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[00:04] <Laurenceb> hello
[00:04] <Laurenceb> any launches coming up?
[00:11] <RocketBoy> Tuesday perhaps - if the holds up
[00:11] <RocketBoy> the JS that is
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[01:11] <Laurenceb> http://thechive.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/these-people-exist-weird-20000.jpg
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[01:24] <Fighter1405> Hey :0
[01:28] <SpeedEvil> hey
[01:28] <Fighter1405> How ya doing?
[01:28] <SpeedEvil> meh
[01:29] <Fighter1405> I wondered if anyone knew anything more on UK laws for these high altitude balloons?
[01:29] <Fighter1405> I found http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=503 but it is all legal jargon to me :p
[01:29] <SpeedEvil> what do you want to launch
[01:30] <Fighter1405> It's all longer term plans, but some kind of arduino powered balloon with gps modules and a couple of cameras
[01:31] <SpeedEvil> I'm a bit fuzzy on the legalities - it's basically a 'fill in forms' operation in the UK - nothing complex
[01:31] <SpeedEvil> ask some people that have actually organised a launch when they're around
[01:31] <SpeedEvil> rjharrison, edmoore, ...
[01:31] <Fighter1405> Will do, it's not as open as in the US then
[01:32] <Fighter1405> Are there any particularly popular spots for UK launches do you know? I was thinking dartmoor but it may be too close to the cost
[01:33] <SpeedEvil> the above launch around cambridge
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[01:33] <SpeedEvil> aha!
[01:33] <Fighter1405> Good timing :)
[01:33] <SpeedEvil> Speak of the probably not demonic personage.
[01:33] <fergusnoble> edmoore: oi oi!
[01:33] <edmoore> oh bad idea
[01:34] <edmoore> ok what
[01:34] <edmoore> forgive typoingng in advanse
[01:34] <Fighter1405> <Fighter1405> I wondered if anyone knew anything more on UK laws for these high altitude balloons?
[01:34] <Fighter1405> <Fighter1405> I found http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=503 but it is all legal jargon to me :p
[01:34] <Fighter1405> <SpeedEvil> what do you want to launch
[01:34] <Fighter1405> <Fighter1405> It's all longer term plans, but some kind of arduino powered balloon with gps modules and a couple of cameras
[01:34] <Fighter1405> <SpeedEvil> I'm a bit fuzzy on the legalities - it's basically a 'fill in forms' operation in the UK - nothing complex
[01:34] <Fighter1405> <SpeedEvil> ask some people that have actually organised a launch when they're around
[01:35] <edmoore> Fighter1405: can definitely help and give you as muchinformation as possible
[01:35] <edmoore> but
[01:35] <edmoore> 5 hours ago I finished me BA degree
[01:35] <edmoore> so...
[01:35] <SpeedEvil> Woo!
[01:35] <Fighter1405> Ah, congrats :)
[01:35] <SpeedEvil> Congratulations!
[01:35] <edmoore> it's probably bed time
[01:36] <Fighter1405> No problem, I'll stop by tommorow
[01:36] <fergusnoble> Fighter1405: send us an email: cuspaceflight@cusu.cam.ac.uk
[01:36] <edmoore> thankfully 'return ome' safety net kicked in. quite early.
[01:36] <SpeedEvil> Night - and drink some water :)
[01:36] <edmoore> have got a berocca fizzing
[01:36] <Fighter1405> Thanks fergusnoble, I will do :)
[01:36] <edmoore> wow suprisingly good typing. backlit keebord maybe
[01:37] <edmoore> Fighter1405: where are you based, geographically speaking?
[01:37] <Fighter1405> I'm in hertfordshire, near potters bar
[01:38] <Laurenceb> edmoore: congratulations
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[01:38] <edmoore> h'ok cool. Well there's lots of us based in cambridge, just as a datapoint, if you ever wanted to come along to a launch
[01:38] <fergusnoble> Fighter1405: dartmoor tends to be difficult like you say, near the coast and the wind is usually going east->west
[01:39] <Fighter1405> Thanks edmoore, I'll keep an eye out :)
[01:39] <fergusnoble> Im sure you can use our site though
[01:40] <Fighter1405> fergusnoble: I only thought of it because I spend a lot of time down in devon and it is a very large open space that would be easy to retrieve from if you waited for a day with the right wind direction. I would just be worried about it switching and going out to sea
[01:40] <fergusnoble> In which case you would e flying under our NOTAM so you dont have to worry about legalities
[01:41] <Fighter1405> I sent you an email :)
[01:41] <fergusnoble> yeah, Im from devon and my family home is just inside the national park so i know it well :)
[01:41] <edmoore> right, back tomorrow, avec headache
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[01:41] <Fighter1405> Ah you must know it better than me then :p
[01:41] <Fighter1405> How often does the wind go inland?
[01:41] <SpeedEvil> Fighter1405: there is an online balloon 'where will it go' calculator
[01:41] Action: SpeedEvil forgets the URL
[01:42] <fergusnoble> Very rarely, usually in spring and autumn there are a few weeks of sporadic west->east
[01:42] <fergusnoble> http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~cuspaceflight/predict/index.php
[01:42] <Fighter1405> Looks useful, thanks for the link
[01:42] <SpeedEvil> ah yes
[01:43] <fergusnoble> sorry, im talking rubbish agian
[01:43] <Fighter1405> And if you launched it further inland so that it would land nearer the edge of dartmoor?
[01:43] <fergusnoble> ive got it back to front, its usually west->east
[01:43] <fergusnoble> but even still I think you have to be lucky not to to far north or south
[01:44] <fergusnoble> try it on the predictor though
[01:45] <Fighter1405> Yah I will do, you'd think on a low wind day you could even start somewhere like Tavistock and have it land inside dartmoor still, would just be a close run thing
[01:46] <SpeedEvil> Low winds at the surface do _not_ mean low winds at 15Km
[01:46] <fergusnoble> yeah, I mean I wouldn't worry too much about having to land on a really unpopulated area
[01:46] <fergusnoble> its usually ok as long as you avoid cities
[01:46] <SpeedEvil> Fundamentally, the damage it does is similar to a kicked football
[01:46] <SpeedEvil> coming down
[01:46] <fergusnoble> the cambridge area is pretty densely populated
[01:46] <Fighter1405> I got that SpeedEvil, but Areonautical weather predictions should generally list wind speeds "up there" right?
[01:47] <SpeedEvil> Fighter1405: play with the predictor some
[01:47] <SpeedEvil> look at the same launch over a few days, ..
[01:48] <fergusnoble> legalities wise, you need to notify the CAA which is mainly just a formality and obtain a NOTAM (notice to airmen) for the launch site
[01:48] <Fighter1405> ok, forgive me but what would you say are average ascent and descent rates for this kind of thing? I haven't done the math on it
[01:48] <fergusnoble> the default values are reasonable
[01:49] <fergusnoble> you can increase the ascent rate by a couple of m/s if you need a shorter flight, i.e. less range
[01:49] <SpeedEvil> or half if you want more altitude
[01:49] <fergusnoble> its hard to fill the balloon more acurately than abut +/- 0.5m/s though
[01:50] <Fighter1405> ok
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[01:50] <Fighter1405> The predictor is saying and east->West wind now
[01:50] <SpeedEvil> 1.5-5m for ascent, and 5-10m/s for descent are probably sane
[01:51] <fergusnoble> so, the NOTAM can be for an extended period and not just for one launch
[01:51] <SpeedEvil> burst is typically 25000-32000 or so
[01:51] <fergusnoble> thats about it, you have to phone the local ATC 1 day and 5mins before launch to check everything is ok
[01:51] <Fighter1405> Yah, the predictor says a launch now will put it northwest of Tavistock and quite close to the west coast
[01:51] <Fighter1405> ok, thanks
[01:52] <fergusnoble> if you wanted to launch in cambridge though you would be covered by our NOTAM so you wouldn't have to do anything
[01:52] <Fighter1405> oh right, that ticks over the whole time?
[01:52] <fergusnoble> but its not too much hassle to set up if you want to launch elsewhere
[01:52] <fergusnoble> yeah, i think we get them for 6 months at a time
[01:53] <Fighter1405> Ah that is handy
[01:55] <Fighter1405> How accurate does the predictor tend to be?
[01:55] <fergusnoble> often suprisingly so
[01:56] <fergusnoble> its hard to say as we have yet to do any proper validation
[01:56] <SpeedEvil> moar launches!
[01:56] <fergusnoble> but i would guess within 20km
[01:56] <fergusnoble> maximum
[01:57] <fergusnoble> the target thingy is supposed to give some idea
[01:59] <Fighter1405> So launching from yealmpton right now would give you a good chance of landing on dartmoor
[02:00] <Fighter1405> the inner target is towards the west of dartmoor, not close the coast
[02:02] <fergusnoble> my feeling is that trying to hit dartmoor would be difficult though
[02:03] <fergusnoble> you need to know where you are launching from ahead of time to get a NOTAM for the site
[02:03] <Fighter1405> I can see why you say that comparing the size of the outer target to dartmoor
[02:03] <Fighter1405> Oh you do? That would make it worse then
[02:03] <fergusnoble> yeah the notam is issued on a per site basis
[02:03] <Fighter1405> I was thinking you could pick the best town in the morning depending on the wind direction and speed
[02:04] <fergusnoble> basically a notam is for pilots, when they are planning a route they will see what notams there are for the local area
[02:04] <Fighter1405> How long in advance does the notam have to be issued?
[02:05] <fergusnoble> so for example ours says the launch coords and to check our website to see if there is a launch on a given day
[02:05] <fergusnoble> im not sure how quickly it can be done, I would guess a few days to a week maybe
[02:06] <fergusnoble> which is still a bit far in advance
[02:06] <Fighter1405> Yeah so you are right then, it would be impossible to guess the town to get a launch on dartmoor
[02:07] <fergusnoble> but there really isn't much problem launching/landing from somewhere more built up
[02:07] <fergusnoble> ive taken part in maybe 20 launches from cambridge without any problems
[02:07] Action: grummund did some ppl training at cambridge and never once did they mention to "check the website for balloons" ;)
[02:08] <Fighter1405> Ever lost one fergusnoble?
[02:09] <fergusnoble> a few we have lost on the day but almost all got found and returned eventually
[02:10] <fergusnoble> we have got a lot better at telemetry though and its a lot rarer to loose one now
[02:10] <Fighter1405> Ah that is good. Well thanks for all the advice :) I'll most likely be around again :p
[02:10] <fergusnoble> no problem :)
[02:10] <Fighter1405> Bye
[02:10] <fergusnoble> good luck with your planning and if you have any more questions you can always drop us an email
[02:11] <fergusnoble> or ask here of course
[02:11] <fergusnoble> bye
[02:11] <Fighter1405> Thanks, I will do. I'm not expecting to launch anytime soon but it's been something I've wanted to do for a while
[02:11] <fergusnoble> its definitely great fun
[02:12] <Fighter1405> I'm sure, anyway I'll never wake up tommorow if I don't get to bed. Have a good night
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[08:31] <rjharrison> morning all
[09:31] edmoore (n=ed@pomegranate.chu.cam.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[09:32] <rjharrison> morning edmoore how is the hangover
[09:32] <edmoore> not bad thanks
[09:32] <edmoore> had a few pints of water
[09:32] <rjharrison> congratulations again in case you don't rememeber them from yesterday
[09:33] <rjharrison> edmoore: Looking rather like little men http://www.flickr.com/photos/30721501@N05/3602260499/in/set-72157619368022480/
[09:34] <edmoore> cute!
[09:34] <rjharrison> Note the glued loops at the top
[09:37] <edmoore> lovely job - can't wait to see them fly!
[09:37] <rjharrison> Yep i'm doing some safty tests today
[09:38] <rjharrison> Trying to make a shield which is effective before launch
[09:38] <rjharrison> The shild I made yesterday were destryed by shrapnell
[09:39] <rjharrison> So what is your next step on the HAB front now that you have got your freedom back?
[09:44] <edmoore> hrm
[09:45] <edmoore> i know ferg has spent his first couple of days of freedom working on the prediction code, might help him with that. then the new flight computer needs to be designed and sent off. then uplink
[09:49] <edmoore> have eben telling fergus about all the efforts you guys have been putting into tracker, so there's talk about rationalising all of our stuff and trying to integrate a bit more of it
[09:50] <edmoore> maybe a common set of back-end tools that can then generate a webpage on a server or perhaps have a UI with a local copy of gmaps for offline tracking
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[11:30] <edmoore> fergusnoble: morning
[12:09] mc_- (n=zsirc@cpc2-glfd1-0-0-cust559.glfd.cable.ntl.com) joined #highaltitude.
[12:10] <mc_-> congratulations edmoore
[12:12] <edmoore> thanks
[12:12] <edmoore> (assuming I pass)
[12:12] <mc_-> time for ballooning/rockooning
[12:12] <mc_-> or are you working this summer?
[12:14] <edmoore> ballooning
[12:14] <mc_-> i found another cheap pcb co seeedstudio.com
[12:15] <mc_-> seems cheaper than olimex
[12:19] <edmoore> oooo will check it out
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[12:26] <rjharrison_iphon> I'm on the iPhone
[12:27] <rjharrison_iphon> I'm going to take some pyro video later.
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[12:31] <rjharrison_iphon> Humm at bit crap it keeps timing out too quick
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[14:30] <cuddykid> hi all, could any of you advise me whether this radio would work with the NTX2 radio module? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290321035431&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2F%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm38%26_nkw%3D290321035431%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1 Thanks
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[14:34] <cuddykid> does anyone know? - "could any of you advise me whether this radio would work with the NTX2 radio module? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290321035431&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2F%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm38%26_nkw%3D290321035431%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1 Thanks"
[14:35] <rjharrison> cuddykid: NO
[14:35] <SpeedEvil> things you want
[14:35] <SpeedEvil> 433MHz
[14:35] <SpeedEvil> SSB output
[14:35] <SpeedEvil> Good sensitivity
[14:35] <rjharrison> You need a radio that does SSB not just FM
[14:35] <SpeedEvil> Digital - fairly acurrate tuning
[14:35] <cuddykid> thanks - rjharrison & SpeedEvil.
[14:35] <SpeedEvil> SSB demodulation, not tuning
[14:36] <cuddykid> could any of you suggest a radio?
[14:36] <rjharrison> SpeedEvil: These pyros are fun
[14:36] <rjharrison> FT817ND is a great radio for HAB
[14:36] <SpeedEvil> :)
[14:36] <rjharrison> Yeasu
[14:36] Action: SpeedEvil wonders.
[14:36] <rjharrison> Yaesu even
[14:36] <rjharrison> SpeedEvil: I have more than one radio.
[14:37] <SpeedEvil> If it does NBFM - would it sort-of-work - if there is nothingg else in the passband?
[14:37] <rjharrison> Basically any radio that does SSB and 70cm is probably a winner
[14:37] <SpeedEvil> (and the rtty is fat enough that it can be demodulated without the AC coupling screwing up
[14:37] <SpeedEvil> yeah
[14:37] <cuddykid> great, thanks guys!
[14:38] <SpeedEvil> fast enough
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[14:44] <edmoore> fergusnoble: pingadingaling
[14:44] <fergusnoble> hey ho
[14:44] <fergusnoble> hows the hangover?
[14:48] <edmoore> no bad thanks
[14:48] <edmoore> feeling pretty good
[14:48] <edmoore> wondered if you fancied some kerfuffling
[14:48] <edmoore> so to speak
[14:51] <fergusnoble> kerfuffling?
[14:51] <fergusnoble> ed, how dare yo suggest such a thing
[14:51] <edmoore> i know it's not a great thing to admit to in public
[14:53] <fergusnoble> you mean going to the pub?
[14:53] <fergusnoble> or ballooning?
[14:54] Hiena (n=Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[14:54] <edmoore> ballooning
[14:54] <edmoore> well both
[14:54] <edmoore> also, do u have a hub?
[14:55] <edmoore> have got this bandwidth unlimited ip in college for a server
[14:55] <edmoore> but no hub to run both laptop and server
[14:59] <fergusnoble> hmm nope i dont
[14:59] <fergusnoble> can you get it to share wireless?
[14:59] <edmoore> crap in long term. will find a hub
[14:59] <fergusnoble> you couldnt get them to both use the same ip anyway though
[15:00] <edmoore> no point having a 100Mbit internet connection if it has to come over 54MB wireless :)
[15:00] <fergusnoble> or is it just because you only have one port
[15:00] <edmoore> i only have one port in my room
[15:00] <edmoore> just want to split it off
[15:00] <fergusnoble> ok, well the answer is no
[15:00] <fergusnoble> although i believe there may be one in the ifm
[15:01] <edmoore> I'll have a hunt around
[15:01] <edmoore> have just thought where one might be infact
[15:01] <fergusnoble> so what are we going to do?
[15:01] <fergusnoble> im meeting vinay at about 5.30, so we could just go to the pub for a couple of hours?
[15:02] <fergusnoble> esp seeing as its sunny again
[15:02] <edmoore> not sure i can face drinking again just yet
[15:03] <rjharrison> edmoore: do you have that hub I sent you last year
[15:03] <rjharrison> That had 4 ports on the back of it
[15:03] <edmoore> at home, helpfully :)
[15:03] <rjharrison> Have been videoing pyro
[15:03] <edmoore> oh cool
[15:03] <fergusnoble> a beer is the best thing for a hangover
[15:04] <fergusnoble> rjharrison: sweet, pload! pload!
[15:04] <rjharrison> But it's crap trying to post it as either too big > 50mb or to many frames missing
[15:04] <fergusnoble> *upload
[15:04] <rjharrison> ok I'll uload some thing
[15:04] <rjharrison> Certainly 100% effective
[15:05] <fergusnoble> hehe cool
[15:05] <rjharrison> Mainly dust left after detonation
[15:05] <edmoore> until one doesn't work :)
[15:05] <fergusnoble> its all about vimeo
[15:05] <edmoore> on that point, fergusnoble do you know if there's any nice slow cure epoxy in the ifm?
[15:05] <rjharrison> Yep I have an account on there I'll uload the video
[15:05] <rjharrison> Will take a while
[15:05] <fergusnoble> there is some 24hr which is only a couple years out of date
[15:06] <edmoore> that could do the trick
[15:06] <rjharrison> lol
[15:06] <fergusnoble> i think we have some newer 1hr too
[15:06] <rjharrison> I have had 100% success with both 2ton and 5min epoxy from devcon
[15:07] <rjharrison> Sand paper is best thing to roughen the insides of the tube
[15:07] <fergusnoble> edmoore: do yo still have that acrylic tube?
[15:07] <edmoore> am holding it in my hand right now
[15:08] <edmoore> and i also have..... the product
[15:08] <fergusnoble> awesome, we should make a little stock of pyros
[15:08] <edmoore> could do that in the next 2 hours
[15:08] <edmoore> make a little jig to make up 20 at a time
[15:08] <fergusnoble> ok, shall I meet you in the Ifm?
[15:08] <edmoore> we need emathces
[15:09] <fergusnoble> oh yup, do we have any?
[15:09] <edmoore> henry bought a load from whathisface at ears
[15:09] <edmoore> malcolm jennings
[15:09] <edmoore> let me check ammo box, hang on, may have some left
[15:09] <edmoore> iain's been getting through the stock we had of late
[15:09] <fergusnoble> we could just plot and plan thngs though
[15:10] <fergusnoble> brb, have to go to plodge
[15:10] <edmoore> ok
[15:10] <edmoore> for when you get back, i have 5 ematches, smokeless bp and some bp here
[15:10] <edmoore> sorry, smokeless p and bp
[15:12] <rjharrison> edmoore: what are the dimensions of the tube and walls?
[15:12] <edmoore> quite big
[15:12] <edmoore> od 12, id 8
[15:13] akawaka (n=akawaka@icculus.org) got netsplit.
[15:13] herabot (n=herabot@ got netsplit.
[15:13] <edmoore> they'll go with a bang
[15:13] <rjharrison> yep min is 10 and 6
[15:13] <edmoore> will probably make some cosies for them
[15:13] <edmoore> gaffa covered foam jacket to slide over them
[15:13] <rjharrison> to contain on detonation?
[15:13] <edmoore> yep
[15:14] <fergusnoble> edmoore: back
[15:14] <edmoore> cool
[15:14] <rjharrison> remove b4 launch?
[15:14] <edmoore> may aswell keep them on - they'll just sit around the middle
[15:14] <edmoore> assuming we decide to make them at all - might be an idea after several launches now where they've gone off unexpectedly on the ground
[15:14] <fergusnoble> so what you wanna do?
[15:15] <rjharrison> I have come up with a piece of waste water pipe slit down one side to act as a shield
[15:16] <fergusnoble> edmoore: we could go to the dept workshop and part the tube off on the lathe
[15:16] <edmoore> give me 5 to call some peeps about this afternoon. do you have plans tonight?
[15:16] <edmoore> closed on sundays
[15:16] <fergusnoble> oh forgot it was sunday
[15:16] <SpeedEvil> rjharrison: a tin-can full of sand
[15:16] <edmoore> yeah, annoying. otherwise i'd be right there
[15:16] <fergusnoble> maybe we should wait till tomorrow and do a proper job
[15:17] <edmoore> ok cool
[15:17] <fergusnoble> rather than hacking them out with a blunt hacksaw
[15:17] <edmoore> definitely don't want to do that
[15:17] <edmoore> we need a small aluminium flight case with inserts to hold them all individually, though....
[15:17] <fergusnoble> hehe, could go to B&Q
[15:17] <rjharrison> Sounds good
[15:17] <edmoore> lets :)
[15:17] <edmoore> shall we just go to b&q for fun
[15:18] <edmoore> + chat
[15:18] <SpeedEvil> edmoore: and a countdown timer in red LED when you open it
[15:18] <fergusnoble> yeah sure
[15:18] <edmoore> ok, pick u up in 10?
[15:18] <fergusnoble> sure, shall i wait by the bollards?
[15:18] <edmoore> cool
[15:18] <edmoore> 15:28
[15:18] <fergusnoble> ok, see you in a sec
[15:18] <edmoore> i'll bring tubes for you to stroke
[15:19] <rjharrison> lol
[15:19] <fergusnoble> :)
[15:19] <edmoore> ... and also the acrylic
[15:19] <edmoore> (buaddum ching)
[15:19] <rjharrison> lol
[15:19] <edmoore> right, backs l8r
[15:19] edmoore (n=ed@pomegranate.chu.cam.ac.uk) left irc:
[15:19] <rjharrison> BTW I would like some input on a good MOSFET to use with avr
[15:19] <rjharrison> I'm triggering using 9v pp3 atm
[15:20] <fergusnoble> rjharrison: just make sure its logic level and capable of a few amps and it should be fine
[15:20] <rjharrison> ok cool
[15:20] <fergusnoble> i seem to remember rapid do something suitable
[15:20] <rjharrison> I'll investigate
[15:20] <rjharrison> Ok
[15:20] <rjharrison> Thanks that is the next phase
[15:20] <fergusnoble> actually, farnell is doing free next day delivery with no minimum order now so rapid isnt much help
[15:20] <SpeedEvil> rjharrison: Caveats
[15:21] <SpeedEvil> rjharrison: A gate resistor of a K or so - so that it can't do wierd oscillatory shit - and doesn't overload the AVR pin
[15:22] <SpeedEvil> rjharrison: Also - look at the graph in the datasheet - ensure that at -55C - it's turned on hard enough (the threshold shifts up with low temp) at worst-case battery conditions of the micro
[15:22] <fergusnoble> ok, bbl
[15:22] akawaka (n=akawaka@icculus.org) returned to #highaltitude.
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[15:23] <SpeedEvil> Other than that - go to uk.farnell.com - select the package you want, 10-30A or whatever, over 20V, and sort by price
[15:24] <rjharrison> SpeedEvil: Humm confused now
[15:25] <rjharrison> Will have a look on farnell
[15:27] <SpeedEvil> What current do these need to initiate?
[15:28] <rjharrison> 2amps for the ematch
[15:29] <rjharrison> 9v pp3 battery
[15:29] <rjharrison> Switched by 3.3v avr
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> I'd also store them with a cap across the terminals - on general principles
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> or shorted
[15:29] <rjharrison> yep to provide a good kick
[15:31] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@host86-163-199-83.range86-163.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:35] <jcoxon> hey all
[15:36] akawaka (n=akawaka@icculus.org) got netsplit.
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[15:41] <rjharrison> hi jcoxon
[15:42] Tigga (n=chatzill@pc-232-235-14.magd.cam.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:57] <fergusnoble> natrium42: this is ed. what's the latest on venus firmware re: alttude limits?
[18:15] edmoore (n=ed@pomegranate.chu.cam.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:44] <natrium42> fergusnoble, they give you a firmware if you sign some papers
[20:54] G8KHW (n=Steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:03] <natrium42> hi steve
[21:34] mc_- (n=zsirc@cpc2-glfd1-0-0-cust559.glfd.cable.ntl.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:39] <mc_-> its quiet here
[21:39] <natrium42> lol
[21:39] <natrium42> hi mc_-
[21:39] <mc_-> hi natrium
[21:39] <natrium42> how's life?
[21:40] <mc_-> ok, got some time for my projects next week
[21:41] <mc_-> btw is Ralph Wallio near you?
[21:41] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) left irc: "Leaving"
[21:41] <mc_-> hes the guy on balloonsched
[21:41] <natrium42> what city?
[21:42] <mc_-> dont know
[21:42] <mc_-> ill check his website
[21:43] <mc_-> how about some small zp flights?
[21:43] <mc_-> is it legal in ca?
[21:43] <natrium42> all flights above 112 cu ft volume require permission
[21:44] <mc_-> probably needs a cutdown
[21:45] <fergusnoble> natrium42: back
[21:45] <fergusnoble> natrium42: so have you tested the modified firmware at altitude?
[21:45] <natrium42> not yet
[21:45] <mc_-> 112 at ground?
[21:46] <natrium42> mc_-, the law isn't specific :S
[21:46] <natrium42> not sure who wrote it
[21:46] <mc_-> so assume its at the ground
[21:46] <natrium42> and it's actually gas carrying capacity
[21:47] <natrium42> so if you have an envelope that stretches...
[21:47] <natrium42> http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/Regserv/Affairs/cars/PART6/602.htm#602_42
[21:48] <mc_-> quite large 5x5x5ft
[21:48] <natrium42> a launch from US seems like a better idea perhaps
[21:49] <mc_-> how far is it for you?
[21:53] <natrium42> 200km or so
[21:54] <mc_-> do you have to be a us resident to launch?
[21:54] <natrium42> nope
[21:56] <mc_-> sounds feasible
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[22:28] <Laurenceb> hello
[22:31] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:33] <jcoxon> evevning all
[22:39] <Laurenceb> jcoxon: your avr programmer, does it supply power?
[22:39] GeekShadow (n=Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow) left irc: "The cake is a lie !"
[22:40] <Laurenceb> its a 6 pin header right?
[22:42] <natrium42> yo Laurenceb & jcoxon
[22:43] <jcoxon> Laurenceb, its a six pin
[22:44] <Laurenceb> jcoxon: does it supply power?
[22:44] <jcoxon> no
[22:44] <Laurenceb> annoying
[22:44] <Laurenceb> ok
[22:45] <jcoxon> don't think so
[22:45] <jcoxon> i don't have it infront of me
[22:45] <jcoxon> i defintiely supplied power when i used it on sat
[22:45] <Laurenceb> I need to fix winxp and have another go with my programmer
[22:46] <jcoxon> this one worked immediately
[22:46] <jcoxon> very impressed
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