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[09:02] <fsphil> boo silly wind: http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=ffa4f777fc5b1314eb902ef8eb1ec09aac0c6304
[09:02] <Randomskk> I wonder if we can get surface current predictions for payloads lost at sea
[09:03] <jonsowman> probablu
[09:03] <jonsowman> *y
[09:03] <fsphil> that'd be cool!
[09:04] <DanielRichman> do the noaa have the data you'd need to do that
[09:04] <Randomskk> the dataset we use has /so much/ data but I'm not sure if it has currents, let's see
[09:07] <Randomskk> ...no, not in GFS
[09:07] <Randomskk> it does have the surface water equivalent of accumulated snow depth though
[09:07] <jonsowman> lol
[09:07] <Randomskk> http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov:9090/dods/ GFS isn't the only dataset though
[09:08] <Randomskk> http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov:9090/dods/wave
[09:08] <Randomskk> surface none primary wave direction [deg]
[09:08] <Randomskk> surface none secondary wave direction [deg]
[09:09] <Randomskk> :o
[09:09] <jonsowman> hehe
[09:09] <Randomskk> http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov:9090/dods/wave/nww3/nww320110516/nww320110516_00z.info
[09:09] <Randomskk> global wave model forecast
[09:10] <Randomskk> wow, it really does have it
[09:10] <Randomskk> well, waves and such, anyway
[09:11] <DanielRichman> you'd need wave, tide and currents?
[09:11] <Randomskk> I think wave velocity of some kind might be useful but then it does have height and period
[09:11] <Randomskk> dunno what would affect it most
[09:12] <jonsowman> shall we just not launch payloads into the sea if we want them back? :P
[09:12] <Randomskk> I don't think mid ocean currents are all that well understood
[09:12] <Randomskk> remember when a shipping container of rubber ducks got loose?
[09:12] <Randomskk> and they used where the ducks turned up to help work out ocean currents
[09:12] <Randomskk> jonsowman: pffft
[09:12] <jonsowman> oh yea I remember that
[09:12] <jonsowman> :D
[09:12] <Randomskk> make them IP67 rated and floating and you'll be fine
[09:12] <jonsowman> haha
[09:13] <Randomskk> solar panel, SPOT
[09:19] <fsphil> could probably run a spot from the wave motion
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[09:33] <Blackover> hi everyone!
[09:34] <Blackover> Has anyone deal with RFM22B-S2?
[09:38] <eroomde> no
[09:38] <eroomde> but what's the question anyway? some of us have experience with a variety of fsk modules that might be applicable
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[10:02] <Blackover> eroomde will come back soon
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[10:17] <m1x10> Hi all
[10:20] <SamSilver> m1x10: just in time to say bye
[10:20] <SamSilver> Catch you later
[10:20] <SamSilver> bbl
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[10:33] <Josh_> good morning one and all
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[11:07] <SpeedEvil> http://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/05/15/223206/Solar-Powered-Airplane-Completes-First-International-Flight
[11:08] <NigeyS> i saw..lol
[11:08] <NigeyS> 13 hours wasnt it ?
[11:08] <SpeedEvil> yes
[11:08] <NigeyS> a blistering 44mph
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[11:10] <NigeyS> watching the shuttle launch speedy ?
[11:10] <SpeedEvil> No.
[11:10] <SpeedEvil> well - not then
[11:11] <Darkside> i am
[11:11] <Darkside> http://www.ustream.tv/nasahdtv#utm_campaign=synclickback&source=http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/ustream.html&medium=6540154
[11:11] <NigeyS> damages tile by the hatch .. again
[11:12] <NigeyS> damaged*
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[11:12] <Darkside> preeeeety in HD
[11:12] <NigeyS> yush hd is sweet!
[11:12] <Darkside> damaged tile?
[11:12] <NigeyS> how's you DS ?
[11:12] <Darkside> not bad
[11:12] <Darkside> just burnt my finger on a cup of tea
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[11:12] <NigeyS> yeah, a nick in the tile by the hatch, theyve just done a little fix
[11:12] <Darkside> ok
[11:12] <NigeyS> lol ouch
[11:12] <Darkside> man, the picturs on that feed are sooooooo pretty
[11:13] <Darkside> sexy, even
[11:13] <NigeyS> yup, very nice indeed!
[11:13] <NigeyS> wonder whats in that big white tower
[11:13] <Darkside> yeah i've always wondered that too
[11:14] <Darkside> they used to have more of them i think
[11:14] <Darkside> it might just be a lightning rod
[11:14] <SpeedEvil> Oh - I thought you meant shuttles.
[11:14] <NigeyS> ahh could be
[11:14] <Darkside> ima go back to my book for a while
[11:15] <NigeyS> oki DS cya in a bit :)
[11:15] <SpeedEvil> hmm - hatch closure - what is it - a couple of hours?
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[11:15] <NigeyS> clocks at t- 58 mins
[11:16] <SpeedEvil> ah
[11:16] <NigeyS> so err.. bout 2 hours ish yup
[11:16] <NigeyS> 45 min hold at t- 9 mins aint it ?
[11:17] <LazyLeopard> Shuttle website's saying launch in 1:39
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[11:18] <NigeyS> they -5 or -6 hours ?
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[11:23] <Elwell> the overdlow from tower looks lovely
[11:23] <Elwell> overflow
[11:24] <LazyLeopard> EDT is UTC-4
[11:24] <SpeedEvil> So -5 now
[11:24] smea (~smealum@85-171-202-225.rev.numericable.fr) joined #highaltitude.
[11:24] <SpeedEvil> It's 07:24 there now
[11:24] <LazyLeopard> BST-5, yeah.
[11:25] <LazyLeopard> Launch scheduled for 08:56 EDT.
[11:25] <LazyLeopard> Going to get some food before then...
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[11:30] <Darkside> hmm what is 888
[11:30] <Darkside> apparently its 0.02
[11:30] <Darkside> but 0.02 what
[11:31] <Elwell> eight-eighty-eight, also known as 'time for a brew before all hell breaks loose'
[11:32] <Darkside> ooh this should be cool
[11:32] <Darkside> they're gonna retract the white room
[11:32] <Elwell> love that shot across the lakes
[11:33] <Darkside> oh wow
[11:33] <Darkside> is that the shuttle shaking or the white room
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[11:38] <NigeyS> white room
[11:43] smea (~smealum@85-171-202-225.rev.numericable.fr) joined #highaltitude.
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[11:59] <NigeyS> 24,000 viewers on ustream, anyone want to guess the bandwidth their sucking up right now? :p
[12:00] <Ikarus> oh right
[12:00] <Ikarus> nasatv
[12:00] <Ikarus> much better ways to watch it
[12:01] <NigeyS> true
[12:01] <NigeyS> unless my sums are wrong i got 13.7Gbps
[12:01] <Darkside> wow
[12:02] <NigeyS> thats a shit load of b/w lol
[12:02] <Darkside> how much b/w for the stream?
[12:02] <NigeyS> i think hd is about 600kbps ?
[12:02] <Darkside> heh
[12:02] <Ikarus> http://www.nasa.gov/178952main_Mission_Audio_UP.asx 1200kbps stream
[12:02] <Ikarus> err
[12:03] <Ikarus> http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1368163
[12:03] <NigeyS> 1200 :o
[12:03] <Ikarus> that is the 1200kbps one
[12:03] <Darkside> Ikarus: whats the highest res screen you know of?
[12:03] <Darkside> stream*
[12:03] <NigeyS> oh dam that's nice lol
[12:03] <Ikarus> Darkside: highest res probably that one aswell
[12:03] <Ikarus> 640x480 :(
[12:04] <Darkside> ustream is higher res
[12:04] <Darkside> im sure
[12:04] <Ikarus> higher res isn't on the internet afaik, only on satellite
[12:04] <Darkside> it looks pretty damn nice on my 24" monitor
[12:04] <Darkside> esp when its fullscreen
[12:04] <NigeyS> meh :( me and my lowly 21"
[12:04] <Ikarus> Darkside: yes 720p is on the satellite stream and some US cable providers
[12:04] <Darkside> Ikarus: look at ustream
[12:04] <Darkside> it looks *really* nice
[12:04] <Ikarus> Darkside: it's a proprietary app, I just want to use my normal media players
[12:05] <Elwell> yeah, wish ustream worked in vlc
[12:05] <Darkside> its still higher res
[12:05] <Darkside> and goes fullscreen
[12:05] <Darkside> and looks absolutely magnificent
[12:05] <Darkside> i think its a 720p stream
[12:06] <Elwell> *wish* they'd stick a feed on a european satellite
[12:06] <NigeyS> yeah its not fair they dont do a eu broadcast :(
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[12:07] <NigeyS> hey james
[12:07] <Elwell> wonder if there's one arranged for AMS feed tho -- will go n poke the AV people
[12:07] <Ikarus> Elwell: I wish they'd stick a high res feed on multicast
[12:07] <Elwell> that too :-)
[12:07] <Darkside> 40 minute hold :<
[12:07] <NigeyS> ahh i think cern were doing a broadcast
[12:07] <Ikarus> satellite is a bitch, too many of them up there
[12:07] <Elwell> NigeyS: 14:45 local
[12:07] <NigeyS> sweet!
[12:07] <Elwell> webcast.cern.ch
[12:08] <NigeyS> tnx Elwell :)
[12:09] <Darkside> just passed 30k viewers
[12:09] <NigeyS> crazyness
[12:09] <NigeyS> they estimate 500,000 @ the KSC for this launch :|
[12:09] <Darkside> wow
[12:10] <gb73d> 10970 4167SR Vertical 10E up now with Nasa-tv from 10E Eutelsat W2A
[12:10] <NigeyS> they had estimated over 750,000 for the previous launch attempt, but this being monday morning 9am .. a few less..lol
[12:10] <NigeyS> gb73d, :D !
[12:11] <jcoxon> what time is shuttle launch?
[12:11] <gb73d> 1358 BST
[12:11] <NigeyS> bout 35 mins james
[12:11] Action: Elwell remembers that he still needs to send CC details for eumetcast dongle
[12:12] <NigeyS> duh 45*
[12:13] davejay (c744140f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:14] <Darkside> passed 33k viewers
[12:14] <NigeyS> glad im not paying the b/w bill !
[12:14] <Darkside> thats nuts
[12:15] <Hibby> ustream earn monies from it
[12:16] <Hibby> admittedly, I don't see any ads so they don't get any from me...
[12:16] <NigeyS> heh
[12:16] <Elwell> I've heard of this, what are these 'adverts' that exist on the web :-p
[12:17] <NigeyS> aha, that tower .. is a water tower
[12:17] <LazyLeopard> jcoxon: Retrieved your payload yet?
[12:17] <jcoxon> LazyLeopard, weds
[12:17] <Elwell> NigeyS: for sound supression spray
[12:17] <NigeyS> wouldnt it vibrate the pad apart if they didnt use it, or something along those lines ?
[12:17] <LazyLeopard> as in last Weds, or day after tomorrow?
[12:18] <jcoxon> this weds
[12:18] <LazyLeopard> ...and how did Saturday's flights go? Any of them stuck up trees?
[12:18] <Darkside> NigeyS: smoke, i think
[12:18] <Darkside> and sound
[12:18] <LazyLeopard> Good. ;)
[12:18] <NigeyS> ohh
[12:19] <NigeyS> friend of mine went to launch a few years back, said even 3 miles away at the visitor center you could feel the heat from the srbs
[12:19] <Elwell> last one went off evenening before I arrived there :-(
[12:19] <NigeyS> ah dam, hows that for bad timing :(
[12:20] <Elwell> very - was supposed to be there for endeavour launch, but the delay on the last one pushed it back
[12:20] kd0mto (~dago@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:20] <NigeyS> meh that sucks
[12:20] <Elwell> still, KSC is worth a nose round regardless
[12:21] <NigeyS> oh aye
[12:22] <jcoxon> LazyLeopard, the SPoT sat transmitter is still working
[12:22] <jcoxon> though everything else has run out of batteries
[12:22] <Hibby> whens the next one planned for?
[12:23] <NigeyS> next shuttle ?
[12:23] <Elwell> have they got funding for the last one?
[12:23] <NigeyS> yeah, its going up in july iirc
[12:23] <Hibby> 28/6/11
[12:24] <Hibby> shame. If it was July, I'd make an effort to go see
[12:24] <NigeyS> i think its been delayed to july
[12:24] <NigeyS> depends on the condition of the pad after this launch
[12:24] <Hibby> \o/
[12:24] <fsphil> how about a ukhas expedition to KSC for July? :)
[12:24] <NigeyS> theyve got the rollout of Atlantis the same time that this 1 lands .. be interesting to watch that
[12:25] <NigeyS> fsphil, will i fit in ure suitcase? :P
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[12:26] <Hibby> lol
[12:26] <Hibby> i'll take pictures and photoshop y'all in
[12:26] <fsphil> lol
[12:27] <NigeyS> haha
[12:30] <Elwell> boggle -- 200" lenses for HD
[12:30] <Elwell> that myst weigh a fair whack
[12:32] <NigeyS> thats practically a telescope! lol
[12:35] <LazyLeopard> A bit over 5 metres. More "definitely" than "practically" ;)
[12:36] <NigeyS> blimey that's bigger than i thought
[12:38] <Elwell> http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/167722main_LaunchImagery06.pdf
[12:40] <Laurenceb_> eww why has nasa tv gone to flash player :(
[12:40] <Darkside> ustream.tv works pretty well
[12:40] <Darkside> and high resssss
[12:40] <Elwell> > 54k viewers too
[12:41] Action: LazyLeopard hopes he did the sums correctly...
[12:41] <Darkside> thats an utter fuckton of bandwidth
[12:41] <Elwell> metric or imperial fuckton?
[12:42] <Darkside> metric
[12:42] <NigeyS> lol
[12:42] <Darkside> fuck that imperial bullshit
[12:43] <Elwell> ans webcast.cern.ch online in < 2 mins
[12:43] <Laurenceb_> imperial bandwidth?
[12:43] <Laurenceb_> foot bits?
[12:43] <Darkside> what res will the cern broadcast be?
[12:43] <Elwell> furlong floppies
[12:44] <Elwell> crappy flash
[12:44] <Darkside> floppy furlongs?
[12:44] <Darkside> 60k viewers
[12:44] <Laurenceb_> my floppy is longer than a furlong
[12:44] <Elwell> http://blog.elwell.org.uk/2007/06/furlong-floppies.html -- 87 gig per 220 yards
[12:44] <Darkside> we're at 34Gbps now
[12:44] <Darkside> fucking hell
[12:45] <NigeyS> as the rest of the net grinds to a halt..lol
[12:45] <Darkside> i'd like to see some traffic graphs from ustream
[12:45] <Laurenceb_> clouds are low :(
[12:45] <Darkside> i woner if they stream via akamai or something
[12:45] <Laurenceb_> wont see it for long
[12:45] <NigeyS> i think its akami
[12:46] <russss> NASA's main stream is now not ustream, it's a direct Akamai player
[12:46] <NigeyS> akamai*
[12:46] <Laurenceb_> aka flash
[12:46] <russss> and the old realplayer/wmv streams are Akamai via Yahoo
[12:47] <Hibby> the nasa embedded player was gash for me
[12:48] <Gnea> http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html <-- space shuttle endeavor final launch in 10 minutes
[12:48] <Laurenceb_> i seem to have 10 seconds lag
[12:48] <russss> ustream seems to be ahead of NASA's flash player
[12:48] <russss> by about 10secs
[12:49] <Hibby> did I ever post the 45 minute slow mo video of the shuttle launch?
[12:49] <Elwell> that the nasa one from all the angles?
[12:50] <Elwell> see also 'in the shadow of the moon' for stunning video footage
[12:50] <NigeyS> 76,000 viewers .. ffs ...lol
[12:50] Action: Laurenceb_ plays the space launch music for james bond you only live twice
[12:50] <russss> NigeyS: yeah and that doesn't include the NASA flash player, I don't think
[12:50] <Elwell> pfft. somafm.com/missioncontrol :-)
[12:50] Action: Hibby plays the final countdown
[12:50] <NigeyS> oh
[12:51] <SpeedEvil> hey!
[12:51] <russss> last launch had 150k viewers on ustream
[12:51] <SpeedEvil> No fair.
[12:51] <SpeedEvil> I was about to do the final countdown joke.
[12:51] <Laurenceb_> theres covers on the rcs engines
[12:51] <SpeedEvil> Is htere another built-in-hold?
[12:51] <NigeyS> lol speedy
[12:52] <NigeyS> nope
[12:52] <Hibby> lol
[12:52] Action: SpeedEvil wonders why he thought there was one at 3:00
[12:54] <Laurenceb_> actuators work.. thats kind of good to know
[12:54] <SpeedEvil> Yeah.
[12:54] <SpeedEvil> Trying to steer it by weight-shift is annoying.
[12:54] <NigeyS> lol they do kinda help
[12:54] <Elwell> gotta admit, that's *lovely* video
[12:54] <Darkside> Elwell: watching ustream?
[12:54] <russss> SpeedEvil: I think 3:00 is a possible hold point
[12:55] <NigeyS> those birds need to go away or get toasted!
[12:55] <Darkside> russss: we're at 2 min
[12:55] <Darkside> well, less
[12:55] <russss> in fact I think T-3 is the latest possible hold point
[12:55] <Darkside> 1:30
[12:55] <Elwell> cern is the same res, and marhinally faster
[12:55] <russss> anything less than that will trigger a recycle to T-3
[12:55] <SpeedEvil> ah
[12:55] kd0mto (~dago@ left irc: Quit: AFK, I'm IRL now.
[12:55] <Elwell> may as well not kill the external links :-)
[12:55] <russss> (but they can only sit there for like a minute because of LOX drainback)
[12:55] <Laurenceb_> resolution is awesome
[12:55] <SpeedEvil> The SRBs launch at T-0:03?
[12:56] <SpeedEvil> light
[12:56] <Elwell> 0
[12:56] <russss> SRB ignition is T-0
[12:56] <SpeedEvil> ah
[12:56] <Elwell> main engines at -3 secs
[12:56] <SpeedEvil> Makes sense on reflection.
[12:56] <Ikarus> lol
[12:56] <Ikarus> CNN is 40 seconds behind
[12:56] <Ikarus> webstream 80
[12:56] <Elwell> srbs are 80% of thrsr
[12:56] <russss> main engine start is T-6.6, to be picky :)
[12:56] <russss> although they ignite ~300ms apart
[12:57] <Darkside> nice roll
[12:57] <Elwell> straight into cloud
[12:57] <SpeedEvil> Argh - missed it - it went and did the buffering thing.
[12:57] <Elwell> now I see why the UK doesn't have a space programme :-)
[12:58] <Darkside> theres the 400" lens
[12:58] <SpeedEvil> Wow - the tank moves hugely at maxQ
[12:58] <SpeedEvil> The UK does have a space program.
[12:58] <SpeedEvil> IIRC 30 million funding?
[12:58] <Darkside> pretty
[12:58] Action: SpeedEvil tries to remember.
[12:59] <Elwell> SpeedEvil: yeah I know, just being smartarse
[12:59] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: yup, but no man in space program
[12:59] <SpeedEvil> I know.
[12:59] <russss> woah, sparkly
[12:59] <SpeedEvil> Awesome.
[12:59] <SpeedEvil> I guess that's looking through the turbulence.
[12:59] <Elwell> 'sailing into fair winds' -- I'd hope not in space...
[13:00] <SpeedEvil> Solar winds.
[13:00] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: nah, that was focus tracking lsot
[13:00] <SpeedEvil> Though affected by the ionosphere at that time.
[13:00] <SpeedEvil> Ikarus: hmm. Maybe.
[13:00] <SpeedEvil> Ikarus: It looked focussed.
[13:01] <Ikarus> it didn't to me
[13:01] <russss> the focus on those long-range cameras is telemetry-controlled IIRC
[13:01] <SpeedEvil> The dots looked focussed.
[13:01] <Ikarus> russss: yup, so if there is a small bit of interference on that signal
[13:01] <Ikarus> I'd bet it's analog
[13:01] <Ikarus> that gear is ancient enough for it
[13:01] <russss> I think they upgraded all that stuff after columbia
[13:01] <SpeedEvil> Analog? Naah - a steel cable.
[13:01] <fsphil> viewer count dropping steady
[13:02] <jonsowman> #.
[13:02] <jonsowman> damn you ssh
[13:02] <Elwell> I saw 111k - what was the max?
[13:02] <Laurenceb_> attitude control is _slightly_ better than sacex
[13:02] <Elwell> nice roll shadow
[13:02] davejay (c744140f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:03] <Hibby> thats analog distortion on that camera
[13:03] Action: SpeedEvil ponders home-grown solar again.
[13:03] <Elwell> ha, even the DG missed the launch
[13:04] <NigeyS> lol
[13:05] <Darkside> woah
[13:05] <NigeyS> pretty
[13:06] <Laurenceb_> rcs blasts were awesome
[13:06] <Ikarus> oooh, pretty
[13:06] <Laurenceb_> tanks on its own now
[13:06] <Hibby> we're experimenting with replacing rcs thursters with spinning wheels for our cubesat projects @ strathclyde
[13:06] <Hibby> is pretty cool
[13:07] <Ikarus> Hibby: rcs thrusters on a cubsat, tsk tsk
[13:07] <Ikarus> also yes, reaction wheels are a common solution
[13:07] <Ikarus> though I'm still considering magnetic
[13:07] <SpeedEvil> I wonder how much that ice weighs.
[13:07] <Hibby> Ikarus: we're not thrown one up, but we seem to be fairly central in the ukube project
[13:07] <SpeedEvil> A quick test I did in the kitchen indicates magnetorquers are quite plausible.
[13:08] <Hibby> there's also a couple of phD's in novel de-orbiting methods
[13:08] <Laurenceb_> Hibby: do you use an imu?
[13:08] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: hehe, indeed
[13:08] <SpeedEvil> Hibby: Novel de-orbiting? Do you use an ablative dust-jacket?
[13:08] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: solar sail deorbitting should also be an option :)
[13:09] <Hibby> don't ask me, I'm just that radio guy
[13:09] davejay (c744140f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:09] <SpeedEvil> Ikarus: At LEO - with small payloads - simple drag is quite high.
[13:10] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: yup
[13:10] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: but I was thinking MEO and above
[13:10] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: stupid idiots and their graveyard orbits are harmful
[13:10] <SpeedEvil> Ah.
[13:10] <SpeedEvil> Don't you have to be >1200km or so to get out of the nasty stuff?
[13:11] <SpeedEvil> Magnetospherically-wise.
[13:11] <SpeedEvil> Or >350
[13:11] <SpeedEvil> <350
[13:11] <Hibby> well, it looks like geting stuff into space is dead easy
[13:11] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: yup, for a cubesat those orbits suck balls
[13:11] <Ikarus> you get nuked to hell and back
[13:11] <Laurenceb_> Hibby: could have fooled me
[13:11] <SpeedEvil> Ikarus: You mean ~600km?
[13:11] <Ikarus> but other companies do have sats up there
[13:12] <Ikarus> yeah
[13:12] <Hibby> Laurenceb_: lol
[13:12] <SpeedEvil> I do wonder about laser comms, and magnetorquers.
[13:12] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: MEO region, which is one of the two radiation belts aswell....
[13:12] <Ikarus> SpeedEvil: you want to be the new Iridium ?
[13:12] <SpeedEvil> Ikarus: I was actually more interested in 'spysats'.
[13:12] <Ikarus> ah
[13:13] <NigeyS> A bomb warning has been received relating to central London, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.
[13:13] <Ikarus> I am interested in telecommunications spysats
[13:13] <NigeyS> here we go again
[13:13] <SpeedEvil> A lightweight 20cm or so mirror, with a nice CCD.
[13:13] <SpeedEvil> And decent laser comms to push the data back.
[13:13] <Ikarus> but off shopping, back in a sec
[13:13] <SpeedEvil> WAve.
[13:13] Action: SpeedEvil hugs tesco-online.
[13:15] SamSilver (2985f4e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:15] <Elwell> launch replay time
[13:20] Dan-K2VOL (~Adium@74-143-44-42.static.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:25] <SamSilver> welcome Dan
[13:26] <SpeedEvil> It's not really a replay.
[13:26] <SpeedEvil> There are really several shuttles.
[13:26] <Dan-K2VOL> Hi samsilver
[13:27] <Dan-K2VOL> Ha have I walked in on a conspiracy discussion?
[13:27] gb73d (gb73d@88-110-63-102.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Quit: Whoosh we're gone
[13:28] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-255-54.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
[13:28] <staylo> We're just pasting random parts of the Moonraker script
[13:28] <Dan-K2VOL> Haha
[13:32] imrcly (~tim@74-128-123-149.dhcp.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:38] Jasperw (~jasperw@skeleton2.london.iofc.org) joined #highaltitude.
[13:48] <griffonbot> Received email: James Coxon "Re: [UKHAS] Re: My 1st HAB launch in Ireland."
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[14:11] <Laurenceb_> anyone ehre used bluetooth serial modules on windows7?
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[14:52] <W0OTM> Hello World
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[15:37] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host109-145-37-237.range109-145.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:43] <cuddykid> Hi jcoxon!
[15:43] <cuddykid> Have you managed to retrieve the payload yet?
[15:48] <LazyLeopard> Heh. I asked that earlier. He's hoping to get the payload down the day after tomorrow. ;)
[15:50] <W0OTM> its still stuck in the tree?
[15:50] <W0OTM> thats sucks!
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[15:59] <junderwood> W0OTM, better than a crocodile-infested swamp
[15:59] <W0OTM> no doubt
[16:00] <junderwood> http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2385280,00.asp
[16:04] mattltm (~mattltm@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:06] <cuddykid> lazyleopard, thanks
[16:07] <LazyLeopard> ...or bobbing about in the North Sea. ;)
[16:12] <Hibby> anyone had to do a link budget before?>
[16:17] <GW8RAK> For balloon work Hibby, there is a web page calculator.
[16:17] <GW8RAK> I think I got it via googling
[16:35] <mattltm> Hibby: What for. I do ones for 5.8ghz all the time.
[16:37] <Hibby> mattltm: v/uhf for the cubesats
[16:38] <Hibby> as everyone else in the comms team seems to be fscking useless, i suggested that I may be able to take it on
[16:38] <mattltm> ah, Im probbly no good for that :(
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[17:13] Nick change: stilldavid -> raptor-III
[17:14] Nick change: er1k757_ -> erik757
[17:14] Nick change: raptor-III -> stilldavid
[17:15] Nick change: erik757 -> er1k757
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[18:27] <Laurenceb> sup
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[20:33] Lunar_Lander (~lunar_lan@p548825A5.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[20:33] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[20:34] <Lunar_Lander> hello Dan-K2VOL sorry for leaving yesterday
[20:34] <Lunar_Lander> my father shut off the internet
[20:34] <Dan-K2VOL> Hey kevin, no prob
[20:34] <Dan-K2VOL> yikes!
[20:34] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[20:35] <Lunar_Lander> "you spend your money on all this stuff, telling me about your "project" and nothing transpires" "but I have to assemble the things" "still you have no sense of money"
[20:38] <Lunar_Lander> that was about the conversation
[20:38] Gnea (~Gnea@unaffiliated/gnea) joined #highaltitude.
[20:40] <Dan-K2VOL> Uh oh
[20:44] Jasperw (~jasperw@ joined #highaltitude.
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[20:50] Blackover (d5951c36@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[20:50] <SpeedEvil> Lunar_Lander: I suggest the European court of human rights.
[20:51] <Blackover> Hi there!
[20:51] <Blackover> has anyone deal with hoperf modules?
[20:51] <Blackover> i have two RFM22B-S2 i want use them
[20:52] <Dan-K2VOL> No sorry Blackover
[20:52] <Dan-K2VOL> But they look nice
[20:52] <Lunar_Lander> yeqh SpeedEvil
[20:52] <Lunar_Lander> *yeah
[20:52] smea (~smealum@85-171-202-225.rev.numericable.fr) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[20:53] <Blackover> probably, i will be first in dual link?
[20:53] <jonsowman> Blackover: are you planning to use these on a HAB listening on SSB?
[20:53] jkominar (~justin@ left irc: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[20:54] Nick change: jkominar_ -> jkominar
[20:54] <Blackover> don't know about SSB. Are they able to do it?
[20:54] <jonsowman> well, no, they are FM transmitters
[20:54] imrcly_ (~tim@74-128-123-149.dhcp.insightbb.com) left irc: Quit: leaving
[20:55] <jonsowman> but often in HABing we transmit FSK FM and listen on AM SSB to generate tones for a soundcard modem
[20:56] <Blackover> i know, but it's hard for me to get receiver (i'm not ham). And they have enough sensivity and output power for 400km link
[20:56] andrew_apex (~chatzilla@ left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.17/20110420140830]
[20:57] <jonsowman> Blackover: ok fine. my point was that the FSK deviation of those modules is too great to allow reception on SSB
[20:57] <jonsowman> as one of the frequencies will be outside the receiver's audio passband
[20:57] <Blackover> oh, i've got it
[20:58] <Blackover> don't know about oscilator temperature stability
[20:59] <Lunar_Lander> I was told yesterday that there is a connector wire for the Lassen IQ available
[20:59] <Lunar_Lander> does anybody know where to buy that?
[21:00] <Blackover> Lunar, maybe sparkfun?
[21:01] <Lunar_Lander> they only have that v
[21:01] <Lunar_Lander> http://www.sparkfun.com/products/170
[21:01] MNSP (Mit@cpc1-lutn3-0-0-cust700.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:01] <jonsowman> Lunar_Lander: http://www.dpieshop.com/trimble-iqsq-data-cable-to-flying-lead-way-125mm-pitch-p-238.html?osCsid=7a44baa9edcfc872c8fc8970cff33d31
[21:01] <Laurenceb> is there a way to do non blocking readline in python?
[21:02] <MNSP> evening everyone :)
[21:02] <Randomskk> Laurenceb: I think you can use 'read' maybe
[21:02] <jonsowman> hi MNSP
[21:02] <Laurenceb> os.read?
[21:02] <Randomskk> or f.read
[21:03] Dan-K2VOL (~Adium@74-143-44-42.static.insightbb.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[21:03] <MNSP> how did jcoxon get on with recovery last friday??
[21:03] <Laurenceb> well its sys.stdin.readline()
[21:03] <Lunar_Lander> thanks jonsowman!
[21:03] <Laurenceb> in actual fact
[21:03] <jonsowman> np
[21:03] <Laurenceb> actually isnt that just readline...
[21:04] <Randomskk> MNSP: trying again wednesday
[21:04] <Randomskk> may have to cut the tree down
[21:04] <MNSP> oh!!!
[21:04] <MNSP> damn
[21:05] <MNSP> but at least that is an option for him
[21:05] <MNSP> lol, that poor android is stuck up there
[21:06] Blackover (d5951c36@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[21:09] MNSP2 (Mit@cpc1-lutn3-0-0-cust700.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[21:12] <MNSP2> silly wireless
[21:20] MoALTz_ (~no@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[21:21] MoALTz (~no@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:34] <Hibby> MNSP2: hows the project coming along?
[21:34] kd0mto (~dago@sdrc.com-162.fuse.net) left irc: Quit: AFK, I'm IRL now.
[21:35] <MNSP2> Hi Hibby, yeah good... program works, got all the important bits I need. Just have to assemble a bit of soldering and get or make the parachute
[21:36] <MNSP2> am going to change what cord I use as well, the stuff I have is pretty thick, I now know I don't need it quiet that thick, also.. I need to construct payload aerial
[21:41] DarkCow (~DarkCow@02d98ef5.bb.sky.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
[21:43] <MNSP2> hows things with you?
[21:43] <Hibby> not bad
[21:43] <Hibby> examming and then I get a wee holiday, and I'm off to the us for a couple of months working
[21:43] <Hibby> all good
[21:44] <MNSP2> oh nice! how long you over the pond?
[21:45] <MNSP2> d'oh
[21:45] <MNSP2> ignore
[21:46] <MNSP2> yeah I got a ton of exam marking heading my way very soon :(
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[21:48] <griffonbot> Received email: Nick Leaton "[UKHAS] Shuttle"
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[21:52] <MNSP2> that picture of the shuttle launch, I could have sworn I've seen something like that before?
[21:54] <MNSP2> D'uhh, it says further down the article that it was same outfit done it before
[21:54] <fsphil> yea, only this one is better
[21:54] <Hibby> MNSP2: there was a dude got it from a plane too
[21:57] <Lunar_Lander> good night
[21:58] <MNSP2> I just clicked through to the other pic they took, fsphil is right
[21:58] <MNSP2> night Lunar
[21:58] Lunar_Lander (~lunar_lan@p548825A5.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Lunar_Lander
[21:59] <MNSP2> they are using gopro hero cams... not that I'm jealous or anything, lol
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[22:04] <MNSP2> night guys
[22:05] MNSP2 (Mit@cpc1-lutn3-0-0-cust700.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving... Bye for now :)
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[23:32] <griffonbot> Received email: Russ Garrett "Re: [UKHAS] Shuttle"
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