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[10:38] <jcoxon> morning all
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[10:47] <edmoore> jcoxon: good morning
[10:47] <SpeedEvil> mornin
[10:47] <edmoore> so there's a massive HF competitoon starting at 12 UTC and running 24 hours
[10:47] <edmoore> the airwaves are supposedly going to be packed
[10:48] <edmoore> Had CUWS phone me up and ask if I was available for a slot on Sunday, so they must be getting desparate
[10:49] <edmoore> http://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=309:2009-iaru-hf-world-championship-contest-july-11-12-2009&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=50
[10:49] <jcoxon> morning edmoore
[10:49] <jcoxon> oh that sounds quite cool
[10:49] <jcoxon> you going to do it?
[10:50] <edmoore> nope, working on a presentation for our summer project to give on tuesday, but I may have a listen.
[10:50] <jcoxon> fair enough
[10:51] <edmoore> we can see how far away we can hear :)
[10:51] <jcoxon> yeah
[10:51] <jcoxon> good point
[10:51] <jcoxon> i'm keen to pick up some trans-a transmissions
[10:52] <jcoxon> which project is this presentation for?
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[12:09] <jcoxon> bbl
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[16:39] <edmoore> jcoxon: am copying sweden on 7.017.95
[16:39] <edmoore> loud and clear
[16:39] <edmoore> the whole band is on fire
[16:44] <jcoxon> even more on 20m
[16:47] <edmoore> jcoxon: russia
[16:47] <edmoore> that's a record for me so far
[16:47] <edmoore> RD3BW
[16:48] <edmoore> on 20m, yah
[16:50] <edmoore> i think I might have to learn morse
[16:51] <jcoxon> good luck :-)
[16:52] <jcoxon> its a useful skill
[16:52] <jcoxon> what you using to decode?
[16:54] <edmoore> coca
[16:54] <edmoore> i like the way it decodes the entire spectrum it gets
[16:54] <edmoore> and then shows you the entire history of what i's docided if you put your spectrum on a different morse stream
[16:55] <edmoore> lots of yugoslavia and sarajevo - must be ideal atmospherics to that part of the world
[16:55] <jcoxon> yeah
[16:55] <jcoxon> i think it backtracks on the data
[16:56] <edmoore> i'm getting them loud and clear with perhaps the worst antenna in the world
[16:56] <jcoxon> hehe
[16:56] <edmoore> this is a bit addictive - jcoxon shall we make a pact to learn morse, and I can try you from ghana?
[16:56] <jcoxon> found an enormous bug in my code for ballasthalo - lucky i didn't launch this weekend
[16:56] <edmoore> they might think you're a spy...
[16:56] <jcoxon> edmoore, i'm not taking my radio
[16:56] <edmoore> :(
[16:56] <edmoore> what bug?
[16:57] <jcoxon> as i'm not a full licence i can't get a temporary ghanian one - i did look into it
[16:57] <jcoxon> the bug was for working out ascent rate instead of == i had put = which meant that it was actually changing the value each time it ran
[16:59] <edmoore> got bulgaria at a million dB too. ionosphere is really kicking to the eastern block
[16:59] <edmoore> jcoxon: get a full license!
[16:59] <jcoxon> yes i find that often
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[16:59] <jcoxon> edmoore, no time
[16:59] <edmoore> well at least book it for when you get back
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[17:00] <jcoxon> okay edmoore here is the game - 10mins to find the furthest contact away
[17:00] <jcoxon> just need their callsign
[17:00] <edmoore> russia is still my best
[17:00] <edmoore> but ok
[17:01] <edmoore> RT3T on 14.048
[17:03] <edmoore> OH2BAH on 14.056 Finland
[17:05] <jcoxon> LZ9W on 14.047.50 Bulgaria
[17:07] <edmoore> LY4LL .058 Lithuania
[17:07] <jcoxon> E7HQ on 14.035
[17:10] <edmoore> time's up
[17:10] <jcoxon> AO8HQ Canaray Islands
[17:11] <jcoxon> where in russia was it?
[17:11] <edmoore> can't find out
[17:11] <edmoore> Moscow
[17:11] <jcoxon> okay canary islands are 2900km away
[17:12] <jcoxon> moscow 2400km
[17:12] <jcoxon> 2457
[17:12] <edmoore> poo you :p
[17:12] <edmoore> what freq?
[17:13] <jcoxon> 14.029.46
[17:14] <edmoore> AO8HQ
[17:14] <edmoore> yep
[17:14] <edmoore> huge QRM for me though just next to it
[17:14] <jcoxon> i'm trying some of the fainter ones
[17:15] <jcoxon> this is good practice for PBH launches
[17:16] <jcoxon> as its like picking out their signal from a haystack
[17:16] <edmoore> yeah
[17:19] <jcoxon> hows the presentation going?
[17:20] kc0wys (n=kc0wys@75-130-209-194.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:20] <jcoxon> hey kc0wys
[17:20] <jcoxon> you launching today?
[17:21] <kc0wys> i launched thursday
[17:21] <kc0wys> i couldnt find time until today to come on here and give everyone the news
[17:22] <jcoxon> oh how did it go?
[17:22] <kc0wys> the launch went well, i spent a while fixing various problems but then i got it into the air
[17:22] <kc0wys> received good data throughout the flight and recorded some video during the launch
[17:22] <jcoxon> brilliant
[17:22] <jcoxon> recovered?
[17:22] <kc0wys> however, the gps receiver seems to have malfunctioned
[17:23] <kc0wys> it reported that it had a fix so we launched, but we didnt notice that it was sending dummy coordinates
[17:23] <kc0wys> so i have no idea where it went :(
[17:23] <edmoore> :(
[17:23] <jcoxon> oh no
[17:24] <kc0wys> yea, bummer
[17:24] <jcoxon> unable to 'triangulate' it?
[17:24] <kc0wys> no, we didn't bother since the batteries were already running low when we launched
[17:25] <kc0wys> my phone number is on the payload so i hope a farmer finds it in his corn field like last time :)
[17:25] <jcoxon> hehe i'm sure they will
[17:25] <jcoxon> what make of gps?
[17:25] <kc0wys> Garmin GPS-25
[17:26] <jcoxon> how strange
[17:26] <kc0wys> from what i understand its supposed to be a pretty reliable model, and it doesn't have the pesky 60k ft limit
[17:26] <jcoxon> edmoore, 30m will be pretty damn good later this evening
[17:26] <jcoxon> kc0wys, yes i've heard its reliable
[17:26] <edmoore> jcoxon: what makes you say that?
[17:27] <jcoxon> 30m in the evening is often good
[17:27] <jcoxon> good combination of long and short propergation
[17:27] <jcoxon> hence why its used for trans-a balloons
[17:29] <edmoore> cool
[17:29] <edmoore> will listen
[17:29] <edmoore> oh, EARS tomorrow
[17:32] <jcoxon> you going?
[17:33] <edmoore> maybe
[17:33] <edmoore> depends on how presentation is
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[17:33] <jcoxon> which project is this presentation for?
[17:34] <edmoore> parachute tests
[17:34] <jcoxon> oh cool
[17:35] <edmoore> it's in Oxford and to some fairly senior ESA people who are flying in - it's a fairly in depth design review. ~1hr presentation, then about 3 hours of questions and further discussion (the sort of presentation where you prepare a bunch more slides with more detail for the Q&A session)
[17:35] <edmoore> so I'm pretty keen on doing it right :)
[17:35] <jcoxon> oh wow, definitely big stuff
[17:36] <edmoore> it's been fun though - we've learnt a lot about high reliability parachute deployment mechanisms. Hoping to use a lot of it on our future normal flights
[17:37] <jcoxon> oooo, look forward to seeing them
[17:38] <jcoxon> is it on monday?
[17:39] <edmoore> tueasday
[17:39] <edmoore> one of the basic nice things is a spring pilot parachute
[17:40] <edmoore> so it's a chute which has netting all the way around the risers to stop then tangling, and has a spring between the bottom and the apex, which forces it into an inflated position
[17:40] <edmoore> so as soon as you blow a cap or pull a pin which is keeping the pilot compressed, it springs out into the air flow and deploys come what may, no matter what kind of chaos you have
[17:41] <jcoxon> cool
[17:43] <jcoxon> hmmmm i really hope the JS breaks next week
[17:45] <jcoxon> edmoore, oops, 30m isn't allowed to be used for contests
[17:46] <edmoore> nvm :)
[17:50] <jcoxon> http://www.balloonproject.eu/
[17:59] <jcoxon> edmoore, ping
[18:02] <edmoore> interesting link
[18:03] <jcoxon> yeah
[18:03] Action: jcoxon might be emailing hte netherlands guys to see if we can fly a cross north sea flight...
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[20:12] <jcoxon> evening all
[20:12] <jcoxon> hi petrinm, welcome to #highaltitude
[20:19] <petrinm> hi
[20:22] <jcoxon> hey
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[23:09] <edmoore|away> 14.017
[23:12] <edmoore|away> RocketBoy: jcoxon and I were seeing who could get american morse first with a random bit of old wider of completely arbitrary length chucked out the window
[23:24] <RocketBoy> HF radio never ceases to amaze me even now
[23:24] <RocketBoy> nights
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