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[00:14] <hibby> beginning to run out of steam after 1500 words or so on the flight computer software
[00:15] <SpeedEvil> Steam
[00:16] <SpeedEvil> What are you writing for?
[00:17] <hibby> Just properly documenting the work that I did for the high altitude balloon groups in the uni, and it'll go in my research thesis when it gets handed in soon
[00:18] <hibby> I'll be sure to post the condensed version on slideshare, I don't think I'm allowed to do the full version, though
[00:18] <hibby> and stick the flight computer stuff up on the wiki as it'll be useful to someone
[00:18] <SpeedEvil> Ah
[00:18] <hibby> I reckon there's a good 600words left in this tonight
[00:18] <hibby> and from there I shall take it.
[00:18] <Zuph> Lucky, I wish I was able to get a thesis out of my flight computer software.
[00:19] <hibby> haha, it's only a tiny part, unfortunately
[00:19] <hibby> UKHAS get mentioned in my acknowledgements, however.
[00:21] <hibby> I pretty much state outright that the balloon launches have been the best calibration/testing method for the satellite station short of tracking cubesats
[00:32] <AL0I_Todd> KC2ZJH has shown up on APRS
[00:34] <AL0I_Todd> Looks like they just launched
[00:41] <AL0I_Todd> It's weak, but I think the balloon transmitted on 30 meters at 0040 UTC
[00:55] <Dan-K2VOL> anything since?
[00:55] <hibby> right
[00:55] <hibby> hometime
[00:55] <AL0I_Todd> I didn't hear anything at 0050 UTC
[00:55] <hibby> just realised the latex document I've been working on for the last 6 hours has been an unsaves text file. Maybe I'm quite tired, lol.
[00:56] <Dan-K2VOL> anyything on aprs? I don't see N2XE
[00:58] <AL0I_Todd> It's KC2ZJH
[00:58] <AL0I_Todd> HF is N2XE
[01:00] <griffonbot> @KB1LQC: Etching some PC Boards for the #arhab project at #RIT w/ KB1LQD es KC2URD. @Imagine_RIT [http://twitter.com/KB1LQC/status/63769602970238976]
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[01:02] <AL0I_Todd> I heard it start a transmission at 0100 UTC on 30 meters, but I don't think it finished (maybe I just couldn't hear it). Then it started again at 0101 UTC on 30 meters, but it I couldn't hear it finish. I did hear the call sign at the start though.
[01:05] <AL0I_Todd> It's possible that the PBH Team is commanding the balloon to send status messages in addition to the normally scheduled ones. They did that on the last flight.
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[01:08] <griffonbot> @LVL1WhiteStar: Tracking fellow long distance ballooners @PBH5 live map: http://aprs.fi/?call=KC2ZJH&mt=roadmap&z=11&timerange=259200 #arhab [http://twitter.com/LVL1WhiteStar/status/63771654580477952]
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[01:21] <AL0I_Todd> I heard the start of the transmission on 30 meters at 0120 UTC. I got the latitude as N 42802, but couldn't copy the rest.
[01:23] <Zuph> Picking up nothing here, but our antenna is not in a happy place.
[01:25] <AL0I_Todd> It sounded as if the transmitter actually changed frequency a bit when the longitude started. It was weird. I know I didn't hit my dial or anything.
[01:29] <griffonbot> @Hamradio_Ticker: RT @w0otm: Made final adjustments to the iHAB-4 payload today. Tomorrow will be final systems tests and go/nogo decision. #arhab #hamradio [http://twitter.com/Hamradio_Ticker/status/63776969178882048]
[01:41] <AL0I_Todd> Balloon transmitted on 30 meters at 0140 UTC. Got N2XE N 4?134 W 75018. Balloon is sending status again at 0141 UTC as I type this.
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[01:46] <AL0I_Todd> Has anybody heard anything on 40 meters? I haven't.
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[01:58] <griffonbot> @steamfire: @LVL1WhiteStar: Tracking fellow long distance ballooners @PBH5 live map: http://t.co/DB26zdW #arhab heading towards adirondacks! [http://twitter.com/steamfire/status/63784266751946752]
[02:04] <AL0I_Todd> Finally heard a complete telemetry string at 0200 UTC on 30 meters.
[02:06] <griffonbot> @LVL1WhiteStar: @PBH5 approaching float! Will she vent or will she burst!? #arhab [http://twitter.com/LVL1WhiteStar/status/63786134634905600]
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[02:48] <stilldavid> ping Dan-K2VOL
[02:49] <Zuph> stilldavid: He's away at the moment
[02:49] <stilldavid> ah, cool
[02:49] <stilldavid> Zuph: what you know about the microtrak? :P
[02:49] <Zuph> hah
[02:49] <Zuph> It works :)
[02:49] <stilldavid> you have one?
[02:49] <Zuph> It does what it says.
[02:49] <Zuph> We've used a borrowed one.
[02:50] <stilldavid> and you used the tinypack chip, right?
[02:50] <stilldavid> that allows custom serial transmission
[02:50] <Zuph> I haven't used that one personally
[02:50] <Zuph> Dan has.
[02:50] <stilldavid> wondering what to send it so it will ping APRS stations
[02:51] <Zuph> Heh, that I can't help you with
[02:51] <Zuph> I hate APRS
[02:51] <Zuph> You can look at raw strings in aprs.fi for inspiration
[02:51] <stilldavid> oh?
[02:51] Action: stilldavid does this
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[02:52] <stilldavid> oh wow
[02:53] <SamSilver> java time!
[02:56] <SamSilver> ahh thats better, a steaming hot cuppa joe
[02:58] <imrcly> haha i got Zuph to kill his phone
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[03:11] <stilldavid> okay, so a proper 2m antenna. what's cool these days?
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[03:22] <SamSilver> bbl
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[04:47] <Dan-K2VOL> qhats up with the APRS of PBH I wonder...
[04:49] <SamSilver> it is cw based
[04:49] <Dan-K2VOL> and APRS :-)
[04:50] <SamSilver> and maybe the hams are tuckeb up in bed
[04:50] <Dan-K2VOL> or it was until an hour ago
[04:50] <SamSilver> it has aprs?
[04:50] <SamSilver> I did not know
[04:50] <Dan-K2VOL> aprs callsign is KC2ZJH
[04:50] <Dan-K2VOL> they just tricle info out
[04:50] <Dan-K2VOL> they mentioned that like a week ago
[04:50] <Dan-K2VOL> and that was the last time mentioned, was on twitter I think
[04:51] <SamSilver> thanx - I following on http://projectbluehorizon.com/#flight
[04:51] <Dan-K2VOL> what's the U / P
[04:52] <SamSilver> heading north west
[04:52] <Dan-K2VOL> ah yes I see now, recent update
[04:53] <SamSilver> PBH seems to be like the Masons
[04:53] <Dan-K2VOL> haha
[04:53] <Dan-K2VOL> how are ya sam
[04:54] <Dan-K2VOL> you down in SA? can't recall exactly
[04:54] <SamSilver> I am good - yes I am in SA
[04:54] <SamSilver> how goes it with you?
[04:54] <Dan-K2VOL> nicely, testing a spring release for white star
[04:55] <SamSilver> how have you attached it at the top?
[04:55] <Dan-K2VOL> there's a PVC pipe 4cm dia that the balloon was manufactured onto
[04:55] <Dan-K2VOL> screw a plug with a ring into that
[04:55] <Dan-K2VOL> teflon taped to seal the gas in
[04:55] <SamSilver> and the attachment to the spring?
[04:55] <Dan-K2VOL> there's a wireless helium sensor ont he inside
[04:56] <Dan-K2VOL> oh that
[04:56] <Dan-K2VOL> the spring releases are for the emergencies - 230N release on the ropes
[04:56] <Dan-K2VOL> they'll be inline on the ropes down by the payload
[04:56] <Dan-K2VOL> 2x 11kg release and 1x 23kg release
[04:56] <SamSilver> and sit in a tube that is cutway on one side
[04:57] <Dan-K2VOL> well, it's different tonight
[04:57] <Dan-K2VOL> will post video shortly
[04:58] <SamSilver> that would be good
[04:58] <Dan-K2VOL> trying a loose 90° torsion spring being pulled into a pipe
[04:58] <SamSilver> tell me does a zp rise at a constant rate till spill-out ?
[04:58] <Dan-K2VOL> y
[04:58] <Dan-K2VOL> yes
[04:58] <Dan-K2VOL> just like latex
[04:59] <Dan-K2VOL> 7.102, is it USB?
[04:59] <SamSilver> i am planing a latex up and down flight for a test flight and then a zp endurance flight
[04:59] <Dan-K2VOL> nice
[05:01] <SamSilver> re usb - don't know
[05:11] <Dan-K2VOL> hrm
[05:11] <Dan-K2VOL> couldn't hear
[05:11] <Dan-K2VOL> wish they were using the darn DL-FLDigi so I could tell how propagation is going
[05:11] <Dan-K2VOL> where to look on globaltuners
[05:12] <SamSilver> you need to know the special hand-shake
[05:12] <SamSilver> first
[05:13] <Dan-K2VOL> ha
[05:13] <SamSilver> north of Oneida now heading NNW
[05:16] <SamSilver> ooops WNW
[05:20] <SamSilver> 40M - 7.10229
[05:21] <Dan-K2VOL> USB, LSB?
[05:21] <SamSilver> afk
[05:21] <Dan-K2VOL> I can't help darnit if they don't help us a little
[05:21] <SamSilver> I still can't find out
[05:21] jcoxon (~jcoxon@cpc1-lanc4-0-0-cust720.3-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[05:22] <jcoxon> morning
[05:22] <SamSilver> Hi
[05:22] <Dan-K2VOL> hey james
[05:22] <jcoxon> hows it going?
[05:23] <Dan-K2VOL> trying to globaltune PBH
[05:24] <jcoxon> umm their map is rubbish
[05:24] <Dan-K2VOL> I wish they'd use dl-fldigi
[05:25] <jcoxon> aprs.fi link?
[05:26] <SamSilver> http://aprs.fi/?call=KC2ZJH,N2XE,N2XE,
[05:27] <jcoxon> are we at float?
[05:28] <SamSilver> yip
[05:29] <jcoxon> now in for hte long hall
[05:29] <SamSilver> well an hour ago it was 105kfeet
[05:29] <SamSilver> hte long haul??
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[05:30] <SamSilver> Oh the long haul
[05:30] <SamSilver> lol - * orders more coffee
[05:30] <jcoxon> oops
[05:30] <jcoxon> yes thats it
[05:31] <SamSilver> jcoxon do you know if anyone has sent the Venus Gps above 60K?
[05:31] <jcoxon> reports are patchy
[05:32] <jcoxon> i think the current consensus is that as long as its not the oldest firmware onboard its fine
[05:32] <jcoxon> i'm back tracking their data on to spacenear.us
[05:35] <jcoxon> its not real time
[05:36] <SamSilver> I see it
[05:36] <SamSilver> where are you getting the data from?
[05:36] <jcoxon> pulling it from their google kml
[05:37] Dan-K2VOL (~Dan-K2VOL@ joined #highaltitude.
[05:38] <jcoxon> oh dear
[05:38] <jcoxon> no APRS
[05:38] <jcoxon> thats not good
[05:38] <Dan-K2VOL> no it's not, and i can't figure out if I should be on LSB or USB"
[05:39] <jcoxon> i assume they are follow tradition
[05:39] <jcoxon> USB above 10mhz and LSB below
[05:39] <Dan-K2VOL> thx
[05:39] <jcoxon> but then they may have just gone for one like WB8ELK does
[05:39] <Dan-K2VOL> I am a balloon-only ham these days
[05:39] <Dan-K2VOL> ha
[05:40] <SamSilver> I have lic ZU5SAM but not one piece of equipment
[05:40] <SamSilver> got raido lic just for HAB
[05:41] <Dan-K2VOL> how long are the CW transmissions
[05:42] <x-f> SamSilver, http://www.trackuino.org/ - they successfully used a Venus GPS
[05:42] <jcoxon> Dan-K2VOL, its a pretty short string
[05:42] <jcoxon> Follow the payload on HF at 7.10239MHz and 10.14651MHz every 10 minutes synced with GPS time.
[05:42] <Dan-K2VOL> darn them
[05:42] <SamSilver> x-f thanx a ton
[05:42] <Dan-K2VOL> thank you
[05:43] <jcoxon> Dan-K2VOL, i argued this last time
[05:43] <jcoxon> but they didn't listen
[05:43] <Dan-K2VOL> well, yeah except the sideband is left out
[05:43] <Dan-K2VOL> argh, well, our plans for white star are similar, little peeps on HF. I'll change that
[05:43] <Dan-K2VOL> 5 minutes of on the minute every minute at a tiem
[05:43] <jcoxon> yay!
[05:44] <jcoxon> your tx's are longer as well
[05:44] <jcoxon> gives us the ability to find the signal
[05:45] <Dan-K2VOL> true, also have the darn sideband published, and have the centralized spacenear.us tracker heading bar to help disseminate info about freq changes
[05:45] <SamSilver> at what rate ?
[05:45] <jcoxon> also dl-fldigi will do the heavy lifting
[05:45] <Dan-K2VOL> it's settable via uplink, continuous on ascent, and as needed after that, likely every 30 min
[05:46] <Dan-K2VOL> yeahh I have no morse code stuff set up here
[05:46] <jcoxon> oops that flight path on spacenear.us is the old one
[05:47] <jcoxon> they must have changed a link
[05:48] <jcoxon> fixed
[05:48] <jcoxon> new path loading up
[05:49] <jcoxon> i wonder if they've run this by Air Canada
[05:49] <jcoxon> they are a grumpy organisation
[05:50] <jcoxon> Dan-K2VOL, whitestar + dl-fldigi + spacenear.us is going to look awesome
[05:53] <Dan-K2VOL> :-) I agree
[06:01] <jcoxon> okay flight path updated and now it is setup to continue to get new points from pbh
[06:03] <SamSilver> nice
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[06:24] <Dan-K2VOL> hey what do you guys use fore rxing 434 mhz usually?
[06:24] <jcoxon> radiometrix ntx2
[06:24] <jcoxon> Dan-K2VOL, would you like on of my Atlas PCBs?
[06:24] <jcoxon> to fly this summer
[06:26] <Dan-K2VOL> sure james! we plan to have lots of superpressure tests
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[06:45] <Dan-K2VOL> do the two hf freqs tx simultaneously?
[06:47] <jcoxon> bbl
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[06:47] <Dan-K2VOL> ok
[06:57] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[06:58] <NigelMoby> Meh
[06:59] <Dan-K2VOL> meh indeed
[06:59] <Dan-K2VOL> here one comes
[06:59] <Dan-K2VOL> trying anyway
[07:03] <NigelMoby> Hey Dan ure up late
[07:04] <Dan-K2VOL> yes tryingto hear the damn pbh
[07:05] <NigelMoby> Ohhh
[07:06] <Dan-K2VOL> they won't tell us the darn actual sideband
[07:06] <NigelMoby> Lol they're muppets
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[07:39] kf7nij (45a984d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[07:40] <kf7nij> oy, can someone tell me where to find info on the blue horizon payload frequency or what it is?
[07:40] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@ joined #highaltitude.
[07:42] <kf7nij> n/m, found it here: http://www.arrl.org/news/view/transatlantic-amateur-radio-balloon-flight-postponed
[07:43] <fsphil> they're still in the air then?
[07:43] <kf7nij> though knowing the modulation mode would be helpful
[07:44] <kf7nij> yes, it seems they are 30000+ meters in the air right now
[07:44] <kf7nij> flying oh so high :D
[07:44] <Dan-K2VOL> cw
[07:44] <kf7nij> Dan, thx
[07:44] <Dan-K2VOL> floating fine
[07:44] <Dan-K2VOL> wish theyd tell usb/lsb
[07:45] <Dan-K2VOL> havent picked them up on globaltuners
[07:45] <kf7nij> oh, I thought you just said it was CW
[07:45] <SamSilver> http://abstrusegoose.com/357
[07:45] <kf7nij> I'm listening on a station in Cleveland, hoping to pick them up
[07:45] <Dan-K2VOL> well i'm not a usual hfer
[07:46] <Dan-K2VOL> spacenear.us/tracker has a blue line which is their radio horizon
[07:46] <kf7nij> I'm getting it faintly, I believe
[07:47] <kf7nij> on 10.1466 MHz, USB
[07:47] <kf7nij> I could be wrong though
[07:48] <kf7nij> If you want, go ahead and pop into the cleveland radio
[07:54] <fsphil> ooh they're aprs failed? or are they just out of range of stations?
[07:54] <kf7nij> not sure, my guess is out of range
[07:55] <kf7nij> oh, now that I'm reading, seems like it's been out for a while. I wonder where the balloon is
[07:56] <kf7nij> seems like there have been no listener entries on the tracker, it was all aprs, I think
[07:56] <fsphil> just below Lake Ontario from their tracker
[07:56] <fsphil> "Timestamp: 2011-04-29 06:40:00"
[07:57] <fsphil> no indication of timezone there
[07:57] <fsphil> nice
[07:57] <fsphil> if that's UTC then there's a big gap
[07:58] Action: fsphil makes a mental note to always include timezone when specifying time on the net
[07:58] <kf7nij> yeah
[07:59] <fsphil> aah, their form asks for UTC time
[08:00] <fsphil> that is a pretty big gap then
[08:01] <fsphil> new tweet: "Still getting good 30m and now getting 40m messages"
[08:02] <fsphil> guess they're not updating their map
[08:04] Nick change: mazzanet_ -> mazzanet
[08:06] <x-f> actual flightpath is also secret
[08:07] AndChat| (~nigel@ joined #highaltitude.
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[08:10] NigelMoby (~nigel@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[08:10] <Upu> morning
[08:11] <Upu> is it me or is BBC.co.uk having issues this morning ?
[08:12] AndChat| (~nigel@ left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[08:13] <fsphil> BBC TV seem to be having issues too -- it seems to be stuck on one program
[08:14] <Upu> I bet there are some sweaty palmed BBC techies panicing right now
[08:15] <Upu> oh its working again
[08:16] <fsphil> sometimes slow, sometimes fast. guess there's a problem on only some servers
[08:31] jcoxon (~jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[08:31] <jcoxon> Morning
[08:34] <kf7nij> good morning, jcoxon. I think you'd be the one able to answer my quesiton. what modulation type is the project blue horizon using? LSB?
[08:34] <jcoxon> I don't know, we were wondering this earlier
[08:34] <kf7nij> I see
[08:35] <jcoxon> Dan tweeted a message about that but with no reply
[08:35] <kf7nij> I think I'm picking it up via a radio in Cleveland on 30 meters, LSB, but I could be wrong
[08:35] <Dan-K2VOL> cool
[08:35] <kf7nij> It's too weak to be sure it's definitely them
[08:37] <fsphil> the frequency they're saying might be the actual CW frequency -- then it wouldn't be lsb or usb
[08:38] <jcoxon> Is spacenear.us still plotting the route?
[08:38] <kf7nij> Right, not hearing anything there. The dl-fldigi autoconfigure for pbh brings it to a mode and the bandwidth is fitting perfectly what I'm hearing
[08:39] <kf7nij> well, maybe not perfectly, but within the red sections on the waterfall
[08:39] <jcoxon> Oh that is just a test, they don't use dlfldigi
[08:39] <kf7nij> hmm, ok
[08:39] <jcoxon> Sadly
[08:40] <jcoxon> You have to decode and then input it manually
[08:40] <jcoxon> On their website
[08:40] <kf7nij> Right. So I should be looking for CW only?
[08:40] <jcoxon> Yes
[08:41] <kf7nij> If that's the case, I'm listening to someone else and I haven't heard the balloon yet
[08:41] <kf7nij> I'm hearing RTTY of some sort
[08:43] <jcoxon> Dan there must be a globaltuner radio near to the payload
[08:48] <jcoxon> Floating at 30km is amazing
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[08:54] <Dan-K2VOL> theres one in buffalo
[08:56] LVL1Hackerspace (45400646@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[08:56] <kf7nij> from the buffalo radio's info page: "HF should now be usable, but still far from optimal due to the lack of an outdoor antenna."
[08:58] <Dan-K2VOL> yeah havemnt heard anything on tyhem earlier
[09:00] <kf7nij> Yeah, I don't hear anything in there. what does CW sound like (rather than LSB)?
[09:01] <kf7nij> (I'm the other fellow listening on that radio right now, btw)
[09:02] <Dan-K2VOL> k
[09:02] <Dan-K2VOL> tune if you want
[09:04] <SamSilver> morse code
[09:06] <kf7nij> you'd think that even with an antenna that's not optimal, if the ballon was almost directly overhead, you'd be able to pick it up :D
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[09:13] m1x10 (m1x10@ppp046176007171.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[09:14] <Darkside> not always
[09:14] <Darkside> the nulls of both the balloos antenna, and your antenna will be in line
[09:17] <kf7nij> quite true
[09:21] <Darkside> we've recently acquired a cross-dipole antenna, from a met bureau installation
[09:21] <Darkside> as they were de-comissioning that installation, they gave us all the equipment
[09:22] <Darkside> so we've got a great antenna that works with the payload directly overhead
[09:22] <Dan-K2VOL> I that's the area I grew up in, just ahead of the balloon near Geneseo
[09:22] <Darkside> ?
[09:23] <Dan-K2VOL> live a long ways from there now
[09:23] <Dan-K2VOL> pbh balloon
[09:24] andrew_apex (~chatzilla@customer16098.pool1.Croydon-GLN2000-BAS0001.orangehomedsl.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[09:25] keng (~keng@ joined #highaltitude.
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[09:45] <SamSilver> bbl
[09:46] SamSilver (2985f452@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[11:41] Nick change: ben_apex -> benoxley
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[12:15] fsphil|m (~phil@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:37] <Laurenceb> hmm i may have found whats up with my lsm303dlh magnetometer
[12:37] <Laurenceb> apparently it uses the set/reset to deguass at power on reset and after every 5 measurements
[12:38] <Laurenceb> if i scope the 1.8v rail, its drawing short 15ma current pulses at a few hz
[12:39] <Laurenceb> causing the voltage to drop to 1.2v - im guessing its in a reset loop due to the current limit on the power supply
[12:42] yannik (d9a2f1ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:43] <yannik> Hi everyone. I have a question. What does Lat/Lon Deltas in the Landing Predictor mean? Thanks for your help
[12:52] yannik (d9a2f1ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[12:53] SamSilver (2985f452@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[12:59] <fsphil|m> Big inverted v antenna attracting some attention :)
[13:00] TangoAlpha (~TangoAlph@cpc5-rdng22-2-0-cust160.15-3.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[13:07] bls (4496c607@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:14] Dan-K2VOL (~Adium@74-143-44-42.static.insightbb.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[13:17] <Dan-K2VOL> uuugh shouldn't have stayed up that late
[13:18] <AL0I_Todd> Better keep your strength up if you are going to launch Monday
[13:19] <Dan-K2VOL> seriously
[13:19] <Dan-K2VOL> globaltuners was a waste of time
[13:19] <Dan-K2VOL> what is wrong with that buffalo receiver that it couldn't receive either HF line of sight?!
[13:20] <fsphil|m> probably a crap antenna
[13:20] <fsphil|m> actually I'm up a mountain with an HF antenna, I wonder if I could hear it
[13:20] <Dan-K2VOL> I simply don't have the patience for HF reception these days, but I WILL make sure our white star transmissions repeat a few times each burst
[13:21] <fsphil|m> yes repeats are good
[13:21] <Dan-K2VOL> all we can do is turn on or off the HF tx system, which will tx every minute when it's on
[13:22] <Dan-K2VOL> so perhaps we'll leave it on for 10 minutes at a time, instead of 3 minutes as planned
[13:28] NearSpaceScience (cfbe61e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[13:28] <NearSpaceScience> Morning Everyone!
[13:29] <Dan-K2VOL> morning, is that Joe?
[13:29] <NearSpaceScience> QSL
[13:30] <Dan-K2VOL> eh?
[13:30] <NearSpaceScience> he eh eh yup it's me,, it's me,, it's ernest T,,,, nope make that Joe.
[13:30] <Dan-K2VOL> too early for q codes :-)
[13:30] <NearSpaceScience> I'm showing my age now.
[13:31] <hibby> hahah
[13:31] <Dan-K2VOL> stayed up all night tryin to hear PBH
[13:31] <Dan-K2VOL> we need a better distributed listener network than globaltuners, it's crappy
[13:31] <NearSpaceScience> I havent tried yet.
[13:31] <hibby> radionear.us?
[13:32] <Dan-K2VOL> heh
[13:32] <hibby> web connected sdr-freaks
[13:32] <NearSpaceScience> even tho 40 to here from there should be pretty good right now I would think.
[13:32] <hibby> can build on the lysdr platform my chum gordonjcp's been building
[13:32] <Dan-K2VOL> we need some rich benefactor to buy a hundred web-sdrs and sprinkle them round the world
[13:32] <hibby> i've got circuits and relevant docs for softrocks somewhere, afaik
[13:33] SamSilver (2985f452@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[13:33] <Dan-K2VOL> oh really
[13:34] <hibby> might be in our equivalent of a hackerspace at the moment
[13:34] <hibby> but I'm pretty sure there's a folder kicking about I took photocopies of
[13:35] <NearSpaceScience> go figure, the whole 40 meter band is in good shape pretty quiet, good signals, yet on 7.10229 is this hash from something and it's 20 over figures.
[13:35] <Dan-K2VOL> neat
[13:35] <Dan-K2VOL> nice Joe, doesn't it figure
[13:35] <hibby> and lysdr has been built for softrock, it's just a case of adding api hooks and a web interface for that
[13:35] <hibby> "just a case"
[13:36] <Dan-K2VOL> ah yes, simple I'm sure
[13:36] <NearSpaceScience> altitude on aprs.fi just lost a LOT of altitude.
[13:36] <Dan-K2VOL> hey what about those funcube dongles
[13:36] <hibby> they are super fun
[13:37] <fsphil|m> I forgot to bring mine up here today
[13:37] <Dan-K2VOL> crap
[13:37] <Dan-K2VOL> it looks seriously coming down
[13:37] <fsphil|m> hehe, two gliders just flew overhead
[13:37] <fsphil|m> uh-oh
[13:37] <Dan-K2VOL> well I know a lot of people in that area should be able to get it recovered fairly quick
[13:38] <fsphil|m> that seemed too soon for a distance or duration record?
[13:38] <NearSpaceScience> it was a zero pressure bag right?
[13:38] <Dan-K2VOL> yes
[13:38] <Dan-K2VOL> 54,000 cu ft!
[13:38] <Dan-K2VOL> very much too soon
[13:38] WK0Q (d88b7610@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:38] <Dan-K2VOL> :-(
[13:39] <NearSpaceScience> OK, just thinking of super pressure heating, but not the case. wonder what could have happened.
[13:39] <Dan-K2VOL> damn ZPs
[13:39] <Dan-K2VOL> they need more sensors, sometimes you just can't tell
[13:41] <NearSpaceScience> what could they have been measuring? maybe the vent ,,, well diddn;'t? and it over pressured from the heating?
[13:41] <AL0I_Todd> Now back to 104K
[13:42] <cuddykid> just trying to integrate the buzzer into the payload.. Is there any way to have the arduino act as a switch so the buzzer does not draw current from the arduinos power supply but a seperate power supply?
[13:42] <NearSpaceScience> old zwilight zone packet
[13:43] keng (~keng@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:44] <Dan-K2VOL> aw darn
[13:45] <Dan-K2VOL> that's about 5 miles from where I used to live, I'm going to see if I can drum up some rescuers
[13:46] <NearSpaceScience> thats cool.
[13:47] <Dan-K2VOL> unfortunately none of my schoolboy are hams, there will be no APRS from the ground there
[13:47] <Dan-K2VOL> very sparse aprs coverage in that area
[13:48] <Dan-K2VOL> HF guys keep a very close ear for the last position reports!
[13:48] <Dan-K2VOL> can someone listen on a globaltuner? I'm at work and can't
[13:49] <AL0I_Todd> When PBH-14 started to come down they repeatedly sent commands to have the balloon send status messages, so don't just listen at the scheduled times.
[13:49] <NearSpaceScience> just did a show all and yeah not much activity there.
[13:50] keng (~keng@ left irc: Quit: keng
[13:51] <NearSpaceScience> unbeliveable! went to 30 meters and same thing band nice and quiet, lots of signals, but as soon as I get to the freq of operation the hash slides right in perfectly in the passband
[13:52] kb9zwl (44756207@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[13:52] <Dan-K2VOL> grr
[13:52] <W0OTM> Howdy
[13:52] <Dan-K2VOL> W0OTM can you listen HF?
[13:52] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) joined #highaltitude.
[13:52] <Dan-K2VOL> now?
[13:52] <W0OTM> sure
[13:52] <Dan-K2VOL> for PBH
[13:53] <W0OTM> freq
[13:53] <Dan-K2VOL> HF 30m: 10.14650MHz (N2XE), HF 40m: 7.10229MHz (N2XE)
[13:53] <Dan-K2VOL> CW
[13:53] <Dan-K2VOL> falling now
[13:53] <Dan-K2VOL> 30,000 ft
[13:53] <Dan-K2VOL> will need final position report
[13:53] <Dan-K2VOL> going out of APRS range
[13:54] <Dan-K2VOL> anyone do a descent prediction for the last position?
[13:54] <W0OTM> whats the APRS callsign
[13:55] <Dan-K2VOL> KC2ZJH
[13:55] <Dan-K2VOL> very few igates or digi in western NY
[13:55] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) joined #highaltitude.
[13:56] <NearSpaceScience> surprised none in the buffalo area, it's linking through a canadian node right now, wow.
[13:57] <Dan-K2VOL> I know, my dad has been trying to get into APRS in that area and is very frustrated by the lack of coverage
[13:57] <NearSpaceScience> how often was the beacon on 2 meters?
[13:58] <Dan-K2VOL> I think we've lost the radio horizon already for that
[13:58] <NearSpaceScience> me too it's been 8 minutes since last report.
[13:58] <Dan-K2VOL> Joe do you know how to run balltrack for a descent from last known position?
[13:59] <NearSpaceScience> take that back got a new one 19K 1 min ago
[13:59] <fsphil|m> hehe, another radio amateur came over to have a look
[14:00] <NearSpaceScience> closer in node too close enough that it should get it allmost all the way down.
[14:00] <Dan-K2VOL> I have a man on the road heading down there
[14:00] <fsphil|m> turns out this guy is from the same town as me, about a 5 minute walk away
[14:01] <Dan-K2VOL> he's 15 minutes away
[14:01] <Randomskk> fsphil|m: you should chat with him on the radio, clearly
[14:01] <Randomskk> jonsowman and I can now do this on 2m, which places us about five wavelengths apart
[14:02] <Randomskk> but, you know, doors and walls and shit
[14:02] <NearSpaceScience> cool!, what size bag was it?
[14:02] <fsphil|m> would be a first Randomskk lol
[14:02] <fsphil|m> I'm running wspr at the moment
[14:02] <Dan-K2VOL> 54,000 cu ft
[14:02] <Dan-K2VOL> this looks like a descent without the bag though, doesn't it
[14:02] <NearSpaceScience> 14K alt
[14:02] <Dan-K2VOL> or at least a very empty one
[14:03] <NearSpaceScience> not much streamer effect for sure. but it has slowed so it diddn't seperate from the chute at least.
[14:04] <NearSpaceScience> I had one do that,
[14:04] <Dan-K2VOL> any HF?
[14:04] <NearSpaceScience> On what?
[14:05] <NearSpaceScience> oh, nothing here just th hashes.
[14:10] <Dan-K2VOL> ok, Rob Lapoint is within 2 miles of current position, jockeying to see it
[14:15] kd0mto (~dago@64-121-236-126.c3-0.eas-ubr3.atw-eas.pa.cable.rcn.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:17] basedepauw (a378460a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[14:17] <W0OTM> can some pls clear the cache on habhub predictor
[14:17] <Randomskk> done
[14:17] <W0OTM> thx
[14:18] basedepauw (a378460a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Client Quit
[14:18] <Dan-K2VOL> wish that darn pbh map wouldn't keep rezooming out
[14:21] <Dan-K2VOL> does anyone know how to do a descent prediciton on ball track
[14:22] <NearSpaceScience> used to, but drawing a blank now UG!
[14:23] <NearSpaceScience> looks like 5K last reort
[14:24] <NearSpaceScience> I'd say landing is just north of that lake
[14:26] <NearSpaceScience> well been cool dudes,, gonna run. 73 Joe
[14:26] <Dan-K2VOL> thx joe
[14:26] NearSpaceScience (cfbe61e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[14:33] <fsphil|m> yikes, wspr signal 500mw on 20m heard in australia :)
[14:33] <AL0I_Todd> PBH Team is sending commands to the balloon to send a status message on 30 meters
[14:33] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[14:33] <Dan-K2VOL> I have a guy within 1 mile of the kanding site todd
[14:33] <Dan-K2VOL> he's looking for it
[14:33] <AL0I_Todd> Does PBH know that?
[14:33] <Dan-K2VOL> can you have them do a descent prediction for this guy?
[14:34] <Dan-K2VOL> i can't get thru to them
[14:34] <Dan-K2VOL> what does it look like
[14:35] <AL0I_Todd> Don't know. Email is pbh15.data@gmail.com
[14:40] mattltm-mob (~mattltm@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:40] <mattltm-mob> fsphil?
[14:40] <fsphil|m> lo mattltm-mob
[14:40] <AL0I_Todd> Dan, PBH member just arrived (mattltm-mob)
[14:40] <Dan-K2VOL> hey
[14:41] <Dan-K2VOL> mattltm-mob
[14:41] <fsphil|m> mattltm's in PBH? kept that quiet :)
[14:41] <mattltm-mob> nothing on that. give me a call on 14.310
[14:41] NigelMoby (~nigel@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:42] <Dan-K2VOL> anyonee have a website to cnovert two positions/times to speeed?
[14:42] <NigelMoby> Boo
[14:42] juxta (~juxta@ppp203-122-193-94.static.internode.on.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[14:42] <fsphil|m> called
[14:42] <fsphil|m> I'm getting a wild amount of static
[14:42] <NigelMoby> We got sheep
[14:43] <fsphil|m> there was a crowd in the field next to me, but they've all moved away
[14:43] <fsphil|m> someone else is on that freq. now
[14:43] <NigelMoby> Lol
[14:45] <fsphil|m> called again
[14:45] <fsphil|m> brrr it's cold up here
[14:45] <fsphil|m> I'm hearing nothing there now
[14:47] <eroomde> Dan-K2VOL: blimey, he did keep that quiet
[14:47] <Dan-K2VOL> mattltm have recovery guy on the ground
[14:48] <fsphil|m> help if I could say my callsign right
[14:49] <fsphil|m> hear someone in the noise, sounded american
[14:49] <AL0I_Todd> Dan, PBH site has abort estimate now. Shows estimated landing about 1/4 mile NW of intersection of Perry Rd (246) and Morrow Rd.
[14:49] <fsphil|m> abort? intentional?
[14:51] slothearn (~euclid@ left irc: Quit: Lost terminal
[14:51] <mattltm-mob> fsphil.40m?
[14:52] <fsphil|m> just tuned that up
[14:53] <fsphil|m> it's packed
[14:55] <fsphil|m> 7.185?
[14:57] <Dan-K2VOL> that's terrible compared to the last position reports, can they run the predictor from the last heard position
[14:57] <Dan-K2VOL> my napkin calcs show the intersection of Lake Leroy Rd and Lagrange Rd
[14:58] <Dan-K2VOL> He has the payload in sight!!!
[14:58] <Dan-K2VOL> he's going to grab it
[14:58] <Dan-K2VOL> No balloon attached
[15:01] <fsphil|m> mattltm-mob, you hearing anything?
[15:01] <Dan-K2VOL> between the lake and lagrange rd
[15:02] <AL0I_Todd> Which is what you would expect based on the APRS track
[15:02] <mattltm-mob> ill call now
[15:03] <Dan-K2VOL> yep
[15:04] <Dan-K2VOL> there was one last addtl HF position that I used for the landing estimate, and it put it right near where he found it
[15:04] <mattltm-mob> fsphil. nothing.
[15:04] <fsphil|m> mattltm-mob, hmm.. that's 7.185 lsb?
[15:04] <fsphil|m> oh there you are
[15:04] <Dan-K2VOL> AL0I_Todd I've put him in contact with PBH
[15:04] <Dan-K2VOL> That's pretty neat, I grew up 5 miles north of the landing site
[15:04] <AL0I_Todd> Cool
[15:05] <fsphil|m> hearing you clearly mattltm-mob
[15:05] <mattltm-mob> can you hear?
[15:05] <mattltm-mob> can't hear you.
[15:06] <fsphil|m> just called
[15:07] <fsphil|m> what power are you using mattltm-mob?
[15:08] <fsphil|m> sound well but I'm also getting the bursty static
[15:08] <griffonbot> @LVL1WhiteStar: @PBH5 payload just landed, already found by White Star friend Rob LaPoint, pic attached! #arhab http://t.co/62Tpfsi [http://twitter.com/LVL1WhiteStar/status/63982989192859648]
[15:09] <mattltm-mob> Phil we just doing a quick relocate
[15:09] <fsphil|m> k
[15:10] <griffonbot> @PBH5: RT @LVL1WhiteStar: @PBH5 payload just landed, already found by White Star friend Rob LaPoint, pic attached! #arhab http://t.co/62Tpfsi [http://twitter.com/PBH5/status/63983426931392513]
[15:10] <fsphil|m> cool!
[15:10] <fsphil|m> nice recovery
[15:12] <Upu> did it make that hole ?
[15:12] <Dan-K2VOL> haha
[15:12] <Dan-K2VOL> Matt of PBH says that's just the ballast box
[15:17] <Zuph> welp, there's your problem :-p
[15:17] m1x10 (m1x10@ppp046176081012.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[15:17] <Dan-K2VOL> it landed actually in the woodchuck hole
[15:17] <Dan-K2VOL> he lifted it out
[15:17] <Dan-K2VOL> said it was a box of iron pellets
[15:17] <Dan-K2VOL> which would explain the smashing on impact
[15:18] <Zuph> That's one way to ballast.
[15:20] <Dan-K2VOL> it started raining so rob skipped taking more pics in lieu of bundling it up and running to the car
[15:21] mattltm-mob (~mattltm@ left irc: Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client - http://www.yaaic.org
[15:22] <Zuph> What's the terrain like? Likely to find the main box?
[15:22] <Dan-K2VOL> oh he has the main box
[15:22] <Dan-K2VOL> flat farm fields
[15:22] <Dan-K2VOL> he's likely already home with it, it really fell very close to my old neighborhood
[15:23] <Zuph> Ah, just no *picture* of the main box
[15:23] <Dan-K2VOL> momentarily
[15:23] <Zuph> Just misunderstood
[15:24] <Zuph> Tell him to take lots of pictures of the inside and send them to us only for *ahem*"historical codumentation."
[15:24] <Zuph> *documentation
[15:25] <Dan-K2VOL> oh yes, for damage assesment eh
[15:25] <Dan-K2VOL> :-P
[15:29] <Dan-K2VOL> well that's a bummer, Matt at PBH said that was NOT an intentional abort :-(
[15:31] <Zuph> :(
[15:31] <Zuph> Envelope nowhere to be seen, eh?
[15:31] <Dan-K2VOL> no
[15:32] <Dan-K2VOL> from the speed of descent, it wasn't attached at all for the descent
[15:33] <Zuph> Any remnants on the rigging lines?
[15:34] NigelMoby (~nigel@ left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[15:36] <Dan-K2VOL> no word yet, rob was in a hurry, he actually didn't have much time today, I originally asked him to see if he could call around and ask for someone to go recover, and he called back and said it sounded fun, and he'd just squeeze it in
[15:37] <Zuph> ah ha :)
[15:39] fsphil|m (~phil@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[15:40] <Dan-K2VOL> He said he'd likely leave it at his parents farmhouse, where the PBH guys would be irresistably invited to sit down at the kitchen table over milk and cookies to chat all about balloons with his mother
[15:40] GW8RAK (~chatzilla@client-82-26-186-231.pete.adsl.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[15:40] <Dan-K2VOL> which is hilarious, because that will happen. I've never escaped it when stopping by for the sligtest moment
[15:40] <Dan-K2VOL> but it's a pleasant fate
[15:41] <Dan-K2VOL> his parents will want to know all about the fascinating project and how each person got involved
[15:43] <Zuph> haha, :)
[15:54] Jasperw (~jasperw@93-97-176-250.zone5.bethere.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[15:56] <Dan-K2VOL> I called him when it was passing thru 30kft and he was there by the time it was at 9000ft
[15:59] <Zuph> Impressive
[15:59] <Zuph> Dan's got connections :-p
[16:07] <griffonbot> @KB1LQC: Completely burnt out from the week at #RIT. time to work on some #arhab #hamradio #hamr [http://twitter.com/KB1LQC/status/63997925482708992]
[16:11] <griffonbot> @LVL1WhiteStar: @PBH5 here are pics of payload and flight train items from Rob #arhab #pbh15 http://t.co/vmXNW7V http://t.co/G6H6qqu [http://twitter.com/LVL1WhiteStar/status/63998805506404352]
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[16:14] SAIDias (~SAID@173-23-66-227.client.mchsi.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:20] <imrcly> crap shuttle scrubbed
[16:20] <Dan-K2VOL> oh dirty was she?
[16:21] <imrcly> bad heater in apu
[16:22] SamSilver (c5af8b69@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[16:24] <SamSilver> I have been away for two hours or so can anyone give me a brief outline of what happened to PBH
[16:27] m1x10 (m1x10@ppp046176119054.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
[16:27] <Dan-K2VOL> unplanned separation from balloon, parachuted safely down to a farmfield in western NY State
[16:28] <Dan-K2VOL> recovered by local that white star team knew within a few minutes
[16:28] <Dan-K2VOL> that's all I know
[16:28] <Dan-K2VOL> oh and pics on twitter.com/lvl1whitestar
[16:28] <SamSilver> thanx Dan
[16:33] <SamSilver> Dan-K2VOL do you have another link for the pics
[16:34] <Dan-K2VOL> hmm I posted them using twitter, what do you need
[16:34] <Dan-K2VOL> is the image site not working?
[16:34] <SamSilver> I am a bit of a newbie
[16:35] <SamSilver> I am not sure how find them with the given info
[16:35] <Dan-K2VOL> no prob
[16:35] <Dan-K2VOL> let me see
[16:35] <Zuph> imrcly: Well, they need an aapu then.
[16:36] NigeyS (~EcEnTiAl@cpc5-cdif13-2-0-cust232.5-1.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:37] <Dan-K2VOL> click on the yfrog.com links and gdz.la links in the latest two tweets
[16:40] <griffonbot> @KB1LQC: @tuzonghua Hey btw we're finishing up our #ARHAB construction and will see what you guys are up to soon. #hamradio #hamr [http://twitter.com/KB1LQC/status/64006108473335808]
[16:41] <SamSilver> thanx Dan I was looking for links on PBH site lol
[16:41] <SamSilver> I see pics now
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[16:47] mixio (m1x10@ppp046176165086.dsl.hol.gr) joined #highaltitude.
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[16:50] <NigeyS> ping fsphil
[16:50] <fsphil> hiya NigeyS
[16:50] <fsphil> just got home
[16:51] SpeedEvil (~user@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[16:51] <NigeyS> snap
[16:51] <NigeyS> matts just left
[16:51] <NigeyS> we saw sheeeeeeep!
[16:52] <Dan-K2VOL> hi nigey
[16:52] <Dan-K2VOL> launch a balloon?
[16:52] <NigeyS> nooo
[16:52] <NigeyS> testing the antennas
[16:52] <NigeyS> and trying phil on 20m
[16:52] jasonb (~jasonb@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:52] <fsphil> lol
[16:53] <fsphil> I had a sheep audience as I was setting up
[16:53] <NigeyS> haha we had loads, matt was able to communicate in sheepish!
[16:53] <fsphil> matt's signal was nice and clear, I so need more power :)
[16:53] <NigeyS> uploading vid now, lovely hill mind
[16:53] <fsphil> I took a few pics...
[16:53] <NigeyS> think we threw 50w at you the whole time lol
[16:54] <fsphil> well that explains it :p
[16:54] <fsphil> very noisy on all bands for some reason, lots of bursty static
[16:54] <fsphil> wonder if that was the lightning
[16:54] <SamSilver> fsphil - sooo the way to attract sheep is with an inverted V?? :-p
[16:54] <NigeyS> solar storm prolly
[16:54] <NigeyS> lmao SamSilver
[16:54] <fsphil> seems so SamSilver :) soon as I turned the radio on, they all wandered away
[16:55] <NigeyS> i threatened them with mint sauce, they soon scarpered
[16:55] <mixio> [19:53] <mixio> got the sparkfun HIH-4030 humidity sensor!
[16:55] <mixio> [19:53] <mixio> but I run it at 3v3
[16:55] <mixio> [19:53] <mixio> while its calibrated for 5v
[16:55] <mixio> [19:53] <mixio> people have used it but they say u must convert some graphs
[16:55] <mixio> can anyone help me?
[16:55] <SamSilver> you had a much better hill a few weeks back > carbon units abounded
[16:58] <SamSilver> it was nice to see duct-tape on pbh payload
[16:58] <Dan-K2VOL> mixio zuph knows about that
[16:58] <Dan-K2VOL> hehe
[16:58] <Dan-K2VOL> yeah I think that was their ballast box but yes, it was comforting eh?
[16:59] <Zuph> mixio: I have seen good results running the sensor at 3.3v. No tests on the calibration at the high or low ends, though.
[17:00] <Zuph> mixio: Simply multiply the equation in the data sheet by a scaling factor to get humidity out.
[17:02] <NigeyS> Shuttle Launch Director Mike Leinbach has scrubbed today's STS-134 launch attempt because of an issue associated with Auxiliary Power Unit 1 heaters.
[17:02] <NigeyS> grrrrrrrrrrr
[17:03] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-78-12-228-64.clienti.tiscali.it) left irc: Read error: Operation timed out
[17:05] robert___ (442790ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
[17:06] <Zuph> NigeyS: Thought you had a wedding to watch, not a shuttle :-p
[17:07] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-233-149.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:08] <SamSilver> NigeyS next attempt Sunday
[17:09] <NigeyS> Zuph, pffffff lol been up a hill most of the day !
[17:09] <fsphil> me up a mountain playing radio: http://i.imgur.com/Rrqsr.jpg
[17:09] <NigeyS> SamSilver, that sux :(
[17:10] <SamSilver> no time like the present hey?
[17:10] <NigeyS> oh phil, the antenna i built for ats-1 .. matt put it on the swr .. 1:2
[17:10] robert___ (442790ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[17:10] <fsphil> not too bad
[17:10] <Zuph> That ain't no mountain :-p
[17:11] <SamSilver> do tell more about the pole please
[17:11] <SamSilver> the big black pole
[17:11] <NigeyS> Zuph, fsphil ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-YFqdPSNDk
[17:11] <NigeyS> :D:D
[17:11] <fsphil> It's a mountain in my books :) I wouldn't want to walk up it that's for sure
[17:11] <fsphil> SamSilver, it's a fishing pole
[17:11] <fsphil> 10m long, although I had it shorted a bit there
[17:12] <SamSilver> wow I am a big time fisherman but I never seen a pole that long
[17:13] <fsphil> nice, very similar location to here
[17:13] <fsphil> the static was exactly what I was hearing too
[17:13] <NigeyS> yups, we were just under 300m up
[17:13] <fsphil> this was slightly over 300m I think
[17:13] <fsphil> the peak of that mountain is just over 500m I think
[17:14] <NigeyS> i think those tv antennas, and power lines didnt help much
[17:14] <fsphil> there's a mast on the peak of this one, but it's fairly well hidden by the hill behind me
[17:14] <fsphil> I don't know if that would help though
[17:14] <fsphil> there was an occasional burst of noise moving up the band every 2 minutes or so
[17:15] <NigeyS> thats what we got
[17:15] <NigeyS> and it was bang on every 2 minutes
[17:15] <fsphil> the other amateur I met mentioned the same thing
[17:15] <fsphil> right, dinner time.. bbl!
[17:15] <NigeyS> odd.. still.. was a nice trip, have to try again soon!
[17:15] <fsphil> definitely
[17:16] <fsphil> will have a better radio then :)
[17:16] <fsphil> the batteries didn't seem to work as well as I'd hoped
[17:16] <NigeyS> meh dam :(
[17:16] <fsphil> possibly a faulty charger, will check
[17:16] <fsphil> Would have been a good day to bring up a solar panel
[17:16] <NigeyS> oh aye definately
[17:16] <fsphil> but still, my first HF contact :) even if it was brief and pre-arranged
[17:17] <NigeyS> haha was worth the effort!
[17:17] <SamSilver> shuuu you guys some hot sheep over there!
[17:18] <NigeyS> haha we were tallking to them, and when we baaaaa'd they starred at us with a "stfu" kinda look :(
[17:18] <SamSilver> lol
[17:18] <fsphil> well no wonder the guy in Australia heard my 500mw signal, look at his setup: http://www.vk2krr.com/
[17:19] <NigeyS> bloody hell
[17:19] <Zuph> Crikey
[17:19] <cuddykid> just got back from an empty maplins, got a little toggle switch so if a stranger finds the payload they don't have to be deafened by the shrieking buzzer lol!
[17:20] <cuddykid> wow fsphil that is one setup!
[17:20] <SamSilver> wow
[17:20] <fsphil> tis a beastie
[17:20] <fsphil> he heard my signal and I heard his
[17:20] <NigeyS> thats what you call an antenna!
[17:20] <cuddykid> incredible
[17:21] <fsphil> though he was using 5 watts
[17:21] <cuddykid> bet those hills around would help with the signal too (I'm thinking like a satellite dish thing!)
[17:21] <fsphil> right, food
[17:21] <cuddykid> fsphil, was that on 434mhz?
[17:21] <NigeyS> hf
[17:22] <NigeyS> im guessing 10 or 20m
[17:22] <cuddykid> cool
[17:25] <SamSilver> oooh drool > http://www.vk2krr.com/shack_photos.htm
[17:26] <hibby> don't think mrs hibby would appreciate that, lol
[17:29] <SamSilver> you could put some doillies on the power supplies
[17:29] <SamSilver> and paint the rack a nice lime green
[17:30] <SamSilver> should not affect reception too much
[17:31] slothearn (~euclid@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:31] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) joined #highaltitude.
[17:32] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@ left irc: Quit: Bye
[17:33] <hibby> hahah
[17:38] <griffonbot> @stacstation: Fu-sen High Altitude Balloon launch by @UniStrathclyde students last week: http://youtu.be/H76e_ddwHWo tracked at STAC #arhab #ukhas [http://twitter.com/stacstation/status/64020858791923712]
[17:39] futurity (~anonymous@cpc29-cmbg15-2-0-cust249.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:42] <fsphil> cuddykid, 20m
[17:43] <hibby> video's nice :)
[17:43] <fsphil> 17063 km
[17:45] <mixio> Zuph: http://forums.netduino.com/index.php?/topic/467-honeywell-hih-4030-humidity-sensor/
[17:45] <mixio> code for 3v3
[17:45] <mixio> is it correct?
[17:46] <Zuph> mixio: I'm not well versed in .net, and I don't have time to verify their math right now, but it looks sane.
[17:48] <mixio> that code prints me: Humidity: 12108
[17:48] <mixio> wtf!
[17:48] <hibby> mixio: the best you can do is test it and see how your results correlate to the truth
[17:48] gb73d (gb73d@81-178-182-221.dsl.pipex.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:48] <mixio> i have no other humidity sensor here
[17:49] <cuddykid> thanks fsphil
[17:49] <imrcly> tv
[17:49] <hibby> mixio: tried running it on 5v to see what the results are in different experimental situations and calculating the offset?
[17:56] <Dan-K2VOL> well, I think you can calculate relative humidity of at least 100% by having a closed vessel and a thermometer,
[17:57] <mixio> i gues in my room humidity is 12%
[17:57] <Dan-K2VOL> some sort of reference should be able to be established by a physical setup, then as you adjust temperature fromthe reference temp your rel humidity will be affected predictably?
[17:57] <Dan-K2VOL> not sure
[17:57] <Dan-K2VOL> that's very dry
[17:57] <Dan-K2VOL> is your nose bleeding?
[17:57] <Dan-K2VOL> :-P j/k
[17:57] <mixio> lola
[17:57] <Dan-K2VOL> it may be a valid reading
[18:01] <mixio> some station nearby has 41%
[18:01] <mixio> i now get -14
[18:01] <mixio> could be 41 !
[18:01] <mixio> some station nearby has 47%
[18:01] <SpeedEvil> Getaclosedvessel with water in it, humidity will rapidly hit 100%
[18:03] futurity (~anonymous@cpc29-cmbg15-2-0-cust249.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: futurity
[18:04] <mixio> and i get barometric pressure of 995mb
[18:04] <mixio> i live high!
[18:04] <hibby> pressure sounds within the right region.
[18:04] <SamSilver> lol
[18:05] <SamSilver> sea level 1013.7mb
[18:05] <SamSilver> I think > am I close?
[18:05] <hibby> varies with weather, however, no?
[18:06] <BrainDamage> yup it does
[18:07] <SpeedEvil> And altitude
[18:07] <SamSilver> hibby if you are flying then flight levels are set using 1014mb > "I think" if memory serves me right
[18:07] <SamSilver> speed will give us the right answer
[18:07] <SamSilver> speedevil
[18:08] <hibby> ah, right... just to have a constant datum
[18:08] <SamSilver> so mixio is under water or in a very low preasure zone
[18:09] <SamSilver> pressure
[18:09] <hibby> lol
[18:09] BrainDamage (BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-233-149.clienti.tiscali.it) left #highaltitude ("Leaving.").
[18:10] <SamSilver> [20:04] <mixio> and i get barometric pressure of 995mb
[18:10] <SamSilver> but yet still very dry at 14% humidity
[18:10] <SpeedEvil> Also you can measure humiditywitht eh dew point
[18:11] <SpeedEvil> Take a smooth ass bottle, and then whenthetemperature of the surface of thebootle falls below the dew point, you get condensation.
[18:11] <SpeedEvil> glass
[18:12] <mixio> it is something stupid
[18:12] <mixio> im sure
[18:12] <SamSilver> "smooth ass" sounds like I am on the wrong irc
[18:12] <Dan-K2VOL> haha
[18:13] <mixio> the sensor pads on the pcb are burned out because of my still bad soldering
[18:13] <mixio> it could be false reading
[18:13] <SamSilver> mixio or your room is water proof
[18:13] <mixio> it is
[18:13] <SpeedEvil> Also - an open dish of 100% sulphuric acid will in a container absorb all water.
[18:14] <SpeedEvil> And make the humidity approximately 0.
[18:15] AL0I_Todd (b8274bef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
[18:15] <SamSilver> @ 0% humidity it would be dangerous to take one's pants of because of the static electircity!!!!
[18:16] <mixio> at least i have most of the flight working: http://pastebin.com/nT06BF1U
[18:16] <mixio> at least i have most of the flight system working: http://pastebin.com/nT06BF1U
[18:22] imrcly (~tim@74-128-123-149.dhcp.insightbb.com) left irc: Quit: leaving
[18:27] Action: mixio must go out, drink some booze :o
[18:27] <mixio> cya
[18:27] mixio (m1x10@ppp046176165086.dsl.hol.gr) left irc: Quit: If you run you only gonna die tired
[18:27] <fsphil> lovely evening here
[18:27] <NigeyS> wb phil
[18:28] <fsphil> looking well NigeyS!
[18:28] <NigeyS> :D
[18:28] <fsphil> so what was matts opinion on your soldering? :)
[18:28] <NigeyS> needs practice...lol
[18:28] <NigeyS> just gonna hook the ftdi up and test the temp sensors
[18:29] <NigeyS> its nice and modular to
[18:29] <NigeyS> hence the headers
[18:29] kc2zrc (442790ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #highaltitude.
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[18:39] <SamSilver> bbl Thanx 41 da fun byeeee
[18:39] <SamSilver> *4
[18:39] SamSilver (c5af8b69@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
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[19:13] <Randomskk> Laurenceb: http://hackaday.com/2011/04/29/mini-quadrocopter-is-crazy-awesome D:
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[19:23] <fsphil> Ain't these exactly the same psu?: http://www.radioworld.co.uk/catalog/palstar-ps30m-30amp-power-supply-unit-p-542.html vs. http://www.radioworld.co.uk/catalog/mydel-mp925-linear-2530a-138vdc-p-6129.html
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[19:35] <imrcly> Zuph: http://hackaday.com/2011/04/29/mini-quadrocopter-is-crazy-awesome/
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[19:43] <eroomde> keng: are you having connection issues?
[19:43] <eroomde> it's a little spammy on the screen, that's all
[19:44] <russss> ah. Here's your problem. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1909920/apu-heater-diagram.jpg
[19:44] <keng> eroomde: sorry. opening/closing laptop's lid caused that.
[19:45] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[19:47] <eroomde> keng: not to worry
[19:50] keng (~keng@ left irc: Quit: keng
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[19:53] <Zuph> russss: It's all so clear now!
[19:54] <russss> it's amazing how much circuitry they have to just run a couple of heaters.
[19:54] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[19:54] <russss> and there's one instance of those for each of the 3 APUs
[19:56] <russss> of course if the shuttle didn't need to FLY as a PLANE it wouldn't need a hydraulic system!
[19:58] <SpeedEvil> And theneed for RCS goesdown a bit too.
[19:58] <SpeedEvil> As I understand a large fraction of that sizing is for the ability to aid in control in the upper atmosphere.
[19:59] <Zuph> A large fraction of most things on the shuttle are due to the fly as a plane bit :(
[19:59] <russss> I wonder if there would be a better way of providing hydraulic power for the shuttle these days.
[19:59] <Zuph> I reckon that most of those big heavy wings are due to that design requirement as well.
[19:59] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) joined #highaltitude.
[20:00] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[20:00] <russss> ah the APUs also provide power for the SSME gimbal system
[20:00] <russss> "On STS-9, two of Columbia's APUs caught fire, but the craft landed successfully."
[20:00] <russss> this I did not know.
[20:00] <Zuph> Good thing they installed 3 of them
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[20:40] <mattltm-mob> Hi all.
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[20:42] <mattltm-mob> NigeyS: home mate.
[20:43] <Upu> evening
[20:46] smea (~smealum@89-156-20-102.rev.numericable.fr) joined #highaltitude.
[20:50] <Zuph> Alright, got this STM32 to blink!
[20:50] BrainDamage (~BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-233-149.clienti.tiscali.it) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:51] <SAIDias> Going to begin Comm Checks, listen live here: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?feedId=7739
[20:51] Nick change: SAIDias -> W0OTM
[20:52] <Laurenceb> Randomskk: nice, i remewber you suggested using a pcb as the frame
[20:52] <Laurenceb> no gps tho
[20:52] <Laurenceb> or magnetometer
[20:53] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: I have a comment on those topics awaiting moderation
[20:54] <Laurenceb> use of DC motors in interesting
[20:54] <Laurenceb> -brushed
[20:56] <Laurenceb> i was wondering about trying to do a really small winged uav using the dactyl board
[20:56] <futurity> Hi, I was wondering if there are any problems using telescopic fibre glass poles to mount light aerials on?
[20:56] <Laurenceb> as it has a brushed esc built in
[20:56] <NigeyS> oioi mattltm-mob
[20:57] <mattltm-mob> hey dude.
[20:58] <NigeyS> traffic ok on the way back ?
[21:00] <Laurenceb> not sure what the airframe would look like tho - i kind of screwed up with the fsa03, as the pcb always has to be mounted with the ant up
[21:00] <mattltm-mob> fine mate. bedtime now though!
[21:00] <NigeyS> aye bet ya shattered, cheers for the help today etc, appreciated :D
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[21:35] <W0OTM> well.....
[21:35] <W0OTM> systems are a go....but weather might not be
[21:40] <SpeedEvil> Random - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00b1p28/Small_Gods_Episode_1/
[21:41] <SpeedEvil> Pratchett - Small Gods - on BBC iplayer
[21:42] Action: fsphil just finished Tron Legacy - wish Daft Punk would do more soundtracks :)
[21:46] <hibby> hahah
[21:46] <griffonbot> @Ernestofpp: RT @W0OTM: Made final adjustments to the iHAB-4 payload today. Tomorrow will be final systems tests and go/nogo decision. #arhab #hamradio [http://twitter.com/Ernestofpp/status/64083170424926208]
[21:46] <hibby> it's a brilliant music video, that, eh?
[21:47] LazyLeopard (~irc-clien@chocky.demon.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[21:48] <griffonbot> @W0OTM: iHAB System test completed successfully, Comm check good as well. Watching the weather but preparing to launch on schedule. #arhab #hamradio [http://twitter.com/W0OTM/status/64083712010235904]
[21:50] <griffonbot> @stacstation: FU-SEN High Altitude Balloon Launch by @UniStrathclyde students last week now in hd http://youtu.be/tLj1vKhpeB8#arhab #ukhas tracked by us! [http://twitter.com/stacstation/status/64084262260969472]
[21:52] <fsphil> lol yea
[21:52] <fsphil> nice of Disney to make it for them
[21:53] <fsphil> twas a pretty decent movie too .. nothing earth shattering, but I wasn't disappointed
[21:56] <hibby> aye
[21:56] <hibby> i was keen to see it in 3d when it was rereleased a few weeks ago, but my friends are crap, lol
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[22:06] <hibby> I hear an ISS
[22:07] <fsphil> drat again, I've got everything in a box from the /P session
[22:13] <MrCraig> nighters :)
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[22:16] <Darkside> hibby: ooh
[22:16] <Darkside> what frequency is it broadcasting stuff on atm?
[22:17] <hibby> 145.825
[22:17] <Darkside> whats it broadcasting?
[22:17] <Darkside> is this the beacon thing?
[22:17] <Darkside> the Arissat
[22:18] <hibby> nah, is the digipeater/bbs on board, as usual
[22:18] <Darkside> ahh ok
[22:23] <fsphil> arissat is being launched in a few months time I thnks
[22:23] <fsphil> assuming the battery isn't dead
[22:23] BrainDamage (BrainDama@dynamic-adsl-94-36-233-149.clienti.tiscali.it) left #highaltitude ("Leaving.").
[22:24] <Darkside> it was meant to be running on the ISS
[22:24] <Darkside> but yeah, the battery died apparently
[22:25] <fsphil> there's actually two rigs on the station now, a new one was added this week
[22:25] <hibby> orly?
[22:25] <fsphil> yar, in one of the american segments
[22:26] <fsphil> http://www.southgatearc.org/news/april2011/new_iss_ham_station.htm
[22:26] <fsphil> I wonder if this means packet and voice will happen at the same time
[22:29] <fsphil> I just remembered the fcd can receive the iss, don't need the rig. meh
[22:29] <hibby> now that we have set handover dats for the satellite station here, I'm actually having to look at getting my own rig again
[22:30] <hibby> and moving flat for 100% better radio... ground floor of a city centre building isn't ideal.
[22:30] <fsphil> I can imagine
[22:30] <fsphil> you getting a top floor?
[22:30] <hibby> if I bother to upgrade my license, I'll just move to high-power 70cm+ and hope that i can penetrate anything, lol
[22:30] <fsphil> haha
[22:31] <hibby> Dunno. Friend has a top floor flat in one of the less-central areas, but it adds 25mins into my daily walk, and for all the radio activity there is around here...
[22:31] <fsphil> yea
[22:32] <hibby> I'm not a big fan of talking on VHF/UHF... the chat's a bit, umm, beige.
[22:32] <fsphil> I've done it once, probably never again
[22:32] <hibby> hahah
[22:32] <fsphil> I likes my digital modes
[22:32] <hibby> indeed.
[22:32] <fsphil> I send some sstv on 2m once in a while, hoping someone replies
[22:33] <fsphil> enjoyed doing the HF stuff today
[22:33] <fsphil> even though only matt heard me, and then only just
[22:33] Action: fsphil needs more power!
[22:35] <hibby> I'm due to have a 2m0 test soon
[22:35] <hibby> and after that it's a hop-skip-jump to mm0, just need to bother to do it.
[22:35] <fsphil> ooh gluck
[22:36] <fsphil> I've more or less given up on the sorta-local club doing the advanced
[22:36] <fsphil> will have to try some of the others
[22:39] <SpeedEvil> http://science.slashdot.org/story/11/04/29/2124214/Mystery-Air-Crash-Black-Box-Found-Sans-Memory-Part
[22:40] Action: SpeedEvil idly wonderswhy they don't now mandate something better.
[22:40] <SpeedEvil> You could do very useful crash investigation results from a 2cc little box these days.
[22:45] <Laurenceb> http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=2115200&cid=35980302
[22:46] <Laurenceb> so many conspiracies in one post
[22:54] <fsphil> swr meter, worth having? the radios all seem to have it built in these days
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[23:17] <Lunar_Lander> hello!
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