6dbe23ba@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[17:25] <cuddykid> BOC seem to be incapable of answering the phone
[17:25] <cuddykid> 10mins and waiting..
[17:28] <chrisstubbs> everyone is incapable of eveything :P
[17:28] <chrisstubbs> had any FET success today cuddykid?
[17:30] <cuddykid> destroyed all mine! awaiting another batch
[17:30] <cuddykid> H2 price has gone up
[17:31] <chrisstubbs> :( How much have they quoted you?
[17:32] <chrisstubbs> cant remember the figures from my quotes months ago
[17:32] <cuddykid> £73.30 including collecction charge and VAT
[17:32] <cuddykid> apparently just gone up
[17:32] <chrisstubbs> :( How many m3?
[17:32] <cuddykid> collection charge is £14.40 + VAT
[17:32] <cuddykid> 7.2
[17:33] <chrisstubbs> hmm still far cheaper than He
[17:33] <cuddykid> 85p "climate" charge.. wtf
[17:33] <chrisstubbs> collecion charge is a stupid idea :P
[17:33] <cuddykid> yep
[17:33] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:33] <chrisstubbs> lol, brb
[17:34] <cuddykid> £9.05 rental per month
[17:35] <cuddykid> hate how they say all the prices excl vat! then vat comes along and stings you
[17:35] <cuddykid> think I'll order 2 cylinders to save on "collection charge"
[17:35] Guest72044 (5ad09646@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:35] <nigelvh_> That's normal over here dude.
[17:35] <nigelvh_> You just know to add it.
[17:35] <cuddykid> yeah
[17:36] <cuddykid> nigelvh: what's your level of VAT equivilant?
[17:36] mclane (~uli@p5B02FF8B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[17:36] <nigelvh_> Sales tax
[17:37] <nigelvh_> Depends on where you live, where I'm at it's 9.5%
[17:37] <nigelvh_> But if it's out of state you don't pay sales tax.
[17:37] <cuddykid> more reasonable than 20% here :P
[17:37] <nigelvh_> Yep
[17:41] Ugi_ (5004924d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:42] <nigelvh_> Is VAT on everything? Like cars?
[17:52] netsoundWW (~netsound@2001:470:c074:1001:7db6:f80d:740a:3c39) joined #highaltitude.
[17:52] <fsphil> there's no VAT on helicopters
[17:52] <nigelvh_> Oooh
[17:53] <nigelvh_> I'm just thinking it was no fun with the ~10% sales tax when I bought my car. 20% would really suck.
[17:53] jiffe1 (~jiffe1@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:53] nayr_ (~nayr@users.nayr.net) joined #highaltitude.
[17:53] <fsphil> weirdly the list I have doesn't mention cars
[17:53] <fsphil> but does mention helicopters, aircraft and house boats
[17:54] <nigelvh_> Hmm
[17:54] Semafoor- (~Semafoor@ec2-50-17-159-24.compute-1.amazonaws.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:54] Chetich (~Chetic@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:54] <nigelvh_> That sounds rather odd.
[17:56] <fsphil> yea, VAT is added to new cars unless being sold to a disabled person
[17:56] <fsphil> standard rate, 20%
[17:56] Upu2 (~UpuWork@2a02:b80:12:1:2568:a8c0:2b80:9c33) joined #highaltitude.
[17:57] <nigelvh_> That sucks.
[17:57] <SpeedEvil> Adapted for a disabled person
[17:57] <SpeedEvil> just sold to doesn't work.
[17:57] <fsphil> ah ha
[17:58] Ciemon (~ciemon@unaffiliated/cied) joined #highaltitude.
[17:58] ibanezmatt13 (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:59] <ibanezmatt13> ping daveake
[17:59] <cuddykid> not here :)
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[17:59] <ibanezmatt13> oh man :)
[17:59] Nick change: Semafoor- -> Semafoor
[18:00] Nick change: nayr_ -> nayr
[18:01] Amadiro (jonathri@dalvik.ping.uio.no) joined #highaltitude.
[18:01] <fsphil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Os5aQ25ECg
[18:01] daveake (~Dave@daveake.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:01] <ibanezmatt13> I've been experimenting with my Pi Cam and I've been trying to get really high quality vids. The videos it produces are ok but I think it can do better (after looking at daveake's pictures, which were simply astonishing!)
[18:01] KingJ (~kj@2001:41d0:8:408b::1) joined #highaltitude.
[18:02] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-185-88.46-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
[18:03] Daviey (~Daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey) joined #highaltitude.
[18:03] <griffonbot> Received email: G8KNN "Re: [UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
[18:04] stilldavid_ (~david@stilldavid.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:05] <ibanezmatt13> good evening daveake :)
[18:05] SpeedEvil_ (~quassel@mauve.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:05] schoppenhauer (~quassel@uxul.de) joined #highaltitude.
[18:06] bertrik_ (~quassel@ip117-49-211-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[18:07] <nigelvh_> ibanezmatt13, I'd guess it was a split, which was why all those users left then joined in quick succession. So it may look like dave came back, but he may not really be there.
[18:07] schoppenhauer (~quassel@uxul.de) left irc: Changing host
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[18:07] <ibanezmatt13> ah right. Nevermind :)
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[18:08] <fsphil> yea ye ol' freenode having issues
[18:08] nick___ (~nick_@ltbs.vm.bytemark.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[18:08] <nigelvh_> Seems to be doing a good bit of that lately.
[18:09] pjm_ (~pjm@uhfsatcom.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:09] <daveake> Evening ibanezmatt13
[18:09] <daveake> I'm kinda here
[18:09] <nigelvh_> Well lo and behold.
[18:09] SpeedEvil_ (~quassel@mauve.plus.com) left irc: Client Quit
[18:09] <nigelvh_> Also, I think he left after we decided you weren't here.
[18:10] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[18:10] <fsphil> ah so he did
[18:10] <fsphil> got lost in the split noise
[18:10] Gadget-Mac_ (~swp@ joined #highaltitude.
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[18:11] Semafoor (~Semafoor@ec2-50-17-159-24.compute-1.amazonaws.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:11] <daveake> I've been up north all day
[18:12] <x-f> pics or it didn't happen
[18:12] <fsphil> north north, or southern's north?
[18:12] <daveake> Was going to pop in to see Upu but his property has been condemned by environmental health after a recent outbreak of food poisoning :p
[18:12] <daveake> Well, Yorkshire
[18:12] <daveake> far enough :)
[18:12] <nigelvh_> That sucks.
[18:13] <nigelvh_> Food poisoning = not fun
[18:13] <fsphil> well close enough
[18:13] <daveake> indeed
[18:13] ms7821 (~Mark@rack.ms) returned to #highaltitude.
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[18:14] brust (~ol@h-168-145.a336.priv.bahnhof.se) returned to #highaltitude.
[18:15] <cn8dn> Recepteur GPS EM-406a + Module uALFAT-SD
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[18:19] <x-f> cn8dn, that GPS doesn't work above 18 km altitude
[18:19] BrainDamage1 (~BrainDama@ joined #highaltitude.
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[18:49] <cuddykid> lots of splits this evening
[18:49] <nigelvh_> Yeah
[18:50] <nigelvh_> My clients have been freaking out because my home connection got split out and my work client and it started fighting over my nicks.
[18:50] Nick change: daveake_ -> daveake
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[18:52] <chrisstubbs> [Global Notice] As you've probably noticed we're experiencing a bit of network disruption. Please bear with us while we check the tubes for kittens.
[18:52] <chrisstubbs> hahah
[18:52] <cuddykid> ha
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[19:02] <WILLdude> I have 3 codes for games that I think I might struggle to sell.
[19:02] cn8dn (6dbe23ba@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[19:02] <WILLdude> Anyone want to buy blood dragon, bioshock infinite and tomb radier for nothing?
[19:02] <WILLdude> Soz, it's a bit off topic.
[19:02] Ciemon_ (~ciemon@host86-129-42-148.range86-129.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:02] <chrisstubbs> WILLdude, put them on gumtree or something :P
[19:02] <WILLdude> Meh
[19:02] <WILLdude> Ebay maybe.
[19:03] <WILLdude> I'll accept 0.55 BTC for them.
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[19:03] <nigelvh__> The tubes, they're soooo full of kittens!
[19:03] <WILLdude> Actually, I might play it.
[19:04] priyesh_ (~priyesh@mango.pexat.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:07] <chrisstubbs> thats a lot of kittens
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[19:12] <nigelvh_> The internet has a love/hate relationship with kittens.
[19:14] Nick change: SpeedEvil -> SpeedEvil_
[19:14] <fsphil> isn't that the reason it was invented?
[19:14] Nick change: SpeedEvil_ -> SpeedEvil
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[19:15] <nigelvh_> More or less. Kittens and porn.
[19:15] <LazyLeopard> Kittens gettin a mention in two channels almost simultaneously...
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[19:16] <fsphil> everyone's feline the same
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[19:18] <Babs> Purrfect pun, fsphil
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[19:18] <nigelvh_> I think we're splitting whiskers at this point.
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[19:19] <nigelvh_> Are we at the tail end of these puns?
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[19:19] <fsphil> we've tried to paws them, doesn't work
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[19:20] <priyesh> it's a catastrophe
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[19:28] <ibanezmatt13> After experimenting with the Raspberry Pi Cam, I've concluded that the photos it takes are excellent. However, even though the video is not bad, it's not as great as I think it could be. So I'm gonna keep experimenting.
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[19:29] <chrisstubbs> ibanezmatt13, i seem to recall there being word of a software update that improved the quality
[19:29] <chrisstubbs> are you running the latest version of raspbian?
[19:30] <ibanezmatt13> Yeah, I did an update and upgrade just before
[19:30] <ibanezmatt13> Like I say, the images are pretty great
[19:30] <ibanezmatt13> I may not be setting the video right. To be fair, I am indoors in a room with low light. I may try to take a video out of my window
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[19:33] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p54889125.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[19:33] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[19:34] <chrisstubbs> evening Lunar_Lander
[19:34] <chrisstubbs> ibanezmatt13, im not sure if this was an update or if you had to reinstall the latest raspbian, might be worth reading up on
[19:35] <chrisstubbs> but yes, low light conditions may also decrease wuality
[19:35] <SpeedEvil> Video will be less good than stills, as the stills can wind up the exposure
[19:35] MattMonty (5ad09646@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:35] <chrisstubbs> quality
[19:35] <MattMonty> hey
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[19:37] ibanezmatt13 (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:37] <ibanezmatt13> Lost interenet connection again :p
[19:38] <ibanezmatt13> Has anybody ever known a white horizontal line to flicker in the middle of a video recording. It's very subtle but still...
[19:39] <Laurenceb_> theres better cameras about
[19:39] <Laurenceb_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvl0pzr2LVU
[19:39] <Laurenceb_> /jk
[19:40] <fsphil> ibanezmatt13: it's not a good camera for low light levels
[19:41] <ibanezmatt13> thankfully it's gonna be in very good light when it's up there. I'm really impressed with the quality though.
[19:41] <fsphil> yes I was too
[19:42] <fsphil> though that rolling shutter is a shame
[19:42] <ibanezmatt13> rolling shutter?
[19:42] <fsphil> move the camera left to right
[19:42] <fsphil> things go wobbly
[19:42] <ibanezmatt13> ah right. Should be ok :)
[19:43] Hiena (~boreger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[19:43] <fsphil> it's not the worst
[19:44] <ibanezmatt13> It feels so fragile. How can it withstand the climate up there?
[19:44] <ibanezmatt13> Would it be wise to get a case?
[19:44] <eroomde> it generates its own heat
[19:44] <eroomde> and although it's cold up there, remember than the air density is much much much lower
[19:45] <eroomde> so the amount of heat you can transfer to the air around you is much lower
[19:46] <ibanezmatt13> So will it be ok considering that it's pointing pretty much outside a hole in the box?
[19:47] <daveake> well mine have been
[19:47] <ibanezmatt13> Hi daveake :)
[19:48] <ibanezmatt13> Have you used the Pi Cam for videos yet?
[19:48] <daveake> no
[19:48] <ibanezmatt13> I was pretty impressed with the quality. The only problem is, I'd have to have a 64gb SD card in the Pi for it to record the flight in HD
[19:49] <fsphil> you can reduce the bitrate a bit
[19:49] <daveake> you don't have to record the entire flight
[19:50] <ibanezmatt13> I thought of recording for 30 seconds every say one minute? Plus, yeah I could lower the bit rate. What about fps, would that stay at 25?
[19:52] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host109-145-32-199.range109-145.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:55] <ibanezmatt13> daveake: did you write a program to do the delay between taking pictures or did you use the timelapse built in to the Pi Cam software? I'm wondering which will affect my telemetry program the least.
[19:56] <daveake> Just a little bash script
[19:57] <ibanezmatt13> did you do that in python using os.system('') ?
[19:58] <daveake> No, bash
[19:58] <ibanezmatt13> Didn't
[19:58] <ibanezmatt13> know you could do that :\
[19:58] <daveake> At boot time, the script gets started as does my GPS/RTTY program
[19:59] <daveake> For the PIE4 flight, the script checked the altitude so it knew the difference between launch, flight and landing. It took stills during flight, but did video streaming over 3G for launch and landing
[19:59] <ibanezmatt13> I've never written a bash script before. Is it just like putting commands into the terminal
[19:59] <daveake> Also on that flight, the images were larger when over 30km (IIRC)
[20:00] <SpeedEvil> ibanezmatt13: Pretty much
[20:00] <daveake> yes, and you can do loops and if statements
[20:00] <SpeedEvil> ibanezmatt13: Though of course, you have if/for/... that you don't usually use interactively
[20:00] <daveake> it's not pretty but it works and it's ok for simple stuff
[20:00] <daveake> If all you're doing is running commands/programs then it's just fine
[20:01] <ibanezmatt13> I'll have a look at that
[20:02] <Lunar_Lander> btw, can you like do a "double task" thing on arduino that it reads sensors and saves to an SD while string transmission is in progress on the radio?
[20:02] <daveake> timers
[20:02] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[20:02] <daveake> Use a timer interrupts for rtty, and the main loop for everything else
[20:02] <daveake> s/s//
[20:02] <Lunar_Lander> something like while(1) or so?
[20:03] <daveake> You're already doing the loop stuff
[20:03] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[20:03] <daveake> What you'd need to do is to write an ISR (interrupt service routine) attached to a timer interrupt
[20:04] <daveake> That does the rtty high and lows- start bits etc etc
[20:04] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[20:04] <daveake> The main loop does the sensors
[20:04] <Lunar_Lander> and the SD, right?
[20:04] <ibanezmatt13> would it be better to run the tracking in a python program, and the Pi Cam in a bash script? Would that be ok?
[20:04] <daveake> LL yes
[20:04] <daveake> matt You can that's fine
[20:05] <Lunar_Lander> thanks dave, have to read a bit about that
[20:05] <fsphil> interrupt driven rtty is very much nicer
[20:05] <daveake> ^^ he speaks the truth
[20:05] <eroomde> interrupts are a really, really powerful way of doing things on microcontrollers
[20:05] <ibanezmatt13> So I guess running two python programs simultaneously is not a good idea?
[20:05] <eroomde> you'll enjoy reading about them Lunar_Lander
[20:05] <eroomde> i recommend abcminiuser's tutorials on avrfreaks, Lunar_Lander
[20:06] <daveake> sure you can run 2 python apps
[20:07] <ibanezmatt13> I may just run a python app for the Pi Cam and another for the RTTY. Then I could just write a little bash script which starts them running on boot. That would work I guess :)
[20:07] <Lunar_Lander> thanks :)
[20:07] <ibanezmatt13> daveake: we're planning 35000m
[20:08] <ibanezmatt13> ~
[20:09] <fsphil> I'd be happy with 10km atm
[20:11] <ibanezmatt13> My Dad is extremely optimistic. He wants temperature sensing, SSDV, on board HD video, pictures, and he wants 35km. I think he may be excited :)
[20:11] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-92-28-52-199.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: cuddykid
[20:13] <daveake> Pi temperature: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=34994
[20:13] <daveake> for external temp add a DS18B20
[20:13] <ibanezmatt13> There's an onboard temp sensor? Is that not for the CPU?
[20:14] <daveake> That link is the CPU/GPU temp
[20:14] <daveake> Raspbian includes driver support for the DS18B20
[20:14] SpeedEvil_ (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[20:14] <ibanezmatt13> I think I already have a DS18B20
[20:14] <fsphil> temp=42.2'C
[20:14] <fsphil> yep, CPU
[20:14] <daveake> :)
[20:15] <ibanezmatt13> 40.6 :)
[20:15] <fsphil> the Pi in my shed is 45c
[20:16] <ibanezmatt13> it has been pretty damn warm today
[20:16] SpeedEvil (~quassel@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) left irc: Disconnected by services
[20:16] <fsphil> yes
[20:16] Nick change: SpeedEvil_ -> SpeedEvil
[20:16] <daveake> fsphil the chicks have flown the nest
[20:16] <lz1dev> i like the perl example
[20:17] <ibanezmatt13> is the DS18B20 digital or analogue?
[20:17] HixServer (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[20:17] <fsphil> aah great daveake
[20:17] <eroomde> you sound like a russian spy wondering if he's met another one
[20:17] <fsphil> daveake: I hear the snows are late in Moscow
[20:17] <gonzo_> but it's chea[er by the pound
[20:18] jdtanner (56a958ac@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[20:19] <fsphil> the predictor has stopped predicting for me
[20:19] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@ returned to #highaltitude.
[20:19] Administrator__ (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) returned to #highaltitude.
[20:19] <fsphil> not even guessing
[20:20] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-92-28-52-199.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[20:22] ibanezmatt13_ (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:23] <ibanezmatt13_> daveake: apart from the metering mode, were there any other parameters you had to alter to get good image quality on the Pi Cam for your flight?
[20:23] ibanezmatt13 (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
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[20:23] <daveake> the mirror one :p
[20:24] <fsphil> they seem to have fixed that
[20:24] <daveake> ah
[20:24] <daveake> good
[20:24] <daveake> that was really silly
[20:24] <fsphil> yep
[20:24] <fsphil> wonder how many people thought they'd plugged it in backwards
[20:24] g6gzh (~db@gresley.dbrooke.me.uk) returned to #highaltitude.
[20:24] <ibanezmatt13_> anything else. ISO, exposure...? Just wondering how to optimise it for HAB
[20:25] <fsphil> I'd love a fixed exposure setting
[20:25] <ibanezmatt13_> good for Habbing? Any partiulcar one you like?
[20:25] <daveake> yeah doesn't have that
[20:25] <ibanezmatt13_> mine does :p
[20:26] <ibanezmatt13_> have you done an update?
[20:26] <lz1dev> ibanezmatt13_: are you shooting the edge?
[20:26] <daveake> not used it since flight, so no
[20:27] <ibanezmatt13_> ah right. lz1dev I'm shooting the edge indeed
[20:27] <lz1dev> you gonna have a bad time
[20:27] <lz1dev> :\
[20:27] <fsphil> I was a bit disappointed in cartoon mode, didn't turn me into a cartoon mouse
[20:28] LWK (~LWK@pdpc/supporter/student/lwk) returned to #highaltitude.
[20:28] <daveake> doh!
[20:28] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p54889125.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) returned to #highaltitude.
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[20:28] ibanezmatt13 (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:28] <ibanezmatt13> Not sure why I keep getting disconnected from here
[20:29] <fsphil> freenode are having kitten trouble
[20:29] <ibanezmatt13> :) they are
[20:29] <daveake> someone stole their cat5
[20:29] <fsphil> kittens in the space time continuum
[20:30] <fsphil> just waiting on Doctor Meuw
[20:30] <ibanezmatt13> If I do SSDV, will I be able to carry on taking iv
[20:30] <ibanezmatt13> videos and pictures* ?
[20:31] ibanezmatt13_ (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[20:31] <fsphil> you could take a picture, and while sending it capture some video
[20:32] <griffonbot> Received email: Mike Willis "RE: [UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
[20:33] <ibanezmatt13> Wwould I have to do SSDV in the same program as my GPS RTTY?
[20:33] <ibanezmatt13> Just thinking, if the SSDV has an error, my whole telemetry system will fail
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[20:38] <ibanezmatt13_> Freenode need to find their kittens!
[20:38] russss (uid30@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-tntuvrvvmzyjkoug) joined #highaltitude.
[20:39] <bertrik_> let robot find kitten?
[20:39] <LazyLeopard> Isn't the problem that there are too many?
[20:39] <LazyLeopard> ...all playing with the wires, tangling the routes...
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[20:45] <jdtanner> Evening all...just found out that the voltage regulator on my little pro mini is busted :(
[20:45] <chrisstubbs> jdtanner, aw dam :(
[20:45] <jdtanner> Yarp...won't take a raw voltage from a PP3. Power light flashes, and nothing happens.
[20:46] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:46] <jdtanner> No idea how I've done it...I've never run from batteries before today, so it might have been broken from the get-go
[20:46] <jdtanner> That'll teach me to buy cheaply from FleaBay
[20:47] <jdtanner> Anyone have a decent supplier for Pro Minis that isn't based in the demilitarised zone just north of Hong Kong?
[20:49] <Lunar_Lander> hi jdtanner
[20:50] <Lunar_Lander> Pro Mini?
[20:50] <jdtanner> Evening. I've read you flight report, and thought it was excellent, well done.
[20:50] <Lunar_Lander> doesn't have sparkfun have them?
[20:50] <Lunar_Lander> thanks :)
[20:50] <jdtanner> Yes, Arduino Pro Mini
[20:50] <jdtanner> Probably...but I like supporting small/local suppliers so would prefer a recommendation for a supplier :)
[20:50] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[20:51] <fsphil> sparkfun are on the same planet. that's kinda local
[20:52] <jdtanner> lol...you've obviously never been to the Peak District...I'l show you local!
[20:53] <ibanezmatt13_> fsphil: In the Rapsberry Pi Cam software, why can't you save the image as the currenttime.jpg?
[20:53] <ibanezmatt13_> I'm in python doing os.system('raspistill -o /home/pi/%H%M%S.jpg') and it's not working
[20:53] <fsphil> jdtanner: it's on my todo list
[20:53] <Lunar_Lander> eroomde, found the tutorial on AVRfreaks, thanks again
[20:54] <fsphil> ibanezmatt13_: that's an fswebcam thing
[20:54] <fsphil> raspi* doesn't do that
[20:54] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-92-28-52-199.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: cuddykid
[20:54] <fsphil> but you could do it in python
[20:54] <jdtanner> Pop in for a brew if you come here :) I'd like to say it isn't like this...but it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meF7NmfnXZ0
[20:54] <ibanezmatt13_> Could I still use the Raspi software and do it in python?
[20:54] <fsphil> hah, local shop
[20:55] <fsphil> ibanezmatt13_: yea, make the filename up in python
[20:56] <fsphil> tefalone
[20:56] <ibanezmatt13_> Is there a way to get current time? I know you can use datetime. filename = datetime.datetime.now()
[20:56] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[20:57] Ugi (545cd630@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:57] <fsphil> not sure
[20:57] <fsphil> not done time in python
[21:00] <Randomskk> import time; time.time()
[21:00] <Randomskk> gives you a unix timestmap
[21:01] <Randomskk> datetime.datetime.now() gives a current datetime object which you can strftime etc
[21:01] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:01] <ibanezmatt13_> I tried time.time() as well. When I ran it, it said, invalid command line
[21:01] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-92-28-52-199.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:01] <fsphil> did you import time?
[21:01] <fsphil> man that sounds deep
[21:01] <ibanezmatt13_> yeah I imported time
[21:02] <fsphil> time.time() returns fractional time
[21:02] <fsphil> neat
[21:02] <fsphil> just trying it on the python prompt thingy
[21:02] <fsphil> datetime.datetime.now() is very ackward syntax
[21:02] <ibanezmatt13_> fsphil: I need your SSDV again, I reflashed my card. What was it? I use git to clone your SSDV code, then I cd to it, then I just run sudo make, is that it?
[21:03] <x-f> "from time import time", then just time()
[21:03] <fsphil> ibanezmatt13_: just make
[21:03] <ibanezmatt13_> ok thanks :)
[21:03] <fsphil> you only need sudo when you make install
[21:04] <ibanezmatt13_> Ah right, thanks :)
[21:06] <Hix> evening peeps, anyone point me to flights that have recorded external temps in the strings so I can pull them from habitat?
[21:07] <ibanezmatt13_> When I tried to run my SSDV program, it said SSDV not found fsphil
[21:08] MattMonty (5ad09646@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:08] <griffonbot> Received email: Adam Cudworth "Re: [UKHAS] Re: Launch Announcement - HABE 8 (Worcester) - June 8th/9th"
[21:10] <ibanezmatt13_> off to bed for me now, good night :)
[21:10] <mattbrejza> new tracker coming along :) http://imgur.com/JL9Y0Is
[21:11] <craag> So you got the balun chip then mattbrejza ?
[21:11] <mattbrejza> yep
[21:11] <mattbrejza> farnell now sell it
[21:12] ibanezmatt13_ (1f34b782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:12] <craag> Fantastic layout btw.
[21:12] Babs (~babs@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:12] <mattbrejza> yea was a bit nuts in places
[21:13] <mattbrejza> 0402 as well
[21:13] <mattbrejza> 0402 is fine compared to that QFN
[21:13] <mattbrejza> which was being a right pain today
[21:13] <mattbrejza> but then i (persumably) put too much paste on it
[21:13] <craag> Yeah.. I was looking at the CC430 and kind of stopped when I saw it was only QFN.
[21:14] <mattbrejza> had to rework the DFN, but that was made much easier by using jeff's hot plate to preheat it
[21:14] <mattbrejza> tbh QFN is doable, you just have to go into labs
[21:14] <mattbrejza> takes 3-4x longer to do as you have to test it all and touch it up generally
[21:14] <mattbrejza> that footprint didnt help mind you
[21:14] <Babs> Is eroomde on?
[21:15] <craag> hehe no I imagine not!
[21:15] <Hix> if anyone is looking for a microscope there is one on flebay endng ~15 mins Carl Zeiss Jena 99 squid
[21:15] <craag> THis one crystal-pulling as well?
[21:15] <Hix> I cant afford it atm though i would deffo buy that one
[21:15] <mattbrejza> normally QFN pads extends outwards a bit (but not this one)
[21:16] <mattbrejza> yea its XL pulled, as i didnt bother testing the PLL method on picotex
[21:16] <mattbrejza> but XL pulling is much happier imo
[21:16] <chrisstubbs> mattbrejza, does this use a Si4432?
[21:16] <mattbrejza> na cc430
[21:16] <mattbrejza> (cc1101 radio + msp430 core SoC)
[21:17] <chrisstubbs> ah cool, will read up on that
[21:17] <mattbrejza> one i made earlier: http://imgur.com/a/Fgesk
[21:17] <chrisstubbs> ah yeah remember seeing this now, looks like a torch :P
[21:18] <mattbrejza> they are now micro + radio or choice
[21:18] jdtanner (56a958ac@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[21:18] <mattbrejza> *of
[21:20] <chrisstubbs> 3D printed hab parts are awesome though :)
[21:22] number10 (56aacfba@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:23] <Hix> oops, scope link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CARL-ZEISS-JENA-MICROSCOPE-/300912567018?pt=UK_Collectables_Scientific_MJ&hash=item460fc962ea
[21:24] <SpeedEvil> chrisstubbs: how do you print latex though?
[21:24] <chrisstubbs> hix, you probably just have time for one of those wonga loans to clear ;)
[21:24] <Hix> heh
[21:24] <Hix> 4687 APR, might do it
[21:25] <chrisstubbs> SpeedEvil, as soon as we figure that out I will be a happy habber
[21:25] Babs (~babs@ left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[21:26] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:28] <fsphil> man it's warm tonight
[21:28] <Hix> yup - and i cam home to a heated house wtf, women....
[21:29] <fsphil> hah
[21:29] Action: SpeedEvil determines it's 12.2C outside.
[21:29] <Hix> so am in shorts and tee
[21:29] <SpeedEvil> 16.5C in.
[21:29] <SpeedEvil> (no heating)
[21:29] <fsphil> not bad
[21:29] <Hix> 23.5!!!
[21:29] <Hix> though ive killed it
[21:29] <fsphil> 22.5c in my room
[21:32] <Hix> nearest weather station shows 11.3 external here
[21:32] <fsphil> ooh is there a website?
[21:33] Babs (~babs@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:34] <Hix> wunderground gives local stations
[21:34] <Hix> http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=IESSEXEP1
[21:34] <fsphil> 10.8C
[21:34] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ left irc: Quit: mikewintermute
[21:34] <fsphil> nearest station is at the nearby lake
[21:35] <fsphil> wind, 0.0
[21:35] <fsphil> so true
[21:35] Action: SpeedEvil has a radio thingy on a pole.
[21:35] <SpeedEvil> Wind 2.5kt
[21:35] <fsphil> 60% chance of precipitation tomorrow
[21:36] <fsphil> aww
[21:37] <fsphil> BBC disagree
[21:37] <fsphil> sun all day
[21:38] <Hix> yay
[21:39] <SpeedEvil> I'm finding http://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/Scotland/Markinch/hour_by_hour.html accurate
[21:39] <SpeedEvil> Also - the chart is great
[21:39] <SpeedEvil> It actually has maximum predicted rainfall, as well as likely
[21:41] <Hix> i instantly have trust for a .no weather site
[21:42] <chrisstubbs> just rememebered the payload is outside and transmitting 17c as the RFM's temperature reading
[21:42] <chrisstubbs> that thing stays warm
[21:42] <chrisstubbs> or needs some calibration :P
[21:45] <fsphil> I'd hoped the heat would trigger a few thunderstorms
[21:45] <fsphil> but there's been nothing
[21:45] <SpeedEvil> Why?
[21:46] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:46] <fsphil> cause I love watching them :)
[21:46] <Uggy_> Hi.. tring to get my dl-fldigi decoding.. as it does not work with my NTX2.. I'm tring with a downloaded "tones" found on http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:tracking_guide
[21:47] <Hix> F%^& - a climbing and expedition photog just offered me the loan of a Nikon D3X for a flight. But due to non 100% retrieval, declined :/
[21:47] <Hix> gutted
[21:47] <Uggy_> But I do not succeed for now.. does someone know what should be the RTTY settings (parity et...) for this mp3 ?
[21:48] <fsphil> most likely 50 baud, 8N1
[21:48] <fsphil> or 7N1
[21:48] <Uggy_> I tried several parameters.. but only produce garbage...
[21:48] <Uggy_> ok thx.. I'm triing again
[21:48] <Hix> thats about £3000 of DSLR he offered there. Legend!!!
[21:48] <chrisstubbs> Uggy_, 50 baud 8n2
[21:49] <fsphil> I can understand why they decided not to Hix :)
[21:49] <Uggy_> chrisstubbs: ok.. thx.. testing now..
[21:49] <chrisstubbs> working for me with the mp3 file on that page
[21:49] K9JKM (~chatzilla@c-67-184-171-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:49] <fsphil> the number of stop bits won't really make any difference to decoding
[21:49] <Hix> fsphil: he was offering to lend ME his D3x
[21:50] <Uggy_> I guess.. I should expect to get some nice decoding.. but no :(
[21:50] <fsphil> for flying?
[21:50] <Uggy_> I will upload a screenshot again
[21:51] <Hix> Though he did come up with the tip: place camera and lens in separate zip-lock bags with Silica Gel and bake on hot radioators all night before flight. He's done both poles as ecxpidition photogrsapher to the likes of Feinnes
[21:51] <Hix> fsphil: yes, to fly it
[21:51] <Hix> ping Babs
[21:52] <Babs> Hey hix
[21:53] <Hix> Hi Babs just been chatting to a polar exped photographer
[21:53] <Babs> What about ?
[21:53] <Hix> he reckons bake camera and lens in zip-lok bags with silica the night before the flight
[21:54] <SpeedEvil> Hmm.
[21:54] <Hix> on a radiator. He was saying he's used Nikons at -50C for 2 hours with no errors
[21:54] <SpeedEvil> Brrr.
[21:54] <fsphil> my body would be having errors at -50c
[21:55] <SpeedEvil> Just wear enough layers.
[21:55] <Babs> Ps did you get my note that that download link was broken?
[21:55] <Babs> I didn't have any issues with misting but didn't do that
[21:55] <Babs> I figured that the internals of the detachable lens are airtight
[21:55] <Babs> Were probably put together in a special environment and so were safe
[21:55] <SpeedEvil> I figure about 87 t-shirts, and youi'll be fine.
[21:55] <Babs> And the internals of the camera body were so far inside the polystyrene
[21:55] <Babs> That it would be safe
[21:55] <Uggy_> if someone can show me where I'm wrong ? http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1370382860.png
[21:55] <Babs> It worked but I have no idea whether that is luck or judgement
[21:55] <Uggy_> tones from http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:tracking_guide
[21:56] <fsphil> your shift is a bit small
[21:56] <fsphil> the two lines are not matching the signal
[21:57] <Hix> babs you'll porbably need an ftp client such as filezilla
[21:57] <Babs> As long as the camera can handle the heat then pulling any moisture that happened to be in there can't be bad right?
[21:57] <fsphil> and play with the Rv button
[21:57] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:57] <Uggy_> ok.. tring better alignment
[21:57] <Uggy_> and shift
[21:58] <Uggy_> same result... do you need a screenshot ?
[21:58] <fsphil> did you try pressing Rv?
[21:59] <Uggy_> no ..I'm tring
[21:59] <fsphil> and make sure SQL is off
[21:59] <Babs> That is just a program I have to download right hix?
[21:59] <Babs> I never know what client means
[21:59] <Uggy_> Rv on - SQL off -> garbage
[22:00] <Hix> babs yeah, its a free thing. If you use Win you may be able to copy the link into an explorere window and login from there
[22:00] Nick change: bertrik_ -> bertrik
[22:00] <chrisstubbs> Rv should be off for that sample
[22:00] <Uggy_> ok.. disabling Rv... same result
[22:00] <Babs> Ok will try - will email if it doesn't work
[22:01] <Babs> Been through about half of the photos and selected the most promising ones
[22:01] <Hix> http://i.imgur.com/auliRjh.png should be what you see
[22:01] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[22:02] <fsphil> Uggy_: okie. keep SQL off
[22:02] <Babs> The stability thing worked well
[22:02] <Babs> It was a still day but virtually every one has a horizontal horizon, and there are very few blurred
[22:02] <fsphil> also it won't start decoding properly until it's started a new line Uggy_
[22:02] <Hix> babs Nice
[22:02] <fsphil> Uggy_: I have the shift set to 390hz
[22:03] <Uggy_> fsphil: what do you mean "new line" ?
[22:03] <fsphil> it's transmitting lines of data
[22:03] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host109-145-32-199.range109-145.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[22:03] <fsphil> it might not start decoding them from the middle of a line
[22:03] <Uggy_> my last shift was 373.. changing to 390
[22:04] <fsphil> make sure AFC is on too
[22:04] <Upu> are you using an SDR Uggy_ ?
[22:04] <Uggy_> AFC is on...
[22:04] <griffonbot> @nearspaceimages: RT @AstroKarenN Traveling along the west coast of South America. http://t.co/Bu9ikLKffT #UKHAS [http://twitter.com/nearspaceimages/status/342039191716261890]
[22:05] <Upu> ok thats not a bad picture at all
[22:05] <Uggy_> Upu: Hi.. I have an SDR.. tested yesterday.. did not worked..so today.. no SDR..
[22:05] <Upu> ok
[22:05] <fsphil> very nice picture
[22:05] <Uggy_> to test if my problem was SDR.. or NTX2 or dl-fldigi
[22:05] <Upu> sometimes you can tune into "echos" of the actual signal
[22:05] <Upu> but that signal looks really messy
[22:05] <fsphil> Uggy_ is trying a recording of icarus today
[22:05] <Uggy_> well that 's the tone downloaded..
[22:06] <Upu> oh ok
[22:06] <fsphil> which is not the best sample tbh
[22:06] <fsphil> the tone shift seems to be changing
[22:06] Babs (~babs@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[22:06] <Upu> still we know it decodes
[22:06] <chrisstubbs> it is a little faint, but i aggree with the noise you mentioned the other day fsphil
[22:07] <chrisstubbs> could it be a problem with the virtual audo cable
[22:07] <Lunar_Lander> Upu, got about 30 seconds :)?
[22:07] <Hix> time to go time. Goodnight peoples
[22:07] <chrisstubbs> night hix
[22:07] <Lunar_Lander> night Hix
[22:07] <fsphil> 'nite Hix
[22:07] <Uggy_> chrisstubbs: in fact I did not setup anything special regarding sound on lInux...
[22:08] <Uggy_> as soon as i start playing sound.. I see the water fall coming ..so I was guessing it was ok..
[22:08] <Uggy_> but may be not ?
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> oh you have linux?
[22:08] <fsphil> make sure you're not recording from the microphone :)
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> which distro?
[22:08] <fsphil> I've done that a few times on my laptop
[22:08] <chrisstubbs> this may be the problem :P
[22:08] <fsphil> by mistake
[22:08] <Uggy_> i'm actualy on Mint LMDE
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> on ubuntu, dl-fldigi never worked until I got PulseAudio
[22:08] <fsphil> I like Mint
[22:09] <chrisstubbs> tap the mic on your laptop and see if you see it on the waterfall
[22:09] <Uggy_> I'm not on speakers .. so mic can't "head" sound ;)
[22:09] <Lunar_Lander> with PulseAudio I finally could set dl-fldigi to the line-in
[22:09] <chrisstubbs> hm odd
[22:10] <fsphil> oddly I find it easier to set the input in alsamixer
[22:10] <chrisstubbs> tap it anyway incase its somehow mixing
[22:10] <Uggy_> Lunar_Lander: you mean without PulseAudio.. you don't see waterfall ?
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> well I got an Intel onboard sound chip
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> a realtek one I think
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> or something like that
[22:10] <chrisstubbs> anyway im off, night all!
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> anyways when I hooked the radio up to the line in, there was some pseudo-noise
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> night chrisstubbs
[22:10] <fsphil> 'nite chrisstubbs
[22:11] <Uggy_> If I see waterfall on dl-fldigi.. does this means sound setup is ok ? or I'm wrong ?
[22:11] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-167-136-94.range86-167.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- \o/
[22:11] <Lunar_Lander> let me understand it
[22:11] <fsphil> I do wish pulse could have one program record from the output of just one other program, rather than all
[22:11] <Lunar_Lander> your arduino with the radio transmitter is running?
[22:11] Hix (~Hix@78-86-159-23.zone2.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[22:12] <Uggy_> Lunar_Lander: me ? no tranmitter today. only mp3 tones downloaded
[22:12] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[22:12] <Lunar_Lander> but yea if there is a waterfall, that should be a good sign
[22:12] <Uggy_> ok...
[22:12] <fsphil> Uggy_: download the .wav file, and in dl-fldigi go to File > Audio > Playback
[22:12] <Lunar_Lander> is there any decode if you have the cursor on the lines?
[22:13] <fsphil> it reads the wav directly, bypassing any sound card
[22:13] <Uggy_> you mean red line exactly on center of yelow lines.. decoding garbage :(
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> no the cursor (red) should be on the two lines
[22:14] Vulspur (~Vulspur@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[22:14] <Uggy_> yes yes .. even in the center.. same problem
[22:15] <Lunar_Lander> can you see, in the lower left, the button "Rv"?
[22:15] <Lunar_Lander> activate it and tell us what happened
[22:15] <Uggy_> Rv not checked
[22:15] <Uggy_> still garbage when cheked
[22:16] <fsphil> it can take a few seconds before it begins decoding
[22:16] <Uggy_> ok....
[22:17] <Uggy_> nothing better
[22:17] <Uggy_> could it be due the version dl-fldigi I'm using ?
[22:18] Babs (~babs@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:18] <Uggy_> about tell me : 3.21.50
[22:20] <fsphil> shouldn't matter much nope
[22:20] <fsphil> did you try the .wav thing I mentioned above?
[22:21] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-92-28-52-199.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: cuddykid
[22:22] <Uggy_> fsphil: I'm not sure to understandd the test you want me to do
[22:22] <fsphil> download the sample .wav file instead of the .mp3 version
[22:22] <fsphil> and in dl-fldigi, select File > Audio > Playback
[22:23] <Uggy_> ok.. let's go ! :)
[22:23] <Uggy_> good test...
[22:23] <fsphil> it reads the audio directly, so no pulseaudio or soundcard
[22:23] <Uggy_> ok... I see now..
[22:23] <fsphil> if this doesn't work then dl-fldigi itself isn't working
[22:23] <Uggy_> ok...
[22:25] <Uggy_> Well.. in "File" menu I only have "exit"..checking the other menu
[22:26] Babs (~babs@ left irc: Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi
[22:27] <fsphil> odd
[22:27] <fsphil> where did you get this version of dl-fldigi?
[22:28] <mfa298> I was just about to ask the same thing - sounds a bit like a compile from source that's missing some of the required components
[22:28] <Uggy_> folowed "ubuntu" instructions of ukhas...
[22:28] <Uggy_> Mmm... could explain a lot of things..
[22:28] <fsphil> yea, it's like portaudio wasn't compiled in
[22:28] MichaelC (~unknownbl@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[22:28] <Uggy_> let me check what I did to install /complile
[22:29] <mfa298> what package managment system does your system use ?
[22:29] <Uggy_> apt-get
[22:30] <mfa298> there is a packaged version of dl-fldigi for ubuntu which might work for you then. Could be worth a try.
[22:30] lz1dev (~rgp@ left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[22:30] <Uggy_> If I rememeber I folowed instructions found on http://www.ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi:build-ubuntu
[22:30] lz1dev (~rgp@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:31] <fsphil> http://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi
[22:31] <fsphil> there are ubuntu deb links on that page
[22:31] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p54889125.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Quit: Verlassend
[22:32] <mfa298> +1 for using the pre-built packages.
[22:32] <Uggy_> ok... let me try this... :)
[22:33] <Uggy_> give me few min
[22:33] <mfa298> If I get a decent rpm repositry sorted (rather than being on the end of my slow ADSL) I'll have some fedora (and maybe even CentOS) packages available (that will probably only ever get used by me)
[22:34] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[22:34] <Uggy_> W: Impossible de récupérer http://ppa.launchpad.net/gwibber-daily/ppa/ubuntu/dists/debian/main/source/Sources 404 Not Found
[22:35] <Uggy_> is the repo still valid ??
[22:36] <Uggy_> or may be .. as I'm on Debian.. it fail on Ubuntu repo
[22:36] <Uggy_> let me check what I could do get get deb
[22:36] <mfa298> I tried it a couple of weeks ago and it worked. I then wiped ubuntu from my system after it kernel paniced more regularly than windows.
[22:36] <Uggy_> ahah ;)
[22:37] <mfa298> I don't know enough about apt and deb packages. you might need to try manually downloading the .deb and installing it as the repositry might be assuming ubuntu
[22:37] <Uggy_> yes.. ok.. tring to get deb direclty
[22:38] <mfa298> if you really can't do it from the .deb then you might need to go back to the source. But look at the output of ./configure as that will tell you what's missing. You'll then need to grab the relevant packages (including -devel packages)
[22:39] <fsphil> -dev on debian
[22:39] <fsphil> just to be ackward
[22:39] <Uggy_> ok...
[22:40] <mfa298> based on my ubuntu experience they like being akward (you could only have IPv6 if it was compiled as a module. the scripts didn't like it if it was compiled into the kernel)
[22:41] <Uggy_> tried to run again the ./configure -> seems to not complain
[22:41] <Uggy_> but fldigi build options: sndfile ..................... no
[22:42] <mfa298> any that say no you'll probably want to install the packages that it needs for that
[22:42] <Uggy_> could be the reason I don't have expected sound import ?
[22:42] <mfa298> that would seem very likely
[22:42] <Uggy_> Mmm.. ok.. Have to guess packages names now :)
[22:43] <mfa298> unless your package manager can tell you.
[22:44] <fsphil> did you try running sudo apt-get build-dep fldigi ?
[22:44] <Uggy_> I'm not very friendly with such "user friendly" manager.. ;)
[22:44] <Uggy_> tring with apt-cache search etc..
[22:46] <mfa298> on fedora/centos I'd be using yum list \*sndfile\* or various incantations of yum provides */sndfile
[22:47] <fsphil> yum seach sndfile would work too
[22:47] <fsphil> provides is great as a last resort :)
[22:48] <Uggy_> did not work better with 2 new packages.. let me try some toher
[22:48] <Uggy_> other
[22:49] <Uggy_> sndfile ..................... yes
[22:49] <Uggy_> ahahah !
[22:49] <mfa298> so many nice easy/obvious incantations with a single command - and apparently apt-get, apt-cache (and the other apt-* commands) are supposed to be better :p
[22:49] Action: mfa298 might not be a huge fan of apt!
[22:50] <fsphil> I don't mind it, but do prefer yum
[22:50] <Uggy_> I am :)
[22:50] <Randomskk> why do you prefer yum?
[22:50] <Randomskk> or rather, how can you prefer yum :P
[22:50] <Uggy_> :)
[22:50] <fsphil> yum install blah
[22:50] <fsphil> none of this apt-get update stuff :)
[22:51] <mfa298> for me it does what I expect with a single command (I never know whether to use apt-get or apt-cache or apt-<something else I can never remember>)
[22:51] <Uggy_> I still not have "sound import" menu... but I can try again the decoding
[22:51] <Randomskk> mmm aptitude
[22:51] <fsphil> aptitude is really slow to load
[22:51] <mfa298> the fact yum will automatically update the local caches for you is also a bonus.
[22:52] <fsphil> Uggy_: you might need portaudio too
[22:52] <Randomskk> fsphil: yum doesn't need update because the repositories are perpetually out of date :P
[22:52] <mfa298> and from what I remember aptitude is horrible on a slow cpu / slow link/ serial connection
[22:52] Steffanx (~Steffanx@unaffiliated/steffanx) left irc: Quit: zzzzZZzzz
[22:52] <Uggy_> fsphil: portaudio ................... yes
[22:52] <fsphil> Uggy_: want to list them all?
[22:52] <fsphil> in pastebin
[22:53] <Uggy_> you want my .configure outpout on pastebin
[22:53] <Uggy_> ?
[22:53] <fsphil> yea
[22:53] <Uggy_> ok.. give me few sec.. thx
[22:54] <Uggy_> http://pastebin.com/XAUFN2Tb
[22:56] <fsphil> hmm looks fine
[22:56] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@ left irc: Quit: mikewintermute
[22:56] <fsphil> I have hamlib and xmlrpc
[22:56] <fsphil> and disable flarq
[22:57] <Uggy_> Mmm.. ok...
[22:57] <fsphil> but those shouldn't cause this problem
[22:57] <Uggy_> ok..
[22:57] <fsphil> you may need to make clean
[22:57] <Uggy_> I tested decoding again.. (just in case).. but still same garbage deconding :(
[22:57] <mfa298> probably worth disabling flarq (less to compile/link)
[22:58] <Uggy_> sorry... I'm stupid.. I did not "make / make install"
[22:58] <fsphil> whoops :)
[22:58] <Uggy_> It's late :)
[22:58] <fsphil> indeed
[22:59] <Uggy_> make in progress
[22:59] <fsphil> got a multi-core processor?
[22:59] <Uggy_> ..well an old one :)
[22:59] <fsphil> make -j3
[22:59] <fsphil> speeds up building on a dual core
[22:59] <fsphil> usually number of cores + 1
[23:00] <Uggy_> Mm... ok .. will try next time
[23:00] <Uggy_> btw.. thx you guys to still be connected to help me during night ! :)
[23:01] <fsphil> I'll not be on much .... zzzzzzz
[23:02] <Uggy_> still in progree....
[23:02] <Uggy_> What distro do you use ?
[23:03] <fsphil> I'm on fedora here
[23:03] <Uggy_> \o/ Audio menu now ! !! !
[23:04] <mfa298> fedora and windows for me.
[23:04] <Uggy_> ok...
[23:04] <Uggy_> let me try audio wav import....
[23:04] <fsphil> I had win7 on a PC but that PC broke
[23:04] <mfa298> at somepoint i need to play more on fedora and make gnuradio do useful stuff with the fcd pro+
[23:05] <fsphil> two out of my three desktop PCs have broken recently
[23:05] <fsphil> actually 3 out of 4
[23:05] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[23:05] <Uggy_> IT WORKS ! !! !
[23:05] <fsphil> nice
[23:05] <Uggy_> I see "icarus" !
[23:06] <Uggy_> At least with audio playback...
[23:06] <SpeedEvil> :)
[23:06] <mfa298> woohoo :)
[23:06] <Uggy_> let me check playing mp3 ...
[23:06] <fsphil> you should now have mutliple audio options in dl-fldigi now
[23:06] <fsphil> pulseaudio, portaudio and nothing
[23:07] <mfa298> next option is to try it via the mp3 and the equivalent of stereomix
[23:07] <fsphil> either pulse or port should work
[23:07] <fsphil> I normally use portaudio
[23:07] <Uggy_> portAudio is selected by default.... let try that
[23:08] <Uggy_> Mmmm... garbage displayed...
[23:10] <Uggy_> what is diffence with audio palyback ?
[23:10] <fsphil> pulseaudio might be doing something
[23:10] <fsphil> do you have a program installed pavucontrol?
[23:10] <Uggy_> Mmm.. ok..
[23:11] <Uggy_> let me check
[23:11] <Uggy_> yes have it
[23:11] <fsphil> it has a recording tab, where you can see all programs recording audio and what they're recording it from
[23:12] <fsphil> there should be an option to record the sound cards output
[23:12] <fsphil> or monitor
[23:12] Ugi (545cd630@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[23:12] Laurenceb_ (~Laurence@host86-143-55-191.range86-143.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[23:12] <Uggy_> well I have "ALSA plugin [dl-fldig] ALSA Capture from "monitor stero internal audio"
[23:13] K9JKM (~chatzilla@c-67-184-171-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: I'm getting tired of holding my nose in the election booth
[23:13] <Uggy_> so actualy it's on "monitor.."
[23:13] <fsphil> hmmm
[23:13] <fsphil> that in theory should work
[23:13] <Uggy_> Mmm.. ok..
[23:14] <fsphil> can you try playing the .wav file in your audio player?
[23:14] <fsphil> maybe the mp3 is bad
[23:14] <Uggy_> ok.. let 's try
[23:15] <Uggy_> seems to be same result
[23:15] <Uggy_> (garbage)
[23:15] marcosscriven (~marcosscr@cpc14-slam6-2-0-cust507.2-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[23:17] <fsphil> weird
[23:18] <Uggy_> well .. . in fact.. garbage when the tones move out..
[23:19] <Uggy_> and no decoding when I'm aligned to the tone... ? ?
[23:19] <Uggy_> this wav/mp3 is moving too much
[23:19] <fsphil> yea it's not a great sample
[23:20] <fsphil> anyways, must sleep
[23:21] <fsphil> g'nite
[23:21] <Uggy_> me too...
[23:21] <Uggy_> thank you VERY much
[23:21] <Uggy_> for your help..
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[23:21] <Uggy_> does not work yet.. but did huge progree ! :)
[23:21] <Uggy_> progress
[23:21] <Uggy_> thx
[23:22] <Uggy_> Bye guys
[23:23] aetaric (~aetaric@2606:db00:0:7::92cb:247d) joined #highaltitude.
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