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[04:42] <rjharrison> any one outthere?
[04:42] <rjharrison> natrium42 ?
[04:43] <natrium42> yo
[04:43] <natrium42> sup?
[04:43] <rjharrison> http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/40th/2733114/The-Sun-launches-birthday-edition-21-miles-into-space.html
[04:43] <natrium42> oooh
[04:43] <rjharrison> Let me know if you can view it
[04:43] <natrium42> yep, i can
[04:44] <rjharrison> You have to excuse the crap about leading figure and best pics ever, I never said that, but that's the papers for you]
[04:46] <rjharrison> freaky video too
[04:47] <natrium42> yeah, just watched it
[04:47] <natrium42> very cool, congrats! :)
[04:48] <natrium42> what was the reporter doing at the end of the video?
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[04:50] <rjharrison> He fell down a ditch recovering the payload
[04:50] <rjharrison> Weird
[04:50] <natrium42> XD
[04:50] <rjharrison> I let the sun guys get the payload out of the field whist I chatted to the farmer
[04:54] <natrium42> looks like they did alright
[04:54] <natrium42> didn't step on it or anything
[04:58] <rjharrison> Yep they were funny
[04:59] <rjharrison> Like a comedy act
[04:59] <rjharrison> Be interesting to see if it's the front page od
[04:59] <rjharrison> of the paper
[05:24] <bt42> best pictures evar
[05:24] <bt42> hehe
[05:24] <bt42> rjharrison: good stuff
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[05:54] <rjharrison> Thanks bt42
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[08:12] <rjharrison_> Hey
[08:13] <jonsowman> morning
[08:13] <jonsowman> yes i'll be getting the Sun today :)
[08:18] <rjharrison_> lol
[08:18] <rjharrison_> I have a scan I'll uload
[08:18] <rjharrison_> page 7 in the end
[08:18] <rjharrison_> http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/40th/2733114/The-Sun-launches-birthday-edition-21-miles-into-space.html
[08:21] <jonsowman> nice one!
[08:21] <jonsowman> good work
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[08:27] <rjharrison_> jonsowman thanks
[08:31] <jonsowman> must dash, see you
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[09:24] <rjharrison_> In case you have better things to spend 20p on http://www.robertharrison.org/images/various/the-sun-17-nov-2009.pdf
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[10:12] <SpeedEvil> :)
[10:13] RocketBoy (n=Steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:14] <RocketBoy> rjharrison: well done - nice piece of publicity
[10:15] Nick change: RocketBoy -> RocketBoy|Away
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[10:18] <rjharrison_> Hey RocketBoy|Away
[10:19] <SpeedEvil> rjharrison: is it online - on the sun site too?
[10:19] <rjharrison_> http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/40th/2733114/The-Sun-launches-birthday-edition-21-miles-into-space.html
[10:19] <rjharrison_> You can ask me that a few times today SpeedEvil
[10:19] <rjharrison_> :)
[10:20] <rjharrison_> According to the video I'm a space scientist
[10:20] <SpeedEvil> ah - neat
[10:20] <SpeedEvil> :)
[10:21] <SpeedEvil> Also - an IT expert.
[10:21] <SpeedEvil> :)
[10:22] <SpeedEvil> Had the website had many hits?
[10:22] <SpeedEvil> has
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[10:36] <rjharrison_> about 3000 so far
[10:37] <rjharrison_> SpeedEvil BBC Radio Leeds has just called and asked if I would pop into the studio to do a bit for their program this evening
[10:38] <SpeedEvil> :)
[10:38] <SpeedEvil> Fame!
[10:38] <rjharrison_> Well a bit weird for a day
[10:38] <rjharrison_> I'm going to pluk ukhas and the IRC channel
[10:38] <rjharrison_> plug even
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[10:45] <RocketBoy> grrrrrrrrr - bl**dy XiRCON crashes when the screen saver kicks in
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[10:56] <MikeMc_> morning
[10:56] Nick change: MikeMc_ -> MikeMc
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[11:10] <MikeMc> lol I like the Sun video
[11:10] <MikeMc> with the 'landing' in a field ;)
[11:11] <rjharrison_> Oh that one did land in a field
[11:12] <rjharrison_> They wern't there last w/e
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[12:13] <rjharrison_> MikeMc yep it's a bit embrassing really
[12:13] <rjharrison_> Opps scrolled up
[12:13] <rjharrison_> Oops
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[13:21] <g8khw-iPhone> Bored bored bord - the wife has taken me out for a drag round the Xmas shops withe emphasis on drag
[13:23] <MikeMc> how exciting
[13:24] <g8khw-iPhone> :-(
[13:27] <MikeMc> rjharrison: what was the reason for the dramatic temperature drop in temperature at 13;15 in teh flight?
[13:29] Nick change: g8khw-iPhone -> g8khw|boredwitle
[13:30] Nick change: g8khw|boredwitle -> g8khw|bored^3
[13:32] <SpeedEvil> g8khw|bored^3: you're getting dressed up in drag for christmas?
[13:33] <g8khw|bored^3> Na - I'm allways like that
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[14:07] <rjharrison_> MikeMc water vapour evaporating off the surface I think on the way down
[14:08] <MikeMc> But it got to -20 inside the payload is that right?
[14:12] <rjharrison_> Yep
[14:13] <rjharrison_> Quite common
[14:13] <rjharrison_> Infact I have had -45 b4 without the camera in there
[14:13] <rjharrison_> Everything normally ticks along just fine
[14:14] <rjharrison_> But make sure when you are getting components that you check the spec says -40C
[14:14] <rjharrison_> Things like the oscillator won't make that spec unless you pay big money but for as many as possible
[14:24] <MikeMc> do the batteries work OK down to those temps?
[14:24] <SpeedEvil> MikeMc: pretty much
[14:24] <rjharrison_> Yep for a while well a long while
[14:24] <rjharrison_> Like a day at least
[14:25] <MikeMc> great
[14:25] <MikeMc> I must remember to buy a copy of The Sun on my way home today
[14:27] <rjharrison_> http://www.robertharrison.org/images/various/the-sun-17-nov-2009.pdf
[14:27] <rjharrison_> MikeMc This is a scan of the page
[14:27] <MikeMc> cool thanks
[14:30] <MikeMc> any launches planned next week?
[14:30] <MikeMc> I'm up in Cheshire all next week
[14:30] <rjharrison_> Ooh almost local
[14:31] <MikeMc> Do you launch from your location Robert at all or is always from Cambridge way?
[14:46] <rjharrison_> Once but it will always be from Cambridge there is a story there for another day
[14:47] <rjharrison_> In short I can't launch from my location but I am in the process of trying to establish a more local launch spot
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[15:12] <MikeMc> I see
[15:22] Hiena (n=Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:39] RocketBoy (n=Steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:41] <RocketBoy> rjharrison: its worse than I thought - a 20dbi gain parabolic dish on 868MHz would be approching 4m across - so basically you are being told rubbish by the antenna manufacturer
[15:44] <RocketBoy> 1m dish gain on 868 is about 9.2db - then add 6db for every time you double the diameter
[15:46] <RocketBoy> likewise I think its way optimistic to expect 20db out of a 1.5m long 868MHz yagi
[15:49] <SpeedEvil> 20db front/back ratio?
[15:51] <RocketBoy> no gain - rob was asking for 20dbi gain out of a 1.5m long yagi - where as I think 15dbi is more realistic
[15:51] <RocketBoy> for 20db think 6m long
[15:51] <RocketBoy> or rather think of an array of yagis
[15:52] <RocketBoy> 4 x 1.5m
[15:53] <RocketBoy> plus phasing harness
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[16:53] <rjharrison_> Hey RocketBoy just back from BBC Radio Leeds
[16:53] <rjharrison_> Just did a 15 minute slot live on air
[16:54] <rjharrison_> Got in UKHAS IRC Channel and CAA & Notams :)
[16:54] <RocketBoy> bingo
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[16:55] <RocketBoy> hit all the right topics then
[16:57] <RocketBoy> they didn't ask the - what happens if it lands on a motorway then?
[16:58] <RocketBoy> Not my favorite question
[16:58] Nick change: sbasuita_ -> sbasuita
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[17:19] <rjharrison_> RocketBoy thankfully not
[17:19] <rjharrison_> No awkward questions at all
[17:19] <rjharrison_> I'll post a link when the BBC uload it
[17:25] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[17:38] <rjharrison_> Cany anyone rip iplayer audio
[17:39] <SpeedEvil> get_iplayer
[17:40] <SpeedEvil> My intenet is broken ATM tho
[17:41] <DanielRichman> is iplayer audio encoded to the same level as the video?
[17:41] <DanielRichman> I can grab the audio stream as it goes through pulseaudio; I think that's on the digital side of the analogue hole
[17:42] <DanielRichman> or i can try to get something from wireshark
[17:42] <SpeedEvil> get_iplayer grabs the whole stream
[17:42] <SpeedEvil> and outputs it as a mpeg or something
[17:42] <DanielRichman> Is that the ruby program?
[17:42] <SpeedEvil> perl IIRC
[17:43] <DanielRichman> hmm ok
[17:46] <DanielRichman> Seems to work
[17:47] <rjharrison_> Ok Cool so when they Uload it can I ask one of you to wack it to mpeg
[17:47] <rjharrison_> or whatever
[17:49] <DanielRichman> rjharrison_, you on linux?
[17:50] <SpeedEvil> My internet is currently broken.
[17:50] <rjharrison_> Yes
[17:50] <SpeedEvil> 128K speed - so can't easily.
[17:50] <rjharrison_> is there an rpm ir do I have to compile ?
[17:51] <rjharrison_> or somthing for the eee aptitude?
[17:51] <DanielRichman> rjharrison_, http://linuxcentre.net/get_iplayer/get_iplayer
[17:51] <DanielRichman> perl script
[17:51] <DanielRichman> you probably have all the dependancies already
[17:51] <rjharrison_> oh cool
[17:51] <DanielRichman> wget that, start a guest session or change user to nobody
[17:51] <DanielRichman> be sure to drop privs
[17:52] <DanielRichman> then ./get_iplayer lists all programs; ./get_iplayer | grep ..., use the id, download
[17:52] <rjharrison_> perfect thanks DanielRichman
[17:52] <DanielRichman> rjharrison_, thank SpeedEvil
[17:52] <rjharrison_> Will grab this from the logs, Thanks SpeedEvil :)
[17:55] <SpeedEvil> It's handy.
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[18:21] <rjharrison_> Right off home
[18:21] rjharrison_ (n=rharriso@gateway.hgf.com) left irc:
[19:07] <MikeMc> evening all
[19:36] <jonsowman> hi
[19:38] <MikeMc> hi
[19:39] Nick change: MikeMc -> MikeMc_
[19:39] Nick change: MikeMc_ -> MikeMc
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[21:20] edmoore (i=836f0142@gateway/web/freenode/x-ozhmjrgjrrkifjpu) joined #highaltitude.
[21:20] <edmoore> rjharrison: yo
[21:23] <rjharrison> Hi all
[21:24] <rjharrison> edmoore, RocketBoy et al check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0051wp3/Steve_Bailey_17_11_2009/
[21:24] <rjharrison> From 14.40 onwards
[21:24] <rjharrison> This is my first time on radio so cut me some slack :)
[21:28] <edmoore> ha, thanks for the plug :)
[21:30] <rjharrison> Well that was how it happend :)
[21:31] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) left irc: "Leaving"
[21:32] <edmoore> wow, that was really thorough
[21:33] <edmoore> great interview, they seemed really interested
[21:33] <rjharrison> Yep I gave him a briefing to wet his appitite and took one of my big pics in
[21:33] <rjharrison> I think it went well and I didn't stumble too much
[21:34] <rjharrison> Got a few plugs in for varous things
[21:34] <edmoore> probs the best interview on habbing for a general audience i've ever heard
[21:35] <rjharrison> I'm working on them for a short documentary next year
[21:35] <rjharrison> edmoore thanks
[21:35] <rjharrison> Managed to get quite a bit covered without been too technical
[21:35] <rjharrison> Basically at my level :)
[22:00] <rjharrison> hey guys I'm struggeling to get get_iplayer to grab this file ./get_iplayer --flvstreamer /home/rharrison/gip/ --get --modes=flashaudio1 12337
[22:01] <rjharrison> any thoughts speedevil et al
[22:03] <DanielRichman> rjharrison, how's your website holding up with the extra traffic from bbc leeds?
[22:04] juxta (i=fourtytw@219-90-142-45.ip.adam.com.au) joined #highaltitude.
[22:04] <MikeMc> rjharrison: just listened to the BBC interview - very cool
[22:04] <rjharrison> hehe beginners luck :)
[22:07] <rjharrison> DanielRichman fine it's on a 10mb lease line at work :)
[22:07] <rjharrison> Adv of being the IT Director
[22:07] <DanielRichman> rjharrison, hehe nice
[22:07] <DanielRichman> rjharrison, listening to your interview, very nice
[22:08] <rjharrison> DanielRichman Thanks
[22:10] Action: RocketBoy is watching video with the xyl at the mo
[22:11] <rjharrison> RocketBoy cool
[22:16] DanielRichman (n=daniel@unaffiliated/danielrichman) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[22:17] <rjharrison> edmoore the radio dj plugged the project quite a few times after i left check out 34.57
[22:18] <SpeedEvil> Anyone happen to know what keywords I should be looking for for bloodsugar monitors - IR ones?
[22:18] <SpeedEvil> Or are they so stupidly expensive ATM that they're not turning up on ebay et al.
[22:20] <rjharrison> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3513776&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=24895184623&id=612350956
[22:24] sbasuita_ (n=sbasuita@unaffiliated/drebellion) joined #highaltitude.
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[22:24] Nick change: sbasuita_ -> sbasuita
[22:26] <MikeMc> :)
[22:32] <SpeedEvil> ./get_iplayer --get 12337
[22:33] <SpeedEvil> just works for me - after ./get_iplayer update
[22:34] Action: RocketBoy is just listening to it now
[22:40] <rjharrison> ahh
[22:40] <RocketBoy> cool
[22:42] <rjharrison> RocketBoy I think I got most of the detail in there in laymans terms
[22:42] junderwood_ (n=chatzill@adsl.jcu.me.uk) left irc: "ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.15/2009101601]"
[22:42] <RocketBoy> yeah - i think that touched all the bases
[22:46] <rjharrison> SpeedEvil see pm
[22:50] <RocketBoy> Radiometrix tech support are getting on my nerves - I have gone through a 3 email excahnge (1 day for each email) - and they still havn't given me the answer I'm looking for
[22:51] <RocketBoy> answers tend to be "we don't think you know what your doing" - then I have to prove that i do
[22:57] <edmoore> They should be a bit more balloon friendly
[22:57] <SpeedEvil> RocketBoy: Whate're you trying to find out.
[23:00] <RocketBoy> the low pass filter roll off characteristics of the LPF on the NTX2 / TX3H - they specify the cuttof freqiency - but not the filter order
[23:00] <RocketBoy> need it to calculate PWM DAC frequency
[23:01] <rjharrison> RocketBoy perhaps you are too advanced for them :)
[23:02] <RocketBoy> I think that may be the case - but its a simple enough question
[23:04] <RocketBoy> and if they don't want to answer it they can say so - but instead they keep reffering me to other stuff
[23:04] <natrium42> rjharrison, i listened to the radio interview -- was great
[23:04] <rjharrison> natrium42 thanks
[23:04] <RocketBoy> like they told be to look at the cusf and your website
[23:05] <rjharrison> RocketBoy your joaking
[23:05] <RocketBoy> they are frendly enough - just don't answer the question
[23:05] <RocketBoy> nope
[23:05] <rjharrison> Did you tell them that you tolb me all that I know
[23:05] <rjharrison> told
[23:06] <rjharrison> Teacher Student here and I'm not the teacher :)
[23:06] <RocketBoy> similar - i told them it was me that came up with the RTTY over narrow FSK on 434MhZ
[23:07] <RocketBoy> then they told me to use a band that isn't even allowed in airbone operation
[23:10] <RocketBoy> anyway lets hope that tomorrows email exchange will result in an answer
[23:10] <SpeedEvil> RocketBoy: measure it?
[23:10] <SpeedEvil> RocketBoy: sinewave sweep - and see/
[23:10] <SpeedEvil> ?
[23:10] <RocketBoy> difficult - i'd have to measure it that the reciver
[23:11] <SpeedEvil> set reciever to wideband FM, and it should work/
[23:11] <SpeedEvil> ?
[23:11] <RocketBoy> then that means that the reciver roll off comes into it too
[23:11] <SpeedEvil> Or set ssb reciever to very edge of signal
[23:11] <RocketBoy> na the recives have a baseband filter too
[23:12] <SpeedEvil> If you have a 20KHz modulation, and set the SSB reciever to pick up the outside 1KHz of this, you will get a very good idea of the rolloff
[23:12] <SpeedEvil> As you increase the frequency of the modulation input
[23:13] <RocketBoy> not sure about that - i'd have to visulaise what is going on with FM
[23:14] <SpeedEvil> hmm
[23:14] <RocketBoy> possibly - really need a spectrum analyser
[23:15] <RocketBoy> anyway - just answering my Q is the smallest amount of work for me
[23:16] <RocketBoy> Anyway I suspect that is just a simple RC 1st order filter - so I could just assume that as its a worst case anyway
[23:16] <RocketBoy> just that if it is better then I can get more out of the PWM DAC
[23:18] <rjharrison> right nights
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[23:31] <SpeedEvil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXQTaWjMoFw - check out the scrolling text too
[23:44] <RocketBoy> nights
[23:44] RocketBoy (n=Steve@ left irc: "Leaving"
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