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[09:21] <rjharrison> moring all
[09:22] <rjharrison> The boat is coming in :) Morning :)
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[15:45] <mc_-> very quiet...
[15:51] <DanielRichman> too quiet...
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[16:06] <Randomskk> hmm
[16:06] <Randomskk> that was definitely not a good smoke test
[16:06] <Randomskk> a high side fet blew
[16:07] <Randomskk> and that's rated for a lot of amps
[16:09] <Randomskk> I guess the good thing is that only one blew
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[17:32] <Randomskk> lol, crap
[17:32] <Randomskk> there go the other five FETs
[17:33] <Randomskk> lol back to the drawing board
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[18:02] <rjharrison> hey jcoxon
[18:02] <rjharrison> Hows it going
[18:03] <jcoxon> hey rjharrison
[18:03] <jcoxon> good thanks, you?
[18:04] <rjharrison> Yep been busy at house today
[18:04] <rjharrison> Putting foundation in for green house
[18:04] <rjharrison> Hackspace was cool on saturday
[18:04] <rjharrison> I think I have got a few new converts to HAB
[18:04] <rjharrison> Making cars out of old hard drives
[18:05] <rjharrison> did a talk for an hour on hab
[18:05] <jcoxon> hehe, yeah it is quite good fun though embarrasingly geeky
[18:05] <rjharrison> Yep I'm in my element being IT
[18:06] <rjharrison> but yep a few of the more weird geeky types there :)
[18:06] <jcoxon> pcbs arrived?
[18:06] <rjharrison> No Monday
[18:06] <rjharrison> f##ing postl strike
[18:06] <jcoxon> indeed
[18:06] <rjharrison> I hope monday
[18:06] <jcoxon> i got i2c workin betweeen 2 arduinos
[18:06] <rjharrison> Been over a week now
[18:07] <jcoxon> which makes me happy as it allows me to make a daughter board for ballasthalo3
[18:07] <rjharrison> Yep that is most coo
[18:07] <rjharrison> l
[18:08] <rjharrison> I was thinking about having 2 cpus on Icarus III but DanielRichman talked me out of it
[18:08] <rjharrison> I'm not sure I really need another one ATM
[18:08] <rjharrison> been greedy
[18:08] <jcoxon> its more as a method of seperating processes
[18:09] <rjharrison> I have put a couple of pins and gnd's on the egde of the board for future fun and games
[18:09] <jcoxon> don't want to mess up the daughter one and loose it all
[18:09] <rjharrison> Thinking of having a launch buttton to trigger video and orientate the camera down
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[18:10] <rjharrison> jcoxon there were loads of arduinos a the hackday
[18:10] <rjharrison> a = at
[18:11] <jcoxon> yeah they are a favourite
[18:11] <jcoxon> need to get myself down to our new 'hackspace'
[18:11] <jcoxon> make use of some of the equipment
[18:11] <rjharrison> Oh next w/e I'm going past stoke on trent.
[18:12] <rjharrison> If I have time as family on board I may attmept a recovery
[18:12] <jcoxon> oh thank you
[18:12] <jcoxon> if not i'll organise a proper expedition
[18:12] <rjharrison> It's not worth it I guess in terms of money unless you link it in with any thing else
[18:13] <rjharrison> You're welcome to come and visit if you get that far
[18:13] <jcoxon> hehe, it'll have to be a weekend expedition
[18:13] <jcoxon> the one thing i wouldn't mind back is the gps
[18:13] <jcoxon> as its a nice ublox 4
[18:13] <rjharrison> You can come by for a night of HAB
[18:14] <rjharrison> Oh yep that is nice
[18:22] <jcoxon> going to make a lassen breakout board if people want one
[18:22] <jcoxon> just as teh connector is very tiny
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[18:31] <DanielRichman> rjharrison, did i talk you out of it?
[18:31] <DanielRichman> :(
[18:35] <jcoxon> hehe
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[19:06] <DanielRichman> jcoxon, lassen breakout board would be great!
[19:06] <DanielRichman> has it not been done?
[19:06] <jcoxon> there are but they have serial or usb
[19:06] <DanielRichman> I'm sure if we fly again (looking pretty likely) and we use a lassen that i'd use one over the cable
[19:06] <jcoxon> i just literally mean pads for the connector and then traces out to some 0.1 header
[19:06] <DanielRichman> yes
[19:06] <jcoxon> did you guys fly?
[19:10] <DanielRichman> no not yet
[19:10] <DanielRichman> there's an insulation drama going on
[19:10] <jcoxon> oh right
[19:10] <DanielRichman> but it's happening very soon
[19:10] <DanielRichman> payload is practically finished
[19:10] <jcoxon> yeah the cable is a good option, i always forget that one
[19:10] <DanielRichman> the cable is a pita
[19:10] <jcoxon> oh really?
[19:10] <DanielRichman> it's the wrong way round
[19:10] <jcoxon> oh crap
[19:11] <DanielRichman> well
[19:11] <DanielRichman> there's a groove in the lassen case
[19:11] <DanielRichman> that suggests the way to put the cable in
[19:11] <jcoxon> well the board would also have spaces for the required pull up resistors
[19:11] <DanielRichman> however if you do that it'll be the wrong way around
[19:11] <DanielRichman> pullups would be good
[19:11] <DanielRichman> also you could have the pins in a strip rather than a 2x4
[19:11] <DanielRichman> more stripboard-friendly
[19:11] <DanielRichman> anyway
[19:12] <DanielRichman> gtg
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[19:22] <jcoxon> woohoo, got my 2nd atlas flight computer running
[19:23] <Randomskk> hmm, looks like I need to order some new FETs
[19:24] <Randomskk> worst smoke test ever
[19:24] <jcoxon> oh no
[19:24] <Randomskk> all their inputs should have been pulled to their respective offs
[19:24] <jcoxon> need to get a ntx2 module to complete the board
[19:25] <Randomskk> but apparently were not
[19:25] <Jon_Apex> oh dear
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[19:26] <Randomskk> I'm still holding out hope that they'll work a little bit, but am gonna recheck everything before I connect it up again :P
[19:26] <jcoxon> hehe, my experience is that smoke is the end
[19:26] <Randomskk> btw Jon_Apex http://www.srcf.ucam.org/
[19:26] <Randomskk> jcoxon: yup, sadly
[19:27] <Randomskk> but I have had a few things work a bit despite some smoke
[19:27] <Jon_Apex> signed up for SRCF :) cheers
[19:27] <Randomskk> I think in that case the smoke was the plastic casing getting far too hot rather than the actual die going up
[19:27] <Randomskk> this was quite a significant amount of smoke though, haha
[19:28] <Randomskk> despite being PWMd at 0.1 duty cycle. or, again, it should have been..
[19:51] <Hiena> http://www.xkcd.org/643/
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[19:52] <Randomskk> heh, sadly appropriate
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[20:24] <SpeedEvil> Why we will never colonise the moon.
[20:24] <SpeedEvil> http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1399299&cid=29699085
[20:26] <jcoxon> hehe,
[20:26] <Randomskk> only insurmountable as long as we don't have FTL communications
[20:26] Action: jcoxon is playing Halo ODST
[20:26] <jcoxon> couldn't put up with 1.2+ lag
[20:27] <Randomskk> 1200ms would be silly!
[20:27] <Randomskk> not to mention the routing times, plus there's probably be all sorts of boring science going over the same data link
[20:27] <jcoxon> damn xbox and their non-dedicated game servers
[20:28] <Randomskk> http://science.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1399299&cid=29709195 haha
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[21:19] <SpeedEvil> http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n117/100artworks/FAKE/DSC01210.jpg
[21:20] <Randomskk> looks like that'l have a happy ending
[21:21] <sbasuita> Not seeing a deeper meaning =/
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[21:24] <Jon_Apex> evening matt
[21:28] AlexBreton (n=Alexande@client-80-5-41-216.cht-bng-014.adsl.virginmedia.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:28] <AlexBreton> guys, which type of polystyrene is best for building a payload container?
[21:30] <AlexBreton> anyone?
[21:30] <SpeedEvil> Almost any.
[21:30] <SpeedEvil> It's not really critical
[21:30] <SpeedEvil> you don't want the really heavy stuff
[21:32] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton,
[21:32] <DanielRichman> Have you mcraged on the Celotex people
[21:32] <DanielRichman> ping SpeedEvil
[21:32] <DanielRichman> whoops
[21:32] <DanielRichman> sorry; tab completion
[21:32] <AlexBreton> DanielRichman, short and sweet
[21:32] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, elaborate...
[21:32] <DanielRichman> ping sbasuita
[21:32] <AlexBreton> 'following unacceptable delay in the delivery of my order, I wish to cancel it'
[21:32] <AlexBreton> regards, Alex
[21:33] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, did you phone them
[21:33] <AlexBreton> no
[21:33] <AlexBreton> fuck them
[21:33] <DanielRichman> urgh you fool
[21:33] <AlexBreton> not even on the phone
[21:33] <DanielRichman> if you don't phone them, and they deliver it, what are you going to do?
[21:33] <DanielRichman> what have you done in the way of payment?
[21:33] <AlexBreton> say I emailed them
[21:34] <AlexBreton> and tell them to screw off
[21:34] <sbasuita> refuse payment
[21:34] <SpeedEvil> Did you order it from a distance?
[21:34] <AlexBreton> phone
[21:34] <SpeedEvil> or go into the shop
[21:34] <AlexBreton> no shop
[21:34] <SpeedEvil> Then the distance selling regulations apply.
[21:34] <AlexBreton> I cancelled the order and did not pay
[21:34] <DanielRichman> ....
[21:34] <AlexBreton> payment was on delivery
[21:34] <sbasuita> to be fair they fucked us about, they can't expect us to chase them
[21:35] <DanielRichman> Yes, sbasuita, I appreciate that, however we're dealing with what is a technicality
[21:35] <AlexBreton> I'll pretend I'm not in if they do come
[21:35] <DanielRichman> since he went into the shop...
[21:35] <AlexBreton> I didn't
[21:35] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, we will phone them tomorrow
[21:35] <AlexBreton> no
[21:35] <AlexBreton> no need
[21:35] <AlexBreton> as if he's going to come round
[21:35] <AlexBreton> stop sticking to shit
[21:35] <sbasuita> it will be a miracle if he comes round
[21:35] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, you don't get it, do you
[21:35] <AlexBreton> nor do you
[21:35] <DanielRichman> Phone them up to _ensure_ that it is cancelled
[21:35] <AlexBreton> They read their emails
[21:35] <AlexBreton> I confirmed the order via email
[21:36] <AlexBreton> so please stfu
[21:36] <DanielRichman> OK. Just to be 100% sure - you ordered by phone?
[21:36] <AlexBreton> technically by email
[21:36] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, did you do the computer tests?
[21:36] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, nah, no rush since we're not buliding anytime soon
[21:37] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, will be done, no worries
[21:37] <AlexBreton> we are
[21:37] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, but you never set foot in a shop?
[21:37] <AlexBreton> we are building on Monday or later
[21:37] <DanielRichman> tomorrow?
[21:37] <AlexBreton> yeah getting polyustyrene from a shop tomorrow
[21:37] <DanielRichman> k
[21:38] <DanielRichman> get the 5cm expanded stuff
[21:38] <AlexBreton> 25mm
[21:38] <sbasuita> 25mm wil ldo
[21:38] <sbasuita> yeh
[21:38] <AlexBreton> cheaper too
[21:38] <DanielRichman> hmmm
[21:39] <DanielRichman> k and delete the celotex blogpost
[21:39] <DanielRichman> Cheaper
[21:39] <AlexBreton> Don't think, just stfu
[21:39] <DanielRichman> you're talking about cheaper
[21:39] <DanielRichman> when you ordered celotex.
[21:39] <AlexBreton> just be quiet
[21:39] <AlexBreton> at least I'm ordering ;-)
[21:39] <AlexBreton> sbasuita, confirmed availability of a yagi?
[21:39] <sbasuita> AlexBreton, no
[21:39] <sbasuita> AlexBreton, i'll do that soon
[21:40] <AlexBreton> OK ;-)
[21:40] <sbasuita> in fact, there is a radio club meeting this wednesday
[21:40] <DanielRichman> tbf our punctuality is a bit of a mess
[21:40] <sbasuita> i'll just go along and ask
[21:40] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, remind me what's up with us doing a HAM course?
[21:40] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, you need to send off the rsgb form by 18th
[21:40] <AlexBreton> lol no
[21:40] <sbasuita> well it needs to arrive by 18th
[21:40] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, have you?
[21:41] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, going to send it when i get a chance
[21:41] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, probably tomorrow
[21:41] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, send me one off too
[21:41] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, er do it yourself
[21:41] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, i forwarded you the email
[21:41] <DanielRichman> sbasuita, may as well put two forms in one envolope
[21:42] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, i don't know all your details
[21:42] <sbasuita> DanielRichman, just send it yourself man
[21:43] <AlexBreton> what is the point in being a HAM?
[21:43] <sbasuita> dunno
[21:43] <SpeedEvil> The honey-roasting.
[21:43] <sbasuita> right to transmit
[21:43] <sbasuita> might come in handy
[21:43] <sbasuita> i don't particularly want to talk to all the people on the repeater
[21:43] <sbasuita> listening in, its all a bit mundane
[21:44] <Randomskk> you get your own callsign too, pretty rad
[21:44] <AlexBreton> so...what's the point?
[21:44] <sbasuita> AlexBreton, right to transmit
[21:44] <sbasuita> also just because i can
[21:44] <AlexBreton> to transmit what?
[21:44] <sbasuita> w/e
[21:44] <AlexBreton> a big mountain of fuck all
[21:44] <sbasuita> definitely
[21:44] <AlexBreton> 'severe weather spotting'
[21:44] <AlexBreton> sounds fun
[21:47] <gordonjcp> wtf is the obsession with "severe weather spotting"?
[21:47] <gordonjcp> it seems to be a big thing in the Us
[21:47] <gordonjcp> *US
[21:47] <SpeedEvil> xkcd++
[21:47] <SpeedEvil> http://xkcd.com/640/
[21:47] <gordonjcp> AlexBreton: if you're not interested in amateur radio, then you don't need to get involved ;-)
[21:48] <AlexBreton> of course not
[21:48] <AlexBreton> just asking why sbasuita appears to be so keen on it
[21:48] <gordonjcp> because it's fun
[21:48] <gordonjcp> being able to talk to people half way round the world is pretty cool
[21:48] <Randomskk> gordonjcp: talking of which
[21:49] Action: SpeedEvil looks at natrium42.
[21:49] <Randomskk> freenode irc, eh?
[21:49] <Randomskk> :P
[21:50] <sbasuita> It's not about the end result, but about how you get there.
[21:57] <AlexBreton> yes, more inconvenience is good
[21:57] <AlexBreton> ;-)
[21:57] fuzzylugnuts (n=hush@c-68-34-212-42.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:57] <fuzzylugnuts> Heya
[21:58] <fuzzylugnuts> my phidget sbc comes tomorrow : )
[21:59] <gordonjcp> AlexBreton: I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make
[21:59] <AlexBreton> HAM radio is just a very expensive, inconvenient way of talking to people
[21:59] <AlexBreton> very far away
[21:59] <AlexBreton> if you enjoy the inconvenience, fair enough
[22:00] <gordonjcp> it's not particularly expensive, or inconvenient
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[22:00] <gordonjcp> AlexBreton: do you have any hobbies?
[22:00] <AlexBreton> yes
[22:00] <gordonjcp> like what?
[22:00] SpeedEvil (n=user@tor/regular/SpeedEvil) joined #highaltitude.
[22:01] <AlexBreton> scale modelling, playing the piano, reading, listening to music
[22:01] <DanielRichman> gordonjcp, he eats one hell of a lot
[22:01] <fuzzylugnuts> ... ham radio inconvienent for talking to people? expensive?
[22:01] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, I didn't know you played the piano!
[22:01] <gordonjcp> AlexBreton: okay, so why do you play the piano?
[22:02] <AlexBreton> now ya do
[22:02] <DanielRichman> And - listening to music; read pirating music
[22:02] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, quel Grade?
[22:02] <AlexBreton> 5
[22:02] <gordonjcp> AlexBreton: it's just a more expensive and inconvenient way of listening to piano music
[22:02] <gordonjcp> buy a CD
[22:02] <AlexBreton> not really
[22:02] <DanielRichman> hahaha
[22:02] <AlexBreton> if I can play the piano, I can play whatever I like
[22:02] <AlexBreton> compose my own music
[22:02] <AlexBreton> improvise
[22:02] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, quel Grade?
[22:02] <AlexBreton> 5
[22:02] <AlexBreton> goddammit
[22:02] <gordonjcp> yeah, but you still have to carry a bi heavy expensive piano around with you
[22:03] <fuzzylugnuts> yeah, thats very inconvienent
[22:03] <AlexBreton> I keep it at home
[22:03] <AlexBreton> ;-)
[22:03] <DanielRichman> done your grade 5 theory yet?
[22:03] <AlexBreton> really, cba lugging that mosnter around
[22:03] <AlexBreton> no
[22:03] <AlexBreton> cba theory
[22:03] <DanielRichman> you have to do it if you wanna do grade 6
[22:03] <AlexBreton> ik
[22:03] <DanielRichman> practical grade six, that is
[22:03] <AlexBreton> ploughing through grade 3 theory
[22:03] <DanielRichman> fun stuff
[22:03] <AlexBreton> I'm unbelievably crap at it
[22:04] <DanielRichman> it's easy
[22:04] <AlexBreton> I can play all right, but theory...oh ****
[22:04] <DanielRichman> Fair enough
[22:04] Sparky68 (n=Sparky68@bb-87-80-136-184.ukonline.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[22:04] Action: DanielRichman finishes backing up his pc and goes to back up the server
[22:05] <gordonjcp> I can't be arsed playing the piano
[22:05] <gordonjcp> I know the theory, it's just too damn fiddly
[22:05] <gordonjcp> easier just to get a computer to do the boring fiddly bit and concentrate on the actual music
[22:06] <AlexBreton> yes
[22:06] <AlexBreton> so the computer does the theory
[22:06] <AlexBreton> I love it for that-human hands can't write music
[22:06] <DanielRichman> no
[22:06] <DanielRichman> what he means
[22:06] <AlexBreton> it's so small
[22:06] <sbasuita> Yeah but playing a real instrument gives far better sound than a computer can hope for
[22:06] <DanielRichman> is get the computer to synth the music
[22:06] fuzzylugnuts (n=hush@c-68-34-212-42.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) left irc: "laundering pantaloons"
[22:07] <SpeedEvil> Playing a real - quality - instrument.
[22:07] <sbasuita> For example, when was the last time you heard a guitar synth that didn't sound completely lifeless?
[22:07] <DanielRichman> You wouldn't have known it was a synth
[22:07] <DanielRichman> so..
[22:07] <AlexBreton> yes
[22:07] <AlexBreton> my garageband guitar sounds like .... crap
[22:08] <AlexBreton> my real piano sounds lovely
[22:08] <DanielRichman> My Sennheiser-reproduced copy of a pro playing a piano makes your piano sound like .... crap
[22:09] <gordonjcp> sbasuita: depends what you mean by "real instrument"
[22:10] <gordonjcp> sbasuita: I don't use guitar synths, I use a real guitar
[22:10] <AlexBreton> DanielRichman, no
[22:10] <gordonjcp> although a lot of the time I sample it and process it pretty heavily
[22:16] <sbasuita> AlexBreton, reminds me: you, me and mat need to get together sometime for some keyboard, guitar, guitar antics ;P
[22:17] <AlexBreton> yes
[22:17] <AlexBreton> my house
[22:17] <AlexBreton> unless you have something that connects to MIDI
[22:17] <sbasuita> AlexBreton, hmmm, but mat has a large selection of guitars
[22:18] <sbasuita> but then you have the garageband thing
[22:18] <sbasuita> decisions, decisions
[22:18] <AlexBreton> indeed
[22:18] <AlexBreton> well if you come round I can put the keyboard on the hifi
[22:18] <AlexBreton> and you 2 will have amps
[22:18] <DanielRichman> AlexBreton, keyboard?
[22:18] <AlexBreton> aye
[22:18] <DanielRichman> you don't have a real piano?
[22:18] <AlexBreton> got a MIDI keyboard as well
[22:18] <DanielRichman> ah ok
[22:21] <AlexBreton> daniel, profit prophets still failing rather hard :P
[22:21] <DanielRichman> we're third from bottom now ;D
[22:21] <AlexBreton> heh
[22:22] <AlexBreton> I'm off
[22:22] AlexBreton (n=Alexande@client-80-5-41-216.cht-bng-014.adsl.virginmedia.net) left irc:
[22:25] <sbasuita> night
[22:26] sbasuita (n=sbasuita@unaffiliated/drebellion) left irc: Remote closed the connection
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[22:49] <jcoxon> evening all
[22:52] <Jon_Apex> evening
[22:52] <jcoxon> hey Jon_Apex
[22:53] <jcoxon> you at cambridge now?
[22:53] <Jon_Apex> I am indeed
[22:53] <jcoxon> cool
[22:53] <Jon_Apex> Havent managed to get hold of edmoore yet
[22:54] <jcoxon> hehe, he hasn't been on here for a bit
[22:55] <Jon_Apex> Yes, Ive sent him an email so we'll see
[22:57] <jcoxon> oh i'm sure he'll reply
[22:57] <Randomskk> Jon_Apex: apparently we missed him by moments at the society fair
[22:57] <Jon_Apex> Oh damn
[22:57] <Randomskk> like, he was at CUWS while we were at CUSF and vice versa
[22:58] <Jon_Apex> Oh dear
[22:58] <Jon_Apex> Unfortunate
[22:58] <Randomskk> may have even seen him at CUWS without realising to be honest
[22:58] <Randomskk> still, I'm sure we'll find him eventually... especially if cusf ever actually email us :P
[22:58] <Jon_Apex> Yep
[22:58] <Jon_Apex> nothing from them yet
[22:59] <jcoxon> its odd they are usually very active - real world must be getting in the way
[23:02] <Randomskk> jcoxon: start of term and all that I guess
[23:02] <jcoxon> yeah
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[23:16] natrium42 (n=natrium4@CPE000625d867e2-CM0014045885be.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #highaltitude.
[23:18] <jcoxon> hey na
[23:19] <jcoxon> hey natrium42
[23:19] <natrium42> yo
[23:19] <jcoxon> hows it going?
[23:20] <natrium42> good, how are you?
[23:20] <jcoxon> yeah i'm well
[23:20] <jcoxon> just soldered up another ATLAS flight computer for ballasthalo3
[23:21] <natrium42> pics or it didn't happen
[23:22] <jcoxon> just checking hte i2c is working
[23:22] <jcoxon> then will post pics
[23:22] <natrium42> yay
[23:24] natrium42 (n=natrium4@CPE000625d867e2-CM0014045885be.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: "My other car is a cdr."
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[23:40] <Laurenceb> hello
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