[00:00] <Dan-K2VOL> astrodog that's not really true, the model includes a lot of information from the ocean/land surface, as they siginificantly affect weather
[00:00] <Dan-K2VOL> interesting: http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/changes/
[00:00] <Lunar_Lander> OK daveake I was trying to recreate a arduino uno on perfboard wanted to power it off a lipoly, thus I got a stepup that I had left over and that sparkfun doesn't sell anymore
[00:01] <Lunar_Lander> I had everything soldered up and also a green LED directly tied (with resistor of course) to the power rail I made
[00:01] <Lunar_Lander> then I wanted to test it without the chip in place
[00:01] <astrodog> Dan: What I mean is that a model that was run 6 hours ago will be, generally, off by, at the very least, how things have moved in that time. Given that... you might be able to correct GFS to current conditions.
[00:01] <Randomskk> astrodog: the models try and do that
[00:01] <Lunar_Lander> well, connected 2 AA batteries and LED didn't light, tested with the multimeter and the output was 1.5 V
[00:02] <Randomskk> as in, the model published at 0000Z isn't a snapshot
[00:02] <Randomskk> but instead a two week forecast
[00:02] <Lunar_Lander> then I turned the board around and the stepup was burning hot
[00:02] <Randomskk> so they track how they expect things to move in that time
[00:02] <Dan-K2VOL> the GFS provides predicted weather (and system movement) for 192 hours into the future
[00:02] <astrodog> Why not use a shorter term model?
[00:02] <Lunar_Lander> I actually didn't watch the pins when turning over for soldering and connected the input to GND and the GND pin to the VCC
[00:03] <Dan-K2VOL> there are many models, long and short term. The GFS is very accurate in the short term and globally available freely
[00:03] <Dan-K2VOL> interesting page here showing when the models have had insufficient input data: http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/nwprod/realtime/
[00:03] <Upu> too late for that here Dan-K2VOL :)
[00:04] <Dan-K2VOL> lol
[00:04] <Lunar_Lander> daveake, that was my new stupidiest champion moment
[00:05] <Upu> anyway
[00:05] <daveake> It wins against some stifff competition
[00:05] <Upu> we had a laugh
[00:05] <Upu> and I thought the lauch was one of the smoothest we've done
[00:05] <Lunar_Lander> and I just learned that it has a max current of 100 mA
[00:05] <Lunar_Lander> and that SD cards can use up to 100 mA
[00:06] <Lunar_Lander> means the stepup is pretty underdimensioned
[00:06] <daveake> And we learnt what a 5kg neck lift feels like
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[00:07] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[00:07] <Dan-K2VOL> look at this chart - they had a severe shortage of weather balloon data yesterday http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/nwprod/realtime/gfs/t00z/gfs.012.gif
[00:07] <Dan-K2VOL> well, not severe, but significant
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[00:07] <Upu> could that have an effect ?
[00:07] <astrodog> Interesting. I wonder if they post the locations for that.
[00:07] <Dan-K2VOL> sure
[00:07] <astrodog> Upu: Fewer data points... absolutely.
[00:07] <Dan-K2VOL> possibly, they're very open about it
[00:08] <daveake> We should send them our data :D
[00:08] <Upu> I'll mention it as a possibility
[00:08] <astrodog> Dan: Lemme see if I can find their coverage. I could lay that on the other map.
[00:08] <Dan-K2VOL> RAOBF stands for rawinsonde fixed base (on land)
[00:08] <Upu> anyway bed time for me had a long day
[00:08] <Upu> daveake should be ok as he snoozed in the pub
[00:08] <Dan-K2VOL> night upu!
[00:09] <daveake> nn seeya tomorrow
[00:09] <Upu> night all
[00:09] <daveake> I just closed my eyes :D
[00:10] <Dan-K2VOL> nice chart here that shows the time of day the launch 175 balloons: http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/nwprod/realtime/rap/t23z/rap.011.gif
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> daveake, good night :)
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> btw
[00:12] <daveake> nn
[00:12] <Dan-K2VOL> night daveake
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> I don't want to close my eyes
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> I don't want to fall asleep
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> cause I miss you baby
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> and I don't wanna miss a thing
[00:12] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[00:12] <daveake> will monsters jump out at you?
[00:12] <astrodog> Dan: Interesting. It doesn't look like NOAA launches them to cover Europe.
[00:13] <Lunar_Lander> hopefully not
[00:13] <Dan-K2VOL> no, I know they get space data for the rest of the planet, but I'm not sure if they get the rawinsonde data from european daily launches
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[00:14] <Lunar_Lander> I think they exchange data around the globe
[00:14] Nick change: arko_ -> arko
[00:14] <astrodog> Lunar: They cover part of Aus. from Somoa.
[00:14] <Lunar_Lander> I am just assuming that
[00:14] <Lunar_Lander> ?
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[00:20] <Dan-K2VOL> oh my
[00:20] <Dan-K2VOL> yes they take data from EVERYWHERE
[00:21] <Dan-K2VOL> look at this: http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/gdas/station/global/index_vert.html
[00:21] <Dan-K2VOL> and choose W221(Pibl WIND)
[00:22] <Dan-K2VOL> then View
[00:22] <astrodog> Interesting... it looks like the US Navy's NOGAPS system ties in with GFS now.
[00:24] <astrodog> https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/wxmap_cgi/cgi-bin/wxmap_single.cgi?area=gfs_europe2&dtg=2012120100&prod=w30&tau=000&set=All
[00:26] <astrodog> It would appear that GFS was off by a few hours. NOGAPS picked it up... but the reverse seems to be just as likely.
[00:26] <Dan-K2VOL> wow choosing W220 or T120 shows the staggering global amount of (presumably) daily weather balloon flights
[00:27] <Randomskk> crazy isn't it
[00:28] <astrodog> Dan: I wonder what the predictor would look like with the NOGAPS data.
[00:28] <niftylettuce> hey all \o
[00:28] <Dan-K2VOL> that's available in the ensemble forecasts, but that's copyrighted
[00:29] <Dan-K2VOL> love copyrights
[00:29] <niftylettuce> so what's latest and greatest, new going on here? i been out for a bit :)
[00:29] <niftylettuce> anyone flying an MQ-9 Reaper Fiber Glass model :)?
[00:29] <astrodog> Dan: NOGAPS can't be.
[00:29] <astrodog> It'd be under the same regs as GFS.
[00:29] <Dan-K2VOL> you can take public domain data and include it in copyrighted material
[00:30] <Dan-K2VOL> look at all the books people sell with shakespeare in it
[00:30] <astrodog> Dan: I think the Navy publishes NOGAPS.
[00:34] <astrodog> Hey, they do. That's slick... you can get a KML.
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[00:35] <Dan-K2VOL> what you need is a global forecast data file
[00:40] <astrodog> http://www.usgodae.org/ftp/outgoing/fnmoc/models/nogaps/latest_data/ That, or?
[00:40] <Dan-K2VOL> yeah just found that
[00:41] <astrodog> It looks like they're a bit higher resolution... but worse at predicting severe weather, compared to GFS.
[00:42] Action: SpeedEvil idly wonders about DIY gpgpu weather
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[00:50] <astrodog> Dan: Think that one might be useful?
[00:50] <Dan-K2VOL> will require a lot of investigating
[00:51] M0NSA (~HeliosFA@requiem.soton.gia-lan.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[00:53] <astrodog> It looks like they source the data very differently... which makes the corrolation between the models particularly interesting.
[00:53] <Dan-K2VOL> probably would be interesting to overlay as a second path
[00:56] <SpeedEvil> http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=no&u=http://om.yr.no/verdata/grib/&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dyr.no%2Bgrib%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26client%3Dtablet-android-asus-nexus%26tbo%3Dd%26rlz%3D1Y3NDUG_enGB499GB499%26biw%3D600%26bih%3D398&sa=X&ei=-qa6UMXKFYe50QX8n4GgCA&ved=0CDIQ7gEwAA
[00:56] <SpeedEvil> data from yr.no
[00:56] <SpeedEvil> I'm unsure how this compared
[00:56] <SpeedEvil> compares
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[01:00] <astrodog> It looks like the most useful part of NOGAPS might be to fill in the time gaps between GFS runs.
[01:08] <astrodog> It also looks like their COAMPS model might be applicable... it's, aparently, possible to run COAMPS on your own.
[01:09] <astrodog> http://www.nrlmry.navy.mil/coamps-web/web/view?spg=5
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[01:43] <highanddry>
[01:44] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
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[01:58] <Lunar_Lander> Soyuz launch imminent http://www.arianespace.tv/
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[02:01] <nayr> sweet, night time too
[02:02] <Lunar_Lander> one minute
[02:03] <Lunar_Lander> liftoff
[02:04] <Darkside> damn, missed iy
[02:06] <Lunar_Lander> reached space
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[02:59] <Lunar_Lander> mission sucessful
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[03:11] <highanddry>
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[03:59] <arko> evening
[04:06] <natrium42> hey arko
[04:06] <arko> wassup
[04:06] <natrium42> was reading backlog for the early morning launches
[04:06] <natrium42> weird about the predictions being off by that much
[04:06] <arko> oh i missed those
[04:07] <arko> was it a different rise/fall rate?
[04:07] Dan-K2VOL1 (Dan-K2VOL@60.sub-70-192-79.myvzw.com) left #highaltitude.
[04:07] <arko> balloon pressure?
[04:07] <natrium42> nope, they were on the spot
[04:07] <natrium42> perhaps winds changed earlier than expected
[04:07] <arko> intersting
[04:07] <arko> did they do an hourly prediction to see how it would change?
[04:08] <natrium42> not sure
[04:08] <arko> hmm
[04:08] <arko> where do you usually launch btw?
[04:08] <arko> im in LA so i get like the mohave
[04:08] <arko> and it usually ends up in arizona
[04:08] <arko> some how
[04:09] <natrium42> my launches were all in southern ontario, canada
[04:10] <natrium42> but i am in the san francisco bay area now
[04:10] <arko> oh
[04:10] <arko> ok
[04:10] <arko> i thought you were in sf, heh makes sense now
[04:10] <natrium42> actually was thinking about doing a launch here
[04:10] <arko> you have mountains east though
[04:10] <natrium42> yeah
[04:10] <arko> same with us down here
[04:11] <arko> some of them are actually accessable
[04:11] <natrium42> dropping a glider would be nice
[04:11] <arko> always wanted to try that
[04:12] <natrium42> :)
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[04:23] <arko> finally dry
[04:23] <arko> started raining 10 minutes into this parade down my street
[04:23] <arko> cool thing was the mars EDL team was in the parade
[04:25] <arko> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXb8kbWTLZU
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[08:00] <Upu> morning
[08:01] <Darkside> hey Upu
[08:01] <Upu> needed that sleep
[08:01] <mclane> hello upu
[08:02] <Upu> wouldn't mind getting some feed back as to the 100 baud
[08:02] daveake (~Dave@daveake.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[08:02] <Upu> I'll send a mail round
[08:02] <Upu> ah morning daveake
[08:02] <Upu> you're late I've been up hours
[08:03] <daveake> sure
[08:03] <Upu> [08:00] <Upu> morning
[08:03] <Upu> [08:02] * daveake has joined #highaltitude
[08:03] <daveake> lol
[08:04] <daveake> knackered
[08:04] <Upu> I feel great tbh , had a really good nights sleep
[08:08] <arko> really cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zxkL65WItwA
[08:27] <griffonbot> Received email: Postbotenamt "Re: [UKHAS] Fogging Camera Lenses - Problem?"
[08:27] <griffonbot> Received email: Justin Maynard "Re: [UKHAS] Re: Fogging Camera Lenses - Problem?"
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[08:52] <griffonbot> Received email: Anthony Stirk "[UKHAS] Sea 3 - UKHAS 0"
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[09:47] <nosebleedkt> hi
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[09:57] <LazyLeopard> Hmmm... Yesterday seems to have been a day for dropping balloons into the sea...
[09:57] Action: LazyLeopard was helping run an Intermediate course, and missed the lot...
[10:05] <jcoxon> morning all
[10:07] <LazyLeopard> hiya
[10:10] Action: jcoxon has got his solarpowered aprs beacon working
[10:11] <LazyLeopard> Cool ;)
[10:13] bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) joined #highaltitude.
[10:14] <fsphil> good time of the year for it ;)
[10:15] <LazyLeopard> blinkin' freezin' 'ere this morning!
[10:16] <fsphil> lovely frost here- covering everything
[10:16] <fsphil> no sign of any snow
[10:17] rmp (~rmp@host-92-16-152-136.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[10:17] <LazyLeopard> No sign of any cloud at the moment. Frost everywhere. Glad I'm not planning to drive anywhere, as the car's got a thick coating of frost...
[10:18] vladimirek (~vladimire@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:21] Jess-- (51a81682@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:22] <jcoxon> yeah, might have to wait a bit to launch it
[10:22] <jcoxon> :-p
[10:24] <jcoxon> fsphil, basically its a 3.7v panel, into 0.5F super cap and then a lipower step up to 5v
[10:24] <jcoxon> can manage a packet every 2 mins
[10:24] <fsphil> that's better than I expected
[10:25] <fsphil> are you measuring the voltage of the cap to know when to transmit?
[10:25] <jcoxon> currently not
[10:26] <jcoxon> a 'full' cap will give us about 3 packets
[10:26] <jcoxon> before fully discharged
[10:27] rmp (~rmp@host-92-16-152-136.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: rmp
[10:28] <fsphil> is that powering a gps too?
[10:28] <jcoxon> bo
[10:28] <jcoxon> no*
[10:29] <jcoxon> so the thinking would be to have this in addition to a pico payload on lithiums
[10:29] <fsphil> good idea
[10:30] <fsphil> store the coordinates in eeprom
[10:31] <jcoxon> and the aprs would only operate during the day
[10:36] <jcoxon> interesting discussion about callsigns in aprs abroad
[10:37] <fsphil> yes. the aprs field is very small
[10:37] <jcoxon> i guess you could use your own call but put the adapted one in the comment
[10:37] <jcoxon> as its packet you'll get all teh string or nothing
[10:41] Jess-- (51a81682@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[10:42] <number10> jcoxon: my rough PIC pico http://imgur.com/a/GtQZU
[10:42] <fsphil> yea. there's zero change of changing anything to do with the packet format
[10:43] <fsphil> we're stuck with that forever
[10:48] RG_LZ1DEV (~lz1dev@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:50] <Darkside> number10: wow
[10:51] <number10> its a bit rough round the edges as I chopped bits off after - but he it works
[10:51] <Darkside> hehe
[10:51] <Darkside> http://journeyjottings.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Australia_in_countries.jpg
[10:51] <Darkside> fsphil: ^
[10:51] <number10> it is BIG
[10:52] <number10> what %age of people live round the coast
[10:52] <Darkside> 98%
[10:52] <Darkside> or somethign like that
[10:52] <Darkside> maybe a bit less, but its the vast majority
[10:53] <Darkside> as of 2001, 85% of australians lives within 50km of the coast
[10:54] <fsphil> it really is that big
[10:54] <fsphil> it took ages to cross it at 580km/h
[10:56] guest294 (7963fe4c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[11:10] <number10> Upu: was tracking truss all the way up, but was shifting too much after burst. so switched to roll
[11:11] <Upu> well it was in the tail of the truss which was probably all over the place
[11:12] <number10> must have been spinning a quite a bit
[11:12] G8DHE (5d61a0c6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:13] <number10> looks like I got top tracker - not bad for a bit of wire on the end of a fishing pole
[11:13] navrac (navrac@navsys.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[11:14] <Upu> indeed
[11:14] <number10> was too cold and wet to go out and put the watson up
[11:16] <Upu> wet ?
[11:16] <Upu> was a lovely crisp day where we were
[11:17] <daveake> Just a shame we didn't land at number10's as usual
[11:18] <daveake> s/s a/s, a/
[11:22] <number10> lol, was horrible here - freezing and then it chucked it down surprised there was no snow
[11:27] gonzo_mob (~gonzo_mob@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:29] <astrodog> Well... at least some useful data came out of the LOHAN thing.
[11:30] <fsphil> just had a brief bit of snow here, now it's raining
[11:33] <jcoxon> astrodog, :-)
[11:33] <jcoxon> are flights are usually a little more interesting
[11:34] <jcoxon> e.g. high altitude floats
[11:34] <gonzo_mob> was there a launch this morn?
[11:34] <astrodog> You know... it might be possible to divine some of what they were looking to figure out just from the telemetry data. (Things like temperature, and stability, anyway)
[11:35] <jcoxon> astrodog, you'll want this
[11:35] <jcoxon> http://habitat.habhub.org/ept/
[11:35] <jcoxon> gonzo_mob, not that i'm aware of
[11:36] <Upu> the sea has claimed enough for this weekend gonzo___
[11:37] <gonzo_mob> yep it must be well fed now
[11:37] <astrodog> jcoxon: I've got it. I was wondering if anyone happened to catch what the exact frequencies, etc. were, compared to what they had configured it to be. Then at least, they'd know if the heater worked. *grin*
[11:37] <astrodog> From what I gathered yesterday... the sea has a nasty tendency to do this sort of thing.
[11:37] <gonzo_mob> just seem to recall a mention of an early morn flight
[11:38] <Upu> that was BOB & PROM yesterday
[11:39] <gonzo_mob> ok. thd weekend is turning into a bit of a blur. losing track of days
[11:40] daveake (~Dave@daveake.plus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
[11:41] <LazyLeopard> Ended up in the sea?
[11:42] <LazyLeopard> ...a bit like yesterday's payloads...
[11:43] <jcoxon> astrodog, the next version of dl-fldigi will upload the freq
[11:43] <jcoxon> but no one is running that yet
[11:44] <number10> jcoxon: has anyone tried chase car pos with latest fldigi on windows
[11:44] <astrodog> jcoxon, Ah.
[11:45] <jcoxon> number10, not sure
[11:45] <number10> with my gps current version doesnt work - looked at the gps output with putty is ok - would be nice if it did work
[11:48] <jcoxon> not sure then
[11:48] <jcoxon> can't debug that myself
[11:52] qwerty (d9a900d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[12:01] Hiena (~boreger@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:07] <jcoxon> ping fsphil
[12:10] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[12:15] <fsphil> pong jcoxon
[12:16] <jcoxon> in the aprs packet that we use, whats the bit at the end
[12:16] <jcoxon> |%s|
[12:17] <fsphil> that's for telemetry
[12:17] <fsphil> not needed if you're not using that
[12:17] <jcoxon> xastir interprets this as just a comment
[12:17] <Darkside> thats th aprs.fi telemetry thing isnt it?
[12:17] <Darkside> jcoxon: yeah, its aprs.fi specific i think
[12:17] <fsphil> yea
[12:17] <jcoxon> M6JCX-11>APRS,WIDE1-1:!/4.ITN`b,O /A=118108|!"|EA/M6JCX
[12:17] <fsphil> it's data embedded in the comment
[12:18] <jcoxon> i see
[12:18] <jcoxon> so i can put something after it
[12:18] <jcoxon> like i have
[12:18] <fsphil> yes I believe so
[12:19] <jcoxon> great
[12:19] royth (d578668a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:19] <jcoxon> fsphil, is yours and nigey's swift code still around?
[12:19] <fsphil> yep, it's up at https://github.com/ProjectSwift/swift
[12:21] <jcoxon> do you have code for switching calls depending on which country you are over
[12:22] <fsphil> don't -- there's code to detect if inside the UK but nothing else
[12:22] <fsphil> if the borders of other countries was available, it would be simple to add support for that though
[12:23] <fsphil> it's stored as an array of coordinates
[12:23] <jcoxon> i see
[12:23] <jcoxon> the function just works out if you are inside or outside it
[12:23] <fsphil> yes
[12:23] <fsphil> you pass a coordinate, and it returns true or false
[12:25] <fsphil> that's in geofence.c
[12:27] nbt (~nbt@unaffiliated/nbt) joined #highaltitude.
[12:28] <oh7lzb> aprsis32 decodes that base91 comment telemetry, too.
[12:28] <oh7lzb> So not completely aprs.fi specific.
[12:29] <oh7lzb> Should put it in xastir at some point.
[12:29] <jcoxon> oh7lzb, cool
[12:31] royth (d578668a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[12:35] zamabe (~zamabe@unaffiliated/zamabe) left irc: Quit: The privilege of any man is the ability to deny limitation. Don't let gravity hold you down.
[12:40] <oh7lzb> It has a sequence number too, which can be used by the receiver to detect out-of-order / delayed packets.
[12:40] <oh7lzb> APRS lacks one, which is rather unfortunate.
[12:42] nbt (~nbt@unaffiliated/nbt) left irc: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
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[13:11] <mfa298> jcoxon: number10: reading scrollback, I'd tried windows dl-fldigi with gps a while back with no luck either. Hadn't got much further with testing to prove if the issue was the software or user generated.
[13:13] mclane (~mclane@p5DD165F6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
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[13:40] <x-f> apparently it still works on the Mac version as i got on the map :]
[13:48] Laurenceb_ (~Laurence@host86-178-5-134.range86-178.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:57] sennet (b0fa043d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:57] <sennet> costyn: yn
[13:57] <sennet> hiya all
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[14:13] daveake (~Dave@cpc2-lock3-2-0-cust838.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[14:27] <griffonbot> Received email: David Akerman "[UKHAS] Re: Sea 3 - UKHAS 0"
[14:27] LunarLander (5adf943c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:29] <RG_LZ1DEV> lol
[14:29] <fsphil> arrrhab
[14:34] DMDeck16 (~xchat@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:35] testing123456 (6de0848d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:35] <Upu> oh that reminds me
[14:35] <Upu> claiming the lightest payload :)
[14:36] <daveake> lol
[14:36] testing123456 (6de0848d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[14:37] <fsphil> conveniently the evidence was destroyed
[14:37] <daveake> :D
[14:37] <Upu> take your conspiracy theories to the reg forums non believe
[14:37] <Upu> believer
[14:37] <Upu> btw there is potty mouth Upu on that video
[14:37] <Upu> declaring "shit" when I realised I was out of wireless range
[14:38] <daveake> :)
[14:46] <RG_LZ1DEV> is there any particular reason for fldigi not supporting ax25?
[14:46] Ozone (563f2138@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:46] <fsphil> there is/was code in the development branch for it
[14:50] daveake (~Dave@cpc2-lock3-2-0-cust838.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[14:50] daveake (~Dave@cpc2-lock3-2-0-cust838.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:53] <RG_LZ1DEV> github?
[14:53] <fsphil> it's still there anyway, just compiled it
[14:53] <fsphil> http://developer.berlios.de/git/?group_id=9149
[14:53] <fsphil> it's listed as Packet
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[15:24] Lunar_Lander (~gd-compto@p548831CD.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[15:24] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[15:25] <jaapie> Are we there yet?
[15:25] LunarLander (5adf943c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[15:26] <Lunar_Lander> oh dear, another "swim back to the shore" landing?
[15:26] <Lunar_Lander> and who the **** is LunarLander?
[15:27] <Lunar_Lander> does anybody here come from Wokingham?
[15:27] <jaapie> Hmm did those crazy Brits remember to provision a chase vehicle that floats?
[15:27] <Lunar_Lander> cause that is were the IP comes from
[15:28] <Upu> us crazy brits sure did
[15:28] <Upu> http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveake/8235320620/in/set-72157632136764003
[15:28] <Lunar_Lander> hi Upu
[15:28] <Upu> afternoon Lunar
[15:28] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:29] <Lunar_Lander> who was the fake Lunar?
[15:29] <Lunar_Lander> as I said IP seems to come from Wokingham
[15:29] <jaapie> That looks like a sweet ride to take out oh the channel ;)
[15:29] <daveake> How do we know he's the fake one?
[15:29] <daveake> Did he show up during a flight??
[15:29] <Lunar_Lander> cause the IP was from England and not Germany
[15:29] <Upu> lol
[15:31] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:31] <staylo> After that 15 year legal battle against Atari you'd think people would think twice before stealing your name ;)
[15:32] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:32] <Lunar_Lander> damn identity theft
[15:32] <Lunar_Lander> why me
[15:32] <Lunar_Lander> why does the crap always hit me
[15:32] <Lunar_Lander> :(
[15:32] <staylo> must be the low gravity
[15:33] <daveake> 1202 error
[15:34] <Lunar_Lander> oh nice the same guy seems to have been here yesterday too
[15:35] <jaapie> So Identity Theft is *not* the sincerest form of flattery?
[15:36] <Laurenceb_> http://www.sky-probe.com/products.html
[15:37] mclane (~mclane@p5DD165F6.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Verlassend
[15:38] <Lunar_Lander> yea well
[15:38] <Lunar_Lander> I think we can't really do anything against that strange guy
[15:39] <Lunar_Lander> just crappy to have another source of worry
[15:39] <Upu> why does that worry you Lunar ?
[15:39] <Lunar_Lander> well if he claims to be me and makes strange statements people could think that it would be me or so
[15:40] <staylo> That is a very real danger
[15:40] <staylo> But he's kept quiet so far :)
[15:40] <Upu> don't worry Lunar we know the type of strange statements you come out with so we will be able to tell the differnece
[15:41] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:41] <staylo> Perhaps you could arrange a code word
[15:41] <Upu> imagine XD
[15:42] daveake (~Dave@cpc2-lock3-2-0-cust838.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[15:44] <Lunar_Lander> maybe he chose the name by chance
[15:44] <jaapie> Will the BBC be covering this?
[15:44] NickSF (027bc91d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:44] <Upu> unlikely
[15:45] <gb73d> http://www.southgatearc.org/news/december2012/end_of_the_world_transatlantic_balloon_attempt.htm#.ULt3puRNVj4
[15:46] <gb73d> 1 4 the diary
[15:48] <Lunar_Lander> btw
[15:49] <Lunar_Lander> do you think dave's payloads can return to the shore like BUZZ did back then?
[15:49] <astrodog> Upu: I was wondering... do people regularly do HAB flights with the camera pointed down?
[15:49] <Lunar_Lander> some 4 km from the beach
[15:49] <Upu> not so often no
[15:50] <Upu> no Lunar its probably not coming back
[15:50] <Lunar_Lander> :(
[15:50] <Lunar_Lander> yea and we got falling tide at the moment as well
[15:50] <Lunar_Lander> :(
[15:50] <astrodog> If they get lucky, it'll wash up tomorrow or the day after.
[15:50] <astrodog> If we don't see it in a week or so... it's in for a very long trip, most likely.
[15:51] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:51] <Lunar_Lander> I know of two occasions where payloads were found from the sea
[15:51] <Lunar_Lander> Apex III in Holland
[15:51] <Lunar_Lander> and one of eroomde's payloads I think in Denmark or so
[15:51] <astrodog> The model gives it a 65% shot of washing up near Southsea. Depends on which way the tide is going when it crosses the inlet.
[15:52] <Lunar_Lander> do you have a model of the sea so to speak?
[15:52] g0hww (~g0hww@46-18-104-230.static.vivaciti.org) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[15:52] <Lunar_Lander> you mentioned something like that yesterday
[15:52] <astrodog> Lunar: Yes, though it's not very good for that area.
[15:52] <DMDeck16> hmm, furthest I've got to launching a high-altitude payload was building a potato canon
[15:52] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[15:53] <Lunar_Lander> DMDeck16, XD
[15:53] <astrodog> ~1km resolution on the currents.
[15:53] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:53] diffrient (~diffrient@host86-142-201-123.range86-142.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:53] <Lunar_Lander> and it's 4 km from the shore
[15:53] <Lunar_Lander> so yea that is not that good
[15:53] <Lunar_Lander> for a small space like that
[15:53] <astrodog> For the model's purposes... that actually helps. The closer it is to shore, the less accurate my model is going to be.
[15:53] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[15:54] <astrodog> (Because I don't have a chart for that area... so I'm stuck looking at very large trends)
[15:54] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[15:55] <astrodog> Upu: Something came up with a client recently, that I think this sort of thing could actually help with a lot.
[15:55] <Lunar_Lander> in other news, last night a Soyuz launched the european dual-purpose earth observation satellite Pleiades 1B successfully into orbit
[15:56] <jaapie> So what are the odds of recovery?
[15:57] <astrodog> jaapie: The odds of it washing up near Southsea are around 65%, the odds of recovering it from there... *shrug*
[15:58] <jaapie> Oh well, the ongoing recovery effort can be fodder for discussion/speculation going forward!
[15:58] <Upu> low to nil
[15:59] <Upu> big sea
[15:59] <Upu> small box
[15:59] <astrodog> I do think some of what they were trying to figure out can be extrapolated from the telemetry, though. For example, we know the heater didn't burst into flame.
[15:59] <astrodog> :P
[15:59] <Upu> helpful :)
[15:59] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[16:00] <Upu> I await Lesters write up
[16:00] <Lunar_Lander> astrodog, earlier I watched the last but one ariane 5 launch and when the tracking station in brazil acquired the signal, the commentator said "We were just picked up by our tracking station over the Border in Brazil, and they're reciving telemetry. What's telemetry?"
[16:00] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[16:00] <astrodog> Lunar: Heh.
[16:01] <jaapie> Perhaps if you published a reward offer involving T shirts Lego and Beer some fisherman might turn it in?
[16:01] <Lunar_Lander> (the standalone question is funny, but he was actually addressing his co-host)
[16:01] <astrodog> Upu: Using the battery information, it might be possible to extrapolate a bit more, since you can work out the draw, and temperature.
[16:01] <number10> Upu: did daveake learn any boat negotiating skills from lester - sound like it would be useful ;)
[16:01] <Upu> lol basically to negotiate the hire of a boat
[16:01] <number10> yes
[16:01] <Upu> you pull out a wad of £10's
[16:01] <Upu> and waft towards your boat
[16:02] <number10> ah thats how its done - must remind daveake to take plenty of dosh next time I launch with him
[16:02] <astrodog> Upu: On the imagery thing, though... do you know of any particular flights that have done it, and how it went?
[16:02] <Upu> pointing down ?
[16:02] <astrodog> Yeah.
[16:02] <Upu> been a while since I've seen one, most people point sideways
[16:03] <Lunar_Lander> nosebleedkt in Greece had a 0.3 MP camera module pointing down
[16:03] <Lunar_Lander> and a normal Canon camera sideways
[16:03] <number10> astrodog: CUSH have done some pointing down - I know they did a gopro on the last joey flight
[16:03] <number10> CUSF
[16:03] <Upu> right afk cooking
[16:03] <astrodog> A few clients of mine are trying to get... daily imagery of activity within a 10 square mile area.... without paying SPOT the tens of thousands of dollars it'd take. It occurred to me last night that HAB might be a good solution for them.
[16:06] <number10> this is a pause of the gopro >30km above stansted from their flight http://i.imgur.com/2Prsx.jpg
[16:06] <astrodog> Interesting.... any idea what lens/camera they were using?
[16:07] <number10> it was from the gopro movie paused - so is not meant to be a still
[16:07] LunarLander (5adf943c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:08] <astrodog> number10: Has anyone tried getting imagery this way?
[16:08] diffrient (diffrient@host86-142-201-123.range86-142.btcentralplus.com) left #highaltitude.
[16:08] <astrodog> (And, if not... anyone want to take a shot, and figure out what it'd cost to try? :P)
[16:08] <number10> what, of specific landmarks?
[16:08] <number10> or areas?
[16:08] <number10> well I am not sure
[16:09] Arbition (Arbition@compsci.adl/treasurer/arbition) left irc: Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.
[16:09] <number10> as you can see from this weeks flights - they do not always go exactly where predicted
[16:10] <astrodog> That's kind of what I figured, but even if it required multiple launches... it's still much, much cheaper than SPOT.
[16:10] <Lunar_Lander> astrodog, SPOT or Pleiades?
[16:10] <astrodog> I would imagine it'd be set up like a SPOT tasking.... IE, "Here's the footprint we want to cover, at X resolution".
[16:10] g0hww (~g0hww@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:11] <astrodog> Currently, they use SPOT tasking, or aircraft.
[16:11] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[16:11] <DMDeck16> this was doing the rounds the other week, made me chuckle "Felix Baumgartner has just found the ball from Chris Waddle's penalty in World Cup 1990"
[16:11] <astrodog> Both of which run about 5k per run.
[16:12] <astrodog> (And must be prepaid... so you're paying even if you just get pictures of clouds.)
[16:12] <number10> I think no one has risked sending up an SLR pointing down. I know one of the BBC launches that steve did had a good camera pointing to the horizon
[16:12] <astrodog> By overinflating the balloon... you can reduce the burst altitude, right?
[16:14] Arbition (Arbition@compsci.adl/treasurer/arbition) joined #highaltitude.
[16:14] <x-f> yes, or use a smaller balloon
[16:14] <x-f> or both
[16:14] <RG_LZ1DEV> smaller balloon would be cheaper
[16:14] <x-f> or a cutdown
[16:14] <astrodog> Huh. What would be involved in trying it? No idea what the regs for this sort of thing are. :\
[16:15] <Lunar_Lander> astrodog, hm
[16:15] <Lunar_Lander> and I think a Pleiades run would be even more expensive?
[16:15] <Lunar_Lander> as they explained yesterday how it can do even better imagery and stuff
[16:16] <astrodog> Yeah.
[16:16] <astrodog> You also have to commit to a huge area if you're looking for specific tasking.
[16:16] Spindrift (~brian@vodsl-9863.vo.lu) joined #highaltitude.
[16:17] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[16:19] <Lunar_Lander> hello Spindrift
[16:19] <Spindrift> Hello
[16:19] <x-f> astrodog, if you are in the US, regulations are fairly free, if your payload is under 4 kg (iirc), you don't need a NOTAM from FAA or anything
[16:19] <number10> you need to find a launch site and try to get permission to launch, and hope that the weather good. so getting all these to happen to take photos of a particular area would be difficult
[16:20] <astrodog> number10: The wonders of oil and gas... they'd have an array of possible surface locations to launch from.
[16:21] <number10> ah - I was late into the converation - so didnt realise who may be wanting to do it
[16:21] <Lunar_Lander> Spindrift, you are from Luxemburg?
[16:21] <astrodog> number10: The idea is to get daily imagery of their competitor's prospects.
[16:22] <number10> overlan or sea?
[16:22] <Spindrift> Yes, I'm in Luxembourg.
[16:22] <number10> d
[16:22] <astrodog> number: Generally, land.
[16:23] <x-f> an autonomous spyplane could be a more reliable thing :)
[16:23] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[16:23] <number10> silly me -
[16:23] bert__ (3e3117ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:23] <Lunar_Lander> LUX is quite underrepresented in HAB yet
[16:23] <astrodog> x-f: That'd be cool, but very regulated. *grin*
[16:23] <Lunar_Lander> there was only one launch by a german team afaik so far
[16:24] <Spindrift> I'm from England originally, London but I moved around a bit. 8-)
[16:24] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[16:24] <Spindrift> I'm just a casual fan. I was wondering what happened to Lohan.
[16:24] <Spindrift> The Lohan test I mean.
[16:24] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[16:25] <Lunar_Lander> landed near Brighton in the sea
[16:25] <Spindrift> Splashdown
[16:25] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[16:25] <Spindrift> Tricky recovery
[16:25] <DMDeck16> any idea what alt it reached?
[16:26] <astrodog> So... any thoughts on what would be involved in testing this to see if a balloon can get them the kind of imagery they're looking for?
[16:26] <number10> DMDeck16: 27378m
[16:27] <DMDeck16> nice
[16:28] <Spindrift> Got to go now but I'll be back. This is an interesting channel. Bye all.
[16:28] <DMDeck16> adios
[16:28] Spindrift (~brian@vodsl-9863.vo.lu) left irc: Quit: Spindrift
[16:29] <number10> astrodog: was late in the coversation, so not sure of the imagery they are looking for - all you need is a standard payload with a slightly different arrangement of the antenna and as expesive a camera you are prepared to loose - with maybe having to modify it
[16:30] <number10> for battery and automation of pictures
[16:30] bert__ (3e3117ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[16:30] <astrodog> *nod*
[16:31] <astrodog> number10: Any thoughts on who here might be convinced to do it, if I'd cover the expense? :P
[16:31] <number10> quite a few people
[16:31] <number10> infact if you email the group you will get several responses
[16:34] <astrodog> I'll need to do some math to figure out what sort of camera would be involved, but I think it might be worth doing, after looking at just how much money goes into SPOT and friends.
[16:36] <number10> having ssid that - you are probably not talking about UK launch so I guess there are other complications and you may not get as much interest
[16:36] <number10> said
[16:37] <DMDeck16> heh, you been configuring things/
[16:37] <astrodog> number: In coming up with the demo bits... where that launch occurs wouldn't matter too much.
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[16:46] poit (c6a4d387@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:46] <SpeedEvil> you really want a stable platform
[16:46] <SpeedEvil> which is annoying
[16:47] poit (c6a4d387@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
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[16:47] <astrodog> Speed: That's kind of what I was thinking. The difficulty would be in setting up the platform for the camera.
[16:47] <SpeedEvil> otherwise spinning screwa your resolution
[16:47] guest___ (630abef1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:48] <SpeedEvil> edmoore did a stabilised platform
[16:49] <astrodog> It'd be pretty easy to work out a maximum spin rate, at a given resolution.
[16:50] <SpeedEvil> indeed
[16:51] <astrodog> You could also, depending on the strip size... get away with being quite a bit lower than 30km.
[16:51] <SpeedEvil> a couple of small servos, a mechanical damper to keep the spin under control, a mems gyro, and you're about done
[16:51] <SpeedEvil> indeed
[16:54] UPu2 (~Upu@2a00:14f0:e028:0:c195:3b03:9144:a926) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:59] <astrodog> It looks like APEX did something similar.
[16:59] <SpeedEvil> there are a couple of ways
[17:00] <SpeedEvil> either you point a camera straight down, and have some drag devices to kill spin
[17:00] <SpeedEvil> or actively aim
[17:01] <astrodog> It seems like it may be possible to prove the concept with a downward pointing camera... then go from there.
[17:01] <SpeedEvil> indeed
[17:01] guest___ (630abef1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:02] <SpeedEvil> much of the problems with spin of currentnhabs are exacerbated by pointing the camera sideways which is pretty
[17:02] <astrodog> *nod*
[17:02] <SpeedEvil> but does not generate good ground images
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[17:13] <astrodog> It looks like APEX II did this sort of thing, with a smaller camera payload.
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[17:19] <number10> i think that one landed at sea if I remember
[17:19] <number10> or was that 3
[17:19] <astrodog> APEX III did, yeah.
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[17:59] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[18:01] <astrodog> Hey there
[18:02] <jcoxon> hey astrodog
[18:02] SamSilver (2985f4d6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[18:02] <jcoxon> been thinking about your idea about monitor a particular area
[18:04] <navrac> lol - i just got back and read about that - gets you thinking doesnt it!
[18:04] <jcoxon> you'd of course be at the mercy of the winds
[18:05] <jcoxon> could you counter that with some degree of propulsion
[18:05] <navrac> yep - but with a large possible area of launch sites
[18:05] <jcoxon> basically airship it
[18:05] <navrac> yep - thatswhatcrossed my mind- a small blimp
[18:05] <Lunar_Lander> just had to reset my firefox as it became unbearably slow for some reason
[18:05] <SpeedEvil> airships fall under the UAV regs
[18:06] <SpeedEvil> which are considerably nasty to authorise
[18:06] <jcoxon> well i suspect this is somewhere distant
[18:06] <SpeedEvil> an
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[18:08] <navrac> if its for an oil company I suspect permissions wouldntbe an issue
[18:09] <jcoxon> indeed
[18:10] <jcoxon> what alt would you fly it at?
[18:15] <navrac> lower the better. I was thinking that it could be done quite cheaply with balloons and use a 2.4 /5.8ghz downlink at 1fps
[18:16] <navrac> could get quite hires images and use a rotating camera mount + x/y and transmitter assembly, you could make it quite cheap and disposable
[18:22] <jcoxon> true
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[18:35] <astrodog> Ideally... it'd be high enough to not be obviously observed. The thing that occurs to me with propelled devices like airships is the UAV fun. It'd probably be cheaper to launch a large number of unpowered balloons, that try to navigate those regs.
[18:35] <astrodog> *than
[18:45] Brok (d99bc06a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[18:51] <navrac> @{jcoxon - you still around?
[18:52] <navrac> hi astrodog, your question gotmethinking - I was playing with a similar project a few months back
[18:52] <navrac> ping @jcoxon
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[19:06] <astrodog> navrac: It's an interesting problem.
[19:07] <astrodog> From what I can tell... an airship is a better technical solution but the regulatory environment makes a balloon preferable.
[19:08] <navrac> yep, not impossible though. I was looking at video downlinks from balloons a few months back - got as far as testing some cheap circuitry to achieve it and to get rid of the spin - but ran out of time to fly it.
[19:09] <navrac> its pencilled in next year after relay balloons and controlling float height
[19:09] <astrodog> For what we're looking at... we could actually get away with high-res stills. The idea being to provide daily imagery over the smaller footprint.
[19:10] <navrac> I was using the video link as a cheap way of sending images down. possibly by takingahires and then sending it as sequential frames
[19:11] <astrodog> Ah, gotcha.
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[19:11] <astrodog> It'd be easy enough to normally get them that way... but record to SD/CF so that you can snag them "conventionally" if the downlink fails, too.
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[19:36] Nick change: UPu2 -> Upu
[19:37] <navrac> hi upu
[19:37] <Upu> hello
[19:37] <navrac> sounded fun yesterday
[19:37] <Upu> heh
[19:37] <Upu> nice day out to the South coast :)
[19:37] <Upu> I quiet enjoyed it
[19:37] <navrac> 100baud was interesting
[19:38] <Upu> bit of a shame not recovering the payload but thats the chance you take
[19:38] <Upu> how did you find it ?
[19:39] <navrac> I stillreckon that ship went to it - the confidante - it steamed up to the last known position 10 mins after it came down and then steamed back
[19:39] <navrac> not asgood as 50 baud near the horizon - and didnt seem much better than 300baud
[19:40] <Upu> fair enough I'll scrap it for next time
[19:40] <Upu> also the antenna was ideal, on purpose
[19:40] <Upu> http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/shipdetails.aspx?MMSI=235052172
[19:40] <Upu> I'll mail Lester
[19:41] cuddykid (~acudworth@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:41] <navrac> I lost it a lot higher than i expected - still had good signal was so suprised
[19:41] <navrac> whats that site you postimages to?
[19:41] <navrac> imagebin
[19:41] <navrac> oneminute
[19:42] Network_Noadle (5218f86c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:42] <Upu> imgur
[19:43] <Upu> no limit unlike imagebin
[19:43] <navrac> http://imgur.com/bopdq
[19:43] <Upu> what was the last position of the balloon ?
[19:43] <Upu> hang on
[19:43] <navrac> http://imgur.com/leSry
[19:44] <navrac> seethe bit on the top right where it goes off for a wander? the last position is in the loop formed by the end of thetrack
[19:44] <navrac> I kept both coords - hold on
[19:45] <navrac> 50.7223 === 50.7266
[19:45] <navrac> -0.3083 === -0.30235
[19:46] <navrac> one is the balloon last position - the other is where the confidante steamedto
[19:46] <Upu> 500 meters away
[19:46] <Upu> shit
[19:47] <navrac> yep but it only showed the position at the turn of the ship - couldnt get the closest position accuratly
[19:48] mclane (~mclane@p5DD165F6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[19:48] <navrac> on the screen grab the coords displayed i think arethe end of the turn - from what i could seewheni wastracking it turned round thepayload
[19:49] <Upu> right I've mailed Lester
[19:49] <Upu> ball in his court now
[19:49] <Upu> that would be insanely epic if they picked it up
[19:49] <Upu> however it did have phone numbers on
[19:49] <Upu> so you would have expected a call
[19:49] <navrac> would have thought so
[19:50] <navrac> it just seemed strange to seeit shootofftowardsthepayload landing spot then steam straight back
[19:50] <navrac> must fix the space bar
[19:50] <Upu> it was a survey ship as well
[19:50] <Upu> lol
[19:51] <Upu> going to reverse engineer an RFM 22B this week
[19:51] <Upu> the circuit
[19:51] <navrac> its a direct nick out of the application note - look for the one with the rf switch in it
[19:52] <navrac> i think its the one called pa matching or similar
[19:53] <Upu> http://www.hoperf.com/rf/fsk/RFM22B.htm
[19:54] <navrac> ive probably got it downloaded - one moment
[19:56] NickSF (027bc91d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[19:57] <navrac> theyve changed the site - where are all the anxxx datasheets gone
[19:59] <Upu> anyway I claimed the lightest payload on ARHAB :)
[19:59] <navrac> well done!
[19:59] <navrac> ah si4432 has the exampoles
[20:00] <navrac> http://www.silabs.com/Support%20Documents/TechnicalDocs/AN414.pdf
[20:00] <navrac> page 11
[20:01] <Upu> doesn't look too hard
[20:01] <Upu> he says
[20:02] <navrac> well hope didnt follow the design guidelines properly and that works
[20:05] <navrac> 50g upu? where did the extra weight come from?
[20:05] <Upu> Adafruit GPS
[20:06] <navrac> ah, the dead weight....
[20:06] <navrac> better launch another
[20:06] <Upu> yeah well I might ask them if they want us to try another
[20:07] <Upu> but it will be next year now
[20:10] <navrac> yep - its a bit cold
[20:10] <Upu> not just that
[20:10] <Upu> http://hourly.upuaut.net/
[20:10] <Upu> and even better is the northern site
[20:10] <Upu> magpieview.upuaut.net
[20:10] <Upu> http://magpieview.upuaut.net
[20:12] <navrac> ah yeah, that sort of limits it doesnt it -although if you combined the payload with a buoy.....
[20:12] <Upu> I'd be lying if we hadn't discussed that
[20:12] <Upu> should have done what Tim did
[20:12] <Upu> and put floats around it
[20:12] <navrac> well it didnt exactly follow the predictedpath...
[20:13] <Upu> no
[20:13] <navrac> bunch of whiners on the batc chat
[20:13] <Upu> yeah I heard
[20:13] <navrac> well some of them anyway
[20:14] <Upu> Interesting though
[20:14] <Upu> we picked up G4GUO from either there or Southgate
[20:14] <navrac> I think they expected a full film crew
[20:14] <Upu> and he is on the coast of Worthing which is why he got it at 100 meters
[20:15] <Upu> it sounds like he got a string just as it went in the water
[20:15] <navrac> yes it did bring in some new people who were very nice
[20:15] <Upu> it cut off just at the altitude
[20:15] <Upu> shame he wasn't on the ROCK payload
[20:15] <Upu> might have got all of it
[20:15] <navrac> what happenedto the iridium tracker
[20:16] <Upu> good question
[20:16] <Upu> signal issues with think due to spinning
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[20:17] <Upu> shame really
[20:17] <Upu> it was at the top of the payload and should have been out of the water
[20:17] <jcoxon> hey navrac
[20:17] <Upu> Evening James
[20:17] <navrac> evening
[20:17] zamabe (~zamabe@2001:1938:80:824c:f8c3:7f19:c81c:fb26) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:18] <Upu> did get one more packet after that one
[20:18] <Upu> but the
[20:18] <Upu> checksum had failed and the height was missing. The signal went from
[20:18] <Upu> S9+20 to 0 mid way through the last packet. I did rush down to the seafront
[20:18] <Upu> with a pair of Binoculars to see if I could see anything but no luck.
[20:18] <Upu> from G4GUO
[20:19] <navrac> lol
[20:19] <navrac> good guy
[20:19] <jcoxon> GSM sometimes comes through in these situations
[20:19] <jcoxon> navrac, you pinged me earlier
[20:20] <navrac> oh i sent you a sketch for a camera mount idea - but google docs removed the drawingandjust left the labels...
[20:20] <Upu> yeah GSM for once would have been recommended this time
[20:20] <navrac> that ship tracking site might come in handy in the future...
[20:23] <Upu> trying to find the tracker we used on AVA's first flight that got it back from the sea
[20:24] <Upu> http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vNWb8KCpEig/TdEh1EsAU9I/AAAAAAAAAEw/dvvlVMWlb60/s320/2011-05-16+13.49.38.jpg
[20:24] <Upu> that one
[20:24] malgar (~malgar@adsl-ull-92-34.49-151.net24.it) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:26] <navrac> pot it in resin and chuck it in
[20:26] New2Balloon (~aucuba@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:26] zamabe (~zamabe@unaffiliated/zamabe) joined #highaltitude.
[20:26] G8KNN-Jon (~Jon@cpc1-cmbg10-0-0-cust144.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:26] <Upu> it was waterproof
[20:27] <navrac> I still reckon the confidante hasit
[20:27] <Upu> well
[20:27] <Upu> I'll let you know
[20:28] <Upu> would be quite an amazing end to a story if it did
[20:28] Hiena (~boreger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[20:28] <jcoxon> ping fsphil
[20:28] <navrac> if you look at the confidante2.png you should be able to overlay the last position on it
[20:29] <Upu> Sure Lester will give them a call tomorrow
[20:29] <Upu> afk a few
[20:29] <fsphil> pong jcoxon
[20:29] <navrac> knowing the scale from google maps and the fact the positon isshown on the screen of the turn of the ship
[20:29] <jcoxon> fsphil, put http://habhub.org/files/picoatlas/france2.kml
[20:29] <jcoxon> into google maps
[20:31] <fsphil> oh nice
[20:31] <fsphil> did you draw that?
[20:32] <jcoxon> 145 coords
[20:32] <jcoxon> nope
[20:32] <jcoxon> http://downloads.cloudmade.com/europe/western_europe/france#downloads_breadcrumbs
[20:32] <jcoxon> got the .poly file
[20:32] <jcoxon> took out every second line a couple of times to wittle it down to 150 points or so
[20:32] <jcoxon> then make it into a kml
[20:33] <navrac> i presume this is the aprs on boundary
[20:33] <fsphil> perfect. you could even further reduce the resolution around the coast
[20:35] <jcoxon> navrac, also what the country prefix should be
[20:35] <navrac> lol
[20:35] <navrac> good find there
[20:36] <jcoxon> so i propose we make one for every country
[20:36] <navrac> and good work
[20:36] <jcoxon> i'll write a script to do the hardwork
[20:36] <RG_LZ1DEV> what are those boundaries for ?
[20:37] <navrac> lots of spacein the eeprom on the atmels thatsnot uses
[20:37] <jcoxon> to switch callsign prefix on an aprs payload
[20:37] <RG_LZ1DEV> oh i see
[20:38] <RG_LZ1DEV> you can probably go with really low resolution then
[20:39] <jcoxon> yeah it was more to see if could do it
[20:39] <jcoxon> right i'll bbiab
[20:40] <eroomde> eventide
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[20:44] zamabe (~zamabe@unaffiliated/zamabe) joined #highaltitude.
[20:44] <malgar> hello! I would like to calculate the burst elevation for a small, simple party balloon.. how to do it? all the simulators start at 200g
[20:45] <SpeedEvil> you could just measure it
[20:45] <SpeedEvil> measure the burst diameter directly
[20:45] zamabe (~zamabe@unaffiliated/zamabe) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[20:46] <SpeedEvil> blow it up till it pops
[20:46] gb73d (gb73d@88-110-58-123.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Quit: Whoosh we're gone
[20:48] daveake (~daveake@daveake.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:50] <malgar> SpeedEvil: and from the burst diameter how can I calculate the burst elevation? Ok i have to compute the expansion of the helium and the ascent rate.. BUT the latex is elastic and it compress the helium changing the density? isn't right this?
[20:51] Network_Noadle (5218f86c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[20:51] <SpeedEvil> yes
[20:51] <SpeedEvil> neglecting this will get you a max burst salt
[20:52] <malgar> ok; do you think that it isn't very different?
[20:52] <SpeedEvil> ideally you would while inflating it measure the pressure
[20:52] <malgar> uhm
[20:52] <SpeedEvil> burst alt
[20:52] <malgar> ok
[20:52] <SpeedEvil> you can make a simple manometer with a u of clear tube
[20:53] <malgar> yes
[20:53] <SpeedEvil> but the decrease in density rate in the lower atmosphere means the error will be small
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[20:57] <malgar> and ideally is right to say that: starting low helium volume = higher altitude but less payload ?
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[21:07] <SpeedEvil> malgar: yes
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[21:07] <SpeedEvil> malgar: until the point where balloon compression of the lift gas gives you a floater
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[21:09] <eroomde> the balloon bursting might give you a floater too
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[22:15] <arko> morning
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[23:22] <jcoxon> hooray
[23:23] <jcoxon> my poly to kml script works
[23:23] <Lunar_Lander> well done :)
[23:25] <jcoxon> e.g.
[23:25] <jcoxon> http://habhub.org/files/picoatlas/germany.kml
[23:25] <jcoxon> put that in google maps
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[23:35] <RG_LZ1DEV> jcoxon: looks great
[23:36] <jcoxon> RG_LZ1DEV, https://github.com/jamescoxon/Misc-Projects/blob/master/convertKML.py
[23:45] BC__ (d232f002@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[23:47] <jcoxon> night all
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