[00:00] <cellkyborg> how many baloons have you launched?
[00:01] <Darkside> project horus has launched 20 balloons
[00:01] <Darkside> i've been involved with 14
[00:01] <cellkyborg> so it's a group of people?
[00:02] <cellkyborg> who are you in general? engeneers or just hobbyists
[00:02] <Darkside> http://projecthorus.org/
[00:02] <Darkside> mostly engineers
[00:02] <Darkside> the founder, juxta, is a hobbyist
[00:03] <Darkside> but yeah, most of the group are electronic or communications engineers
[00:03] <Darkside> and we're all amateur radio operatores
[00:03] <Darkside> operators*
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[00:08] <cellkyborg> are you all from australia?
[00:08] <Darkside> in project horus? yes
[00:08] <Darkside> in this channel? no
[00:09] <cellkyborg> ya in horus :)
[00:10] <cellkyborg> anyway, how accurate http://habhub.org/predict/ is?
[00:11] <Darkside> it works pretty well
[00:11] <Darkside> as always, weather conditions can and will change during a flight
[00:11] <Darkside> so the actual landing site could differ from the predicted site by many tens of km
[00:15] <cellkyborg> I see that you use antenas with GPS module. Is the signal weak or is it just to be sure?
[00:16] <Darkside> eh?
[00:16] <juxta> though more importantly the predictor relies on you inputting the correct ascent rate/descent rate/burst altitude for accurate results
[00:16] <Darkside> by gps module i mean the actual gps processing module
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[00:16] <Darkside> while some may come with an antenna already, the ones we've been using recently don't
[00:17] <cellkyborg> uBlox 6 NEO-6Q + Sarantel GeoHelix antenna
[00:17] <Darkside> yes
[00:17] <Darkside> the NEO-6Q is just a procesing module
[00:17] <Darkside> it needs an antenna
[00:18] <Darkside> http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9566
[00:18] <Darkside> thats an example of a complete gps module, with the gps chipset and a helical antenna
[00:18] <Darkside> http://rfhead.net/data/uBloxBreakout/breakout_top.JPG
[00:19] <cellkyborg> I though you just solder module and it has enough signal already
[00:19] <Darkside> another example
[00:19] <Darkside> nope
[00:19] <Darkside> so in the picture i just linked, the metal can in the middle is the module
[00:19] <Darkside> but it has no antenna
[00:19] <cellkyborg> got it
[00:24] <cellkyborg> http://www.ublox.com/en/gps-modules/pvt-modules.html
[00:24] <cellkyborg> it says it's a module, but i can't see the antena
[00:25] <Darkside> yes
[00:25] <Darkside> 'module' can mean either just the receiver, or a complete receiver + antenna thing
[00:25] <cellkyborg> well they have the chip section
[00:26] <cellkyborg> so I assume chip is just a chip, and module is a device
[00:28] <NigeyS> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nigeys/6384643027/in/photostream
[00:28] <NigeyS> thats a module :)
[00:29] <Darkside> NigeyS: thats a module on a PCB, with an antenna :-)
[00:30] <NigeyS> :p
[00:30] <NigeyS> gps fixed btw
[00:30] <NigeyS> replaced %d with %i
[00:30] <SpeedEvil> :)
[00:32] <Lunar_Lander> :P
[00:40] <natrium42> just saw tim cook
[00:40] <natrium42> in starbucks
[00:41] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[00:41] <Lunar_Lander> who's that?
[00:43] <SpeedEvil> Rick Cook - now he might be fun.
[00:43] <natrium42> Lunar_Lander: apple ceo
[00:44] <Lunar_Lander> cool!
[00:46] <gonzo_> is that breakout board a std part, or private design ?
[00:47] <Darkside> Upu designed it
[00:48] <cellkyborg> what baloons are you using? totex?
[00:48] <Darkside> we use hwoyee
[00:50] <cellkyborg> how do you choose baloon size compared to cargo weight
[00:51] <Darkside> uhmm
[00:51] <Darkside> :P
[00:51] <Darkside> well theres a balloon burst predictor
[00:51] <Darkside> which lets you play with paramaters to see what works best
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[00:59] <NigeyS> hrm
[00:59] <NigeyS> Darkside, that bug is back
[00:59] <NigeyS> that we had on picochu-1
[00:59] <Darkside> oh read
[00:59] <Darkside> dear*
[00:59] <NigeyS> $$PicoChu-3,79,00:40:44,51.4867,-3.1473,57,6,6,24*E73D
[00:59] <NigeyS> $$PicoChu-3,80,00:40:44,51.4867,-3.1473,57,6,6,24*AB59
[01:00] <NigeyS> duplicating
[01:00] <Darkside> damn
[01:00] <NigeyS> it has to be the tinygps lib
[01:00] <NigeyS> or at least the ver of it thats on the wiki
[01:00] <Darkside> NigeyS: are you using a ublox?
[01:00] <NigeyS> yup, ublox6
[01:00] <Darkside> goddamnit
[01:00] <Darkside> then use polled mode
[01:00] <Darkside> then you won't have these problems
[01:00] <NigeyS> i am
[01:01] <Darkside> whaaaat
[01:01] <Darkside> we never have problems
[01:01] <NigeyS> well the only thing the same as it was on picochu-1 is the tinygps lib, the codes been totally rewritten
[01:03] <Lunar_Lander> good night!
[01:03] <NigeyS> nite kev
[01:03] <NigeyS> Serial.println("$PUBX,00*33"); //Poll GPS
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[01:04] <Darkside> hrmm
[01:04] <Darkside> are you turning off the other sentences
[01:04] <NigeyS> yups
[01:04] <NigeyS> Serial.println("$PUBX,40,GLL,0,0,0,0*5C");
[01:04] <NigeyS> etc etc
[01:05] <Darkside> hrmmm
[01:05] <Darkside> and you're using the modified tinygps?
[01:05] <Darkside> that supports the pubx format
[01:05] <NigeyS> yeah, its a bit old mind, dated 2010
[01:05] <Darkside> yeah thats fine
[01:05] <Darkside> again, this works perfectly for us
[01:05] <NigeyS> has comments by terry in there, from the zip file on the fsa03 page on wiki
[01:05] <Darkside> do you have the mininut code?
[01:05] <Darkside> from the mininut package i sent you
[01:05] <NigeyS> no ?
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[01:06] <Darkside> NigeyS: hrm
[01:06] <Darkside> NigeyS: what email
[01:06] <NigeyS> nigel@nigey.co.uk
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[01:07] <Darkside> sent
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[01:08] <NigeyS> ta, let me go grab it
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[01:14] <NigeyS> cheers Darkside
[01:14] <Darkside> that should help a bit
[01:14] <Darkside> at least to give you an ide of how we do things
[01:14] <NigeyS> well, comparing yours to what i have now, isnt much difference
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[01:14] <NigeyS> so where this duplication comes from is a right mystery
[01:15] <Darkside> but there must be something going on
[01:15] <NigeyS> unless its not clearing the buffer in time ?
[01:15] <Darkside> i dunno
[01:15] <Darkside> really don't know whats going on
[01:15] <Darkside> ok i've gotta get ready to head out
[01:15] <Darkside> back in a bit
[01:16] <NigeyS> oki dude, catchya later probably, thanks for helping out :)
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[02:10] <NigeyS> lalala
[02:10] <NigeyS> crimping cables at 2am .. fun fun
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[02:27] <Darkside> NigeyS: http://vimeo.com/32753872
[02:28] <NigeyS> ooo nicey will check it out now :D
[02:30] <NigeyS> schweet!!
[02:36] <NigeyS> Darkside, best way to mount this gps module? :|
[02:37] <Darkside> dunno
[02:39] <NigeyS> meh, guess its having the antenna pinting up
[02:39] <NigeyS> pointing*
[02:39] <Darkside> well yes, that
[02:39] <NigeyS> and that black cap is crap, gonna have to be glued :/
[02:40] <Darkside> yes
[02:40] <Darkside> you really want to glue that down
[02:41] <NigeyS> will do, superglue or epoxy ?
[02:41] <Darkside> hrm
[02:41] <Darkside> whatever
[02:44] <NigeyS> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nigeys/6415782233/in/photostream/lightbox/
[02:44] <NigeyS> all done
[02:44] <NigeyS> minus some dodgy code, will finish that off tomorrow
[02:52] <NigeyS> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=d059607b8d7bc41ba08a717df3c8e6a713e5f829
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[11:08] <WillDuckworth> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/11/28/raspberry_pi/
[11:08] <WillDuckworth> looks interesting
[11:13] <Darkside> not enough IOs for my liking
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[11:42] <SpeedEvil> I2C expander, and you're done.
[11:43] <Darkside> not really
[11:43] <Darkside> i don't just mean GPIOs
[11:43] <SpeedEvil> True.
[11:43] <Darkside> raspberry pi only has audio out
[11:43] <Darkside> beaglebone i just attach a I2S audio chip
[11:44] <Darkside> and i still have enough IOs tor 3 other serial devices, and a shit-ton of other IOs
[11:44] <Darkside> *and* its all 3.3v
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[11:44] <SpeedEvil> And yes, I agree with you in principle.
[11:44] <SpeedEvil> But I can buy 5, or is it 8 pis for a beaglebone.
[11:45] <Darkside> only the tiny one costs 25 pounds or whatever it is
[11:45] <Darkside> the bigger one costs more
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[11:46] <Darkside> shenki: ping
[11:46] <SpeedEvil> +128M and ethernet have not thatmuch interest for balloons.
[11:46] <SpeedEvil> Or it's not clearly a killer.
[11:46] <Darkside> yeah but lots of iosssssss
[11:46] <Darkside> and heaps of peripherals
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[11:51] <SpeedEvil> Waht does 'and it's all 3.3' mean?
[11:52] <NigelMoby> Meh
[11:52] <Upu> 3.3 volts ?
[11:53] <SpeedEvil> Well - obviously
[11:53] <SpeedEvil> I guess that it doesn't require a 5V rail - meh.
[11:54] <Darkside> well its still powered from 5v
[11:54] <Darkside> but all the IOs are 3.3v
[11:54] <shenki> Darkside: pong
[11:54] <BrainDamage> the 5V is probably for usb
[11:54] <SpeedEvil> Minor inconvenience at most IMO.
[11:54] <Darkside> shenki: explain why you don't like the raspberry pi
[11:54] <Laurenceb> so it has 3.3v, 5v, usart,i2c,spi, 8 gpio
[11:54] <Laurenceb> not impressive
[11:54] <shenki> coz it's just an ARM11 soc
[11:55] <shenki> we've had ARM11 socs ages
[11:55] <SpeedEvil> No, you're going to need ADC and stuff if you want to do much more.
[11:55] Action: Laurenceb has a pile of ARM11 board
[11:55] <shenki> this one has some cool periperhals in it, esp the media accelerators
[11:55] <SpeedEvil> And the power use is going to be high - comparatively.
[11:55] <Laurenceb> *boards
[11:55] <shenki> cortex m3 is where it's at
[11:55] <Darkside> shenki: i don't need a media accelerator
[11:56] <Darkside> but i would like linux
[11:56] <SpeedEvil> Linux make some things _so_ much easier.
[11:56] <Laurenceb> *cough* DF3120
[11:56] <SpeedEvil> and yes - df3120 too.
[11:56] <SpeedEvil> But where can I buy 7 of them.
[11:56] <SpeedEvil> (neglecting...)
[11:57] <shenki> df3120 has a s3c2412; looks similar to the imx25
[11:58] Action: Laurenceb upgraded one to 64MB ram
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[12:00] <NigelMoby> I'm gonna need trackers all night if this pico floats :/
[12:00] <SpeedEvil> But - for example - usart to GPS, GPIO to 1-wire, USB-camera, audio or GPIO to radio, and you're almost done.
[12:01] <Laurenceb> i guess
[12:01] <Darkside> i'm planning on doing 2-way AX25
[12:01] <Laurenceb> but no word on DMA or interrupt support
[12:01] <Darkside> i'm gonna need audio in and out
[12:02] Action: SpeedEvil passes Darkside a $5 USB soundcard.
[12:02] <Darkside> and i'm hoping to use some decent I2S audio codecs with the beaglebone
[12:02] <SpeedEvil> (though it has I2S
[12:02] <Darkside> SpeedEvil: i don't want to be wiring up random usb crap
[12:02] <Darkside> i wand to make a proper pcb to go on the thing
[12:02] <Darkside> i'd like to work reliably, and not be a total hackjob
[12:03] <Darkside> i still don't know if the damn thing will work at low temperatures
[12:03] <Darkside> i'm a bit concerned by tims problems with the beagleboard
[12:04] <SpeedEvil> Bit of foam, and 1W will keep it toasty. :)
[12:04] <SpeedEvil> Indeed.
[12:04] <Darkside> tim had his fail twice
[12:04] <SpeedEvil> Lots of chips PLLs that I've read say 'recalibrate if over/under temp'
[12:04] <SpeedEvil> Or if change by x temp
[12:04] <Darkside> yeah that may be the problem
[12:04] <SpeedEvil> I would not be surprised if teh beagle is having lock problems
[12:04] <Darkside> we'l have to test it properly
[12:05] <Darkside> should be able to get access to a thermal test chamber
[12:06] <Laurenceb> ooh
[12:06] Action: SpeedEvil would offer his freezer.
[12:07] <Laurenceb> the camera and lcd interfaces are actually usable
[12:07] <Laurenceb> that changes things
[12:07] <SpeedEvil> You mean on bone?
[12:07] <Laurenceb> on rasperry pi
[12:07] <SpeedEvil> oh - missed that.
[12:07] <Laurenceb> http://elinux.org/RaspberryPiBoard#Interfacing_to_Raw_LCD_Panels
[12:07] <Laurenceb> looks awesome
[12:07] <SpeedEvil> ah
[12:07] <Laurenceb> can even interface with OLED
[12:08] <Laurenceb> N95 camera would be sweet
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[12:13] <NigeyS> Darkside
[12:13] <NigeyS> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=d059607b8d7bc41ba08a717df3c8e6a713e5f829
[12:13] <NigeyS> lols
[12:15] <SpeedEvil> I think I know of someone in Rostok that might recover
[12:15] <SpeedEvil> Oh - no - they moved
[12:15] <NigeyS> dam lol
[12:15] <NigeyS> winds have shifted south a bit
[12:16] <NigeyS> if it doesnt float, it looks like a landing between stratford and banbury
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[12:40] Nick change: danielsaul -> blabla
[12:40] Nick change: blabla -> danielsaul
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[13:27] <Laurenceb> s well as founding the RaspberryPi Foundation, Cambridge graduate Upton is associate technical director and SoC architect at chip powerhouse Broadcom
[13:27] <Laurenceb> hahaha
[13:27] <NigeyS> hah that explains alot
[13:31] <Daviey> Laurenceb: What distro are you planning to use with it?
[13:33] <Laurenceb> im not getting one
[13:34] <Daviey> ah
[13:34] <Daviey> NigeyS: If that prediction goes further south, i can get it.. but not Wales thanks :)
[13:34] <NigeyS> yey! cool beans!
[13:34] <NigeyS> ill prolly lose it just after newport
[13:36] fsphil (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:fa0f:41ff:fe21:3bfc) joined #highaltitude.
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[13:47] <SpeedEvil> I'm unsure.
[13:47] <SpeedEvil> I may get one for a very silly reason.
[13:47] <SpeedEvil> I've been donated a monitor.
[13:47] <SpeedEvil> However, my main system only has VGA.
[13:48] <SpeedEvil> Hence, I'm pondering a pi as a monitor driver.
[13:48] <SpeedEvil> / X terminal
[13:49] wolfspraul (~wolfsprau@mimi.q-ag.de) joined #highaltitude.
[13:56] andrew_apex (~chatzilla@188-220-169-100.zone11.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[14:08] Dan-K2VOL (~Adium@74-143-44-42.static.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[14:20] Dan-K2VOL (~Adium@74-143-44-42.static.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[14:34] Nick change: soafee-chan -> spacekitteh
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[14:58] SamSilver (2985f474@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:05] Rob_M0DTS (57c262d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:05] <Rob_M0DTS> afternoon
[15:05] <fsphil> hiya rob
[15:05] <Rob_M0DTS> how does one show the previous lines of text from an irc channel?
[15:06] <Rob_M0DTS> hi fsphil
[15:06] <fsphil> from when you where out of the channel?
[15:06] <Rob_M0DTS> i was thinking like last 20 lines or something..
[15:07] <fsphil> there's the entire history at http://habhub.org/zeusbot/
[15:07] <Rob_M0DTS> aha
[15:07] <fsphil> well, missing the bits when the bot was broke
[15:07] <Rob_M0DTS> super
[15:08] <Rob_M0DTS> i wil be around next weekend if you launch but Sunday will be at local rally iuntil ~2pm so might be a bit delayed!
[15:08] <fsphil> haha
[15:08] <fsphil> thanks
[15:08] <fsphil> the prediction was almost landing on top of you
[15:08] <fsphil> for last sunday
[15:08] <Rob_M0DTS> cool
[15:09] <fsphil> it will probably be early on sunday
[15:09] <fsphil> unless it's raining/snowing at the launch site
[15:09] <Laurenceb> anyone know how to determine if a device is usb2 HS or FS on windoze?
[15:09] <fsphil> either quite likely at the moment - it's gotten really cold
[15:10] <Rob_M0DTS> i will have internet at rally doing some demo for ATV so will track the progress and see what's happeing when i get out. will take tracking gear in the van just in case,
[15:10] <Rob_M0DTS> 3c at 5am when i set off for work today
[15:11] <fsphil> ooch
[15:11] <fsphil> wasn't that cold here
[15:11] <fsphil> but not far from it
[15:12] <Rob_M0DTS> cold wind just now out walking the dogs, wooley hat weather ;-)
[15:12] <number10> was -1 when I got up
[15:12] <fsphil> eek
[15:13] G8DSU (~chatzilla@cpc1-mort6-2-0-cust48.croy.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:13] shipit (~shipit@c-76-102-0-213.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[15:14] <Upu> I've updated the tracker with the current launch
[15:16] <Rob_M0DTS> is this foil balloons today?
[15:17] <Upu> yes
[15:17] <Rob_M0DTS> ignore that i should have read email properly ;-)
[15:18] <Upu> [15:16] <NigeyS> at this rate itll be a later than planned launch, more like 4pm / 4:15
[15:18] <Rob_M0DTS> i'l be back later then ;-)
[15:19] soafee-chan (~TraumaPon@124-170-67-170.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
[15:19] <NigeyS> any1 know if a layer of bubblewrap over the gps antenna will b ok ?
[15:20] spacekitteh (~TraumaPon@124-170-64-81.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[15:20] <Rob_M0DTS> yeah should thinkg so, as long as it's not anti static pink stuff!
[15:20] <Zuph> NigeyS: Unless it's made of lead.
[15:20] <Graham_g3vzv> shud be ok
[15:20] <NigeyS> yey ty :)
[15:22] <fsphil> I always put a bit of bubble wrap around the gps
[15:22] <Upu> Bill Brown does it so...
[15:22] <Upu> is this one of my uBLOX 6 boards going up ?
[15:23] <NigeyS> yup
[15:24] <SamSilver> the spec for a reed relay are > Switching current = 0.5ADC & Carry current = 1.0ADC what does that mean?
[15:24] <SpeedEvil> It can switch 0.5A
[15:24] <SpeedEvil> If you later apply 1A, that's fine too
[15:24] Nick change: soafee-chan -> spacekitteh
[15:24] <SamSilver> thanx SpeedEvil
[15:27] <NigeyS> right gonna have a coffee.. its decided to rain :/
[15:30] <Dan-K2VOL> norning NigeyS
[15:32] <Zuph> morning, Dan-K2VOL
[15:33] <Dan-K2VOL> mornin Brad
[15:35] <Dan-K2VOL> hey all we modeled our pressure data, and watched our videos, and we've determined that the odd double-peak of pressure was caused by the one-way valve opening and closing in severe turbulence in clouds around ~25,000 ft
[15:35] <Zuph> Makes sense.
[15:35] <Zuph> Get video of the turbulence?
[15:40] <Dan-K2VOL> quitr
[15:40] <Dan-K2VOL> quite
[15:41] <Dan-K2VOL> it very violent, I've never seen a balloon in a cloud so long. Wish we had a good source for cloud tops, aviation weather sources are darn difficult to sort through, and I"m a pilot. One of the reasons I don't fly any more is it felt like I was in the paper and pencil era still with all the manual labor required to find all the info you needed
[15:43] <Dan-K2VOL> we calibrated our 61 minute cutdown timer, and it fired at 56 minutes last night :-)
[15:43] <Dan-K2VOL> it actually did save our bacon.
[15:44] G0ATW (51909922@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[15:44] <Dan-K2VOL> the vent had stuck open enough to stop developing any differential pressure, and we were on our way to a float.
[15:44] <Dan-K2VOL> might have burst eventually, but recovery would have had to go to Pennsylvania I'm afraid
[15:46] <Zuph> heh
[15:46] <Zuph> Handy, that.
[15:46] <Zuph> Next test on a calmer day, then? :-p
[15:48] <Dan-K2VOL> no time for next tests, and thankfully we have what we need from this one.
[15:48] <Dan-K2VOL> while it didn't burst, we saw it peak at around 600 pascals pressure
[15:49] <Dan-K2VOL> and already have a workable design that replicates the Japanese vent which fully opens at 388 Pascals
[15:49] <Dan-K2VOL> so we'll open well below burst (and presumably before creep)
[15:50] <Dan-K2VOL> creep is the irreversable stretch of the plastic beyond it's elastic limit
[15:51] soafee-chan (~TraumaPon@124-170-72-33.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
[15:52] soafee-chan (~TraumaPon@124-170-72-33.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Client Quit
[15:52] <Dan-K2VOL> Moving on to in reach integration and valve construction
[15:53] spacekitteh (~TraumaPon@124-170-67-170.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[15:53] <Dan-K2VOL> wish carbon fiber were easier to work with, it's so light
[15:54] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[15:55] <eroomde> Dan-K2VOL: whitestarballoon.com bouncing for me
[15:55] <eroomde> wanted to catch up on all this stuff i've missed
[15:55] <eroomde> something about double pressure peaks?
[15:55] <Dan-K2VOL> thanks eroomde!
[15:55] <Dan-K2VOL> cehck this out in the meantime: http://wiki.whitestarballoon.com/doku.php?id=analysis:spitball:1
[15:56] <Dan-K2VOL> zuph you around still?
[15:56] <Zuph> yep
[15:57] <Dan-K2VOL> could you take a look at the whitestarballoon.com server? it was working yesterday I think
[15:58] <Dan-K2VOL> I have instituted daily dropbox backups, so we're covered for content if there's any problem there
[15:58] <eroomde> Dan-K2VOL: thanks
[15:58] <eroomde> so i see this double peak thing someone mentioned
[15:58] <Dan-K2VOL> eroomde I'm about to upload some more data there
[15:58] <eroomde> could be consistant with elasto-plastic behaviour?
[15:59] <Dan-K2VOL> that's a good question that I don't know the answer to right now
[15:59] <eroomde> a version of this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9W6b66Ppkzc/TaRMLFIu-3I/AAAAAAAAAQk/aibv6kdWjtM/s400/Stress-Strain%2BCurve.JPG
[15:59] <Dan-K2VOL> however it does fit the behavior of the vent opening for a little bit and then closing again
[15:59] <eroomde> oh i see
[15:59] <eroomde> didn't know about no vent
[16:00] <Dan-K2VOL> yeah vent video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtWsxwfbLJ0
[16:00] <Zuph> Dan-K2VOL: Have to run to a meeting, found problem, will fix after meeting. Someone touched the server wrong.
[16:01] <Dan-K2VOL> cool, thanks
[16:01] <Dan-K2VOL> perverts
[16:01] <Dan-K2VOL> !
[16:02] <Dan-K2VOL> eroomde, that is a good question, that graph is interesting
[16:02] <SamSilver> or as Dark would say "kinky fucker"
[16:02] <Dan-K2VOL> ha
[16:02] <eroomde> so one peak at the limit of elasticity
[16:02] <eroomde> then it starts to draw
[16:03] <eroomde> until the limit of the drawing
[16:03] <eroomde> then pop
[16:03] <Dan-K2VOL> very interesting. the initial inspection of the balloon by other team members revealed no large rupture
[16:04] <Zuph> Dan-K2VOL: eroomde, we're back
[16:04] <eroomde> Zuph: thanks
[16:04] <Dan-K2VOL> but there could be a small one they didn't know was important, we may inflate it and look for small ruptures
[16:04] <eroomde> Dan-K2VOL: interesting too
[16:05] <Dan-K2VOL> thanks zuph, what was the issue? when you have time
[16:05] <eroomde> altitude/time doesn't seem to much of a big pop either
[16:05] <eroomde> a fairly constant descent
[16:05] <Dan-K2VOL> the descent was triggered by the cutdown device
[16:05] <eroomde> though that would be consistant with some kind of hole forming
[16:05] <Dan-K2VOL> which partially opened the vent valve
[16:05] <eroomde> and then no differential pressure, just helium leaking out during descent
[16:05] <Dan-K2VOL> and inverted the balloon
[16:05] <Zuph> Dan-K2VOL: Someone either updated wordpress, or updated php5. Just had to restart php-fpm.
[16:05] <eroomde> oh right
[16:05] <eroomde> lots of variables
[16:06] <Dan-K2VOL> interesting zuph, I updated wordpress last week, but had no trouble after that.
[16:06] <eroomde> are P1 and P2 measuring the same thing?
[16:06] <Dan-K2VOL> yes
[16:07] <eroomde> ok
[16:07] <Dan-K2VOL> they are both connected to internal and external manifolds
[16:07] <Dan-K2VOL> they just have different ranges
[16:07] <NigeyS> ok rains stopped 5 mins to launch :)
[16:08] <SpeedEvil> :)
[16:08] <SpeedEvil> Good luck!
[16:08] <NigeyS> ty :)
[16:08] <Dan-K2VOL> good luck!
[16:08] Action: SpeedEvil ponders hydrogen.
[16:08] <LazyLeopard> Launch? What launch?
[16:08] <SpeedEvil> In this weather, a balloon catching light might be a good thing.
[16:08] <NigeyS> anyone using fldigi it might not set the rtty up properly, please choose 8 bit ascii from the rtty modem config menu
[16:09] <Zuph> Dan-K2VOL: I know Jon was futzing around with them this weekend. Unfortunately, we haven't really implemented proper user tracking :-p
[16:09] <Dan-K2VOL> yeah that's true, he was in there last night, but I thought the database server was separate from the main web
[16:10] <Zuph> It is.
[16:10] <Zuph> Doesn't mean Jon wasn't futzing on through, though :-p
[16:10] <Upu> woo ballon on the map
[16:11] <Zuph> Either way, simple, easy to find, quick fix.
[16:11] <Dan-K2VOL> cool thanks
[16:11] <Zuph> np
[16:11] <Dan-K2VOL> a casual superpressure, anyone hear how he ended up choosing to do the balloon combination?
[16:12] <Upu> launch
[16:12] <NigeyS> up n away
[16:12] <Upu> whats your dial NigeyS ?
[16:13] <NigeyS> 434.652
[16:13] <Dan-K2VOL> nigey did you just do foils and no latex?
[16:14] <NigeyS> foils yup
[16:14] <NigeyS> all full to 47 gms
[16:14] <NigeyS> i need a brew brb
[16:14] nosebleedKT (~mixio@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:15] <Upu> is the shift about 330 ?
[16:15] <Upu> if so I see it already
[16:15] <Upu> though that could just be background noise
[16:17] <NigeyS> 425
[16:17] <Upu> yeah no way I can see that yet
[16:17] <NigeyS> wow ascent rate has slowed big time
[16:17] <Upu> 8n2 ?
[16:17] <NigeyS> 8n2 yup
[16:17] <Upu> going to be a while :)
[16:20] <NigeyS> back up now, 1.4m/s
[16:20] <NigeyS> very shit weather, windy, and rain :/ lol
[16:23] aetaric (~aetaric@74-130-83-20.dhcp.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:24] <NigeyS> can really hear the wind effect the radio .. crazy
[16:26] <NigeyS> burst already .. that was cack :(
[16:27] <Upu> uh ?
[16:27] <NigeyS> cmin down at 2.5m/s :|
[16:27] <Upu> go get it back and launch again :)
[16:27] <NigeyS> lol
[16:27] <Upu> Max. Altitude: 889 m
[16:28] <eroomde> wow
[16:28] <eroomde> coxon kilometer
[16:28] <NigeyS> mustve been snagged or something :|
[16:28] <jonsowman> eroomde: lol
[16:31] <NigeyS> well that was a bit naff...lol
[16:32] Action: Upu goes to edit the Wiki altitudes records page
[16:32] <eroomde> :)
[16:33] <NigeyS> lol upu
[16:34] <NigeyS> gone behind the mountains i wont get it back on the yagi from here
[16:36] <fsphil> you could walk that distance
[16:37] <fsphil> sure it could take a day
[16:37] <NigeyS> hush! lol
[16:39] <NigeyS> meh took longer to wrap the thing in bubble wrap than it did to fly that distance
[16:40] <Upu> seriously are you not in the car going to get it yet ?
[16:41] <NigeyS> hah no, i dont drive, and itll be pitch black by the time i get to wherever it is
[16:44] M1ELR (3e383f7e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:45] <LazyLeopard> One or more of those hills must be a SOTA summit. You could combine payload hunting and an activation. *ducks*
[16:46] <NigeyS> lol
[16:46] <M1ELR> Just arrived home and see last update for Picochu-3 was 15 mins ago, has it crashed down?
[16:46] <NigeyS> it has indeed
[16:47] <NigeyS> somewhere around risca after a whopping great flight time of 20 minutes...lol
[16:47] <M1ELR> any chance of a recovery?
[16:47] <NigeyS> not likely, not tonight anyway
[16:47] <NigeyS> possibly i can searching in the morning if the batteries last
[16:48] <NigeyS> go*
[16:48] <M1ELR> Shame I missed it, was on train travelling home, good work well done, hope you get it back
[16:49] <NigeyS> tnx, we were expecting a slightly longer flight mind lol
[16:49] <NigeyS> either an early burst, or it got snagged on something :|
[16:49] <M1ELR> Good effort, I look forward to your next flight.
[16:50] <NigeyS> me to, next flight will be a 600gram latex with i think
[16:50] <NigeyS> im done with the pico flights for a while
[16:51] <M1ELR> I'm new to all this (interest sparked by James may program) find it really great, didn't think we had such a large community
[16:51] junderwood (~John@host86-181-64-174.range86-181.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:53] <Upu> hi there M1ELR
[16:53] <M1ELR> Hi Upu..
[16:54] shenki (~joel@122-49-186-210.ip.adam.com.au) left irc: Ping timeout: 258 seconds
[16:56] shenki (~joel@182-239-158-94.ip.adam.com.au) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:58] number10_ (568ead84@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:59] <gonzo_> the tracking web page now has payload data off the bottom of the screen and no scroll bars to get to it
[16:59] <gonzo_> who is the tracking site master?
[17:01] <NigeyS> looks like its been cleared now
[17:03] <gonzo_> ah, needed a refresh at this end
[17:07] M1ELR (3e383f7e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[17:14] Nick change: number10_ -> number10
[17:17] <nosebleedKT> my tracker is better than spacenear.us
[17:17] <nosebleedKT> http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/379916_325338490813535_259791880701530_1469991_1909853593_n.jpg
[17:17] <nosebleedKT> haha
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[17:20] kristianpaul (~kristianp@cl-498.udi-01.br.sixxs.net) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:27] futurity (~anonymous@cpc30-cmbg15-2-0-cust1.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:27] <futurity> Hi, was about to start tracking, but it looks like the payload is on the way back down?
[17:29] aetaric (~aetaric@74-130-83-20.dhcp.insightbb.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
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[17:32] <SpeedEvil> Does look ratehr like.
[17:32] Action: SpeedEvil bets it's the half an inch of rain on top of the balloon.
[17:33] andrew_apex (~chatzilla@188-220-169-100.zone11.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Ping timeout: 258 seconds
[17:34] <futurity> SpeedEvil: is the server an hour behind, or was contact lost about an hour ago?
[17:35] somnium_ (02da03e1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> Ah - yes.
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:46:37 PM) M1ELR: Just arrived home and see last update for Picochu-3 was 15 mins ago, has it crashed down?
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:46:46 PM) NigeyS: it has indeed
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:47:05 PM) NigeyS: somewhere around risca after a whopping great flight time of 20 minutes...lol
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:47:20 PM) M1ELR: any chance of a recovery?
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:47:45 PM) NigeyS: not likely, not tonight anyway
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:47:59 PM) NigeyS: possibly i can searching in the morning if the batteries last
[17:35] <SpeedEvil> (04:48:03 PM) NigeyS: go*
[17:36] <somnium_> hey al
[17:36] <futurity> Thanks for the update :)
[17:37] parito (~par@host86-156-222-254.range86-156.btcentralplus.com) left irc:
[17:37] <somnium_> I am recieving NMEA from my tracking system , i was wondering of anyone could tell be how to convert it into long/lat
[17:37] <somnium_> +5226.7134, -00156.2805
[17:37] <NigeyS> hey futurity
[17:38] <futurity> Hi NigeyS
[17:38] <SpeedEvil> 52 degrees 26.7134 minutes north
[17:38] <SpeedEvil> one degree 56.28 minutes east
[17:38] <SpeedEvil> err - west
[17:38] <NigeyS> sorry futurity it was kinda a short flight lol
[17:38] <somnium_> how would i type that into google maps?
[17:39] <SpeedEvil> Divide the minutes by 60, to get fractional degrees, and add.
[17:39] <SpeedEvil> Then @nn,nn
[17:39] <SpeedEvil> Like:
[17:39] <Upu> 5 line spam :
[17:39] <Upu> float LATITUDE= strtod(GPS_DATA_VALUES,NULL);
[17:39] <Upu> LATITUDE_DEGREES = int(LATITUDE/100);
[17:39] <Upu> LATITUDE_SECONDS= float(60*(LATITUDE-int(LATITUDE)));
[17:39] <Upu> LATITUDE_DECIMAL = LATITUDE_MINUTES * 1000000L / 60 + LATITUDE_SECONDS * 1000000L / 3600;
[17:40] <futurity> No problem NigeyS. One of those things that I knew I couldn't really track it until it was reasonably high to see it over the hills :)
[17:40] <SpeedEvil> @52.4452N,1.93800W
[17:40] <SpeedEvil> Will work for google
[17:40] <futurity> Hopefully you'll find it tomorrow and have better luck next time
[17:40] <futurity> i'm also looking to do a foil balloon launch
[17:41] <futurity> I need to grab a bit to eat, but back on later
[17:41] <futurity> i'll leave me logged in ttfn
[17:41] <SpeedEvil> Will work for google-maps, not google
[17:41] <SpeedEvil> somnium_: 46 George Road, Birmingham?
[17:41] <somnium_> THANKS FOR HELP
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[17:46] <dodweld> hi
[17:46] <NigeyS> hi dodweld
[17:47] <dodweld> strange dont see any chat
[17:48] <NigeyS> alot of people are idle
[17:49] <staylo> it's easy to criticise
[17:50] <NigeyS> ?
[17:50] <NigeyS> i meant idle = AFK etc :)
[17:50] <staylo> ;)
[17:50] <dodweld> guess picoChu3 at 400m is down and on the hill top ?
[17:51] <NigeyS> yup, very short flight, probably on a hill outisde of risca by now
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[18:16] <Zuph> HAH! Finally fixed my Ubuntu + KiCad problems!
[18:16] futurity (~anonymous@cpc30-cmbg15-2-0-cust1.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: futurity
[18:17] <fsphil> yays
[18:18] <fsphil> I downloaded mint at the weekend, going to give it a spin soon
[18:26] Nick change: nosebleedKT -> blue_iguana
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[19:11] <NigeyS> ping RocketBoy
[19:12] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:12] <NigeyS> hey james
[19:13] daveake (~daveake@daveake.plus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:39] Laurenceb_ (~Laurence@host86-179-249-49.range86-179.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:06] <Laurenceb_> so the picochu failed?
[20:10] <SpeedEvil> It went up, and came right back down
[20:12] <fsphil-laptop> lowest peak altitude I think, a new record :)
[20:13] <daveake> :D
[20:13] Action: LazyLeopard remembers one launch from EARS (I think) which either didn't quite clear the fence, or cleared the fence but not the trees...
[20:13] <fsphil-laptop> aah
[20:14] <daveake> One of mine nearly got caught in a water tower on the way up
[20:14] <LazyLeopard> Was a long while back...
[20:15] <daveake> fsphil-laptop Likely you'll launch at the weekend?
[20:16] <fsphil-laptop> that's the plan
[20:16] <fsphil-laptop> depends on the weather
[20:16] <daveake> Same here, but at the mo I think it's unlikely for me
[20:17] <daveake> Choice of North Sea (again) on Saturday, or a long long way on Sunday
[20:17] <fsphil-laptop> yea - the wind is pretty extreme
[20:18] <fsphil-laptop> the north sea is a possibility for mine too
[20:19] <daveake> I could launch a cheap payload and not bother chasing
[20:20] <fsphil-laptop> that's my plan -- although hoping it lands near upu :)
[20:20] <daveake> :D
[20:22] <Laurenceb_> have you heard about the raspberry pi GPU?
[20:22] <Laurenceb_> its raspberry rippled
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[20:28] <Laurenceb_> too obscure?
[20:29] fsphil-laptop (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:219:d2ff:fe09:a6b9) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:36] <Dan-K2VOL> phew, finished analysis of SPITBall-1
[20:36] <Dan-K2VOL> http://wiki.whitestarballoon.com/doku.php?id=analysis:spitball:1
[20:46] Jasperw (~jasperw@2001:470:1f08:1caf::2) joined #highaltitude.
[20:47] David_g7waw (5698c015@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[20:52] <Laurenceb_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2Njy9MtKJGA
[20:52] <NigeyS> laurenceb it didnt "fail" as such
[20:52] <NigeyS> just a shorter flight than planned..lol
[21:08] shipit (~shipit@204-15-2-155-static.ipnetworksinc.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:08] <daveake> cloud2 didn't fail; it simply over-achieved in a horizontal direction :p
[21:10] <NigeyS> lol
[21:12] Lunar_Lander (~kevingd@p54A07984.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:12] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[21:12] <Lunar_Lander> hi GW8RAK
[21:13] <number10> daveake, fsphil-laptop - same frequency and same day?
[21:13] juxta (~juxta@ppp203-122-193-94.static.internode.on.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:14] <daveake> I think Phil's on .075. Mine's on .650. I do have both options available though :)
[21:14] Guest3396 (~anonymous@cpc2-aztw5-0-0-cust251.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:15] <Guest3396> hi
[21:15] <Lunar_Lander> hey daveake
[21:15] <number10> I like it how you have maneaged to be well co-ordinated
[21:16] <daveake> Timing dictated by DM and the wind :)
[21:16] <Dan-K2VOL> might be better to be on same freq
[21:16] <Lunar_Lander> when will that double launch be?
[21:16] <number10> :)
[21:17] <daveake> Might be weeks away with the current wind predictions :p
[21:17] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[21:17] <Lunar_Lander> btw I discovered something hilarious on BBC Three
[21:17] <Lunar_Lander> "Gavin and stacey"
[21:18] <Lunar_Lander> do you know that show?
[21:18] <Dan-K2VOL> if you're on same freq, the listeners won't have to change up the radios
[21:18] <Dan-K2VOL> though you'd want to make sure you weren't both using the same timing interval
[21:19] brennen (brennen@nat/sparkfun/x-ndutxmypmsxebxfk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:19] <Lunar_Lander> hello brennen
[21:21] <brennen> howdy.
[21:23] Guest3396 (~anonymous@cpc2-aztw5-0-0-cust251.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[21:25] <fsphil-laptop> number10, daveake, yea .075
[21:26] <fsphil-laptop> and likely sunday
[21:26] <fsphil-laptop> but earlier, 0900 or 1000
[21:26] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[21:26] <Lunar_Lander> daveake: do you know that show?
[21:26] <daveake> Heard of it; no watched it.
[21:27] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[21:27] <jcoxon> and now there are noaprs messages now :-(
[21:27] <Lunar_Lander> so there are those toll booths on british highways?
[21:27] <Lunar_Lander> how much does it cost to pass?
[21:27] <SpeedEvil> They are comparatively rare.
[21:27] <SpeedEvil> VEry rare, even.
[21:27] <daveake> Not many. M6 toll; Severn bridge
[21:28] <fsphil-laptop> I've never seen one
[21:28] <SpeedEvil> I've seen the one over the forth bridge.
[21:28] <Lunar_Lander> oh
[21:28] <fsphil-laptop> ah wait, I was on the forth when I was very wee
[21:28] <Lunar_Lander> because they stop at one and the problem is that they only have 5 pounds
[21:28] <Lunar_Lander> or so
[21:29] <daveake> For £5 you have to stop part way and walk the rest
[21:29] <fsphil-laptop> push the car the rest of the way?
[21:29] <fsphil-laptop> noaprs jcoxon?
[21:29] <daveake> Yeah they have a separate lane for that :P
[21:30] <Lunar_Lander> yeah and then the one guy lifted the barrier and they drove on because his gf was giving birth
[21:30] chembrow (~chris@188-221-15-153.zone12.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:30] <Lunar_Lander> and then a motorcycle cop stopped them
[21:30] <Lunar_Lander> and they talked to him and he kept talking all the time
[21:30] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[21:30] <chembrow> evening guys
[21:30] <number10> did you hear about balloon tolls
[21:31] <daveake> That's inflation for you
[21:31] <number10> lol
[21:31] <fsphil-laptop> boom boom
[21:32] <Lunar_Lander> when they finally arrive, they first slip on the floor in the hallway
[21:32] <daveake> I'm here all week
[21:32] <Lunar_Lander> and then they come into the room, but the baby was already born
[21:32] <Lunar_Lander> oh and when they come in, all signs are in Welsh
[21:32] <Lunar_Lander> which is a problem for them too
[21:33] <daveake> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7702913.stm
[21:34] <Lunar_Lander> ROFL!
[21:35] <Lunar_Lander> XD " In the same year, a sign for pedestrians in Cardiff reading 'Look Right' in English read 'Look Left' in Welsh. "
[21:35] <daveake> ethnic cleansing
[21:35] <Lunar_Lander> ROFL!
[21:36] <fsphil-laptop> haha
[21:36] <NigeyS> hey chembrow
[21:36] <chembrow> hey NigeyS. I've not been around in a while. been (very) busy with other work :(
[21:36] <chembrow> I'm looking for some antenna advice tho
[21:36] <fsphil-laptop> work is annoying, spoils all the fun
[21:36] <NigeyS> ah that sux :(
[21:36] <chembrow> After little success with a DIY yagi in the loft, and working on the ham foundation course, I'm thinking of getting a colinear up on the roof
[21:37] <chembrow> yup
[21:37] <NigeyS> oo ive yet to get mine mounted!
[21:37] <chembrow> that and battling with quadcopters :p
[21:37] <fsphil-laptop> you so do NigeyS
[21:37] <SpeedEvil> Just use the quadcopter to mount the colinear.
[21:37] <chembrow> have many guys had success with colinears? thinking of the sharman/watson/diamond X-50
[21:38] <fsphil-laptop> watson and the diamond have had great success
[21:38] <chembrow> SpeedEvil I can't even get it off the ground without it attacking my feet at the moment :p
[21:38] <fsphil-laptop> I use the diamond, Upu uses the watson
[21:38] <chembrow> the x-50s?
[21:38] <fsphil-laptop> yea
[21:38] <daveake> Watson it is then ;)
[21:38] <fsphil-laptop> we've both got well over 500km range
[21:38] <fsphil-laptop> from various payloads
[21:39] <daveake> Think I should get one
[21:39] <fsphil-laptop> upu got 700km from the watson
[21:39] Daviey (~Daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey) joined #highaltitude.
[21:39] <chembrow> cool. sounds like a plan then. need to stop off at radioworld on my way home from work then
[21:39] <fsphil-laptop> radioworld have a shop?
[21:39] <chembrow> and buy a long ladder :)
[21:39] <chembrow> I believe so, in Walsall
[21:39] <number10> and a house on a hill helps
[21:39] <fsphil-laptop> yes, or a mountain
[21:39] <chembrow> of course, I could be wrong
[21:41] <fsphil-laptop> colinear gives pretty good range for all the other amateury things
[21:41] <fsphil-laptop> not that much happens around here, but if it does I can usually hear it
[21:41] Wil5on (~Wil5on@compsci.adl/eternalpresident/wil5on) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[21:42] <chembrow> from what I've seen, everything I want to play with seems to be on either 70cm or 2m, so it seemed like a good idea
[21:42] <fsphil-laptop> yea
[21:42] <fsphil-laptop> 10m is fun at the moment though
[21:43] <chembrow> although I'll need something directional when I start playing with satellites
[21:44] andrew_apex (~chatzilla@188-220-169-100.zone11.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:44] AndChat- (~nigel@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:44] <fsphil-laptop> did bill ever launch is 10m payload?
[21:44] <fsphil-laptop> his*
[21:47] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[21:51] <chembrow> presumably by now you guys have talked about using the raspberry pi as a potential payload?
[21:51] <fsphil-laptop> been mentioned a few times
[21:51] <gonzo_> eve all
[21:51] <fsphil-laptop> I'm hoping to fly, if I manage to get one anyway
[21:51] <fsphil-laptop> I imagine they'll be a bit rare to begin with
[21:52] <fsphil-laptop> hullo sir.gonzo_
[21:52] <chembrow> yeah, I figure first-come - need to get in there fast
[21:52] <chembrow> I'll prop try and get a couple. not that I know what I'll do with it
[21:52] <fsphil-laptop> is there a date yet?
[21:52] <gonzo_> sir? gonzo the great, I'll have you know!
[21:52] <chembrow> december
[21:52] <gonzo_> eve phil
[21:52] <fsphil-laptop> lol
[21:53] <chembrow> 10,000 units in their first run
[21:53] <fsphil-laptop> oddly will work out cheaper to fly the pi and a usb camera
[21:53] <fsphil-laptop> than an avr + jpeg camera
[21:54] <chembrow> or a canon
[21:54] <gonzo_> anyone got ant modulation attenuator values for the ntx2 modulkes, for 425hz?
[21:54] <gonzo_> any
[21:54] <fsphil-laptop> yea, tim got a canon talking to the beagleboard
[21:54] <chembrow> stick in a big SD card and an HD webcam, get some nice pictures
[21:54] <fsphil-laptop> most usb webcams have a rolling shutter-- make crappy pictures
[21:55] <fsphil-laptop> attenuator values?
[21:55] <chembrow> true. might get some good video tho with a 16gb card.
[21:55] <chembrow> or a USB harddrive :)
[21:56] <gonzo_> to drop the 5v ttl (or 3.3v) to a level that will give te req 425hs shift
[21:56] <fsphil-laptop> be neat to do what the horus guys are doing, fly an aprs igate
[21:56] <gonzo_> I'll prob have to tweak it myself, but good to have some starting values to save some time
[21:56] <fsphil-laptop> we can't tx on 144.800 here but we can at least receive, and downlink a bit slower on 434mhz
[21:57] <chembrow> gonzo_ try here: http://www.ukhas.org.uk/guides:linkingarduinotontx2
[21:57] AndChat- (~nigel@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[21:57] <fsphil-laptop> I've not found a good set yet -- although NigeyS gets 425hz shift from a 2.2k ohm pull up (to 3.3v) and a 22k on the data line
[21:57] Dan-K2VOL (~Adium@74-143-44-42.static.insightbb.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[21:58] <fsphil-laptop> the same values gives me 350hz, so it's a bit iffy
[21:59] <chembrow> I can't remember what I used but I know the theoretical was different from the actual; I think it can come down to even PCB traces having an effect
[21:59] <fsphil-laptop> best bet is to get a fixed resistor (fairly high, 20k - 100k) and use a potentiometer to find the ideal value for the second resistor
[21:59] <gonzo_> yep I did thing that phil
[21:59] <chembrow> hmm, that's a nice idea.
[22:00] <chembrow> and there was me swapping 0805 resistors in and out :p
[22:00] <daveake> I calculated mine, then measured and played with an extra R across the series one to get the shift I wanted
[22:00] <fsphil-laptop> lol
[22:01] <daveake> Proper resistors with wire, not these fiddly little boxy things :)
[22:01] <chembrow> I think I ended up at a 350hz shift. One day I'll even get around to actually launching
[22:01] <gonzo_> is the modulation linear enough to just extrapolate from the spec, down to narrow?
[22:01] <gonzo_> hehe, mine is all old school
[22:01] <fsphil-laptop> we tried that recently gonzo_, the result was about 100hz out :)
[22:02] <fsphil-laptop> but likely we did something wrong too
[22:02] <fsphil-laptop> we're not 100% sure what the deviation of the ntx2 is
[22:02] MoALTz (~no@host-92-18-8-197.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[22:02] <Upu> 6000hz
[22:02] <Upu> 0-3v
[22:02] <Upu> 0.0005v per hz
[22:02] <fsphil-laptop> sure?
[22:03] <Upu> yeah I tested it with "science" (TM)
[22:03] <fsphil-laptop> nice
[22:03] <daveake> That'll never catch on
[22:03] <Upu> put an adjustable PSU on it and had a play
[22:03] <Upu> 0.2125v for 425Hz shift
[22:03] <Upu> afk walking dog
[22:05] <fsphil-laptop> hmm.. the resident mutt here is being a pain
[22:06] Wil5on (~Wil5on@compsci.adl/eternalpresident/wil5on) joined #highaltitude.
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[22:23] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Bye
[22:24] <fsphil-laptop> more gale force winds tonight, and I was thinking of putting the hf up again :)
[22:26] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:26] <fsphil-laptop> and rain
[22:26] <fsphil-laptop> lots of rain
[22:26] <Lunar_Lander> damn
[22:26] <Lunar_Lander> btw how do you like gavin and stacey?
[22:27] <fsphil-laptop> rare
[22:27] <fsphil-laptop> never watched it -- the clips I've seen don't look that good
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[22:27] <fsphil-laptop> plus most things on bbc three are awful
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> I know Ruth Jones though
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> from the movie "east is east"
[22:28] <chembrow> the missus likes it, but then she's welsh. has peculiarly fond memories of barry island!
[22:31] <fsphil-laptop> didn't see too much of wales when I was there, didnt' have time. what I did see looked good
[22:31] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:31] <chembrow> there's some nice bits. Cardiff and the valleys, not so much.
[22:31] <chembrow> but just round the corner to carmathenshire and pembrokeshire is really nice
[22:38] <chembrow> bed time, early start. night all
[22:38] <fsphil-laptop> sounds like a plan
[22:38] <fsphil-laptop> night!
[22:38] fsphil-laptop (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:219:d2ff:fe09:a6b9) left irc: Quit: I'm doing science and I'm still alive!
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[22:39] <gonzo_> we have relemetry!
[22:39] <gonzo_> t
[22:48] <jcoxon> hooray
[22:50] <gonzo_> need to change to 8bit and add an checksum
[22:50] <gonzo_> bou otherwise there
[22:51] <jcoxon> :-)
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[23:23] Nick change: SAIDias -> W0OTM
[23:24] <Lunar_Lander> good night!
[23:25] Lunar_Lander (~kevingd@p54A07984.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[23:31] <Paradoxial> The purpose of time zones still somewhat eludes me
[23:31] <Paradoxial> The system is backwards in my opinion
[23:32] <Paradoxial> Instead of saying "let me change my clock when I travel there", I should be saying "let me remember that the sun rises and sets at slightly different times"
[23:33] NigelMoby (~nigel@ joined #highaltitude.
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