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[06:03] <juxta> hi natrium42, are you about?
[06:03] <natrium42> hey
[06:03] <juxta> hey there - how's things? :)
[06:04] <natrium42> good, a bit swamped with work
[06:04] <natrium42> how are you?
[06:04] <juxta> not sure if you remember - I sent you a few emails a while ago re HALO2, asking about your SPOT mods etc
[06:04] <natrium42> yah, i remember
[06:04] <juxta> ah cool
[06:07] <juxta> I'm gearing up to launch in the next few days, I was wondering if I shot you an email, could you add some custom fields on the tracker?
[06:09] <juxta> (next few days = whenever I finally get approval)
[06:13] <natrium42> oh, cool
[06:13] <natrium42> which fields?
[06:13] <natrium42> it actually takes variable number of fields now
[06:14] <juxta> natrium42: internal temp, external temp, pressure, humidity, num gps sats
[06:15] <juxta> telemttry format is $$HORUS,ticks,time,lat,long,altitude,speed(km/h),numSats;intTemp;extTemp;pressure;humidity*XORsum
[06:18] <juxta> no rush natrium42, i'll shoot you an email
[06:20] <natrium42> http://domain.com/tracker/track.php?vehicle=halo&time=233720&lat=5142.8844N&lon=00007.1758W&alt=123.9&heading=40&speed=20.5&pass=yourpass&data=numSats=5;intTemp=5;extTemp=5;pressure=5;humidity=5
[06:20] <natrium42> should work right now
[06:20] <juxta> domain.com?
[06:20] <natrium42> the data field takes a variable number of parameters of the form "caption=value"
[06:21] <natrium42> spacenear.us instead of domain.com
[06:21] <natrium42> and i will PM you the password
[06:21] <juxta> ah righto
[06:22] <natrium42> are you using your own script or dl-fldigi?
[06:23] <juxta> dl-fldigi
[06:24] <natrium42> oh, ok
[06:24] <natrium42> best to talk to jcoxon or rjharrison then about setting it up
[06:24] <juxta> alrighty
[06:24] <natrium42> it does it's own parsing of the fields afaik
[06:25] <juxta> I had jcoxon adjust the XML as need be
[06:25] <juxta> so i guess it will automatically pass the data to the tracker?
[06:25] <natrium42> yeah, it should
[06:25] <natrium42> need to test it of course :)
[06:25] <juxta> will do :)
[06:27] <juxta> thanks natrium42
[06:27] <natrium42> np
[06:27] <natrium42> looking forward to launch
[06:28] <juxta> yeah me too
[06:29] <juxta> if CASA hurry up and approve it
[06:30] <natrium42> ooh, you got on hack a day, cool
[06:34] <juxta> yeah, my mug for all to see
[06:34] <natrium42> :D
[06:35] <natrium42> excellent blog too
[06:36] <natrium42> good work!
[06:36] <natrium42> hurry up CASA!
[06:36] <natrium42> :)
[06:37] <natrium42> bed time for me, gnite
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[12:11] <Laurenceb> my solder station has shipped :D
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[15:28] <edmoore> greetings juxta_
[15:28] <juxta_> hey edmoore
[15:28] <juxta_> 'tis late here
[15:28] <edmoore> I can see!
[15:28] <edmoore> how's it going?
[15:29] <juxta_> I have work tomorrow morning too :'(
[15:29] <juxta_> getting by!
[15:29] <edmoore> waiting on CASA?
[15:30] <juxta_> of course :(
[15:30] <juxta_> hopefully I'll hear back on Monday morning
[15:30] <edmoore> poo sticks
[15:30] <juxta_> surely they will grow tired of me ringing them everyday and give me approval
[15:31] <juxta_> eventually
[15:31] <juxta_> poo sticks is right]
[15:31] <edmoore> we don't have it much better here
[15:32] <edmoore> it's quite hard to get through to the one bloke at the CAA in charge of this
[15:32] <juxta_> it's the bureaucracy that kills it
[15:33] <juxta_> my approval has to be signed off by a dozen people in a dozen different places
[15:33] <juxta_> it will literally have traversed the country 3 times by the time its done
[15:34] <edmoore> :(
[15:34] <edmoore> well in happier news, html5 on youtube means my mac no longer shoots up to 80 degrees C to watch a video
[15:34] <juxta_> at least you guys don't have to pay though ;p
[15:35] <juxta_> heh
[15:35] <edmoore> you have to pay!?
[15:35] <juxta_> the oven? the older core2 macbooks?
[15:35] <edmoore> core2duo. they got the thermal paste right with that version
[15:35] <edmoore> but the flasg plugin is just a disaster-zone
[15:36] <edmoore> flash*
[15:36] <juxta_> yeah... they bill their time at $160/hr =\
[15:36] <Hiena> Ehem.
[15:36] <juxta_> yeah I hear flash on macs is a bit of a pain
[15:36] <Hiena> Nice to see, how the burorats works at the same way, ath different countries.
[15:37] <edmoore> yeah it's not great.
[15:37] <juxta_> Hiena: but of course :)
[15:38] <juxta_> I've got to go to bed guys
[15:38] <Hiena> I had pays just for a preliminary certification for a UL specification. The whole thing was about 3 minutes, and they asked only one question.
[15:38] <Hiena> Sleep well!
[15:38] <juxta_> wow
[15:38] <edmoore> juxta_: have a good'n, I hope work tomorrow isn't too stressful
[15:38] <juxta_> my email exchanges go into dozens of pages by now I'm sure
[15:39] <juxta_> edmoore: i doubt it will be, i dont think there will be anything to do
[15:39] <juxta_> :D
[15:39] <edmoore> lol
[15:39] <juxta_> I'll be back in here of course - see you then ;p
[15:39] <juxta_> night all
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[17:53] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, what
[17:54] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, just grouping his nickname since he can't register it himself
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[21:56] <Laurenceb> SpeedEvil: http://ukhas.org.uk/code:fit <- you could try that on your N900 accel
[21:57] <SpeedEvil> yeah - boring stuff is mostly raking my energy.
[21:58] <SpeedEvil> Today dredging dead fish out of the pond - fixing kettle - more kitchen units.
[21:58] <SpeedEvil> And cleaning up recycleds.
[21:58] <Laurenceb> :-/ did your fish die?
[21:59] <SpeedEvil> yes.
[21:59] <SpeedEvil> The aerator stopped functioning - and there was some ice on the pond.
[21:59] <SpeedEvil> for some time.
[21:59] <SpeedEvil> Hence no oxygen.
[21:59] <Laurenceb> :-(
[22:00] Action: Laurenceb is looking at the objective development bit banged usb firmware
[22:00] <SpeedEvil> ~10kg of fish.
[22:00] <SpeedEvil> interesting.
[22:01] <Laurenceb> it uses interrupts a bit too much
[22:01] <SpeedEvil> hard to avoid
[22:01] <Laurenceb> I'm thinking of making a usb stick with the cc1020
[22:01] <SpeedEvil> hmm
[22:01] <Laurenceb> problem is you need to read out registers at specified times to use it as a scanner
[22:01] <Laurenceb> which is my main plan
[22:01] <Laurenceb> and the USB interrupts screw with that
[22:02] <SpeedEvil> ah
[22:02] <SpeedEvil> or you can go for a $2 device with USB in
[22:04] <Laurenceb> USB1.1 is a bit slow as welll
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[22:07] <Laurenceb> http://gb.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Atmel/AT90USB162-16AU/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMtmW1oUCKTs6srb90piHhfF
[22:08] <SpeedEvil> yeah - that's not bad
[22:10] <Laurenceb> or this http://uk.farnell.com/atmel/at90usb82-16mu/mcu-8bit-avr-8k-flash-usb-32qfn/dp/1748499
[22:10] <Laurenceb> atmel have example code
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[22:10] <Laurenceb> it could also talk to a UAV board
[22:11] <Laurenceb> - or work as a scanner in the 400- 470 and 800-950 mhz bands
[22:12] <SpeedEvil> how does the chip work as a scanner?
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[22:15] <Laurenceb> ooh it has internal 100ma 3.3v reg as well
[22:15] <Laurenceb> thats neat
[22:16] <Laurenceb> and you can setup a clock output from the AT90USB to the CC1020
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[22:16] <Laurenceb> thats almost everything taken care of - just a few bits of PLL stuff and impedance matching for the cc1020
[22:17] <Laurenceb> - you can sample the raw I and Q ADC outputs on the cc1020 over the spi interface
[22:17] <Laurenceb> and thus use it as a scanner
[22:17] <SpeedEvil> ah
[22:17] <SpeedEvil> neat
[22:17] <Laurenceb> with about 200khz bandwidth
[22:18] <Laurenceb> - the spi clock is limited to 10mhz, so that sets the limit
[22:19] <Laurenceb> would all fit in a teeny usb dongle for about $15
[22:20] <Randomskk> what kinda frequency range would you get?
[22:21] <Randomskk> I'm wondering if you couldn't combine it with an stm32f107 w/ ethernet and make it stream the data over the network/internet
[22:28] <Laurenceb> 400 to 470 "easily"
[22:28] <Laurenceb> with about 200KHz bandwidth (8 bit output)
[22:29] <Laurenceb> with an external RF switch you could transmit with 10mw output as well
[22:29] <Laurenceb> it takes quite a bit of DSP to get a usable signal out
[22:30] <Laurenceb> stm32 would probably work fine, but AVR doesnt have a hope of processing more than a few KHz into usable data
[22:30] <Laurenceb> you need to correct for the clock squew between I and Q sampling and stuff
[22:32] <Laurenceb> I was just going to leave the processing to the PC
[22:44] <Laurenceb> as I've been wanting to make a little USB radio dongle for ages
[22:44] <SpeedEvil> makes sense if it has enough transit bandwidth - that it doesn't go through the core
[22:50] <Laurenceb> bbl
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[23:04] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: above filter looks quite simple
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[23:17] <Laurenceb> yeah I got it working in matlab
[23:18] <Laurenceb> FFT -> take only the +ive frequencies -> frequency dependant phase shift to account for clock squew -> ifft
[23:19] <Laurenceb> another problem is that the digital IF is 302Khz, and you cant sample over spi that fast
[23:19] <Laurenceb> so you need to turn the IF bandwidth filter and set the bandwidth to 100khz or so
[23:20] <Laurenceb> then sample over spi at a lower frequency to effectively map the IF down to a lower frequency
[23:21] <Laurenceb> internally the cc1020 is direct conversion - I and Q 3 bit ADC sampled at 1.288MHz - 302KHz digital filter with selectable bandwidth - 8 bit I and Q registers you can read over spi
[23:21] <Laurenceb> thats stuck in before the modem hardware
[23:22] <Laurenceb> so you can effectively bypass the modem and use it as a scanner
[23:25] <SpeedEvil> you mean you can only sample part of the IF?
[23:25] <SpeedEvil> or the digital IF can be slowed
[23:27] <Laurenceb> you can set the onboard digital filter to say 100khz bandwidth
[23:27] <Laurenceb> then sample that
[23:27] <SpeedEvil> ah
[23:30] <Laurenceb> so say 250 to 350KHz from the onboard filter, then sample say at 500KHz or whatever
[23:30] <Laurenceb> so you now have 0 to 100KHz
[23:30] <SpeedEvil> I see
[23:30] <Laurenceb> then you need to correct the clock squew and remove the -ive frequencies using fourier
[23:31] <Laurenceb> - as the I and Q registers would be sampled sequentially
[23:35] <Laurenceb> which manifests itself as a frequency dependant phase shift
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[23:46] <juxta> morning edmoore
[23:47] <Laurenceb> evening edmoore
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