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[00:21] <Professor> howdy all
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[00:25] <simhed> howdy Professor
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[07:29] <jcoxon> morning all
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[07:30] <jonsowman> morning
[07:30] <m1x10> morning mate :)
[07:38] <jcoxon> eek juxta's launch tomorrow is at 12:00 ACST (UTC+9:30)
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[07:38] <jonsowman> :\
[07:38] <jonsowman> convenient
[07:39] <m1x10> :):)
[07:40] <m1x10> I was using nice SoftwareSerial. Now I have changed to NewSoftSerial and everything gets messy.
[07:40] <m1x10> Maybe I should stay on SoftwareSerial.
[07:40] <jcoxon> newsoftserial is better
[07:40] <jcoxon> once you fix your issues
[07:44] <m1x10> Does NewSoft holds any characters in some internal buffer?
[07:44] <jcoxon> not sure - i use the hardware serial for everything
[07:45] <m1x10> I keep the hardware serial for uploading the code to the mC
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[07:46] <m1x10> I have an arduino with a GSM module on top of arduino, and a GPS module on top of GSM.
[07:48] <jcoxon> thats a lot of stacking
[07:49] <m1x10> it fits nice
[07:49] <m1x10> :)
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[08:04] <jcoxon> morning eroomde
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[09:21] <jcoxon> uhoh my email has made it to southgate arc
[09:23] <russss> heh
[09:29] <fsphil> Hellschreiber is pretty novel
[09:29] <jcoxon> well its been used on lots of balloons in the states
[09:30] <fsphil> Ah, didn't know that. I thought this was the first time
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[09:45] <juxta_> hey all
[09:45] <juxta_> ping jcoxon
[09:46] <jcoxon> hey
[09:46] <juxta_> how'
[09:46] <juxta_> how's things?*
[09:47] <jcoxon> good thanks
[09:47] <jcoxon> just testing ballast tanks
[09:47] <juxta_> :)
[09:47] <jcoxon> as in just add 20000 to the altitude internally to simulate altitude :-p
[09:47] <juxta_> hehe
[09:47] <jcoxon> so its currently at 20020m :-p
[09:48] <jcoxon> juxta_, will you be using dl-fldigi r85 or the latest?
[09:48] <jcoxon> as there is a slight difference in how they report the time (r85 uses local, 110+ uses gmt)
[09:48] <jcoxon> so stations may not appear on the map
[09:49] <juxta_> I did some testing today and realised that my carrier shift was way out, it turns out I replaced a 5v regulator with a 3.3v reg in my tiredness last night
[09:50] <jcoxon> eek
[09:50] <juxta_> anyway - will be using r85 jcoxon, because of the crash on startup - we're pretty much assured to *not* have an internet connection the whole time
[09:51] <jcoxon> could you open up your dl-fldigi for me
[09:51] <jcoxon> so i could set it up to show older stations
[09:51] <juxta_> sure
[09:52] <juxta_> one moment
[09:52] <fsphil> jcoxon, is your webcam still setup on the linux box?
[09:52] <jcoxon> yeah
[09:53] <fsphil> would you mind sending me a raw frame from the camera? (needs a small patch to fswebcam)
[09:53] <jcoxon> sure
[09:54] <fsphil> patch -> http://www.sanslogic.co.uk/files/fswebcam-dump.diff
[09:54] <fsphil> it fools it into thinking it can handle the compressed format
[09:54] <fsphil> you'll get a blank image, but you can use the --dumpframe <name> option to dump the raw data.
[09:56] <jcoxon> i haven't applied a patch in years
[09:56] <juxta_> jcoxon: opened
[09:58] <fsphil> hehe, nor me - I just had to double check I remember the command: $ patch -Np1 < ../fswebcam-dump.diff
[09:59] <jcoxon> hmmm it segfaulted
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[09:59] <rharrison> .
[09:59] <jcoxon> fsphil, using fswebcam --device /dev/video0 --dumpframe test.raw
[10:00] <jcoxon> but did make a test.raw file
[10:00] <fsphil> what size?
[10:00] <jcoxon> du says 52
[10:01] <jcoxon> fsphil, http://pegasus4.no-ip.org/webcam/test.raw.gz
[10:01] <fsphil> that's probably about right
[10:01] <jcoxon> morning rharrison
[10:01] <rharrison> morning jcoxon
[10:01] <fsphil> thanks jcoxon
[10:02] <rharrison> Just got back from doing a HAB talk in assembly
[10:03] <rharrison> 200 happy 8-10 yearolds
[10:03] <juxta_> good work rharrison
[10:03] <rharrison> I have left them the pictures to look over
[10:03] <fsphil> angry mob? :
[10:03] <rharrison> hehe no they loved it
[10:03] <rharrison> They have just been doing about space in the class room
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[10:04] <juxta_> we have a stall at a science fair here soon - going to have lots of bristlebots and the like, plus the balloon stuff too
[10:04] <jcoxon> juxta_, no lat and lon!
[10:04] <jcoxon> of course it won't show up
[10:04] <juxta_> jcoxon: oh whoops, my mistake
[10:04] <jcoxon> :-p
[10:04] <juxta_> sorry, let me fix that
[10:05] <jcoxon> rharrison, bh5 rigged
[10:05] <jcoxon> http://www.flickr.com/photos/jcoxon77/4768947356/in/set-72157624376182662/
[10:07] <juxta_> jcoxon: reopened
[10:08] <rharrison> Very nice pics jcoxon
[10:08] <rharrison> That looks to be a large chute above the ballast container
[10:08] <rharrison> Whats your weight all in
[10:09] <jcoxon> its teh same chute as last time
[10:09] <jcoxon> its about 1.4kg in total
[10:09] <jcoxon> just about to reweigh after this test
[10:09] <rharrison> Is that fully loaded with .5kg ballast
[10:09] <jcoxon> yes
[10:10] <rharrison> I'm guessing the balast weight
[10:10] <jcoxon> well .45kg
[10:10] <jcoxon> 500mls of ethanol
[10:10] <rharrison> 500ml?
[10:10] <rharrison> hhe
[10:11] <juxta_> jcoxon: may I clear the tracker tomorrow morning before we launch?
[10:11] <jcoxon> sure
[10:11] <jcoxon> do you know how?
[10:11] <juxta_> yep
[10:12] <juxta_> not sure about editing the title though?
[10:12] <jcoxon> thats done already
[10:12] <juxta_> oh right, cheers :)
[10:13] <juxta_> okie doke, im going to head home and replace that vreg
[10:13] <juxta_> back in a while
[10:16] <fsphil> timezones are fun .. is juxta_'s flight tonight or tomorrow night UK-wise?
[10:16] <jcoxon> it'll be tonight
[10:16] <jcoxon> well 03 tomorrow morning
[10:16] <jcoxon> BST +8:30hrs
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[10:18] <jcoxon> beacon still going
[10:20] <fsphil> 9 days? wow
[10:20] <jcoxon> i actually think i might have started it a day later
[10:20] <jcoxon> so 8 i reckon
[10:20] <jcoxon> fsphil, did the raw file work?
[10:21] <m1x10> Im sure NewSoftSerial holds an internal cilcular buffer. It drives me crazy.
[10:21] <fsphil> not sure yet, just back from tea break :)
[10:21] <m1x10> jcoxon, do u want to see my output on pastebin ?
[10:22] <jcoxon> m1x10, i've never used it
[10:22] <jcoxon> best speak with juxta where he is around
[10:22] <m1x10> ok thx
[10:39] <fsphil> jcoxon, what was the resolution of that raw capture?
[10:51] <jcoxon> Adjusting resolution from 384x288 to 352x288.
[10:54] <rharrison> Advanced exam results due out today / tomorrow
[10:54] <rharrison> Fingers X'ed
[10:55] <rharrison> jcoxon, you launching thursday then
[10:55] <rharrison> Some how I thought Friday
[10:56] <jcoxon> fri
[10:56] <jcoxon> wherer has thurs come from?
[10:58] <jcoxon> as you are the second to ask that
[10:58] <rharrison> jcoxon: may I clear the tracker tomorrow morning before we launch?
[10:59] <rharrison> I guess that is juxta launching then and not managing the tracker for your launch :)
[10:59] <jcoxon> yeah
[10:59] <jcoxon> eek just got a bill from npower for 1061 pounds
[10:59] <rharrison> My mistake Doh!
[11:00] <jcoxon> i misread the meter apparently
[11:00] <jcoxon> all sorted
[11:00] <rharrison> Blimy how big is your soldering iron
[11:00] <rharrison> We didn't pay for power for two years as a student
[11:01] <jcoxon> hehe
[11:01] <rharrison> Just paid the Elec. Co. when they realised and we were at work. Came to 200 pounds for 2 years iirc
[11:01] <jcoxon> today is admin day
[11:01] <rharrison> I need an admin month
[11:01] <jcoxon> hehe
[11:01] <jcoxon> i'm making good progress
[11:02] <jcoxon> just had to order a self-inking stamp for when i start
[11:02] <rharrison> Are you officially a Dr now?
[11:02] <jcoxon> it comes with a cord to attach it to your belt
[11:02] <rharrison> hehe
[11:02] <jcoxon> its not cool at all
[11:02] <jcoxon> indeed i am
[11:02] <jcoxon> my GMC number came through this week - so i have a licence to practice
[11:02] <rharrison> Congratulations !!!!
[11:02] <jcoxon> well a provisional licence
[11:04] <rharrison> Hum I can only find Dr Laura James Coxon (You havent had a sex change have you?)
[11:04] <rharrison> ;-)
[11:05] <rharrison> Laura Jane even
[11:05] <jcoxon> hehe they haven't updated their register yet
[11:05] <jcoxon> i assume as they've got a lot to add to the list
[11:05] <rharrison> Yep not time to be in A&E in august
[11:06] <jcoxon> you won't see me working there
[11:06] <rharrison> Best advise I think I have heard is listen to the nurses
[11:06] <rharrison> I might be going to Uganda for a HAB launch next yea
[11:06] <rharrison> r
[11:06] <jcoxon> uganada?
[11:06] <jcoxon> uganda*
[11:06] <rharrison> Yep
[11:06] <jcoxon> with who - that sounds very exciting!
[11:06] <m1x10> Africa bombatsa !
[11:07] <rharrison> To help some kids out there do something a bit different
[11:07] <jcoxon> wow
[11:07] <jcoxon> charity? or science
[11:07] <jcoxon> ?
[11:07] <m1x10> really exciting
[11:07] <fsphil> that's about as different as you could possibly get. great idea!
[11:08] <rharrison> Charity and fun they are based in Kampala
[11:08] <rharrison> I'm going to try to get Farnell to fund the launch and flights
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[11:08] <rharrison> I'm happy to pay half
[11:09] <jcoxon> that is exciting
[11:09] Action: jcoxon is a bit jealous
[11:09] <fsphil> need any help? :)
[11:10] <rharrison> It fits in nicely with taking this to the scientists of tomorrow
[11:10] <jcoxon> yeah
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[11:12] <rharrison> Plus the kids out there have dreams that rarely get realised
[11:13] <jcoxon> indeed
[11:14] <rharrison> I'm going to be fleshing this out over the next few months so will keep you updates
[11:14] <rharrison> d
[11:17] <jcoxon> having contacts out there via the charity will really help
[11:19] <rharrison> jcoxon, just sent you the email that kicked the idea off
[11:19] <rharrison> This was from last april
[11:20] <jcoxon> thats very nice
[11:21] <rharrison> Still waiting for elvington to come through DM is away till next week
[11:21] <rharrison> He did promise for last week
[11:22] <jcoxon> hehe
[11:22] <rharrison> Typical, I have asked for quite alot though. A 24/7 notam for 6 months with unlimited launches
[11:23] <rharrison> With a view to renewing every 6 months whilst needed.
[11:27] <jcoxon> oh well once its in place it'll be easy
[11:28] <jcoxon> well if you need contacts give me a shout - know a few people who know a few people :-p
[11:28] <jcoxon> regarding uganda that is
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[11:34] <rharrison> jcoxon, cool ill let you know how this progesses
[11:34] <rharrison> w
[11:37] <fsphil> jcoxon, can you try git version. has s561 decoder, but will return a greyscale image for now. http://github.com/fsphil/fswebcam
[11:37] <fsphil> the raw file you sent doesn't seem to contain an image - just lines
[11:37] <fsphil> I think I've done something wrong :)
[11:42] <jcoxon> fsphil, okay one sec
[11:42] <jcoxon> jut need to turn on the box
[11:52] <jcoxon> cool juxta your airborne mode setting code works
[11:53] <m1x10> well done juxta
[11:54] <m1x10> jcoxon is there any arduino-like shield for FSA03?
[11:54] <jcoxon> not that i know of
[11:56] <m1x10> At last I got NewSoftSerial working and its pretty cool
[11:57] <m1x10> I also made it send SMS from arduino to my mob
[11:57] <jcoxon> good work
[11:57] <m1x10> and now Im thinking how to make this APRS work
[11:58] <m1x10> should it send an sms when its close to ground (based on alt) ?
[11:58] <m1x10> or give it a timeout period and send sms every time this time is out
[11:58] <jcoxon> i'd go for the timeout
[11:59] <m1x10> but on big heights GSM is not working
[11:59] <jcoxon> as it might be that the gps isn't working
[11:59] <m1x10> I heard that GSM can work up to 600 meters
[11:59] <m1x10> not more
[11:59] <jcoxon> yeah
[11:59] <jcoxon> it just won't be able to send
[12:00] <m1x10> yes
[12:00] <jcoxon> bbl
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[12:00] <fsphil> I believe the gsm towsers send very little power upwards
[12:01] <m1x10> correct
[12:01] <m1x10> they work as ground to ground
[12:01] <fsphil> towsers = towers :)
[12:01] <m1x10> fsphil, how would you make it function?
[12:01] <m1x10> I mean, with a timeout or just when its on ground
[12:02] <m1x10> if u read my lines above you can get to the point
[12:04] <fsphil> Every 10 minutes below 1km might work
[12:05] <m1x10> hmm, but when descending it could make a problem
[12:05] <fsphil> the cirrus guys programmed their phone to reply to an sms message with the gps data
[12:05] <m1x10> hmm
[12:05] <fsphil> it didn't work, but I think it was just a bad phone they used
[12:06] <m1x10> that's nice option
[12:06] amee2k (~thomas@ got netsplit.
[12:06] <m1x10> but I want to keep my GSM-APRS sleeping to save power
[12:06] <m1x10> I must find a way to make it wakeup when it gets an sms
[12:07] <fsphil> wake it up after a set time or altitude
[12:07] Nick change: ms7821 -> jontyw
[12:07] <m1x10> :)
[12:07] <m1x10> Altitude
[12:07] <m1x10> yes
[12:07] <m1x10> good point
[12:08] <fsphil> above 1km there's no point
[12:08] <m1x10> yeah, thats why i want to make it sleep
[12:08] <fsphil> (although, would be an interesting experiment!)
[12:08] <m1x10> hehe
[12:09] <m1x10> "testing GSM availability on high altitudes" :)
[12:09] <m1x10> append it on todo list :)
[12:09] <fsphil> with a small gsm antenna mounted on the bottom to improve signal from the ground
[12:09] Nick change: jontyw -> 45PAASZEX
[12:09] amee2k (~thomas@ returned to #highaltitude.
[12:09] Nick change: 45PAASZEX -> ms7821
[12:09] <m1x10> yes i got such an antenna
[12:12] <m1x10> i can set it in a default altitude of 5km
[12:12] <m1x10> when it exceeds sleep
[12:12] <m1x10> I think 5km is much enough
[12:12] <m1x10> for GSM testing theories :)
[12:12] <m1x10> or
[12:13] <m1x10> GSM after-life theories :)
[12:13] <fsphil> can you query the gsm module, see if it has a signal?
[12:14] <m1x10> yes, sure
[12:14] <m1x10> you can check is the mob is registered to a cell
[12:14] <m1x10> what's the cell's id
[12:14] <m1x10> rx db power
[12:15] <m1x10> many things are supported by AT hayes commands
[12:15] <fsphil> if it has no signal for say 5 minutes then put it to sleep for an hour, then try again
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[13:58] <rharrison> Quiet
[13:59] <juxta> hi all
[14:00] <juxta> jcoxon: good to hear the code works ok :)
[14:01] <juxta> car is rigged up for tomorrow morn
[14:01] <juxta> now just to try squash a bug which has been annoying me since day 1
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[14:28] <juxta> hmm - do dieletrics tend to detune patch antennas if they're in close contact?
[14:28] <juxta> (ie polystyrene)
[14:28] <jcoxon> yes
[14:29] <jcoxon> you need a small gap between
[14:29] <juxta> hmm
[14:29] <juxta> roughly how large jcoxon?
[14:29] <jcoxon> literally a mm or so
[14:29] <SpeedEvil> everthing detunes patch antennas
[14:29] <juxta> oh right, 1mm is easy enough
[14:29] <SpeedEvil> I thought it was ~0.5*wavelenght
[14:29] <SpeedEvil> hm
[14:29] <jcoxon> well it might be that :-p SpeedEvil
[14:29] <SpeedEvil> ...
[14:30] <SpeedEvil> But is that wavelength in air, or wavelength in the dielectric
[14:30] <juxta> in that case it would 1cm+
[14:30] <juxta> I better fix this up, as soon as I put my payload lid on, it loses lock :(
[14:31] <juxta> what about on the sides jcoxon?
[14:31] <jcoxon> same i assume
[14:31] <jcoxon> if you look in the 'cased' patch antennas there is always a small gap
[14:32] <juxta> alright
[14:32] <juxta> i'll make some spacers so the lid doesnt come down right on the patch
[14:32] <m1x10> (Im happy to hear all those small but vital tips)
[14:38] <rharrison> m1x10, it all comes out in the pre-flight checks. If you don't do those thoroughly it can be bad news. I speak from experiance :)
[14:38] <jcoxon> and patience
[14:39] <juxta> hmm
[14:39] <m1x10> :)
[14:39] <juxta> got a gap of about 1cm now, still having a hard time getting lock with the lid on
[14:40] <jcoxon> nothing silly like space blanket on top?
[14:40] <juxta> there's that silver stuff, but it's not metalic from what I can tell
[14:40] <juxta> not conductive certainly
[14:40] <jcoxon> if in doubt...
[14:40] <juxta> heh
[14:41] <juxta> now I wish it wasnt so securely taped down
[14:41] <jcoxon> you using a lassen?
[14:42] <juxta> yep
[14:42] <juxta> okay, it's got to be the silvery stuff
[14:42] <jcoxon> might take a while :-[
[14:43] <juxta> as soon as I lift the lid it gets lock
[14:43] <juxta> annoying. I'll peel it off now I guess
[14:45] <LazyLeopard> Had trouble with GPS in my car; turned out the windscreen had a heat-reflective coating which also did a grand job of stopping the GPSr receiving anything...
[14:46] <juxta> hehe
[14:47] <juxta> ok, let me put the lid, now peeled of its silver coating back on
[14:47] <juxta> yep, that's fixed it
[14:48] <juxta> I'll use duct tape instead
[14:52] <fsphil> rharrison, are you able to script the a560 for manual focus?
[14:53] <jcoxon> hooray for duct tape
[14:54] <fsphil> I've a theory that dark matter is infact duct tape, and it's holding the universe together
[14:55] <m1x10> lol
[14:56] <rharrison> fsphil, no
[14:59] <fsphil> the auto focus must work pretty good then, I always thought you had it on manual to infinity
[15:00] <russss> there's not much else to focus on up there
[15:01] <fsphil> that's true
[15:01] <fsphil> and if there *is*, you'd want it in focus :)
[15:02] <juxta> ok, new lid is in place and seems to be working :)
[15:02] <rharrison> fsphil, I let it do it's business all is set is the setting to manual rather than auto and set flash / display off
[15:02] <rharrison> manual on the A560 is quite auto really
[15:03] <rharrison> It still auto focuses
[15:03] <rharrison> NB turn off all the auto power off options
[15:03] <rharrison> :)
[15:04] <fsphil> haha, yea that's high up on my list of things to check now :)
[15:04] <juxta> jcoxon: my 'non conductive' foil was the issue
[15:05] scottpanton (~scott@CPE-121-214-201-113.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) joined #highaltitude.
[15:05] juxta_ (~blah@ppp59-167-12-31.lns1.syd6.internode.on.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 248 seconds
[15:05] <fsphil> I've basically turned everything off, even the screen. I think I'll have to turn the flash off manually but that's no biggie
[15:09] <fsphil> it's a lovely camera, I've got mixed feeling about sending it away ;)
[15:10] <juxta> hm
[15:10] <juxta> now I'm worried that this silvery foil will interfere with my antenna/ground plane
[15:12] juxta_ (~blah@ppp203-122-193-94.static.internode.on.net) joined #highaltitude.
[15:13] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) joined #highaltitude.
[15:15] <fsphil> wouldn't it help the ground plane?
[15:19] SpeedEvil (~user@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) left irc: Quit: Leaving.
[15:20] SpeedEvil (1000@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[15:26] <juxta> fsphil: yeah, but the ground plane is sort of a couple of cm behind the foil
[15:26] <juxta> if you can picture that
[15:28] <juxta> fsphil: http://bogaurd.net/payload/IMG_3489.jpg
[15:28] <juxta> http://bogaurd.net/payload/IMG_3492.jpg
[15:29] <juxta> you can see the ground plane is partially inside the payload, there's 25mm of foam between it anbd the layer of foil on the underside
[15:30] <juxta> rharrison: do you have that checklist of yours handy? :)
[15:30] <rharrison> juxa one sec
[15:30] <fsphil> aah, I see
[15:32] <fsphil> I wonder if the foil itself might act as a ground plane
[15:33] <rharrison> http://www.robertharrison.org/icarus/wordpress/28/launch-check-list/
[15:33] <juxta> i'm not sure how radio opaque it is
[15:33] <juxta> cheers Rob
[15:34] <rharrison> I tend to be happier with my GPS antenna external
[15:34] <juxta> removed the foil from the top now
[15:34] <juxta> so the GPS actually works :)
[15:34] <rharrison> Is the antenna internal
[15:34] <juxta> yeah
[15:34] <juxta> just below the lid
[15:35] <juxta> we have one chase car starting out at the predicted landing site rharrison, with some luck we might be able to get it on film coming down :)
[15:35] <rharrison> Like I say I'm hapier if it's external
[15:36] <rharrison> juxta, good luck with that
[15:36] <juxta> haha
[15:36] <juxta> yeah, we'll see :P
[15:36] <rharrison> Will take some cool driving
[15:36] <rharrison> I think CUSF has got a pic once doing this
[15:37] <juxta> ok, i better get to bed
[15:37] juxta_ (~blah@ppp203-122-193-94.static.internode.on.net) left irc:
[15:49] <jcoxon> okay my remote station is now alpha complete
[16:00] <fsphil> I've got an idea on how to reduce latency, streaming directly from ices and skipping icecast entirely
[16:00] <jcoxon> yup
[16:01] juxta (fourtytwo@ppp203-122-193-94.static.internode.on.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[16:04] <jcoxon> not sure how that works
[16:05] <fsphil> won't work without modifying ices
[16:08] <jcoxon> flash stream?
[16:08] <jcoxon> would that be easier?
[16:10] <fsphil> not sure, I doubt it
[16:10] <fsphil> have you got vlc?
[16:11] <jcoxon> can install it
[16:13] <jcoxon> use the vlc streaming server?
[16:13] <fsphil> vlc client -- the streaming server hasn't been updated in years
[16:13] <fsphil> there is a way to run it so that is streams to an http port
[16:30] <jcoxon> hehe fsphil got the local repeater
[16:31] <fsphil> vlc alsa:// ":sout=#transcode{acodec=vorb,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:std{access=http,mux=ogg,mime=audio/ogg,dst=}"
[16:32] <jcoxon> okay
[16:32] <fsphil> you'll probably have to tweak it a bit
[16:32] <fsphil> ooh I can hear it
[16:32] Action: LazyLeopard sighs. It seems my local repeater is now streaming to the intartoobs. S'pose I should go listen on air and see what it's done to the traffic...
[16:33] <fsphil> I've never heard anyone on my local 70cm repeater
[16:33] <jcoxon> LazyLeopard, gb3ok
[16:33] <jcoxon> ?
[16:33] <LazyLeopard> Yeah. http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?t=255063
[16:34] <jcoxon> thats what my radio is tuned to right now
[16:35] <LazyLeopard> Listening to the evening "I'm stuck in a jam here..." chatter?
[16:35] jasonb (~jasonb@adsl-66-124-73-250.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[16:36] <russss> hey wtf!
[16:36] <russss> http://gb3ok.com/
[16:36] <russss> that's my photo on the banner
[16:36] <russss> http://www.flickr.com/photos/russss/386032125/
[16:37] <jcoxon> ouch
[16:37] <russss> it's creative commons licensed
[16:37] <russss> and I may have actually put it in the public domain for wikipedia
[16:37] <russss> but it's always a surprise, heh
[16:37] <jcoxon> still polite to ask
[16:38] <LazyLeopard> Good piccie. :)
[16:38] <fsphil> did they give any attribution?
[16:39] <russss> the version on wikimedia commons is attribution licensed too http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:London_skyline_at_night_facing_tower_bridge.jpg
[16:39] <jcoxon> fsphil, http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/vlc/2004-October/009149.html
[16:39] <fsphil> jcoxon, works here
[16:40] <jcoxon> hmmm
[16:40] <LazyLeopard> Yeah. If they've got an attribution anywhere it isn't obvious...
[16:43] <fsphil> I wonder if vlc has a pulseaudio input
[16:43] <jcoxon> fsphil, swapping alsa to oss it seems to work a bit better
[16:43] <jcoxon> [0x91e0208] main access out: creating httpd
[16:43] <jcoxon> [0x91e0f58] mux_ogg mux: Open
[16:43] <jcoxon> and then nothing
[16:43] <jcoxon> wow thats quick
[16:43] <fsphil> that's it streaming
[16:44] Nick change: brennen|out -> brennen
[16:45] <jcoxon> about 10sec delay now
[16:46] <jcoxon> okay put that in
[16:46] <jcoxon> i'll turn the payload on again
[16:46] <fsphil> <10 seconds here
[16:46] <fsphil> more like 4
[16:47] <fsphil> although I broke it :)
[16:47] <jcoxon> nah
[16:48] <jcoxon> working for you?
[16:49] <fsphil> that's it now
[16:49] <fsphil> 4 second delay
[16:49] <jcoxon> that'll do
[16:50] <jcoxon> whats this going to do to my homebroadband uploading eek :-p
[16:50] <fsphil> a bit :)
[16:50] <jcoxon> will it be streaming even when no one is connected?
[16:51] <fsphil> no
[16:51] <fsphil> it would only do that if you where streaming to a remote icecast server
[16:52] <jcoxon> well it won't be that bad then - just need to turn on the linux box
[16:52] <fsphil> you could drop the bitrate by about half I bet
[16:52] <jcoxon> then the radio can be turned on/off and we'll leave the stream in hte background
[16:52] <fsphil> are you using the audio just for a tuning aid, or actual decoding?
[16:53] jasonb (~jasonb@m4a0536d0.tmodns.net) joined #highaltitude.
[16:53] <jcoxon> well hopefully decoding
[16:53] <jcoxon> but not by me
[16:53] <rharrison> by us :)
[16:53] <rharrison> Is this mac based j
[16:53] <jcoxon> basically its another station while i'm up in cambridge launching with my ft817
[16:53] <rharrison> Is this mac based jcoxon
[16:53] <jcoxon> no linux
[16:53] <jcoxon> my mac couldn't hack it
[16:53] <rharrison> Perfect
[16:54] <jcoxon> webcams + macs are evil things
[16:54] <rharrison> Perhaps we can get juxta to roll this out too
[16:54] <fsphil> decoded perfectly this time
[16:54] <rharrison> whats the url
[16:54] <jcoxon> conveniently we know one of the linux webcam software coders...
[16:54] <rharrison> Can I pull at the same time?
[16:54] <fsphil> yep jcoxon, I wanted to port fswebcam to the mac but it made my head explode :)
[16:54] <jcoxon> rharrison, http://pegasus4.no-ip.org/
[16:56] <jcoxon> nice clean decodes for me
[16:56] <fsphil> yes, same here -- I wonder why it wouldn't decode for me earlier
[16:57] <jcoxon> how are you looping it back?
[16:57] <fsphil> I'm on my work machine, it can capture the output
[16:58] <fsphil> ah, one just failed the same way as before
[16:58] <jcoxon> starts decoding then just runs out
[16:58] <jcoxon> yeah i've seen that before
[16:59] <rharrison> I just put a loop cable from Phones to Mic
[16:59] <jcoxon> on mac there is nice software to do that called soundflower
[16:59] <jcoxon> basically it acts a virtual soundcard
[17:00] <fsphil> heh, getting a distance of 6115.1
[17:00] <jcoxon> so you just select that to pipe it to other programs
[17:00] <jcoxon> it'll get a lock in a sec
[17:00] <jcoxon> just moved it to somewhere a bit better
[17:00] <jcoxon> actually one se c
[17:21] cuddykid (~acudworth@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:22] <jcoxon> hooray a lock
[17:25] <cuddykid> Hi all! another question, this time about packaging! what do people use to protect the payload from the temps up there? I was thinking of a thermal blanket but wouldn't that stop the gps signal? (especially as the gps antenna isn't the best around!)
[17:26] <jcoxon> polystyrene is the standard material
[17:27] <rharrison> Personally I have found that a camera keeps the payload just toasty enough. The rest of the guys are keen on the space blankets but each to their own
[17:27] <cuddykid> jcoxon, i've currently got a polystyrene box (from a fish monger!) its only about 15mm thick, would that be adequate?
[17:28] <cuddykid> rharrison, yeah, I'm generating quite a lot of heat from the batteries so hopefully it should keep the temp at a reasonable level
[17:28] <jcoxon> spaceblanket makes it look cool
[17:28] scottpanton (~scott@CPE-121-214-201-113.lns6.fli.bigpond.net.au) left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds
[17:28] <m1x10> its also waterproof
[17:30] <cuddykid> ahh, thats a thought! I never considered waterproofing, but I suppose if I launch on a non rainy day it should be ok
[17:31] <m1x10> if it lands on water?
[17:32] <cuddykid> Hmm, but with my wrapping skills water will probably find someway of seeping in!
[17:32] <jcoxon> the north sea has never given back on of our payloads
[17:33] <fsphil> certain kinds of polystyrene is water proof
[17:33] <jcoxon> they've washed up in europe but only after being terribly corrodded
[17:33] Upu (~Upu@ubn.upuaut.net) joined #highaltitude.
[17:34] <jcoxon> fsphil, vlc was a genius idea - it works so well, not like stupid icecast
[17:35] <fsphil> icecast is alright for distribution, I use it with my webcams :)
[17:35] <jcoxon> hehe
[17:35] <jcoxon> fair enough
[17:35] <jcoxon> okay so thats all ready for use
[17:35] <jcoxon> i've scripted everything to start up as well
[17:35] Action: fsphil is tempted to do something similar with the FT-817, though easier cause I can use hamlib
[17:38] <m1x10> fsphil, it might be waterproof but consider that the payload will hit the water with some considerable strength and might break or open some kind of hole
[17:38] <m1x10> the waterproof blanket can help on this situtation
[17:40] <fsphil> polystyrene is pretty tough, if the landing can break it it would probably tear the blanket too
[17:42] <m1x10> who knows...for me it serves as a general proctetion shield
[17:50] <rharrison> fsphil, there is quite alot you can do directly from the mic port too
[17:50] <rharrison> Let me know how you get on I have the 817 too :)
[17:51] <rharrison> laters all
[17:51] rharrison (~rharrison@gateway.hgf.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[17:53] <m1x10> time for coffee break!! bb all
[17:53] m1x10 (~mixio@ left irc:
[18:01] jasonb (~jasonb@m4a0536d0.tmodns.net) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[18:13] <jcoxon> apologies guys but BallastHalo 5 launch is postponed until saturday
[18:13] <jcoxon> same time and place
[18:13] Action: russss will still be on a boat
[18:13] <jonsowman> jcoxon: this sat?
[18:17] <jonsowman> oh just seen your tweet
[18:17] <jcoxon> yeah need to house hunting
[18:18] <jcoxon> its the only day my housemates can go
[18:18] <jonsowman> ah fair enough :)
[18:18] <jcoxon> and it needs to be sorted
[18:18] <jonsowman> i can imagine
[18:20] <LazyLeopard> Ah. Might even be able to do some tracking on Saturday. ;)
[18:21] MoALTz (~no@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:22] <jcoxon> its going to be a crazy flight
[18:22] <LazyLeopard> ...in between feeding friends. Then again, they're tech-minded friends, so they might even help... ;)
[18:22] <jcoxon> little hope of getting this one back
[18:22] <jcoxon> :-p
[18:22] <LazyLeopard> Where're you expecting it to come down?
[18:24] <jcoxon> all depends on the float
[18:24] <LazyLeopard> Right...
[18:24] <jcoxon> if it floats 2+ hours: http://www.pegasushabproject.org.uk/wiki/doku.php/missions:ballasthalo:ballasthalo5#flight_plan
[18:25] <jcoxon> the more it floats teh futher west it'll go
[18:25] <jcoxon> right bbl
[18:25] jcoxon (~jcoxon@host86-163-59-3.range86-163.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[18:25] <jonsowman> interesting
[18:26] <jonsowman> should be a good flight
[18:26] darknesslord_ (~darknessl@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:26] jasonb (~jasonb@dsl092-009-225.sfo1.dsl.speakeasy.net) joined #highaltitude.
[18:54] <griffonbot> @apex_ii: Uplink working! Controlled cutdown system tested and working #apexhab #ukhas [http://twitter.com/apex_ii/status/17967330932]
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[19:17] Upu (~Upu@ubn.upuaut.net) joined #highaltitude.
[19:34] G8KHW (~Steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:46] <G8KHW> what do peeps compile & make dl-fldigi with for windows? gcc?
[19:53] Hiena (~Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:03] Jasperw (~jasperw@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:07] <DanielRichman> G8KHW: hold a sec, I know the answer but am eating
[20:07] <DanielRichman> We use MINGW gcc cross compile from Linux (Ubuntu) to win32
[20:07] <DanielRichman> http://github.com/danielrichman/dl-fldigi-windows-build
[20:08] <DanielRichman> that needs refactoring & work but works (I think :P)
[20:09] simhed (~lonek@host86-176-195-49.range86-176.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[20:09] <DanielRichman> we release win32 binaries anyway. I have the deps compiled from that link above so can run a new build in ~5mins for you if you want
[20:12] <G8KHW> thanks - i'll fire up the linux box - I'm doing some hacks to the code to add slant distance and angle to the display - so wanted to re-compile
[20:13] <G8KHW> so I might as well comple the linux version anyway
[20:20] <Randomskk> so guys
[20:20] <Randomskk> I have this
[20:20] <Randomskk> http://www.celestron.com/c3/product.php?ProdID=413
[20:21] <Randomskk> the telescope can be removed from the mount very easily, and the mount is fully motorised and has an rj11 jack labelled AUX
[20:21] <Randomskk> further, the comm protocol doc from that page says 9600n1 and lists a "goto azm-alt" command
[20:26] <G8KHW> I think the key (for HAB tracking) is if you can get it into alt/az mode - and then if you can specify Alt/Az slew rates
[20:26] <Randomskk> it has slew commands
[20:27] <Randomskk> but it seems I'd be better just updating the point
[20:27] <Randomskk> the balloons don't move at constant... something
[20:27] <Randomskk> they're not in orbit, in other words
[20:27] <Randomskk> however it can slew
[20:28] <Randomskk> you can also tell it where it is, lat/lon/time, and it'l use that to point at celestial objects
[20:28] simhed_ (~simhed@host81-139-145-43.in-addr.btopenworld.com) left irc:
[20:28] <Randomskk> wondering if it's worth me hacking something together
[20:29] <G8KHW> I think you will need to calcualte the current slew based on the previous and current position
[20:29] <Randomskk> oh true
[20:29] <Randomskk> so you could slew between position updates?
[20:29] <G8KHW> (turn off tracking)
[20:29] <G8KHW> yes
[20:29] <Randomskk> why not just point at the last known position, then repoint when you get a new position?
[20:29] <Randomskk> given as positions are a few seconds apart and how little it moves across the sky in that time
[20:29] <G8KHW> yeah - I looked at this in detail a few minths ago -
[20:29] <Randomskk> ah, okay
[20:30] <G8KHW> months
[20:30] <Randomskk> I have literally just thought of this today while looking at my telescope
[20:30] <Randomskk> so will defer to your experience if you think slew will be needed
[20:30] <G8KHW> well certainly close up
[20:30] <G8KHW> pehaps less at distance
[20:30] <Randomskk> I need to work out where to place it really
[20:31] <Randomskk> not got anywhere particularly excellent
[20:31] <Randomskk> hmm
[20:31] <Randomskk> shed roof maybe
[20:33] Simon-MPFH (~simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Leaving
[20:34] <G8KHW> When I looked at it it only seemed the more expensive drives did what we need - the others either didn't support Alt/Az or slewed at fixed rates
[20:35] <G8KHW> iOptron looked to be an option(sic)
[20:35] <Randomskk> looks like this one can only slew at fixed rates actually, 4d/s, 2d/s, 1d/s, 0.5d/s, "32x", 16x, 4x, 4x, 2x
[20:35] <Randomskk> I wonder if I have the hardware to get it hooked up, anyway
[20:35] <Randomskk> hmmm
[20:36] <G8KHW> well if you have it its certainly worth a play
[20:36] <Randomskk> all this is only valid once it's "aligned" anyway
[20:36] <Randomskk> I was thinking I'd have to use a compass and accel to get the data
[20:36] <Randomskk> but it doesn't look like I get that level of control on the motors anyway
[20:37] <Randomskk> oh, bugger, I don't actually have my radio so can't track on saturday anyway
[20:37] <G8KHW> I was going to buy one - so I wanted to get one that was right
[20:37] <G8KHW> :-(
[20:37] <Randomskk> :(
[20:37] <Randomskk> I may see if I can get the thing moving under computer control though
[20:37] <Randomskk> for some future time
[20:43] <DanielRichman> you could duct tape it to that portal-turret pellet gun you have Randomskk
[20:43] <Randomskk> DanielRichman: also a tempting option
[20:57] <Randomskk> grrrr
[20:57] <Randomskk> evince is randomly greying out the whole document display
[20:57] <Randomskk> and randomly reveals again
[20:57] <Randomskk> it's super super duper annoying
[21:01] dirkx__ (~dirkx__@host86-172-26-0.range86-172.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:03] <DanielRichman> evince is usually quite nice to me. Evolution is a pita.
[21:04] darknesslord_ (~darknessl@ left irc: Quit: darknesslord_
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[21:11] <Randomskk> evince has been fine until very recently when this started
[21:11] <Randomskk> but this is so so so annoying
[21:11] <Randomskk> and I can stop it by turning off compiz
[21:11] <Randomskk> but damned if I'll do that
[21:12] <DanielRichman> compiz is overrated
[21:13] <Randomskk> metacity or whatever crap it uses otherwise sucks for me
[21:13] <DanielRichman> metacity is fine ;P
[21:13] <Randomskk> for starters alt+tab is broken on it, but more to the point no right click to maximise horizontally or middle click to maximise vertically
[21:13] <Randomskk> no snapping to multiple screen edges
[21:14] <Randomskk> no drawing fire on my screen
[21:14] <DanielRichman> haa
[21:14] <Randomskk> you jest, but that's the best bit
[21:14] <DanielRichman> I suppose I don't like compiz because using fglrx it leaks memory
[21:14] <Randomskk> I'm on fglrx, no problems
[21:14] <DanielRichman> I don't have to use fglrx on metacity :P
[21:15] <DanielRichman> but 10.04 *miiight* have a free full 3d accel driver for my card
[21:15] <DanielRichman> haven't been bothered to upgrade yet
[21:15] <Randomskk> X is using 5.4% ram
[21:15] <Randomskk> more than anything else admittedly but not a big deal
[21:15] <Randomskk> compared to pcscd which uses 3.7 or chrome's 3.3 or banshee's 2
[21:15] <Randomskk> wait chrome is using a lot more
[21:16] <DanielRichman> my X is using 50Mb; Chrome 80Mb but I only have one tab open... and in that one tab 90% of that ram is flash :P
[21:31] <jnd> my X eats 180MiB
[21:34] <jnd> ad metacity: alt-tab and snapping to edges works fine
[21:35] <jnd> but I have other problem, can't compile dl-fldigi
[21:35] <jnd> waterfall/waterfall.cxx:888:41: error: png_infopp_NULL was not declared in this scope
[21:35] <Randomskk> jnd: snapping to multiple display edges?
[21:36] <Randomskk> alt tab obviously should normally work fine but in my case is broken for some reason or other
[21:36] <DanielRichman> jnd: are you compiling a clean copy of dl-fldigi on a linux?
[21:38] <DanielRichman> png_infopp_NULL is defined in png.h:
[21:38] <DanielRichman> #define png_infopp_NULL (png_infopp)NULL
[21:38] <jnd> I have git copy
[21:38] <DanielRichman> that is /usr/include/libpng12/png.h
[21:38] <DanielRichman> do you have libpng installed? are you sure there is not another error previous to that one?
[21:38] <DanielRichman> jnd: what linux distro and what version of libpng?
[21:39] <jnd> just some warnings before that
[21:40] <jnd> arch, libpng 1.4.3
[21:40] <DanielRichman> interesting, I have an earlier version
[21:41] <DanielRichman> you could tyr replacing the single instance of png_infopp_NULL in waterfall.cxx with (png_infopp) NULL
[21:41] <jnd> I found /usr/include/libpng14/png.h
[21:42] <DanielRichman> try running this: daniel@desktop:~$ cd /usr/include/libpng12 && grep png_infopp_NULL *
[21:42] <DanielRichman> * libpng14
[21:42] <DanielRichman> instead of 12
[21:43] <jnd> nothing
[21:44] <DanielRichman> ok just open up waterfall.cxx and replace png_infopp_NULL with simply NULL
[21:44] <DanielRichman> there's only one instance of it
[21:44] <DanielRichman> and see if it compiles]
[21:44] <DanielRichman> meanwhile I'm going to have a look at the libpng git
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[21:49] <jnd> works fine now
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[21:52] <m1x10> hello :)
[21:54] <DanielRichman> $ git diff 115817d118aa6c8ece819d6b9e2b76f37268ce44 7e3a82cd9cdd6b9619a7ababce4f1dadf5e6fbaf png.h | grep infopp_NULL
[21:54] <DanielRichman> -#define png_infopp_NULL (png_infopp)NULL
[21:55] <DanielRichman> looks they simply scrapped that
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[22:42] <fsphil> hmm.. seems nautilus doesn't like a directory with 60,000 jpeg files. who'd have though it
[22:42] <fsphil> +t
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[23:03] <griffonbot> @apex_ii: Successfully transmitting and decoding 300 baud RTTY, pressure & temp sensors on board and working. #apexhab #ukhas [http://twitter.com/apex_ii/status/17984734606]
[23:04] <Randomskk> yay
[23:04] <fsphil> hehe
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[23:20] <earthshine> hey
[23:20] <earthshine> How did the launch go ?
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[23:51] <earthshine> http://tinyurl.com/32jzsd9
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