[00:08] <Lunar_Lander> good night
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[00:13] <NigeyS> odd thats 2 leds that have blown :|
[00:16] <hibby> hmm
[00:16] Action: hibby is styling the @stacstation twitter
[00:17] <NigeyS> oo
[00:18] <hibby> but first, to home!
[00:48] <NigeyS> well that was f*in odd
[00:49] <NigeyS> wired the second led exactly the same as the first and it didnt blow ..
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[01:31] <W0OTM> Hello
[01:31] <W0OTM> *--9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
[01:31] <W0OTM> 3
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[01:51] <NigeyS> lol ello W0OTM
[01:51] <W0OTM> hi hi
[01:51] <W0OTM> its good to be homn
[01:51] <W0OTM> e
[01:51] <NigeyS> :D
[01:52] <NigeyS> how's things ?
[01:52] <W0OTM> good
[01:52] <W0OTM> collecting data and updating the website
[01:53] <NigeyS> how was the launch? i missed it :(
[01:55] <W0OTM> good, WINDY
[01:55] <NigeyS> yikes
[01:55] <NigeyS> look forward to reading the write up
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[02:19] <W0OTM> FYI, if your payload is stuck high in a tree, all else fails, cut it down! http://www.ihabproject.com/iHAB-4/Media/IMG_0431.jpg
[02:23] <SpeedEvil> Slightly extreme.
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[07:44] <Upu> Obama is a good troll http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9mzJhvC-8E
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[07:48] <fsphil> morning all :)
[07:49] <fsphil> american politics has jumped the shark I think -- it's just madness
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[08:02] <mattltm> Morning :)
[08:03] <fsphil> mornin!
[08:04] <mattltm> hey fsphil :)
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[08:13] <m1x10> hi all
[08:13] <mattltm> hi m1x10
[08:13] <fsphil> not so good next week either: http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=5226e5ee7c5e60ae377125ea25ed03e40aa63441
[08:14] <mattltm> ouch.
[08:14] <fsphil> though I could launch the beacon.. be a good chance for some distance records
[08:15] <fsphil> if the caa don't delay it that is
[08:17] <mattltm> Thats an idea. Not bothered about looseing it?
[08:18] <m1x10> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=56718322718aa024eff60b8044146291b09c7b36
[08:18] <m1x10> ":P
[08:18] <m1x10> 1st of may is not a good balloon day :)
[08:19] <mattltm> Looks that way!
[08:20] <fsphil> not really, it won't have too much on it - no big cameras, maybe just an old uart one
[08:21] <m1x10> yo fsphil :)
[08:21] <fsphil> yoyom1x10
[08:21] <m1x10> i didnt solder your crystals
[08:21] <m1x10> I made them modular :P
[08:21] <fsphil> sweet
[08:21] <fsphil> you got a crystal socket?
[08:21] <m1x10> but they move too much in the header
[08:21] <m1x10> not
[08:21] <m1x10> i used 2.54mm sockets
[08:22] <m1x10> dont know if sockets for crystals exists..
[08:23] <fsphil> they doo
[08:24] <m1x10> got any link handy?
[08:24] <mattltm> Wow.Good signal generators are £££!
[08:25] <fsphil> can't find them now....
[08:26] <m1x10> ok :)
[08:27] <fsphil> here's one: http://uk.farnell.com/fischer-elektronik/pq-18/socket-for-crystals-precision/dp/4695422
[08:28] <mattltm> one on ebay - http://cgi.ebay.com/Crystal-Socket-Ham-CW-CB-Radio-/390153192868
[08:28] <mattltm> lol $4!
[08:29] <fsphil> it doesn't look too good!
[08:29] <mattltm> Maybe for $0.04
[08:31] <fsphil> yea, including postage
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[08:37] <fsphil> mattltm, will the 857d transmit full power from a lead-acid battery? (voltage < 12v)
[08:37] <fsphil> (well, half power - 50w)
[08:52] <mattltm> It will do 50W from a 5Ah lipo or a 7Ah SLAB
[08:52] <mattltm> You want me to twll you what it draws @ 50W tx?
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[08:55] <fsphil> I'm worried about voltage dropping below what the radio works at
[08:55] <fsphil> there was a fair drop even with the 817
[08:56] <mattltm> I see. The spta forums have a lot of good answers.
[08:57] <m1x10> fsphil: drop me that link again
[08:57] <m1x10> got d/c
[08:57] <fsphil> http://uk.farnell.com/fischer-elektronik/pq-18/socket-for-crystals-precision/dp/4695422
[09:02] <mattltm> Duh! The SOTA forums!
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[09:04] <fsphil> was wondering lol -- thought my google foo had gone
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[09:05] <fsphil> might be heading to the beach today, tempted to bring a radio :)
[09:05] <mattltm> lol. Stupids me!
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[09:06] <mattltm> I was too busy watching this nutter do a downhill MB trial in a business suit!
[09:06] <mattltm> http://vimeo.com/9970489
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[09:09] <m1x10> hey
[09:10] <m1x10> Brits
[09:10] <m1x10> help me out
[09:10] <fsphil> :D
[09:10] <m1x10> we say
[09:10] <m1x10> 1st of May ain't a good balloon launch day
[09:10] <m1x10> or
[09:10] <m1x10> 1st of May ain't a good launch balloon day :)
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[09:11] <fsphil> mattltm, madness! but amazing
[09:12] <fsphil> that dog had a lucky escape
[09:14] <m1x10> ping Brits
[09:15] <mattltm> Yup. Thereare some other good ones to!
[09:15] <fsphil> I'm not sure that really works on IRC m1x10 :)
[09:16] <mattltm> Lol.
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[09:19] <m1x10> mhhh
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[09:23] <fsphil> breakfast!
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[09:38] <fsphil> mmm toast
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[10:38] <NigelMoby> Moo
[10:40] <SpeedEvil> ooW
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[10:41] <NigelMoby> Hey speedy
[10:42] <SpeedEvil> Hello!
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[10:43] <NigelMoby> I have to go build a trampolene today... what fun.
[10:43] <SpeedEvil> Bouncy Bouncy!
[10:43] <NigelMoby> Morning cuddy
[10:44] <SpeedEvil> NigelMoby: So later, you're going to be alternating between high-altitude, and low-altitude?
[10:44] <NigelMoby> Lol I wont be bouncing ill leave that to the niece
[10:44] <NigelMoby> Indeed!
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[10:50] Action: fsphil is about to head up a ladder and remove a spider from a nest box
[10:50] <fsphil> this is fun, because I'm afraid of heights and spiders
[10:50] <cuddykid> morning NigelMoby! Morning all!
[10:56] <jonsowman> eroomde: yeah, the eth controller footprint was wrong
[10:56] <jonsowman> :(
[10:56] <eroomde> poo
[10:56] <eroomde> whose did you use?
[10:56] <eroomde> just so I don't make the same mistake
[10:56] <jonsowman> it's in a library called microchip-6
[10:57] <eroomde> that's the *bad* one yeah?
[10:57] <jonsowman> yes
[10:57] <jonsowman> the PDIP layout is correct but the SOIC is wrong
[10:57] <jonsowman> I've no idea how that happened as they're the same...
[10:57] <eroomde> ok. have you found a good one or rolled your own?
[10:57] <jonsowman> the PDIP one is in the microchip lib that ships with eagle
[10:57] <jonsowman> eroomde: I've got a fixed version of the lbr, can email it over if you like?
[10:58] <eroomde> that'd be splendid, thanks jonsowman
[10:58] <jonsowman> 2 secs
[10:58] <eroomde> there needs to be a better eagle lib system
[10:58] <jonsowman> there really does
[10:58] <eroomde> like a github where people push fixes and so on
[10:59] <eroomde> and instead of having foo-1.lbr, foo-2.libr, foo-3.lbr like they have now, just have foo and keep it up to date
[10:59] <jonsowman> that would be much better
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[11:00] <jonsowman> sent the lbr to your cam email
[11:00] <eroomde> thanks
[11:00] <eroomde> my last few weeks with it
[11:00] <jonsowman> do you get a forwarder after that?
[11:00] <eroomde> nope
[11:00] <jonsowman> :(
[11:00] <eroomde> it's annoying
[11:00] <jonsowman> that's irritating
[11:01] <eroomde> gmail for me after that
[11:01] <jonsowman> I use google apps on my own domain these days
[11:01] <eroomde> is that slicehost?
[11:02] <jonsowman> my VPSes are linodes
[11:02] <eroomde> ok
[11:02] <jonsowman> significantly cheaper than slice, and they have UK datacentres, which slice didn't last time I checked, but that was ages ago
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[11:03] <eroomde> cool
[11:03] <eroomde> i bought a knife yesterday so all extra spending (and alcohol) are out the window for a bit
[11:03] <eroomde> but maybe soon :)
[11:03] <jonsowman> hehe
[11:03] <SpeedEvil> 'That's not a knife.'
[11:03] <jonsowman> definitely recommend linode if you're after a VPS, they've been great
[11:04] <eroomde> cool thanks
[11:04] <Laurenceb> knife=ifad2?
[11:04] <eroomde> no
[11:04] <eroomde> a japanese santoku knife
[11:04] <Laurenceb> fair enough
[11:04] <eroomde> i know have all the knives i'll ever need though hopefully
[11:05] <eroomde> which is 3
[11:06] <Laurenceb> heh
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[11:07] <eroomde> jonsowman: which linode do you use?
[11:07] <jonsowman> eroomde: pair of 512mb running debian 6.0
[11:08] <eroomde> cool
[11:08] <eroomde> gosh, same as another phone contract /month though!
[11:08] <jonsowman> they are not that cheap, I agree
[11:08] <jonsowman> one 512mb might do you fine?
[11:08] <jonsowman> depends what you are going to do with it ofc
[11:08] <eroomde> yep i would think so happily
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[11:09] <jonsowman> use like cherokee instead of apache, and don't run your own mail servers and DNS servers, and you won't have any issues with RAM
[11:10] <fsphil> nearly got pooped on by a starling, lovely
[11:10] <eroomde> fine
[11:10] <eroomde> ta
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[11:12] <chembrow> afternoon all
[11:13] <cuddykid> do you guys take in car laptop chargers? My laptop (mbp) only lasts about 2hrs, and don't want to risk it dying!
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[11:14] <jonsowman> cuddykid: yep, grab an inverter :)
[11:14] <eroomde> cuddykid: yup interver
[11:14] <cuddykid> cool, will google!
[11:14] <eroomde> also eeepc's (at least my oen) run on 12v
[11:14] NigelMoby (~nigel@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:14] <eroomde> so i made a straigh ciggy lighter adaptor
[11:14] <jonsowman> neat
[11:14] <cuddykid> nice!!
[11:15] <eroomde> i also got a windscreen suction cup eee holder which was good
[11:15] <eroomde> makes it east to mount the eee on the dash
[11:15] <eroomde> an eee is a great chase pc
[11:15] <chembrow> I got an extended battery for my acer aspire one, partly for this very reason. 6-7 hours battery life now :)
[11:17] <eroomde> yeah i almost made an eee and radio built into a alu breifcase with a tonne of NiMH batts to provide 12v to ee and radio for about 24 hours
[11:18] <cuddykid> its annoying that I can't get an extra battery for the unibody mbps!
[11:21] <eroomde> yeah
[11:21] <eroomde> their intermediate design (with the hatch that let you access batt, hdd and ram) was really bloody brilliant
[11:21] <eroomde> it's a such a shame it was so short-lived
[11:22] <jonsowman> yeah I'm not looking forward to when my unibody battery dies and needs replacing
[11:22] <jonsowman> eroomde: have you still got your mbp?
[11:23] <Darkside> i have one of those macbook unibodies
[11:23] <Darkside> damn useful to be able to take the cover off and get to the HDD
[11:24] <fsphil> my laptop car charger didn't like running from a lead-acid battery, I think it was only designed for 13.8v
[11:24] <jonsowman> happily I got mine before they switched to these weird star shaped screws, so I can take the bottom panel off if I need
[11:26] <Randomskk> eroomde: you don't need your own server to use google apps for your domain for email, that said
[11:27] <eroomde> jonsowman: yes
[11:28] <Randomskk> hm, so my capacitive touch sensor works from my mains psu, but not from the battery. if I run the battery then connect the psu's ground to the battery's -ve, it works again
[11:28] <Randomskk> any ideas?
[11:30] <eroomde> tried lifting it up off the table when connected just to batt?
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[11:31] <cuddykid> also, on the wiki, there is mention of bringing along poles/sticks to help retrieve payload from trees, do you take a retractable pole? If so, any cheap ones you know of?!
[11:33] <eroomde> i don't
[11:34] <eroomde> i think rob harrison bought one at great expense
[11:34] <Randomskk> eroomde: I have now, to no effect
[11:34] <Randomskk> annoyingly I can't scope it as a) the scope's probe's capacitance changes things, even attenuated b) the scope's ground connection makes it work
[11:34] <jonsowman> heh
[11:35] <cuddykid> eroomde: ok, thanks!
[11:36] <eroomde> cuddykid: 99% of the time it lands in an open field
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[11:36] <cuddykid> thats good to hear, just have to hope mine is in that %!
[11:37] <Darkside> the remaining 1% is iin trees, up mountains, down ravines, or 500m offshore
[11:37] <Darkside> or in the middle of 4wd only conservation parks
[11:37] <Darkside> :<
[11:38] <eroomde> annoying
[11:39] <BrainDamage> add a self destruction functionality for those cases :p
[11:40] <cuddykid> lol
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[12:52] <SamSilver> are there two types of DGPS > refers > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Differential_GPS
[13:02] <W0OTM> Hello World
[13:03] <cuddykid> Hi W0OTM!
[13:03] <W0OTM> hey cuddykid
[13:03] <cuddykid> hows the great US of A?
[13:03] <W0OTM> good, great May day
[13:03] <cuddykid> Great stuff!
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[13:27] <BalHare> carbon units can be very disruptive
[13:27] <W0OTM> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dg_XQhUWYQs
[13:29] <fsphil> W0OTM, that poor tree! :)
[13:29] <W0OTM> LOL
[13:29] <Upu> you'd go to jail for that over here
[13:29] <W0OTM> it was a locus tree, farmer hated them
[13:29] <SamSilver> I know what you mean BalHare
[13:30] <Upu> effective way of getting them though :)
[13:31] <fsphil> typical it would land in a tree, with a nice open area right next to it
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[13:56] <W0OTM> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQM_IDb2rrc
[13:58] <SpeedEvil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZfmPREbTd8&feature=youtu.be On fractals.
[13:59] <SpeedEvil> Congrats!
[13:59] <SpeedEvil> Isn't unmanned plane actually illegal?
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[14:10] <eroomde> W0OTM: I know what you mean about feeling like a kid
[14:18] <cuddykid> W0OTM: that's awesome!
[14:20] <fsphil> how'd the trailer go? this was it's first outing wasn't it?
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[14:53] <hibby> W0OTM: loving the homebrew vert
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[15:07] <griffonbot> @W0OTM: iHAB-4 post launch analysis and photos are available. http://t.co/0Fgt5zv #arhab #hamradio #iHAB [http://twitter.com/W0OTM/status/64707442566635520]
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[15:27] <stilldavid> anyone around? got a quick question about GPS
[15:28] <SpeedEvil> ?
[15:28] <stilldavid> so I might have a chance to test a GPS unit in one of those magical boxes that generates gps signals
[15:28] <stilldavid> and I'm curious which I should test
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> neat!
[15:29] <stilldavid> I was just going to throw a ublox-based unit in there because that's what I want to use next, but those are pretty well field tested, no?
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> All of them!
[15:29] Action: SpeedEvil ponders.
[15:29] <stilldavid> I've heard mixed reports on the venus modules
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> I assume you don't have a lot of time so people could send you stuff if so inclined?
[15:29] <stilldavid> SpeedEvil: oh, I so would if I could. I don't want to have this minor favor go too far, though
[15:30] <SpeedEvil> Checking COCOM limits is obvious, as is behaviour at jerks at altitude
[15:30] <stilldavid> well, it was kind of a fluke yesterday, and I'm emailing the guy right now. I obviously have anything available to SFE, though
[15:31] <stilldavid> I'm going to see if I can just give him a platter of the lot of them hooked up to loggers or something
[15:32] <SpeedEvil> Does ittake a GPXor something?
[15:32] <stilldavid> that would be crazy.
[15:32] <stilldavid> hrm?
[15:32] <SpeedEvil> The simulator
[15:32] Dan-K2VOL (Dan-K2VOL@96-28-232-55.dhcp.insightbb.com) left #highaltitude.
[15:32] <stilldavid> I've seen similar things before, it's just a big box with a door on the front akin to a microwave
[15:33] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[15:34] <SpeedEvil> I've pondered making one - withcaveats, they aren't thathard.
[15:34] <stilldavid> yeah, this one apparently cost $250k USD
[15:35] <SpeedEvil> As a zeroth cut - for example - a really stable oscillator, and a nice linear mixer with around 3 gig of sample memory.
[15:35] <SpeedEvil> And you generate the signals on a PC
[15:35] <SpeedEvil> Actually - I wonder if gnuradio could do it - with better clocks.
[15:36] <stilldavid> huh. come to think of it, I know nothing really about gps... but it seems to me like it'd have to be an incredibly precise system
[15:37] <griffonbot> @o0ToTOm0o: RT @W0OTM: iHAB-4 post launch analysis and photos are available. http://t.co/0Fgt5zv #arhab #hamradio #iHAB [http://twitter.com/o0ToTOm0o/status/64715022940639232]
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> It's basically broadcasting a 50hz bitstream of the current time and per-satellite orbit info.
[15:38] <stilldavid> at what freq, though?
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> As well as each satellite also broadcasting on a rather slower cycle details of all the other orbits
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> 1525MHz?
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> Or is it 1200
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> around there anyway
[15:38] <stilldavid> hm.'
[15:39] <fsphil> gps signal is only 50hz?
[15:39] <SpeedEvil> The modulation scheme is something like broiadcast each bit 20 times, and for each repeat, it's also multiplied by a 1023 element code.
[15:39] <SpeedEvil> But the fundamental lowest level of themodulation is 50Hz.
[15:39] Action: stilldavid reading wikipedia
[15:39] <fsphil> ah
[15:40] <SpeedEvil> http://www.colorado.edu/geography/gcraft/notes/gps/gps_f.html is a good intro
[15:40] Action: fsphil briefly pondered gps + funcube dongle
[15:42] <stilldavid> so weird seeing links from a university <5km away from me
[15:42] <SpeedEvil> :)
[15:43] <stilldavid> alright, I'm going to see if he can test all of them just for fun.
[15:43] <stilldavid> don't want to ask too much
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[16:03] Action: hibby yawns
[16:03] <hibby> bored now
[16:03] <hibby> can someone else write up s-band antenna design specs for me?
[16:03] <hibby> :p
[16:08] <stilldavid> SpeedEvil: you said it's a snap to test for the cocom regulations. how do you mean?
[16:12] imrcly (~tim@74-128-123-149.dhcp.insightbb.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[16:14] <russss> stilldavid: I think people just send the receiver under test up as a secondary payload.
[16:15] <stilldavid> ah, I was thinking there was a way to do it on the ground
[16:15] imrcly (~tim@74-128-123-149.dhcp.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:31] cuddykid (~acudworth@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:32] <mattltm> stilldavid: Can you trick the GPs into thinking it is somewhere else with that test chamber?
[16:33] <mattltm> The venus module would be a good one to test.
[16:44] <stilldavid> mattltm: yes, that's exactly what it does
[16:44] <stilldavid> I asked for a test of the gs407 and the venus
[16:45] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) left irc: Disconnected by services
[16:45] <mattltm> Great. The Venus is a nice module so it would be good to know if the new firmware has the cocom limit removed.
[16:45] <stilldavid> and how difficult it would be to cram them all in and log all the data :)
[16:46] <mattltm> stilldavid: Make sure that they test the venus with the new firmware. By default, it will fire up with the older firmware.
[16:46] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) joined #highaltitude.
[16:46] <mattltm> IIRC, the venus needs a pin grounded via a resistor to enable booting from the new firmware.
[16:47] <stilldavid> mattltm: duly noted.
[16:48] <Elijah_> Just got here, did I hear mention of a GPS repeater?
[16:48] <stilldavid> gps emulator
[16:48] <SpeedEvil> stilldavid: Simply ask it to getenrat positions when it's at 35km.
[16:49] <Elijah_> Hmm... link?
[16:49] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-241-240.clienti.tiscali.it) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[16:49] <Elijah_> It'dbe nice to be able to test GPS lock inside a thermal/vac chamber
[16:49] <stilldavid> Elijah_: it's a box that can generate gps signals for testing modules and whatnot
[16:49] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:50] <SpeedEvil> It would also be fun to test if they all in fact do do the COCOM limits properly. For example - do any generate a position at 2000m/s closing on washington over the pole?
[16:50] <Elijah_> Right, how much does something like that cost though?
[16:50] <Elijah_> lol
[16:51] <stilldavid> Elijah_: this one runs about USD$250,000
[16:51] <stilldavid> :)
[16:51] <Elijah_> hehe yeah, that might be a little out of our price range ;-)
[16:51] <stilldavid> mine as well; ran into a customer yesterday who mentioned he has access to one and he actually followed up on an email
[16:52] <stilldavid> he wouldn't tell me where he works, he just gave a wry smile and said "it doesn't matter"
[16:52] <Elijah_> Oh nice... we fly the trimble copernicus mostly, it'd be fun to see what it can really do
[16:53] <NigelMoby> Meh
[17:02] <fsphil> flying them would be a cheaper and funner solution :p
[17:02] <stilldavid> oh, agreed, but I like toys, too :)
[17:02] <stilldavid> I kind of want to put together a GPS platter and send them all up
[17:03] <stilldavid> would weight <.5kg I'd guess
[17:03] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-237-125.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
[17:08] <W0OTM> Hello
[17:11] W0OTM (~SAID@ left irc: Quit: W0OTM
[17:18] SAIDias (~SAID@173-23-66-227.client.mchsi.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:24] <Elijah_> Yeah
[17:34] <fsphil> good UK pass of the ISS in 30ish minutes
[17:36] <russss> 20:45 by my reckoning...which is more like an hour
[17:37] <russss> fairly low elevation
[17:37] jonsowman_mob (~jonsowman@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:38] <griffonbot> @LVL1WhiteStar: Ooh pretty path to England, eve of May 5! Could we be ready? Will the forecast hold out? #arhab http://t.co/yTMOnWC [http://twitter.com/LVL1WhiteStar/status/64745481552658432]
[17:40] Nick change: jonsowman_mob -> M0JSN-mon
[17:40] Nick change: M0JSN-mon -> M0JSN-mob
[17:41] hburger (4f43e8f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[17:41] <hburger> Hello! fab to see the Random Engineering site has stock of balloons.
[17:41] <hburger> http://randomsolutions.co.uk/Random_Aerospace/Balloons.html
[17:42] <hburger> But... where can I purchase a suitable parachute
[17:42] <hburger> And will the photos taken with a 500g and 600g balloon differ too much in terms of curvature of the earth?
[17:43] <x-f> depends on your camera's lense :)
[17:43] <fsphil> russss, 23 minutes according to gpredict. though it could be wrong
[17:44] <hburger> True... what's the minimum focal length do you think? On a compact cam (35mm equivalent_... 28mm?
[17:44] <hburger> And is it just me, or is the Hwoyee site really slow to load? http://www.hwoyee.com/
[17:44] <russss> fsphil: oh wait, yeah. Heavens-Above doesn't list that one
[17:44] <cuddykid> hburger: can get parachutes from the same place as balloons (Steve) or from spherachutes, or from rocketsandthings :)
[17:44] <russss> it's pre-sunset.
[17:44] <fsphil> aah
[17:44] <fsphil> it might still be visible
[17:45] <russss> yeah possibly
[17:45] <russss> it is a good pass
[17:45] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) left irc: Disconnected by services
[17:45] <SpeedEvil> I get one at 9pm
[17:46] <russss> yeah that's the following one
[17:46] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) joined #highaltitude.
[17:46] <SpeedEvil> Err - tomorrow
[17:46] <russss> but the elevation is a little low so I doubt it'll be that visible from London
[17:46] <SpeedEvil> hmm
[17:46] <hburger> Oo, thanks cuddykid - http://www.rocketsandthings.com/view/category/?c=31
[17:46] <hburger> Which size do you recommend?
[17:46] <SpeedEvil> It's not quite high enough here.
[17:47] <cuddykid> is there a considerable quality difference between Hwoyee and Totex as there's a £20 difference between them for the 1000G one!
[17:47] <cuddykid> hburger: I've gone with a 24"
[17:47] <hburger> Okay, great.
[17:47] <hburger> I wish the 600g Totex for £35 was still available
[17:47] <russss> there's a mag 1.9 pass of NanoSail-D tonight at 21:12
[17:47] <hburger> Unfortunately, I have to make do with the 500g due to budget... 1000g would also mean more helium...?
[17:48] <hburger> So, to confirm: 24" ripstop parachute would be okay?
[17:48] <SpeedEvil> You can overfill balloons quite a lot.
[17:48] <SpeedEvil> They will not gert quite as high
[17:48] <SpeedEvil> They burst at agiven diameter
[17:49] <hburger> (Btw, what do you guys think of http://shop.gotek7.com/products/gotek7-tracking-device )
[17:49] <hburger> "According to manufacturer data Hwoyee balloons equal or exceed Totex balloon altitude performance."
[17:50] <cuddykid> hburger: what's the weight of your payload?
[17:50] <hburger> Haven't got all the components yet
[17:51] <cuddykid> ok, because the balloon and parachute size depend on that, unless your happy with a lower altitude
[17:51] <SpeedEvil> If you double the lift on the balloon, it will burst around 2km lower
[17:51] <cuddykid> mines ~ 1Kg (just under) and I'm going with 1000g and 24" ripstop :)
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[17:51] <SpeedEvil> ish
[17:51] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-237-125.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
[17:53] <hburger> Well, I know you said about the cam lens, but is the diff detween 90,000ft and 100,000ft worth the extra £26 (on a limited budget)?
[17:55] <hburger> £26 that could be spent on a getting better camera... :/
[17:55] <SpeedEvil> Google earthfives averyrough ideaoftheperspectives.
[17:56] <fsphil> how cool would this be: (whitestar prediction) http://www.flickr.com/photos/48225359@N03/5676688852/
[17:56] <stilldavid> it would land in your backyard
[17:56] <eroomde> hburger: there's not that much difference between 90k and 100k ft
[17:57] <eroomde> it depends more on atmospheric conditions that day
[18:01] <hburger> Hmm, how many m of nylon cord...?
[18:09] <eroomde> from balloon to payload hburger ?
[18:10] <hburger> yep
[18:10] <eroomde> if you want lots of stability for your camera, go crazy, eg 50m
[18:10] <hburger> wow, okay. Parcachute half way between?
[18:11] <eroomde> 2/3 of the way up
[18:11] <eroomde> that way balloon remnants won't flop down and hit your payload
[18:11] <hburger> Ahh, okay.
[18:13] <hburger> Where else can I purchase balloons other than RandomEngineering? I'd like to see other options and I've been having a hard time finding other stores.
[18:13] mattltm (~mattltm@ left irc:
[18:17] <griffonbot> @adamcudworth: Payload taking shape #HABE1 #UKHAS http://t.co/FDehb8b [http://twitter.com/adamcudworth/status/64755348610891776]
[18:26] <hburger> Is 35mm wide enough for succesful photos?
[18:26] <hburger> http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/A570 < Good camera?
[18:27] GeekShadow (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow) left irc: Quit: The cake is a lie !
[18:30] <Upu> hburger looks fine as long as it takes AA's you should be good to go
[18:32] M0JSN-mob (~jonsowman@ joined #highaltitude.
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[18:37] <cuddykid> hburger, I'm using the A570, fantastic camera, easily hacked, perfect for hab
[18:37] <hburger> :D
[18:39] <cuddykid> hburger, where are you based?
[18:40] fsphil (~phil@2001:8b0:34:1:21f:c6ff:fe44:b25b) joined #highaltitude.
[18:43] <hburger> South East
[18:43] <hburger> Thanks for all the help! Off now!
[18:43] hburger (4f43e8f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[18:49] <Zuph> Morning, #highaltitude
[18:51] M0JSN-mob (~jonsowman@ left irc: Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi
[18:53] Hiena (~Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:59] <griffonbot> @jgrahamc: RT @LVL1WhiteStar: Ooh pretty path to England, eve of May 5! Could we be ready? Will the forecast hold out? #arhab http://t.co/yTMOnWC [http://twitter.com/jgrahamc/status/64765945373138944]
[19:01] <fsphil> morning Zuph
[19:01] <fsphil> love the prediction
[19:03] <Zuph> Heh, it sure is pretty. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll get us there.
[19:03] <cuddykid> that prediction is very good! Looks to land very near me!
[19:03] <Zuph> Pretty sure we won't last more than 2 sunsets, and that's a 72 hour path :(
[19:04] <Hiena> ' evening!
[19:04] <cuddykid> evening
[19:04] <Zuph> And, speaking entirely anecdotaly, that little gyre in the mid-Atlantic is likely to be the source of breakup :(
[19:05] <Zuph> I think Dan might go a little insane if we don't fly something this year, though.
[19:05] <cuddykid> Zuph: what frequency is tracker etc on? Or are you using spot (or the likes)?
[19:06] <Zuph> cuddykid: We're using a complicated Satellite modem for getting data off the balloon.
[19:06] <Zuph> Which is causing us fits, actually :)
[19:06] <cuddykid> oh right! sounds cool!
[19:07] <Zuph> We'll be getting data anywhere between once every 10 minutes, and once every 2 hours, depending on what we want.
[19:08] <Hiena> Seems the local authorities on the money making way again. They study the integration of the UAV systems to the current flight control regulation. I sent a proposal about an internet based basestation telemetry transfer which they rejected and seems they will requires the base station telemetry transponders. Which means somebody going to be reach selling transponders to the UAV operators...
[19:09] <Laurenceb> http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10612
[19:09] <Laurenceb> yum
[19:10] Blackover (6d6f9e42@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[19:10] <Blackover> I'm here!
[19:10] <Blackover> Hello There!
[19:11] <Blackover> Any recent launch on this week?
[19:13] <SAIDias> iHAB-4 Telemetry Analysis - http://www.ihabproject.com/iHAB-4/APRSTool_iHAB-4%20TOOL.pdf
[19:13] BrainDamage (BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-237-125.clienti.tiscali.it) left #highaltitude ("Leaving.").
[19:13] <Laurenceb> HELLO
[19:15] <Blackover> @H
[19:16] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) left irc: Disconnected by services
[19:16] <Blackover> hi
[19:16] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:22] <gb73d> i keep getting mesages theyre gonna launch ballon from usa and nothings been happening
[19:22] <Laurenceb> http://www.gps-routes.co.uk
[19:22] <Laurenceb> ^the maps with wikipedia articles are kind of cool
[19:23] <gb73d> beter tio wait for the right wx
[19:23] <gb73d> it mucks my plans up !
[19:23] <Zuph> Sorry gb73d
[19:23] <Zuph> :)
[19:24] <gb73d> :) np
[19:26] <Laurenceb> lol if you zoom out its like a wikipedia forest
[19:27] <Laurenceb> http://www.gps-routes.co.uk/routes/home.nsf/RoutesLinksCycle/bedford-to-sandy-cycle-route?opendocument&Map=Yes
[19:28] SAIDias (~SAID@173-19-133-89.client.mchsi.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:31] Nick change: SAIDias -> W0OTM
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[20:15] <fsphil> nice night
[20:16] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) joined #highaltitude.
[20:19] Futurity (~Futurity@cpc29-cmbg15-2-0-cust249.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:20] <LazyLeopard> It's somewhat blustery here... Would have been a very pleasant day without the wind.
[20:21] <Futurity> hi
[20:24] <fsphil> was the same here earlier, but lovely and calm now
[20:25] <LazyLeopard> calm air would be good...
[20:26] <Futurity> i was wondering if any has an example arduino hardware layout? I've been trying to interface a Garmin GPS unit to it with no success. Only gibberish being received
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[20:45] <griffonbot> @nearsys: Flight report for NearSys 11C now online, http://nearsys.com/arhab/flightdata/2011/c/index.htm #ARHAB [http://twitter.com/nearsys/status/64792476430499840]
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[21:28] Nick change: SAIDias -> W0OTM
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[21:33] Lunar_Lander (~lunar_lan@p54882663.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:33] <Lunar_Lander> hello
[21:34] <Zuph> Evening, Lunar_Lander, how are you?
[21:35] Dan-K2VOL (~Dan-K2VOL@96-28-232-55.dhcp.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:37] <Lunar_Lander> I'm fine,thanks, and you?
[21:37] <Lunar_Lander> hello Dan-K2VOL
[21:40] <Dan-K2VOL> hi Lunar_Lnader
[21:43] <Zuph> Dan-K2VOL: I have no idea why we were seeing crappy coverage the other night, unless the orbcomm map is off just enough to be deceptive.
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[21:44] <Dan-K2VOL> ahwell
[21:44] <Dan-K2VOL> 15° per hour latitude to the left
[21:46] <hibby> \o/
[21:46] Action: hibby loves a good helical mode antenna.
[21:46] m1x10 (m1x10@ppp046176086236.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[21:46] <hibby> ]**axial mode helical antenna
[21:46] <m1x10> Hi anyone here?
[21:46] <Dan-K2VOL> well hibby this one is being a little pissy
[21:46] <hibby> theoretically I'm looking at loads of gain on 2.4GHz ;)
[21:47] <hibby> well
[21:47] <hibby> loads of directivity
[21:47] <Dan-K2VOL> oh what are you workin on
[21:47] <hibby> My thesis
[21:47] <hibby> Currently calculating and suggesting antenna types for our ground station's move into 2.4 and 1.2ghz
[21:48] <Zuph> hibby: Masters or PhD?
[21:48] <hibby> masters in Elec&Mech engineering
[21:49] <hibby> as such I have to say "electrically, this is ace" "Here, take a look at the vibrational model!"
[21:49] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Bye
[21:56] <Zuph> hibby: I just defended my Electrical and Comp. Engineering thesis. GL with yours :-)
[21:57] <hibby> got that next week
[21:57] <Zuph> At least here in the US, the masters thesis is a cakewalk. Almost disappointingly so, honestly.
[21:57] <SpeedEvil> Zuph: Were Pugil sticks involved in the defence?
[21:57] <Zuph> SpeedEvil: See above :)
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[21:58] <SpeedEvil> iiiiiiiiii/me wonders what shoes you wear for a cakewalk.
[22:00] <fsphil> icing skates
[22:02] mattltm (~mattltm@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:03] <NigeyS> almost finished thi sbeacon yey
[22:03] <NigeyS> hey matt, phil, speedy
[22:03] <Dan-K2VOL> nice nigel
[22:03] <mattltm> Hi all:)
[22:03] <fsphil> evening NigeyS!
[22:04] <fsphil> g'day mattltm !
[22:04] <NigeyS> hey dan!
[22:04] <mattltm> You solder it up Nigey?
[22:04] <NigeyS> yups, just got the rf-link left to do
[22:04] <mattltm> Nice one.
[22:05] <NigeyS> not perfect , was trying to use that scraps of jumper cable ive got left
[22:05] <NigeyS> those*
[22:05] <Lunar_Lander> hi mattltm and NigeyS
[22:05] <Lunar_Lander> !
[22:05] <NigeyS> weird thing at 3am though ... 2 leds blew, 1 after the other, changed them from red to yellow, same circuit, were fine .. :|
[22:06] <NigeyS> hey Lunar_Lander !
[22:06] <Lunar_Lander> sorry I went off
[22:06] <NigeyS> np
[22:06] <Lunar_Lander> that pina colada substitute really was not that good
[22:06] <NigeyS> lol
[22:06] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[22:06] <Lunar_Lander> but I found something hilarious
[22:06] <Lunar_Lander> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDYiATTyrjw&feature=related
[22:09] <NigeyS> lol nice!
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> xD
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> the end line
[22:10] <Lunar_Lander> :D
[22:13] <W0OTM> howdy
[22:13] <SpeedEvil> :)
[22:13] <W0OTM> Hello Dan-K2VOL
[22:13] <W0OTM> Hello Lunar_Lander
[22:13] <mattltm> Hi W0OTM :)
[22:13] <W0OTM> Hi mattltm
[22:13] <Lunar_Lander> hello W0OTM
[22:13] <mattltm> Love the trailer :)
[22:13] <Lunar_Lander> did you fly?
[22:14] <W0OTM> thank
[22:14] <W0OTM> yeah
[22:14] <W0OTM> we flew yesturday
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> ah, May 1 then?
[22:14] <W0OTM> no, April 30
[22:14] <W0OTM> its still May 1 here :)
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[22:14] <Lunar_Lander> how long is it still May 1
[22:15] <Lunar_Lander> ?
[22:15] <W0OTM> 7hrs
[22:15] <W0OTM> its 5:15pm
[22:15] <Lunar_Lander> good
[22:15] <Lunar_Lander> then I have to speed up releasing while it is still May 1 in the US
[22:15] <Lunar_Lander> I'm writing about Strato-Jump III
[22:16] <W0OTM> ahh,very cool
[22:16] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[22:16] <Lunar_Lander> almost forgotten project
[22:16] <SpeedEvil> W0OTM: You're on the west coast?
[22:16] <Lunar_Lander> but it's the 45th anniversary of Piantanida's fatal flight
[22:16] <W0OTM> no, midwest
[22:17] <W0OTM> iowa
[22:17] <SpeedEvil> ah
[22:17] <Dan-K2VOL> hi w0otm
[22:17] <W0OTM> howdy howdy
[22:18] <Lunar_Lander> W0OTM when I said "Strato-Jump" did you immediately know what I meant?
[22:18] <Lunar_Lander> :)
[22:18] <W0OTM> No
[22:18] <W0OTM> but if ur doing it, it MUST be cool :)
[22:18] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[22:18] <mattltm> W0OTM: Im interested why you chose to go with a trailer insted of a van. Was it down to cost?
[22:18] <Lunar_Lander> it was the last time a man reached the stratosphere, you know?
[22:19] <Lunar_Lander> in 1965/66
[22:19] <Dan-K2VOL> hey zuph
[22:19] <Lunar_Lander> W0OTM: http://www.amazon.com/Magnificent-Failure-Free-Fall-Space/dp/1588341410 great book about it
[22:19] <Dan-K2VOL> could you clear the teamviewer reminder from the pc?
[22:19] <W0OTM> mattltm: a van wasn't even considered.
[22:19] <W0OTM> Lunar_Lander: oh yeah
[22:20] <mattltm> Due to cost? Or anothe reason?
[22:20] <W0OTM> mattltm: cost never seems to be an issue for me. I guess I wanted a trailer and that what I got
[22:21] <mattltm> I see. I like the "leave anywhere" advantage that a trailer brings.
[22:21] <mattltm> But I guess that you cant use it one the move?
[22:22] <W0OTM> I use the trailer as a mobile iGATE as a trailer it
[22:22] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:22] <mattltm> Ah, thats good.
[22:23] <mattltm> Hey, Nigey's second personality has joined us :)
[22:23] <mattltm> W0OTM: Do you get ant interaction between vertical antennas?
[22:24] <mattltm> *ant/any
[22:24] <W0OTM> mattltm: I don't know, the antennas overall sucked
[22:24] <mattltm> Oh, not so good :(
[22:24] <Lunar_Lander> W0OTM is it possible for a person to sit in the trailer?
[22:25] <Lunar_Lander> not during cruise of course
[22:25] <W0OTM> Lunar_Lander: you can't operate from "inside the trailer" . I put a canopy over back end, and operate out of the back end
[22:25] <Lunar_Lander> ah
[22:25] <Lunar_Lander> that is good :)
[22:26] <W0OTM> mattltm: I am DONE with "homebrew" antenna designs
[22:26] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) left irc: Disconnected by services
[22:26] <mattltm> W0OTM: Shame, I have made some that out perform comercial designs.
[22:27] <W0OTM> mattltm: let me rephrase, I am taking a serious look into antenna design.
[22:27] <mattltm> Ah, that is much better :)
[22:27] trn (~trn@adsl-065-007-181-160.sip.bct.bellsouth.net) joined #highaltitude.
[22:27] <Lunar_Lander> xD!
[22:27] <mattltm> The stacked J-Pole is a beast of an antenna.
[22:28] <Zuph> Dan-K2VOL: What reminder?
[22:28] <mattltm> W0OTM: My 30' crappie pole was indeed crappie! Similar design to yours but for use with 40M. How did yours perform?
[22:29] <Dan-K2VOL> nvm
[22:30] <SpeedEvil> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Giant-Exploding-balloon-36-battery-cable-popper-pump-/310232286553?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Celebrations_Occasions_ET&var=&hash=item8e07377d26
[22:31] Action: SpeedEvil idly wonders how far a stochiometric oxygen/acetylene explosion from a halfway to bursting inflated 3000g balloon would be audible from.
[22:33] <Laurenceb> lmao
[22:34] <Laurenceb> i dont get it
[22:34] <Lunar_Lander> it should be possible to calculate that SpeedEvil
[22:34] <Laurenceb> inflated with air ?
[22:34] <SpeedEvil> Oxygen/acetylene
[22:35] <SpeedEvil> oh - the above is - yes
[22:35] <SpeedEvil> I'm just wandering around ebay looking for shiny stuff.
[22:35] <SpeedEvil> (well - stuff like new solar pumps with the brcket broken, and cheap)
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[23:02] mattltm (~mattltm@ left irc:
[23:09] <Lunar_Lander> SpeedEvil your problem is more difficult then I initially assumed
[23:09] <Lunar_Lander> but not unsolvable presumably
[23:18] <NigeyS> woohoo c/w beacon worked first time
[23:26] <SpeedEvil> Lunar_Lander: yeah - propagation modes are fun
[23:26] <Lunar_Lander> yeah
[23:26] <Lunar_Lander> acoustic energy is difficult though
[23:26] <Lunar_Lander> cool NigeyS!
[23:26] <SpeedEvil> Another interesting question is what's the optimum altitude for being at - say - 40dB to the listener.
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