[00:00] <manderson21> doesn't that inherently mean it'll be heavier?
[00:00] <Lunar_Lander> I got a question
[00:00] <BrainDamage> no, the opposite
[00:00] <Lunar_Lander> I have a bag "Dunhills Wine Gum" and on one of the pieces it said "Hock"
[00:00] <Lunar_Lander> what is that?
[00:01] <BrainDamage> for same weight, it will contain more energy
[00:01] <manderson21> I love wikipedia.... Antimatter Matter/Antimatter 90,000 terajoules [5] Theoretical
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[00:04] <manderson21> BrainDamage, are you suggesting using an energy source other than lithium-ion / lithium polymer?
[00:05] <manderson21> I realize that gas is quite effective, but those RC engines are much pricier than I'd like to spend on just that part
[00:05] <manderson21> s/gas/petrol
[00:05] <BrainDamage> I'm saying it's the easiest way to achieve better range
[00:05] <BrainDamage> err, autonomy
[00:06] <BrainDamage> if it fits your needs, it's another story :p
[00:07] <manderson21> I would like to have an engine in it :p
[00:08] <Lunar_Lander> today they had a 1:5 scale model of a Bell 412 helicopter on TV
[00:08] <Lunar_Lander> with a kerosene-fuelled turbine
[00:08] <Lunar_Lander> it was some 2.1 m long and costs 15 k euros
[00:08] <manderson21> sweet jesus
[00:08] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[00:09] <Lunar_Lander> two other model builders made a fully functional 1:5 scale version of the Panzer IV from WWII
[00:09] <Lunar_Lander> they said it weighs about 200 kg
[00:10] <manderson21> $41 http://www.focalprice.com/YOE68X/ASP_AP061A_2Stroke_Engine_1125cc_rmp_500025000_for_RC_Airplane.html
[00:13] <manderson21> pocket bike engines are cheaper than rc ones :(
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[00:29] <SpeedEvil> Gas is also a lot more hard to maintain.
[00:29] <SpeedEvil> And has vibration issues
[00:30] <SpeedEvil> Also that engine will produce about 100Wish
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[00:31] <Lunar_Lander> SpeedEvil : do you know what "Hock" is? it's written on the wine gum
[00:31] <SpeedEvil> Gelatine is usually made from animal parts. Perhaps that's the bit of the pig it's made from.
[00:32] <manderson21> SpeedEvil, I have no idea what that means; I'm just a software guy :p
[00:32] <manderson21> is that enough for 4 rotors?
[00:33] <SpeedEvil> ...
[00:33] <manderson21> :-)
[00:33] <SpeedEvil> You're contemplating putting a generator on the end of that, then running 4 rotors?
[00:33] <SpeedEvil> from 4 motors?
[00:34] <manderson21> f that
[00:34] <SpeedEvil> Otherwise you'd need variable pitch props.
[00:34] <SpeedEvil> Half a kilo of (good) batteries will produce 100W for an hour.
[00:35] <manderson21> ok
[00:35] <manderson21> 20A @ 5V for an hour, then
[00:36] <manderson21> do you have a resource to explain using different motors? i.e. low/high torque depending on weight/payload?
[00:37] <SpeedEvil> propcalc.de
[00:37] <SpeedEvil> There is a straight tradeoff in helicopters.
[00:37] <SpeedEvil> High disk loading (weight per unit area of prop) means manoeverable, and more immune to gusts, but high power.
[00:38] <SpeedEvil> Low disk loading means lower power, but poorer climb performance, and more vulnerability to gusts.
[00:38] <SpeedEvil> diydrones.com is good to look round.
[00:39] <SpeedEvil> Typically, several hundred watts of power are needed to lift a kilo.
[00:39] <manderson21> I'm going to guess my mini rc heli is low disk, as it hates being near any object when low to the ground
[00:40] <manderson21> read: hard to maneuver...
[00:40] <SpeedEvil> If you try flying it outside, you'll find that even very low winds bother it hugely.
[00:40] <SpeedEvil> This is a function of the - comparatively - low speed of the air coming out of the bottom of the disk.
[00:41] <hibby> quadrocopters!
[00:41] <manderson21> and what's the "fix" for that?
[00:41] <SpeedEvil> There isn't one
[00:41] <manderson21> is it as simple as lower or higher rpm?
[00:41] <manderson21> oh
[00:41] <SpeedEvil> Variable pitch props - somewhat
[00:41] <SpeedEvil> But only somewhat
[00:42] <Lunar_Lander> thanks SpeedEvil btw
[00:42] <SpeedEvil> http://www.mauve.plus.com/test.png - for an example.
[00:43] <SpeedEvil> This is a render of my UAV flying overhead.
[00:43] <SpeedEvil> It's designed with a 6" prop, and puts 500W into that prop, ascending at around 30MPH
[00:43] <SpeedEvil> With a weight of 1Kg.
[00:44] <SpeedEvil> It is thus quite efficient when ascending fast, as it can get to a couple of kilometers in 3 minutes.
[00:44] <SpeedEvil> But. It uses around 300W to hover.
[00:44] <SpeedEvil> (figures computed)
[00:44] <manderson21> what's your power source?
[00:45] <SpeedEvil> If the prop was twice the diameter, and the weight was the same, then the power requirement for hover might be a quarter.
[00:45] <SpeedEvil> But the ascent rate would be much lower.
[00:45] <SpeedEvil> LiFePO4 batteries.
[00:45] <SpeedEvil> They are designed to be fully discharged in around 5 minutes
[00:46] <manderson21> I'm seeing some around 12v / 20Ah, is that what yours are?
[00:46] <SpeedEvil> No, this was about 2Ah@9V
[00:47] <manderson21> ok
[00:47] <SpeedEvil> Or 12v
[00:47] <manderson21> how many are you using?
[00:47] <SpeedEvil> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-A123-systems-battery-lifepo4-cell-26650-2300mah-New-/290601246277?pt=US_Batteries&hash=item43a92f1e45
[00:48] <SpeedEvil> 3 or 4 of these
[00:48] <SpeedEvil> Probably 4
[00:48] <manderson21> and how long do you plan on flying it for?
[00:50] <manderson21> sorry for my bad question
[00:50] <manderson21> questions*
[00:51] <SpeedEvil> Total flight time ~5 minutes.
[00:51] <BrainDamage> based what he said about 300W for hovering 3.3V * 2.3Ah*4 = 110kJ , 110kJ/300W = 360s ~=6 min
[00:52] <manderson21> ah, right on
[00:52] <SpeedEvil> It's designed for ascend to 3km or so, hover for a few tens of seconds taking a rapid panorama or images of targets, and land on the takeoff spot.
[00:52] Action: manderson21 puts down the beer
[00:52] <manderson21> that's cool
[00:52] <manderson21> what's the recharge time for the batteries?
[00:53] <manderson21> a few hours?
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[00:53] <SpeedEvil> 15 min
[00:53] earthshine (~Mike@cpc2-orpi1-0-0-cust69.2-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[00:54] <manderson21> seriously?
[00:54] <SpeedEvil> yes
[00:54] <manderson21> :|
[00:55] <manderson21> why does my 3.7V 150 mAh lipo battery take ~40 minutes?
[00:55] <SpeedEvil> Because it's a diferent technology
[00:55] <manderson21> that'd be over usb, so 5V source
[00:55] <Lunar_Lander> gn8
[00:55] <manderson21> night
[00:55] <BrainDamage> usb can only provide 2.5W max
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[00:57] <BrainDamage> also, lipo batts are more hairy to recharge
[00:57] <manderson21> thanks for not ignoring these questions :)
[00:57] <SpeedEvil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OsBc8RqSKU
[00:57] <SpeedEvil> lipo can do this if you overcharge them
[00:57] <SpeedEvil> (though generally not)
[00:58] <manderson21> hah
[00:58] <SpeedEvil> But it is possible.
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[04:15] <edmoore> Up at 5 for someone else's balloon launch
[04:16] <edmoore> I'm getting too old for this shit
[04:19] <SpeedEvil> Up at 5, as I failed sleep.
[04:26] <edmoore> Pb sandwich, apple, fresh coffee though
[04:26] <edmoore> That's the breakfast start you need
[04:27] SamSilver (2985f5bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[04:28] <NigelMoby> Meh
[04:29] <NigelMoby> Up all night, toothache :@
[04:30] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[04:30] <NigelMoby> Naaaaaatrium!
[04:31] <natrium42> whazzaaa
[04:31] <NigelMoby> Morning fella
[04:31] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: 5:30am, payload in backpack, heading to train station. #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104772483516862465]
[04:32] <natrium42> awesome
[04:32] <natrium42> how are you, NigelMoby?
[04:32] <NigelMoby> Meh sore, frikkin toothache
[04:34] <Darkside> hey all
[04:34] <NigelMoby> Oioi
[04:34] <SamSilver> Darkside: top of the morning to you
[04:35] <SamSilver> on train?
[04:35] <Darkside> eeyup
[04:35] <natrium42> :3
[04:35] <NigelMoby> Way times the train?
[04:35] <natrium42> yo Darkside, everything ready?
[04:35] <NigelMoby> Wat*
[04:35] <Darkside> 10 min
[04:35] <Darkside> walkin there now
[04:36] <NigelMoby> Cool, launch about 9ish?
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[04:38] <NigelMoby> Wb ed
[04:38] <edmoore> Darkside: Leaving here in 10 mins
[04:38] <edmoore> Ta
[04:38] <edmoore> Morning too!
[04:38] <edmoore> It's too early
[04:38] <NigelMoby> Yes, way to early!!
[04:39] <NigelMoby> Remind me to kill my dentist on Monday
[04:39] <edmoore> :)
[04:43] <eroomde> leaving in 5
[04:43] <eroomde> then bombing to cambridge
[04:43] <eroomde> aaaargh
[04:44] <Darkside> im on the train
[04:44] <Darkside> and I have no ticket
[04:44] <eroomde> im on a traaaaain
[04:44] <eroomde> you mad man
[04:44] <eroomde> they have sniffer dogs for tickets you know
[04:44] <Darkside> self service mavhines would not read my card
[04:45] <Darkside> noone at counters
[04:45] <eroomde> anyone who doesn't smell of ticket gets sniffed out
[04:45] <Darkside> guard told me to board
[04:45] <eroomde> yeah it's fine :)
[04:45] <natrium42> Darkside: just speak with a heavy australian accent
[04:45] <eroomde> no one cars at 6am ona saturday
[04:45] <natrium42> "sorry, new in town, mate!"
[04:46] <Darkside> heh
[04:46] <Darkside> well ill be back online at didcot
[04:46] <eroomde> next you'll suggest darkside offers them a shrimp from his barbie
[04:47] <Darkside> I do.t like shrimp
[04:47] <eroomde> 'barbie', when written down, has different connotations
[04:47] <natrium42> hehe
[04:47] <natrium42> "foreigners..."
[04:48] <eroomde> they do make you chuckle
[04:48] <eroomde> i did read an account someone of some british imperialist trying to explain to other people, in their own country, that they were foreigners
[04:48] <eroomde> who whole world was divided up as either 'an englishman' or 'foreigner'
[04:51] <eroomde> ok, time to be off
[04:51] <eroomde> see you shortly Darkside
[04:54] <Darkside> shortly?
[04:54] <Darkside> lol
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[05:06] <Darkside> ticket inspector just accepted an email on my phone as valid
[05:06] <natrium42> wat
[05:06] <natrium42> email from who?
[05:07] edmoore (~edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[05:07] <Darkside> trainline confirmation
[05:07] <natrium42> aah
[05:09] <Darkside> aaand chasetrain is on the tracker
[05:09] <Darkside> :P
[05:10] <Darkside> hmm maube not
[05:10] <Darkside> oh well
[05:11] <Darkside> next stop: didcot!
[05:16] <edmoore> To
[05:17] <edmoore> To*
[05:17] <edmoore> Yo*
[05:17] <edmoore> Just arrived at didcot darkside
[05:29] <Darkside> ok
[05:29] <Darkside> where are you
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[05:31] <Darkside> ok
[05:31] <Darkside> in the car
[05:32] <natrium42> :)
[05:33] <natrium42> nothing on tracker yet!
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[06:33] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[06:34] <mattltm> Hi all :)
[06:34] <daveake> Morning :)
[06:38] <Darkside> derp
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[06:38] <Darkside> on the m25
[06:55] fsphil-laptop (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:219:d2ff:fe09:a6b9) joined #highaltitude.
[06:56] <daveake> Alarm worked then, fsphil-laptop :)
[07:00] <fsphil-laptop> yea, fire alarm ! stuuupid thing is faulty
[07:00] <fsphil-laptop> probably woke up the neighbours too :)
[07:00] <mattltm> lol. Mornin fsphil :)
[07:00] <daveake> !!
[07:01] <daveake> Had to set mine to get the car down to the garage :(
[07:01] <fsphil-laptop> morning mr.matt!
[07:01] <fsphil-laptop> eek, broky car?
[07:03] <daveake> Worn out brakes. Can't think how that happened ...
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[07:03] <fsphil-laptop> I've to drive to the other side of NI to leave back the helium tank today
[07:04] <daveake> Not enough in it to be worth keeping for your next flight?
[07:04] <Upu> morning
[07:04] <Upu> dog walk..
[07:05] <fsphil-laptop> it's pretty much empty now, though I filled a few party balloons yesterday
[07:06] <fsphil-laptop> it's a shame they don't refund for the helium not used
[07:07] <daveake> Yep. I had about 2 m3 left in mine. Should have just paid the rental for an extra month!
[07:08] <daveake> Yesterday evening I started on making Buzz1's payload .. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/368443/Buzz%20UFO.jpg
[07:09] <fsphil-laptop> oooooh
[07:09] <daveake> Mrs Dave: "Looks like you've just made a plate"
[07:10] <fsphil-laptop> yea, but it's a SPACE PLATE
[07:10] <daveake> lol, quite!
[07:10] <daveake> 3 AAA cells and the NTX2 will go inside the disc; the rest in the half-ball of foam poly on top
[07:11] <daveake> Antenna below, thru that ground plane, of course
[07:11] <fsphil-laptop> cunning
[07:12] <Upu> you made a UFO :)
[07:12] <daveake> Indeed :)
[07:13] <daveake> The disc was made from 2 bits of foam sheet from pack for kiddies. I even weighed the sheets to find the lightest ones. Yes I'm that sad lol
[07:13] <daveake> Also weighed pieces from 2 rolls of kitchen foil. No difference there though
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[07:14] <daveake> 30g so far; 115g total calculated but the 'chute seems a bit under-sized so I'll probably use a larger one
[07:14] SAIDias (~SAID@ joined #highaltitude.
[07:15] <fsphil-laptop> you're almost into pico payload territory
[07:18] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[07:23] <daveake> Yeah. The foam itself is the heaviest part; not much I can do about the rest of it
[07:24] <SamSilver> need some anti gravity duct-tape
[07:26] <daveake> I had some, but then I made th mistake of putting it down
[07:26] number10 (56813a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:27] <fsphil-laptop> hah
[07:28] <SamSilver> lol
[07:29] <daveake> bfn .. car to garage, then take Mrs Dave out for breakfast
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[07:34] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: In Cambridge, waiting for the rest of the launch team. #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104818505601388544]
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[07:45] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: May be a launch delay due to card access issues. #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104821447909834752]
[07:49] <earthshine> o/
[07:49] <Darkside> cant get into tue buileing until 9 ot seems
[07:50] <Darkside> Randomsk's card access isnt working atm
[07:51] <Upu> right morning
[07:51] Nick change: Upu -> Upu_2E0UPU
[07:51] <Upu_2E0UPU> just launch from the car part Darkside
[07:51] <Darkside> we need equipment
[07:51] <Darkside> and a ne
[07:51] <Darkside> w gps
[07:52] <Upu_2E0UPU> ah
[07:52] <Upu_2E0UPU> tis but a small issue :)
[07:52] <Darkside> and fiing gear
[07:52] <Upu_2E0UPU> why 300 baud out of interest ?
[07:52] <Darkside> because its what we always use
[07:52] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok
[07:52] <Darkside> always works fine for us
[07:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> never tried a 300 baud with my new antenna but I always had issues with it before should be interesting
[07:53] <Darkside> we're still trying to get buding accesz
[07:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok
[07:53] <Darkside> fuuu crap keyboard
[07:57] m1x10 (~mixio@ppp046177045251.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[07:57] <fsphil> I didn't get much from the last 300 baud launch in Cambridge
[07:57] <fsphil> be interesting to see if there's any difference today
[07:59] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Quit: leaving
[08:03] <Upu_2E0UPU> interesting
[08:03] <Upu_2E0UPU> there is a NOTAM for a MET BALLOON RELEASE FROM 5357N 00208W (MARTONS BOTH). ASSOCIATED
[08:03] <Upu_2E0UPU> in north yorkshire
[08:03] <Upu_2E0UPU> a week long NOTAM
[08:09] <fsphil> curious
[08:10] <Upu_2E0UPU> might ring the number and ask if I can go over :)
[08:10] <fsphil> the number is Runshaw College
[08:11] <SpeedEvil> Are NOTAMS for specific persons?
[08:11] <number10> where are NOTAMS published
[08:11] <SpeedEvil> Or can anyone launch at that location?
[08:11] <fsphil> lol
[08:11] <fsphil> quick Upu_2E0UPU!
[08:11] <fsphil> launch !
[08:11] <fsphil> :)
[08:12] <fsphil> seriously though might be worth pinging the collage, see if they're interested in doing a launch with you
[08:12] codetiger (~codetiger@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:12] <fsphil> number10, http://notaminfo.com/ukmap
[08:12] codetiger (~codetiger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[08:12] codetiger (~codetiger@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:13] <fsphil> also the tracker has the notam overlay now too, in the settings tab
[08:13] <Upu_2E0UPU> SpeedEvil specific people but if the specific people are present you're good
[08:13] <Upu_2E0UPU> Collage ?
[08:13] <NigelMoby> Morning!!!
[08:13] <SpeedEvil> Upu_2E0UPU: Ah
[08:13] <fsphil> Upu_2E0UPU, google the phone number
[08:14] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:14] <fsphil> Runshaw College
[08:14] <Upu_2E0UPU> ah very good
[08:15] <NigelMoby> Lalala
[08:15] <fsphil> no sign of my notam yet. c'mon DM!
[08:16] <Upu_2E0UPU> they are going along way
[08:16] <fsphil> you're up early NigelMoby!
[08:16] <fsphil> :)
[08:16] <Upu_2E0UPU> well 30+ miles
[08:16] <NigelMoby> Been up all night
[08:17] <NigelMoby> Ntx2 turn up?
[08:17] <fsphil> there's one in wales too: MET BALLOON RELEASE FM 5138N 00240W (CHEPSTOW). ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT
[08:17] natrium42 (xela@ left #highaltitude.
[08:18] <fsphil> or is that wales
[08:18] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:18] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Client Quit
[08:18] <number10> thanks fsphil
[08:18] <NigelMoby> Hm
[08:18] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:18] <fsphil> right on the border
[08:18] <fsphil> is that willduckworth?
[08:19] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Client Quit
[08:19] <Upu_2E0UPU> dunno
[08:19] <fsphil> not far from where your pico balloon landed NigelMoby :)
[08:19] <Upu_2E0UPU> is WB8ELK launching today to can I clear that from the tracker ?
[08:20] <NigelMoby> Yup
[08:20] <NigelMoby> @Phil
[08:20] <fsphil> I don't believe so Upu_2E0UPU
[08:20] <Upu_2E0UPU> :)
[08:21] <RocketBoy> SpeedEvil: there are NOTAMS and Permits which are different things - although you would get a different impression from the chat that goes on here about NOTAMS . Permits have named balloon operators (or at least the EARS one does) - the NOTAM is a notification to airman of the potential hazard - its the permit that allows you to launch
[08:21] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:22] <SpeedEvil> I see
[08:22] codetiger (~codetiger@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[08:22] Nigey|Web (5162d0e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[08:22] <Nigey|Web> thats better
[08:23] <Upu_2E0UPU> Darkside any ETA, have I got time to go outside and start making some pyro cutdowns ?
[08:25] <Upu_2E0UPU> Back in 20
[08:26] <RocketBoy> SpeedEvil: they seem linked at the moment in that when you get a permit the "CAA" raise a NOTAM for the permit period - but I see no real reason why they could not be decoupled - so the NOTAM was raised when a flight was imanant.
[08:26] <Nigey|Web> toodles
[08:26] <Randomskk> hi all
[08:26] <Randomskk> just finished soldering up new gps
[08:26] <Randomskk> heading to launch site now
[08:26] <Nigey|Web> hey Randomskk
[08:26] <Randomskk> eta is going to be like 30, 40 mins at a guess
[08:26] <Upu_2E0UPU> sweet thx
[08:26] <Randomskk> on our way now - name me here and I'll get an email with the message
[08:27] <Nigey|Web> kk
[08:27] <Nigey|Web> morning RocketBoy
[08:28] <RocketBoy> yo Nigey|Web
[08:29] <Nigey|Web> any ideas for picochu-2? pcbs should be here in couple of weeks :D
[08:30] <Nigey|Web> assuming the dam balloons turn up, theyre taking longer than usual
[08:30] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[08:32] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[08:32] <number10> what place you buy the foil balloons from Niger|Web ?
[08:32] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[08:33] <Nigey|Web> an ebay shop, think its called missymoo or something daft like that
[08:33] <Nigey|Web> not seen the qualatex balloons anywhere locally in the 36"
[08:34] <number10> are the foil ones same as these http://www.balloons.co.uk/shop/uninflated-foil-balloons-80/36-giant-foil-balloons-334/36-uninflated-plain-round-shaped-foil-balloon-7724.html?zenid=8q7mqt8i76d6a54k0ljmdmd802
[08:35] <Nigey|Web> yup, not sure if those are qualatex mind
[08:35] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: New GPS wired up, enroute to launch site. #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104834035234250752]
[08:36] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) joined #highaltitude.
[08:36] <fsphil> woohoo!
[08:36] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:36] <Nigey|Web> yey
[08:36] <Nigey|Web> morning james
[08:36] <jcoxon> morning
[08:36] <RocketBoy> woo - 72" foil balloons
[08:36] <Nigey|Web> phil has that ntx2 got to you yet ?
[08:37] <fsphil> indeedy it has Nigey|Web, thanks
[08:37] <Nigey|Web> steve, ive seen those, very tempting to try them lol
[08:37] <fsphil> forgot to say
[08:37] <Nigey|Web> :)
[08:37] <jcoxon> 72!
[08:38] <RocketBoy> and not metalized
[08:38] <jcoxon> link?
[08:38] <RocketBoy> http://www.balloons.co.uk/shop/uninflated-latex-balloons-82/giant-latex-balloons-16-to-72-inch-227/72-latex-uninflated-giant-balloons-2171/72-uninflated-giant-balloon-clear-9086.html?zenid=8q7mqt8i76d6a54k0ljmdmd802
[08:38] <Nigey|Web> wonder who makes them
[08:39] <jcoxon> RocketBoy, i've got some time off end of next week
[08:39] <jcoxon> was going to come up to suffolk
[08:40] <jcoxon> got a pico payload waiting to be launched
[08:40] <jcoxon> you potentially around?
[08:40] earthshine (~Mike@cpc2-orpi1-0-0-cust69.2-3.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Read error: Connection timed out
[08:40] <natrium42> greetings sir jcoxon
[08:40] <jcoxon> morning natrium42
[08:41] <RocketBoy> yeah - no probs - an man of leisure these days
[08:41] <jcoxon> :-)
[08:41] <jcoxon> thought we could use preston manor as a launch site
[08:41] <jcoxon> for a foil flight
[08:41] earthshine (~Mike@cpc2-orpi1-0-0-cust69.2-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[08:42] smea (~smealum@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:43] <jcoxon> we expecting a launch today?
[08:43] <Nigey|Web> yups
[08:43] <Nigey|Web> darkside is in cam
[08:43] <jcoxon> i'm not sure about those 72 balloons
[08:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> morning jcoxon
[08:44] <jcoxon> do we think they'll be strong enough?
[08:44] <Nigey|Web> think its a 150gm payload on at 1500/1600 gm balloon going for slow ascent to get to 41km
[08:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> he's going for the record
[08:44] <jcoxon> gosh
[08:44] <fsphil> or epic float :)
[08:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> Aussie takes UK altitude
[08:44] <jcoxon> indeed
[08:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> where is my air rifle..
[08:44] <Nigey|Web> jcoxon: if theyre latex.. hmm.. id be sceptical
[08:44] <fsphil> either way it'll be cool
[08:44] <jcoxon> predictions roughly?
[08:45] Nick change: fsphil -> fsphil_2I0VIM
[08:45] <Nigey|Web> splashdown
[08:45] <jcoxon> have they fixed the issue with gps?
[08:45] <fsphil_2I0VIM> he's hacking on an fsa03
[08:45] <Nigey|Web> soldered up a new 1
[08:45] <jcoxon> hope it sets alt mode!
[08:45] <Nigey|Web> lol
[08:46] <Upu_2E0UPU> very interested in this one actually mainly as this is the balloon I have
[08:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> guessing the parameters: http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=58e18bfe1fdd81487dc7df21d92e1ff773d06b7e
[08:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> and I want to see what it does at 36km
[08:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> at such a slow ascent
[08:47] <Nigey|Web> is it a kaymont?
[08:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> Hwyoee
[08:47] <Nigey|Web> oo
[08:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> if it does float above 25km it will come back inland
[08:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> if it says up long enough
[08:48] <Upu_2E0UPU> I have a theory to go above 36km you need a faster ascent which is why I'm very interested in this one
[08:49] <Upu_2E0UPU> I base this theory on 2 launches and no science at all
[08:49] <jcoxon> Upu_2E0UPU, pah science
[08:49] <Upu_2E0UPU> :)
[08:50] <RocketBoy> right - two 72" balloons ordered - one of testing one for a flight
[08:50] AndroUser2 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:51] <number10> from balloons.co.uk RocketBoy?
[08:51] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-2-99-29-132.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[08:51] <jcoxon> RocketBoy, potentially we could do single balloon flights
[08:52] <jcoxon> just depends if they can hold hte pressure!
[08:52] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: Bringing the gas to the launch site. #ukhas [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104838100563402752]
[08:52] <Nigey|Web> lol i knew youd order them steve!
[08:52] <Nigey|Web> if they burst above 4.7 theyre better than the foils!
[08:53] <GW8RAK> Is there a launch today?
[08:53] <Nigey|Web> indeed
[08:53] <Randomskk> yea
[08:53] <Nigey|Web> hey Randomskk
[08:53] <Randomskk> in about ten mins
[08:53] <RocketBoy> jcoxon: yeah thats what I was thinking
[08:53] Dutch-Mill-mob (~androirc@116-122-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[08:53] <GW8RAK> Hungover today, so that's a good excuse not to do anything.
[08:53] <Nigey|Web> lol tut tut
[08:54] <jcoxon> RocketBoy, well i'm off weds/thurs/fri/sat
[08:54] <fsphil_2I0VIM> haha
[08:54] <Nigey|Web> id rather be hungover than suffering this toothache! :@
[08:54] <GW8RAK> Half one bedtime.
[08:54] <jcoxon> but won't be in a sensible state on weds
[08:54] <Randomskk> we're mostly ready to go, about to start filling kinda
[08:54] <Nigey|Web> jcoxon: 4 days off? thats rare isnt it? :P
[08:55] <jcoxon> Nigey|Web, actually i get a lot of days off
[08:55] <GW8RAK> EARS launch site?
[08:55] <jcoxon> in my 4 month rotation i get 25 days off
[08:55] <Nigey|Web> ahhh
[08:55] <jcoxon> the reason is that they have to balance my hours our from on calls
[08:55] <jcoxon> to fit the EWTD
[08:55] <Nigey|Web> GW8RAK: cusf
[08:56] <Nigey|Web> jcoxon: got ya, do you have a max number u can do a month then ?
[08:56] <fsphil_2I0VIM> yay EWTD
[08:56] <GW8RAK> Thanks. Will try to get fldigi on this machine.
[08:56] <jcoxon> i'm not allowed to work more then 48 hrs a week
[08:56] <jcoxon> but thats averaged over the whole placement
[08:57] <Darkside> ok
[08:57] <Darkside> setting up
[08:57] <Nigey|Web> i see
[08:57] <jcoxon> so this week by monday morn i would have worked 72hrs
[08:58] <Nigey|Web> blimey james
[08:58] <RocketBoy> 72" should be like 500g of lift if it all scales
[08:58] <Nigey|Web> 500 :o nice!
[08:58] <GW8RAK> Why can't Ubuntu be as easy to install software on as Windows. It's the one bit which really frustrates me
[08:58] earthshine (~Mike@cpc2-orpi1-0-0-cust69.2-3.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Read error: Connection timed out
[08:59] <Nigey|Web> lol GW8RAK .. it can be a bit of an ass
[08:59] <fsphil_2I0VIM> package management makes it very easy, usually?
[08:59] <fsphil_2I0VIM> unless you're installing something that isn't packaged
[09:00] earthshine (~Mike@cpc2-orpi1-0-0-cust69.2-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:00] <Upu_2E0UPU> payload on the map looks like a nice warm day there
[09:00] <Nigey|Web> its warm here to, just torrential rain :/
[09:01] <Darkside> its very nice here
[09:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> really sunny here :)
[09:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> for once
[09:01] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-2-99-29-132.as13285.net) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[09:01] <Nigey|Web> grr phil :(
[09:02] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I know! it's weird
[09:02] <Nigey|Web> you stole our sun !
[09:02] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: http://t.co/gLqbQyr Setting up for launch. #ukhas [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104840835350278144]
[09:03] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooh
[09:03] <fsphil_2I0VIM> who's who?
[09:03] <Upu_2E0UPU> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/ukhasconf2011.jpg/
[09:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oh wow
[09:04] <Nigey|Web> good question..lol
[09:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> nice job
[09:04] <Nigey|Web> ^^ great job upu
[09:04] <Upu_2E0UPU> I see people :)
[09:04] <Nigey|Web> i hear voices
[09:04] <Nigey|Web> ..
[09:04] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-2-99-29-132.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[09:04] <Upu_2E0UPU> Randomskk is the one at the computer I think
[09:05] <Nigey|Web> wb GW8RAK
[09:05] <Darkside> yep
[09:05] <Darkside> he's busy debugging habitat
[09:05] <Darkside> we're about to fill the balloon
[09:06] <Nigey|Web> dont let the balloon escape now :p
[09:06] <Upu_2E0UPU> cool
[09:06] <Randomskk> timestamps working
[09:06] <Randomskk> balloon being unpacked now
[09:06] <GW8RAK> Ubuntu crashed, but it's still not happy Nigey
[09:06] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: Starting to fill the balloon #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104841708994433024]
[09:06] <fsphil_2I0VIM> you crashed linux?
[09:06] <Nigey|Web> which software you having issues with ?
[09:07] RocketBoy (steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) left #highaltitude.
[09:07] <Nigey|Web> im betting he crashed xserver... thats more than possible hehe
[09:07] <GW8RAK> Ubuntu 10.X I think
[09:07] <fsphil_2I0VIM> yea .. been years since I seen a total crash
[09:08] <fsphil_2I0VIM> or ubuntu -- it's more likely that silly unity interface that crashed
[09:08] <GW8RAK> Just complete lock up
[09:08] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: http://t.co/AhvLJfL Interesting balloon neck width. #ukhas [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104842201237958656]
[09:08] <GW8RAK> And I really don't have the mental capacity to install dl-fldigi this morning, so it'll be back to Windows in a minute
[09:08] <GW8RAK> And the sound has gone on this machine, again.
[09:09] <Nigey|Web> lol deep breath :D
[09:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> try mint or fedora next time :)
[09:09] <GW8RAK> More brain overload.
[09:09] <Nigey|Web> blimey the hwoyee necks are huge
[09:10] <Upu_2E0UPU> yeah they are
[09:10] <Upu_2E0UPU> 10cms
[09:10] <Nigey|Web> :o
[09:10] <GW8RAK> I really want to try Linux, but the learning curve is just frustrating.
[09:10] <Nigey|Web> they all that size or just the larger weights ?
[09:10] <fsphil_2I0VIM> GW8RAK, it's weird though - it shouldn't be. I'm not sure why it's so crashy for you
[09:10] <Upu_2E0UPU> GW8RAK Linux is fantastic as a server O/S but personally I just don't see it as Workstation class yet though I know alot of people do
[09:10] <GW8RAK> Want to give it a proper go, but since the Wnindows machine does ALL I want it to, why change.
[09:11] <GW8RAK> First ever crash fsphil
[09:11] <fsphil_2I0VIM> for me anyway, linux is a vastly better development environment
[09:11] <Upu_2E0UPU> Linux doesn't however "just freeze"
[09:11] <Upu_2E0UPU> unless you have a hardware fault or something
[09:11] <Nigey|Web> it isnt running that unity crap is it ?
[09:12] <GW8RAK> Okay, perhaps it didn't freeze, but after 3 minutes of nothing happening, it exceeded my patience limit.
[09:12] <Upu_2E0UPU> you running Linux in VM ?
[09:12] junderwood (~John@host86-180-52-169.range86-180.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:12] <GW8RAK> No idea guys, I'm a complete novice to a lot of computing these days.
[09:15] <Upu_2E0UPU> I run Windows desktop but alot of Linux servers
[09:16] <Nigey|Web> snap
[09:16] <Nigey|Web> until linux can run steam natively its pointless as a desktop os for me
[09:16] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[09:16] <GW8RAK> steam natively?
[09:17] <Nigey|Web> steam, games software from valve
[09:17] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: http://t.co/GpPOamq The filled balloon. 500g neck lift. #ukhas [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104844368996859904]
[09:17] <Nigey|Web> currently runs under wine, which is rather crap and flakey at best
[09:17] <GW8RAK> I must be showing my age now :)
[09:17] <Nigey|Web> hehe
[09:17] <GW8RAK> Can't get sound to work, so off to Windows. Back soon, I hope.
[09:17] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-2-99-29-132.as13285.net) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[09:18] <Darkside> hey all
[09:18] <Nigey|Web> eek hope he gets it working
[09:18] <fsphil_2I0VIM> there was rumours of a steam client a while back
[09:18] <Darkside> almost ready got launch
[09:18] <Darkside> just tying off the balloon
[09:18] <Nigey|Web> fsphil_2I0VIM: yup, its in the works but meh, gabe's being a tit over it all
[09:22] <Nigey|Web> wonder if ill pick this up concidering its headed east
[09:22] <Upu_2E0UPU> Ready and listening Darkside
[09:25] edmoore (~edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:25] <edmoore> Launched
[09:25] <Randomskk> going up super slow
[09:25] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-2-99-29-132.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[09:25] <edmoore> Veeeeery slow
[09:25] <edmoore> But up
[09:25] <edmoore> Really gonna need the yagi guys today
[09:25] <Darkside> yep
[09:25] <edmoore> It could be well out to the north sea
[09:26] <GW8RAK> Back in the warm welcoming world of Windows
[09:26] <edmoore> If people have friends with yagis... :)
[09:27] <Darkside> yes
[09:27] <Darkside> please get trackers going!!
[09:27] <number10> got it
[09:27] <Darkside> i've only got my funcube dongle going atm
[09:27] <Nigey|Web> hrm i dont see the payload on the tracker ?
[09:27] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[09:27] <Upu_2E0UPU> Listening but I don't think I'm going to hear it until about 2500m
[09:27] <Darkside> number10: uploading?
[09:27] <number10> I hope so
[09:27] <Upu_2E0UPU> dial freq number10 ?
[09:27] <number10> is showing green
[09:27] <Randomskk> number10: you're not showing up on the tracker yet
[09:27] <number10> 434.650
[09:27] <Randomskk> at the bottom does it say "sentence uploaded"?
[09:28] <number10> how do I get it to upload
[09:28] <Upu_2E0UPU> it does it automatically
[09:28] <Upu_2E0UPU> just check you're online
[09:28] <natrium42> you just showed up
[09:28] edmoore (~edmoore@ left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[09:28] <Randomskk> it should anyway, but make sure "online" is ticked on the thing at the top
[09:28] <Randomskk> uhm, under "listener" maybe? top menu
[09:28] <number10> is uploading
[09:28] <Randomskk> there's an "online" tickbox
[09:28] <Nigey|Web> Randomskk: does the new backend not like i.e 9 ?
[09:28] edmoore (~edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:28] <Randomskk> Nigey|Web: nothing web-facing changed on the backend
[09:29] <Randomskk> but natrium42 did update spacenear.us to look prettier
[09:29] <Randomskk> which may be upsetting it
[09:29] <Randomskk> number10: you're showing up
[09:29] <Nigey|Web> hrm odd, got no payload, just the map
[09:29] <Nigey|Web> ill put ff on
[09:29] <Upu_2E0UPU> which browser NigelMoby ?
[09:29] <Nigey|Web> i.e 9
[09:29] <Randomskk> number10: okay I think it's working
[09:29] <number10> good
[09:29] <Upu_2E0UPU> try it in another/compat mode
[09:30] <Upu_2E0UPU> my mum in law only saw chase cars for the James May launch but it worked fine in Chrome
[09:30] <Nigey|Web> ahh, weird, ill try compat
[09:30] <Upu_2E0UPU> forgot to mention that
[09:31] GW8RAK_ (~chatzilla@host-78-150-138-3.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[09:31] <Nigey|Web> yup that works
[09:31] <Upu_2E0UPU> compatibility mode ?
[09:31] <Randomskk> I think the spacenear.us is only showing the first receiver for each sentence
[09:31] <Randomskk> but all receivers are being saved in the database
[09:32] <Nigey|Web> yup upu
[09:32] <Upu_2E0UPU> might be worth raising that as a bug
[09:32] Nick change: junderwood -> junderwood_M0JCU
[09:32] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-2-99-29-132.as13285.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[09:32] <Nigey|Web> yeah definately
[09:32] <Nigey|Web> Darkside: 2m/s .. ure in for the long haul eh? :p
[09:33] <Darkside> ok
[09:33] <Darkside> we're headint ot the bar i think
[09:33] <Darkside> need power
[09:33] <Upu_2E0UPU> Anyone seen Epic Meal Time on YouTube, I predict Epic Float Time
[09:33] <eroomde> it's going to be epic whatever happens
[09:33] <Nigey|Web> :D
[09:34] <Upu_2E0UPU> anyone got Dutch-Mills number ? Get him out of bed :)
[09:34] <eroomde> it was like a zp at launch
[09:34] <eroomde> all dangling material and a tiny bubble of He
[09:34] <Nigey|Web> lol upu
[09:34] <junderwood_M0JCU> Fantastic signal here 60 miles away from 1000m upwards
[09:35] <Upu_2E0UPU> still out of range for me
[09:35] <Upu_2E0UPU> Oh wait
[09:35] <eroomde> getting something?
[09:35] <Upu_2E0UPU> I think I can hear something coming out of the noise
[09:35] GW8RAK__ (~chatzilla@host-78-150-216-48.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[09:35] GW8RAK_ (~chatzilla@host-78-150-138-3.as13285.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[09:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 300 baud sounds weird compared to 50 baud :)
[09:35] Laurenceb_ (~Laurence@host86-174-22-22.range86-174.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[09:36] <Laurenceb_> late launch :P
[09:36] <Upu_2E0UPU> its there but buried in the noise
[09:36] <Nigey|Web> morning Laurenceb
[09:36] <Laurenceb_> yo
[09:36] <eroomde> Laurenceb_: had to splice a new gps on
[09:36] <Laurenceb_> good to see it works
[09:36] Action: Laurenceb_ gets some breakfast
[09:37] Nick change: GW8RAK__ -> GW8RAK
[09:37] <Laurenceb_> fsa03?
[09:37] <Upu_2E0UPU> 434
[09:37] <junderwood_M0JCU> Shift is well above the advertised value.I would say about 525 baud.
[09:37] <Upu_2E0UPU> 434.648.6
[09:37] <Upu_2E0UPU> getting louder
[09:38] <Upu_2E0UPU> 525 shift ?
[09:39] <Darkside> 425
[09:39] <junderwood_M0JCU> I'm seeing 525 but it's decoding fine on 425
[09:39] <Upu_2E0UPU> no just looking at what junderwood said
[09:39] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok getting partial strings now
[09:40] <Laurenceb_> Upu: you are over the horizon
[09:40] <Laurenceb_> impressive
[09:40] <Upu_2E0UPU> I know
[09:40] <Upu_2E0UPU> $$DARKSIDE,8r,09:00:23,52.25403,0.1x593,2116,36,9;31;794&71:437*8F14
[09:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> looking at the prediction, I don't think I'll be receiving this one
[09:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> unless I get up the mountain
[09:41] <Laurenceb_> wow
[09:41] <Nigey|Web> or move to holland lol
[09:41] <Upu_2E0UPU> got it
[09:41] <GW8RAK> He won't find any mountains there Nigey
[09:42] Saphira (51866c72@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:42] <Nigey|Web> plenty of windmills though hehe
[09:42] <Upu_2E0UPU> well got a string away over horizon so looking good fsphil_2I0VIM
[09:42] <Laurenceb_> Upu: CRC ok?
[09:42] <Upu_2E0UPU> p.s if this was 50 baud I'd be getting alot more :)
[09:42] <Upu_2E0UPU> yeah
[09:42] <Laurenceb_> wow
[09:42] <Upu_2E0UPU> not had any since
[09:42] <Nigey|Web> phil, you might get it soon on the folkstone global tuner
[09:43] <Laurenceb_> what antenni?
[09:43] <Upu_2E0UPU> Watson WD-50 Colinear
[09:43] Action: Laurenceb_ googles
[09:43] <fsphil_2I0VIM> that's cheating Nigey|Web :)
[09:43] <Upu_2E0UPU> getting every string but with errors
[09:43] <Nigey|Web> yup lol
[09:43] <Upu_2E0UPU> DARKSIDE,933,09:43:47,52.26534,0.21929,2504,41,9;31;758.34;437*50F0
[09:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> wow
[09:44] <number10> I think higher baud rate is not a good idea as bound to get more errors at distance
[09:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> that went really loud
[09:44] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:44] <GW8RAK> Is this one 434.650?
[09:44] <Laurenceb_> its 300 baud?
[09:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> yes
[09:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> I'm on 434.648.630
[09:44] <Laurenceb_> thats mental
[09:44] <fsphil_2I0VIM> number10, best range at 300 baud is 520km so far
[09:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> looks like 2500 is my horizon
[09:45] <number10> really thats not bad fsphil_2I0VIM
[09:45] <Upu_2E0UPU> all decoding now
[09:45] daveake_htc (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:45] <junderwood_M0JCU> I find that the baud rate doesn't make any real difference. If it's in sight, it can be decoded. If there is solid ground in the way - it can't
[09:46] <jcoxon> what ascent rate are they aiming for?
[09:46] <Nigey|Web> 3 iirc
[09:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> Is this a Totex or one of the new ones?
[09:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> Hwoyee
[09:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> Float-O-Tron 1600 series
[09:47] <Nigey|Web> lol
[09:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> Anyone in Holland today?
[09:47] <daveake_htc> lol
[09:47] <Nigey|Web> lets wake timbobel and duthmill up
[09:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I've emailed tim :)
[09:47] <Nigey|Web> dutch*
[09:48] <Upu_2E0UPU> that is absolutely clear as a bell from here best reception I've had in ages
[09:48] <Nigey|Web> yey, did u tell him to ready the chopper?
[09:48] Action: LazyLeopard is late to the party again...
[09:48] Nick change: LazyLeopard -> M0LEP
[09:48] <Upu_2E0UPU> LazyLeopard its only just in the air :)
[09:48] spacekittun (~TraumaPon@203-214-89-70.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
[09:48] <fsphil_2I0VIM> get out the red boat :)
[09:48] <Nigey|Web> haha
[09:48] spacekitteh (~TraumaPon@124-171-95-230.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Disconnected by services
[09:48] Nick change: spacekittun -> spacekitteh
[09:48] <M0LEP> Upu_2E0UPU: Yeah, but I like to be setting up _before_ lift-off!
[09:48] <junderwood_M0JCU> What's the antenna / radio on this one? It's the strongest signal I've had.
[09:49] <Upu_2E0UPU> same here
[09:49] <M0LEP> Data's roaring in!
[09:49] <Nigey|Web> if its the 1 he brought here its just a solid core wire 1/4 wave
[09:49] <Upu_2E0UPU> that said just faded badly here
[09:49] Action: fsphil_2I0VIM just remembered something about the ntx2 on that payload
[09:49] <Nigey|Web> me tp ;)
[09:49] <Nigey|Web> to*
[09:49] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[09:49] <Nigey|Web> lalala
[09:50] <Nigey|Web> coffee phil? :P
[09:50] <Upu_2E0UPU> no back now
[09:50] <fsphil_2I0VIM> soooo,, nice weather today there Nigey|Web ? :)
[09:50] AndroUser2 (~androirc@ left irc: Ping timeout: 268 seconds
[09:50] <Nigey|Web> lmao
[09:50] <jcoxon> fsphil_2I0VIM, i'll join you guys
[09:50] <Nigey|Web> :D
[09:50] <Nigey|Web> sugar and milk james? hehe
[09:51] <jcoxon> dial freq?
[09:51] <Upu_2E0UPU> 434.648.63here
[09:51] <Nigey|Web> 434.648.63
[09:51] Dutch-Mill (3e2d7a74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[09:51] <Upu_2E0UPU> Yay Dutch-Mill
[09:51] <Nigey|Web> Dutch-Mill:
[09:51] <Nigey|Web> :)
[09:51] <Upu_2E0UPU> Dutch-Mill you're needed :)
[09:51] <Nigey|Web> ready ure antenna mr
[09:51] <M0LEP> 434.649 on the dial here, but signal's creeping up...
[09:52] <Nigey|Web> ok sounds dodgy ...
[09:52] <Upu_2E0UPU> confirm M0LEP yep going up
[09:52] <Dutch-Mill> Hi@all ...look whats comming in my direction ;-)
[09:52] <Upu_2E0UPU> indeed and it may float do get your boat ready
[09:52] Action: jcoxon can't be bothered to move the antenna
[09:53] <jcoxon> i won't rx for a while
[09:53] <M0LEP> 434.649.4 now
[09:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> retuned for 434649.26
[09:53] <Nigey|Web> doubt i will at all, totally the wrong side of the country :(
[09:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> You'll get it
[09:53] <fsphil_2I0VIM> easily
[09:53] <jcoxon> Nigey|Web, you might you know
[09:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> lovely stron signal on this one
[09:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> strong
[09:54] <Nigey|Web> ill give it a gd try
[09:54] <Nigey|Web> but im not standing in the middle of the road with the yagi again, i got some odd looks last time lol
[09:55] <daveake_htc> :)
[09:55] <GW8RAK> There are some strange noises around this frequency today
[09:55] <number10> is the raw uploaded data online?
[09:56] <eroomde> back inside
[09:56] <fsphil_2I0VIM> wb
[09:56] <Upu_2E0UPU> number10 yeah : gi again, i got some odd looks last time lol
[09:56] <Upu_2E0UPU> [10:55] <daveake_htc> :)
[09:56] <Upu_2E0UPU> err
[09:56] <Upu_2E0UPU> http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[09:56] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oops
[09:56] <Darkside> aaaand we are in the bar
[09:56] <Darkside> whic is not open
[09:57] <Darkside> so i cannot sample any fine english ale
[09:57] <Upu_2E0UPU> doing the Aussie stereotype huge favours there mate :)
[09:57] <Darkside> Eeyup
[09:58] <fsphil_2I0VIM> GW8RAK, lovely and quiet here today
[09:58] <junderwood_M0JCU> Dutch-Mill, I think you need to update your coordinates in dl-fldigi!
[09:58] <fsphil_2I0VIM> nobody cutting their grass, which is odd considering how nice it is out there
[09:58] <eroomde> agreed
[09:58] <jcoxon> junderwood_M0JCU, haha beat me to it
[09:58] <GW8RAK> I've got a great big50Hz wide signal at 1500Hz
[09:58] <eroomde> or you have an amazing boat with an incredible yagi array
[09:58] <fsphil_2I0VIM> EME HAB tracking
[09:58] <Darkside> give me a few years
[09:59] <Darkside> and i might be able to get data from a cubesat
[09:59] <fsphil_2I0VIM> haha
[09:59] <GW8RAK> That would be too easy fsphil_2I0VIM
[09:59] <jcoxon> Darkside, you should put an ntx2 on a cubesat with ukhas format rtty
[09:59] <jcoxon> then we could track it on spacenear.us
[09:59] <Darkside> hahaha
[09:59] <Darkside> yes
[09:59] <jcoxon> it would so work
[10:00] <fsphil_2I0VIM> spacenotsonear.us
[10:00] <GW8RAK> Evan smaller are the PocketQub sats
[10:00] <GW8RAK> Even
[10:00] <eroomde> this is going to be ludicrously floaty or ludicrously high
[10:00] <Upu_2E0UPU> http://www.justin.tv/ukhas#/w/1646137024
[10:00] <GW8RAK> 50mm cube
[10:00] <eroomde> it's going at 2.5m/s with a 150g payload
[10:00] <Darkside> GW8RAK: theres a PocketQub payload on teh cubesat i'm working on
[10:00] <fsphil_2I0VIM> are license exempt modules valid in space? :)
[10:00] <jcoxon> eroomde, either or it'll be fun
[10:00] <eroomde> yep :)
[10:00] Action: jcoxon should be sleeping
[10:00] <GW8RAK> Nice Darkside. I'll have to chat to you about it one day off this group
[10:01] TimZaman (~chatzilla@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[10:01] <TimZaman> Hello hello.
[10:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> g'day TimZaman
[10:01] <junderwood_M0JCU> fsphil_2I0VIM, are they license exempt everywhere?
[10:01] <TimZaman> Hi
[10:01] <eroomde> TimZaman: are you in the netherlands?
[10:01] <Nigey|Web> its tim!
[10:01] <TimZaman> i just heared the work from Phil, yeah
[10:01] <eroomde> cos we may need you :)
[10:01] <Laurenceb_> heh did the forecast just update?
[10:01] <TimZaman> I just wanted to know im here to catch the payload
[10:01] <eroomde> either to drive or to listen
[10:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> junderwood_M0JCU, not sure actually
[10:01] <eroomde> or both
[10:01] <TimZaman> Good news by the way
[10:01] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[10:01] <Nigey|Web> got a boat tim? :p
[10:01] <TimZaman> im in the north of holland, and i have a car here
[10:02] <Upu_2E0UPU> Hey TimZaman long time no see :)
[10:02] <TimZaman> Nah working on that licence though
[10:02] <TimZaman> Aah old times
[10:02] <Nigey|Web> lol
[10:02] <fsphil_2I0VIM> haha
[10:02] <TimZaman> I'll become an active habber again in around 10 days
[10:02] <fsphil_2I0VIM> odd, prediction just jumped north
[10:02] <Nigey|Web> oh u have a launch lined up tim ?
[10:02] <jcoxon> someone should email the ukhas list
[10:03] <eroomde> actually if it floats at 35 or 36km, it'll probably start flaoting towards leeds
[10:03] <GW8RAK> Have to see if I get a burst of signal as it comes over the horizon
[10:03] <TimZaman> kinda, its a simple testflight in two weeks or so
[10:03] <TimZaman> then again one more serious in november
[10:03] <eroomde> jcoxon: could you ping it?
[10:03] <Nigey|Web> good stuff
[10:03] <eroomde> i think we need the lognest yagis we can find
[10:03] <junderwood_M0JCU> What is the predictor burst altitude set at?
[10:03] <fsphil_2I0VIM> heh, floats long enough and it'll head my way
[10:03] <Upu_2E0UPU> over my head :)
[10:03] Action: jcoxon kicks his mobile broadband into action
[10:04] <eroomde> junderwood_M0JCU: 40
[10:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> well my car works now so if it does come this way, I'll head out :)
[10:04] <GW8RAK> Now that would be interesting fsphil_2I0VIM
[10:04] <jcoxon> my broadband actually connects but they haven't activated it yet so it doesn't work work
[10:04] <TimZaman> Wasnt there a guy from darlington that had a 22el yagi? he reached 416km with my flight before
[10:04] <jcoxon> :-(
[10:04] <eroomde> if it carries on, it'll beat that according to the prediction
[10:04] <eroomde> but it may just float
[10:04] <Upu_2E0UPU> someone has a big antenna up that end TimZaman
[10:04] <Nigey|Web> adsl james ?
[10:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> TimZaman, likely M0DTS
[10:04] <TimZaman> Haha, no i have all my equipment in Delft (south)
[10:05] <TimZaman> yeah M0DTS rings a bell.
[10:05] <TimZaman> What kind of flight is this btw
[10:05] <Nigey|Web> 22ele? :o
[10:05] <eroomde> TimZaman: large balloon, light payload, slow ascent
[10:05] <fsphil_2I0VIM> Nigey|Web, 2x 22ele :)
[10:05] <Upu_2E0UPU> light payload, slow accent TimZaman
[10:05] <eroomde> the pressure data is going to be really interesting
[10:05] <Nigey|Web> blimey!
[10:06] <TimZaman> Sensors?
[10:06] <Upu_2E0UPU> not sure
[10:06] <eroomde> pressure
[10:06] <eroomde> 1Pa resolution
[10:06] <eroomde> tho perhpas not accuracy
[10:06] <Laurenceb_> what sort of pressure sensor?
[10:06] <eroomde> but we hav vays of dealing vith ze noise
[10:06] <Upu_2E0UPU> which field is that on the telemetry eroomde ?
[10:06] <junderwood_M0JCU> M0DTS is doing a lot of work with optical links. Maybe someone should fly a photodiode?
[10:06] <Laurenceb_> is it a bmp085?
[10:07] <eroomde> Laurenceb_: yes
[10:07] <Nigey|Web> Laurenceb_: yip
[10:07] <Laurenceb_> hmm
[10:07] <Laurenceb_> doesnt it saturate at low pressures?
[10:07] <eroomde> Laurenceb_: save that whinging for later
[10:07] <eroomde> for now enjoy the flight
[10:07] <TimZaman> optical links, im not sure the airlines would like that. Surely the UFO watchers will.
[10:07] <Laurenceb_> lol
[10:07] <Nigey|Web> lol
[10:08] <TimZaman> Sthough still, probably there are no regulations about high power inrared lights, otherwise you could easily get a massive amount of data transfered in the evening, provided that ethere are clear skies
[10:08] edmoore_ (~edmoore@chu-gw-b.churchillcambridge.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[10:08] <griffonbot> Received email: James Coxon "[UKHAS] Launch now! Horus 15.5"
[10:08] <TimZaman> Anyway, gtg, send me an email if its probable that it will reach main land (timbobel @ gmail )
[10:08] <TimZaman> ill pick it up
[10:08] <TimZaman> ;)
[10:09] <TimZaman> if i knew before i'd have taken some stuff with me here
[10:09] TimZaman (~chatzilla@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[10:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> junderwood_M0JCU, I've got a 2 watt LED for a hab flight
[10:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> going to be doing rtty over it :)
[10:10] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-78-150-216-48.as13285.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[10:10] <junderwood_M0JCU> sounds like fun. I just need a big telescope to receive (on the end of a tall mast)
[10:11] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it'll need to be a night launch
[10:11] <fsphil_2I0VIM> no cameras :(
[10:11] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooh
[10:11] <fsphil_2I0VIM> could set it up to float
[10:12] edmoore (~edmoore@ left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[10:12] Nick change: edmoore_ -> edmoore
[10:12] <Nigey|Web> 4m/s
[10:12] <fsphil_2I0VIM> speeding up?
[10:12] <Nigey|Web> speeding up
[10:13] <Nigey|Web> 3.5 now hmm
[10:13] <fsphil_2I0VIM> how's that possible
[10:14] <Nigey|Web> some kinda thermal maybe? :|
[10:14] <eroomde> i think it might be that the balloon is firming up
[10:14] <eroomde> initially it was a bag of cats
[10:14] <Nigey|Web> 4.3 now
[10:14] <Laurenceb_> lulwut
[10:14] <eroomde> flapping around and shedding crap all over the place
[10:14] <Upu_2E0UPU> technical term that :)
[10:14] <Nigey|Web> ya it looked very.. loose hehe
[10:14] <eroomde> now there might be more of a steady flow developing over it as it tightens
[10:14] <Laurenceb_> at least itll get through the fast moving air faster
[10:15] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-78-150-214-207.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[10:15] <Upu_2E0UPU> it is fading in and out alot
[10:15] <Laurenceb_> and end up closer to land
[10:15] <eroomde> ask an aerodyanmics person
[10:15] <M0LEP> Hmmm... lost it for a while there...
[10:16] <fsphil_2I0VIM> Speed: 110 km/h
[10:16] GW8RAK_ (~chatzilla@host-78-150-214-207.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[10:16] <fsphil_2I0VIM> that's pretty nippy
[10:16] <eroomde> blimey
[10:16] daveake_htc (~androirc@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[10:17] <Nigey|Web> thats nice and fast
[10:17] <eroomde> Darkside is just exporting the launch videos
[10:17] <eroomde> it'll be on the tubes shortly
[10:17] <eroomde> slightly interesting launch
[10:17] <Nigey|Web> yey
[10:17] <eroomde> the balloon is just so damn slow
[10:17] <Nigey|Web> thats groundspeed right ?
[10:18] <fsphil_2I0VIM> think so Nigey|Web
[10:18] <Laurenceb_> no obviously not
[10:18] <Laurenceb_> its timespeed
[10:18] <Nigey|Web> oh
[10:18] <Nigey|Web> 120...
[10:18] <Nigey|Web> going for a speed record to ed? :P
[10:19] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-78-150-214-207.as13285.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[10:19] Nick change: GW8RAK_ -> GW8RAK
[10:20] <fsphil_2I0VIM> if it gets to 141.6km/h, it might land yesterday
[10:20] <Nigey|Web> lol
[10:20] <jcoxon> is dl-fldigi autosetting the filter now?
[10:20] <eroomde> http://yfrog.com/gzi2gxuj
[10:20] <fsphil_2I0VIM> changing the baud rate sets the filter automatically
[10:21] <eroomde> ... me holding the balloon
[10:21] <eroomde> that's all it is in every photo
[10:21] <eroomde> i may aswell be a tripod
[10:21] <fsphil_2I0VIM> what's in your bag ed? :)
[10:21] <Laurenceb_> thats big
[10:21] <Nigey|Web> lol awww
[10:22] <eroomde> fsphil_2I0VIM: 2 spanners and duct tape
[10:22] <eroomde> weighing 249g
[10:22] <fsphil_2I0VIM> aah, was thinking it was food or something
[10:22] <Laurenceb_> dont talk about darkside like that
[10:22] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[10:22] <Nigey|Web> lmao
[10:22] <BrainDamage> eroomde: they told you you could become anything when you were a kid, so you decided to become a tripod?
[10:23] Dutch-Mill (3e2d7a74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[10:23] <Laurenceb_> ascent rate going down again
[10:23] <eroomde> BrainDamage: exactly
[10:23] <Nigey|Web> tripods are very versatile
[10:23] <fsphil_2I0VIM> indeed, couldn't do without them
[10:23] <fsphil_2I0VIM> cameras all over the world would just fall over
[10:24] <Nigey|Web> 124kph
[10:25] <fsphil_2I0VIM> another 10km needed before I'm likely to receive anything
[10:25] <Nigey|Web> if this damn toothache eases up ill go out with the yagi
[10:26] <jcoxon> number10, you are so well placed for launches from cam
[10:26] edmoore (~edmoore@chu-gw-b.churchillcambridge.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi
[10:26] <number10> yes, I need a better setup
[10:26] <jcoxon> just get your antenna higher!
[10:26] <eroomde> number10: you owe it to the community
[10:27] <Nigey|Web> lol yes, buy a mast!
[10:27] <eroomde> get a phased array of very long yagis
[10:27] <number10> have home made 1/4 wave on the end of my old windsurfer mast
[10:27] <eroomde> your city needs you
[10:27] <Nigey|Web> lol no pressure...
[10:28] <number10> my brothers boys wanted me to go to bury st edmunds to launch rocket I got them - I said - if I dont track this balloon they wont help track yours
[10:28] <eroomde> :)
[10:28] <eroomde> take them to EARS number10
[10:28] <eroomde> east anglian rocketry society
[10:28] <number10> will do eroomde
[10:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> for a second there I read that as you wanted to bury someone called st.edmunds
[10:28] <number10> is only small rocket
[10:28] <eroomde> large rocket launches first sun of each month
[10:28] <Nigey|Web> :o
[10:28] <number10> lol phil
[10:29] <M0LEP> Hmmm... I think I prefer the "legacy" interface with the altitude graph and map visible at the same time...
[10:29] <jcoxon> number10, might be launching a foil ballon from suffolk next week
[10:29] <GW8RAK> Even with the preamp on, can't hear a thing over here.
[10:29] <Nigey|Web> GW8RAK: i feel ure pain :/
[10:29] <Laurenceb_> stratopaws: proving the existance of ceiling cat
[10:29] <GW8RAK> lol
[10:29] <number10> I think they would be interested in that eroomde
[10:30] <number10> where abouts from jcoxon?
[10:30] <eroomde> jcoxon: are you astill in worthing?
[10:30] <fsphil_2I0VIM> doesn't bode well for me
[10:30] <jcoxon> eroomde, no canterbury
[10:30] <number10> I am off this week jcoxon so will try help track
[10:30] <jcoxon> number10, near lavenham
[10:30] <eroomde> your fldigi reckons you are worthing
[10:30] <number10> lavenham is nice
[10:30] <jcoxon> my 2nd station is in canterbury
[10:30] <jcoxon> welcome to help out if you want
[10:31] <eroomde> darkside and i are going to relocate to grads cafe
[10:31] <eroomde> back online eta 15 mins
[10:31] <Darkside> foooood
[10:31] <Darkside> also internets
[10:31] <Upu_2E0UPU> o7
[10:31] <eroomde> bbiab
[10:31] <Darkside> these internets are too slow
[10:31] <jcoxon> M0LEP, http://spacenear.us/tracker/legacy.php
[10:31] <fsphil_2I0VIM> food is good
[10:31] <fsphil_2I0VIM> next launch I'm bringing cake for everyone :)
[10:31] <M0LEP> jcoxon: Yeah, I just switched to it. That's what prompted the comment. ;)
[10:31] <jcoxon> oh right
[10:31] <M0LEP> ;)
[10:32] <Laurenceb_> is the pressure data downlinked?
[10:32] <jcoxon> yeah a few people have said that
[10:32] <jcoxon> it works better over slowz internetz
[10:32] <Upu_2E0UPU> whats the criteria for dl-fldigi auto retuning ?
[10:32] <jcoxon> less map tiles
[10:32] <jcoxon> i think natrium will be sad
[10:32] <jcoxon> you set it in the config
[10:32] <fsphil_2I0VIM> Upu_2E0UPU, if the offset frequency (the one on the waterfall) goes above or below a certain value
[10:33] <Upu_2E0UPU> under frequency tracking ?
[10:33] <fsphil_2I0VIM> yea
[10:33] <fsphil_2I0VIM> default is 1000 and 2000
[10:33] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it retunes it to try and centre it at 1500 when it goes outside those limits
[10:33] <Nigey|Web> Laurenceb_: its 1 of these .. 104,9;0;229.67;415*E4B5
[10:34] <Laurenceb_> hmm
[10:34] <fsphil_2I0VIM> there is a bug in the current release that means it sometimes stops retuning
[10:34] <Laurenceb_> it should be larger
[10:34] <Nigey|Web> im guessing 229?
[10:34] <Upu_2E0UPU> doesn't seem to be tuning
[10:34] <M0LEP> fsphil_2I0VIM: For some reason my waterfall's showing absolute frequency, and that appears to have fooled the auto-retune...
[10:34] <fsphil_2I0VIM> try the test version I was using Upu_2E0UPU
[10:34] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ooh that's new M0LEP, can you take a screenshot?
[10:35] <Upu_2E0UPU> I've manually centered it, it may have been far to close to the edge
[10:35] <junderwood_M0JCU> M0LEP, my waterfall shows absolute freq and it's retuing nicely
[10:35] <junderwood_M0JCU> (nice feature BTW)
[10:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it won't retune if it detects a telemetry line
[10:35] <Nigey|Web> Laurenceb_: what should it be roughly ?
[10:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it waits until it's finished
[10:36] <Laurenceb_> a few thousand at least
[10:36] <Nigey|Web> ohh
[10:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> the old version sometimes didn't detect the end of the string, and would wait forever to retune
[10:36] <M0LEP> fsphil_2I0VIM: There's an option somewhere to make it show absolute frequency, which makes it much easier for (say) PSK31 chit-chat.
[10:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooh lemme have a lookie
[10:36] <M0LEP> Hmmm... Something else might have scuppered the autotune on mine, then.
[10:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> aaah found it
[10:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it's likely the bug I mentioned M0LEP
[10:37] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it's fixed in github, not released yet
[10:37] <fsphil_2I0VIM> but I have a test version if you want to try?
[10:37] <Nigey|Web> 215.75 now .. whatever those units are...
[10:37] <fsphil_2I0VIM> http://sanslogic.co.uk/files/dl-fldigi-3.21.13-fsphil-github-20110813_setup.exe
[10:37] <Upu_2E0UPU> 199.11 ?
[10:38] <Nigey|Web> ah its updated
[10:38] <fsphil_2I0VIM> brb, doggie needs fed :)
[10:38] <Nigey|Web> wouldnt be 199.11kpa would it ?
[10:38] <Upu_2E0UPU> hPA ?
[10:38] <Upu_2E0UPU> 199.11 hPA = 11797.5 meters altitude
[10:39] <Upu_2E0UPU> http://www.csgnetwork.com/pressurealtcalc.html
[10:39] <Nigey|Web> oh ta
[10:39] <Upu_2E0UPU> seems close enough +/- 300m
[10:40] <Nigey|Web> yups
[10:42] <Laurenceb_> its getting cold in there
[10:42] <m1x10> hi
[10:42] <Nigey|Web> slightly frosty
[10:42] <Nigey|Web> hey m1x10
[10:42] AndroUser2 (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:43] <Upu_2E0UPU> this is a long flight :)
[10:43] <Nigey|Web> very
[10:43] <Nigey|Web> keep the coffee coming :p
[10:44] <AndroUser2> altitude so far?
[10:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> 13379
[10:44] <Upu_2E0UPU> fsphil_2I0VIM you up from some remote if I have to go out this afternoon ?
[10:45] <AndroUser2> Might get back in time to track then
[10:45] Nick change: AndroUser2 -> daveake_htc
[10:45] <fsphil_2I0VIM> Upu_2E0UPU, I'm heading out after lunch to leave the helium back. but if it's still in the air when I get back then yep :)
[10:46] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok no problems
[10:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> potentially seeing the signal on the waterfall now
[10:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> my dial is on 434.650 exactly
[10:46] <Upu_2E0UPU> 434.653.320 here
[10:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oh it's well up from this
[10:47] <daveake_htc> It'll be floating, one way or the other
[10:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> brb, doggie walk
[10:48] G8DSU (5228b3ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:48] <daveake_htc> still waiting for my car to get fixed
[10:48] <jcoxon> my new flat is like a faraday cage
[10:49] <Nigey|Web> welcome to my world james!
[10:49] <jcoxon> has the shift decreased?
[10:50] <Nigey|Web> pass, still not getting it here :(
[10:50] zs6bnt (c4027eaf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[10:51] <jcoxon> yay dutch-mill got strings
[10:51] <eroomde> we are back
[10:51] <eroomde> what's new?
[10:53] <jcoxon> still going
[10:53] <jcoxon> passed through the JS
[10:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> your pressure sensor is making sense
[10:53] <Darkside> oh good
[10:53] <Upu_2E0UPU> altitude from pressure readings is within 300meters of the gps reported
[10:53] <Darkside> because i cant see the data
[10:53] <eroomde> Upu_2E0UPU: excellent
[10:54] <Upu_2E0UPU> 15217,55,8;-12;122.65
[10:54] <eroomde> that's a nice correlation
[10:54] <Nigey|Web> oo just about getting it here
[10:54] <Upu_2E0UPU> 122.65hpa = 14660.8m
[10:54] <eroomde> gosh i really hope we get some float oscillation
[10:54] <eroomde> 200m peak to peak flaot about 36km has a pressure difference of about 10Pa
[10:54] <eroomde> which might be buried in the sensor noise
[10:55] <Darkside> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQGEBL8YQ4M
[10:55] <eroomde> but, we can do a probabilistic correlation between the noisy data and the gps alt, seewhat the proabbability is that the noisy pressure data is oscillation + noise
[10:55] <daveake_htc> what sensor is it?
[10:55] <Upu_2E0UPU> did you forget to put gas in that balloon lol
[10:55] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: Horus 15.5 Launch Video: http://t.co/P58G6dN #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104869277517094912]
[10:57] <Upu_2E0UPU> wow that is slow :)
[10:57] <Darkside> Eeyup
[10:57] <Darkside> looked like about 2m/s on launch it hink
[10:57] <Darkside> then it increased
[10:58] <daveake_htc> what is it now?
[10:59] <Darkside> 3.3m/s
[10:59] Saphira (51866c72@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[10:59] <Nigey|Web> nice vid, good running ed :p
[10:59] <eroomde> thanks Nigey|Web
[10:59] RocketBoy (~steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:59] <eroomde> i was a bit confused
[11:00] <eroomde> i ran towards the balloon expecting it to shoot up
[11:00] <Nigey|Web> lol it took a while to make its mind up
[11:00] <Nigey|Web> wb Steve
[11:00] <eroomde> a bovine stupidity
[11:00] <jcoxon> there are a couple of globaltuners in the netherlands
[11:01] <jcoxon> my internetz is too slow
[11:01] <jcoxon> might be worth a go
[11:01] <eroomde> 'd'eerrrrm, me think i'll ascend now'
[11:01] <Upu_2E0UPU> :)
[11:01] <Darkside> herp derp going up
[11:01] Dutch-Mill (3e2d7a74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:02] <Dutch-Mill> I' back
[11:02] <Darkside> yay
[11:02] <Darkside> i saw you were getting data
[11:02] <Dutch-Mill> Yep even on a small gpa antenna
[11:02] <Darkside> cool
[11:04] <eroomde> well we were aiming for 3m/s
[11:04] <eroomde> and it was a very 'confident' fill
[11:04] <eroomde> so i think the fill model is good for these new balloons
[11:04] <eroomde> s/fill/ascent
[11:04] <Dutch-Mill> Must change the settings .. the location is wrong
[11:04] <Darkside> yes Dutch-Mill
[11:04] <Darkside> it was throwin the map off a bit earlier
[11:06] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok I'm going afk to talk dog
[11:07] <Upu_2E0UPU> seems stable atm
[11:07] <eroomde> ?
[11:07] <Upu_2E0UPU> err
[11:07] <Upu_2E0UPU> walk
[11:07] <Upu_2E0UPU> :)
[11:07] <M0LEP> woof!
[11:07] <jcoxon> not long until it turns inland
[11:10] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: http://t.co/4iqkZ3J Balloon tracking in the UK. #ukhas [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104872856869015552]
[11:10] <eroomde> grads is a gem
[11:13] <Nigey|Web> predicted burst is right over a radar site hehe
[11:15] <Darkside> they won't see it
[11:15] <number10> waht are the data fields after altitude
[11:16] <Darkside> uhmmm
[11:16] <Darkside> gimme a string
[11:16] <Nigey|Web> DARKSIDE,2319,11:16:11,52.74549,1.76481,19765,41,10;-15;58.36;395*845A
[11:16] <number10> NUMBER10 : DARKSIDE,1242,10:04:23,52.34596,0.50545,5654,84,10;23;509.92;431*09EF
[11:16] <Darkside> ok
[11:16] <GW8RAK> Just back from shopping. Some decodes, but very broken
[11:17] <Nigey|Web> wb GW8RAK :)
[11:17] <Darkside> ok, callsign,seq number, time, lat, long, altitude, veolcity, sats; temp; pressure; batt_voltage
[11:17] <Darkside> the batt voltage is a raw reading from the ADC
[11:17] <Darkside> if the batt reading gets to 320, it will die
[11:17] <GW8RAK> the data is very spread out, I'm seeing about200Hz. Is that due to the NTX2 drifting as it's being modulated?
[11:18] <Darkside> nah
[11:18] <Darkside> just how bandwidth vs data rate works
[11:18] <GW8RAK> Of course it is. Doh!
[11:18] <GW8RAK> But had to set shift to 350Hz
[11:18] <GW8RAK> Almost got a good string
[11:21] <GW8RAK> Being able to switch the preamp in and out is a good test of whether it makes a difference or not.
[11:22] <Darkside> preamp will increase noise too of course
[11:22] <fsphil_2I0VIM> what's the current dial freq.?
[11:22] <GW8RAK> .652.9
[11:22] <Darkside> hehe
[11:22] <Darkside> the first flight where i haven't been the primary receiver
[11:22] <Darkside> eroomde: BAD
[11:22] <Darkside> no gay jokes
[11:22] <GW8RAK> Darkside, that's why I wanted a weak signal to confirm it improves S/N rather than just making both stronger
[11:23] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[11:23] <M0LEP> How many folks are actually tracking? For some reason the website only shows one at a time.
[11:23] <eroomde> M0LEP: known bug with new backend
[11:23] <M0LEP> eroomde: Fair enough.
[11:23] <number10> hey guys why am I tuned higher at 434.6536 USB
[11:23] <fsphil_2I0VIM> nothing here yet but it's getting close
[11:23] <Darkside> number10: yout radio is probably out of tune
[11:23] <eroomde> robertharrison.org/listen/view.php to see raw stuff from everyone
[11:23] <Darkside> i know my R10 is waaaaay out of tune
[11:24] <number10> probably is as very old second hand
[11:24] <GW8RAK> I think my reading may be a bit low?
[11:24] <number10> or maybe its the pink coax I am using ;-)
[11:25] <M0LEP> 434.653.45 here
[11:25] <eroomde> M0LEP: bug is fixed now apparently
[11:25] <GW8RAK> Based on comparing it to other peoples readings in the past, yet it picks up beacons okay.
[11:25] <eroomde> take a look
[11:25] <Laurenceb_> turing XD
[11:25] <eroomde> hrm still repeated callsign quirk
[11:25] <Laurenceb_> *turning
[11:25] <M0LEP> eroomde: Erm... Now it's got me in there three times! ;)
[11:26] <eroomde> when it's finished it'll be turing complete
[11:26] <Randomskk> haha it's because you are three times as cool
[11:26] <M0LEP> ...or it did, once. ;)
[11:26] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[11:26] <fsphil_2I0VIM> you received that one 20% better than everyone else, deserved three mentions
[11:27] <M0LEP> It's doing that with other callsigns too.
[11:27] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[11:27] <fsphil_2I0VIM> does the signal have a rest period? (just tx'ing the mark frequency)
[11:27] <Darkside> yes
[11:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I'm seeing a periodic mark on the waterfall
[11:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> woo
[11:28] <Darkside> it transmits about every 5 seconds or so
[11:28] <Darkside> i never properly timed it
[11:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> that's it then
[11:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> yea, getting stronger too
[11:28] <RocketBoy> Darkside: that looks nicely shaped rtty
[11:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> and drifting
[11:29] <Darkside> nicely shaped?
[11:29] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[11:29] <number10> sounds like a fashion show for rtty
[11:29] <fsphil_2I0VIM> got a :-( on the text display
[11:29] <M0LEP> Hmmm... Increase in ascent rate...
[11:30] <Darkside> ohhh yeah, i love that pulse shape baby
[11:30] <eroomde> now that is unexpected
[11:30] <Darkside> those beautiful curves
[11:30] <Nigey|Web> yeah check the graph, its one up rather rapid
[11:30] <Nigey|Web> gone*
[11:30] <eroomde> so that might be turbulence from the jetstream
[11:30] <eroomde> as it pops out into flow of a completely different direction
[11:31] <eroomde> there is probably a lot of circulation up there
[11:31] <fsphil_2I0VIM> the balloon might have deformed in the strong winds?
[11:31] <eroomde> see if it stabilises
[11:31] daveake_htc (~androirc@ left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[11:31] <M0LEP> Seems to be settling back on its previous rate...
[11:31] daveake_htc (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:31] <Laurenceb_> its doing a loop
[11:32] <number10> its trying to right Darkside on the with the track
[11:32] <number10> write
[11:32] <Darkside> ?
[11:32] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:32] <Nigey|Web> someone ran a prediction the other night and it literally drew the Pi symbol lol
[11:33] <Darkside> ChrisBenton: hey!
[11:33] <number10> the balloon track - its trying to write something ;)
[11:33] <eroomde> Darkside is actually zorry
[11:33] <eroomde> zoro*
[11:33] <Darkside> number10: i thin kyou're seeing paredoila
[11:33] <Nigey|Web> number10: probaly trying to write "god its cold up here" !
[11:33] <number10> lol
[11:33] <Darkside> Nigey|Web: well, its warming back up again
[11:33] <ChrisBenton> Hi. (Darkside: are you Mark?)
[11:33] <Darkside> ChrisBenton: yep
[11:34] <Nigey|Web> yups, notced that, weird how that happens
[11:34] <Darkside> Nigey|Web: thats normal, its passed the tropopause
[11:34] <Darkside> the temperature will increase as it goes higher now
[11:34] GW8RAK_ (~chatzilla@host-78-150-220-163.as13285.net) joined #highaltitude.
[11:34] <mattltm> Hi all :)
[11:34] <Nigey|Web> ah yes, i remember you mentioning it now
[11:34] <GW8RAK_> If someone listen with the tone at 500Hz, their dial setting will be 2KHz different to someone listening with the tone at 2.5KHz
[11:34] <Nigey|Web> hey matt
[11:35] <GW8RAK_> Internet connection is very unreliable today
[11:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> evenin' mattltm
[11:35] <mattltm> Wahts the current freq?
[11:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 434.653.5 here
[11:35] <M0LEP> 434.653.5 or therabouts on the dial
[11:36] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@host-78-150-214-207.as13285.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[11:36] <Darkside> so its not drifting *too* badly
[11:36] Nick change: GW8RAK_ -> GW8RAK
[11:36] <mattltm> cool. got it :)
[11:36] <mattltm> ohh 300 buad :)
[11:36] <Darkside> yep
[11:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> one of dem modern fancy payloads :)
[11:37] <mattltm> and spacenear has changed?
[11:38] <fsphil_2I0VIM> indeedy
[11:38] <mattltm> Do i need to change dl settings to upload data?
[11:39] <fsphil_2I0VIM> signals getting stronger here, but still far from a decode
[11:39] <fsphil_2I0VIM> nothing should have changed in that department
[11:39] <Nigey|Web> still faint here, although my cat seems to act as a loely antenna :|
[11:39] <Nigey|Web> lovely*
[11:39] <Darkside> Nigey|Web: where did you put the connector?
[11:39] <GW8RAK> There's got to be a joke there somewhere?
[11:39] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[11:39] <Nigey|Web> lol!!
[11:39] <mattltm> signal just got very week to me all of a sudden
[11:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> don't tell me you used a cat too mattltm?
[11:40] <mattltm> No, the dog.
[11:40] <Nigey|Web> behave, he tries to rub his head on the whip and when he does the signal gets a bit stronger :|
[11:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> got a bit weaker here too
[11:40] <GW8RAK> No pussy jokes please
[11:40] <mattltm> is the shift in dl wrong? Look like its too wide?
[11:40] RocketBoy (steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) left #highaltitude.
[11:40] <Nigey|Web> lol GW8RAK
[11:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it's a tad wide yea mattltm
[11:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> signal very weak here now
[11:41] <Darkside> mattltm: as the temp goes down, the shift narrows
[11:41] <daveake_htc> our cats have been known to leave little packets around
[11:41] <ChrisBenton> 2I0VIM, what elevation do you need to get direct line-of-sight?
[11:41] <Darkside> you auy want to change it manuyally
[11:41] <GW8RAK> Currently at 370Hz here mattltm and it's getting more of the data
[11:41] <Darkside> ChrisBenton: not much more than it is now, but it will only just be on the horizon
[11:41] <Darkside> ChrisBenton: if you zoom out on the map, the blue ring represents the radio horizon of the payload
[11:41] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ChrisBenton, for Cambridge launches I usually start to hear them when they're just below 20km
[11:42] <mattltm> thanks GW8RAK
[11:42] <fsphil_2I0VIM> although this one is further east than usual
[11:42] <fsphil_2I0VIM> and a higher baud rate
[11:43] <fsphil_2I0VIM> getting a bit stronger again
[11:43] <fsphil_2I0VIM> and fading again...
[11:43] <mattltm> got it back with 320 shift!
[11:43] <GW8RAK> Just seen Dorkside and Larkside
[11:43] <Darkside> wha
[11:43] <fsphil_2I0VIM> aah she's coming back inland
[11:44] <ChrisBenton> Do you get a sudden rise in signal strength when it rises above the horizon, or is it gradual?
[11:44] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ChrisBenton, initially very gradual. see a trace on the waterfall for a few minutes. it starts to decode quite suddenly though
[11:46] <ChrisBenton> fsphil_2I0VIM, thanks. It's impressive you can see it at all.
[11:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I've lost it totally
[11:46] <GW8RAK> First successful decode
[11:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ChrisBenton, indeed - I was amazed the first time I tried it. never expected it to work
[11:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> back
[11:47] <Upu_2E0UPU> still going up cool :)
[11:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ah, I can see it again. just
[11:48] <fsphil_2I0VIM> hmm.. the same thing happened one of jcoxon's floating flights that went to the same area. I struggled to decode that one too
[11:48] <fsphil_2I0VIM> must be some geography in the way
[11:48] <Upu_2E0UPU> I have the shift @ 300
[11:48] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok lunch time
[11:48] <number10> does the tracker show a green line to all the receivers that are uploading
[11:49] <Darkside> yup
[11:49] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it should number10, not sure if it's working 100% though
[11:49] <fsphil_2I0VIM> there is furious work being done behind the scenes :)
[11:49] <number10> I am decoding nearly every packet but does not seem top show me
[11:49] <Darkside> it is quite furious
[11:49] <Darkside> i can see Randomskk coding
[11:49] <number10> ic
[11:50] <number10> boys keep pestering me about going to lauch rocket - may have to go soon
[11:50] <Darkside> don't hit the balloon!
[11:50] <Upu_2E0UPU> Darkside do you have a rig to listen in on ?
[11:51] <Darkside> we're going to get lunch
[11:51] <Darkside> i do have a radio
[11:51] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok
[11:51] <Darkside> but its in my bag, and we're in a cafe
[11:51] <eroomde> we're off to the pub
[11:51] <Upu_2E0UPU> I have to go out so was going to say if you have RDP you can use mine
[11:51] <eroomde> text me if something makor happens that requires attention
[11:51] <eroomde> major*
[11:51] <eroomde> afk
[11:51] <jcoxon> eroomde, aarrghh
[11:52] <jcoxon> food = curse
[11:52] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[11:53] <fsphil_2I0VIM> getting the odd character now
[11:55] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[11:57] spacekittun (~TraumaPon@203-214-89-70.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
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[11:57] Nick change: spacekittun -> spacekitteh
[11:57] <fsphil_2I0VIM> speed relative to ground is well down
[11:58] <ChrisBenton> Coming up on 30km. Not bad.
[11:58] <fsphil_2I0VIM> expect weirdness to happen at 36km if it gets that high :)
[11:58] <jcoxon> ascent rate is still quite high
[11:59] <GW8RAK> According to fldigi, I've getting 100% decodes, but it's not showing on the tracker.
[11:59] <ChrisBenton> 30km woohoo!!
[11:59] <GW8RAK> And the tracker seems to be lagging quite a bit
[11:59] <GW8RAK> 30321m at this end
[11:59] <Nigey|Web> 30k now the fun begins
[12:00] <GW8RAK> Just seen my callsign, must be the lag
[12:00] <fsphil_2I0VIM> GW8RAK, it's being uploaded fine, see it in the raw data
[12:00] <GW8RAK> Where do I find that?
[12:00] <fsphil_2I0VIM> signal is still too weak for me
[12:00] <fsphil_2I0VIM> not sure if it's going to improve much
[12:01] <ChrisBenton> For those who think in imperial, it's now passed 100,000ft
[12:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I'd really need the yagi out
[12:01] <griffonbot> Received email: Steve Hugill "Re: [UKHAS] Abridged summary of ukhas@googlegroups.com - 4 Messages
[12:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I've turned off AFC, it was being annoying when it's a weak signal
[12:01] <fsphil_2I0VIM> signal is very steady anyhow
[12:02] <Nigey|Web> 4.4ms still .. thats gonna burst early if it doesnt drop off soonish
[12:03] <Dutch-Mill> 6 km to go ;-)
[12:04] <ChrisBenton> How much gas was put into the balloon?
[12:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> not much more than the bare minimum I thnk
[12:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> think*
[12:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> did you see the launch video ChrisBenton?
[12:05] <fsphil_2I0VIM> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQGEBL8YQ4M
[12:05] <Laurenceb_> weird steps in altitude
[12:08] <Nigey|Web> hm
[12:08] <ChrisBenton> fsphil_2I0VIM, thanks. Assuming 3m diameter sphere (at ground), I estimate 14,000 litres. Is that about right?
[12:08] <M0LEP> There are one or two weird steps in the track as shown on the tracker, too...
[12:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ChrisBenton, not sure, eroomde may know
[12:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> signal just jumped up in strength here
[12:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> still only fragments of text
[12:09] <fsphil_2I0VIM> well, numbers
[12:10] <Laurenceb_> -6;6.55;392
[12:11] <Laurenceb_> whats that?
[12:11] <Laurenceb_> - the data
[12:11] <fsphil_2I0VIM> one is temperature, one is pressure, not sure what the other is
[12:11] <Nigey|Web> temp, pressure, battv
[12:11] <m1x10> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly_qZ0449Q4&feature=related
[12:11] <m1x10> hey
[12:11] <m1x10> whos that mission?
[12:11] <Laurenceb_> 655Pa?
[12:12] <m1x10> whose is that mission?
[12:12] <fsphil_2I0VIM> m1x10, Darkside - same bloke doing this mission :
[12:12] <fsphil_2I0VIM> :)
[12:12] <m1x10> and who is that guy?
[12:12] <Nigey|Web> think so Laurence
[12:12] <m1x10> the sculpture
[12:12] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oh, not sure
[12:12] <Dutch-Mill> is it Icarus ? ;-)
[12:12] <m1x10> ping Darkside
[12:13] <fsphil_2I0VIM> was done by an artist in .au land
[12:13] <Laurenceb_> come on float damn you
[12:13] <Darkside> we are at a pub
[12:13] <Laurenceb_> needs to float soon
[12:13] <Darkside> whats the alt
[12:13] <fsphil_2I0VIM> c'mon, I need to leave and get this H2 back :)
[12:13] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 33.3km
[12:14] <m1x10> Darkside! who is guy in the sculpture?
[12:14] <fsphil_2I0VIM> you just beat hadie:2 :)
[12:14] <Darkside> hrtmes
[12:14] <Darkside> hetmes
[12:14] <m1x10> hermes?
[12:14] <Darkside> god of the sky, greek
[12:14] <Darkside> ascent rate
[12:14] <m1x10> hermes is the messenger of the gods
[12:14] <Darkside> cant load tracker on my phone
[12:15] <Darkside> thats it
[12:15] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ascent 3.3m/s
[12:15] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ground speed is about 10km/h
[12:15] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it's not going anywhere fast :)
[12:15] <Nigey|Web> 4.2
[12:15] <fsphil_2I0VIM> just off the coast
[12:15] <m1x10> there is a flight running NOW ?
[12:15] <fsphil_2I0VIM> yep m1x10 :)
[12:15] <m1x10> lola
[12:15] <Laurenceb_> what are the step changes in altitude?
[12:15] <m1x10> whos ?
[12:16] <fsphil_2I0VIM> m1x10, same guy who launched the statue :)
[12:16] <m1x10> Darkside u again?
[12:16] <M0LEP> Yeah, not showing much sign of wanting to float, yet, is it...
[12:16] <Laurenceb_> have you put fudge factors in the code to make it look like its going higher?
[12:16] <GW8RAK> That's a relief. I thought the preamp had packed up, but it was just a supply problem
[12:16] <Laurenceb_> i hope not :P
[12:16] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it's not reached the magical 36km yet :)
[12:16] <fsphil_2I0VIM> hate it when that happens GW8RAK !
[12:16] <m1x10> do u have a camera on the flight>
[12:16] <m1x10> ?
[12:16] <Laurenceb_> suspicious glitches between 11:30 and 12:00
[12:18] daveake_htc (~androirc@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[12:19] <GW8RAK> Batteries not charged enough for relays
[12:19] <fsphil_2I0VIM> m1x10, not this one
[12:19] <fsphil_2I0VIM> it's a very tiny payload, just a tracker
[12:20] <m1x10> mhhh
[12:20] Action: m1x10 loves watching pictures from habs
[12:20] <jcoxon> is it me or quite a bit of lag
[12:20] <jcoxon> on the tracker
[12:20] <Upu_2E0UPU> fsphil_2I0VIM so are you about this afternoon ?
[12:20] <fsphil_2I0VIM> Upu_2E0UPU, should be back around 5pm
[12:20] <Upu_2E0UPU> or are you going out too
[12:20] <Upu_2E0UPU> ok
[12:21] <fsphil_2I0VIM> leaving in a few minutes
[12:21] <Upu_2E0UPU> anyone else around who wants remote control of my rig ?
[12:21] <Laurenceb_> bmp085 is still working, interesting
[12:21] <Darkside> Laurenceb_: whats it reporitrting
[12:22] <Laurenceb_> im guessing thats 378Pa
[12:22] <M0LEP> jcoxon: Yeah, I think, with the fast data rate from the payload, maybe the tracker's getting more than it can cope with?
[12:22] <Laurenceb_> come on turn back to land
[12:23] <Upu_2E0UPU> I'll leave the rig on auto , hopefully the AFC will keep up
[12:23] <Darkside> bbl giys
[12:23] <Upu_2E0UPU> laters
[12:23] <Darkside> alt?
[12:24] <Upu_2E0UPU> oh
[12:24] <Upu_2E0UPU> grats on the UK record
[12:24] <Nigey|Web> 35.8
[12:24] <Nigey|Web> no oscillations yet
[12:24] <Laurenceb_> close to record
[12:24] <GW8RAK> coming down
[12:24] <Upu_2E0UPU> 36552
[12:24] <Darkside> asc rate
[12:24] <Upu_2E0UPU> Nova 19 / Weasel - 36206 m (118785 ft)
[12:24] <GW8RAK> Sorry corrupted figures
[12:24] <Nigey|Web> 4.0ms
[12:24] <Darkside> wait, we are at 36km?
[12:24] <Nigey|Web> 36.020km
[12:25] <GW8RAK> 36685
[12:25] <m1x10> lol
[12:25] <Upu_2E0UPU> not the telemetry I'm ready you're way over it
[12:25] <Upu_2E0UPU> and climbing
[12:25] <Nigey|Web> very interesting
[12:25] Vk5zsn (792d928f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:25] <Upu_2E0UPU> 36776
[12:25] <fsphil_2I0VIM> woo, uk record :)
[12:25] <m1x10> bad thing is does not take pictures from that height
[12:25] <Darkside> keep us up tod date ps
[12:25] <Darkside> we are eating
[12:25] <Nigey|Web> uk record, broken by an aussie..lol :D
[12:25] <GW8RAK> 36917m
[12:26] <Laurenceb_> wow
[12:26] <fsphil_2I0VIM> this is seriously cool
[12:26] <Upu_2E0UPU> I have to go but you're @ 37000 m and climbing steady
[12:26] <GW8RAK> 37003!
[12:26] <Upu_2E0UPU> 37003 to be precise
[12:26] <Upu_2E0UPU> grats :) and now AFK :)
[12:26] <Nigey|Web> its had an oscillation
[12:26] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 37.1
[12:26] <Nigey|Web> 36.5 and 5m/s
[12:27] <fsphil_2I0VIM> this is madness!
[12:27] TimZaman (~chatzilla@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[12:27] <fsphil_2I0VIM> nobody will be able to beat this Darkside :p
[12:27] <TimZaman> Im back.
[12:27] <jcoxon> my tracker is 3 mins behind
[12:27] <Nigey|Web> hmm bloody weird
[12:27] <Laurenceb_> this. is. sparta.
[12:27] <Dutch-Mill> Hoi Tim
[12:27] <M0LEP> jcoxon: Yeah, same here.
[12:27] <Nigey|Web> tiiiiiiim
[12:27] <TimZaman> Why is it called darkside btw
[12:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 37249
[12:28] <m1x10> 38km for sure
[12:28] <jcoxon> just too much data i suspect
[12:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> named after it's creator TimZaman
[12:28] <TimZaman> So is anyone already renting a boat at Cromer or Great Yarmouth? Or are you not as adventurous as i am?
[12:28] <GW8RAK> Very weak signal now
[12:28] <Nigey|Web> nah tim theyre gonna swim
[12:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 37438
[12:28] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[12:28] <GW8RAK> Went from 95% decode to zero in about 4 bursts
[12:28] <Nigey|Web> blimey
[12:29] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lovely signal here, just no decodes
[12:29] <TimZaman> Well it blows above whimpwell. there is a chance it will just plumit straight down.
[12:29] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 37620
[12:29] <fsphil_2I0VIM> !!
[12:29] edmoore (~edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:29] <TimZaman> Geez what is up with the trajectory btw, that cant be right?
[12:29] <Nigey|Web> boo ed
[12:29] <m1x10> i bet 5euros it will reach above 38km :)
[12:29] <fsphil_2I0VIM> be a good bet m1x10 lol
[12:29] <Nigey|Web> TimZaman: it likes loops...
[12:29] Vk5zsn (792d928f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[12:30] <TimZaman> Your greek money is no good to us!
[12:30] <Laurenceb_> bmp085 just broke
[12:30] <Laurenceb_> interesting
[12:30] <GW8RAK> Just got payload name as ARSIE
[12:30] <m1x10> damn yeah!
[12:30] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 37739
[12:30] <TimZaman> You'd be betting our money! ;P
[12:30] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[12:30] <m1x10> hahaha
[12:30] <m1x10> cmon fsphil_2I0VIM say the next number
[12:30] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 37878
[12:30] <fsphil_2I0VIM> :p
[12:31] <GW8RAK> 37947m
[12:31] <TimZaman> Is there a chance it will float/
[12:31] <m1x10> nice 6euros i bet now
[12:31] <M0LEP> 38006
[12:31] <Laurenceb_> http://www.arhab.org/records/records/haltitude.html
[12:31] <fsphil_2I0VIM> woo-hoo!!
[12:31] <Laurenceb_> in the top 10
[12:31] Action: fsphil_2I0VIM slaps Darkside :p
[12:31] <edmoore> Yowza
[12:31] <fsphil_2I0VIM> this is no fun lol
[12:31] VK5ZSN (792d928f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:31] <TimZaman> congrats
[12:31] <fsphil_2I0VIM> how can we possibly beat that ;)
[12:31] <TimZaman> exciting stuff.
[12:31] <GW8RAK> Will it exceed the scale on the spacenear.us?
[12:32] <GW8RAK> Only rated to 40km
[12:32] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38.2km
[12:32] <Laurenceb_> its starting to float
[12:32] <TimZaman> doesnt the atmosphere fluctuate gigantically? I guess 50km should be possible if the conditions are right?
[12:32] <Laurenceb_> will it make it...
[12:32] <Nigey|Web> hmm
[12:33] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38.34
[12:33] <m1x10> fsphil_2I0VIM next number
[12:33] <junderwood_M0JCU> So, will this be a UK record or an Australian one?
[12:33] <m1x10> lol
[12:33] <Nigey|Web> this is what we expected to see at 35/36km not 37! lol
[12:33] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38457
[12:33] <fsphil_2I0VIM> slowing
[12:34] <fsphil_2I0VIM> will it hit 39km I wonder
[12:34] <TimZaman> Oh man i'd like to see a record.
[12:34] <edmoore> And the pressure sensor is broken?
[12:34] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38597
[12:34] <m1x10> i bet 4euros it will hit 39km
[12:34] <Laurenceb_> into the top 6 worldwide
[12:34] <GW8RAK> Very weak signal, barely visible
[12:34] <Laurenceb_> its world number 6 now
[12:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> got a signal but still no decodes
[12:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> very odd
[12:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> must be the baud rate
[12:35] <TimZaman> wouldnt 50baud have been better for this flight
[12:35] <m1x10> damn its should had the jpeg lightweight cam
[12:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38729
[12:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ... so close!
[12:35] <m1x10> i bet 5euros it will hit 39km
[12:35] <TimZaman> does someone have a link to the rawfeed?
[12:35] <fsphil_2I0VIM> http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[12:35] <TimZaman> ty
[12:36] <m1x10> fsphil_2I0VIM: number!
[12:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38836 :p
[12:36] <m1x10> i bet 1oeuros it will hit 39km
[12:36] <m1x10> 10*
[12:36] <m1x10> :P
[12:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38911
[12:36] <m1x10> sexy
[12:36] <m1x10> :P
[12:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> not far to go
[12:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38974
[12:36] <fsphil_2I0VIM> aaah!
[12:37] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39013
[12:37] <fsphil_2I0VIM> woo-hoo!!!
[12:37] <m1x10> lol
[12:37] <m1x10> ascent rate we have?
[12:37] <Nigey|Web> this could be a long long flight
[12:37] <Nigey|Web> 2.8ish m1x10
[12:37] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 38.1
[12:37] <junderwood_M0JCU> World #3
[12:38] <edmoore> What world pos?
[12:38] <edmoore> Ta
[12:38] <junderwood_M0JCU> 3!
[12:38] <TimZaman> by the way, is Terry with you in the UK or something?
[12:38] <m1x10> silver metal
[12:38] <Nigey|Web> TimZaman: mark is
[12:38] <TimZaman> Did Cornell (nr 1) use a latex balloon?
[12:38] <m1x10> brozen medal sorry'
[12:38] <edmoore> Zp
[12:38] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39899.0000001 for world #2
[12:38] <jcoxon> an enormous ZP
[12:38] <edmoore> Alt?
[12:38] <Nigey|Web> ya it was somewhat large..lol
[12:39] <TimZaman> oh come on thats not fair
[12:39] <edmoore> Still ascending?
[12:39] <TimZaman> is this already a latex record?
[12:39] <edmoore> Who is number 2?
[12:39] <Nigey|Web> 39.1 ed
[12:39] <TimZaman> LASA-8
[12:39] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39321
[12:39] <Laurenceb_> world number 5 now
[12:39] <fsphil_2I0VIM> world number 2
[12:39] <m1x10> lol
[12:39] <TimZaman> nr1: 41157m (Cornell) nr2: 39899 (LASA-8)
[12:39] <fsphil_2I0VIM> sheesh
[12:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooh
[12:40] <TimZaman> Im go iing for numer 1 though.
[12:40] <jcoxon> Laurenceb_ check your tracker - there is lag
[12:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39408
[12:40] <Laurenceb_> oh
[12:40] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39440
[12:40] <Nigey|Web> howcome the lag james, just alot of data ?
[12:40] <GW8RAK> In years to come you'll all be able to tell your grandkids that you were then when Darkside set the record
[12:40] <jcoxon> i think so
[12:40] <jcoxon> not sure
[12:40] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lol
[12:40] <m1x10> lol
[12:40] <jcoxon> just keep an eye on the time
[12:41] <Darkside> hey, I had a lot of help from the cusf peoe
[12:41] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39481
[12:41] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39500
[12:41] <fsphil_2I0VIM> floating?
[12:41] <Laurenceb_> wheres the raw data?
[12:41] <Laurenceb_> where is this?
[12:41] <TimZaman> raw: http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[12:42] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39623
[12:42] <fsphil_2I0VIM> soooooo nearly there...
[12:42] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39684
[12:42] <fsphil_2I0VIM> slowing big time now
[12:43] <Laurenceb_> come on world number 2
[12:43] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39752
[12:43] <fsphil_2I0VIM> this is painful lol
[12:43] <Nigey|Web> lol
[12:43] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39800
[12:43] <edmoore> Someone email the gpsl list
[12:43] <GW8RAK> Is that temperature figure of -3C correct?
[12:43] <Nigey|Web> gpsl?
[12:43] <GW8RAK> Need to plot alt vs temp
[12:44] <edmoore> I can believe it GW8RAK
[12:44] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39823
[12:44] <Nigey|Web> yeah GW8RAK gets warmer after 25km
[12:44] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39834
[12:44] <edmoore> It gets warmer as you ascend
[12:44] <fsphil_2I0VIM> c'mon!
[12:44] <m1x10> lol
[12:44] <junderwood_M0JCU> Slowing lots now
[12:44] <GW8RAK> Oh yes, I was expecting it to get warmer, but this is into new territory
[12:44] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39846
[12:44] <Nigey|Web> get up dam you!
[12:44] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39848
[12:45] <fsphil_2I0VIM> float?
[12:45] <junderwood_M0JCU> 1 or 2 m per packet now
[12:45] <fsphil_2I0VIM> frequency has drifted
[12:45] <edmoore> Is the pressure sensor working?
[12:45] <Nigey|Web> nope its dead
[12:45] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39854
[12:45] <edmoore> Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
[12:45] <fsphil_2I0VIM> slight descent
[12:45] <Nigey|Web> think it went wacky at 36k
[12:45] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39860
[12:45] <m1x10> send a command to drop useless parts to have less weight :P
[12:45] <edmoore> I want goddam float pressure data !
[12:45] <Nigey|Web> lol
[12:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> yep, she's floating!
[12:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 39861
[12:46] <m1x10> she?
[12:46] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39875
[12:46] <junderwood_M0JCU> 25m!!!
[12:46] <Nigey|Web> 39861,33,7;-3;2265.67;397
[12:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> all payloads are female :)
[12:46] <Nigey|Web> def dead Ed
[12:46] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39880
[12:46] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39884
[12:46] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooh
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39890
[12:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooooh
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39894
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39897
[12:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> oooooooooh
[12:47] <Nigey|Web> thats it baby up u go ...
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39899
[12:47] <fsphil_2I0VIM> ooooooooooooooooH
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39904
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> !!!!!
[12:47] RocketBoy (~steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:47] <Nigey|Web> cmon 40km dam you!
[12:47] <m1x10> yeahyeah
[12:47] <Darkside> YES
[12:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39920
[12:47] <Nigey|Web> hey steve
[12:48] <Darkside> ian is hers
[12:48] <RocketBoy> hey hey - exciting stuff
[12:48] <Darkside> ian someone
[12:48] <Nigey|Web> 39926
[12:48] <Nigey|Web> 25,24 ... its teasing us
[12:49] <Laurenceb_> wow
[12:49] <Nigey|Web> still 26 .. grrrrrr
[12:49] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39935
[12:49] <Nigey|Web> yey
[12:49] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39940
[12:49] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39944
[12:49] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:49] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39948
[12:50] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39956
[12:50] <daveake> Wow
[12:50] <daveake> Well done :)
[12:50] <TimZaman> What balloon was used & how big was the payload
[12:50] <junderwood_M0JCU> 39972
[12:50] <TimZaman> (weight)
[12:50] <daveake> Big and tiny
[12:50] <TimZaman> yeah but numbers
[12:50] <daveake> 1.6kg / 150g I think
[12:50] <Darkside> 1.6kg, 150g
[12:50] <Nigey|Web> 1600gm howyee iirc
[12:50] <TimZaman> oh, so not even 3000g?!
[12:50] <GW8RAK> 129000 feet
[12:50] <Nigey|Web> 500gm lift
[12:51] <TimZaman> thats little
[12:51] <junderwood_M0JCU> 40002!!!!
[12:51] <ChrisBenton> It's well above the absolute ceiling of any (non-rocket powered) aircraft.
[12:51] <TimZaman> Aaaah congrats
[12:51] <edmoore> Jesus
[12:51] <Darkside> YESSSSZSS
[12:51] <fsphil_2I0VIM> 40014
[12:51] <Nigey|Web> 40008!
[12:51] <fsphil_2I0VIM> LOL
[12:51] <Dutch-Mill> Nice one
[12:51] <TimZaman> Hell yeah.
[12:51] <Darkside> hahahahaaha
[12:51] <m1x10> sex
[12:51] <Darkside> awesomdeeee
[12:51] <fsphil_2I0VIM> lmao
[12:51] <M0LEP> Yep. Definitely over 40km ;)
[12:51] <daveake> Woohoo!
[12:51] <Nigey|Web> now to beat pbh ;)
[12:51] <ChrisBenton> Woo hoo!
[12:51] <junderwood_M0JCU> Another 1.1 km for the world record
[12:51] <RocketBoy> so thats the highest latex balloon flight
[12:51] <TimZaman> Going to make it
[12:52] <GW8RAK> It doesn't sound much
[12:52] <M0LEP> Back over land, too... ;)
[12:52] <m1x10> who is first in the records ?
[12:52] <m1x10> in what height?
[12:52] <Nigey|Web> 41.6 ?
[12:52] <griffonbot> @darksidelemm: Horus 15.5 just broke 40km altitude! #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/darksidelemm/status/104898604409434113]
[12:52] <RocketBoy> the highest was a ZP I'm lead to belive
[12:52] <fsphil_2I0VIM> a very very expensive ZP
[12:52] <edmoore> Yup
[12:52] <Nigey|Web> 40028
[12:53] <junderwood_M0JCU> going down slowly. Maximum was 40036
[12:53] <Laurenceb_> holy shit
[12:53] Action: fsphil_2I0VIM breaths again
[12:53] <GW8RAK> I think these Hwoyee balloons could become very popular
[12:53] <Nigey|Web> steve u better get some of these balloons, theyre gonna be in high demand now lol
[12:53] <fsphil_2I0VIM> not so popular with me ;)
[12:53] <fsphil_2I0VIM> I like my balloons landing on land :)
[12:53] <GW8RAK> Signal strength has suddenly back up and now decoding
[12:53] <m1x10> china is going to rule the world
[12:53] <daveake> Glad I got mine in :)
[12:53] <Nigey|Web> lol phil, on land away from trees :D
[12:53] <RocketBoy> some are already in transit - need to get some more
[12:53] <GW8RAK> These would fsphil_2I0VIM, Europe
[12:54] <fsphil_2I0VIM> LOL
[12:54] <Laurenceb_> why is it stuck at 40km ?!
[12:54] <Laurenceb_> weird
[12:54] <m1x10> it wants to rest a bit
[12:54] <GW8RAK> It's flooating just above 40km
[12:54] <RocketBoy> don't you need to get it back for it to be recorded?
[12:54] <Nigey|Web> 40009
[12:54] <Laurenceb_> what on earth
[12:54] <TimZaman> if i look at the graph, there is no way it will go to 4100
[12:54] <GW8RAK> Going back up
[12:54] <Laurenceb_> Altitude is stuck at 40km
[12:55] <daveake> Does it have a cutdown?
[12:55] <TimZaman> RocketBoy : no you need 3 telemetry lines
[12:55] <edmoore> Laurenceb: This is thefloat thunder jeep talking about
[12:55] <m1x10> maybe she found a mate and having high altitude sex
[12:55] <junderwood_M0JCU> 40048
[12:55] <edmoore> Is why it has a pressure sensor
[12:55] <Nigey|Web> lol
[12:55] <fsphil_2I0VIM> the 40km high club
[12:55] <ChrisBenton> Laurenceb, there's probably a sharp density gradient. It's floating on a layer of denser air, with nothing to push it higher.
[12:55] <daveake> That's one big condom
[12:55] <Nigey|Web> lmao
[12:55] <m1x10> lol
[12:56] <GW8RAK> Not used to big ones daveake?
[12:56] <Nigey|Web> 40071
[12:56] <Nigey|Web> up it goes
[12:56] <junderwood_M0JCU> 40,081
[12:56] <m1x10> proof the latex condoms dont burst at very high altitudes
[12:56] <daveake> I'll have you know mine is just the same size. Or will be
[12:56] <GW8RAK> lol
[12:56] <edmoore> ChrisBenton: This is our hypothesis but we need instrumentation to test it
[12:56] <junderwood_M0JCU> another 3 hours at that altitude and it may just land back in the UK
[12:56] <ChrisBenton> Back-of-envelope calculation say balloon is now 20m in diameter.
[12:56] <m1x10> usefull information for the nasa iss guys and girls
[12:57] <Nigey|Web> 20m :o
[12:57] <ChrisBenton> metres that is, not miles
[12:57] UpuMobile (5247396e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:57] <fsphil_2I0VIM> howdy UpuMobile :)
[12:57] <UpuMobile> 40000:)
[12:57] <edmoore> Cool huh?
[12:57] <ChrisBenton> miles would be awesome though :)
[12:57] <UpuMobile> need more meters on the tracker :)
[12:57] <fsphil_2I0VIM> right, I really have to go. this has made me so late :P
[12:57] <fsphil_2I0VIM> good luck Darkside!
[12:57] <GW8RAK> Even the tracked has given up predicting a burst location
[12:57] <UpuMobile> whats the current altitude ?
[12:57] <Nigey|Web> 40064
[12:58] <fsphil_2I0VIM> and congrats :D
[12:58] <UpuMobile> float ?
[12:58] <Darkside> tracker was set for 40km burst
[12:58] <edmoore> Floating with a dead pressure sensor
[12:58] <edmoore> Sigh
[12:58] <daveake> :(
[12:58] <UpuMobile> someone needs to fix the tracker so it shows more than 40000m !
[12:58] <GW8RAK> Note to spacenear.us team, can we have an altitude scale above 40Km please
[12:58] <daveake> I did wonder why the pressure reading was wrong
[12:58] <UpuMobile> reckon the cold has broken it ?
[12:58] <RocketBoy> the track sure looks strange
[12:59] <Nigey|Web> RocketBoy: very steppy on the alt graph too
[12:59] <Darkside> UpuMobile: i think it burst
[12:59] <TimZaman> iyeah. maybe they have been tampering with the gps system
[12:59] SamSilver_ (2985f5bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[12:59] <TimZaman> throwing in a multiple ;)
[12:59] <daveake> lol
[12:59] <Nigey|Web> lol
[12:59] <UpuMobile> the pressure sensor burst ?
[13:00] <edmoore> Yes
[13:00] <Darkside> yes upu
[13:00] <edmoore> Not balloon
[13:00] <RocketBoy> yeah - i don't think i have seen such a distinct turn
[13:00] <VK5ZSN> Can you hear doppler shift Darkside?
[13:00] <edmoore> It was there in the press
[13:00] <edmoore> Preds
[13:00] <edmoore> The turn
[13:00] wa9wws (b89e3893@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:00] <UpuMobile> Dear Manufacturer, we took your sensor to -50'C and the edge of space and it failed can we have a refund
[13:00] <Nigey|Web> lol
[13:00] <jcoxon> alt?
[13:01] <Nigey|Web> 40038
[13:01] <UpuMobile> 40100 ?
[13:01] <Darkside> not listening vk5zsn
[13:01] <RocketBoy> 40149
[13:01] <daveake> Wee
[13:01] <Darkside> at pub
[13:01] <UpuMobile> dunno don't have access to my PC atm, at wifes work she was called in for an emergency
[13:01] <VK5ZSN> kk
[13:01] <UpuMobile> and she's done so I'm off
[13:01] <edmoore> Wow
[13:01] <Nigey|Web> eek i didnt refresh
[13:01] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[13:01] UpuMobile (5247396e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[13:02] <fsphil_2I0VIM> going up again?
[13:02] <Nigey|Web> 40182
[13:02] <fsphil_2I0VIM> (I'm still here) :p
[13:02] <edmoore> It got bored
[13:02] <daveake> 40203
[13:03] <daveake> So, tell me about this 36km limit ... :)
[13:03] <Nigey|Web> heh
[13:03] <Darkside> whats tue batt val
[13:03] <fsphil_2I0VIM> there was a limit? :p
[13:03] <GW8RAK> Beyond 36km daveake, there be dragons
[13:03] <Nigey|Web> 397 Darkside
[13:03] <fsphil_2I0VIM> high altitude dragons
[13:03] <daveake> Plenty of those in Norfolk
[13:03] TimZaman (~chatzilla@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[13:03] <fsphil_2I0VIM> that breath plasma
[13:03] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:04] <GW8RAK> that just the inbreds
[13:04] <jcoxon> 40m is ridiculous
[13:04] <daveake> 4m would be
[13:04] <daveake> 40 even
[13:04] <jcoxon> 40km *
[13:04] <daveake> :)
[13:04] <fsphil_2I0VIM> seems to have settled again
[13:05] <mattltm> oh, just checked back. Thought it would be down by now. 40Km nice :)
[13:05] wa9wws (b89e3893@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[13:05] <daveake> It'll come don when it starts to decompose
[13:05] <ChrisBenton> Darkside, hopeful of getting it back?
[13:05] <Randomskk> hah
[13:05] <edmoore> The difference in pressure between 41 and 40km is 35pa
[13:05] <Nigey|Web> hey Randomskk !
[13:05] <Randomskk> no chance
[13:05] <Darkside> no way chris
[13:05] <edmoore> Which is about 20%
[13:05] <edmoore> Well, less
[13:05] <Randomskk> hi!
[13:06] <edmoore> So.... 41km is not inconceivable
[13:06] <daveake> How long before the batteries give up?
[13:06] <ChrisBenton> Isn't the projected landing point based on the assumption that it will burst soon?
[13:06] <Darkside> ages dave
[13:06] <Randomskk> sitting w/ ed & mark at pub :p
[13:06] <Darkside> 10hrs +
[13:06] <daveake> This could be a long day then :)
[13:07] <ChrisBenton> If it floats for longer, then there's a chance it will land on land?
[13:07] <Nigey|Web> edmoore: haha hold up ya only just made 40k! lol
[13:07] <GW8RAK> If one was to launch a rocket at those altitudes, how much difference would the lack of atmospheric drag make to the height gained vs sea level?
[13:07] <Laurenceb_> whats with those altitude steps?
[13:07] <edmoore> GW8RAK: Enormous
[13:07] <edmoore> Hence rockions being so attractive
[13:07] <Nigey|Web> Laurenceb_: it def wasnt pressure related...
[13:07] <edmoore> Rockoons
[13:07] <edmoore> Alt?
[13:07] <GW8RAK> I'm assuming it would be, but just wondering if a rocket went 200m at sea level what would happen at 35km+
[13:08] <GW8RAK> Positive onboard temperatures
[13:08] <griffonbot> @jamescoxon: RT @darksidelemm: Horus 15.5 just broke 40km altitude! #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/jamescoxon/status/104902618719076352]
[13:08] <Nigey|Web> 40363
[13:08] <Nigey|Web> going up..again
[13:09] <mattltm> odd, why doesn't my station show up on spacenear?
[13:11] rjmunro (~chatzilla@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:11] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[13:11] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[13:11] <Laurenceb_> SpeedEvil: ping
[13:12] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[13:12] <TimIphone> back on mobile
[13:12] <Nigey|Web> think its lagging a bit matt
[13:12] <TimIphone> status?
[13:12] <Nigey|Web> floating at 40362m
[13:13] <ChrisBenton> Definition of irony: Willing the balloon to travel further west into land, only for it to end up touching down in The Wash.
[13:13] <Nigey|Web> lol
[13:13] <TimIphone> :)
[13:14] <Nigey|Web> 40436
[13:14] <Nigey|Web> going up
[13:14] <TimIphone> shooting for the moon
[13:15] <ChrisBenton> Definition of awesome: The balloon floating over the wash, and landing safely in Lincolnshire.
[13:15] <Nigey|Web> and back down 40402m
[13:15] <Laurenceb_> altitude is jammed at 40Km
[13:15] <jcoxon> Laurenceb_, refreshed
[13:16] <jcoxon> there was a if clause that if over 40km to stay at 40km
[13:16] <TimIphone> i dont trust the gps info though, it seems odd with the twists and turns.
[13:16] <daveake> ah
[13:16] <jcoxon> but now that its broken DanielRichman shifted it
[13:16] <jcoxon> TimIphone, its a ublox - its rated to 50km alt
[13:16] <TimIphone> doesnt explain the trajectory behavior
[13:17] <eroomde> back
[13:17] <jcoxon> i think its more the high altitude effects
[13:17] <Randomskk> yay laptops
[13:17] <TimIphone> it occured soon though. i mean the overseas turns and twists
[13:17] <eroomde> TimIphone: the twists and turns are high altitude winds
[13:17] <eroomde> we see that quite ogten
[13:17] <SpeedEvil> Laurong
[13:17] <DanielRichman> I just increased the hardcoded altitude cap from 40k to 45k; the alt bar is broken but atleast you can see current altitude properly
[13:17] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: pong
[13:17] <ChrisBenton> It's picking up quite a bit of speed. Perhaps it really will end up in the Wash.
[13:17] <TimIphone> rly? hm i hadnt seen those before.
[13:18] <eroomde> you've got two layers of winds going in different direction
[13:18] <eroomde> and the interface between them is very turbulent
[13:18] <Laurenceb_> SpeedEvil: what was that little gnuplot altitude script you did?
[13:18] <TimIphone> yeah its just that i hadnt seen it before, though i had only witnessed a few flights and done 2 myself
[13:19] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: err - altitude?
[13:19] <Nigey|Web> 40407 its settled into a nice zone between 40300 and 40400
[13:19] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: Sorry - context? When?
[13:20] <Laurenceb_> wget the raw data then process it to plot in gnuplot
[13:20] <Laurenceb_> i fail at this stuff :(
[13:21] <Darkside> anyone in this area want to volunteer to go get it?
[13:21] <Laurenceb_> wow its warming up in there
[13:21] <ChrisBenton> The people of Saxthorpe, Norfolk have no idea of the sheer awesomeness going on above their heads.
[13:21] <daveake> Get it? Doesn't it have to come down first? ;)
[13:22] <daveake> People in Norfolk have no idea about a lot of things :)
[13:23] <mattltm> its very odd Nigey|Web, I am decoding and uploading, the recivers section sohws me but my station is not on the google map and there is no line.
[13:23] <eroomde> mattltm: there have been a few bugs with that
[13:23] <eroomde> try refreshing
[13:23] <daveake> 40.5km
[13:23] <eroomde> DanielRichman is live-bug-fixing right now
[13:23] <mattltm> eroomde: Tried that several times with no luck :(
[13:23] <jcoxon> mattltm, remove the commas in your antenna radio description
[13:23] <rjmunro> Is there any information on the web about this launch / payload?
[13:24] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[13:24] <Dutch-Mill> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQGEBL8YQ4M
[13:24] <eroomde> rjmunro: on the top left of the tracker page :)
[13:24] <eroomde> it's darkside's payload, launched from the cusf launch site on a 1600g balloon
[13:24] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[13:24] <rjmunro> http://ukhas.org.uk/projects:current_launch says "No currently planned launches"
[13:24] <eroomde> with a very slow ascent rate
[13:24] number10_away (51866c72@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:24] <eroomde> rjmunro: that's cos no one has updated it :)
[13:25] <Darkside> LAUNCH VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQGEBL8YQ4M
[13:25] <rjmunro> Why hasn't it burst? Has it got a pinhole to make it float, or something else?
[13:26] <mattltm> commas removed, dl restarted, tracker refreshed. No change.
[13:26] <eroomde> rjmunro: we are not sure
[13:26] <eroomde> we have observed this floating behaviour before
[13:26] <eroomde> this flight was actually to investigate that
[13:26] <eroomde> it has a pressure sensor
[13:26] <eroomde> but we were expecting it to float at about 35km
[13:27] <jcoxon> give it a sec mattltm
[13:27] <eroomde> unfortuntely this new altitude is too high for the pressure sensor
[13:27] <eroomde> it has broken
[13:27] <eroomde> so we cannot reallt divine quite what is causing this floating
[13:28] <junderwood_M0JCU> The pressure sensor is still reading and changing with altitude
[13:28] <junderwood_M0JCU> Are we sure it isn't just dodgy programming
[13:28] <junderwood_M0JCU> Are we sure it isn't just dodgy programming?
[13:28] <eroomde> yes interesting
[13:28] <Darkside> junderwood_M0JCU: nah
[13:28] <eroomde> but it'll need more careful analysis to see if it's usable
[13:28] <Darkside> we've had it down to 10hpa before
[13:28] <Darkside> but yeah it could be..
[13:28] Nigey|Web (5162d0e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[13:28] <Laurenceb_> are you sure its not you conversion thingy on the page
[13:28] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:28] <Laurenceb_> i think it broke when you changed the page
[13:29] NSS-WB9SBD (cfbe61e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:29] <M0LEP> Back up to 10 satellites...
[13:29] <Darkside> Laurenceb_: people were seeing that value on the raw strings
[13:29] <Laurenceb_> hmm odd
[13:29] <Darkside> get a radio and take a look yourself
[13:29] <Laurenceb_> looks like it broke
[13:30] <Laurenceb_> how big is the chute?
[13:30] <Laurenceb_> should it come down fast?
[13:30] <Darkside> what chute
[13:30] <Darkside> :P
[13:30] <Laurenceb_> ah cool
[13:30] <Darkside> theres no parachute on this one
[13:30] <Darkside> its going to plummet to the earth
[13:30] <Laurenceb_> might recover then
[13:30] <Darkside> doubt it
[13:30] <Laurenceb_> terminal v will be low as its so light
[13:30] <rjmunro> No parachute? is that allowed?
[13:31] <eroomde> rjmunro: it's mass is <150g
[13:31] <ChrisBenton> I believe the term is "lithobraking".
[13:31] <eroomde> it's terminal velocity will be less than most payloads with parachutes
[13:31] <NSS-WB9SBD> Left over balloon fragments make enough drag
[13:31] <eroomde> exactly
[13:31] <eroomde> assuming it bursts badly
[13:32] <eroomde> these balloons seem so well performing that it might just shred away to nothing
[13:32] <NSS-WB9SBD> what type of balloon?
[13:32] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:32] <Laurenceb_> what battery is it using?
[13:32] <Darkside> 4 AA lithiums
[13:32] <jcoxon> NSS-WB9SBD, hwoyee 1.6kg
[13:32] <Darkside> its got another 10 hours or so of life
[13:32] <eroomde> NSS-WB9SBD: Hwoyee 1600g
[13:33] <mattltm> Not burst yet then?
[13:33] <eroomde> there may be lots of fading on the way down
[13:33] <NSS-WB9SBD> OK, I have been impressed with how well these have been performing!
[13:33] <junderwood_M0JCU> going up again. 40526
[13:33] <eroomde> if it doesn't come down too stably
[13:33] <mattltm> 40528!
[13:34] <Laurenceb_> still 500m to break LM record
[13:34] <eroomde> they had a zp
[13:34] <rjmunro> Could it float until dusk, then come down slowly un-burst?
[13:34] <NSS-WB9SBD> LM?
[13:34] <eroomde> that's cheating
[13:34] <eroomde> though it'd be nice to break a lockheed martin ZP record with a 3-students latex :)
[13:35] <eroomde> rjmunro: conceivably, thought lots of UV degradation
[13:35] <mattltm> So its bouncing now like the baloons at the lower altitude have?
[13:35] <eroomde> seems to be
[13:36] <eroomde> we'll have to see how pressure correlates to altitude once the flight is over
[13:36] <number10_away> looks like my receiver at home is off frequency now - or the batteries run out
[13:36] <eroomde> as it would be nice to understand this well enough to 'design' missions to float
[13:36] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[13:36] <eroomde> that is the ultimate aim
[13:37] <number10_away> launching a small rocket now with the boys
[13:37] <M0LEP> Burst!
[13:37] <mattltm> Burst?
[13:37] <ChrisBenton> on the way down...
[13:37] <Darkside> burst
[13:37] <eroomde> oh well
[13:37] <eroomde> that was fun
[13:37] <eroomde> what was thew peak alt?
[13:37] <junderwood_M0JCU> Pressure sensor seems to be working again
[13:37] <Darkside> 40575
[13:37] <daveake> Interesting
[13:38] <eroomde> ok. better get that sent off to the states
[13:38] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[13:38] <eroomde> a sea burial
[13:38] <eroomde> quite fitting
[13:38] <daveake> :)
[13:39] <eroomde> unless it really plumits at > 1/3
[13:39] <Darkside> anyone with a radio hearing much fading?
[13:39] <junderwood_M0JCU> Fine for me
[13:39] <Darkside> cool
[13:39] <Darkside> must have enough drag from the balloon remnants
[13:39] <junderwood_M0JCU> Didn't even hear the burst
[13:40] number10_away (51866c72@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left #highaltitude.
[13:40] <ChrisBenton> What's the chance of it landing on land?
[13:41] <Darkside> low
[13:41] <jcoxon> looking at the raw data
[13:42] <jcoxon> i think you'll have to submit 40561 for that alt record
[13:42] <jcoxon> as only one person got 40575
[13:42] <jcoxon> while 4 people rx'd 40561
[13:43] <junderwood_M0JCU> I saw 40575 - was that me?
[13:43] <junderwood_M0JCU> Oacket 4428
[13:43] <junderwood_M0JCU> s/O/P/
[13:43] <daveake> What's the odd 14m when it's several km above the previous record? ;)
[13:43] Action: M0LEP haerd the burst
[13:44] <junderwood_M0JCU> No sign of a turn yet. What altitude was the jetstream on the way up?
[13:44] <M0LEP> saw it on the waterfall, even.
[13:45] <junderwood_M0JCU> OK. Just started heading east
[13:45] NigeyS (~EcEnTiAl@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:47] <junderwood_M0JCU> The predicted landing point is still moving towards land.
[13:48] <eroomde> looks to be on course for a sea level descent rate of about 5m/s)
[13:48] <eroomde> so yep, but of a splash
[13:48] <eroomde> bit*
[13:48] <NigeyS> so 40575m .. wow
[13:48] <junderwood_M0JCU> Wasn't it Darkside who had to swim out to sea after a payload?
[13:48] <junderwood_M0JCU> (in slightly warmer water)
[13:48] <TimIphone> one person is enough for te record. you have to submit surrounding telemtry though
[13:49] <NigeyS> the north sea is alot colder lol
[13:49] <eroomde> maybe 6m/s
[13:49] <Darkside> junderwood_M0JCU: wasn't me
[13:49] <Darkside> that was terry
[13:49] <Darkside> i was on teh beach taking photos
[13:49] <VK5ZSN> hmmm
[13:49] <VK5ZSN> I did try !
[13:49] kristianpaul (~kristianp@unaffiliated/kristianpaul) left irc: Quit: reboot
[13:49] <Darkside> yep, and lost your glasses!
[13:49] <ChrisBenton> Projected landing point in on Hull-to-Rotterdam ferry route. Perhaps it will land on a ship. :)
[13:50] <eroomde> going to rotterdam if its lucky
[13:50] <eroomde> no f*cking way i'm driving to hull to recover this thing
[13:50] <TimIphone> im going there tonight!
[13:50] <NigeyS> lol
[13:50] <TimIphone> im out!
[13:50] <TimIphone> T
[13:50] TimIphone (~timiphone@D978C121.cm-3-1d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi
[13:52] <VK5ZSN> If you had launched from Bristol you could have grabbed it !
[13:52] <Randomskk> http://habitat.habhub.org/testing-web/pressure.html
[13:53] <daveake> Really picking up horizontal speed towards the splashdown :)
[13:53] <Randomskk> quick google charts + cuchdb thing
[13:53] <eroomde> it's a viscious jet stream today
[13:53] <Randomskk> couch*
[13:54] <jcoxon> did the pressure sensor overflow?
[13:54] <Darkside> dunno
[13:54] <Randomskk> it broke, we don't know what happened really
[13:55] <eroomde> needs some anal
[13:55] <eroomde> ysis
[13:55] <jcoxon> eek
[13:55] <NigeyS> oh my
[13:55] <Darkside> bahahahahaha
[13:55] <daveake> bummer
[13:58] <Darkside> eroomde: Randomskk http://pastebin.com/A72c1VKV
[13:58] rjmunro (~chatzilla@ left irc: Ping timeout: 258 seconds
[13:59] <eroomde> note on the way down you get the same turblence between the upper flow and the jetstream
[13:59] <ChrisBenton> Any idea where it will wash up?
[13:59] <eroomde> lots of sharp adjustments and jerking
[13:59] <eroomde> the wash
[13:59] <eroomde> hohohoho
[13:59] <eroomde> ChrisBenton: we usually have stuff arrive in denmark
[13:59] <eroomde> dog walkers find them
[13:59] <eroomde> takes a month or two
[14:00] <Darkside> my email is on the payload
[14:00] <Darkside> as long as it doesn't wash off
[14:00] <eroomde> it's over the sea
[14:00] <eroomde> time to toast Horus 15.5
[14:01] <Darkside> i think it deserves an integer value
[14:01] <junderwood_M0JCU> Someone is going to get a shock finding a payload from Australia in Denmark.
[14:01] <Darkside> haha
[14:01] <Darkside> yes
[14:01] <Darkside> it has my australian uni email on it
[14:01] <VK5ZSN> M0JCU hope that is a solid rx station?
[14:01] <daveake> "my payload flies over the ocean" k
[14:02] edmoore (~edmoore@ left irc: Ping timeout: 250 seconds
[14:02] <NSS-WB9SBD> How come the position seems to be up-dating, but the altitude isn't?
[14:02] <junderwood_M0JCU> Has everyone else given up :(
[14:02] <VK5ZSN> seems so you are the only feed I am seeing here
[14:02] <junderwood_M0JCU> altitude is updating fine
[14:02] <Dutch-Mill> No but...no signal out here
[14:03] <NigeyS> alt 5725m
[14:03] Action: M0LEP is still getting the occasional string.
[14:03] <eroomde> NSS-WB9SBD: everything seems to be updating here
[14:03] <junderwood_M0JCU> I expect to lose it at about 2 km
[14:03] <NSS-WB9SBD> on the map here it still says 40449
[14:03] <Randomskk> might wanna refresh that :P
[14:03] <M0LEP> ...but lots of strings are garbled now.
[14:03] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[14:03] <junderwood_M0JCU> you need to update your map ;)
[14:03] <eroomde> NSS-WB9SBD: are you sure you're not mixing up altitude and 'max altitude'?
[14:03] edmoore (~edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:03] <junderwood_M0JCU> Still SNR of 15dB here
[14:03] <NSS-WB9SBD> in the "Bubble" attached to the payload
[14:03] <VK5ZSN> Some other receivers now
[14:04] <M0LEP> There's a big wet tree in the way, and it's been raining for the last hour...
[14:04] <NSS-WB9SBD> it's moving so it's refreshing the position, but the altitude in the bubble isn't changing
[14:04] <Darkside> i hereby apply the ceil() function to Horus 15.5
[14:04] <Darkside> Horus 15.5 now is known as Horus 16 :P
[14:04] number10 (56813a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[14:04] <Darkside> ok, heading off now guys
[14:04] <Darkside> cyas later on
[14:04] <daveake> Congrats !
[14:04] <eroomde> yep time to head
[14:04] <Randomskk> seeya all!
[14:04] <NigeyS> yey it makes a record so deserves a full lfight number, not half! :p
[14:05] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:05] <NigeyS> ttyl guys, well done :)
[14:06] <junderwood_M0JCU> Getting noise now
[14:07] <Dutch-Mill> Bye
[14:07] <junderwood_M0JCU> lost it
[14:07] <VK5ZSN> thanks
[14:07] <junderwood_M0JCU> Last string at3339
[14:07] <Dutch-Mill> http://www.ecomare.nl/en/ecomare-encyclopedie/natural-environment/water/water-currents/sea-currents/
[14:08] <VK5ZSN> M0LEP QRZ
[14:08] <M0LEP> Fading now
[14:08] <VK5ZSN> QSL
[14:09] <junderwood_M0JCU> Gone. RIP Horus
[14:09] Nick change: junderwood_M0JCU -> junderwood
[14:09] <NigeyS> A Red Arrow aeroplane crashes in Dorset following a display at the Bournemouth Air Festival.
[14:09] <M0LEP> Can just see the non-data parts on the waterfall...
[14:09] <NSS-WB9SBD> that ocean current mape makes it look like it may get stuck in a circle.
[14:11] sgisgi (~SGISGI@196-210-168-43.dynamic.isadsl.co.za) joined #highaltitude.
[14:11] edmoore (~edmoore@ left irc: Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi
[14:11] <VK5ZSN> tnx for rx
[14:12] <Dutch-Mill> Therefore it takes a month or two before it lands in Denmak?
[14:12] <VK5ZSN> QRT 73 all
[14:12] <Dutch-Mill> *Denmark
[14:12] <Dutch-Mill> Y2 73's
[14:13] <sgisgi> Hi all, has anyone perhaps got experience running Sparkfun GM862 Eval boards (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/479) on battery power?
[14:13] VK5ZSN (792d928f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:13] <Dutch-Mill> SeeY on the next flight
[14:13] Dutch-Mill (3e2d7a74@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:14] <NigeyS> blimey wales scored 2 tries in 3 minutes :|
[14:14] kristianpaul (~kristianp@unaffiliated/kristianpaul) joined #highaltitude.
[14:14] ChrisBenton (502ac446@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[14:16] NSS-WB9SBD (cfbe61e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:19] M0DTS (57c262d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:19] <M0DTS> Interesting launch earlier.. didnt hear about it! nice height!!
[14:24] <Darkside> im happy with it!
[14:24] <M0DTS> that an altitude record?
[14:24] <NigeyS> sgisgi, post to the mailing list
[14:25] <Darkside> for latex nalloons, yes
[14:25] <Darkside> balloons
[14:25] <NigeyS> i think jgrahamc used 1 on his gaga-1 flight
[14:25] <sgisgi> NigeyS, thanks, will do
[14:25] <NigeyS> http://groups.google.com/group/ukhas
[14:25] <NigeyS> :)
[14:26] <M0DTS> ah yes i did get email but only checked when i got up so missed it, day before is more useful ;-)
[14:26] <griffonbot> @bibbleco: RT @darksidelemm: Horus 15.5 just broke 40km altitude! #ukhas #projecthorus #cusf [http://twitter.com/bibbleco/status/104922321625677825]
[14:27] RocketBoy (~steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) left irc: Quit: RocketBoy
[14:30] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[14:31] <M0DTS> Look forward to next time...good luck
[14:31] M0DTS (57c262d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:34] ve6sbs (3241144e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[14:41] <griffonbot> Received email: zanetworking "[UKHAS] Sparkfun GM862 Evaluation Board Power Requirements"
[14:42] zs6bnt (c4027eaf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[14:54] RocketBoy (~steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[14:55] <Upu_2E0UPU> afternoon
[14:55] Nick change: Upu_2E0UPU -> Upu
[14:55] <Upu> well that looks like a sucessful one !
[14:55] SamSilver_ (2985f5bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:56] <Upu> did we rope Tim in to recovering in a boat ?
[14:56] <junderwood> long voyage. It loanded quite close to Sherringham in Norfolk
[14:56] <Upu> in the sea ?
[14:57] <junderwood> just
[14:57] <Upu> damn yeah that is close
[15:00] <Upu> you know that was the worlds second highest launch
[15:03] <daveake> Not bad!
[15:03] <Upu> I've submitted it to ARHAB
[15:05] <daveake> What do they need for proof? Some receive logs?
[15:05] <Upu> no idea
[15:05] <daveake> :)
[15:05] <daveake> Source code to check for the multiplier :)
[15:06] <Upu> damn didn't get the decent radio must have gone off tine
[15:06] <Upu> tune
[15:06] Nick change: M0LEP -> LazyLeopard
[15:08] <daveake> I went out to my hill to track. Clear signal but decoding was a bit iffy. Couldn't get online as my USB dongle had run out of credit and I didn't have any cards with me to top it up!
[15:11] Dutch-Mill-mob (~androirc@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:12] Dutch-Mill-mob (androirc@ left #highaltitude.
[15:52] <griffonbot> Received email: John Graham-Cumming "Re: [UKHAS] Sparkfun GM862 Evaluation Board Power Requirements"
[16:11] <Darkside> hmm
[16:11] <Darkside> Randomskk: ping
[16:12] <Upu> hey Darkside
[16:12] <Upu> congrats
[16:12] <Upu> 2nd highest in the world
[16:12] <SpeedEvil> Congrats!
[16:12] <Darkside> yep
[16:12] <Darkside> :D
[16:13] <SpeedEvil> Yow!
[16:13] <SpeedEvil> That is high!
[16:14] <Darkside> whats with the xaben data on the tracker?
[16:14] <SpeedEvil> Nice to be proved right
[16:14] <LazyLeopard> So high that the tracker topped-out. ;)
[16:14] kristianpaul (~kristianp@unaffiliated/kristianpaul) left irc: Quit: installing fedora again...
[16:24] <SpeedEvil> Darkside: What pressure sensors were on it?
[16:24] <Darkside> :P
[16:24] <Darkside> aww
[16:26] futurity (~anonymous@cpc30-cmbg15-2-0-cust1.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:29] <futurity> Did James set a record today does anyone know?
[16:33] <LazyLeopard> Over 40kms
[16:33] <LazyLeopard> up...
[16:35] edmoore (~edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:37] rjmunro (~chatzilla@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:41] <Darkside> futurity: it wasn't james
[16:41] <Darkside> it was myself, eroomde and Randomskk
[16:41] <Darkside> eroomde: and Randomskk provided the balloon, i provided the payload
[16:53] <griffonbot> @apexhab: APEX Alpha soldering/programming/testing day tomorrow... Any chance it will work first time? #apexhab #ukhas [http://twitter.com/apexhab/status/104959254066241536]
[16:53] <griffonbot> @danielsaul: APEX Alpha soldering/programming/testing day tomorrow... Any chance it will work first time? #apexhab #ukhas [http://twitter.com/danielsaul/status/104959255907549184]
[16:53] <griffonbot> @danielsaul: RT @apexhab: APEX Alpha soldering/programming/testing day tomorrow... Any chance it will work first time? #apexhab #ukhas [http://twitter.com/danielsaul/status/104959333917409280]
[17:02] <futurity> Darkside: Sorry I saw the email from James and jumped to the wrong conclusions
[17:02] <futurity> Congratulations
[17:03] <futurity> I would have tracked it had I of know a launch was imminent sorry about missing it.
[17:07] <futurity> Just seen the records page. Beaten last record by over 4km Wow
[17:13] <Zuph> Afternoon, #highaltitude, and congrats Darkside.
[17:13] <Zuph> Darkside et al.
[17:26] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[17:26] Nige|S (~EcEnTiAl@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:27] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[17:33] kristianpaul (~kristianp@cl-498.udi-01.br.sixxs.net) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:33] kristianpaul (~kristianp@unaffiliated/kristianpaul) joined #highaltitude.
[17:45] Nick change: fsphil_2I0VIM -> fsphil
[17:51] <fsphil> aww, was kinda hoping it would still be in the air when I got back ;-)
[17:54] <Randomskk> hehe
[17:57] <daveake> :)
[17:58] <fsphil> man what a drive. NI doesn't look big on a map, but then you drive to the other side and back
[17:58] <fsphil> yikes
[18:09] edmoore (~edmoore@ left irc: Ping timeout: 268 seconds
[18:14] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:19] <Nige|S> lol scenic route phil ?
[18:19] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) joined #highaltitude.
[18:24] m1x10 (~mixio@ppp046177045251.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[18:25] <m1x10> hi!
[18:26] natrium (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:30] <natrium> wow, are you serious?!
[18:30] <natrium> 40km altitude?
[18:31] <RocketBoy> pretty amazing huh?
[18:31] <natrium> what kind of balloon was it?
[18:31] <RocketBoy> 1600g hwoyee
[18:31] <RocketBoy> 150g payload iirc
[18:32] <natrium> ah, can you explain the plateau?
[18:32] <RocketBoy> anout 4m/sec ascent rate through most of the flight
[18:32] <RocketBoy> well - there are theories - but we have seen it with tthose balloons
[18:32] <natrium> it's amazing
[18:33] <natrium> too bad the thing landed in water
[18:33] <RocketBoy> i suspect its just reaching the limits of its strech
[18:33] <RocketBoy> yeah - but im sure they expected that on launch
[18:33] <RocketBoy> its a problem living on an island
[18:34] <natrium> :)
[18:34] <RocketBoy> only aboy 70miles to the sea from wherever you launch
[18:35] natrium (~xela@ left irc: Quit: leaving
[18:35] <RocketBoy> is there a preferred way to do testing using the tracker? I don't want to clutter up the logs. Backup server? test JSON file?
[18:36] <natrium42> not that i know of
[18:36] <RocketBoy> humm I'll just go for it then
[18:37] <natrium42> shouldn't be a problem, all the data will remain there
[18:43] <Nige|S> da, red arrows pilot killed in crash :(
[18:43] <Nige|S> dam*
[18:43] <RocketBoy> re-run of the pegasus3 flight
[18:45] <SpeedEvil> natrium != natrium42?
[18:47] <m1x10> :)
[18:47] <natrium42> i just didn't notice that my irssi screen session was already running
[18:47] <natrium42> :P
[18:55] <SpeedEvil> ah
[18:59] <manderson21> I must retire from flying in my room
[18:59] number10 (56813a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:00] <manderson21> I made a few marks on the walls, but worst of all: the tv frame
[19:00] <manderson21> luckily not the glass
[19:00] <manderson21> it was like a homing missile right to it :(
[19:01] <Nige|S> :o
[19:01] <manderson21> that was my exact face as it happened
[19:13] AndChat| (~nigel@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:14] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
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[19:21] <Darkside> hey all
[19:21] <Darkside> on a train
[19:21] <Nige|S> hey, ah ure heading back ?
[19:21] fsphil (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:21f:c6ff:fe44:b25b) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[19:21] <Darkside> yup
[19:22] <Nige|S> you'll sleep tonight!
[19:23] <Darkside> oh hell yes
[19:23] <manderson21> how many people in here are not from the uk?
[19:23] <Darkside> so, who's going to beat our altitude recoed?
[19:23] <Darkside> apaet from mw
[19:23] <Darkside> apart from me*
[19:24] <Darkside> I plan on topping it in australia
[19:24] fsphil (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:21f:c6ff:fe44:b25b) joined #highaltitude.
[19:24] <Upu> had a beer tonight Darkside ?
[19:24] <fsphil> silly router
[19:24] <Upu> wb fsphil
[19:24] <fsphil> ta
[19:24] <Darkside> nah, I don't drink alcohol
[19:24] <Upu> oh
[19:24] <Upu> sure you're from Oz ?
[19:25] <manderson21> LOL
[19:25] <Darkside> as a general rule anyway
[19:25] <fsphil> heh, I don't drink either but drinking is a way of life here ;)
[19:25] <Darkside> today was probably worth a beer
[19:25] <Upu> did we get any distance records today out of interest ?
[19:25] <Upu> fsphil ?
[19:25] <manderson21> my mother is Australian, but Ukrainian/Russian by birth
[19:25] <fsphil> didn't decode anything here
[19:25] <fsphil> though even if I did, not sure it would be really valid ;)
[19:26] <Darkside> doubt it upu
[19:26] <Upu> no ? Thought of all the launches that would be the one you got
[19:26] <Nige|S> dutch mill decoded alot, whats his distance?
[19:26] <Darkside> what is the distance record?
[19:27] <Nige|S> err.. 560ish ?
[19:27] <fsphil> 5 something
[19:27] <Darkside> hmm
[19:27] <Upu> hadie:3 ’ G3VZV - 530km (04/06/2011)
[19:27] <Upu> @ 300 baud
[19:27] <Darkside> I thought we dis better tgan that in aus
[19:27] <Nige|S> ahh nice 1 upu
[19:27] <Darkside> on our repeater
[19:27] <Nige|S> manderson21, where you from ?
[19:27] <manderson21> I live in the US
[19:27] <Nige|S> ah i see
[19:29] <Darkside> I think next time we do that we cut the telemetry down even more, and fly a gopro too
[19:30] <Nige|S> a go pro @ 40km would be pretty neat
[19:30] <Upu> video from GoPro's is amazing
[19:30] <Upu> but you don't want to be dropping them in the sea
[19:30] <Upu> how long did it float for out of interest ?
[19:30] <Darkside> we need video from 40km
[19:30] <Nige|S> lol nooooo to dam expensive for that
[19:31] futurity (~anonymous@cpc30-cmbg15-2-0-cust1.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: futurity
[19:31] <manderson21> wow, 530km
[19:31] <fsphil> about 50 minute sfrom the looks of it
[19:31] <fsphil> manderson21, the 50 baud signal range was 560km
[19:31] <Darkside> upu: sea landings aren't usually a problem in oz
[19:31] <manderson21> how long will it take to go that high?
[19:31] <daveake> Buzz1 will have a little crappocam in it. Weight inc parachute will be about 100g. Whether it gets to 40km though is another matter!
[19:31] <Nige|S> thos steps in altitude were err.. weird
[19:31] Action: fsphil is hoping to fly a go pro soon
[19:32] <fsphil> risky here though, so it'll have to wait for an excellent prediction
[19:32] <daveake> :)
[19:32] <Upu> Darkside not what I head I saw someone swim out for the last one ?
[19:32] <daveake> True
[19:32] <number10> sorry I had to leave in the middle of tracking Darkside - but left raio on and was still uploading for an hour after I left
[19:32] <Darkside> Nige|S: turbulence and wind changes
[19:32] <Nige|S> fsphil, you'd have to come to the mainland to do a gopro launch hehe
[19:33] <Nige|S> Darkside, looks like, shame the pressure sensor died :(
[19:33] <daveake> Or launch in NI and land on the mainland
[19:34] <fsphil> daveake, again :)
[19:34] <Nige|S> hah last time he did that it was a 1 way trip to the dales
[19:34] <daveake> Again? Oh!
[19:34] <fsphil> lol
[19:34] <Nige|S> lol
[19:34] <daveake> lol
[19:34] <daveake> Chase Ferry
[19:34] <Darkside> gopro is 94g
[19:34] <Darkside> thats doable
[19:34] <fsphil> daveake, http://www.flickr.com/photos/fsphil/5842756691/
[19:35] <Darkside> could keep the total weight under 300g easily
[19:35] <Upu> They lauched 3 GoPro HD's on each of the two payloads on James Mays launche
[19:35] <daveake> Nice fsphil :)
[19:35] <Upu> https://picasaweb.google.com/118244444241111963790/201107ManLab?authkey=Gv1sRgCLLdyqux5_buDw#5635429209042402226
[19:35] <daveake> 3 on each? wow
[19:35] <Upu> https://picasaweb.google.com/118244444241111963790/201107ManLab?authkey=Gv1sRgCLLdyqux5_buDw#
[19:35] <fsphil> was chuffed with that daveake, though the antenna failed and it was never found
[19:36] <Upu> don't spread that link outside of this channel please
[19:36] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[19:36] <daveake> Lots of liquid refreshment there ;)
[19:36] <Darkside> back later guys
[19:36] <Darkside> train going out of range
[19:37] NSS-WB9SBD (cfbe61e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:37] <NSS-WB9SBD> Test
[19:37] <Nige|S> test failed please try again
[19:37] <Upu> sucess
[19:37] <fsphil> Fail
[19:37] <Upu> have a cookie
[19:37] <fsphil> must do better next time
[19:37] <daveake> mmmCookies
[19:38] <NSS-WB9SBD> :-)
[19:38] <fsphil> oooh cookies
[19:38] <Nige|S> !cookies
[19:38] <fsphil> I have cookies somewhere
[19:38] <Nige|S> nup :(
[19:38] <Nige|S> !whisky
[19:38] <fsphil> whisky and cookies?
[19:38] <NSS-WB9SBD> Girl scout cookies
[19:38] <Nige|S> !beer
[19:38] <HAMBotty> We have !bud !budlight !budice !miller
[19:38] <daveake> I need something ... too much inhaling of polystyrene foam fumes this evening
[19:38] <Nige|S> !bud
[19:38] <HAMBotty> Nige|S says pop a top again HAMBotty. I think I'll have another round.
[19:38] <Elwell> you folks got an air-date for the James 'oh cock' May episode?
[19:38] <Upu> someone really programmed that ?
[19:39] <Nige|S> lol Elwell !
[19:39] <Upu> Elwell "later this year"
[19:39] <Nige|S> Upu, ya, some people must get real bored..
[19:39] NSS-WB9SBD (cfbe61e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[19:39] <Upu> interesting fact, James Mays plane registration number is G-0C0K
[19:39] <daveake> lol
[19:39] <Elwell> yeah I read about that
[19:40] <Upu> http://www.abpic.co.uk/photo/1133855/
[19:40] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:41] <daveake> luvvit :)
[19:45] Lunar_Lander (~Miranda@p54883A77.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[19:45] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[19:45] <daveake> evening
[19:45] <Lunar_Lander> how's life?
[19:46] <fsphil> squishy
[19:46] <fsphil> and full of goo
[19:46] <daveake> melty
[19:46] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[19:46] <Lunar_Lander> and Dunhills Wine Gums
[19:46] <Lunar_Lander> I bought another bag of it today
[19:51] Action: fsphil has a chunky kitkat for later
[19:53] <daveake> I don't :(
[19:53] <Upu> hey Darkside did you get the pressure data you were after ?
[19:55] <Nige|S> dont think he did upu, the data was for when it floated, seems the sensor went wacky around 35k
[19:56] <Lunar_Lander> hi Nige|S
[19:56] <Lunar_Lander> I think I now know what "Hock" is
[19:56] <Lunar_Lander> it is german wine
[19:57] <Nige|S> hey kev
[19:57] <Upu> ok
[19:57] <Nige|S> Upu,
[19:57] <Nige|S> http://habitat.habhub.org/testing-web/pressure.html
[19:57] <Upu> thats a shame
[19:58] <Nige|S> yup, gonna have to be a specialised sensor i think for that kinda altitude
[19:58] <LazyLeopard> Hmmmm... Unless there was some weird wrap-around there...
[19:59] <Nige|S> could be, i guess theyll go over the data in the next few days
[20:10] <Lunar_Lander> and hi RocketBoy
[20:10] <RocketBoy> :-)
[20:11] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[20:17] <fsphil> uh-oh, my neighbour is singing
[20:17] <Nige|S> lols
[20:21] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[20:25] <Darkside> hmm
[20:25] <Darkside> was someone doing simulations with xaben
[20:25] <Darkside> ?
[20:25] <Nige|S> think RocketBoy was
[20:26] <Nige|S> is/was*
[20:26] <RocketBoy> yep
[20:26] <Darkside> can i clear it off to get a few screenshots?
[20:28] <Upu> you can select it
[20:28] <Upu> click settings
[20:28] <Upu> enter Darkside
[20:28] <Upu> submi
[20:28] <Lunar_Lander> btw RocketBoy what data did you get from the XABEN flight?
[20:28] <Darkside> ahh ok
[20:29] <RocketBoy> hang on a short while - just investigating a strange loop in the data
[20:29] <Upu> its ok Steve you can select flights now
[20:30] <Nige|S> oh aye its got the filtering
[20:30] <Lunar_Lander> OK
[20:30] <RocketBoy> ah ok np
[20:35] Nick change: Nige|S -> NigeyS
[20:35] <Lunar_Lander> RocketBoy : can you find the loop cause?
[20:35] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:36] <RocketBoy> yeah - it was in the original data - its real iirc
[20:36] <RocketBoy> just looks strange
[20:36] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[20:37] <Lunar_Lander> yeah I can imagine
[20:37] <RocketBoy> plus the dl-fldigi i have here keeps crashing - so there are gaps in the data
[20:37] <Lunar_Lander> oh
[20:37] <fsphil> eek
[20:37] <fsphil> latest version?
[20:37] <RocketBoy> mac
[20:37] <NigeyS> its phils fault!
[20:37] <fsphil> probably lol
[20:38] <RocketBoy> i'll download the prev version and see if it still happens
[20:39] <fsphil> at what point does it crash?
[20:39] <Darkside> RocketBoy: i have similar problems
[20:39] <fsphil> same each time?
[20:39] <Darkside> fsphil: it kind of takes a while, then eventually it slows up and dies
[20:39] <fsphil> there where some memory leaks in an older version, but that should be fixed
[20:39] <RocketBoy> nah - not really - just random it seems - may be to do with changing the focus window
[20:40] <RocketBoy> also parts of the window don't update
[20:40] <DanielRichman> if it's memory leaks you'll be able to see it happen on your favourite process monitor. But memory leaks would cause the system to freeze as it hammers swap rather than just crashing instantly
[20:41] <fsphil> the leaks caused it to slow and crash on linux
[20:41] <RocketBoy> na - just crashes or freezes
[20:41] <Darkside> also dl-fldigi does not like being put into suspend
[20:41] <fsphil> does it happen in offline mode?
[20:43] <RocketBoy> ill rry it offline and see if it happens
[20:43] <fsphil> ta - the leak last time was caused by the calls to libcurl to upload the sentences
[20:44] <Lunar_Lander> RocketBoy : may I re-ask my XABEN question?
[20:44] <RocketBoy> what was that?
[20:44] <fsphil> I might try getting it build on my ppc mac some day
[20:44] <fsphil> do some testing
[20:46] <natrium42> /Microsoft
[20:46] <RocketBoy> !microsoft
[20:48] <fsphil> surely it's \Microsoft
[20:48] <LazyLeopard> This one, I guess: <Lunar_Lander> btw RocketBoy what data did you get from the XABEN flight?
[20:49] daveake (d49f57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[20:49] <LazyLeopard> !Microsoft sounds fine to me. ;)
[20:49] <RocketBoy> XABEN - which one? would be my Q before I could answer Lunar_Lander
[20:52] <fsphil> !osx :)
[20:53] <Lunar_Lander> the one which went superpressure
[20:53] <Lunar_Lander> XABEN II is that?
[20:53] <RocketBoy> 13
[20:53] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[20:54] <RocketBoy> so - the only data was from the GPS
[20:55] <RocketBoy> interesting float though - a very distinct height oscilation - i think you will also find that in the data today
[20:55] m1x10 (~mixio@ppp046177045251.dsl.hol.gr) left irc:
[20:55] <RocketBoy> did u see the graph?
[20:56] <Lunar_Lander> yeah I saw it on spacenear.us
[20:56] <Lunar_Lander> or you mean there is a new XABEN ascent?
[20:56] <RocketBoy> i mean the oscillation?
[20:57] <Lunar_Lander> ah you mean the one that floated
[20:57] <Lunar_Lander> yes, it bounced up and down
[20:57] <Lunar_Lander> and the highest point was not at burst, but some time before
[20:58] <RocketBoy> yes thats it - the one that floated
[20:58] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[20:58] <Lunar_Lander> that was interesting
[20:58] <Lunar_Lander> and it made me and NigeyS think about automatic cutdowns
[21:00] <RocketBoy> yeah - i used to do all my flights with a cutdown - then I got blasé
[21:00] <Lunar_Lander> something like a timer
[21:00] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[21:00] <RocketBoy> i have a gps geofence
[21:01] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[21:01] <RocketBoy> outline of the uk
[21:02] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[21:02] <Lunar_Lander> so if it exists that it activates the cutdown?
[21:04] <RocketBoy> yeah - it constantly (every 20 sec) predicts the landing spot - and if that approaches x km of the geofence then it cuts down
[21:04] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[21:04] <RocketBoy> if you look at xaben data you will see the landing spot prediction sent at the end
[21:04] <Lunar_Lander> what kind of cutdown? rocket igniter or coil?
[21:04] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[21:05] <RocketBoy> like the one on the ukhas wiki
[21:05] <RocketBoy> igniter in a plastic tube
[21:05] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[21:05] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[21:05] <Lunar_Lander> so this would have happened on XABEN XIII
[21:05] <Lunar_Lander> if it hadn't burst
[21:05] <RocketBoy> i have also used laurenceb resistor cutdown
[21:06] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[21:06] <fsphil> aaaaah that's what the second set of coordinates where
[21:06] <fsphil> was wondering that Darkside
[21:06] <fsphil> er, RocketBoy
[21:06] <RocketBoy> well yes - if it was heading out to sea
[21:07] <RocketBoy> so if it had carried on
[21:07] <DanielRichman> how does it predict the landing spot on the payload?
[21:08] chembrow (~chris@188-221-15-153.zone12.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:08] <RocketBoy> based on the ascent
[21:08] <DanielRichman> wow. that's awesome. How accurate is it compared to the predictor?
[21:09] <RocketBoy> well it all depends on how good the esitmate of the parachute descent rate was
[21:10] <DanielRichman> so it guesses wind speeds based on how much it moved when it was going up?
[21:10] <RocketBoy> but in some tests i used the decent rate from a previou identical flight and got within 1Km of the acttuall landing spot
[21:10] <RocketBoy> yeah - eactly
[21:10] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[21:10] <DanielRichman> that's pretty cool
[21:10] <RocketBoy> simples
[21:11] <RocketBoy> actually its really compact - doesnt use much code or memory
[21:11] <RocketBoy> its all up on the wiki
[21:11] <griffonbot> Received email: Mark Jessop "[UKHAS] Horus 15.5 a HUGE success!"
[21:12] <Lunar_Lander> YAY
[21:13] Action: natrium42 looks at the video
[21:13] <natrium42> wow, very windy day
[21:14] <natrium42> so who on the video is Darkside?
[21:14] <Darkside> Eeyup
[21:14] <Darkside> natrium42: black shirt
[21:14] <Darkside> on the left in one section
[21:14] <natrium42> ah, ok
[21:15] sgisgi (~SGISGI@196-210-168-43.dynamic.isadsl.co.za) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[21:16] <natrium42> no parachute :D
[21:18] <Darkside> nope
[21:18] <Darkside> we knew we weren't getting it back
[21:19] <natrium42> awesome stuff, congrats on the success!
[21:19] <Upu> Mark Jessop ?
[21:19] <Upu> who's that ?
[21:19] <Darkside> <-
[21:19] Action: Upu pats DanielRichman
[21:19] <Upu> duh
[21:19] <Upu> Darkside
[21:19] <Upu> 2nd
[21:20] <Upu> Not sure what Project Blue Horizon used but its highest UK and second highest worldwide amateur launch.
[21:20] <Upu> PBH-13 went a little higher but not sure if it used latex
[21:20] <Upu> but still grats you've opened it up in the UK :)
[21:21] <RocketBoy> yeah - thats a uk record not auz ;-)
[21:21] <Darkside> wheres the info on project blue horizon?
[21:21] <Upu> isn't much
[21:21] <Darkside> oh, that one
[21:21] <Darkside> that was the zero pressure launch
[21:22] <Darkside> cornell university, with lots of funding
[21:22] <Darkside> from lockheed martin
[21:22] <natrium42> Darkside: did you submit your record to ARHAB?
[21:22] <Darkside> natrium42: not yet
[21:23] G0MJW (d598206c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[21:23] <Upu> I submitted it for you
[21:23] <Darkside> Upu: apparently PBH-13 wasn't latex
[21:23] <Darkside> it was a massive ZP
[21:23] <Upu> about time the Commonwealth struck a blow to the US pride
[21:24] <Darkside> anyway, i don't have the raw data
[21:24] <NigeyS> lol upu
[21:24] <Darkside> so i can't really submit it
[21:24] <Randomskk> what raw data?
[21:24] <Upu> I stuck some tracker logs on there and submitted it earlier
[21:24] <Darkside> on where Upu ?
[21:24] <NigeyS> Darkside, i have the raw data saved if you need it
[21:24] <Upu> arhab
[21:24] <Darkside> oh, you submitted the record?
[21:24] <Upu> yeah
[21:24] <Darkside> cool
[21:24] <Randomskk> everything anyone uploaded is saved on the habitat database
[21:25] <Darkside> Randomskk: could you do an export of the data strings?
[21:25] <Darkside> ideally with no repeats
[21:25] <NigeyS> Randomskk, all the telem lines ?
[21:25] <Upu> I honestly think you should all be proud
[21:25] <Darkside> i want to make a KML
[21:25] <DanielRichman> Darkside: how good is your python fu?
[21:25] <Darkside> bad
[21:25] chembrow (chris@188-221-15-153.zone12.bethere.co.uk) left #highaltitude.
[21:25] <DanielRichman> ok. Randomskk if you find the all_flight_info couchdb view from the old branch that should do the trick
[21:26] <Darkside> well, its enough that i manage to hack things together occasionally
[21:26] <DanielRichman> for now, atleast.
[21:26] <Randomskk> DanielRichman: I was thinking of just doing a quick view in the darkside design doc I put up for pressures
[21:26] <Randomskk> and just emit all the _raw as values
[21:26] <Darkside> i don't want all the data
[21:27] <Darkside> just all the points
[21:27] <Darkside> so i can make a kml later on
[21:27] <Randomskk> all the latlngs?
[21:27] <Randomskk> that's easier
[21:27] <Darkside> and altitude
[21:27] <Randomskk> yea sure
[21:27] <DanielRichman> just emit the data dict then?
[21:27] <Upu> the KML ?
[21:32] <Darkside> hey guys
[21:32] <Darkside> Randomskk: DanielRichman
[21:32] <Darkside> you should make a function to export a kml file from the couchdb database
[21:32] Action: DanielRichman adds it to the list
[21:32] <Darkside> :P
[21:32] <Darkside> do it nowwwww
[21:32] <Darkside> :P
[21:32] <NigeyS> big list? lol
[21:32] <DanielRichman> if anyone else has some feature requests; you know, no better time to share them :-)
[21:32] <DanielRichman> yeah it's quite big atm
[21:33] <Upu> oh another bug if no ones mentioned it, IE9 in normal mode doesn't show all the points like balloons (nothing serious!)
[21:33] <Upu> to fix you need to switch to compatibility mode
[21:33] <DanielRichman> I like how they call it compatibility mode
[21:33] <NigeyS> lol
[21:33] <Upu> yeah
[21:33] <DanielRichman> as in, they're making the effort to be compatible with everyone else who's buggy and doing it wrong, clearly
[21:33] <Upu> there is an irony there
[21:34] <Upu> consider it reported!
[21:34] <number10> so are you holding the altitude record Darkside?
[21:35] <RocketBoy> humm - dlfldigi hasn't crashed yet in offline mode - an online mode bug methinks
[21:35] <Upu> oh wait
[21:35] <Upu> wrong channel
[21:35] <Darkside> number10: theres another group that hold it
[21:35] <Darkside> but its debatable whether they were amateurs
[21:36] <Darkside> as they were funded by lockheed martin
[21:36] <NigeyS> amateurs my a**
[21:37] <Randomskk> and spaceflight is funded by ESA, that doesn't make us not amateurs
[21:37] <number10> well it was a good day
[21:37] <Upu> well getting within a few hundred feet of their record whilst a) using latex b) sat in a pub does kinda take the piss a little :)
[21:37] <NigeyS> lols
[21:37] <Randomskk> haha that's more to the point
[21:37] <Darkside> hehe
[21:37] <Darkside> yes
[21:37] <Darkside> using a homebrew payload weighing 150g
[21:37] <RocketBoy> nights
[21:37] <number10> yes, I was not pleased you lot were in the pub without me ;)
[21:37] <Darkside> and a massively underfilled latex balloon
[21:37] <Randomskk> the dl network is fantastic for that
[21:38] <NigeyS> nn RocketBoy :)
[21:38] RocketBoy (steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) left #highaltitude.
[21:38] <Darkside> Randomskk: we just need a mobile client!
[21:38] <Randomskk> yea yea yea
[21:38] <Randomskk> and a pony
[21:38] <Darkside> then i can have it going on my kindle
[21:38] <NigeyS> unicorn :p
[21:38] <Darkside> Randomskk: i already have a pony
[21:38] <Randomskk> DanielRichman: are ponies on the habitat feature request list?
[21:38] <Darkside> juxta has many ponies
[21:38] <DanielRichman> about 5 times last count
[21:39] G0MJW (d598206c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:39] <NigeyS> DanielRichman, how about more graphing options ?
[21:39] <Randomskk> oh and better data export would be nice!
[21:39] <Randomskk> also if it could work on my palm vii that'd be great
[21:39] <DanielRichman> while you're at it, can we have 3d visualisations in the browser during flight
[21:40] <Randomskk> could we have a text message based interface too? and maybe a telnet one?
[21:40] <Randomskk> using webgl? good idea!
[21:40] <Randomskk> in fact can we make it so habitat allows people to stream live video from their payload
[21:40] <NigeyS> DanielRichman, that's a good 1 :p
[21:40] Action: Upu votes for telnet
[21:40] <NigeyS> noo ssh pls, telenet is so 1980's ;)
[21:40] <NigeyS> telnet*
[21:40] <Randomskk> ssh would be kind of inappropriate
[21:41] <Randomskk> but the retro appeal of telnet was kind of the point ;p
[21:41] <Randomskk> I know, we should integrate google earth into dl-fldigi
[21:41] <Randomskk> so we get a little Earth in a pane with the track
[21:41] <NigeyS> lol
[21:41] <DanielRichman> if we can integrate python, we can integrate anything
[21:41] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[21:42] TimZaman (~TimZaman@535602CA.cm-6-7a.dynamic.ziggo.nl) joined #highaltitude.
[21:42] <TimZaman> Aaaaaaaaah noo!! splashdown
[21:42] <TimZaman> almost landed
[21:42] <Randomskk> nah we werne't chasing, splashdown was desirable
[21:42] <NigeyS> hey tim
[21:43] <TimZaman> Yeah it was just a simple payload right, with a broken sensor :)
[21:43] <Upu> but an altitude tecord TimZaman :
[21:43] <Upu> :)
[21:43] <NigeyS> i dunno Randomskk Ed was so looking forward to a trip to hull lol
[21:43] <TimZaman> Geeez another launch?! you guys doesnt know where to stop
[21:43] <Upu> we got a launch tommorrow ?
[21:43] <TimZaman> @Upu Yeah i was hoping fiercely for a record (no 1) though..
[21:43] <Darkside> TimZaman: actually teh sensor might still have some useful data
[21:43] <TimZaman> No i see XABEN?
[21:43] <natrium42> < Randomskk> | could we have a text message based interface too? and maybe a telnet one? <-- use libaa :D
[21:43] <Upu> test data Tim
[21:43] <Darkside> TimZaman: thats just a simulation
[21:43] <TimZaman> ah sorry
[21:43] <TimZaman> righto
[21:44] <Upu> is someone launching tommorrow ?
[21:44] <DanielRichman> wb8elk is launching something soon iirc
[21:44] <DanielRichman> but it's a k* callsign not his
[21:44] <NigeyS> think so DanielRichman was something of bills on the tracker earlier today
[21:44] <DanielRichman> this morning yeah when we were testing it
[21:45] <NigeyS> btw what was the cause of the tracker delay today ?
[21:45] <natrium42> Darkside: so how did a UK launch differ from AUS launches?
[21:46] <NigeyS> natrium42, about 5km :p
[21:46] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[21:46] <natrium42> :D
[21:46] <Darkside> natrium42: no chase
[21:46] <Darkside> and sitting in the pub
[21:46] <Darkside> the pub part was cool :P
[21:46] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:47] <natrium42> more relaxed :)
[21:47] <Darkside> eating a nice meal of fish and chips while watching the IRC channel for updates
[21:47] <Darkside> natrium42: well we've had a bbq during a flight before
[21:47] <Darkside> horus 8
[21:49] <TimZaman> By the way, i know twitter is absolutely awful.. but how about a live feed next to the tracker
[21:49] <TimZaman> or at least, some kind of "official" live updates from the launch-team
[21:49] <Darkside> we used to have that
[21:49] <Darkside> the new tracker doesn't have it
[21:49] <fsphil> "chasing .... still chasing.... it's in a tree...."
[21:50] <TimZaman> oh come on fsphil
[21:50] <fsphil> ;)
[21:50] <fsphil> that's what mine would be anyway
[21:50] <TimZaman> you cant deny that the record today was exciting.
[21:50] <fsphil> oh totally
[21:50] <natrium42> fsphil: haha, actually the balloon landed icon should be a tree :D
[21:50] <TimZaman> them english trees grow too high
[21:50] <fsphil> lol
[21:50] <TimZaman> hahah when the balloon has landed the icon should change indeed, haha
[21:50] <fsphil> I'll be doing twittery stuff during my next two launches
[21:51] <natrium42> it does, but it just kinda collapses the chute right now
[21:51] <natrium42> need a better one :P
[21:51] <fsphil> http://www.sanslogic.co.uk/hab/notree.png
[21:52] <natrium42> :)
[21:52] <fsphil> I must get that on a tee shirt, wear it next time I'm at a forest site
[21:52] <Lunar_Lander> hello TimZaman, nice to see you again!
[21:53] <Lunar_Lander> I saw your posts about the LIVE spacecam, looks very interesting
[21:53] <TimZaman> Hi. It was a good day to be back.
[21:53] <TimZaman> Back on top
[21:53] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[21:53] <Lunar_Lander> and your new website is cool too
[21:53] <TimZaman> Thanks. i try to contribute :)
[21:53] RocketBoy (~steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:53] <Lunar_Lander> yea :)
[21:54] <Lunar_Lander> I hope I'll get something better than my Weebly site too soon
[21:54] <TimZaman> im stealing so much code and designs that i just decided to post some myself
[21:54] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[21:54] <Lunar_Lander> did you see that I got my NTX2 running with Upu's help?
[21:54] <TimZaman> No?
[21:56] <Lunar_Lander> search for "NTX2 & Arduino" on youtube
[21:56] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[21:56] <Darkside> hmm i wonder how much it would cost to upgrade my flight to premium economy
[21:56] <Upu> alot
[21:59] <TimZaman> Lunar_Lander which one's yorus
[22:00] Laurenceb_ (~Laurence@host86-174-22-22.range86-174.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[22:00] <Lunar_Lander> the ones by WinzenFlyer
[22:01] <TimZaman> you give physics tuts :)?
[22:02] <Lunar_Lander> yeah, currently there is only the one with the trafo
[22:02] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[22:02] <Randomskk> hey darkside
[22:02] <Randomskk> you didn't say so but do you want time with your data
[22:03] <Randomskk> and message count maybe?
[22:03] <Randomskk> http://habitat.habhub.org/testing-web/darkside_kml.html is your points
[22:03] <TimZaman> By the way everyone, one of the things that messed up a part of my last launch was the inability of the Servo library (arduino) to work with the NSS library, as they both work with interrupts. That also puts off the RTTY gigantically
[22:03] <Randomskk> I was going to make it output kml that that's marginally annoying due to automatic lowercasing of html elements which would break it
[22:04] <Lunar_Lander> that caused the big frequency shift?
[22:04] <Randomskk> anyway if you stick that into the <coordinates> field of a <LineString> inside a <Placemark> you're set.
[22:05] <Randomskk> oh except the 0,0,0 ones which I guess is where nothing could be parsed due to bad reception
[22:05] <Randomskk> I can filter those if you like, or you can
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> TimZaman : if I may ask: What sensors did you have on HoHoHo I?
[22:08] <TimZaman> lots of stuff
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> I remember that you had some, but they all failed
[22:08] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:08] <TimZaman> basic
[22:08] <TimZaman> yeah indeed. i forgot to log them.. or.. wrong pins, dont remember
[22:09] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[22:09] <Lunar_Lander> did you have a methane one?
[22:09] NigeyS (~EcEnTiAl@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[22:09] <TimZaman> temperature, humidity (not pressure, was too expensive at the time), indeed, methane.
[22:09] <TimZaman> dont know why that last one, but i had it lieing around anyway
[22:09] <TimZaman> i have a CO' too
[22:09] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[22:09] <TimZaman> was thinking on buying a geigercounter
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[22:10] <TimZaman> i just bought a FunDongle btw
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> are the CH4 and CO from sparkfun? looking like small microphones
[22:10] <TimZaman> Yep!
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> I think they are too insensitive :(
[22:10] <TimZaman> These days i buy everything at eiter (1) Farnell (2) Seeedstudios (3) Sparkfun
[22:11] <TimZaman> Digikey sometimes
[22:11] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[22:11] <Lunar_Lander> lipoly.de has all the things sparkfun has
[22:12] <Lunar_Lander> it's a bit better for here in europe because you save shipping
[22:12] <Lunar_Lander> and time
[22:12] <TimZaman> mwa.. dollar's cheap. SF shipping is excellent, plus, china doesnt generally charge on shipping
[22:12] <TimZaman> i regularly place large orders
[22:13] <TimZaman> dont care too much about costs though, i tend to be like a lady in a fashion store. i buy anything even/especially if i dont need it
[22:14] <fsphil> where do you keep it all? :)
[22:14] <TimZaman> i should take a picture of it some time.
[22:14] <TimZaman> about 5 curver boxes
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> btw
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> to come back to that
[22:14] <TimZaman> i recently bought a aoyue rework station, the best buy in ages.
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> when I read the datasheets for the MQ sensors, I realized that those are indeed too insensitive
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> cool
[22:15] <TimZaman> i have to replace the fuses every day, but still.
[22:15] <fsphil> I've one of those rework stations. have successfully burned about 5 boards now
[22:15] <TimZaman> 'burned'?
[22:15] <TimZaman> is that slang for finished?
[22:16] <fsphil> well, smoke came out
[22:16] <TimZaman> or slang for broken
[22:16] <TimZaman> Hhahaha!
[22:16] <TimZaman> what did you do?
[22:16] <fsphil> got it too hot
[22:16] <TimZaman> i usually set it at 280deg for 10 seconds, then fast to 350, around 15 seconds and then im done
[22:16] <fsphil> yep - I think I just need practice
[22:16] <TimZaman> i am really very glad with it
[22:16] <TimZaman> soldering has never been easier
[22:17] <fsphil> if I get the board made up in eagle, I've got some surface mount parts that'll need that station to solder
[22:18] number10 (56813a80@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left #highaltitude.
[22:18] <Darkside> fsphil: i still need to work on nanonut at some point
[22:18] <TimZaman> this was my first rework job:
[22:18] <TimZaman> http://www.timzaman.nl/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/beaglebatcomponents.jpg
[22:18] <Darkside> it probably won't happen until i get back to australia
[22:18] <TimZaman> pretty neat, right
[22:18] <Darkside> but i still want to do it
[22:18] <Darkside> christ its huge
[22:19] <Darkside> :P
[22:19] <TimZaman> i just bought hundreds of LED's and resistors and caps on ebay on 1206 smd size, and im done for the rest of my PCB hobby
[22:19] <Darkside> bah 1206
[22:19] <Darkside> weak :P
[22:19] <TimZaman> hahahaha
[22:19] <TimZaman> why
[22:19] <Darkside> i've been doing 0603s recently
[22:19] <TimZaman> yeah ive been thinking of that as well.
[22:19] <Darkside> anc i'm considering using 0402s on the nanonut pcb
[22:19] <TimZaman> !!!!!!!
[22:19] <fsphil> haha
[22:20] <TimZaman> You mad
[22:20] <Darkside> going to need a microscope to be able to make the damn thing
[22:20] <TimZaman> actually i am amazed by the selfalignment
[22:20] <fsphil> I've lost 0603 parts on a clean desk .. you are mad :p
[22:20] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Bye
[22:20] <Randomskk> meh I used 0402s for all the parts on my motor controller
[22:20] <Randomskk> only way to get it small enough
[22:20] <fsphil> ooh TimZaman, no capacitors on the crystal. that works ok?
[22:20] <Randomskk> https://randomskk.net/quad/mc/motor_controller_r4_brd.png
[22:20] <TimZaman> sphil: its a resonator
[22:21] <Randomskk> the LEDs on the bottom left are 0603, for comparison
[22:21] <TimZaman> internal caps
[22:21] <Randomskk> it's a QFN28 chip.
[22:21] <TimZaman> you mean the RGB leds?
[22:21] <fsphil> aah
[22:21] <TimZaman> nm
[22:21] chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[22:23] <TimZaman> by the way, someone told me i could also use the PSK radio band at 446 MHz it was i believe that would allow 500mW?
[22:24] <RocketBoy> not in the uk
[22:25] <TimZaman> for instance, in the shop i can buy licence exempt walkie talkies on 446mhz as well at that power
[22:25] <Darkside> you mean the PMR band?
[22:25] <Darkside> from what i understand the PMR license prohibits data
[22:25] <TimZaman> Thats what i initially thought too..
[22:26] <TimZaman> Argh lame rules. i just came back from iceland; there, they couldnt care less of what band you were on
[22:26] <RocketBoy> for one thing - licence exempt also has use limitations in terms of airborne operaton
[22:26] <Lunar_Lander> Iceland, cool
[22:26] <TimZaman> cold and rainy though.
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[22:27] <TimZaman> RocketBoy ; yeah. But there is also the.. 869Mhz band.. that allows 500mw for what i understand
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> do you have something like the Bundesnetzagentur in NL?
[22:27] <TimZaman> at 10% duty cycle though.
[22:27] <TimZaman> Lunar_Lander yeah they have
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> like, the office that is responsible for telecommunications and ham licenses
[22:27] <RocketBoy> sure - but you asked about pmr
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> they could answer your question
[22:27] <Darkside> TimZaman: come to australia and use the ham bands
[22:27] <Darkside> :P
[22:27] <fsphil> I have an 869mhz module, the 10% duty makes it fairly useless though
[22:28] <TimZaman> Yeah phil
[22:28] <TimZaman> but tell me
[22:28] <TimZaman> what defines the 10%
[22:28] <Lunar_Lander> I asked the BNetzA about the NTX2, they said that it's OK in germany
[22:28] <TimZaman> is it 10% per.. minute? second?
[22:28] <Lunar_Lander> 10% of the hour
[22:28] <fsphil> 10% over an hour
[22:28] <TimZaman> aaaah
[22:28] <TimZaman> that could be interesting still.. right?
[22:28] <fsphil> (yea we thought that too, 10% over a day would be cool ;-)
[22:28] MrCraig (~craig@host86-173-8-120.range86-173.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:28] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[22:28] <fsphil> the 500mw might make up for the limited time
[22:28] <TimZaman> indeed
[22:29] <fsphil> I only just got some 869 mhz antennas to test it with
[22:29] <fsphil> might try it tomorrow when I'm doing the fast baud rate thing
[22:29] <TimZaman> I've got a cellular yagi lieing in my basement somewhere
[22:29] <TimZaman> and a wifi one ;)
[22:29] <Upu> night
[22:29] <fsphil> night Upu
[22:29] <TimZaman> fsphil, yes please let me know.
[22:30] <TimZaman> first thing i'm going to do is range testing too
[22:30] <fsphil> yep -- I'll be able to reprogram the module via the internet, so will try both 1200 and 2400
[22:30] <fsphil> and the 869mhz module
[22:30] <TimZaman> Darksise: what is the max poewr output down under
[22:30] <TimZaman> ah
[22:30] <TimZaman> when i do tests i usually take it with me and my iphone
[22:30] <TimZaman> then i just use remote desktop to check out fldigi
[22:31] <fsphil> aah, the opposite
[22:33] <TimZaman> Darkside: what is a good band down under?
[22:34] <fsphil> them lucky people get to use all of them I think
[22:34] <Darkside> TimZaman: any :P
[22:34] <TimZaman> fsphil: probably our ssdv has more luck there
[22:34] <TimZaman> ANY!?
[22:34] <Darkside> we've flown HF, 2m and 70cm payloads
[22:34] <fsphil> you might be able too TimZaman? I think it's only the UK with the no-amateur in the air rule
[22:34] <TimZaman> at what power
[22:35] <Darkside> TimZaman: well we've flown a 2m/70cm crossband repeater with 5W output power i think it was
[22:35] <TimZaman> At least we have no notice regulations
[22:35] <Darkside> also an APRS tracker with 5W too
[22:35] <TimZaman> Darksize : noooooo
[22:35] <Darkside> HF we've only done a few mW on, but thats just because my amplifiers usually die just before launch :P
[22:35] <TimZaman> The dutch should have just occupied the country in the first place
[22:35] <fsphil> TimZaman, pick the right frequency and you could do proper live video in .au :)
[22:35] <TimZaman> we were there first
[22:36] <Darkside> fsphil: we've got the hardware for that
[22:36] <fsphil> aye. I'm staying up to watch that lol
[22:36] <fsphil> make sure it's a weekend :)
[22:36] <Darkside> 1W 1.29GHz transmitters
[22:36] <Darkside> still need to make some loop yagis for the ground
[22:36] <TimZaman> fsphil : yeah actually there have been other flights that had for instance the 2M band on it with just a beacon, 1W i believe
[22:37] <Darkside> TimZaman: we're switching to 2m for our main telemetry
[22:37] <Darkside> then we can play with 9600 baud APRS on 70cm
[22:37] <TimZaman> 9600? Hell i'd go for 115k
[22:37] <Darkside> TimZaman: nah
[22:37] <fsphil> lol
[22:37] <TimZaman> 5W? surely.
[22:37] <Darkside> nope
[22:37] <TimZaman> can be done.
[22:37] <Darkside> not in the channel bandwidth we have
[22:37] <Darkside> we still have the FM channel bandwidth limitations
[22:38] <TimZaman> o you do have some limitations?
[22:38] <Darkside> but no
[22:38] <Darkside> anyway
[22:38] <Darkside> i wouldn't go any higher than 9500 baud
[22:38] <Darkside> 9600*
[22:38] <TimZaman> Why not?
[22:38] <Darkside> hell, they dont do any higher than that on VHF/UHF from satellites
[22:38] g8dsu-m (~androirc@cpc6-mort6-2-0-cust170.croy.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:38] <Darkside> TimZaman: because we don't really need any higher
[22:38] <TimZaman> Yes okay but im saying
[22:38] <Darkside> 9600 baud is enough for decent data relaying, and commanding the payload
[22:39] <Darkside> and getting down images in the meantime
[22:39] <TimZaman> 115k should be possible right.. i mean, 5Watt, yagi..
[22:39] <Darkside> TimZaman: i dunno
[22:39] <Darkside> the hardware to receive it would be a lot more painful to deal with
[22:39] <TimZaman> True story.
[22:39] <Darkside> TimZaman: the main reason for the 9600 baud APRS is for communication between chase vehicles
[22:39] <Randomskk> Darkside: did you see my link ^
[22:40] <Randomskk> with your gps data
[22:40] <Darkside> we often go outside phone coverage range on our flights - but we're always within range of the balloon
[22:40] <Darkside> Randomskk: nope
[22:40] <TimZaman> okay sorry guys got to go!
[22:40] <TimZaman> sleepy time.
[22:40] <Darkside> we want to fly an APRS digi-peater, running on 70cm
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:02:52 Randomskk> you didn't say so but do you want time with your data
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:03:02 Randomskk> and message count maybe?
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:03:10 Randomskk> http://habitat.habhub.org/testing-web/darkside_kml.html is your points
[22:40] <Darkside> and use that to share position info
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:03:31 Randomskk> I was going to make it output kml that that's marginally annoying due to automatic lowercasing of
[22:40] TimZaman (~TimZaman@535602CA.cm-6-7a.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[22:40] <Randomskk> html elements which would break it
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:04:50 Randomskk> anyway if you stick that into the <coordinates> field of a <LineString> inside a <Placemark>
[22:40] <Randomskk> you're set.
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:05:04 Randomskk> oh except the 0,0,0 ones which I guess is where nothing could be parsed due to bad reception
[22:40] <Randomskk> 22:05:15 Randomskk> I can filter those if you like, or you can
[22:40] <Darkside> Randomskk: nd they're all in horrible order
[22:41] <Randomskk> they're unordered? >_>
[22:41] <Darkside> 52.54939,1.10442,11093
[22:41] <Randomskk> okay yea
[22:41] <Darkside> 52.86025,0.94046,33733
[22:41] <Darkside> 52.2826,0.27036,3224
[22:41] <Randomskk> no I'm pretty sure that's how fast it was descending
[22:41] <Darkside> would be nice to have time too
[22:41] <Randomskk> ;P
[22:41] <Randomskk> if I have it output time, you won't be able to paste it into a kml
[22:41] <Darkside> in fact, it would be nice to have all data
[22:41] <Darkside> in order
[22:41] <Darkside> Randomskk: i dont need to
[22:41] <Randomskk> jeez, don't move the goalposts or anything :P
[22:41] <Darkside> i can convert it using other programs, like gpsbabel
[22:42] <Randomskk> 21:26:56 Darkside> i don't want all the data
[22:42] <Randomskk> 21:27:11 Darkside> just all the points
[22:42] <Randomskk> 21:27:18 Darkside> so i can make a kml later on
[22:42] <Darkside> yeah
[22:42] <Darkside> :P
[22:42] <Darkside> sorry
[22:42] <Randomskk> but haha it's no problem, hang on
[22:42] <Darkside> i figure if i can get the raw data i can probably work wit it
[22:42] <Darkside> i just dont want duplicate liens from every receiver
[22:42] <Randomskk> yea, you can't get that in this really
[22:42] <Randomskk> duplicates, I mean
[22:51] <Randomskk> Darkside: http://habitat.habhub.org/habitat/_design/darkside/_view/points
[22:51] <Randomskk> no fancy pants html formatting for you
[22:51] <Randomskk> anyway that is every telem string from "DARKSIDE" where hour > 7 and hour < 16
[22:51] <Randomskk> eroomde: also relevant to your interests http://habitat.habhub.org/habitat/_design/darkside/_view/points
[22:51] <Randomskk> Darkside: you can parse it with anything that reads json
[22:52] <Darkside> gargg
[22:52] <Randomskk> (i.e. pretty much anything)
[22:52] <Darkside> aww
[22:52] <Randomskk> I mean if you want I can have the page spit out certain keys in csv
[22:52] <Randomskk> but then even knowing what's what can be a pain
[22:52] <Darkside> can you print out just the sentence?
[22:52] <Darkside> i can work with that
[22:52] <Darkside> _sentence
[22:52] <Randomskk> I can print out pretty much whatever you want, uhm
[22:52] <Darkside> its what i work with on every other flight anyway, i.e. straight off the sd card
[22:52] <Randomskk> is _sentence easy or would you like a combination of those keys?
[22:52] <Randomskk> eh okay
[22:52] <Randomskk> so uhm
[22:52] <Randomskk> there's _sentence
[22:53] <Darkside> yes
[22:53] <Darkside> thats what i want
[22:53] <Randomskk> which isn't /actually/ what your thing transmitted, because semicolons got replaced with commas
[22:53] <Randomskk> or there's _raw, which is the exact binary data received by the listeners
[22:53] <Darkside> "_sentence":"$$DARKSIDE,69,08:17:30,0.00000,0.00000,0,0,0;29;1016.76;440*3E20",
[22:53] <Darkside> i see semicolons
[22:53] <Randomskk> that's only for the broken ones before the filter was applied
[22:53] <Randomskk> check later
[22:53] <Darkside> oh i see
[22:53] <Darkside> well, thats ok
[22:53] <Darkside> i can just do a find and replace all semicolons with commas
[22:54] <Darkside> then just get rid of the callsign at the start, and walla, csv
[22:54] <Randomskk> uhm that won't do what you expect
[22:54] <Darkside> if i only have the sence lines, it will work fine
[22:54] <Darkside> sentence*
[22:54] <Randomskk> alright, up to you http://habitat.habhub.org/testing-web/darkside_kml.html
[22:54] <Randomskk> that's all the _sentence keys
[22:55] <Darkside> $$DARKSIDE,3378,12:26:47,52.81512,1.64095,37143,24,9,-5,2.42,393*B9EE
[22:55] <Darkside> $$DARKSIDE,3379,12:26:51,52.81523,1.64063,37155,22,9,-5,2255.71,388*C2A7
[22:55] <Darkside> $$DARKSIDE,3380,12:26:55,52.81536,1.64031,37169,20,9,-5,2.36,395*70E8
[22:55] <Darkside> $$DARKSIDE,3381,12:26:59,52.81548,1.64007,37182,18,9,-5,2255.56,395*9D67
[22:55] <Darkside> ack
[22:55] <Darkside> look at the pressure values
[22:56] <Darkside> thats.. interesting
[22:56] <Randomskk> weird. what's up with that?
[22:58] <Darkside> exactly
[22:58] <Darkside> nfi whats going on
[23:00] RocketBoy (steverand@5acfd4f7.bb.sky.com) left #highaltitude.
[23:02] <Randomskk> Darkside: I think that's the oscillation as it breaks
[23:02] g8dsu-m (~androirc@cpc6-mort6-2-0-cust170.croy.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: 73
[23:02] <Darkside> yeah
[23:02] <Randomskk> I've just loaded it up in gnuplot
[23:02] <Darkside> also you an see an oscillation on the pressure data
[23:02] <Randomskk> some of the oscillations at the top are particularly interesting
[23:03] <Lunar_Lander> BTW
[23:03] <Lunar_Lander> congratulations Darkside!!!
[23:03] <Randomskk> https://randomskk.net/u/pressures.png
[23:04] <Randomskk> I don't need ed's fancy pants bayesian inference to see oscillations there :P
[23:04] <Lunar_Lander> you smashed the 40 km barrier without professional help
[23:07] <Darkside> Randomskk: it looks like the pressure is decreasing with altitude, just as its meant to
[23:09] <Darkside> haha thats interesting
[23:10] <Darkside> batt voltage is directly proportional to temperature
[23:10] <Randomskk> 'directly'?
[23:10] <Randomskk> do you mean 'the correlation is one', 'the gradient of the least-squares best fit line is 1', or what
[23:10] natrium42 (~xela@ left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[23:11] <Darkside> ok
[23:11] <Darkside> they are related
[23:11] <Darkside> very closely
[23:11] <Darkside> just look at the two graphs
[23:11] <Randomskk> curious
[23:11] <Randomskk> yea
[23:11] <Darkside> its as expected really
[23:11] <Darkside> temp goes down, battery capacity goes down
[23:12] <Randomskk> hmm
[23:12] <Randomskk> it's actually a bit weird - try plotting one against the other
[23:13] <Randomskk> https://randomskk.net/u/battery_temperature.png
[23:14] Nick change: SAIDias -> W0OTM
[23:14] <Darkside> that makes sense
[23:14] <Darkside> as the flight goes on the batttery discharges
[23:14] <Darkside> so theres 2 factors that determine the output voltage
[23:14] <Darkside> how much its discharged, and temperature
[23:15] <Randomskk> yea
[23:15] <Randomskk> though because it's a lipo its discharge profile is like -----|_
[23:15] <Randomskk> so the temperature is gonna be a fairly strong effect
[23:18] <Darkside> its not completely flat
[23:18] <Darkside> it does have a shallow gradient
[23:18] <Darkside> slight*
[23:20] <Randomskk> very true. unfortunately my limited ascii art palette cannot represent it very accurately :P
[23:22] <Lunar_Lander> Darkside : what was installed on the balloon?
[23:23] <Darkside> ?
[23:23] <Darkside> define: installed
[23:23] <Darkside> i couldn't run windows on it
[23:24] <BrainDamage> yeah, putting windows on baloons isn't the best idea if you want to keep pressure
[23:25] <Lunar_Lander> which sensors/equipment was onboard?
[23:26] <Darkside> Lunar_Lander: DS18B20, BMP085 pressure sensor
[23:26] <Darkside> FSA03 GPS
[23:26] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[23:26] <Lunar_Lander> humidity?
[23:26] <Darkside> nope
[23:27] <Darkside> thats an idea though, fly a vaisala radiosonde
[23:27] <Darkside> as they have really good sensors on them
[23:27] <Darkside> might actually do that in australia
[23:27] <Darkside> see if i can fly a vaisala radiosonde alongside my own beacon, so we can get more accurate pressure data
[23:28] <Darkside> even then i don't know if it'll work >36km - those radiosondes are normally capped at 28km alt
[23:29] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[23:30] natrium42 (~xela@ joined #highaltitude.
[23:34] <Lunar_Lander> how heavy was the payload?
[23:35] <Darkside> 142g
[23:35] <Darkside> about 150g once you include the balloon train's string and stuff
[23:38] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[23:43] <Darkside> still damn light
[23:43] <Darkside> i want my next payload to be even lighter
[23:46] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[23:46] <Lunar_Lander> does anybody know details on PBH?
[23:47] <Lunar_Lander> they have almost nothing on their homepage
[23:47] <Darkside> yeah this is the problem
[23:47] <Lunar_Lander> yes
[23:47] <Darkside> all we really know is that they were sponsored by lockheed martin
[23:47] <Randomskk> well
[23:49] <Darkside> also they didn't get it back
[23:49] <Darkside> PBH-13 landed in the sea
[23:49] <Randomskk> true
[23:49] G8DSU (5228b3ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[23:49] <Darkside> so arhab better not complain and say we can't get the record because we didn't recover the payload
[23:51] <Lunar_Lander> yea
[00:00] --- Sun Aug 21 2011