[00:01] <ali__> installing the habhub app....
[00:02] <ali__> i hope it will come in handy? Adam! :-)
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[00:13] <ali__> hey eroomde, how long are the icons persistent on the map?
[00:13] <ali__> the chase icons etc.
[00:13] <ali__> do they require a manual reset?
[00:20] <mattbrejza> the tracker is manually cleared
[00:25] <Hix> astro people this is really interesting
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[02:37] <arko> http://www.nr6ca.org/70cmyagi.html
[02:38] <arko> yagi building time!
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[03:33] <arko> woot woot!
[03:33] <arko> https://twitter.com/HABEX2/status/316391543554600960
[03:33] <arko> final testing
[03:33] <arko> :)
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[06:39] <griffonbot> @dorenpon: 2013t3ÓópågYåR EÝ0,ÿ s'¸ 720ml,ÿ(§±ØgYûå,R „¦]DûEÝ0 ÿ ,ÿ °_ # °_ J#ûs'¸... 3,990 † ŠŒêý0R#ð http://t.co/5gUsMCSA5W #uKHAs [http://twitter.com/dorenpon/status/316439141325869056]
[06:39] <x-f> totally!
[06:41] <costyn> unicode is cool
[06:43] <oh7lzb> Unicode, especially UTF-8, *is* very cool
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[06:48] <x-f> morning, µarly ²irds
[06:52] <eroomde> morning x-f
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[07:00] <x-f> there is somebody in ##astronomy, who started much like Willdude here - in his 15 he was very interested in astronomy and at first his parents wouldn't even let him take photos of the night sky for timelapses, because it would damage their DSLR, if it was left outside
[07:00] <x-f> then he had to build a heater for it, but had no money even for resistors, however after a much of fussing, he found some useful parts in the shed and was able to build it
[07:01] <x-f> fast forward a year and now he's doing some radioastronomy experiments at home
[07:01] <x-f> the power of IRC-enabled community to inspire and support :)
[07:02] <eroomde> yep!
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[07:28] <ali__> morning eroomde
[07:28] <ali__> all go today for WASP
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[07:32] <UpuWork> morning all
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[07:42] <M0TVU> Morning. More testing today with a better antenna if anyone is around the birmingham area.
[07:47] <UpuWork> hey M0TVU
[07:47] <UpuWork> try not to upload when there is a live flight on
[07:47] <UpuWork> which is today
[07:49] <UpuWork> btw WB8ELK recovered that payload it was at the top of a 90 foot tree
[07:49] <UpuWork> recovery took 5 hours
[07:50] <M0TVU> hello upuwork
[07:51] <UpuWork> if you have a recieving setup up listen in, Ali is launching at some point today from Greenham Common
[07:51] <M0TVU> I can't from work unless it's after 3.30
[07:51] <M0TVU> Which I doubt
[07:52] <M0TVU> Can I still see the track on the space wossit site?
[07:52] <UpuWork> ofc
[07:52] <M0TVU> I'll be watching
[07:52] <M0TVU> Name is Paul by the way
[07:52] <UpuWork> Anthony :)
[07:52] <M0TVU> North Birmingham
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[07:53] <UpuWork> Up North :)
[07:53] <UpuWork> halifax
[07:53] <UpuWork> which payload is yours ?
[07:53] <M0TVU> Right proper good country
[07:54] <M0TVU> Er, I have built it myself. Lassen SK8 and a Pic micro
[07:54] <UpuWork> yeah but whats the call sign ?
[07:55] <M0TVU> Just a prototype really to see how things work
[07:55] <UpuWork> ok
[07:55] <M0TVU> Oh I dunno - I haven't thought of one yet. I haven't amended the pic code at present to refelct the protocol
[07:56] <M0TVU> It just sends MOTVU rtty test beacon then time, lat, long, and altitude
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[07:56] <UpuWork> getting there
[07:56] <M0TVU> I didn't know the protocol existed til yesterday
[07:57] <UpuWork> Well at least you found it before you tried to do anything silly like send data at 38400 baud @ 868Mhz
[07:57] <M0TVU> I'll change it tonight and think up some name that no one else would think of like 'icarus' - lol
[07:57] <M0TVU> It sends 8 bits 2 stop 50 baud 170 shift
[07:58] <UpuWork> haha yeah Icarus is taken :)
[07:58] <M0TVU> skyrover
[07:59] <M0TVU> I'm sure there's lots of fun to be had coming up with a name
[08:02] <UpuWork> you're only allowed to call it that if it subsequently decents on a rocket powered sky crane
[08:06] <kokey> geebuz you guys are up early
[08:06] <UpuWork> 8am here :)
[08:06] <kokey> I get to work just after 8am, SA time (two hours before the UK)
[08:06] <M0TVU> Been at work 1.5 hours
[08:07] <kokey> some container ship arrived at the docks in Cape Town yesterday
[08:07] <kokey> amongst it is a container with a box in it that has my modules etc. I got from Upu
[08:08] <UpuWork> it comes by ship ?
[08:08] <kokey> well, it's in the boxes I've shipped from the UK
[08:08] <UpuWork> ah ok
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[08:19] <MichaelC|Laptop> I'm having some problems with the reciever for WASP-1. Anyone around that could help?
[08:19] <daveake> Go on
[08:19] <MichaelC|Laptop> I can't find it using SDR
[08:20] <MichaelC|Laptop> It should be on frequency 434.075
[08:20] <UpuWork> its not in the air yet
[08:20] <daveake> Transmitter is on and near you?
[08:20] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: yup
[08:20] <daveake> How near?
[08:20] <UpuWork> now near is near ?
[08:20] <daveake> If there's power on an NTX2 it will transmit
[08:20] <MichaelC|Laptop> Its transmitting fine
[08:21] <MichaelC|Laptop> And we picked it up on a handheld radio
[08:21] <MichaelC|Laptop> but not on SDR for some reason
[08:21] <UpuWork> How close is it ?
[08:21] <daveake> What SDR software? What frequency is the SDR "!LO" set to?
[08:21] <MichaelC|Laptop> < 50m but they are just leaving so will be more in a minute
[08:21] <daveake> Aerial on the SDR?
[08:22] <MichaelC|Laptop> Ezcap
[08:22] <daveake> Aerial on the NTX2?
[08:22] <MichaelC|Laptop> I don't know the aerial and Dr Ali-Alazzawi had to leave.
[08:23] <UpuWork> is he a Dr ?
[08:23] <UpuWork> nice
[08:23] <daveake> Unless you have an aerial on both ends, 50 metres is too far for an excap
[08:23] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: we have a large aerial attatched to the ezcap. ;)
[08:23] <MichaelC|Laptop> on the roof
[08:23] <daveake> ok good
[08:24] <daveake> I suspect the NTX2 has been powered off since earlier then
[08:24] <UpuWork> MichaelC if you're still struggling when its in the air I'll remote across and assist
[08:24] <MichaelC|Laptop> UpuWork: thank you
[08:24] <daveake> Also, I'm goiung to the launch site myself and I'll take a signal strength meter to make sure the transmitter side is all OK
[08:25] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: great thanks
[08:26] <daveake> What time will Dr Ali be there?
[08:26] <daveake> He said 9am to me just checking
[08:26] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: Well they just left so probably an hour.
[08:27] <MichaelC|Laptop> He is running a bit behind due to the problems here
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[08:27] <daveake> ok I'll hang around here in the (relative) warm
[08:27] <MichaelC|Laptop> s/an hour/45 minutes
[08:27] <MichaelC|Laptop> hehe
[08:27] <MichaelC|Laptop> You can drop him a text and he could tell you when he gets there?
[08:28] <daveake> Well it's 20 mins or so from here ... I'll leave about 9 should be about right
[08:29] <MichaelC|Laptop> ok
[08:30] <MichaelC|Laptop> Anyone used SDR from here: http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:sdr_tracker
[08:31] <MichaelC|Laptop> I'm wondering if the settings are actually correct
[08:37] <mfa298> the instructions should work for the sdr
[08:38] <daveake> Did it work before?
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[08:40] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: nope
[08:40] <MichaelC|Laptop> mfa298: I'm getting radio signals, just not ours
[08:41] <daveake> Well, if Ali left a little while ago and took it with him, you won't do
[08:41] <mfa298> depending on the dongle the frequency might be off a bit
[08:41] <mfa298> did you see your signal earler
[08:41] <daveake> You really need line-of-sight
[08:41] <MichaelC|Laptop> We were trying to get it working for around half an hour
[08:41] <MichaelC|Laptop> and we tried adapting frequencies a bit to no avail
[08:42] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: due to some other problems/availablity/rushness of the project we weren't able to test the reciever before today
[08:42] <daveake> ok
[08:43] <daveake> Probably best that someone here remote accesses your PC to get the settings checked
[08:44] <UpuWork> MichaelC http://www.nevis.co.uk/nev-remote.html
[08:44] <UpuWork> put your name in
[08:44] <UpuWork> run run
[08:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> UpuWork: I have Team viewer if you already have that?
[08:45] <UpuWork> err 1 sec
[08:47] <UpuWork> ok PM me the details
[08:49] <daveake> right off see y'all from the frozen Greenham Common
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[09:06] <UpuWork> anyone any idea why no payloads would appear in dl-fldigi ?
[09:07] <fsphil> the last valid string in logtail was last night
[09:07] <fsphil> oh dl-fldigi
[09:07] Action: fsphil can't read
[09:08] <fsphil> I've noticed the windows version doing that
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[09:08] <MichaelC|Laptop> This is windows. ;)
[09:08] <UpuWork> yeah don't refresh payloads list
[09:08] <fsphil> oh even testing is empty
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[09:08] <fsphil> that's not happened before
[09:08] <UpuWork> yes
[09:09] <number10> i have wasp one
[09:10] <mfa298> is it on a home connection or school (could there be some restrictive internet filtering)
[09:10] <UpuWork> its not upload its location either
[09:10] <UpuWork> should be WASPBASE
[09:10] <UpuWork> and yes in online
[09:10] <MichaelC|Laptop> mfa298: school with filtering but as long as its runing through port 80 it should be fine.
[09:11] <MichaelC|Laptop> but the tracker site is working fine.
[09:11] <mfa298> I seem to recall someone having issues uploading data before with asquid proxy
[09:12] <MichaelC|Laptop> we are using an http proxy. They do it so filtering always works
[09:12] <mfa298> it could be the filter software doesn't play nicely with how dl-fldigi works
[09:14] <MichaelC|Laptop> How does it call the tracker api?
[09:14] <fsphil> anyone else getting "Caught runtime_error: Invalid response: bad key in row"
[09:16] <M0TVU> I'm looking at stuff on spacenear and I see wasp-1 with details of payload if that helps. Or is it the upload software you're asking about. - Forgive me i'm new here
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[09:18] <fsphil> yea the upload software dl-fldigi
[09:28] <eroomde> number10 / jonsowman re: the chat yesterday, i just noticed on the rest of the boards i'm making up today that they don't have any solder make inbetween the pads on the adc chip
[09:31] MichaelC|Laptop (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Quit: back in 15
[09:34] <jonsowman> more careful stencilling eroomde?
[09:39] Grumbleist (~Grumbleis@cpc8-camd13-2-0-cust233.hari.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:40] <eroomde> not sure if i can be more or less careful with stenciling
[09:40] <jonsowman> it's removing the stencil after applying paste that always gets me
[09:40] <eroomde> there's not much room to optimise in there
[09:40] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[09:40] Nick change: MichaelC2 -> MichaelC|Laptop
[09:40] <eroomde> what i think i might do though is put that chip on last, having first given its legs a quick wipe with a flux pen
[09:40] <MichaelC|Laptop> !irclog
[09:40] <eroomde> just to try and encourage the paste to draw in and up
[09:40] <MichaelC|Laptop> !log
[09:41] <eroomde> !fail
[09:41] <jonsowman> MichaelC|Laptop: logs are at habhub.org/zeusbot
[09:41] <MichaelC|Laptop> Any logging bots in here?
[09:41] <MichaelC|Laptop> ah thanks
[09:41] <jonsowman> that sounds sensible eroomde
[09:41] <eroomde> will report back
[09:41] <jonsowman> :)
[09:41] <eroomde> want the workshop to warm up a bit first though
[09:41] <jonsowman> heh
[09:41] <jonsowman> get that space heater on
[09:41] <eroomde> the oild one is down
[09:42] <jonsowman> :(
[09:42] <eroomde> air pocket downstream, waiting for dereck
[09:42] <eroomde> i'm in the conf room which has its own 5kW one
[09:42] <jonsowman> not too bad then
[09:43] <eroomde> got the 18kW electric one on in the workshop but that's 18kW for a room 20 times the volume of this room with a 5kW heater
[09:43] <jonsowman> that'd warm up perhaps too fast
[09:47] <eroomde> not so much when you have to bring the brickwork up form 0C too
[09:48] <jonsowman> heh
[09:48] <jonsowman> right be back later, car service
[09:49] <number10> thats a shame - hope the flux works eroomde
[09:55] daveake (~Dave@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:55] <M0TVU> Oooh I can see wasp chase on teh south side of Greenham Common. Very cool
[09:59] <kokey> I just found out that while there's a massive import duty on cars in South Africa, there's non on specialist vehicles like ambulances and fire engines
[09:59] <M0TVU> Ferrari - ambulance?
[09:59] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: you their with Ali?
[09:59] <MichaelC|Laptop> s/their/three
[09:59] <daveake> and chase, er, ambulances?
[09:59] <MichaelC|Laptop> I can't type
[09:59] <MichaelC|Laptop> there*
[10:00] <mfa298> being unable to type properly on irc seems to be a common problem
[10:00] <M0TVU> I cn nevr typ eproper ly an yway
[10:04] GMT (~GMT@cpc15-haye15-2-0-cust426.17-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:04] <MichaelC|Laptop> mfa298: true that
[10:06] <Brace> eroomde: I'd like one of those heaters in my office right about now, freezing here
[10:09] Nick change: craag -> craag_M0DNY
[10:10] <Maxell> omg launch? :D
[10:11] <craag_M0DNY> Maxell: Yep
[10:11] <craag_M0DNY> at 11 utc/ish
[10:11] <M0TVU> Just out of interest how do you change your display name?
[10:12] <M0TVU> nick?
[10:12] <craag_M0DNY> M0TVU: type '/nick whatever'
[10:12] <M0TVU> aha?
[10:12] <M0TVU> x
[10:12] <Brace> M0TVU: http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html - there's a list of useful commands there
[10:13] Nick change: M0TVU -> M0TVU_Paul
[10:13] <M0TVU_Paul> It even works ;-)
[10:15] <daveake> bbbrrrrr morning brrrr
[10:15] <number10> any predictions recently run?
[10:16] <gonzo_wk> I lost my vnc link to home, so can't do any remote monitoring for today. But of a bugger
[10:16] <gonzo_wk> bit
[10:16] <daveake> Wasp shift about 290Hz
[10:17] <daveake> on map now
[10:17] <fsphil> how's things daveake? optimistic?
[10:17] <M0TVU_Paul> Another Question - I see wasp chase on the map. I take it this is sending rtty just as the payload would.
[10:17] <fsphil> it is
[10:18] <daveake> ok so far
[10:18] <craag_M0DNY> M0TVU_Paul: No, it's a phone app.
[10:18] <fsphil> oh, chase
[10:18] <fsphil> n/m
[10:18] Action: fsphil can't read
[10:19] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: thanks
[10:19] <fsphil> satellite view of the launch field looks weird
[10:19] <fsphil> it's like a picture of some kind of ant
[10:19] <fsphil> upside down
[10:20] <mfa298> damn, yet another flight that's going the wrong way for me to track
[10:20] <mfa298> horrible re-inforced concrete :(
[10:20] <M0TVU_Paul> Balloon is 50m above car ...
[10:20] <fsphil> it's a bit far for me too
[10:20] <fsphil> but I'm gonna give it a try
[10:20] <fsphil> if they get above 30km then I might get something
[10:21] <M0TVU_Paul> What's the usual tracking distance - Would I see it from Birmingham with a Yagi?
[10:21] <mfa298> unfortunately im also out the rest of the morning but i'll see if it's still flying a bit later and might get something from the car
[10:21] <fsphil> you'd manage that with a colinear M0TVU_Paul, if there are no obstructions
[10:22] <M0TVU_Paul> Not that I can as i'm at crapy work for this one but in the future...
[10:22] <mfa298> M0TVU_Paul: as long as you've got line of sight you can use almost any suitable antenna.
[10:22] <mfa298> yagi helps as it hits the horizon or if there's interesting propogation
[10:23] <gonzo_wk> M0TVU_Paul, when the payload is in the air you will start to see a green circle on the map. That is the predicted radio horison, based on the HAB altitude
[10:23] <craag_M0DNY> Even a 1/4 wave will work with line of sight.
[10:23] <M0TVU_Paul> I'm definately putting up stuff for 70cm when the sun shines. Never really used 70 much mainly mobile but with a FT-736 I have no excuse
[10:23] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:23] <fsphil> sun?
[10:24] <ibanezmatt13> good morrow :)
[10:24] <gonzo_wk> just a mirage phil
[10:24] <fsphil> someone playing with LEDs
[10:26] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[10:26] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[10:27] <daveake> ukhas batc stream up
[10:28] <Maxell> :op
[10:28] <x-f> http://batc.tv/streams/ukhas
[10:28] <M0TVU_Paul> what?
[10:28] <M0TVU_Paul> Oh I see
[10:29] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-qwabbnhvdbudvycc) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[10:29] <fsphil> that looks mighty cold
[10:30] <M0TVU_Paul> Stream blocked by our crappy filtering :-(
[10:30] <x-f> :/
[10:30] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-jimqzhjjlyipmzjj) joined #highaltitude.
[10:30] <fsphil> it's a bit choppy
[10:31] <fsphil> there's a lot of people there
[10:33] <x-f> what was that..?
[10:33] <craag_M0DNY> erm that's a cowpat right?
[10:33] <fsphil> euu
[10:33] <daveake> elephant I think
[10:33] <craag_M0DNY> lol
[10:33] <M0TVU_Paul> Attempting to view via safari on an iphone 3g - lol
[10:33] XtremD (~XtremD@unaffiliated/xtremd) joined #highaltitude.
[10:35] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[10:37] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:37] <gonzo_wk> you are on quite an incline there
[10:39] <fsphil> someone pretending the chute is a jellyfish
[10:39] Nick change: number10 -> number10_M0MDB
[10:39] <number10_M0MDB> looks like a 24 inch
[10:39] Nick change: fsphil -> fsphil_MI0VIM
[10:40] <fsphil_MI0VIM> yea one of steves
[10:40] Nick change: UpuWork -> Upu_M0UPU
[10:40] <Upu_M0UPU> I see Dr Ali
[10:41] <Upu_M0UPU> cheers daveake :)
[10:41] <daveake> np
[10:43] <Upu_M0UPU> maybe angle it up a little too :)
[10:43] <Upu_M0UPU> Good quality btw
[10:46] <daveake> inflating now
[10:46] <GMT> I'm still a little surprised that the predictions bring it east towards London, we've got an easterly breeze here.
[10:46] <MichaelC|Laptop> GMT: the winds change as it goes up. Hence the reason for the loop in the predictions
[10:47] <MichaelC|Laptop> s/predications/predicted path
[10:47] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: is the live feed also being recorded?
[10:48] <daveake> no
[10:48] <Upu_M0UPU> filling
[10:50] <MichaelC|Laptop> recording
[10:50] <Maxell> lurking
[10:51] <x-f> dining
[10:51] <M0TVU_Paul> coffee-ing
[10:51] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:51] <ibanezmatt13> hi, is there a coupon code for hab supplies
[10:52] <Maxell> Is there so much wind at the launch site?
[10:53] <GMT> Maxell: the launch site id the old airfield at Greenham Common, quite high up, and very exposed
[10:54] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[10:55] <craag_M0DNY> Balloon looks to be filled, they're tying it off now.
[10:56] <Maxell> GMT: +1 (hehehhe)
[10:57] <fsphil_MI0VIM> BST starts this weekend. lol
[10:58] <jonsowman> ls
[10:58] <jonsowman> oops
[10:58] <jonsowman> :)
[10:58] <fsphil_MI0VIM> no files found
[10:58] <HixWork> -a
[10:58] <fsphil_MI0VIM> you are in a maze
[10:58] BoggleMob (~androirc@dab-bhx2-h-40-10.dab.02.net) joined #highaltitude.
[10:58] <number10_M0MDB> whats the dial daveake
[10:59] <GMT> should be 434.075
[10:59] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[10:59] <number10_M0MDB> i forgot daveake cant type and hold a ballon plus make a phone call at the same time
[11:01] <LazyLeopard> He can't??? ;)
[11:01] <Maxell> pffft
[11:01] <Maxell> No biggie!
[11:01] <Geoff-G8DHE> No phone box to change into the Lycra
[11:02] <Maxell> Lol, the balloon is bumping their heads
[11:02] <fsphil_MI0VIM> Geoff-G8DHE: thanks. *removes brain*
[11:02] <Geoff-G8DHE> If it bumpos that pack of ties it might burst sooner than wanted!
[11:04] MichaelC|Laptop (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[11:04] <Upu_M0UPU> that is going along way
[11:04] <Upu_M0UPU> seriously put all the gas in
[11:04] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[11:05] <Geoff-G8DHE> Thinking of camera rigs being suspended under the balloon has anybody assesed the amount of swinging around that takes place ?
[11:05] <fsphil_MI0VIM> lots
[11:05] <Geoff-G8DHE> presuambly less with alonger string!
[11:06] <Geoff-G8DHE> wondered if anyone has ever measiured/recorded the angles ?
[11:06] <GMT> Waves back at Ali!
[11:07] <fsphil_MI0VIM> missed that
[11:07] <MichaelC2> heating up there
[11:07] <Geoff-G8DHE> Oh a Xmas present all wrapped up
[11:08] <Geoff-G8DHE> Perhaps an easter present actually
[11:08] <GMT> looks like somebody's tie
[11:09] <GMT> it is!
[11:10] <fsphil_MI0VIM> here we go
[11:10] <Upu_M0UPU> ping MichaelC
[11:10] <Upu_M0UPU> daveake whats ground frequency ?
[11:10] <GMT> Game on!
[11:10] <HixWork> UP!!!
[11:10] <craag_M0DNY> Geoff-G8DHE: I've got a board with an accelerometer sitting here that I might fly at some point.
[11:11] <daveake> up
[11:11] <Geoff-G8DHE> That would be interesting.
[11:11] <Upu_M0UPU> dial ?
[11:11] <fsphil_MI0VIM> I believe I can fly
[11:11] <Upu_M0UPU> not updating ?
[11:11] <HixWork> yeah tyhought that
[11:11] <Upu_M0UPU> daveake ?
[11:12] <fsphil_MI0VIM> hopefully just frequency drift
[11:12] <Maxell> It's gone :-)
[11:12] <Maxell> why u no livestream anymore
[11:13] Action: craag_M0DNY begins the intense stare at the waterfall
[11:13] Nick change: danielsaul_alt -> danielsaul
[11:14] <HixWork> are you picking it up daveake ?
[11:15] <Geoff-G8DHE> He was till it launched !
[11:15] <daveake> no
[11:15] <Upu_M0UPU> stopped working ?
[11:15] <HixWork> oh bugger has it failed already?
[11:16] <HixWork> as luck would have it, it is predicted to land not a million miles from work.
[11:17] <HixWork> And it happens that as i was testing my tracker on the way home from work last night, I have my AR8000 in the car
[11:17] <MichaelC2> dang
[11:17] <Upu_M0UPU> hang fire
[11:18] <HixWork> I am surprised the NOTAM was allowed on that sort of route though, it's in a pretty busy area ATC wise
[11:18] <Upu_M0UPU> ok guys
[11:19] <Upu_M0UPU> until we hear from Dave switch to 434.200
[11:19] <Upu_M0UPU> there should be a BUZZ
[11:19] <Upu_M0UPU> if it doesn't upload we'll fix the document
[11:19] <Upu_M0UPU> I need to afk a few
[11:19] <MichaelC2> I'm slightly confused. What is buzz?
[11:20] <fsphil_MI0VIM> backup tracker
[11:20] <craag_M0DNY> receiving buzz load and clear
[11:20] <LazyLeopard> Ah.
[11:21] <MichaelC2> fanstastic. :)
[11:21] <LazyLeopard> Where's it, config-wise?
[11:21] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: cuddykid
[11:21] <HixWork> what's BUZZ on 434.200?
[11:21] <fsphil_MI0VIM> there's no doc yet
[11:21] <number10_M0MDB> go to all payloads
[11:22] <number10_M0MDB> under configuration
[11:23] <craag_M0DNY> It's making the turn to the east.
[11:24] <GMT> I'm getting sigs and only partial decodes
[11:24] <Geoff-G8DHE> very strong here but no decode ....
[11:25] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Quit: Weeeee
[11:25] Grumbleist (~Grumbleis@cpc8-camd13-2-0-cust233.hari.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Grumbleist
[11:25] <fsphil_MI0VIM> remember you'll need to select the buzz payload
[11:25] <craag_M0DNY> Geoff-G8DHE: Try Rv.
[11:25] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[11:25] <fsphil_MI0VIM> click on Browse All, All Payloads (Testing)
[11:25] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[11:26] <Geoff-G8DHE> Have not that
[11:26] PE2G (~pe2g@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[11:26] <craag_M0DNY> DL Client => Configure => All payloads (testing)
[11:26] M0TVU_Paul (50f93930@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[11:26] <craag_M0DNY> THen select the bottom BUZZ
[11:27] <Upu_M0UPU> BUZZ is backup
[11:28] <Upu_M0UPU> anyone with BUZZ what is freq ?
[11:28] <craag_M0DNY> 434.205 here
[11:29] Jan (4dbb0a44@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:29] <number10_M0MDB> .203
[11:29] Nick change: Jan -> Guest9911
[11:30] <Upu_M0UPU> ah I see it
[11:30] <craag_M0DNY> Still no sign of WASP here.
[11:30] <Upu_M0UPU> trying to call Dave but going to answer phone
[11:31] Grumbleist (~Grumbleis@cpc8-camd13-2-0-cust233.hari.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[11:31] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[11:33] Grumbleist (~Grumbleis@cpc8-camd13-2-0-cust233.hari.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Client Quit
[11:33] <daveake> sorry on phone
[11:33] <Upu_M0UPU> hi Dave
[11:33] <Upu_M0UPU> so WASP stopped TXing ?
[11:34] <daveake> wasp went very weak shortly after launch
[11:34] <Upu_M0UPU> antenna ?
[11:34] <daveake> buzz much stronger
[11:34] <daveake> likely
[11:34] <Upu_M0UPU> ok
[11:36] <mattbrejza> http://i.imgur.com/JuhUVIl.png predictions working well
[11:37] <GMT> ther's also a met balloon launched from Larkhill, on 404.4 mhz
[11:37] <jonsowman> mattbrejza: that's awesome
[11:37] <jonsowman> :D
[11:37] <mattbrejza> also my logic has arrived :D
[11:37] <jonsowman> nice one :D
[11:37] <jonsowman> 8 or 16?
[11:37] <fsphil_MI0VIM> on a roll
[11:38] <mattbrejza> 8
[11:38] <jonsowman> :D
[11:38] <jonsowman> go and analyse stuff
[11:38] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[11:38] <mattbrejza> analyse all the things
[11:38] <jonsowman> yep
[11:38] <fsphil_MI0VIM> analyse the analyser
[11:38] <jonsowman> lol
[11:39] G0DJA (~chatzilla@88-104-142-147.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) joined #highaltitude.
[11:39] <craag_M0DNY> mfa298: Not having much luck with this one?
[11:40] <GMT> that has gone up extremely rapidly! I know they put lots of gas in it, but it's still going up quick
[11:41] <G0DJA> What freq baud rate is Buzz using please?
[11:41] <G0DJA> freq and baud rate that should say
[11:41] <craag_M0DNY> G0DJA: 434.203, 50 baud, 480 shift
[11:41] <GMT> freq is 434.200 and baud is about 440
[11:41] <G0DJA> Thanks
[11:42] <GMT> Doh, 50 baud, shift 440
[11:43] <kokey> I guess that's not close to an airport
[11:43] <G0DJA> It's a it weak here - not getting full decode yet
[11:43] <GMT> no, not yet!
[11:43] M0TVU|Paul (50f93930@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:43] <G0DJA> bit
[11:44] <LazyLeopard> Heading my way... The co-linear's going to struggle some of the time.
[11:46] <M0TVU|Paul> Sorry work interupted my monitoring - whats happening?
[11:46] Grumbleist (~Grumbleis@cpc8-camd13-2-0-cust233.hari.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[11:46] <M0TVU|Paul> What is BUZZ?
[11:46] <MichaelC2> M0TVU|Paul: backup tracker
[11:47] <craag_M0DNY> WASP tracker failed after launch, probably an antenna problem
[11:47] <G0DJA> Can't get DL-FLdigi to autoconfigure BUZZ settings so not getting distance and bearing data
[11:48] <GMT> 'DJA, what setting r u missing?
[11:48] <M0TVU|Paul> Oh I see. Well buzz is doing well
[11:49] <Upu_M0UPU> Buzz is a backup tracker
[11:49] <craag_M0DNY> G0DJA: To autoconfigure, go to DL Client => Configure => All payloads(testing), and select the bottom BUZZ.
[11:49] <Upu_M0UPU> G0DJA there is no document for it
[11:49] <craag_M0DNY> THen click 'configure'
[11:50] <Upu_M0UPU> it was sort of a last minute decision
[11:51] <G0DJA> That did it - Thanks
[11:53] <Upu_M0UPU> I've taken WASP off the map
[11:56] <Geoff-G8DHE> Well even if I'm not decoding can still plot! see http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_1.jpg
[11:59] <craag_M0DNY> People out of range can try receiving it through my websdr
[11:59] <craag_M0DNY> http://websdr.thecraag.com:8901/
[11:59] radim_OM2AMR (~radimmuti@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:00] Brace_ (~matt@gnome.default.matt.uk0.bigv.io) joined #highaltitude.
[12:01] <G0DJA> Audio levels swinging wildly here - guess must be spinning?
[12:01] <fsphil_MI0VIM> likely
[12:01] <craag_M0DNY> Looks like that from here as well.
[12:03] <G0DJA> Doesn't help that my antenna still horizontally polarised as well
[12:04] niftylettuce (uid2733@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-khyyhwftychroqks) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[12:04] nosebleedkt (~kostas@kotama.dataways.gr) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[12:04] <Upu_M0UPU> Right afk getting food
[12:04] <Upu_M0UPU> good luck
[12:04] Brace (~matt@gnome.default.matt.uk0.bigv.io) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[12:06] daveake (~Dave@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[12:09] daveake (~daveake@host81-129-97-205.range81-129.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:09] <daveake> ah nice and warm now :)
[12:10] <LazyLeopard> In the chase car, or home? ;)
[12:11] <radim_OM2AMR> in 20 km :-)
[12:11] <daveake> home? central heating still broken, so fortunately not :)
[12:12] <daveake> No I work at an office on a project 2 days a week, so I'm there. Greenham Common happened to be en route :)
[12:12] <daveake> Nobody managed to hear WASP ?
[12:13] <daveake> I lost it before we even lost sight of it
[12:13] <GMT> dl-fldigi not show any bearing & distance values for BUZZ, is that right?
[12:13] <Maxell> Yep.
[12:13] <number10_M0MDB> noone elase apart from you daveake
[12:14] <daveake> I should have gone check the payload before Ali closed it up
[12:14] <daveake> I was busy getting online and getting batc runningg
[12:14] <GMT> you have to hope that their caera is still working
[12:14] <GMT> camera
[12:14] f5apq (5a014383@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:14] <daveake> Well the lens was still protruding last time I looked at it
[12:14] <HixWork> ping darkside
[12:15] <daveake> BUZZ is one of Upu's pAVA trackers. Not the first time it's saved the day :)
[12:15] <fsphil_MI0VIM> just hints of a signal here
[12:15] <fsphil_MI0VIM> getting there, slowly
[12:16] <G0DJA> I'm getting dist and bearing from DL-FLDigi
[12:16] <daveake> It's one of those little helical 434MHz stub aerials
[12:16] <G0DJA> I take it battery voltage not being measured though?
[12:16] <daveake> Correct
[12:16] <fsphil_MI0VIM> ah, that'll explain why it's a bit weaker
[12:17] <daveake> That tracker is actually for my next flight and I put the code on yesterday just to test
[12:17] <daveake> No resistors for the Vbatt sense so the battery value is zero
[12:18] <daveake> No temp sensor either
[12:18] <number10_M0MDB> trying to cut down on payload weight by any chance daveake
[12:18] <daveake> lol no
[12:18] <number10_M0MDB> whats a cople of resistors - between freinds
[12:19] <mattbrejza> hmm WASPs chasecar has stopped :(
[12:19] <mattbrejza> wheres our fun now
[12:20] <daveake> hah
[12:20] <daveake> I'll call him if it doesn't start up again
[12:20] <G0DJA> Getting some strings that look OK but fail and the decoded string in the box is not same as that on the screen
[12:20] <mattbrejza> i think hes using cuddykid 's app
[12:20] <cuddykid> oh no
[12:20] <cuddykid> what's the prob
[12:20] <mattbrejza> btw does the predictor use the actual ascent rate or a preprogrammed one?
[12:21] <mattbrejza> hes probably just lost internet
[12:21] <daveake> Hope you all enjoyed the batc stream
[12:21] <fsphil_MI0VIM> I remember someone saying actual, based on the last few received strings
[12:21] <daveake> Especially the enoormous poo
[12:22] <fsphil_MI0VIM> it was like jurassic park
[12:22] <GMT> was it yours?
[12:22] <daveake> lol
[12:22] <daveake> lol no !
[12:22] <mattbrejza> i missed this? :/
[12:22] <daveake> I may have a photograph
[12:23] <GMT> it was recorded and will be on Youtube later ...
[12:23] Guest9911 (4dbb0a44@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[12:24] <daveake> no shit
[12:24] <GMT> ho, ho, ho!
[12:24] <G0DJA> No - seems to be just my eyes - can see where missing/corrupted characters are now
[12:25] <fsphil_MI0VIM> getting stronger here
[12:25] <fsphil_MI0VIM> kinda
[12:26] <mattbrejza> we had a similar situation in the new forest
[12:26] <mattbrejza> also had to keep the ponies away from the parachute
[12:26] <Maxell> Still no ripple in the spectrum here
[12:26] <GMT> Maxell: where are you?
[12:26] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 272 seconds
[12:26] <Geoff-G8DHE> signal fade level is dramtic at times
[12:27] <Maxell> GMT: The Hague.
[12:27] <Maxell> Not in the horizon+5° bubble :-)
[12:27] <GMT> M: okay ... well, it's coming your way
[12:27] <daveake> It's a little stub aerial
[12:27] <Maxell> There is some home
[12:27] <Maxell> s/home/hope/
[12:27] <daveake> And it's near a camera
[12:27] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ah that might explain
[12:27] <daveake> Probably not an ideal radiation pattern
[12:27] <Maxell> But even then, I don't expect much of the ¬15,- whip
[12:28] <daveake> We put it as far away from the main tracker as poss
[12:28] <fsphil_MI0VIM> you'd think with the lower gain, it would radiate more evenly
[12:28] <craag_M0DNY> A lot better than nothing in this case though!
[12:28] <fsphil_MI0VIM> would fade less
[12:28] <daveake> indeed
[12:28] <GMT> M: okay; I know I'm closer, but my 3 Euro beam is working okay
[12:28] <Geoff-G8DHE> but if its screened by the camera ...
[12:28] <daveake> I'm kicking myself for not going over and checking the strength on Ali's tracker
[12:29] <mattbrejza> yea the predictor does seem to use an averaged ascent rate
[12:29] <craag_M0DNY> daveake: Well he's going to recover it thanks to buzz, and I'm sure he'll remember to check it himself next time!
[12:29] <daveake> true :)
[12:30] <Maxell> GMT: hehe, nice. Yeah, but this is a cute small one on my desk.
[12:31] <Maxell> PE2G
[12:31] <Maxell> is also not picking it up yet.
[12:31] <Maxell> Why?!
[12:32] DavidColon (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[12:32] DavidColon (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Client Quit
[12:32] <Geoff-G8DHE> Well even if I'm not decoding can still plot! see http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_4.jpg
[12:32] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[12:33] <daveake> Obviously it's not far from here, but I'm just using the magmount on my car outside these offices
[12:33] <Maxell> Nice earth curve
[12:33] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[12:33] Nick change: MichaelC2 -> MichaelC|Laptop
[12:33] <Geoff-G8DHE> Always gives a nice perspective!
[12:34] <PE2G> Maxell?
[12:34] <daveake> MichaelC|Laptop Have a word with the chase car - no position updates from it since 35 mins ago
[12:35] <Maxell> PE2G: you are on the map but have not heard a single packet?!
[12:35] <MichaelC|Laptop> urg
[12:35] <MichaelC|Laptop> was grabbing lunch
[12:35] <MichaelC|Laptop> i'll give them a call
[12:35] <Maxell> PE2G
[12:35] <Maxell> derp
[12:35] <Maxell> Temperature, External: 0 °C
[12:35] <Maxell> not bad at all
[12:36] <PE2G> Faint signal. only partial decodes
[12:36] <daveake> Aimed at 30.5km and it's above that now
[12:36] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_5.jpg
[12:36] <MichaelC|Laptop> daveake: he has lowish batter
[12:37] <fsphil_MI0VIM> getting partial decodes
[12:37] <MichaelC|Laptop> so switched it off
[12:37] <daveake> ah ok
[12:37] <MichaelC|Laptop> He'll switch it on for a moment now just so we can see where they are
[12:37] <PE2G> Well, got my first good checksums now
[12:37] <MichaelC|Laptop> there we are
[12:37] <MichaelC|Laptop> just going inside the m25
[12:37] <daveake> burst
[12:37] <MichaelC|Laptop> parachute burst
[12:37] <fsphil_MI0VIM> wheeee
[12:38] <daveake> 500m above target pretty good for a hwoyee
[12:38] <fsphil_MI0VIM> rock solid signal
[12:38] <fsphil_MI0VIM> I'm impressed
[12:38] <daveake> landing near Biggin Hill :p
[12:38] <G0DJA> I was going to ask about predicted burst height when BUZZ answered the question :-)
[12:39] <fsphil_MI0VIM> Titsey Park
[12:39] Nick change: fsphil_MI0VIM -> fsphil
[12:39] <Maxell> :o burst
[12:39] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_6.jpg
[12:40] <MichaelC|Laptop> sending them location. :)
[12:40] <M0TVU|Paul> That path predictor is something else ..... Whoever wrote that needs a pat on the back - VERY impressive
[12:40] <fsphil> it totally is
[12:40] <fsphil> and they totally do
[12:40] <G0DJA> 40m/sec isn't that a bit on the fast side?
[12:40] <Maxell> RIP payload in a few mins
[12:40] <G0DJA> Or is it just the thin atmosphere?
[12:41] <GMT> DJA, its falling thru thin air, rate will decrease shortly
[12:41] <daveake> It'll be fine maybe a bit faster than usual
[12:41] <daveake> Speed @ 20km / 4 = speed at sea level
[12:42] <daveake> So about 7 normal target would be 5
[12:42] <jonsowman> flew straight over me in ashtead :)
[12:42] <daveake> :)
[12:42] <kokey> should aim for london more often
[12:43] <number10_M0MDB> bunking off again jonsowman ... you'll never get any qualifications at this rate
[12:43] f5apq (5a014383@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[12:43] <jonsowman> number10_M0MDB: :(
[12:43] <jonsowman> I'm revising, honest
[12:43] <jonsowman> ... sometimes
[12:43] <mattbrejza> jonsowman: tempted to go chasing?
[12:44] <jonsowman> mattbrejza: is daveake not chasing?
[12:44] <mattbrejza> yea but its a chase, see who can get there first :P
[12:44] <jonsowman> haha
[12:44] <MichaelC|Laptop> Dr ali is. :P
[12:44] <mattbrejza> you dont have to run away with it
[12:44] <daveake> daveake is working
[12:44] <daveake> allegedly
[12:45] <jonsowman> :p
[12:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> IRC is so un-productive
[12:45] <Upu_M0UPU> oh it burst
[12:45] <M0TVU|Paul> I hope that airfield know its coming
[12:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> i'm more worried by the wood
[12:45] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_7.jpg
[12:45] <daveake> Upu_M0UPU No lack of satellites on pAVA
[12:45] <Upu_M0UPU> no
[12:45] <G0DJA> What does the green diamond next to the AFC button show? It's flashing green and black at moment
[12:45] <Upu_M0UPU> nothing different ?
[12:46] <daveake> My code :p
[12:46] <mattbrejza> looks like i can add the predictor update to the app when i get back
[12:46] <Upu_M0UPU> haha
[12:46] <daveake> No nothing different
[12:46] <Upu_M0UPU> airfield is no issue
[12:46] <daveake> No power saving - maybe a factor?
[12:46] <Upu_M0UPU> its way over anything that flys from there could get
[12:46] <GMT> DJA, that's the squelch
[12:46] <Upu_M0UPU> yes possibly
[12:46] <GMT> DJA ignore that comment
[12:47] <G0DJA> Squelch is set to off
[12:47] number10_M0MDB (51870a7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[12:47] <Upu_M0UPU> they need to get a crack on round the M25
[12:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_8.jpg
[12:48] <Upu_M0UPU> either than or LazyLeopard is going to get it
[12:48] <radim_OM2AMR> Upu_M0UPU, can I have one off-topic question now ? ;-)
[12:48] <G0DJA> I'll check the help file when sigs gone
[12:48] <MichaelC|Laptop> they do. I just sent them the latest predicted coords
[12:48] <Upu_M0UPU> shoot radim_OM2AMR
[12:48] <Upu_M0UPU> I don't think the antenna is quite as good I'm having issues decoding
[12:48] <kokey> at least it's not morning traffic
[12:48] <radim_OM2AMR> ceramic resonator vs. xtal, you are using xtal in pico
[12:48] <Upu_M0UPU> yeah
[12:49] <radim_OM2AMR> is there any reason not to use resonator instead ?
[12:49] <Upu_M0UPU> less temperature stability I was told
[12:49] number10 (51870a7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:49] <Geoff-G8DHE> Likewise, but there have been improvments not sure they have got to market yet
[12:49] <MichaelC|Laptop> predication says a lake
[12:49] <MichaelC|Laptop> great
[12:49] <Upu_M0UPU> don't worry MichaelC it may change
[12:50] <daveake> could do with the car on the map now
[12:50] <MichaelC|Laptop> Upu_M0UPU: hope so. :P
[12:50] <kokey> on spacenear.us the prediction says golf course
[12:50] <mattbrejza> it saying a lake now is good, as itll move later, rather than moving into a lake
[12:50] <MichaelC|Laptop> Had a wood, then deeper in a wood then a lake
[12:50] <radim_OM2AMR> nothing else ? I have muRata automotive, it should have good stability
[12:50] f5apq (5a014383@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:50] <Upu_M0UPU> nope tbh
[12:50] <Geoff-G8DHE> Nice area to land if it does loop bac as prediction
[12:50] <Upu_M0UPU> I've been told alot of things
[12:50] <Upu_M0UPU> like stub antennas wouldn't work
[12:51] <Upu_M0UPU> chip antennas wouldn't work
[12:51] <Upu_M0UPU> http://uk.farnell.com/abracon/awscr-4-00mgd-t/ceramic-resonator-4mhz-smd/dp/7944172
[12:51] <Upu_M0UPU> that one
[12:51] <kokey> ok going well off predicted path now
[12:51] <kokey> place your bets
[12:51] <daveake> > I've been told alot of things
[12:51] <daveake> Indeed. Lots of stuff is just worth a try
[12:52] <daveake> As you've found :)
[12:52] <Upu_M0UPU> only way to prove it is do some reasearch make an evaluation if its totally out there or viable , make it fly it
[12:52] <Upu_M0UPU> I look forward to seeing your results
[12:52] <radim_OM2AMR> :-) OK, I'll try as a backup payload or in pico
[12:52] <Upu_M0UPU> resonator would be nice
[12:52] Nick change: ghoti_ -> ghoti
[12:53] <Upu_M0UPU> smaller and they have the caps built in don't they ?
[12:53] <radim_OM2AMR> yes, caps inside
[12:53] <number10> i tried one of those resonators in my last two picos
[12:53] <M0TVU|Paul> I actually use internal clock .... @4mhz
[12:53] <Upu_M0UPU> It will work I'm sure
[12:53] <number10> or similar
[12:54] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm... Under 13kms away...
[12:54] <radim_OM2AMR> I see just one problem now, you have to calibrate timing for each resonator, it is not as exact like xtal
[12:54] <Darkside> and they drift with temperature
[12:54] <Upu_M0UPU> I suspect you'll be the last RX LazyLeopard
[12:54] <MichaelC|Laptop> house landing?
[12:54] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:54] <Darkside> no teddy bears on this one?
[12:55] <M0TVU|Paul> Anyone know where the chase car is?
[12:55] <Darkside> that always helps with the house landing
[12:55] <GMT> last weekend therte was one with a hedgehog
[12:55] <Upu_M0UPU> I suspect turning up with a minibus full of children may negate any issues with angry house owners
[12:55] <kokey> thing about around London is that you can do recovery with a folding bike
[12:55] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[12:55] <radim_OM2AMR> Upu http://search.murata.co.jp/Ceramy/CatalogAction.do?sHinnm=CSTCR_G_B&sNHinnm=CSTCR_G_B&sLang=en
[12:55] <daveake> Lost it here in the noise. Too much crap in the way and too low an aerial
[12:56] <Upu_M0UPU> thats a better tolerance
[12:56] <daveake> Darkside This one has a school tie
[12:56] <radim_OM2AMR> I'll try it during the flight
[12:56] <mattbrejza> its due to land near three railway stations, shame aiming for london is a bad idea. There would be many hab points for chasing on public transport
[12:56] <jonsowman> haha
[12:57] <Upu_M0UPU> fast decent
[12:57] <G0DJA> Can still hear it but very little being decoded here now
[12:57] <kokey> yeah, like the thames clipper
[12:57] <mattbrejza> the tube has wifi now?
[12:57] <kokey> only at some station platforms
[12:57] <GMT> not sure if all lines on all sections
[12:57] <kokey> so you connect, get an address, then the train moves again
[12:58] <Geoff-G8DHE> Its pay for it as well now I believe
[12:58] <kokey> that said it's still way better than before
[12:58] <MichaelC2> oooh
[12:58] <MichaelC2> changed and it will land a place it previously went over
[12:58] <kokey> yeah would be handy if it hit the golf course
[12:58] <Upu_M0UPU> the predictor is live and is based on actual location and decent rate
[12:59] MichaelC|Laptop (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[12:59] <kokey> oh, swing north again, prediction should move northward again
[12:59] gonzo_wk (~gonzo_wk@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[12:59] <MichaelC2> Chase car is quite far away
[13:00] <MichaelC2> is anyone else chasing?
[13:00] <GMT> Chase car position has not updated for a long while, nothing to worry about
[13:00] <LazyLeopard> Last chase car update's 20 minutes ago...
[13:01] <number10> bang on the meridian meridian $$BUZZ,771,12:58:54,51.30494,0.00000,04792,26,36,0,10,0.00*5376
[13:01] <MichaelC2> LazyLeopard: he is running out of batter so is switcing off to conserve
[13:01] <GMT> turned back west again
[13:01] <jonsowman> number10: :D
[13:01] <Upu_M0UPU> well at least we know daveake's code works across it good to know
[13:01] <daveake> lol
[13:01] <Upu_M0UPU> and look at that turn
[13:01] <daveake> either side and dead on :)
[13:01] <kokey> turning sharper than predicted
[13:01] <GMT> back in western hemispehere again
[13:01] <number10> yea he always tests his code on the flights of thers ;)
[13:01] <Upu_M0UPU> that is a wind change and a half
[13:03] <daveake> it is
[13:03] <M0TVU|Paul> I have to say i've been very impressed withthe whole thing.
[13:03] <daveake> prediction hardly changing
[13:03] <Upu_M0UPU> Just put the 1200 winds on
[13:03] <Upu_M0UPU> so should be accurate
[13:03] <daveake> excellent
[13:03] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_10.jpg
[13:03] <Upu_M0UPU> 18th hole ?
[13:04] <MichaelC2> daveake: you made the prediction code?
[13:04] <daveake> hah no
[13:04] <daveake> That would be an intelligent person
[13:04] <kokey> in line with the trees
[13:04] <mattbrejza> MichaelC2: do you know where the car is?
[13:04] <Upu_M0UPU> recievers are going to drop off quickly now
[13:04] <MichaelC2> nope. Ali is switching his phone off when not in use
[13:04] <number10> fading here
[13:04] <Geoff-G8DHE> My signals going now
[13:04] <MichaelC2> he'll switch it on at 11 past
[13:05] <Upu_M0UPU> odd
[13:05] <daveake> Ali has an 817 and took my Yagi
[13:05] <Upu_M0UPU> ok
[13:05] <mattbrejza> surely he doesnt know where it is then?
[13:05] <Upu_M0UPU> is he still aiming for the old landing ?
[13:05] <kokey> here I am looking at the google satellite view
[13:05] <mattbrejza> unless maps on the laptop
[13:05] <kokey> forgetting completely that it's winter
[13:05] <kokey> in the UK
[13:05] <GMT> it's winter everywhere
[13:06] PE2G (~pe2g@a83-161-208-176.adsl.xs4all.nl) left irc: Quit: PE2G
[13:06] <MichaelC2> I sent him an update 10 minutea ago
[13:06] <kokey> 30 degrees here and the sun is shining
[13:06] <Upu_M0UPU> did you tell him ware to go ?
[13:06] <Upu_M0UPU> where
[13:06] <LazyLeopard> Kinda loud here!
[13:06] Nick change: Brace_ -> Brace
[13:06] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[13:06] <Upu_M0UPU> what distance ? 10 miles ?
[13:06] <LazyLeopard> Get off the M25 at J6 and head north! ;)
[13:06] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_11.jpg
[13:06] <MichaelC2> I told him the town and said i'd tell him coords at 11 past
[13:06] <MichaelC2> as it should and around then
[13:07] <GMT> kokay: where are you then?
[13:07] <Upu_M0UPU> Halliloo Valley road
[13:07] <Upu_M0UPU> and in the lake
[13:07] <GMT> sigs gone from me
[13:07] <daveake> Tree or lake. Lake or tree :p
[13:07] <Upu_M0UPU> 40 seconds
[13:08] <LazyLeopard> Faded here rapidly, too.
[13:08] <Upu_M0UPU> how low can LazyLeopard go ?
[13:08] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_12.jpg Looking good for the 18th
[13:08] <Upu_M0UPU> Right over to Ali now
[13:08] <mattbrejza> land is about 200-300m there?
[13:08] <daveake> Leopards like trees don't they?
[13:08] <x-f> he's lazy
[13:08] <MichaelC2> anyone still have signal?
[13:08] <mattbrejza> so hopefully didnt land in the garden of one of those big houses
[13:08] <Upu_M0UPU> Tell him to get to Lunghurst Rd and park up
[13:08] <Upu_M0UPU> MichaelC no its too low will need someone locally
[13:08] <MichaelC2> texting now. :)
[13:09] <LazyLeopard> Got 51.30097,-0.03454 in line 810 but the rest of the line was garbage.
[13:09] <kokey> they picked a nice 'hood to land in
[13:09] <daveake> Ali needs to get close to the landing prediction and get his receiver running
[13:09] <Upu_M0UPU> Lunghurst Road, Caterham, CR3 7EJ
[13:09] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[13:09] <Upu_M0UPU> Current property values in Lunghurst Road, Woldingham, Caterham CR3
[13:09] <Upu_M0UPU> average price is...
[13:09] <number10> my guess if the big house with the tennis court or is that a pool
[13:09] <number10> is
[13:09] <Upu_M0UPU> £1 million
[13:09] <Geoff-G8DHE> Golf course
[13:10] <daveake> Houses with gates then
[13:10] <Upu_M0UPU> and shot guns
[13:10] <daveake> and intercom
[13:10] <daveake> and guard dogs
[13:10] <Upu_M0UPU> and angry people who don't like their cars being jammed
[13:10] <daveake> and security
[13:10] <daveake> lol
[13:10] <Upu_M0UPU> haha come get some rich people
[13:10] Action: kokey puts some chips on the 'tree' block
[13:10] <daveake> 8.8m/s ... needs to be a strong tree :p
[13:10] <Upu_M0UPU> MichaelC yeah tell him to get to Lunghurst Road, Caterham, CR3 7EJ park up and get the Yagi out
[13:10] <mattbrejza> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSflRlHPay4
[13:11] <Upu_M0UPU> Halliloo end of that road
[13:11] <G0DJA> I've found out what the diamond is in DL-FLDigi - It's the audio level indicator. Green = OK, Yellow = a bit too high and Red = audio overload
[13:11] <LazyLeopard> Which payload was on the end of the string?
[13:11] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yup that was my problem earlier! Way over the top
[13:11] <daveake> 2 trackers in the same box
[13:11] <LazyLeopard> Ah. Ok.
[13:12] <daveake> It's Upu's little "chuck 'n' go" tracker - stub aerial
[13:12] <daveake> I offered to add as a backup :)
[13:12] <MichaelC2> daveake: good you did
[13:12] <daveake> Fortunately Ali said "that's a good idea" instead "Nah it'll be fine" :)
[13:13] <Upu_M0UPU> [08:35] <UpuWork> well if that PAVA is ready to go let them have that I'll send you another one if they loose it <- :)
[13:13] <MichaelC2> erm
[13:13] <daveake> :)
[13:13] <MichaelC2> apparently the yagi wasn't working great yesterday. How was it this morning daveake?
[13:13] <daveake> He borrowed my Yagi
[13:13] <mattbrejza> you wont need the yagi
[13:13] <daveake> nope
[13:13] <mattbrejza> last position is like 200m from the ground
[13:14] <Upu_M0UPU> yeah just get near it
[13:15] <G0DJA> Will it end up in the pond behind Dukes Hill House?
[13:15] <mattbrejza> the predictor assumes the land is 0m sealevel so nope
[13:15] <G0DJA> Ah
[13:16] <craag_M0DNY> Ground is 155m ASL there.
[13:16] <GMT> so, trees then
[13:16] <G0DJA> I guess the words "Dukes Hill" suggests not at sea level ;-)
[13:16] <LazyLeopard> ...and not particularly flat there...
[13:16] <Upu_M0UPU> oh chase car is close
[13:16] <mattbrejza> at 288m the predictor says 51.3003,-0.0379784
[13:16] <mattbrejza> so id say there ^
[13:17] <Geoff-G8DHE> Hope he comes off at J6 otherwise its going to be along route round
[13:17] <Upu_M0UPU> tracker is 1.8v so battery is good for 24hours + even with Daves code
[13:17] <MichaelC2> he is in the a22
[13:17] <daveake> "even" lol
[13:17] <MichaelC2> just text me
[13:17] <Upu_M0UPU> "even with Daves code" sorry
[13:17] <Geoff-G8DHE> Yes he has
[13:17] <Upu_M0UPU> didn't mean that in a bad way lol
[13:17] <Upu_M0UPU> Daves code has no power saving
[13:17] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[13:17] <daveake> s'ok :)
[13:17] <LazyLeopard> Last fix on tracker was I think line 809. Got 51.30097,-0.03454 in line 810 but the rest of the line was garbage.
[13:18] <GMT> chase car just leaving A22 into back roads abt 1 mile west of predicted landing spot
[13:18] <fsphil> is that a lake?
[13:19] signaleleven (81f71fe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:19] <Upu_M0UPU> its a lake to normal people
[13:19] <Upu_M0UPU> to the residents round there is a garden pond
[13:19] <craag_M0DNY> :P
[13:20] <mattbrejza> theyre gonna love a minibus full of kids looking for something around their houses
[13:20] <MichaelC2> haha
[13:20] <daveake> I have images of the kids at the gate of Mr Burns house as he sets the dogs off after them
[13:21] <Geoff-G8DHE> Feed the smallest to the dog ;-)
[13:21] <GMT> nah, it will be like St Trinians!
[13:21] <daveake> Worthy cause :)
[13:21] <daveake> They were actually quite well behaved!
[13:21] <GMT> prob too cold to do anything else!
[13:21] <daveake> Unlike the scouts I launched for .....
[13:21] <daveake> true
[13:22] <MichaelC2> daveake: We are a highly reputable school. We have excellent behaviour here at Weydon School. *stops offical tone*
[13:22] <G0DJA> I guess the tracker car has lost internet connection?
[13:22] <daveake> :)
[13:23] <MichaelC2> G0DJA: nope, he is just updating at intervals
[13:23] <G0DJA> Ah
[13:23] <mattbrejza> he must be able to decode by now
[13:23] <mattbrejza> does the laptop have internet?
[13:23] <MichaelC2> I don't know if he has his mac with him. daveake?
[13:23] <fsphil> "Release the hounds" </mr. burns>
[13:24] <fsphil> well on the plus side, it'll likely be saved from that lake my the really tall trees .... er.
[13:24] <daveake> Didn't see
[13:24] <daveake> er :)
[13:24] <fsphil> my/by
[13:24] <fsphil> or land on that expensive looking greenhouse
[13:24] <daveake> Hey, Upu and I had one saved from pylons by 2 trees
[13:24] <daveake> The chute is still there
[13:25] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[13:25] <mattbrejza> at least their gardener is likely to have a long ladder
[13:25] <fsphil> there's still a chute and the remains of a balloon stuck in that tree on a mountain :)
[13:25] <Upu_M0UPU> that one missed Gatwick, the A something by 100 meters and a pylon by 10 feet
[13:25] <mattbrejza> and porbably has nothing better to do at this time of year
[13:25] <fsphil> the google photo makes it look really warm and sunny
[13:26] <Upu_M0UPU> lol I know
[13:26] <Upu_M0UPU> I'm sat here thinking lucky southerners its warm down there
[13:26] <GMT> it is warm and sunny down here Phil, you're missing out!
[13:26] <MichaelC2> ill text ali about it being in a duke's garden
[13:26] <Upu_M0UPU> lol
[13:27] <LazyLeopard> There's probably snow on the ground. There's still a bit here...
[13:27] <mattbrejza> Upu_M0UPU: are you all still snowed in up there?
[13:27] <Upu_M0UPU> yeah
[13:27] <Upu_M0UPU> its snowing now
[13:27] <fsphil> shattered my illusion there LazyLeopard
[13:27] <LazyLeopard> ;)
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[13:27] <Geoff-G8DHE> Well I can look at the disk of the Sun thru the cloud here, could be worse!
[13:27] <daveake> SnowLeopard
[13:27] f5apq (5a014383@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[13:28] <fsphil> that's probably not too safe
[13:28] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:29] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[13:29] gonzo_wk (~gonzo_wk@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:30] <GMT> There are no less than 10 NOTAMs for launches in the next 2 weeks; anyone want to admit to any of them?
[13:30] staylo (~staylo@vm3999.vps.tagadab.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[13:30] Daviey (~Daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[13:30] <G0DJA> Not guilty :-)
[13:30] <daveake> not (yet) guilty
[13:30] Daviey (~Daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey) joined #highaltitude.
[13:30] <MichaelC2> I'm guilty. Whats a a NOTAM? :P
[13:31] staylo (~staylo@vm3999.vps.tagadab.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:31] <GMT> in no particular order - Chippenham, Ipswich area, Bath, Chipping Campden, Welshpool, Royston, Cumbria, Sheffield and Shropshire area
[13:31] <daveake> Just prior to launch today - http://i.imgur.com/irFTZN1.jpg
[13:31] <Upu_M0UPU> Sheffield ?
[13:31] <G0DJA> A notice to pilots/airports that you are flying a balloon over 2m diameter/in size
[13:32] <Upu_M0UPU> linky ?
[13:32] <G0DJA> Could be the Peak lot
[13:32] <Upu_M0UPU> looks cold
[13:32] <Upu_M0UPU> that balloon is huge
[13:32] <MichaelC2> daveake: did you take many pictures?
[13:32] _markh_ (~mark@wish-hq3.gotadsl.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[13:33] <number10> they have some nice hats
[13:33] <daveake> 17
[13:33] <GMT> I just looked up the NOTAM site, saw a huge list of NOTAMs for the whole of the UK, and did a search for 'balloon'
[13:33] <daveake> I'll upload them all somewhere for you
[13:33] <MichaelC2> daveake: thanks. :)
[13:33] <mattbrejza> chipping campden is probably blast
[13:34] <Geoff-G8DHE> daveake can I stick that Photo with the flight path images on my site ?
[13:34] M0TVU|Paul (50f93930@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[13:34] <GMT> Maybe I will do a message on the UKHAS google group, but each flight is just a range of dates; not exact.
[13:35] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[13:35] _markh_ (~mark@wish-hq3.gotadsl.co.uk) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[13:35] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[13:35] <daveake> Geoff-G8DHE sure
[13:35] <Geoff-G8DHE> Tks
[13:35] _markh_ (~mark@wish-hq3.gotadsl.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[13:35] <_markh_> Hi all. Starting to close off my payload software. When I define my payload docs in habhub, can I specify a number of different sentences that it will transmit or does all the data for a flihgt have to be in a sinngle sentence
[13:36] <daveake> Launch pic - http://i.imgur.com/GgKpzTm.jpg
[13:36] <Geoff-G8DHE> http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/
[13:37] <number10> wht is just above the payload there daveake
[13:37] <Upu_M0UPU> tie
[13:37] <daveake> School tie
[13:37] <number10> aha -
[13:37] <daveake> Might help considering where it's landed :)
[13:38] <Geoff-G8DHE> LoL
[13:38] <daveake> car updated quite close now
[13:39] <MichaelC2> daveake: yup
[13:39] <MichaelC2> just spoke to him and he was asking where to go
[13:40] <daveake> Well he needs to listen to the payload for a position
[13:40] <MichaelC2> suprised the yagi wasn't working then
[13:40] <mattbrejza> he should have used my app :P
[13:40] <daveake> H doesn't need a yagi that close
[13:40] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ah ha http://bit.ly/13tdhpo
[13:41] <daveake> Please, ask him to connect up laptop/receiver and get an updated position. Preferably online.
[13:41] <Geoff-G8DHE> They could buy it if they give access problems ...
[13:41] Hix (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:41] <G0DJA> The balloon release in Sheffield appears to be a MET balloon from Western Bank
[13:42] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: cuddykid
[13:43] <GMT> 'DJA, that seems right, sometime this week
[13:45] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 272 seconds
[13:46] Hix (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[13:46] <daveake> MichaelC2 All my photos from the launch - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/368443/Wasp.zip
[13:47] <MichaelC2> daveake: thanks
[13:48] <Upu_M0UPU> empty zip dave :)
[13:49] <daveake> Oh ...
[13:49] <daveake> justamo
[13:49] <G0DJA> Only 22bytes :-)
[13:49] <daveake> hmm best wait for the upload to finish then :)
[13:49] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[13:50] <G0DJA> Any news on recovery?
[13:53] <G0DJA> Got to go and collect prescription - Back later
[13:54] nosebleedkt (~kostas@kotama.dataways.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[13:55] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:56] <MichaelC2> G0DJA: not yet
[13:58] <Geoff-G8DHE> Nice aurora pano earlier this week http://www.olihar.com/gallery/Panoramas/Iceland/2012_03_15_015455R.txt.php
[13:58] gonzo_wk (~gonzo_wk@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[13:58] <mattbrejza> MichaelC2: can they hear the payload?
[13:58] <MichaelC2> Just called, they are having trouble finding it but they can hear it clear
[13:58] <MichaelC2> clearly*
[13:58] <mattbrejza> so they have a lat/long?
[13:58] <MichaelC2> yah
[13:58] <Upu_M0UPU> can they give us the lat/long ?
[13:59] <mattbrejza> is the issue they dont have maps then?
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> why don't they upload it will be clear as day on the map
[13:59] <MichaelC2> They are in the drivway of the predicted location on spacenear us
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> no point going to predicted :)
[13:59] <Upu_M0UPU> get them online
[14:00] <mattbrejza> the predicted is at 0m
[14:00] <MichaelC2> can't. Ali is really worried about his phone battery. He keeps cutting calls off quite quickly too
[14:00] <mattbrejza> does anyone else have a phone there?
[14:00] <MichaelC2> yes but i dont have their numbers
[14:00] <Upu_M0UPU> I do
[14:00] <G0DJA> Always take a 12v phone charger...
[14:00] <number10> and a handheld gps
[14:00] <fsphil> and 12v laptop psu
[14:00] <MichaelC2> G0DJA: he explained it didn't work in the minibus or something
[14:01] <G0DJA> OK, seems strange
[14:01] <mattbrejza> minibus could be 24V
[14:01] <GMT> I could drive down there, but it will take abt 1 hour
[14:01] <mattbrejza> surely someone else must have data allowance to upload the new position and get a map
[14:01] <daveake> ditto
[14:02] <daveake> or just tell us - text or something
[14:02] <daveake> it csan be typed in
[14:02] <daveake> We can help if they get this for us
[14:03] <Upu_M0UPU> I texted Ali
[14:03] <G0DJA> spacenear.us has stopped responding here
[14:04] <fsphil> here too
[14:04] <daveake> three
[14:04] <G0DJA> Can't blame my ISP this time then ;-)
[14:04] Action: Upu_M0UPU pokes natrium42
[14:04] <jonsowman> can ping it
[14:05] <Upu_M0UPU> Yeah does this
[14:05] <Upu_M0UPU> its not very quick
[14:05] <Upu_M0UPU> http://lusca.habhub.org/tracker/
[14:05] <MichaelC2> and here
[14:05] <fsphil> not able to ssh into it either
[14:05] <MichaelC2> Who runs that site?
[14:05] <Upu_M0UPU> Lusca is working complete with scrolling bug
[14:05] <MichaelC2> ah working now.
[14:06] <fsphil> there's also http://habitat.habhub.org/mobile-tracker/
[14:06] <mattbrejza> the predictor gives somewhere betwen lunghirst road and bulters dene rd if you take into account ground height
[14:06] <mattbrejza> fsphil: /mt gets its data from spacenear.us/tracker though, so it was probably broke too
[14:07] <fsphil> it does? oh. I thught that was habitat
[14:07] <jonsowman> time to all use mattbrejza's app
[14:07] <mattbrejza> pretty much
[14:07] <jonsowman> fsphil: you'd've thought
[14:07] <mattbrejza> also you wouldnt have to use itnernet to get a map
[14:08] <fsphil> that map is pretty basic though
[14:09] <mattbrejza> it has about the same level of detail as google maps in map mode
[14:09] <fsphil> not this area
[14:09] <mattbrejza> yea doesnt have the private roads
[14:12] niftylettuce (uid2733@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-hhrtjritkvvgatjz) joined #highaltitude.
[14:12] radim_OM2AMR (radimmuti@ left #highaltitude.
[14:13] <Geoff-G8DHE> Looking down the flight path to landing zone .... http://360.g8dhe.net/HAB_Flights/WASP-BUZZ/wb_13.jpg
[14:14] <Geoff-G8DHE> Right off for some lunch ...
[14:22] malgar (~malgar@ba-19-131-148.service.infuturo.it) joined #highaltitude.
[14:23] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:24] <ibanezmatt13> Good Afternoon :)
[14:25] <jonsowman> hello
[14:26] <ibanezmatt13> are there any tutorials available for using Ublox GPS modules and Raspberry Pi's
[14:27] <mattbrejza> well get serial data coming in first before you worry about what you need to do with it
[14:27] <mattbrejza> there must be many online guides for rpi + serial
[14:27] Nick change: Upu_M0UPU -> UpuWork
[14:27] <ibanezmatt13> yeah, I had a look at the Adafruit one. It looks great. Would the same tutorial work for Ublox GPS?
[14:28] <mattbrejza> mostly
[14:28] <mattbrejza> setting flight settings would be different
[14:28] <ibanezmatt13> ok, I'll take a look.
[14:28] <mattbrejza> but hopefully once youve got to that stage you would have learned ennough to do it yourself
[14:28] <ibanezmatt13> mattbrejza: thanks
[14:29] <mattbrejza> np
[14:30] <ibanezmatt13> http://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-ultimate-gps-on-the-raspberry-pi
[14:30] <ibanezmatt13> would that be ok?
[14:30] <ibanezmatt13> for a ublox
[14:32] <mattbrejza> try it and see
[14:33] <ibanezmatt13> it mentions a TTL adapter cable. daveake said it would probably be better to use serial. What does the TTL table allow me to do?
[14:34] <mattbrejza> 'The easiest way to get start is to use an inexpensive USB to TTL adapter cable with your GPS module.
[14:34] <mattbrejza> You can of course use the HW UART directly on the Pi, but as you can see in this tutorial (Freeing UART on the Pi) it's a bit more complicated, and there are no secondary consequences with the USB adapter.'
[14:34] <MichaelC2> We can't find it
[14:34] <MichaelC2> they want to give up
[14:34] <MichaelC2> the yagi is going made though
[14:34] <craag_M0DNY> ?
[14:35] vladimirek (~vladimire@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:35] <craag_M0DNY> But they have co-ords?
[14:35] <ibanezmatt13> ok
[14:35] <mattbrejza> MichaelC2: from what ive heard theyre looking in the wrong place (predicted rather than decoded)>
[14:35] ibanezmatt13 (d4db5164@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:35] <UpuWork> MichaelC
[14:35] <UpuWork> tell Ali to call me
[14:36] <MichaelC2> UpuWork: his phone died
[14:36] <MichaelC2> whats your number?
[14:36] <jonsowman> I'll go and get it for them, it's only 5 miles from me
[14:36] vladimirek (~vladimire@ left irc: Client Quit
[14:36] <UpuWork> he has it
[14:36] <UpuWork> PM'd
[14:36] <GMT> surely he's not the only one in the vehicle with a phone!
[14:36] <mattbrejza> jonsowman: i hope youre gonna use the app ¬.¬
[14:36] <UpuWork> if he can recieve it you can locate it
[14:36] <UpuWork> giving up
[14:36] <UpuWork> pah
[14:37] vladimirek (~vladimire@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:37] <UpuWork> amazingly it actually tells you exactly where it is :P
[14:37] <jonsowman> mattbrejza: shame you're not at home, quick road trip
[14:37] <mattbrejza> i know right
[14:37] <daveake> <mattbrejza> jonsowman: i hope youre gonna use the app ¬.¬
[14:37] <daveake> lol keep reminding people :)
[14:37] <jonsowman> haha
[14:37] <mattbrejza> tbh if they were using it now they would have it
[14:37] <jonsowman> to be fair, it'd be pretty useful in this case
[14:37] <mattbrejza> have found it
[14:37] <griffonbot> Received email: Marco (projectBLAST) "[UKHAS] Provisional Launch Announcement: University of Southampton
[14:37] <daveake> yup
[14:37] <jonsowman> exactly
[14:38] <mattbrejza> also i want people to test it
[14:38] <MichaelC2> GMT: apparently all their phones are dead
[14:38] <jonsowman> :|
[14:38] <GMT> Doh!
[14:38] <daveake> jeez
[14:38] <MichaelC2> and the minibus charger is dead
[14:38] <mattbrejza> were they playing angry birds on the trip?
[14:38] <jonsowman> no that was just you mattbrejza
[14:39] <mattbrejza> na that got boring ages ago
[14:39] <jonsowman> what are you on now?
[14:39] <UpuWork> go get it jonsowman :/
[14:39] <MichaelC2> one guy has his number but he's stopped answering
[14:39] <MichaelC2> urg
[14:39] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@46-64-78-213.zone15.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[14:40] <jonsowman> UpuWork: half tempted, I'm a bit busy this afternoon realyl
[14:40] <daveake> ditto
[14:40] <jonsowman> it'd take me 30 mins to get over there
[14:40] <UpuWork> 24 hours of batteries
[14:40] <jonsowman> maybe 20 if my right foot is feeling heavy
[14:41] <mattbrejza> MichaelC2: have they written down the coordinates the payload is actualyl at?
[14:44] <LazyLeopard> Ugh. What's the problem?
[14:44] <jonsowman> no phone contact
[14:44] <MichaelC2> mattbrejza: i sent them co-ords of last seen & predicted
[14:44] <jonsowman> we think they're looking in the wrong place
[14:44] <craag_M0DNY> LazyLeopard: It appears they have co-ords but no map.
[14:44] <LazyLeopard> No radio?
[14:44] <MichaelC2> They have a strong yagi signal
[14:44] <MichaelC2> they just still cant find ir
[14:44] <mattbrejza> yea but they have the actual location rather than a position it would be in if the ground didnt exist
[14:45] <jonsowman> mattbrejza: they do or don't have actual?
[14:45] <mattbrejza> not even a car gps to put them into?
[14:45] <LazyLeopard> Are they not decoding the signal then?
[14:45] <mattbrejza> or something to record the audio and sent to us if they dont have fldigi?
[14:45] <MichaelC2> apparently not
[14:45] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm...
[14:46] <mattbrejza> were they expecting the payloads postition to be signposted when they got near it?
[14:46] <jonsowman> lol
[14:46] <MichaelC2> lol
[14:46] <MichaelC2> has Dr Al-azzawi done this before?
[14:46] <GMT> If I go over there now I won't be there until near 4pm ... should I go from w London?
[14:47] <Brace> I've been thinking of putting a suitably loud and annoying 'buzzer' or similar in my payload, so that you can hear it if it's gone in a bush or similar
[14:47] <LazyLeopard> If they've not done radio DF before then they might be struggling, if the signal's too strong...
[14:47] <jonsowman> Brace: yeah, people put rape alarms on them
[14:47] <jonsowman> the problem is if it lands near someone and they can't shut it up
[14:47] <Brace> jonsowman: aha, good glad to know I'm not the only one who's had that idea
[14:47] <MichaelC2> sounds like a good idea
[14:47] <MichaelC2> I'll ensure that gets done for WASP-2
[14:47] <Brace> jonsowman: yeah, good point
[14:47] <jonsowman> make sure if you do that, you have a visible and obvious "PRESS THIS TO SHUT UP"
[14:47] <mattbrejza> its not normally an issue when you have a +-5m circle where it can be in
[14:47] <Brace> yup
[14:47] <MichaelC2> maybe some flares too? :P
[14:48] <jonsowman> please no explosives
[14:48] <LazyLeopard> Just paint it bright pink!
[14:48] <Brace> I'm going to paint the payload pink as well
[14:48] <HixWork> baggy slacks
[14:48] <daveake> Yeah I use a little jumper with a big label "Remove this jumper to stop that annoying noise"
[14:48] <UpuWork> good man Brace good man
[14:48] <daveake> lol
[14:48] <Brace> UpuWork: is that common then?
[14:48] <jonsowman> you'll get nothing but support for pink payloads on here
[14:48] <Brace> lol
[14:48] <HixWork> Fluoro orange or yellow ftw
[14:48] <HixWork> or both
[14:49] <daveake> Not when it lands in a rape seed field
[14:49] <number10> dont do yellow when the rape is in flower
[14:49] <eroomde> i like orange payloads
[14:49] <MichaelC2> Ours is white
[14:49] <number10> good for the snow
[14:49] <Brace> battenburg it
[14:49] <jonsowman> better than green/brown i suppose
[14:49] <Brace> pink and yellow squares
[14:50] <HixWork> i might attach a busser to the GSM module board, ring it and listen
[14:50] <Brace> and maybe a couple of LEDs
[14:50] <HixWork> or a buzzer
[14:50] <HixWork> somw 8W LEDs :)
[14:51] <jonsowman> we put a 1W white led inside the neck of a balloon on a night launch a while ago
[14:51] <jonsowman> pointing up into the balloon
[14:51] <jonsowman> looked amazing
[14:51] <mattbrejza> even if this one had a buzzer on i dont think they would be able to hear it
[14:51] Geoff-G8DHE_ (5d61a0c6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:51] <mattbrejza> jonsowman: yea that had a slight whoopsie i seem to remember
[14:51] <jonsowman> er
[14:51] <Brace> mattbrejza: yeah, doesn't seem that well organised if they've all got flat phones
[14:51] <jonsowman> it launched earlier than expected
[14:51] <mattbrejza> haev cusf done that launch technique since?
[14:51] <jonsowman> put it like that
[14:52] <jonsowman> mattbrejza: yeah, just with stronger line and with more care about covering sharp cable tie ends
[14:52] <mattbrejza> ah
[14:52] <jonsowman> there's nothing wrong with the technique i don;t think
[14:52] <mattbrejza> surely you should be prepared to be able to find the payload without outside help
[14:53] <jonsowman> that would be ideal
[14:53] <mattbrejza> last launch we did had no phone coverage (well internet)
[14:53] nosebleedkt (~kostas@kotama.dataways.gr) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[14:53] <mattbrejza> or phone actually where it actually landed
[14:54] <HixWork> it's about time we asked rock7 very nicely if we qualify for a mahoosive HABTeam discount :)
[14:54] <craag_M0DNY> Huh, blast are launching again.
[14:54] <craag_M0DNY> Guess I'm not getting a ride on this one then!
[14:54] <mattbrejza> i wouldnt say again
[14:54] <jonsowman> HixWork: by all means
[14:54] <HixWork> place your bets
[14:54] <mattbrejza> that suggests they launched once
[14:54] <craag_M0DNY> mattbrejza: LOL
[14:54] <HixWork> heh
[14:55] <HixWork> they have had som egood trial launches
[14:55] <jonsowman> mentioning SHARP in the email was an unwise move
[14:55] <number10> :D
[14:55] <HixWork> reckon it's worth approaching them jonsowman ?
[14:55] <HixWork> like a group buy?
[14:55] <jonsowman> HixWork: on the units or the subscription?
[14:56] <mattbrejza> seems ott for a standard launch
[14:56] <HixWork> units, subs are £8 month and only when you want it
[14:56] <jonsowman> HixWork: I think they'd want to sell 50 or 100 of them or something
[14:56] <jonsowman> maybe even just 10
[14:56] <jonsowman> but someone would need to stock them
[14:56] <HixWork> hmm, maybe, could be worth a question though
[14:57] <jonsowman> UpuWork: have you investigated this?
[14:57] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-jimqzhjjlyipmzjj) left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[14:57] simrun (~simrun@gateway/shell/freebnc/x-xccbelhkpsekbwfk) joined #highaltitude.
[14:58] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 272 seconds
[14:58] <eroomde> yeah UpuWork how about you buy 100 of them
[14:58] <eroomde> i'll have one so that should derisk it for you nicely
[14:58] <jonsowman> :p
[14:59] <jonsowman> I'm sure you could find buyers for 10 before ordering
[14:59] <jonsowman> it depends what their MOQ for discounts is
[14:59] <jonsowman> if they even have one
[15:00] <HixWork> I think I'm going to approach them. just to test the water. ayes or nays?
[15:00] <jonsowman> I don't see any reason not to unless someone has done so before
[15:00] <eroomde> moo
[15:00] <jonsowman> how are the pcbs doing eroomde?
[15:00] <eroomde> in the oven right now
[15:00] <eroomde> hence me here
[15:00] <jonsowman> ah
[15:00] <jonsowman> i see
[15:00] <eroomde> sore neck
[15:01] <jonsowman> know the feeling
[15:02] <eroomde> but i get to wait for them to cool right down now
[15:02] <UpuWork> guys
[15:02] <eroomde> (just to be professional, you know?'
[15:02] <UpuWork> https://www.dropbox.com/s/81wokvawj2wyxn9/Memo.wav
[15:02] <eroomde> so i can sit for a bit
[15:02] <UpuWork> thats a recording from BUZZ on site
[15:02] <UpuWork> can anyone decode it ?
[15:03] <HixWork> gimme 5 upu I'll try
[15:03] <UpuWork> its been recorded on an iphone and I think the compression has killed it
[15:03] <mattbrejza> race...
[15:04] <HixWork> no point racing dlfldigi takes about 2 mins to come up
[15:04] Hix (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:04] <UpuWork> I don't think thats going to decode
[15:05] <craag_M0DNY> done
[15:05] <UpuWork> decodes ?
[15:05] <craag_M0DNY> yep, on map
[15:05] <UpuWork> how did you manage that ?
[15:06] <GMT> cant get it to decode
[15:06] <craag_M0DNY> Rv
[15:06] <craag_M0DNY> :)
[15:06] <UpuWork> I tried RV
[15:06] <jonsowman> nice one craag_M0DNY
[15:06] <craag_M0DNY> There were 2 strings, both uploaded and showing on matt's app
[15:06] <HixWork> bah
[15:06] <HixWork> it's only just fired up
[15:06] <jonsowman> craag_M0DNY wins internet cook
[15:06] <jonsowman> ie
[15:07] <eroomde> 'internet cook'
[15:07] <eroomde> 'did you mean...?'
[15:07] <eroomde> NO!
[15:07] <GMT> still the same Q from me ... should I load-up the car and drive over there?
[15:07] <MichaelC2> which map?
[15:07] <jonsowman> lol
[15:08] <craag_M0DNY> in the trees though :(
[15:08] <jonsowman> you think?
[15:08] <MichaelC2> They have a monkey with them
[15:08] <Hix> BUZZ,1283,14:47:18,51.30038,-0.03619,00159,0,0,0,8,0.00*EA67
[15:08] <jonsowman> handy
[15:09] <number10> $$BUZZ,1283,14:47:18,51.30038,-0.03619,00159,0,0,0,8,0.00*EA67
[15:09] <daveake> ncice work
[15:09] <jonsowman> it does look a bit foresty
[15:09] <jonsowman> http://goo.gl/maps/pfesN
[15:09] <jonsowman> hmm
[15:09] <craag_M0DNY> I see what you mean by the scrolling bug on lusca now..
[15:10] <eroomde> why are we decoding wavs recorded by them?
[15:10] <eroomde> i.e. why can't they decode it themselves?
[15:10] <eroomde> I am confused
[15:10] <MichaelC2> UpuWork: you told them the new loco?
[15:11] <jonsowman> eroomde: they do not have dl-fldigi in the chase car
[15:11] <mattbrejza> eroomde: you probably dont want to know
[15:11] <MichaelC2> eroomde: because they dont have a computer with them
[15:11] <HixWork> Woldingham
[15:11] <HixWork> CATERHAM
[15:11] <HixWork> CR3 7HA if someoone wants to relay the nearest postal info
[15:11] <craag_M0DNY> MichaelC2: :O
[15:11] <eroomde> they are chasing without a computer
[15:11] <eroomde> jesus
[15:11] <HixWork> heh
[15:12] <jonsowman> for added challenge
[15:12] <eroomde> that's like launching without a balloon
[15:12] <craag_M0DNY> haha
[15:12] <mfa298> I thought standards for chasing were laptop, batteries, inverter and radio (and ideally phone + 3G internet)
[15:12] <craag_M0DNY> mfa298: Just one laptop? :P
[15:12] <jonsowman> they kind of are
[15:13] Hix (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[15:13] <mfa298> and it's batteries rather than battery!
[15:13] <eroomde> yes deaf chasing is a bit of a first
[15:13] <UpuWork> ok
[15:14] <UpuWork> sorry just got off the phone to Ali
[15:14] <jonsowman> oh they have a radio
[15:14] <jonsowman> just no decoder
[15:14] <GMT> if I drive over there, how/who can I contact?
[15:14] <HixWork> like a pint glass with no beer
[15:14] <MichaelC2> GMT: i'll pm you a number
[15:14] <UpuWork> I've mailed them a screen shot and suggested they go down Butlers Dene Road to the houses
[15:14] <UpuWork> GMT its ok
[15:14] <UpuWork> they know where it is
[15:14] <MichaelC2> or not
[15:14] <mfa298> craag_M0DNY: well more are always useful :D
[15:14] <UpuWork> just a case of getting to it now
[15:16] M0TVU (d9290680@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:17] <M0TVU> Home now - Has the buzz payload been found?
[15:17] <MichaelC2> no
[15:17] <mattbrejza> kinda
[15:17] DanielRichman (~daniel@unaffiliated/danielrichman) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[15:17] <MichaelC2> well
[15:17] <MichaelC2> yes but no
[15:17] <M0TVU> er....
[15:17] <MichaelC2> found, just retreiving. ;)
[15:17] <daveake> ah good
[15:18] <daveake> that's a step forward
[15:18] DanielRichman (~daniel@unaffiliated/danielrichman) joined #highaltitude.
[15:18] <M0TVU> You know where it is but you can't get at it scenario?
[15:18] <MichaelC2> well, if found = know where it is
[15:18] <MichaelC2> just going to get it
[15:18] <M0TVU> Excellent
[15:18] <MichaelC2> probably up a tree
[15:18] <MichaelC2> but we sent a monkey so thats fine
[15:18] <gonzo__mob> don't they have small boys to send climbing up the trees?
[15:18] <daveake> exactly
[15:18] <MichaelC2> thats the monkey
[15:18] <gonzo__mob> snap
[15:20] <M0TVU> I'll be looking out for the launch video later as I couldn't stream it a work
[15:20] <MichaelC2> I screen recorded the stream
[15:20] <MichaelC2> but haven't encoded it yet so don't know if it worked. ;)
[15:20] <M0TVU> :-)
[15:21] <M0TVU> I'm off to change my pic code to UKHAS protocol. I hope to do a bit of testing tonight.
[15:21] <UpuWork> they've located the payload
[15:21] <UpuWork> its up a tree
[15:21] <MichaelC2> yay
[15:22] <UpuWork> in someones garden
[15:22] <MichaelC2> tell them to send up josh
[15:22] <UpuWork> I really need a brew
[15:23] <daveake> Challenge Josh: Tree. Payload. Go.
[15:23] <M0TVU> Once I have the new protocol configured is it ok to test the dl_ software by receiving my own data and sending it to nearspace?
[15:23] <daveake> Sign it Richard Branson and he'll do it
[15:24] <craag_M0DNY> M0TVU: Yep, just don't do it during a flight, as it can confuse the chase car.
[15:24] <craag_M0DNY> THis one though isn't looking at the map, so you won't have a problem :P
[15:24] <jonsowman> lol
[15:24] <Brace> as long as the tree's big enough you can climb them with ice axes and crampons, so I should be ok :D
[15:24] <Brace> assuming I get a payload up and it comes down in a tree
[15:24] <M0TVU> I'll give it a try later
[15:25] <UpuWork> cheers for decoding guys
[15:25] <HixWork> are you a climber Brace?
[15:25] <UpuWork> I need to work out why I couldn't decode it
[15:25] <Brace> HixWork: yup
[15:25] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:25] <HixWork> cool, where you based?
[15:25] <Brace> Wales
[15:25] <HixWork> jammy b'tard
[15:25] <HixWork> ah well, good to know there is a HABClimber in the ranks
[15:25] <Brace> HixWork: do you climb?
[15:26] <HixWork> llanberis looks awesome today
[15:26] <craag_M0DNY> UpuWork: I played it with VLC, then fired up dl-fldigi and set the input to my soundcard output (pulseaudio), then jsut needed Rv and turning down the level a little.
[15:26] <Brace> yeah
[15:26] <HixWork> I do [though not of late]
[15:26] <HixWork> and badly too
[15:26] <jonsowman> pete's eats in llanberis is a favourite of mine
[15:26] <HixWork> pints of tea :)
[15:26] <Brace> looks like there will be some icefalls in by the weekend in the Brecon Beacons, so that's the plan for Friday :D
[15:26] <M0TVU> Im off to code - Congratulations to it was very impressive.
[15:26] <HixWork> you can not stfu brace ;p
[15:26] <HixWork> *now
[15:27] <HixWork> seriously, I'd love to be round there at the minute
[15:27] M0TVU (d9290680@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[15:27] <Brace> I've never 'got' Pete's Eats I will admit
[15:27] <jonsowman> Brace: :O
[15:27] <jonsowman> but the chips
[15:27] <jonsowman> there are so many of them
[15:27] <Brace> it's ok as far as greasy spoons go, but it's nothing amazing
[15:27] <jonsowman> lol
[15:27] <HixWork> are you mid wales then Brace?
[15:27] <Brace> South
[15:28] <Brace> it's about 1hr to Storey Arms carpark from my house
[15:28] JamieCH (Fighter140@cpc5-ches4-2-0-cust197.9-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:28] <HixWork> ok, may give you a shout next time i venture that way, see if you're up a wee clamber
[15:28] <Brace> nearest climbing is Ogmore, with Gower 45 mins away and Wye valley in an hour
[15:28] <HixWork> Gower is stunning
[15:28] <Brace> yeah
[15:28] <jonsowman> be back later
[15:28] <Brace> good climbing as well
[15:29] <UpuWork> cheers craag_M0DNY just testing it again here
[15:29] <UpuWork> its all squished up on the left
[15:29] <mattbrejza> :/
[15:30] <UpuWork> shift is 70 ?
[15:30] <mattbrejza> 425 or so
[15:30] <craag_M0DNY> 480
[15:30] <UpuWork> must be screwing it up when I play it back directly in dl-fldigi
[15:30] <mfa298> I'm wondering if there's something about the recording that means playback in dl-fldigi wasn't working well
[15:30] <craag_M0DNY> Peaks at 1300, 1800hz
[15:31] <HixWork> funny how that recorded decode worked out. last night I recorded my tracker on the laptop as i drive home, then decoded when i got back. saced the output and imported to xls as csv
[15:31] <mattbrejza> fldigi probably assumes a sample rate rather than what it actually is
[15:31] <MichaelC2> They are cutting it down
[15:31] <mfa298> UpuWork: I was seeing very similar playing it back in dl-fldigi
[15:31] Nick change: MichaelC2 -> MichaelC|Laptop
[15:32] <HixWork> UpuWork, did you hit RV?
[15:32] <HixWork> i got it first pass
[15:33] <G0DJA> UpuWork I tried to deciode it and couldn't either
[15:33] <mattbrejza> yea its just that fldigis playback assumes a sample rate rather than reading the actual sample rate and resampling as it needs
[15:33] <UpuWork> it chews up if you play it via dl-fldigi
[15:33] <mfa298> HixWork: interesting, did you use playback in dl-fldigi or were you using a different media player to play it back
[15:34] <UpuWork> never mind
[15:34] <G0DJA> tried the 'Playback' option in DL-FLDigi
[15:35] <craag_M0DNY> TIL there's a playback option in dl-fldigi..
[15:35] <HixWork> vlc mfa298
[15:35] <HixWork> even WMP works :/
[15:36] <HixWork> uh uh, reboot required
[15:36] HixWork (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[15:38] Nick change: craag_M0DNY -> craag
[15:39] <UpuWork> [15:31] <MichaelC2> They are cutting it down - seriously ? :)
[15:39] <GMT> they're curring down the tree!
[15:40] <GMT> cutting!
[15:41] <daveake> lol
[15:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> oh its down
[15:45] <fsphil> my nichrome cut-down now seems quite puny
[15:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> i got told 'they are cutting it down'
[15:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> a couple of minutes later 'it is done'
[15:45] <LazyLeopard> !
[15:45] <MichaelC|Laptop> gonna call them now
[15:45] <LazyLeopard> Strewth!
[15:46] HixWork (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:46] <mattbrejza> hab 2 - 0 tree recently
[15:47] <Geoff-G8DHE> The Southampton lot cut the tree down the other week - guy with a chainsaw came along ....
[15:47] seb__ (516e1fa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:48] <mattbrejza> so i hear
[15:48] <number10> thats was in a managed woodland - not some rich blokes landscaped garden
[15:48] <Geoff-G8DHE> There is a difference ?
[15:50] <GMT> the difference - one you ask befire you do it, the other you do it before you ask
[15:51] Gunsmoke (836f54c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:51] <daveake> lol
[15:51] seb__ (516e1fa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[15:52] <UpuWork> Ali just called me but the phone cut off
[15:53] <daveake> tree landed on him
[15:53] <UpuWork> Yeah just to confirm everything recovered including parachute
[15:53] <UpuWork> Dr Ali very happy
[15:54] <UpuWork> he says a massive thanks to everyone for helping
[15:54] <UpuWork> apparently the land owner just chopped the tree down for them
[15:54] <mattbrejza> i dont think it was actually someones garden in the end looking at google maps
[15:54] <UpuWork> it was
[15:54] <Geoff-G8DHE> Hope it didn't have a preservation order on it ;-)
[15:55] <mattbrejza> oh
[15:55] <UpuWork> when you pay close to a million for your house your garden may also include woods
[15:55] <fsphil> I'd love my own forest
[15:55] <HixWork> I'm thinking in that postcode aitht the land they seemed to have >1.5m
[15:56] <mattbrejza> o well, got it back
[15:56] <HixWork> I'd like keilder forest, no light pollution there
[15:56] <fsphil> could get a big hat and pretend to be Johnny Kingdom
[15:56] <daveake> woohoo
[15:57] <Geoff-G8DHE> Did we ever get the co-ords for the landing spot ?
[15:57] <GMT> I think that we need another page in the Wiki detailing what to take on the recovery - laptop + power cables, phone + power cables, scanner/rx + cables, antennas + cables, and so on!
[15:57] <HixWork> Was Johnny Kindgom half of canon and ball at some point
[15:57] <number10> yes
[15:57] <MichaelC|Laptop> Geoff-G8DHE: scroll off
[15:57] <number10> Geoff-G8DHE: 51.30038,-0.03619
[15:57] <MichaelC|Laptop> s/off/up
[15:57] <MichaelC|Laptop> or just ask number10. :P
[15:58] <Geoff-G8DHE> Ah yes it came in as moved from the Laptop having lunch to up here in the Shack!
[15:58] signaleleven (81f71fe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[15:58] signaleleven (81f71fe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:58] <Brace> GMT: make a standard launch checklist
[15:58] <number10> GMT: what we dont want at the recovery is power cables ... or trees :p
[15:59] <Brace> I've already started with a checklist
[15:59] <Brace> for my personal use
[15:59] <fsphil> 0. Bacon Butties
[15:59] <fsphil> 1. Duct Tape
[16:00] <mfa298> 2. Thermal Mug with Tea
[16:00] <HixWork> 2 Chef/ HP / Brown / Steak sauce
[16:00] <fsphil> nah, just HP
[16:00] Gunsmoke (836f54c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[16:01] <mfa298> sadly my fridge doesn't supply HP sauce.
[16:01] <mfa298> it's also lacking in Bacon
[16:01] Action: mfa298 grabs the shopping list
[16:02] <_markh_> Gunsmoke: Don't you have work to do...?
[16:05] MichaelC|Laptop (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[16:06] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-221-186.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
[16:07] <Brace> fsphil: but which gaffa tape exactly? got to be specific!
[16:07] <fsphil> not pink
[16:07] chrisstubbs (~chrisstub@host86-173-241-203.range86-173.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:07] <GMT> gott be Duct Tape - it's like 'The Force', it has a dark side and a light side, and it binds things together.
[16:10] <Brace> there's some really crap gaffa tape out there
[16:11] <Brace> you don't want to be out in the field with it ;)
[16:11] <fsphil> it's made of midichlorians?
[16:13] <mfa298> For getting decent gaffa tape I've seen the recommendation of looking at pro audio/lighting stores
[16:15] <Brace> Can't remember the name of the place, but somone linked a place starting with iirc 'C'
[16:15] <Brace> which had a good selection of gaffa tape
[16:15] <Brace> it was a pro audio place
[16:15] Nick change: cm13g09_ -> cm13g09
[16:16] <GMT> Comet?
[16:16] <craag> Canford?
[16:16] <Brace> craag: that's the place
[16:17] <Brace> http://www.canford.co.uk/ADHESIVE-TAPES
[16:17] <Brace> I like the blurb at the top of the page
[16:20] <gonzo__mob> the chat will come around to 19" wine racks again....
[16:20] <mfa298> only one downside on that site, they don't have pink gaffa for the people that like pink gaffa
[16:21] <gonzo__mob> they did do once
[16:21] <fsphil> nobody likes pink gaffa
[16:21] <fsphil> no-one
[16:21] <gonzo__mob> as a student we ordered a whole term supply a different colour each time
[16:22] <gonzo__mob> someone said pink as a joke
[16:22] <gonzo__mob> the purple was nice though
[16:23] <chrisstubbs> Ultratape do a very good wide PVC tape
[16:23] <chrisstubbs> its like gaffa meets electrical tape
[16:27] <HixWork> 8 track tape for the retro look
[16:27] <chrisstubbs> haha
[16:28] <HixWork> i got called a knob earlier for overwriting a shedload of CAD dat accidentally
[16:28] <HixWork> So IT guy goes to retrieve tape backup from last week
[16:28] <HixWork> and realises that he has used last weeks tape set for this weeks backups
[16:29] <HixWork> #lastlaugh
[16:29] <chrisstubbs> HixWork today has been one of those days...
[16:29] <HixWork> though gotta do the lot again :/
[16:29] <HixWork> quicker second time as they say
[16:30] <HixWork> oh chrisstubbs pikey fix for voltage divider on board works :)
[16:30] <chrisstubbs> ooo
[16:30] <HixWork> scored tracks and wire jumpers
[16:30] <HixWork> classy!!!
[16:30] Penfold_ (~mike@ left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[16:30] <chrisstubbs> you know how it works
[16:30] <HixWork> bit o' heath robinson always gives the pro look
[16:31] <chrisstubbs> i have a bad feeling if my NEO6 GPS dosent come im going to have to remake by board for MAX6
[16:31] <mfa298> as long as you can track it and recover it (or at least locate the tree its in) you're doing well
[16:31] <chrisstubbs> unless its the same footprint -the funny side bit. I doubt it though
[16:31] <HixWork> you could try the upside down wired technique as mentioned here last weekend
[16:32] <chrisstubbs> Yeahh could do, but the board looks kinda crap anyway and wasnt perfect. if it dosent come in the next week it wont be ready in time to fly and i will start again with some pro PCB's
[16:33] <HixWork> part of my environmental test plan is to gaffa it to the car and drive ~80/90 and see how windchill affects it
[16:33] <chrisstubbs> thats a pretty good idea actually
[16:33] <HixWork> get onto mitch sharpish then, he has no backlog currently
[16:33] <UpuWork> he will have this evening..
[16:33] <UpuWork> 5 boards going to him
[16:33] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 272 seconds
[16:33] <HixWork> heh you filling him up UpuWork
[16:34] <mfa298> just make sure you're not uploading data unless those speeds are km/h :p
[16:34] <chrisstubbs> Im in no rush for them
[16:34] <HixWork> mfa298, margin for error ;p
[16:34] Grumbleist (~Grumbleis@cpc8-camd13-2-0-cust233.hari.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Grumbleist
[16:35] <HixWork> though we do have a climatic test chamber at work that runs a -40 cycle
[16:35] <HixWork> it may be slotted into the next test
[16:35] <HixWork> provided it doesn't interfere with measument eqpt
[16:35] <chrisstubbs> Upu quick question: when you powercycle your RFM22b does the radio go quiet? pin SDN goes high but mine keeps transmitting....
[16:36] <UpuWork> is yours pulled down ?
[16:36] <chrisstubbs> nope it goes straight to the IO pin on the arduino
[16:37] <UpuWork> put a 10k on that down to GND
[16:37] <HixWork> chrisstubbs, thinking of attaching tracker to either kite or RC plane, you are near so may shout you to see if range works
[16:37] <UpuWork> it should go quiet
[16:37] <chrisstubbs> Ok thanks i will try that :)
[16:38] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) joined #highaltitude.
[16:38] <chrisstubbs> so i still put it low in software when the radio starts, then high when it power cycles?
[16:39] <chrisstubbs> HixWork, yeah go for it!
[16:40] <chrisstubbs> PM me your test site coords and i will check out LOS
[16:42] <HixWork> once i've got htings sorted, will do
[16:42] <HixWork> though may need to do from a local hill to get LOS
[16:43] <chrisstubbs> Hix i wrote a tool that can check it
[16:44] <chrisstubbs> Its on my server in a folder called maps/los/loscalctest/v1/WORKING/backup or somthing
[16:44] <chrisstubbs> usual backup procedure
[16:45] MichaelC2 (~quassel@phpbb/website/Unknown-Bliss) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[16:47] <HixWork> heh
[16:49] malgar (~malgar@ba-19-131-148.service.infuturo.it) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[16:54] <chrisstubbs> 10k resistor on, that was some lucky ground plane positioning
[16:55] KT5TK_QRL (~thomas@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:00] <griffonbot> @Mariano817: Muy contento con la 1er clase de comunicación social en. #Cusf interesante debate histórico. [http://twitter.com/Mariano817/status/316595475660808193]
[17:01] <griffonbot> @lolicri: RT @Mariano817: Muy contento con la 1er clase de comunicación social en. #Cusf interesante debate histórico. [http://twitter.com/lolicri/status/316595702543306753]
[17:01] gonzo__mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[17:01] <craag> :)
[17:01] <craag> I seem to have fixed FIZZLE's problems.
[17:02] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:02] <craag> Moving to pull-down on SDN, and delaying between resetting and trying to reconfigure the radio.
[17:03] <chrisstubbs> mine dosent transmit anything now :) yayyy
[17:03] <fsphil> interesting feature
[17:04] <craag> indeed
[17:04] <chrisstubbs> nope, working now. how odd
[17:04] <fsphil> stealth mode
[17:04] <craag> I think WASP got half-way there ;)
[17:04] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:04] <chrisstubbs> hah :)
[17:05] <Willdude123> Hi.
[17:05] <Willdude123> fsphil: Are ssdv images in dl-fldigi saved locally?
[17:06] <craag> Hi Willdude123
[17:06] <fsphil> Willdude123: not by default, but there is an option to
[17:06] Hiena (~boreger@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:11] M0TVU (d9290680@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:11] <M0TVU> Hello - need help
[17:12] <craag> Hi M0TVU
[17:13] <M0TVU> I have my 'transmitter' transmitting in ukhas protocol (almost) and I have downloaded dl-fldigi
[17:13] <M0TVU> I have setup my loctaion
[17:14] <M0TVU> I have my 817 listening to the rtty and connected to the pc sound card
[17:14] <M0TVU> what now?
[17:14] <craag> Ok, so you are decoding text in the yellow box?
[17:14] <M0TVU> I want to test if things are transmitting correctly
[17:14] <craag> Do you have two vertical lines in the waterfall?
[17:14] <M0TVU> No because I can't set the parameters
[17:14] <M0TVU> Yes
[17:15] <M0TVU> Yes I have waterfall with lines
[17:15] <craag> Right, how far apart are the lines, in Hz?
[17:15] <M0TVU> I can't set shift
[17:15] <M0TVU> I need it to be 170 and its 350
[17:15] <M0TVU> I autoconfugured from wasp
[17:15] <craag> Set it to custom
[17:15] <craag> Configure => Modems => RTTY
[17:15] <G0DJA> M0TVU yo need to set as 'Custom'
[17:16] <craag> Then select 'Custom' for shift
[17:16] <fsphil> 350 is a standard shift though
[17:16] <fsphil> you can pick it from the list
[17:16] <craag> fsphil: He wants 170.
[17:16] <fsphil> again with me failing to read :)
[17:16] <craag> No worries ;)
[17:16] <M0TVU> er .... I can't see a cutom anywhere
[17:17] <fsphil> custom is the very bottom of the list
[17:17] <G0DJA> You can select either 170 or 350 baud in the 'Carrier Shift' drop down as well
[17:17] <craag> M0TVU: Dropdown box for baud rate
[17:17] <craag> scratch that
[17:17] <craag> for 'Carrier Shift' as DJA says.
[17:17] <fsphil> custom baud rate would be cool
[17:17] <craag> indeed
[17:18] <M0TVU> I'm clearly missing something
[17:18] <craag> I'm trying to decide whether to switch FIZZLE to 300 at the moment, and wires got crossed.
[17:18] <fsphil> probably no point in 300 unless you've a lot of data to push
[17:18] <craag> fsphil: Flew with 600 last time :P
[17:19] <M0TVU> need to set 8n2 170
[17:19] <craag> M0TVU: Are you at the RTTY subtab, in the Modems tab, in the COnfiguration window?
[17:19] <G0DJA> M0TVU in FLDgi - look at top and click on the "Configure" option then click on "Modems" and that brings up a box with all the modes listed as tabs
[17:19] <G0DJA> Select "RTTY" and at the top of that selection area is 'Carrier Shift' selection drop down
[17:20] <Willdude123> M0TVU: Does it say RTTY in the bottom left of DL-fldigi?
[17:20] <M0TVU> Woo Hoo i'm seeing the data string
[17:20] <craag> M0TVU: :D
[17:20] <M0TVU> Ok so how can I now send ths data to the server and see the plot on the map?
[17:21] <Willdude123> I had a Woo Hoo I'm seeing the data string moment yesterday. :)
[17:21] <M0TVU> or is that not allowed for testing?
[17:21] <G0DJA> If you select "Custom" at the bottom of the list the arrows underneath (fast and slow change) lets you select your own shift - but 170 is already in the list anyway
[17:21] <craag> M0TVU: You need to create a payload doc on habitat that tells it how to parse our string.
[17:21] <craag> *your string.
[17:21] HixWork (~Hix@mail.cpowert.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[17:22] <M0TVU> Ah ok. - Data srtring is not right at the moment
[17:22] <craag> Yeah, you'll need at least $$TVU,1,...telemetry...*checksum
[17:23] <MichaelC> Who has op in here?
[17:24] <MichaelC> s/has op/access to make chanserv op them
[17:24] <G0DJA> M0TVU Click on "DL Client" in the top selection area and click on 'Configure' - then DL Client tab and make sure it is sending it to habitat.
[17:24] <M0TVU> Ok - i'm nearly there the data is getting all screwed up at the moment though. Worked fine til I converted it to UKHAS protocol - lol
[17:24] <Willdude123> MichaelC:Why?
[17:24] <G0DJA> In the section called "Enable" there's a box that needs to be ticked next to the habitat URL
[17:25] <M0TVU> I'll come back to this once I have the string correct. back laters
[17:25] <craag> M0TVU: cya!
[17:25] <Willdude123> If it's urgent type (exclamation mark)op and it'll notify some ops who have set that to be highlighted probably.
[17:26] <craag> hmm 300 baud looks slow :(
[17:26] <craag> but is probably more sensible
[17:33] number10 (51870a7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:33] <chrisstubbs> craag why not just 50 or 100,after faster updates?
[17:33] <mfa298> you could always upset people and change baude rate each sentence :p
[17:34] <chrisstubbs> increment the baudrate by 3 for each sentance
[17:34] <chrisstubbs> slowly screw with peoples minds
[17:34] <craag> chrisstubbs: lol
[17:35] <craag> 869MHz, got 100mW of power to play with. Just need more receivers!
[17:35] Morseman_ (~chatzilla@88-104-142-147.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:36] <chrisstubbs> where abouts are you planning to launch from?
[17:36] <craag> Erm well I was *hoping* to be able to piggyback on sharp again.
[17:37] <craag> But it looks like that's not happening.
[17:37] <craag> So no idea yet, til then, I'll just gps track my desk.
[17:37] Morseman (~chatzilla@88-97-37-189.dsl.zen.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[17:37] Nick change: Morseman_ -> Morseman
[17:37] <chrisstubbs> ahhhh man, if i didnt have such a small balloon i would offer someone to piggyback on mine
[17:38] <craag> My tracker is 35g including box and tape!
[17:38] <craag> I'll eventually put together a sane 434 tracker, and maybe try a pico launch with the two of them.
[17:39] <chrisstubbs> 350g baloon with my 400g payload
[17:39] <chrisstubbs> im not even sure this is going to fly :P
[17:39] <Morseman> mfa298 personally those payloads that change baud rate drive me nuts, :-)
[17:39] <craag> I think they drive a lot of people nuts.
[17:39] <jonsowman> they're fine
[17:39] <chrisstubbs> wow nice and light! i like the idea of pico though, seems much easier and cost effective
[17:40] <craag> You jsut have to run 2 copies of dl-fldigi though.
[17:40] <jonsowman> if only the decoder could auto-baud it would be a total non-issue
[17:40] <mattbrejza> yea blame fldigi
[17:40] <jonsowman> i usually do
[17:41] <mfa298> Morseman: that would be why there was a :p at the end. It wasn't that serious a suggestion.
[17:41] <mattbrejza> tbh it makes sense for craag to switch between baud rates to see what works best...
[17:41] <mattbrejza> being not tried before
[17:41] <mattbrejza> kinda
[17:42] <jonsowman> we should do a floater and have the baud rate should fall off exponentially with great circle distance
[17:42] <jonsowman> _that_ would be annoying
[17:42] <craag> jonsowman: lol
[17:42] <mattbrejza> well it makes sense to switch to 50 when it gets further away
[17:42] <mfa298> there could be some sense in changing baud rate based on height
[17:42] <chrisstubbs> could it send out a flag if it was going to shift baud, then let habitat update the autogonfigure stuff
[17:43] <chrisstubbs> or does autoconfigure only run once?
[17:43] <mattbrejza> or it could look and see if it has 50 or 300 data incoming
[17:43] <jonsowman> only runs when you hit autoconfigure
[17:43] <mattbrejza> its actually really easy to detect 50 when set to 300
[17:43] <mattbrejza> but not the other way round
[17:43] <jonsowman> indeed
[17:44] <jonsowman> tbh a good decoder along with a decent line code could recover the clock by itself
[17:45] <mattbrejza> seems a bit pointless redesigning the format for telemetry
[17:45] <mattbrejza> ssdv uses at least a RS code
[17:45] <jonsowman> well it is and it isn't
[17:45] <mattbrejza> but even that has the silly rs232 start/stop bit thing
[17:45] <jonsowman> rs232 encoding HAB telemetry is the worst idea ever
[17:46] <mattbrejza> well it probably saves some really badly timed payloads
[17:46] <jonsowman> haha
[17:47] <mfa298> I'm sure there are worse ways to encode the telemtry
[17:47] <craag> Was it a PSK31 tracker in poland that was heard in canada?
[17:48] signaleleven_ (81f71fe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:48] <jonsowman> PSK is incredibly noise resilient
[17:48] <chrisstubbs> after just trying 1200 baud, im deciding to stick with 50 for now :P
[17:48] <jonsowman> mfa298: not many spring to mind
[17:48] <craag> jonsowman: I've got a DDS chip on order, hoping to try PSKxx on 27MHz.
[17:48] <jonsowman> that'd be cool
[17:49] <jonsowman> it's about time someone tried some new modes
[17:49] <eroomde> PSKxx?
[17:49] <jonsowman> I would if I had time
[17:49] <eroomde> that's how PSK signs off text messages?
[17:49] <jonsowman> yes
[17:49] <craag> eroomde: PSK31/PSK63, haven't decided yet.
[17:49] <eroomde> sorry i was just being silly
[17:50] <craag> ah ok, i'm just being slow..
[17:50] <eroomde> QPSK!
[17:50] signaleleven (81f71fe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[17:50] <jonsowman> QAM!
[17:50] <craag> That as well
[17:50] <mattbrejza> QAM
[17:50] <craag> not QAM :|
[17:50] <mattbrejza> urgh
[17:50] <craag> yet..
[17:50] <mattbrejza> OFDM?
[17:51] <mattbrejza> DS-SS?
[17:51] <eroomde> RUNDMC?
[17:51] <craag> mattbrejza: oh god no
[17:51] <mfa298> I did start wondering about the options for some form of MFSK but I'm not sure if there's much benefit over FSK
[17:51] <jonsowman> are we just naming radio modes now
[17:51] <eroomde> I'm not
[17:51] <jonsowman> true
[17:51] <eroomde> mfa298: there is benefit
[17:51] <jonsowman> mfa298: 4FSK is lots better than 2FSK
[17:51] <eroomde> from a ber for a given power pov
[17:52] <eroomde> the more Ms the merrier
[17:52] _markh_ (~mark@wish-hq3.gotadsl.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[17:52] <jonsowman> dominoex/olivia etc
[17:53] <mfa298> I shall have to look again. I was mostly looking at the symbol rates and they didn't look that high although that was mostly for HF
[17:53] <craag> So what we really need is RTTY with 4/8 tones, and varicode characters, with optional RS coding maybe.
[17:53] <eroomde> though this assumes you're not too constrained by bandwidth
[17:53] <mattbrejza> turbo codes ftw
[17:53] <eroomde> but you're not really with 10kHz on an ntx2 to play with for a 10mW Tx
[17:53] <eroomde> tho 3khz bandpass on the radio audio...
[17:53] <craag> Just need 10KHz rx bandwidth :P
[17:54] mikewintermute (~mikewinte@46-64-78-213.zone15.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Quit: mikewintermute
[17:54] <craag> mattbrejza: turbo codes rule.
[17:54] <chrisstubbs> Thanks for the tip upuwork, radio seems to go off now :)
[17:54] <eroomde> with some assumptions^
[17:54] daveake (~daveake@host81-129-97-205.range81-129.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[17:56] <Upu> nps chrisstubbs
[17:57] <Morseman> My TS2000X allows up to 5kHz and the SDR can be set to wideband audio as well
[17:58] <mfa298> I think dl-fldigi is limited to just over 3KHZ
[17:58] <mfa298> although I'm not sure if that's just on rtty
[17:59] <craag> We'd dump dl-fldigi if we went for wide-bandwidth modes.
[17:59] <eroomde> lets use a whole MHz
[17:59] <eroomde> spread the 10mW
[17:59] <craag> eroomde: :D
[17:59] <eroomde> up it to 1W
[17:59] <eroomde> those hams would never notice spread spectrum
[17:59] <eroomde> no beardy complaints about repeater inputs
[17:59] <craag> lol
[17:59] <eroomde> that'll show 'em
[18:00] <mattbrejza> why jam just one input when you could jam every repeater input
[18:01] <mfa298> could try adding some sub audiable tones as well
[18:01] <eroomde> we can jam none of them
[18:01] <eroomde> we can hide in the noise
[18:01] <eroomde> not just hide in it
[18:02] <eroomde> BE THE NOISE
[18:02] <chrisstubbs> sweep it under the rug?
[18:02] <Upu> secondary user secondary user
[18:02] <eroomde> STEALTH USER
[18:03] <eroomde> we can code hop based on gps time
[18:03] <eroomde> it'll be the perfect crime
[18:03] <eroomde> check out my unintentional rhyme
[18:03] <mfa298> call the payload LPWS
[18:04] <mfa298> (http://www.laughingpoliceman.com/)
[18:05] ali__ (~ali@host81-152-69-218.range81-152.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:05] <chrisstubbs> Club for Unlicenced Naughty Telephony Stations hahaha
[18:05] <Upu> PG+13
[18:05] <ali__> hey Super UPU!!!!!
[18:05] <Upu> lol
[18:05] <Upu> not quiet
[18:05] <ali__> you ARE the DADDDY
[18:06] <Willdude123> We all need Upu from time to time.
[18:06] <eroomde> pm?
[18:06] <Upu> well technically so is dave, everyone who helped decode
[18:06] <ali__> thank you sooo much for your part
[18:06] <Upu> welcome glad you got it back
[18:06] <Upu> look forward to the tree felling pics
[18:06] <Willdude123> :-)
[18:07] <Willdude123> Were you decoding a recording?
[18:07] <ali__> and all this community. wow. pulled through, the kids loved it. and we have definately inspired some more geeks. yay!
[18:07] <Upu> long story hopefully Ali will write it up sometime but moral of the story a) Take a charger b) take a laptop
[18:08] <ali__> yes, so, in desperation, I thought "I know, how about I send a recording", so I called UPU, and he said "hey, how about you send a recording". Snap!
[18:08] <Willdude123> Cool.
[18:08] <ali__> well, the charger thing was not our fault. The mini bus had a charging socket, only it was broken!
[18:08] <Upu> a number of people decoded it wouldn't decode on mine
[18:09] <ali__> well, UKHAS is the winner!
[18:09] <ali__> thank you all.
[18:09] <ali__> so, upu, your lovely little gadget? :-)
[18:09] <Willdude123> It has some very nice people in.
[18:10] <Upu> yes ?
[18:10] <ali__> we need to talk
[18:10] <Upu> lol
[18:10] <Upu> thats Daves :)
[18:10] <ali__> hmm, we still need to talk :-)
[18:10] <Upu> later :) My dog needs a walk bbl
[18:10] <Willdude123> Like Upu, eroomd- and daveak-
[18:11] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[18:12] <ali__> I will send some quick pics after having some dinner. and I will write all this up, including the tree felling bit. Our motto is something like, "we will not leave a tree standing"
[18:12] <Morseman> Glad to hear BUZZ was retrieved
[18:12] malgar (~malgar@ba-19-131-148.service.infuturo.it) joined #highaltitude.
[18:12] <eroomde> that's the kind of motto we should put on the website
[18:12] <ali__> indeed, we all are!
[18:12] <chrisstubbs> Sounds like a good flight, sorry i wasnt at home to help track
[18:13] <chrisstubbs> looking forward to a write up though :)
[18:13] <Geoff-G8DHE> OK Pano and Object movie along with some other screen grabs and a couple of daveake launch photo's http://360.g8dhe.net/hab_flights/WASP-BUZZ/
[18:13] <ali__> me too, I would have loved to have watched it from home, but being there was super cool.
[18:13] <Morseman> How about "Need to get your payload back? Call the tree fellas" ;-)
[18:14] <ali__> nice
[18:15] <ali__> lovely picture of the launch, Geoff-G8DHE
[18:16] <Geoff-G8DHE> There Dave's actually he posted them here so I included them in the directory ;-)
[18:16] <griffonbot> Received email: Geoff Mather "[UKHAS] Re: Launch announcement: WASP-1, UK, 26th March"
[18:18] <Geoff-G8DHE> That's why he offered to Fly Buzz he knew you would need a Buzz Saw ...
[18:18] <ali__> oh dear :-s time for dinner
[18:19] <Geoff-G8DHE> Good point I need to stick mine in the oven! bbl
[18:25] <eroomde> curry tonight
[18:25] <eroomde> i need some spices to clear my sinuses of solder fumes
[18:27] mclane (~uli@p5B02F653.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[18:32] Action: LazyLeopard resurfaces...
[18:32] <cuddykid> are any of the WASP chase people here? If so - how did the app fair whilst tracking? I believe it's the first time it's been tested on a chase - any bugs?
[18:32] <LazyLeopard> Did they recover WASP-1?
[18:32] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Yup they cut down another tree.
[18:32] <LazyLeopard> O.O
[18:33] <LazyLeopard> How big a tree?
[18:33] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Not sure the Owner did it apparently!
[18:33] <Geoff-G8DHE_> It was a nice area, millionares row type ....
[18:33] <gonzo_> in 100's of yrs to come, school children will learn how hab was responsible for huge deforestation of the uk
[18:34] Action: LazyLeopard noticed... ;)
[18:34] <cuddykid> :)
[18:34] <gonzo_> it's an excuse for some firewood
[18:34] <GMT> you do realise that the next flight, if a tree doesn't get cut down, we're all gonna be very disappointed
[18:34] <LazyLeopard> Heh!
[18:34] <cuddykid> could have put the hexacopter to work to fish the payload out of the tree
[18:34] <Geoff-G8DHE_> The Southampton team who did the first one are flying again tomorrow to Friday!
[18:35] <gonzo_> a locally commanded cutdown
[18:35] <LazyLeopard> ;)
[18:35] <mfa298> Geoff-G8DHE_: I think it was a different Southampton team that had a tree cut down
[18:35] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Could you mount knife's on the rotor;s ?
[18:35] <Morseman> So will a chainsaw be added to the check list of equipment needed to launch and retrieve a payload?
[18:36] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Could be there were two of them as I recall
[18:36] <GMT> One of my mates has an explosives license; he should be on a recovery 'with his kit' ... could fell a tree in 3 seconds!
[18:38] <gonzo_> I still advocate a 12bore
[18:38] <Geoff-G8DHE_> <mfa298> Who are the two teams your way ?
[18:39] <mfa298> The southampton team who are hoping to fly soon are using a tracker built last year by a different group, where the payload is several times heavier than it probably needs to be and always seems to have issues when they fly it
[18:39] <gonzo_> though the payload could come down as confetti
[18:39] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:39] <mfa298> There's a couple of groups with the Uni (Blast/Sharp who are flying soon, and an out reach thing that mattbrejza is involved in)
[18:40] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Ah yes that was it wasn't it the Blast team who had the tree cut last time ?
[18:40] <mfa298> craag also does his own thing and I'm planning to.
[18:40] <craag> Geoff-G8DHE_: No, it was the Physics Outreach.
[18:41] <mfa298> I think it was mattbrejza's team that had the tree down
[18:41] seva (~seva@glivorem.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:41] <craag> Yeah mattbrejza does the physics outreach.
[18:41] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Oh right they seemed to fly on the same date as I recall, but it was a busy week with flights!
[18:41] <mfa298> I think Blast/Sharp landed in a tree last year and had a climber as part of the team
[18:42] <craag> Geoff-G8DHE_: It was Blast one afternoon, and POP (physics outreach project) the next morning!
[18:42] Action: mfa298 suspects there are too many payloads around southampton.
[18:42] <KT5TK_QRL> Reminds me of http://tkrahn.dyndns.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=7399&g2_page=10
[18:42] <Geoff-G8DHE_> No more the better ;-)
[18:43] <KT5TK_QRL> actually here it startshttp://tkrahn.dyndns.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=7399&g2_page=9
[18:43] <craag> sharp, alpha, pop, astra(can't remember callsign), fizzle - those are the ones i know of
[18:44] <craag> there would be vertigo and craag1, but I've managed to lose both :P
[18:44] <mfa298> craag: are you thinkign of picotex (i think thats what it was)
[18:44] <craag> mfa298: That's the one!
[18:49] <Geoff-G8DHE_> Nice way to climb the trees if you have the gear and practice!
[18:54] <x-f> Proton-M/SatMex_8 launch in 13 minutes - http://satmex8.imgondemand.com/
[18:59] Laurenceb__ (~Laurence@host86-129-129-203.range86-129.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:06] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-221-186.clienti.tiscali.it) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[19:06] <M0TVU> Calling all brainy people. Do I need the crc16 checksum in my code? - Why? - Does anyone know how to write it (not just call a library function) - I am doing this with a pic.
[19:07] <Upu> http://ukhas.org.uk/communication:protocol
[19:07] <Upu> http://www.nongnu.org/avr-libc/user-manual/group__util__crc.html#gaca726c22a1900f9bad52594c8846115f
[19:07] <Upu> afk]
[19:08] <KT5TK_QRL> http://mdfs.net/Info/Comp/Comms/CRC16.htm
[19:09] <eroomde> 'why?' - because it's a way of letting the receiver know if the message as got through uncorrupted
[19:09] <eroomde> lets say the receiver wants to send its position: '123N 456E'
[19:09] Babs (b0fc9100@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:09] <M0TVU> Ok so how does it work?
[19:10] <eroomde> but because of interference the receiver gets 124N 456E
[19:10] <M0TVU> yeah
[19:10] <eroomde> the receiver in this case has no idea its got an error, that data looks like data so it would just (erroneously) let it rhough
[19:10] <Morseman> Problem is, with long strings, missing one comma courupts the whole thing
[19:10] <M0TVU> yeah
[19:11] <fsphil> that's not a problem Morseman
[19:11] <fsphil> that's it working as intended :)
[19:11] <M0TVU> Makes sense
[19:11] <Morseman> It is if everything else was OK
[19:11] <fsphil> but the string is still wrong
[19:11] <eroomde> so a checksum is a number you can calculate based on a message
[19:11] <eroomde> and then the receiver uses the same algorithm on the message it receives, and checks that the checksum it calculates matches the checksum you sent
[19:11] <eroomde> and if it does, it means it has got the right message
[19:11] <M0TVU> Ok - so the length of the string or something like that
[19:12] <eroomde> (or rather, that it is incredibly likely to have got the right message)
[19:12] <M0TVU> Yeah - ok that makes sense
[19:12] <fsphil> content rather than length
[19:12] <M0TVU> Yes I understand
[19:12] <Geoff-G8DHE_> http://www.dattalo.com/technical/software/pic/crc.php does that help ?
[19:12] <eroomde> legnth might work but it would be fooled if you just got a changed character
[19:12] <eroomde> because the message would still be the same length
[19:13] <fsphil> the really simple ones just add all the characters, and send the lowest 8-bits of the sum
[19:13] <eroomde> so you need something a bit smarter, of which CRC16 is an example algorithm
[19:14] <M0TVU> I see so you put the string through a 'crc' routine which calculates a 'number' and you then add it to the end of the string...
[19:14] <eroomde> that's correct
[19:14] <M0TVU> Got it! - Ok off to write a crc routine - lol
[19:14] <fsphil> make sure you write the correct one :)
[19:14] <M0TVU> Thanks for all the links most helpful
[19:14] <fsphil> there are more than one 16-bit CRCs
[19:15] <M0TVU> Oh great - Its documented in the protocol document I take it
[19:15] <M0TVU> CRC16_CCITT - found it
[19:16] <Geoff-G8DHE_> PIC code on that link above as well as guides to writing & using them
[19:16] <M0TVU> This should be fun
[19:16] <M0TVU> Thanks Geoff - That looks very useful
[19:22] SP9UOB_Tom (~verox@matrix.verox.pl) joined #highaltitude.
[19:23] <SP9UOB_Tom> evening All
[19:23] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p5488B4F7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #highaltitude.
[19:23] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[19:23] <SP9UOB_Tom> Lunar_Lander: hello
[19:23] <SP9UOB_Tom> Lunar_Lander: how are You :)?
[19:23] <Lunar_Lander> ah OK, thanks and yoU?
[19:23] <Lunar_Lander> *you
[19:24] <SP9UOB_Tom> very well :-)
[19:24] daveake (~Dave@daveake.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:24] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[19:24] <Lunar_Lander> exam in quantum mechanics tomorrow
[19:25] <mclane> H*PSI = E* PSI?
[19:25] M0TVU (d9290680@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[19:25] <Lunar_Lander> yeah and more difficult stuff :P
[19:26] <mclane> (sorry, this is 30 yrs ago for me ;-)
[19:26] <Lunar_Lander> no problem :)
[19:26] <SP9UOB_Tom> Lunar_Lander: good luck !
[19:29] <Lunar_Lander> thanks
[19:35] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-221-186.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:45] mclane (~uli@p5B02F653.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Verlassend
[19:49] <fsphil> it's snowing again
[19:49] <fsphil> it's nice and all, and I really do like snow, but I kinda fancy spring now :)
[19:50] <SP9UOB_Tom> fsphil: we have -6 here
[19:50] <SP9UOB_Tom> celcius
[19:50] <fsphil> nice
[19:50] <fsphil> it's hovering around 0 here
[19:51] <fsphil> forecast doesn't show it getting much warmer for the next week
[19:51] <fsphil> actually colder
[19:53] <SP9UOB_Tom> fsphil: im suprised - -2 only by now (yesterday was -6) http://aprs.fi/weather/a/SP9UOB-4
[19:53] <fsphil> when (if) summer does hit, it's gonna be quite a shock :)
[19:54] <SP9UOB_Tom> fsphil: relax, we have globar warming (as You can see ;-)))
[19:54] <MichaelC> ali__: i've got all the pictures that got posted in here during the day and i videoed what was being streamed also. :)
[19:54] <MichaelC> Would love to see some pics/video of pulling the tree down though. ;)
[19:54] <SP9UOB_Tom> *global
[19:55] <fsphil> sadly global warming doesn't mean it'll get warmer here :) just more extermes
[19:55] <fsphil> extremes*
[19:55] <SP9UOB_Tom> fsphil: yes, i know
[20:00] <ali__> hi MichaelC, great job
[20:00] <ali__> bring them in tomorrow
[20:00] <MichaelC> Do we have a meeting tomorrow?
[20:00] <ali__> we've got a debrief meeting at 12:35
[20:01] <ali__> y, so bring all you've got
[20:01] <daveake> ali__ I hear you had to fell a tree :)
[20:01] <MichaelC> How long for as I need to go do some other stuff as well? I do way too much at that school ;)
[20:01] <ali__> hmmm, these are just rumors!!
[20:01] <daveake> What was up with the WASP tracker? Aerial not connected?
[20:01] <ali__> actually, we did
[20:02] <MichaelC> ali__: I hear it fell on you?
[20:02] <ali__> electric saw was used, it is true
[20:02] <ali__> not quite, i pulled some bits down, as they were being cut
[20:03] <ali__> daveake, btw, you were a superstar, thank you so much
[20:03] <daveake> ah np :)
[20:03] <ali__> we all really appreciate your input
[20:03] <daveake> ta :)
[20:04] <daveake> I'll have BUZZ back sometime )
[20:04] <MichaelC> ali__: Upu was extremely helpful on my end also. ;)
[20:04] <ali__> the live feed was so nice for so many people
[20:04] <daveake> Yeah it's a great thing to include
[20:04] <ali__> i know, i already told upu how wonderful he is
[20:04] <MichaelC> ali__: The head came in and saw it
[20:04] <MichaelC> hehe
[20:04] <ali__> daveake, what buzz?! you must be mistaken!
[20:05] <ali__> ;-)
[20:05] <daveake> :)
[20:05] <ali__> we'll have that shipped back asap
[20:05] <daveake> ta
[20:05] <daveake> and the yagi
[20:05] <daveake> :)
[20:05] <ali__> yes, for sure. tomorrow is the tidying up day
[20:05] <daveake> np
[20:06] <MichaelC> ali__: did the camera work and take the pictures (if you've had a chance to check)?
[20:06] <ali__> michaelc, by all accounts, you lot had a good time at school
[20:06] <ali__> just about to put up some photos, standby...
[20:06] <fsphil> sounds good
[20:07] <MichaelC> ali__: we had a great time. :) We were expecting to spend most of our time waiting around but that didn't happen by a long shot.
[20:07] <MichaelC> ali__: despite the cold did everyone at the launch & chase have a good time?
[20:11] JamieCH (Fighter140@cpc5-ches4-2-0-cust197.9-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 264 seconds
[20:14] lz1dev (~lz1dev@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:17] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:18] <ibanezmatt13> how do i run c programs on the raspberry pi? is there a program i can use to write c programs?
[20:19] <fsphil> you write them using a text editor (gedit, vim, emacs, ignore that last one)
[20:19] <fsphil> you then compile it with gcc
[20:19] <MichaelC> ibanezmatt13: You can write them on any computer using most IDEs/text editors.
[20:20] <ibanezmatt13> can the pi not compile them?
[20:20] <MichaelC> it could. It runs a watered down copy of debian. But depending on your program size it might strech processing power quite a bit
[20:21] <fsphil> gcc is a program that can run on the pi
[20:21] <fsphil> it compiles your text file into a program you can run
[20:21] <fsphil> assuming there are no mistakes :)
[20:21] <ibanezmatt13> i see. so is it sudo apt-get install gcc? and the same for the likes of vim and gedit
[20:22] <fsphil> yep
[20:22] <ibanezmatt13> thanks
[20:22] <fsphil> http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/compiling-c-program-and-creating-executable-file/
[20:23] WillDuckworth (~Laptop@host86-140-109-4.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:23] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[20:23] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:23] <ali__> http://www.flickr.com/photos/azzawi/sets/72157633094842039/
[20:24] <ibanezmatt13> which is better, vim or gedit?
[20:24] <ali__> only a few, there are sooo many more, but that give a flavour
[20:24] <Lunar_Lander> hm well gedit comes with ubuntu by default
[20:24] <fsphil> ibanezmatt13: try both
[20:24] <fsphil> see which you prefer
[20:25] <Upu> look good ali
[20:25] <ibanezmatt13> i will. thanks :-)
[20:25] <ali__> i know, we are ecstatic
[20:25] <ali__> mission accomplished
[20:25] <fsphil> that looks as cold as one of my launches
[20:25] <ali__> it was actually snowing
[20:25] <ali__> (not much, but it was)
[20:26] <ali__> http://www.flickr.com/photos/azzawi/8592480955/in/set-72157633094842039/
[20:26] <ali__> don't ask, what daveake and I were doing
[20:26] <ali__> behind the bushes
[20:26] <Lunar_Lander> ali__, I like the concept drawing which is the first picture in the album
[20:27] <ali__> thank you. glad that idea did not get lost :-)
[20:27] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[20:28] <Lunar_Lander> yay the trustworthy A490
[20:28] Action: fsphil checks for a comet in the pictures :)
[20:28] <Lunar_Lander> xD LIDL!
[20:29] <ali__> yep. it did the job. I like things that do the job. e.g. buzz!
[20:29] <fsphil> I was in a lidl on sunday
[20:29] <fsphil> didn't buy anything :p
[20:29] <mfa298> vim takes a bit of learning but it's very powerful.
[20:30] <mfa298> you might also have gvim (the power of vim with a gui)
[20:30] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[20:30] <mfa298> as for emacs I've heard that people either love vim, or love emacs. I've yet to meet an emacs user!
[20:32] WillDuckworth (~Laptop@host86-140-109-4.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[20:33] <fsphil> mfa298: you might have, but they don't like to admit it
[20:34] signaleleven_ (81f71fe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc:
[20:35] <mfa298> fsphil: always possible, although I've seen plenty of people using vim
[20:35] <MichaelC> ali__: how many pictures were taken per minute?
[20:35] <ali__> 7sec interval
[20:35] <MichaelC> as at one point it was spinning so we might be able to see that
[20:35] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[20:36] vladimirek (~vladimire@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[20:36] <MichaelC> ali__: but the photos look really good
[20:37] <ali__> y, good cam
[20:39] <Brace> mfa298: I use emacs
[20:39] <Brace> and nano
[20:41] <mfa298> Brace: very brave to admit to being an emacs user :p
[20:41] <fsphil> ah, we found one
[20:43] <Brace> mfai
[20:44] <Willdude123> I hate nano.
[20:45] <mfa298> learn to embrace the power of vim
[20:45] <Willdude123> Gedit is the best if you've a GUI.
[20:45] <Willdude123> Vim is best for SSH stuff.
[20:45] <mfa298> I started off with pico (similar to nano) and started hating it for coding.
[20:45] <Brace> tbh, I've used both quite a bit, there's not much between them
[20:46] <Brace> to an extent depends which you learnt first
[20:46] <mfa298> I don't use many linux machines with a gui installed
[20:46] <Brace> but most sane folk would just do as well with nano
[20:47] <mfa298> nano's a good starting point, nice and easy to use.
[20:48] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p5488B4F7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Quit: Verlassend
[20:48] <GMT> ali: how many pictures in total?
[20:49] <mfa298> and for emacs/vim i think a lot does come down to what you learnt first (and possibly what others around you use at least at the beginning)
[20:49] domlin (5772b0ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:49] <ali__> 1500 photos
[20:51] <MichaelC> ali__: nice
[20:51] <MichaelC> daveake: just tried re-downloading that zip file but they are all
[20:52] <MichaelC> there is nothing in there*
[20:52] <MichaelC> 22 bytes
[20:52] <daveake> I'll upload it again
[20:52] <MichaelC> thanks. :)
[20:52] <domlin> hai guys
[20:54] <MichaelC> dang. The recording of the stream of the launch is corrupt
[20:54] <chrisstubbs> evening dom
[20:54] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) joined #highaltitude.
[20:56] GMT (GMT@cpc15-haye15-2-0-cust426.17-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left #highaltitude.
[20:57] <MichaelC> Willdude123: Not a fan of full IDEs?
[20:57] <ali__> michaelc, can we not get a recording from the BAT chaps?
[20:59] <Upu> no its not stored locally
[21:00] <Upu> sorry
[21:00] <Upu> server side
[21:00] <MichaelC> ali__: was anyone filming on the ground directly (phones etc.?)
[21:00] <ali__> y, we had a vid cam all the time
[21:01] <MichaelC> oh great. We still have a vid of the launch then. :)
[21:01] LokisSword (5eabd030@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[21:01] <ali__> y, i asked the team to take vids with iphones etc.
[21:01] <ali__> so, there is plenty of footage
[21:05] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[21:08] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
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[21:16] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: cuddykid
[21:16] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[21:18] <ibanezmatt13> Hi. I am looking at using the serial ports on the Raspberry Pi for GPS and radio. However, everywhere I look, it says that the serial ports are disabled and that you have to go through a long winded process to 'free the UART.' Is this true?
[21:22] <craag> ibanezmatt13: No, you just have to stop the kernel from binding to the uart on startup
[21:22] <craag> It's actually quite simple
[21:22] <ibanezmatt13> how do you do that?
[21:22] <craag> Just looking it up..
[21:23] <ibanezmatt13> craag: thank you very much
[21:24] K9JKM (~chatzilla@c-67-184-171-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:25] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Ok, I think my notes are a bit out of date. But.. do you have a file at /boot/cmdline.txt?
[21:25] <ibanezmatt13> I'll check...
[21:26] <ibanezmatt13> i think so, how do I open it, nano?
[21:26] <craag> you'll need sudo nano
[21:27] <ibanezmatt13> ok, it's open
[21:27] <craag> Ok, is there a bit that says: console=ttyAMA0,115200 kgdboc=ttyAMA0,115200
[21:27] <ibanezmatt13> yep
[21:27] <craag> if so, delete just that text, just the bit I pasted above, not the rest of the line.
[21:28] <ibanezmatt13> ill do that now
[21:28] <Babs> Evening all - in my tracker code line reading sprintf(txBuffer, "$$BABSHAB,%u,%02u:%02u:%02d,%s,%s,%u,%u,%u,%i", record1.sequence_no, record1.hour, record1.minute, record1.second, trim(latString), trim(longString), record1.altitude1, record1.velocity, record1.sats,batteryvoltage);
[21:28] cuddykid (~acudworth@host-78-145-196-57.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:28] <Babs> I'm getting an output $$BABSHAB,273,21:08:31,51.46996,-0.19130,59,0,7,3487*8A45
[21:28] <ibanezmatt13> craag: done
[21:29] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Ok, you can save and close that file.
[21:29] <craag> THen sudo nano /etc/inittab
[21:29] <ibanezmatt13> ok ill do that now
[21:29] <Babs> Now, the *8A45 is the check digit, but is the 3487 my battery voltage? I could imagine it is in millivolts if it is, only I have 4 lithium cells going through it so would expect c.6000
[21:29] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[21:29] <ibanezmatt13> craag: ok
[21:29] <craag> ibanezmatt13: THere'll be a line mentioning 'ttyAMA0 115200'
[21:29] <ibanezmatt13> yep
[21:29] <Babs> Or am I simply not outputting a battery voltage, and the 3487*8A45 is the check digit?
[21:30] <Upu> hey Babs yes its battery voltage depends where you are feeding the battery voltage in
[21:30] <craag> Put a # at the front of the line, to comment it out.
[21:30] <ibanezmatt13> ok
[21:30] <Upu> where is it reading the battery voltage ?
[21:30] <Upu> might need calibrating
[21:30] <craag> ibanezmatt13: SO it should now be something like: #T0:23 .... ttyAMA0
[21:30] <Babs> Do you mean where in the code?
[21:31] <ibanezmatt13> craag: just a sec, I cant find it
[21:31] <Upu> yeah it must be reading the battery somewhere
[21:31] <craag> ibanezmatt13: You can do Ctl+w to open the find, then type: ttyAMA0 and press enter
[21:32] <ibanezmatt13> ok
[21:32] <ibanezmatt13> got it, so i comment it out
[21:32] <craag> Yeah
[21:32] <craag> then save the file
[21:32] <craag> and reboot
[21:32] <ibanezmatt13> where shall i insert the comment?
[21:33] <craag> just put a # at the start of the line
[21:33] <ibanezmatt13> ok
[21:33] <ibanezmatt13> file saved and rebooting
[21:33] <craag> if my instructions have been clear enough, the pi should reboot ok, and you'll have a free serial port on /dev/ttyAMA0!
[21:34] <Babs> UPU - its reading it off pin A2 on the uno
[21:34] <ibanezmatt13> excellent craag. Is there any way to test this? the pi has booted up ok
[21:34] <Upu> is the battery directly into A2 ?
[21:34] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Do you have a serial device around?
[21:34] <Upu> not via any resistors ?
[21:34] <craag> Or a USB <=> serial?
[21:34] <ibanezmatt13> i'm not sure, don't think so
[21:35] <craag> Well then not really I'm afraid, until you get an NTX2 or GPS!
[21:35] <Babs> No, battery is straight into the DC jack
[21:35] <ibanezmatt13> i have a dht22 temp and humidity sensor????
[21:35] <Upu> what is the voltage coming in ?
[21:36] <ibanezmatt13> i guess that's not serial
[21:36] <craag> ibanezmatt13: No, that wouldn't work.
[21:36] <craag> Now you've deleted those bits, you have a serial port, and can try it out as soon as you get a device.
[21:36] <ibanezmatt13> ok, I think I'll be ok. I'll save up and buy the GPS in the next week or so hopefully
[21:36] <craag> :)
[21:36] <ibanezmatt13> thanks craag
[21:36] <Babs> 6.23V across the jack
[21:37] <craag> no problem.
[21:37] <Upu> ok well the maximum voltage the Uno can read is 5V I think
[21:37] <Upu> so you may need to make a small resistor divider
[21:37] <Babs> Will it drive the NTX2 and the uno off 2 or 3 cells? I notice a few people doing that with the nano
[21:38] <Upu> Nano is 3.3v
[21:38] <ibanezmatt13> also, I've been looking at the example code for one of the Ublox GPS devices. http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:ublox6 Because it's in C, it's like sight reading arabic for the first time for me :\
[21:38] <ibanezmatt13> I'm focusing on the hardware serial part
[21:39] <Upu> NTX2 will run from 3V min I think
[21:39] <Upu> Uno won't
[21:39] <craag> ibanezmatt13: I've done some python code talking to the ublox
[21:39] <craag> It's a little hard to understand
[21:40] <craag> But it's here: https://github.com/thecraag/mobile-aprs/blob/master/beacon-scripts/beacon_uart.py#L86
[21:40] <Babs> I guess a resistor popping out a bit of heat in the package won't do the thing much arm in terms of keeping some warmth in the box anyway so maybe I shouldn't worry.
[21:40] <ibanezmatt13> really, I find python far easier to understand that C seen as I've been using Python for over 3 years
[21:40] <Babs> harm not arm
[21:40] <ibanezmatt13> thank you very much craag.
[21:41] <Upu> then you may need to scale the input from A2
[21:42] <ibanezmatt13> craag: when you import everything, are all of them modules already installed with Python on the Pi?
[21:42] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:42] <craag> ibanezmatt13: What I mean is that it does some hack-y threaded stuff (you probably know more about that than me), and uses PUBX strings to talk to the GPS (proprietary strings found in the datasheet).
[21:43] <craag> ibanezmatt13: I think I had to install pyserial seperately.
[21:43] <ibanezmatt13> i see. it looks a lot easier to read than the C example, but it still takes some getting your head round
[21:43] <ibanezmatt13> is that sudo apt-get install pyserial
[21:44] M0TVU (d9290680@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[21:44] <ibanezmatt13> there's quite a bit of code there...
[21:44] <M0TVU> Evening
[21:45] <ibanezmatt13> craag: how often is that program grabbing info from the GPS in seconds
[21:45] <ibanezmatt13> ?
[21:45] <M0TVU> Having loads of fun coding the crc-16 at the moment. Just about got my head around it now I think.
[21:46] <M0TVU> Can't get it to compile - i'll have another go tomorrow night
[21:46] <M0TVU> Are there any youtube videos of wasp/buzz today?
[21:47] <craag> ibanezmatt13: once per second i think
[21:47] <Babs> Thanks Anthony
[21:47] <ibanezmatt13> wow. It's a lot more complicated than I thought...
[21:48] <craag> ibanezmatt13: No it isn't. give me a minute (phone)
[21:48] <ibanezmatt13> ok, thanks craag
[21:48] Hiena (~boreger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[21:52] <Willdude123> ibanezmatt13- You can use something called pip which will let you install most python libraries.
[21:52] SP9UOB_Tom (~verox@matrix.verox.pl) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[21:53] <ibanezmatt13> thanks Willdude123
[21:53] <Willdude123> Also, I suggest with your webcam code, you only import the functions from the modules , because it will speed it up a little.
[21:53] Babs (b0fc9100@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:53] <Willdude123> It might have pyserial on there.
[21:54] <Willdude123> Yeah, it does.
[21:54] <ibanezmatt13> brilliant
[21:54] <Willdude123> sudo apt-get python-pip
[21:54] <Willdude123> sudo pip install pyserial
[21:54] SP9UOB_Tom (~verox@matrix.verox.pl) joined #highaltitude.
[21:55] <ibanezmatt13> Willdude123: I'll try that
[21:55] <ibanezmatt13> sudo apt-get python-pip didnt work
[21:56] <Willdude123> I'll check that. It might be called something else for the package name.
[21:56] <ibanezmatt13> thanks
[21:57] <Willdude123> What's the error?
[21:57] daveake (~Dave@daveake.plus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[21:57] <ibanezmatt13> no such operation
[21:57] <Willdude123> Oh it's apt-get insta
[21:57] <Willdude123> *install
[21:57] <ibanezmatt13> ah of course.
[21:57] <Willdude123> sudo apt-get install python-pip
[21:57] <ibanezmatt13> success!
[21:58] <Willdude123> I shouldn't give you more suggestions, you are probably more competent in python than I, as you said you'd been doing it for 3 years (and you're older than me).
[21:59] SP9UOB_Tom (~verox@matrix.verox.pl) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[21:59] <Willdude123> Did it work?
[21:59] <ibanezmatt13> indeed it did, thanks
[21:59] <craag> ibanezmatt13: You should jsut be able to run 'sudo apt-get install python-pyserial'
[22:00] <ibanezmatt13> i didn't know that
[22:00] <ibanezmatt13> I'll try that out as well
[22:00] <ibanezmatt13> craag: I've printed off that code to get a better look so I can annotate parts of it
[22:01] <craag> ibanezmatt13: You can ignore 95% of it
[22:01] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[22:01] <craag> It's for APRS (amateur Radio) position tracking
[22:01] ibanezmatt13 (568c0e73@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[22:01] <ibanezmatt13> sorry, lost connection then
[22:02] <craag> < craag> It's for APRS (amateur Radio) position tracking
[22:02] <Willdude123> (illegal here)
[22:02] <craag> yeah
[22:02] <ibanezmatt13> illegal?
[22:02] <craag> The main bit of note is at line 86
[22:02] <Willdude123> Of com bans airborne APRS communication.
[22:03] <Willdude123> *ofcom damn spell check.
[22:03] <ibanezmatt13> can we still use the Ublox gps
[22:03] <craag> ibanezmatt13: yes
[22:03] <craag> At line 86 it sets up the gps
[22:03] <craag> Then line 87 - 92 sets up the gps
[22:03] <ibanezmatt13> the code is not lined, how does it start?
[22:04] <craag> Ah, the first bit of GpsPoller()
[22:04] <ibanezmatt13> i see
[22:05] <Willdude123> Is this rtty code?
[22:05] <craag> Willdude123: It is not.
[22:05] <craag> It just uses the ublox gps on the raspberry pi serial port with python
[22:05] <Willdude123> Oh cool.
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[22:06] <ibanezmatt13> so if I wired the ublox gps up to my Pi and tried this code, you reckon it would work? Of course, I'm going to rewrite my own anyway to help me understand it
[22:06] <craag> ibanezmatt13: Then the 'def run(self)' part then polls the gps for position
[22:06] <ibanezmatt13> ok :)
[22:07] <craag> the 'self.ser.write("command")' sends a command to the gps
[22:08] <ibanezmatt13> ok
[22:08] <craag> The data is then read in with 'self.ser.readline()'
[22:08] <ibanezmatt13> ok
[22:08] <ibanezmatt13> im taking notes
[22:11] <craag> 'self.ser' should be substituted with a standard variable name when not used in a class.
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[22:12] <ibanezmatt13> craag: I thank you very much for your help, I really do appreciate it. I must go now unfortunately but I would love to continue this some time. I'll have a look at the code again tomorrow. Thanks craag! :)
[22:12] <craag> ibanezmatt13: No worries! cya.
[22:12] <ibanezmatt13> :)
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[22:12] <mfa298> Willdude123: it's not so much that APRS is illegal airborne but that the standard frequency for it in the EU requires an amateur license and you can't use an amateur license airborne. It would be legal to use APRS on an ISM frequency but there's not much point in doing it as you don't have the network of listeners
[22:13] <Randomskk> also APRS uses a modulation technique that works worse for ISM band strict power requirements
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[22:21] <fsphil> also the protocol would drive you insane
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[23:08] <Willdude123> I feel like watching a HAB video, anyone know any good ones?
[23:21] <griffonbot> Received email: gonzo_ "[UKHAS] Viasala Sondes free to a good home"
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