[00:00] <Laurenceb> whats launching?
[00:06] <edmoore> rjharrison i think
[00:06] <edmoore> i am playing with my icom
[00:09] <Laurenceb> cool
[00:09] <Laurenceb> hope it works
[00:09] <Laurenceb> I'm knackered, cya all
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[04:18] <rjharrison> Can't sleep too excidted
[04:18] <rjharrison> excited
[05:02] <natrium> :D
[05:02] <natrium> rjharrison, still up?
[06:07] <rjharrison> yep
[06:07] <rjharrison> About to sart the drive to camb
[06:13] <natrium> aah
[06:14] <natrium> good luck with the launch!
[06:16] Nick change: rjharrison -> rjharrison_home
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[07:07] <jcoxon> morning all
[07:12] <natrium> hey jcoxon
[07:12] <jcoxon> hey you are still up!
[07:12] <natrium> yes :S
[07:13] <natrium> rjharrison woke up early too
[07:13] <natrium> at 4:18am
[07:13] <natrium> your time
[07:13] <jcoxon> crap thats early
[07:13] <jcoxon> yeah he sent me a crash log from my client
[07:16] <jcoxon> haven't really got time to fix it
[07:16] <jcoxon> oh well
[07:16] <jcoxon> right i better go and catch my train
[07:16] <jcoxon> bbl
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[08:03] <mc-> jcoxon, if you're about, I can monitor activity from here.
[08:03] <mc-> I've got VNC
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[08:33] <jcoxon> morning again
[08:33] <mc-> morning
[08:34] <mc-> I can monitor activity from here, I've got VNC
[08:34] <jcoxon> oh cool
[08:34] <jcoxon> i can do quite a bit myself
[08:34] <jcoxon> and so will set it up but a bit later that would be great
[08:35] <jcoxon> this should help alot though to keep track
[08:35] <jcoxon> http://pegasus4.no-ip.org/~jamescoxon/jcoxon.php
[08:35] <jcoxon> though don't change the radio freq yet!
[08:36] <jcoxon> mc-, do you have a radio you could track with?
[08:36] <mc-> only have a 6m radio
[08:36] <jcoxon> oh okay
[08:36] <jcoxon> just the flight forecast has it going south
[08:36] <mc-> ed is not far away then
[08:37] <jcoxon> and my station is set up to face north so once it over flies london i'll probably lose it till i get home and reposition
[08:37] <jcoxon> sadly his radio isn't ready i don't think
[08:37] <jcoxon> oh well :-)
[08:38] <mc-> a bit of wire for an aerial might be good enough
[08:38] <jcoxon> true
[08:38] <mc-> I've got a 433 yagi here
[08:39] <jcoxon> just no receiver :-p
[08:39] <mc-> only cheap 433 modules
[08:39] <Xenion> http://pegasus4.no-ip.org/~jamescoxon/jcoxon.php <- what is this ?
[08:39] <Xenion> morning btw.
[08:40] <jcoxon> its my radio station
[08:40] <jcoxon> i'm going to the launch its at home
[08:40] <Xenion> jcoxon, radio station ?
[08:40] <Xenion> you mean a pc attached to a radio with a webfrontend which does some screen capture ?
[08:40] <jcoxon> yeah its a radio attached to my computer
[08:40] <jcoxon> to receive the flight data
[08:40] <jcoxon> yeah
[08:40] <jcoxon> hehe
[08:41] <jcoxon> and you can vnc to adjust stuff
[08:41] <Xenion> nice
[08:41] <Xenion> ;)
[08:41] <Xenion> i justed wanted to be sure that i understood it correctly
[08:41] <Xenion> how did you managed to do this VNC web part ?
[08:42] <jcoxon> well its running a webserver with some php
[08:42] <jcoxon> that controls the radio via an arduino
[08:42] <Xenion> arduino ?
[08:43] <jcoxon> and then there is a script that does a screen capture and then crops it and updates the page
[08:43] <jcoxon> the vnc bit is just a seperate server running on the machine
[08:43] <jcoxon> Xenion, you don't by any chance have a 70cm radio do you?
[08:43] <jcoxon> its a microcontroller - based on an avr,
[08:43] <Xenion> jcoxon, nope
[08:43] <jcoxon> connected via serial to the laptop
[08:43] <Xenion> nice
[08:44] <jcoxon> Xenion, okay, no problem - might need some european listeners today
[08:44] <Xenion> :-)
[08:44] <Xenion> good luck
[08:44] <jcoxon> thanks
[08:44] <Xenion> im struggling with the camera on my project
[08:44] <jcoxon> you can follow the flight from the website in the topic
[08:45] <jcoxon> oh, i'm sure we can help you with that :-)
[08:45] <jcoxon> what type of camera is it and what do you want it to do?
[08:45] <Xenion> jcoxon, thats one of my worst attitudes .. never ask for help .. only after weeks of frustration ^^
[08:45] <Xenion> jcoxon, just a sec, i'll show you
[08:48] <Xenion> http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8668 <- i'll would like to use this one
[08:49] <Xenion> the specs look great but im struggling with the soldering
[08:49] <Xenion> :(
[08:49] <Xenion> i'm unable to find someone who is capable of building a breakout for this thing
[08:49] <jcoxon> nice, camera
[08:49] <Xenion> it's like hell
[08:49] <Xenion> jcoxon, :/
[08:49] <Xenion> it's cheap and the specs are great ..
[08:49] <jcoxon> oh it looks it
[08:49] <Xenion> i2c .. RAW image data ( great for me ! ) .. and so on
[08:50] <jcoxon> hmmm speak to edmoore when he is online, they have done quite a bit of pcb work, perhaps they could add on a breakout for you to make it easier
[08:50] <Xenion> jcoxon, is this SMD soldering ?
[08:50] <jcoxon> looks it
[08:50] <Xenion> jcoxon, hm great, thx i'll ask it
[08:50] <Xenion> jcoxon, what does "looks it" mean ^^
[08:51] <jcoxon> oh it looks like it would be hell to solder
[08:51] <Xenion> ddamn ^^
[08:51] <Xenion> jcoxon, ther's one alternative .. which i don't like so much
[08:52] <Xenion> Fujifilm FinePix 2400 <- i've got one of these lying around
[08:52] <jcoxon> have you read the comments about this camera? they say that no one has actually got it working yet
[08:52] <jcoxon> http://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?t=10314
[08:52] <jcoxon> right i'll be back later, just arrving at cambridge
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[08:59] <Xenion> hmm
[08:59] <Xenion> great
[09:00] <Xenion> is someone here who could answer me a retorik question ?
[09:00] <Xenion> 1.) is it hard, to solder SMD stuff? ( i mean to learn it )
[09:00] <Xenion> 2.) as a beginner .. how can create ( where and what do i have to do ) my own breakout board
[09:01] <mc-> it's easy to solder SMD
[09:01] <mc-> just need steady hands, and a small tip on the iron
[09:01] <Xenion> i'fe found the manufactur shematics for the breakoutboard .. so i think i've just do some eagle work and find someone who "builds" it right ?!
[09:01] <Xenion> mc-, i've god steady hands, and i'm actually good at normal soldering, but never tried SMD before .. it looks way too tiny
[09:02] <Xenion> god = got
[09:02] <mc-> is the board single sided?
[09:02] <Xenion> mc-, yea
[09:02] <Xenion> http://kreature.org/ee/avr/cmos_cam/breakout_1.1b.jpg <- what i want to do
[09:02] <Xenion> http://kreature.org/ee/avr/cmos_cam/breakout_1.1.jpg <- the BB ( breakoutboard )
[09:02] <mc-> http://www.circuitboardstogo.com/ is the cheapest
[09:03] <Xenion> thx
[09:03] <Xenion> such infos are always worth a pot of gold
[09:03] <Xenion> mc-, how do i submit my BB shematics ?!
[09:03] <Xenion> ii see
[09:04] <Xenion> it's written there
[09:04] <Xenion> cool
[09:04] <Xenion> mc-, thanks that page looks great
[09:04] <Xenion> ! :D
[09:04] <Xenion> mc-, ok as it is clear for SMD i will need a new set of soldering equitment .. are there any hints for a beginner ?
[09:05] <mc-> any iron will do, as long as it's a small tip
[09:05] <mc-> don't use leadfree solder it's terrible
[09:05] <mc-> what does the cam connect to?
[09:06] <Xenion> omg my englisch is way too bad to ask you what i would like to ask :(
[09:06] <mc-> i guess an avr?
[09:06] <Xenion> mc-, the beagleboard .. in the end
[09:06] <Xenion> mc-, nope
[09:06] <mc-> ok
[09:06] <Xenion> www.beagleboard.org
[09:06] <Xenion> it's an armv7 based omap system
[09:07] <Xenion> it's great for this cam, as the cam needs a lot of transfer rates and SRAM .. the beagleboard got a lot of it
[09:07] <Xenion> the page really is great :D
[09:08] <Xenion> mc-, because of my lacking englisch skills .. would you mind if i show you some of the stuff i'll would like to buy and you tell me if it is a bad or good choice ?
[09:08] <Xenion> it's just 2 year ago when i started normal soldering .. i acquired a lot of crapy equitment ..
[09:08] <mc-> where do you live?
[09:08] <Xenion> berlin, germany
[09:08] <Xenion> mc-, and you ?
[09:08] <mc-> nr london
[09:08] <Xenion> mc-, :)
[09:09] <Xenion> some friends of mine are from london
[09:09] <mc-> you should be fine with any iron from Germany
[09:09] <Xenion> mc-, so you recommend lead free iron
[09:09] <mc-> leaded solder
[09:10] <mc-> irons can use either solder
[09:10] <Xenion> what about this iron with this "stuff" ( i forgot the name of this brown liquid ) inside ?
[09:10] <Xenion> not iron i meant solder
[09:11] <mc-> you need fairly thin solder as well. Brown stuff is flux
[09:11] <Xenion> yyeah flux that was the word
[09:11] <Xenion> mc-, do i need flux on this?
[09:13] <mc-> I think all solders have flux in them
[09:13] rjharrison_ (n=rharriso@ joined #highaltitude.
[09:13] <rjharrison_> hi all
[09:13] <mc-> morning
[09:13] <rjharrison_> at launch site
[09:14] <rjharrison_> mc Your gromits are still on my de
[09:14] <Xenion> mc-, not all .. that's why im asking
[09:14] <rjharrison_> desk went down with flu b 4 xmas
[09:14] <mc-> no problem, not needed quickly
[09:14] <rjharrison_> Going to launch today in about 1 hr
[09:15] <mc-> good luck
[09:15] <rjharrison_> -1 brrrr
[09:15] <mc-> can't see anything on jcoxon's radio, but it would be a surprise if I did
[09:16] <Xenion> mc-, maybe wrong freq ?
[09:16] <mc-> it needs to be in the air
[09:16] <Xenion> i see
[09:17] diana (i=519f7f94@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-598c8b0f6707eba8) joined #highaltitude.
[09:19] rharrison (i=d4b78641@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7bd59c006c5d5932) joined #highaltitude.
[09:19] <rharrison> Hi mum
[09:19] <rharrison> That's Diana to the rest of you
[09:19] <rharrison> Right it's going to be at least an hour before launch#
[09:19] <diana> Hi Rob cant get anything on vido yet
[09:20] <rharrison> Should get the first data up in about 10 mins
[09:20] <diana> Ok
[09:20] <rharrison> I'm not going to be doing video today
[09:20] <diana> ok
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[09:23] <rharrison> powering up payload
[09:26] <mc-> good luck
[09:27] <mc-> though you're not recovering it are you?
[09:28] <rharrison> Ok if you want to follw the tracker is on www.robertharrison.org/tracker
[09:28] <rharrison> Please let me know if you can see it ok
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[09:30] diana (i=519f7f94@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-470c7f759737ecb3) joined #highaltitude.
[09:30] <diana> Hi rob back again
[09:57] <mc-> no position for today yet
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[10:29] <rharrison> about to launch
[10:29] <rharrison> sdjdskskd
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[10:30] <mib_q33yi1> ok were about to launch
[10:33] Laurenceb (n=laurence@host86-133-67-102.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[10:33] <Laurenceb> hello
[10:34] <Laurenceb> is there a launch?
[10:34] <mib_q33yi1> yep
[10:34] <mib_q33yi1> in about 3 mins
[10:34] <mib_q33yi1> whaen we get clearence from atc
[10:34] Nick change: mib_q33yi1 -> rharrison
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[10:34] <Laurenceb> coolio
[10:34] Nick change: rharrison -> rjharrison_lap
[10:35] <Laurenceb> you on 3G ?
[10:35] <rjharrison_lap> yep
[10:35] <rjharrison_lap> me james and steve
[10:35] <Laurenceb> nice, good luck
[10:35] <G8KHW> About to launch icarus
[10:35] <rjharrison_lap> tracker www.robertharrison.org/tracker
[10:35] <G8KHW> Ii
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[10:38] <rjharrison_lap> we have lift off
[10:39] <mc-> it gives the date as 27-12 ?
[10:40] <mc-> but the time is right, I thought you were in Camb?
[10:40] <diana> great will be following
[10:40] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[10:41] <jcoxon> hey all
[10:41] <mc-> are you in northampton?
[10:42] <Laurenceb> whats onboard?
[10:42] <mc-> just GPS and temp I think
[10:43] <Laurenceb> AVR powered?
[10:43] <Laurenceb> ?! launching from northampton
[10:43] <Laurenceb> do we have a notam?
[10:44] <mc-> shh
[10:44] <Laurenceb> :P
[10:44] <jcoxon> we are in cam
[10:45] Action: Laurenceb confused
[10:46] <Laurenceb> its going up fast
[10:46] <jcoxon> i'm confused
[10:46] <Laurenceb> whos in cambridge?
[10:47] <mc-> -0.095733 I changed it to this, and it makes sense
[10:47] <Laurenceb> ah
[10:47] <mc-> it's dead on the EARS site
[10:47] <Laurenceb> ah the longitude is wrong
[10:47] <mc-> decimal place wrong
[10:48] <Laurenceb> hmmm I need something like this on my next launch
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[10:49] <mc-> forgot to use my callsign, how do I change nicknames?
[10:49] <Laurenceb> aha http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/projects:dlistener:pythonclient
[10:49] <Laurenceb> many thanks jcoxon
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[10:52] <Laurenceb> its hardly moving
[10:53] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ left irc: "Leaving"
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[10:54] edmoore (n=edmoore@88-212-167-121.rdns.as8401.net) joined #highaltitude.
[10:55] <G8KHW> Hi edmoore
[10:55] <edmoore> yo
[10:55] <edmoore> that call woke me up :)
[10:55] <edmoore> was up till about 4 playing with radio
[10:55] <edmoore> am there now - canni hear anything but then i'm on ground floor with a whip in west sussex
[10:56] <edmoore> 343.075?
[10:56] <edmoore> 434*
[10:57] <G8KHW> 434.075
[10:57] <edmoore> cool, will keep listening
[10:57] <G8KHW> 52.17932
[10:57] <G8KHW> 0.99835
[10:58] <Laurenceb> tracker has broken :(
[10:59] <mc-> 0.99835 = 0.099835
[11:00] <G8KHW> Na i think its fine - just a sign problen e/w
[11:00] <mc-> tracker is fixed now
[11:00] <mc-> correct position
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[11:05] Nick change: natriumZz -> natrium42
[11:05] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:07] <edmoore> hi jcoxon
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[11:09] <edmoore> jcoxon - any idea on ascent rate?
[11:09] mib_q33yi1 (i=d4b78641@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-37c9928dc8379876) joined #highaltitude.
[11:09] <edmoore> hi mib_q33yi1
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[11:11] <edmoore> i love vnc
[11:12] <mc-> I can see some peaks on the radio display
[11:13] <edmoore> they're ok for the time being, i think
[11:14] <edmoore> mc-: what do you reckon? it seems like a fair old clip of an ascent rate
[11:14] <natrium42> morning
[11:15] <edmoore> about 70m every 14s update
[11:15] jcoxon_ (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[11:15] <edmoore> hi jcoxon_
[11:15] <edmoore> just texted you - some speed!
[11:16] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ left irc: Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)
[11:16] <mc-> yes, it seemed to go up very fast
[11:16] <jcoxon_> we are having a few issues
[11:16] <jcoxon_> with internet
[11:16] <mc-> does the jcoxon page show the decoded data?
[11:16] <edmoore> np
[11:16] <jcoxon_> and rob is fixing the map now
[11:16] <edmoore> cool
[11:16] <jcoxon_> actual data
[11:16] <jcoxon_> http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[11:16] <edmoore> shout when fixed = 5m/s!
[11:17] <natrium42> jcoxon_, cool
[11:17] <Laurenceb> the script killed firefox :/
[11:17] <natrium42> who is M6JCX?
[11:17] <jcoxon_> Laurenceb, thats just your firefox, ram issue :-p
[11:17] <jcoxon_> me
[11:18] <jcoxon_> thats my callsign
[11:18] <natrium42> aah
[11:18] <jcoxon_> is anyone vnc'd into my laptop? or is it holding its own?
[11:18] <Laurenceb> its still at 4714m altitude here
[11:18] <edmoore> jcoxon_:
[11:18] <edmoore> yes
[11:18] <Laurenceb> ah
[11:18] <edmoore> i am watching it
[11:18] <Laurenceb> 12Km
[11:18] <Laurenceb> nice
[11:19] <edmoore> performing very well
[11:20] <jcoxon_> just fixing the map issue still
[11:22] <jcoxon_> map is working i think now
[11:23] <natrium42> yep
[11:25] <jcoxon_> sorry to ask again, is anyone vnc'd in to mine?
[11:25] <Laurenceb> looks good
[11:25] <Laurenceb> 14Km
[11:26] <mc-> Im not
[11:26] <natrium42> me neither
[11:26] <mc-> shall I go and adjust?
[11:27] <jcoxon_> no no i think its fine
[11:27] <natrium42> hmm, good speed
[11:27] <natrium42> 182km/h
[11:28] <mc-> you're heading to Stansted
[11:29] <mc-> the tracker page isn't updating now
[11:31] <edmoore> i can hear it!
[11:31] <natrium42> on the ic-7000?
[11:32] <mc-> edmoore, that's good
[11:32] <edmoore> natrium42: yes
[11:32] <natrium42> mc-, it seemd to be updating it with the same position?
[11:32] <edmoore> with a whip
[11:32] <edmoore> near brighton (google)
[11:32] <natrium42> coolz
[11:33] <jcoxon_> edmoore,
[11:33] <jcoxon_> grab my python code
[11:33] <jcoxon_> and update the tracker!
[11:34] <edmoore> have no jack to jack!!!
[11:34] <edmoore> aaargh
[11:34] <jcoxon_> nooooooooooo
[11:34] <natrium42> do a macgyver!
[11:37] <Laurenceb> jcoxon: so you run the python script on the same machine running fldigi, and it just needs a net connection to update the tracker?
[11:38] <natrium42> whoa, quite a big jump?
[11:38] <Laurenceb> erm sea
[11:38] <Laurenceb> arggg
[11:38] <Laurenceb> what on earth was that
[11:39] <Laurenceb> extreme jet stream?
[11:39] <jcoxon_> yeah
[11:39] <Laurenceb> wow
[11:39] <jcoxon_> having more map problems
[11:39] <Laurenceb> that was about 15 minutes?
[11:39] <Laurenceb> oh
[11:39] <Laurenceb> its a bug?
[11:39] <jcoxon_> but yes Laurenceb thats how it works
[11:39] <jcoxon_> the server does a lot of the work
[11:39] <edmoore> is it really by the sea?
[11:40] <jcoxon_> could be
[11:40] <jcoxon_> one sec
[11:40] <Laurenceb> :S
[11:40] <mc-> I think it's the decimal point problem again
[11:40] <Laurenceb> it appears to be heading away
[11:40] <Laurenceb> looks like it
[11:40] <Laurenceb> the latitude hardly changed
[11:40] <Laurenceb> this is a neat way to debug code
[11:43] <mc-> I think the position is 51.876180,-0.074028
[11:45] <natrium42> mc-, did you notice the jump in number of digits? -0.100681 --> -0.99858
[11:45] <Laurenceb> its odd that its heading west
[11:46] <natrium42> Laurenceb, ...
[11:46] <natrium42> :P
[11:46] <jcoxon_> its defintley to the south east of us
[11:46] <Laurenceb> its got to be in the stratosphere now
[11:46] <jcoxon_> we just swept with the yagi
[11:46] <jcoxon_> oh its speeding
[11:46] <mc-> yes, the decimal place is wrong
[11:46] <Laurenceb> :/
[11:46] <jcoxon_> 153km/h
[11:46] <Laurenceb> this doesnt sound good
[11:47] <Laurenceb> thats surely the stratospheric vortex
[11:47] <Laurenceb> which is west to east
[11:47] <mc-> 51.854141,-0.049111
[11:48] <Laurenceb> mc-: where would that put it?
[11:48] <edmoore> the decoder on my icom has a fixed 170hz shift - annoying!
[11:48] <edmoore> i can see the two peaks on its build it waterfall too
[11:48] <Laurenceb> epic fail
[11:49] <Laurenceb> ah but you can still use the audio out right?
[11:49] <mc-> it's west of Stanstead
[11:49] <mc-> (I think)
[11:53] <Laurenceb> ooh its in negeria
[11:53] <Laurenceb> maybe it collected some spam for us
[11:53] <natrium42> lol
[11:54] <mc-> 51.839726,-0.31831 is the last position in the logs
[11:54] <mc-> 11:54:12,51.794863,0.10228
[11:55] <Laurenceb> doesnt sound too bad
[11:56] <Laurenceb> its getting a bit close to londonistan
[11:56] <mc-> does it have a cutdown?
[11:57] <Laurenceb> dont know
[12:00] <Laurenceb> welll its certainly moving.... could be anywhere :-/
[12:01] <mc-> 11:58:38,51.763805,0.60963, then 11:58:52,51.761680,0.63785 that's about 1.8km in 20s?
[12:02] <Laurenceb> we need to know how the onboard firmware is operating
[12:02] <Laurenceb> oh well its 10% day at homebase
[12:03] <Laurenceb> time to buy loft insulation
[12:03] <Laurenceb> good luvk getting it back
[12:06] <mc-> 51.761680,0.63785 which I think is 51.761680,-0.63785 which is west of hemel hempstead
[12:08] <mc-> 12:02:23,51.721663,0.99263 then 12:03:20,51.711975,0.112816 that's clearly wrong somewhere
[12:09] <mc-> I think the 0.99263 should be 0.099263
[12:10] <edmoore> 28434m
[12:12] Laurenceb (n=laurence@host86-133-67-102.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[12:12] <edmoore> i love this machine
[12:12] <edmoore> natrium42: it rocks
[12:13] <mc-> 51.711975,0.112816 is near the M25/M11 junction
[12:13] <edmoore> though it can only decode baudot onboard
[12:13] <natrium42> :)
[12:13] <edmoore> it's bloody gorgeous
[12:15] <mc-> I think the position is correct on the tracker now, if it goes below 0.1 then it multiplies the number *10
[12:23] jcoxon_ (n=jcoxon@ left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[12:26] Hiena (n=Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:28] Nick change: Bluenarf -> EI5GTB
[12:29] <edmoore> 35117
[12:29] <edmoore> he's got the record
[12:29] <mc-> wow
[12:29] <edmoore> assuming he gets it back, anyway!
[12:29] <mc-> do you have to get it back to get a record?
[12:30] <edmoore> we added retreival as a clause to prevent people just letting go of a 1.5kg balloon with a 200g payload and a 1m/s ascent rate that will carry on all the way to norway before bursting
[12:30] <mc-> it will be in the sea in a few minutes
[12:30] <edmoore> otherwise it's too easy
[12:31] <edmoore> i think she's burst
[12:31] <edmoore> i can hear pulsing and throbbing
[12:31] <mc-> yes coming down
[12:32] <Hiena> Is it delayed pening?
[12:32] <Hiena> +o
[12:40] <edmoore> pening?
[12:40] <edmoore> well, i am well chuffed with the icom after that. thank you father christmas
[12:41] <Hiena> opening.
[12:43] <edmoore> nope
[12:43] <edmoore> i think pre-deployed
[12:44] <mc-> it might not land in the sea..
[12:46] <natrium42> i played some with fixing the positions --> http://spacenear.us/tracker/
[12:46] <natrium42> not quite right yet...
[12:46] <mc-> if there was another balloon with a receiver on it, then could get the exact landing spot.
[12:52] Nick change: edmoore -> edmoore|away
[12:58] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[12:59] <jcoxon> hey guys
[13:00] <mc-> how's it going?
[13:00] <jcoxon> steve and i are using hte yagi
[13:00] <jcoxon> still getting data
[13:00] <mc-> landing near folkstone
[13:00] <jcoxon> yeah seems to be
[13:00] <mc-> it's going to go below the horizon soon
[13:01] <jcoxon> yeah its 4076m
[13:04] <jcoxon> its getting faint
[13:05] <jcoxon> will bbl
[13:05] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ left irc: "Leaving"
[13:11] diana (i=519f7f94@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-470c7f759737ecb3) left irc: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"
[13:13] mc- (n=mfcastle@cpc1-glfd1-0-0-cust487.glfd.cable.ntl.com) left irc:
[13:19] <natrium42> signal lost?
[13:20] Nick change: edmoore|away -> edmoore
[13:20] <edmoore> natrium42: i can't hear anything an ymore
[13:22] <edmoore> assuming it's down or thereabouts
[13:24] <natrium42> i fixed up track finally
[13:24] <natrium42> http://spacenear.us/tracker/
[13:25] <natrium42> whoa, that's pretty high
[13:26] <natrium42> 35206m
[13:32] <natrium42> i think the latest point is wrong
[13:32] <natrium42> it has the same altitude as the one before
[13:34] <natrium42> but it still probably landed in the sea :S
[13:46] Nick change: natrium42 -> natriumZz
[13:49] fergusnoble (n=fergusno@82-71-15-97.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[13:50] <fergusnoble> hello!
[13:50] <edmoore> anyone hear anything? nothing from me anymore
[13:50] <fergusnoble> whats the news?
[13:50] <edmoore> rob got to 35.6ish km
[13:50] <fergusnoble> sweet
[13:50] <edmoore> but not looking like it would l;and on land
[13:50] <fergusnoble> yup
[13:51] <edmoore> i could no longrer hear it from west sussex at about 6km
[13:51] <fergusnoble> did it maintain its altitude at the top?
[13:51] <fergusnoble> and float?
[13:51] <edmoore> it was near canterbury at the time
[13:51] <edmoore> no
[13:51] <edmoore> it wasn't a floater
[13:51] <edmoore> just burst conventionally
[13:51] <fergusnoble> i thought it was a zp
[13:51] <edmoore> nope
[13:51] <fergusnoble> ok
[13:51] <edmoore> 1.5 latex
[13:52] <edmoore> rtty test
[13:52] <fergusnoble> cool
[13:52] <fergusnoble> did the telem work ok then?
[13:52] <edmoore> yep, seems to
[13:52] <edmoore> got it on a whip in west sussex from just south of cambridge
[13:52] <edmoore> on the ground floor of my house
[13:52] <fergusnoble> btw, when you say you were listening do i infer you got your christmas wish?
[13:52] <edmoore> uhub :)
[13:53] <edmoore> uhuh*
[13:53] <fergusnoble> bastard
[13:53] <fergusnoble> brb
[13:56] <fergusnoble> back
[13:56] <fergusnoble> did jcoxon go along?
[13:56] <edmoore> yep
[13:56] <fergusnoble> did he leave his internet controlled rig going?
[13:56] <edmoore> yep
[13:56] <edmoore> it wortked quite well
[13:57] <edmoore> didn't need much retuning
[13:57] <edmoore> the tracker itself was having a couple of issues
[13:58] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[13:58] <jcoxon> hey all
[13:58] <edmoore> hi jcoxon
[13:58] <edmoore> update update update
[13:58] <jcoxon> on the train
[13:58] <jcoxon> right well its down
[13:58] <jcoxon> rob is driving down to have a look for it
[13:59] <jcoxon> steve is off home and i'm going back to london
[13:59] <jcoxon> rob is going to go to the last known position and also ask the local repeater group to see if they can hear it
[13:59] <edmoore> fergusnoble: do you have the source for the prediction software as it is currently and could you add it to the svn if so?
[14:00] <fergusnoble> erm, i have something somewhere
[14:00] <fergusnoble> oh shit, its on the eee which no longer has a screen
[14:00] <jcoxon> would be great if someone could work out roughly where it landed
[14:01] <edmoore> fergusnoble: not to worry
[14:01] <fergusnoble> i could try and get the prediction stuff, but we would need some kind of list of known coords to run through it
[14:02] <edmoore> tis what I'm thinking
[14:02] <jcoxon> http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[14:02] <fergusnoble> its quite a bit of work i think, but can be done if you think its worth it
[14:02] <jcoxon> well, i'm not sure
[14:02] <jcoxon> its a good transmitter
[14:02] <edmoore> i'm not sure - i ran wyoming for rob a bit ago and told him what i thought +/- some common sense filtering
[14:03] <edmoore> if it's down I think he'll hear it
[14:03] <jcoxon> i guess just someone eyeballing the actual trace would help
[14:03] <jcoxon> oh okay
[14:03] <edmoore> if it's in the sea I guess he might not
[14:03] <jcoxon> i think the local hams will be able to help as well
[14:03] <jcoxon> true
[14:04] <fergusnoble> so the distributed tracking worked?
[14:04] <jcoxon> yeah very well
[14:04] <fergusnoble> awesome
[14:04] <jcoxon> had some map issues but i thats more a payload problem we suspected
[14:05] <jcoxon> what was nice was that when rob's radio didn't pick up stuff mine did and filled in the gaps
[14:05] <fergusnoble> so was it uploading the points to a natrium tracker thingy?
[14:06] <edmoore> if i were to stick a 4-el yagi on the roof to point from brighton to the north-east, I reckon I'd have nailed it too
[14:07] <edmoore> around bury st eds, i had great copy, with just a whip on the ground floor at the other end of my house
[14:07] <jcoxon> yeah
[14:07] <edmoore> sadly I'll be taking my radio with me :)
[14:08] <edmoore> fergusnoble: it has no built in batt pack, but that's jsut a trade-off i guess
[14:08] <edmoore> it's a wonderful machine
[14:08] <jcoxon> hehe
[14:08] <edmoore> i think i have some cyclic SLA cells about in the garage so i can make a nice batt pack
[14:08] <fergusnoble> yeah, are you going to rig up a batt for it?
[14:08] <jcoxon> edmoore, now you just need the client
[14:08] mib_mt51v7 (i=d4b786d1@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1228171c18cfaa5c) joined #highaltitude.
[14:08] <mib_mt51v7> help
[14:08] <edmoore> hi
[14:09] <edmoore> mib_mt51v7: who are you?
[14:09] <fergusnoble> jcoxon: so the data goes from the distributed tracker to natrium's mapping?
[14:10] <mib_mt51v7> robert
[14:10] <mib_mt51v7> yes
[14:10] <edmoore> hi robert
[14:10] <fergusnoble> hi
[14:10] <edmoore> what's the latest?
[14:10] <edmoore> fergusnoble: the built in rtty decoding on my icom is baudot only - not sure if that's enough of an arguement to change it
[14:11] <jcoxon> fergusnoble, oh it goes to robert's version of natrium's tracker
[14:11] <jcoxon> link in the topic
[14:11] <jcoxon> but its a mess
[14:11] <jcoxon> natrium however took it and fixed it on his tracker
[14:11] <fergusnoble> edmoore: baudot it bad for us as if you miss the shift character it buggers everything up
[14:11] <edmoore> indeed :)
[14:11] <edmoore> it seemd a little bodgey
[14:12] <edmoore> well, shifty
[14:12] <mib_mt51v7> ed is ur phone dead?
[14:12] <edmoore> mib_mt51v7: gosh, yes it is
[14:12] <edmoore> didn't spot that
[14:12] <edmoore> it has been crashing a lot recently
[14:13] <mib_mt51v7> will call in a
[14:13] mib_mt51v7 (i=d4b786d1@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1228171c18cfaa5c) left irc: Client Quit
[14:13] <jcoxon> fergusnoble, to submit to rob's server is just POST
[14:13] <jcoxon> so you could easily intergrate it into your code
[14:13] <fergusnoble> yeah, would be simple
[14:14] <fergusnoble> so is your submission code pretty tight now?
[14:14] <jcoxon> my python client does a few things to make sure its not crap
[14:14] <jcoxon> its not bad
[14:14] mib_0rwww2 (i=d4b786d1@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-33b228c30896f387) joined #highaltitude.
[14:14] <fergusnoble> cool
[14:14] <mib_0rwww2> pps
[14:14] <jcoxon> max alt: 35206
[14:15] <edmoore> mib_0rwww2: it will be at least 15 mins before phone works again
[14:15] <edmoore> have to remove batt and wait for ram to clear
[14:15] <mib_0rwww2> http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[14:15] Nick change: mib_0rwww2 -> rob
[14:16] Nick change: rob -> Guest32204
[14:16] Nick change: Guest32204 -> rob_ghj
[14:16] <edmoore> rob_ghj: what's the latest on position?
[14:16] <rob_ghj> ed ur phone on
[14:16] <rob_ghj> j7 m11
[14:17] <edmoore> rob_ghj: will be about 12 min s before it is on again
[14:17] <edmoore> got to wait for ram to clear
[14:17] <jcoxon> natriumZz, good work on fixing the trace
[14:17] <rob_ghj> http://www.robertharrison.org/listen/view.php
[14:17] <rob_ghj> look hre
[14:17] <rob_ghj> look here
[14:18] <jcoxon> we've got a few more sentences on steve's laptop
[14:18] <rob_ghj> ground speed correct
[14:18] <jcoxon> but it'll be a while till he gets back and cleans it up
[14:18] <rob_ghj> can some 1
[14:18] <edmoore> i lost it at about 6km alt
[14:18] <rob_ghj> chk coords
[14:18] <edmoore> rob_ghj: are you heading back up north then?
[14:19] <rob_ghj> using gspeed and time
[14:19] <jcoxon> nah he is on his way south
[14:23] <edmoore> right, going to homebase
[14:23] <edmoore> bbl
[14:23] edmoore (n=edmoore@88-212-167-121.rdns.as8401.net) left irc:
[14:24] <jcoxon> bbl
[14:24] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ left irc: "Leaving"
[14:26] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[14:50] rob_ghj (i=d4b786d1@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-33b228c30896f387) left irc: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"
[15:23] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@host86-158-31-172.range86-158.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[15:27] RocketBoy (n=Steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:29] <RocketBoy> any news on Icarus II?
[15:30] <jcoxon> nothing yet
[15:30] <jcoxon> he is down near ashford
[15:31] <jcoxon> perhaps some sounds but could be just noise
[15:31] <jcoxon> nearly ready to sweep
[15:32] <jcoxon> there is a chance it landed in the sea methinks
[15:38] <RocketBoy> The last position I have is 51.71401,0.953046,3268m - which is above the sea (Essex)
[15:39] <jcoxon> really?
[15:39] <jcoxon> that can't be right
[15:40] <jcoxon> the last position we fully have is 51.104983,0.959216
[15:40] <jcoxon> RocketBoy, the corrected path
[15:40] <jcoxon> http://spacenear.us/tracker/
[15:42] <RocketBoy> what is the sequence number?
[15:42] <RocketBoy> for the last reported position?
[15:43] <jcoxon> 864
[15:43] <jcoxon> though there is an 867 as well
[15:46] <RocketBoy> well that position is 891
[15:46] <jcoxon> hmmmm
[15:46] <jcoxon> if that 7 was a 1
[15:47] <RocketBoy> I have 863: $$icarus,863,12:56:03,51.103195,0.958891,6055,27.2,187.7,0,-19.-3
[15:48] <jcoxon> that wasn't received on the server
[15:48] <jcoxon> but:
[15:48] <jcoxon> rjh_lap : icarus,865,12:56:31,5.99803,0.958601,5858,23.9,187.8,0,-19.-5
[15:48] <jcoxon> rjh_lap : icarus,867,12:56:58,51>96990,0.958235,5655,2s.7,191.5,0,-19.-7
[15:50] <jcoxon> there certainly seems to be a track, just the last position you posted doesn't fit in at all
[15:50] <RocketBoy> $$ycarUs,890,13>02:17,51.71998,0.951230,3362,9.3,179.p,0,-18.-8
[15:51] <jcoxon> weird
[15:51] <jcoxon> something is really strange
[15:53] <RocketBoy> jcoxon - just mailed you the end of my radio log
[15:53] <jcoxon> thanks
[15:54] <jcoxon> you see this jump:
[15:54] <jcoxon> $4icarus,863,12:56:03,51.103195,0.958891,6055,27.2,187.7,0,-19.-3
[15:54] <jcoxon> $I ????,86t,12:56:17,u1.101543,0.958763,5958,26.7,179.3,0,-1y.-4
[15:54] <jcoxon> $$icarus,865,12:56:31,51.99903,0.958601,5858,23.9,187.8,0,-19.-5
[15:54] <jcoxon> 51.1
[15:54] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[15:54] <jcoxon> 51.99
[15:54] <jcoxon> in the lat bit
[15:56] <gordonjcp> jcoxon: weird leading zero suppression?
[15:56] <RocketBoy> missing 0 methinks
[15:57] <gordonjcp> 51.103, 51.101, 51.099 seems plausible
[15:57] <RocketBoy> yeah my guess 2
[15:57] <RocketBoy> yep
[15:59] <jcoxon> he is pretty much there
[16:00] <jcoxon> now mapping that i reckon it turned west
[16:00] <jcoxon> and probably didn't land in the sea
[16:02] <jcoxon> he can hear it
[16:04] <RocketBoy> :-)
[16:09] <jcoxon> hmm having difficulty decoding though it seems
[16:09] <jcoxon> will call me back in a sec
[16:15] <jcoxon> okay, i've plotted those last points
[16:16] <jcoxon> the final 4 points are within 200m of each other, the speed decreases down to 4km/h
[16:16] <jcoxon> so i reckon it'll be very close to those final points
[16:17] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:18] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ left irc: Client Quit
[16:18] edmoore (n=edmoore@88-212-167-121.rdns.as8401.net) joined #highaltitude.
[16:18] <edmoore> back. what's the latest?
[16:19] <jcoxon> okay
[16:19] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:19] <jcoxon> its been heard
[16:19] <jcoxon> but difficulty decoding
[16:19] <edmoore> yagi bearing?
[16:19] <jcoxon> and i've got the last 4 points - and they are very close to each other
[16:19] <jcoxon> so i think it came down straight
[16:20] <jcoxon> i'll call rob again and tell him
[16:20] <edmoore> lucky him
[16:20] <edmoore> it is pretty still air on the ground
[16:21] <jcoxon> 51.054471, 0.932895
[16:22] <edmoore> he's lucky
[16:22] <jcoxon> indeed
[16:22] <jcoxon> very lucky
[16:23] <edmoore> what alt were those points?
[16:23] <jcoxon> 3km alt
[16:23] <jcoxon> that last coords is where it is
[16:23] <jcoxon> he has decoded it
[16:23] <jcoxon> it only travelled 2km after we lost signal
[16:24] <edmoore> oh ok
[16:24] <edmoore> wow
[16:24] <edmoore> very lucky
[16:24] <edmoore> he's murdered the alt record then
[16:24] <jcoxon> indeed he has
[16:25] <gordonjcp> what did it reach?
[16:25] <edmoore> 35206?
[16:25] <jcoxon> 17th on the amateur list
[16:26] <gordonjcp> nice
[16:26] <jcoxon> 115505ft
[16:27] <edmoore> should have registered with the list guys
[16:27] <jcoxon> i see cusf has registered
[16:28] <edmoore> uhuh
[16:28] <edmoore> after a fair bit of negotiating about what counts as amateur radio
[16:29] <jcoxon> oh really
[16:29] <jcoxon> thats interesting, what was their complaint?
[16:29] <edmoore> unlicensed modules
[16:29] <jcoxon> surely its VHF QRP
[16:30] <edmoore> i.e. not being 'amateur radio' in a strict sense
[16:30] <jcoxon> i see where they are coming from
[16:30] <edmoore> after a few backwards and forwardses we basically agreed we're about as amatuer radio as there is legally room to be
[16:30] <Hiena> If they need an operator for the next launch i'm voluntered for it.
[16:31] <Hiena> I have an access for a undersized high altitude suit, and clear oxygen.
[16:31] <gordonjcp> edmoore: simple
[16:32] <gordonjcp> get your full licence, and call it unattended operation
[16:32] <edmoore> not legal
[16:32] <edmoore> anyway it's resolved now
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[16:33] <jcoxon> indeed
[16:33] <edmoore> the unmanned aerial use clause in the ofcom licencing trumps all
[16:33] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:33] <edmoore> regardless of beacon this and unattended that and remote the other
[16:33] <edmoore> it's a pita
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[16:34] Xenion (n=robert@p579FC8CA.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[16:35] mc- (n=mfcastle@cpc1-glfd1-0-0-cust487.glfd.cable.ntl.com) joined #highaltitude.
[16:38] <Xenion> evening mc- ! :)
[16:38] <Xenion> mc-, thanks for the greats hints back 3 hours ago
[16:38] <Xenion> they helped me alot to grasp some more details out of this topic :)
[16:43] <mc-> that's good
[16:43] <mc-> are you building a balloon?
[16:44] <Xenion> mc-, and a robot, yes
[16:44] <mc-> indoor robot or outdoors?
[16:45] <Xenion> outdoor
[16:45] <Xenion> <- really like eagle, great software ! :)
[16:47] fergusnoble (n=fergusno@82-71-15-97.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[16:48] <G8KHW> Bbl
[16:48] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ left irc: "Rooms " iPhone IRC Client " http://rooms.derflash.de"
[16:49] <mc-> how big is your robot? DOes it have GPS?
[16:49] <Xenion> 21cm * 29cm in square size height approx. 15cm
[16:49] <Xenion> gps, yes
[16:50] <Xenion> 3 cameras, gps, a lot of servos, i2c bus, 1 beagelboard and different RF modules ranging from 105 to 900mhz
[16:51] <edmoore> some form of locomotion?
[16:51] <mc-> http://www.flickr.com/photos/19518125@N00/3162898897/ here's my robot
[16:51] <Xenion> edmoore, locomotion ?
[16:52] <edmoore> ability to move around
[16:52] <Xenion> edmoore, a i see, you mean like a tank or train
[16:52] <edmoore> yeah
[16:52] <Xenion> nope definatly not, 6 weels using a in german called "nabenmotor"
[16:53] <Xenion> don't know the englisch term, sorry
[16:53] <Xenion> nabenmotor = the motor is insige the weel itself, so it has 6 drives
[16:53] <Xenion> mc-, looks funny, dont get me wrong :)
[16:53] <edmoore> i see what you mean
[16:53] <Xenion> quite tiny
[16:54] <edmoore> is there a means to help with a soft landing?
[16:54] <mc-> http://www.flickr.com/photos/19518125@N00 it's only a 3 wheeler
[16:55] <Xenion> edmoore, what do you by means ? something like a parachute ?
[16:55] <edmoore> yes, or indeed anything underneath the robot
[16:55] <edmoore> just incase it lands on a green-house or something :)
[16:55] <Xenion> parachute, already got it here
[16:55] <Xenion> edmoore, ^^
[16:55] <Xenion> yeah
[16:55] <Xenion> edmoore, that is a special part which isn't finished yet
[16:56] <gordonjcp> Xenion: hub motor? hub drive?
[16:56] <Xenion> the idea is that the robot will be able to get up on the right side no matter how it lands
[16:56] <mc-> do you have a picture of it?
[16:56] <Xenion> gordonjcp, what is a hub drive ? i can only imagine do you mean a so called IC ?
[16:56] <Xenion> mc-, no, it's only small parts yet
[16:57] <Xenion> mc-, i think for full assembly it will take 2 months
[16:57] <Xenion> mc-, there is a huge list of sensors on this thing !
[16:57] <Xenion> hm55b for example
[16:57] <Xenion> very cool thing !
[16:57] <Xenion> easy to use, great for directions speed and so on
[16:59] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[17:00] <mc-> I wish I had 2 months to build a robot
[17:00] <Xenion> mc-, do you work against the clock ?
[17:01] <Xenion> <- almost has no spare time ... normally i've work from 9am to 8 pm .. :(
[17:01] <Xenion> but now i took 1 week off ! yeah :D
[17:01] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[17:02] <Xenion> i've worked eevery day since 1. december ( even the holidays ) so aa bit free time is great right now :)
[17:02] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
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[17:15] <jcoxon> payload recovered
[17:15] <Xenion> congrats ! :)
[17:15] <edmoore> awesome!
[17:15] <mc-> how did he find it in the dark?
[17:15] <Hiena> Cool.
[17:15] <edmoore> new record it is then
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[17:57] Bluenarf (n=Paul@apollo.paulsnet.org) joined #highaltitude.
[17:57] Nick change: Bluenarf -> EI5GTB
[18:02] <Xenion> hmm
[18:02] <Xenion> i've just found the following
[18:02] <Xenion> http://www.reflow-kit.de/rkde/info.html
[18:02] <Xenion> looks interesting
[18:02] <Xenion> i know the page is in german
[18:03] <Xenion> the do SMD soldering using a microwave oven at 250°
[18:03] <Xenion> isn't it damaging my chips putting them on 250° for 3 minutes ?!
[18:04] <edmoore> interesting
[18:04] <Hiena> I'm rather concerned with the microwave radiation.
[18:04] <edmoore> that is an acceptable temperature, i think
[18:05] <Hiena> I killed several RF device with a microwave oven.
[18:05] <Xenion> Hiena, that's what i thought to
[18:05] <Xenion> edmoore, i was just buying a SMD iron when i get this site as a popup
[18:06] <Xenion> they promise to deliver a cheap and easy solution and NOT damage the chips
[18:06] <Xenion> but so far i'm not really believing it :/
[18:06] <edmoore> cool if it works - but a decent iron is all you really neec :)
[18:07] <Xenion> edmoore, the 200¬ wouldn't be my problem .. i'm unsue if it does damage something :/
[18:07] <edmoore> sounds like Hiena has some experience with this
[18:08] <Xenion> Hiena, did you ever used souch a thing to solder sensors ?
[18:08] <Xenion> for example
[18:09] <Xenion> i've got a TCM8240MD cam sensor .. it is specified to a temp. limit of 85°
[18:09] <Xenion> so putting it in a 250° oven simply has to kill it? or am i getting it wrong
[18:14] <Hiena> Nope.
[18:15] <Hiena> Please check for the total slope.
[18:15] <Hiena> The operational, storage and soldering tenperature is quite different.
[18:16] <Xenion> Hiena, i see
[18:16] <Xenion> wait i have the datasheet lying around ... maybe it's written there
[18:16] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:16] <Xenion> Hiena, it's not written there
[18:17] <Xenion> op and store temp are -30° to +85°
[18:17] <Hiena> Some sensors are sensitive due it's packaging (absolute pressure sensors). The mot semiconductor could withsstand 200 degree for a minutes.
[18:18] <Hiena> If you are not sure, please write the manufacturer for the correct datasheet.
[18:20] <Hiena> Some parts are not solderable in the reflow oven. SOme are sensitive, and must to adjust the correct preheat, solder, cooling cycle.
[18:20] <Hiena> The ceramic packaged sensitive for the fast cooldown periods, and breaks up.
[18:26] <gordonjcp> Xenion: no, a motor mounted inside a wheel hub?
[18:29] <Xenion> Hiena, hm too bad .. i'll try to contact the manufacturer
[18:29] <Hiena> Looks like, it's a reflowable part.
[18:30] <Xenion> Hiena, where did you find it ?
[18:30] <Hiena> From the pinout.
[18:30] <Xenion> Hiena, a normal solder iron uses up to 250° too,
[18:30] <Xenion> but one a small tip
[18:30] <Xenion> hm
[18:31] <Hiena> The BGA like componenets all are reflowable, because impossible to solder them on the different way.
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[18:31] <Xenion> BallGridArray you mean
[18:31] <Xenion> i see
[18:31] <Xenion> Hiena, your'e right
[18:31] <Xenion> i should have thought off that !
[18:31] <Xenion> :)
[18:31] <Xenion> thanks for the enlightment
[18:31] <Hiena> The solder iron is not a problem, because stress only a small surface of the pacage.
[18:32] <Hiena> Almost impossible to heat such big part with an iron.
[18:32] <Xenion> sso Hiena do you think it would be possible to solder this camera sensor using the oven mentioned above ?
[18:32] <Xenion> with or without contacting the manuf. ?
[18:33] <Xenion> the sensors comes from taiwan .. i tried to contact them some weeks ago .. no response ...
[18:33] <Hiena> The reflow oven basically is a horisontal toaster.
[18:35] <Hiena> Id you have a roast tempreaure meter, you could build a reflow from anything, from a sandwich maker, through the IR heaters up to the toasters.
[18:36] <Hiena> The key is adjust the correct heat profile.
[18:36] <Xenion> Hiena, this company offers a the same oven with a heat profile controller
[18:36] <Xenion> but to make use of this thing i would have to have the correct specs from the manufacturer
[18:36] <Xenion> right?
[18:37] <Hiena> I used a toaster soldering accelerometers and BGA packages, simple disable one heating elemen in one side.
[18:37] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:37] <Hiena> Yes.
[18:38] <Hiena> Also possible to solder such parts with a heat-blower gun.
[18:38] <Hiena> What you must to know is the specification of your part.
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[18:38] <Xenion> http://kreature.org/ee/avr/cmos_cam/breakout_1.1b.jpg <- my target
[18:39] <Hiena> If it's heat sensitive, maybe you have to use some heat shielding around the lens.
[18:42] <Xenion> Hiena, that's what i unsure about
[18:43] <Xenion> what do you mean by head shielding ?
[18:43] simon__ (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
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[19:09] edmoore (n=edmoore@88-212-167-121.rdns.as8401.net) joined #highaltitude.
[19:28] <Hiena> Xenion, putting some cover around the heat sensitive parts
[19:28] <Xenion> Hiena, yeah but what kind of cover ?
[19:29] <Hiena> I used, aluminium foil, wet cotton shields around small acustic sensors.
[19:30] <Hiena> These has a similar shape as your camera . Wrapped some aluminium foil around the head of the sensor, and put a watered cottonball on the top. It's shields enough the sensitive parts.
[19:32] <Xenion> i see
[19:32] <Xenion> wet cotton hum
[19:32] <Xenion> Hiena, i think i will get the oven on wendsday ..
[19:33] <Xenion> Hiena, the oven heats up using hot air right ? not microwaves .. because if it where microwaves ........
[19:33] <Xenion> ^^
[19:38] <Hiena> Yup.
[19:38] <Hiena> It has a same heating element as the toasters.
[19:42] <Xenion> i see
[19:42] <Xenion> Hiena, maybe i will try my toast in it ;)
[19:42] <Xenion> or build me some cylons ...
[19:42] <Xenion> argh off topic ..
[19:52] Nick change: natriumZz -> natrium42
[20:01] edmoore (n=edmoore@88-212-167-121.rdns.as8401.net) left irc:
[20:02] <natrium42> hi
[20:02] <natrium42> so... payload recovered
[20:02] <natrium42> that's so awesome
[20:03] <natrium42> jcoxon, any idea how close it was to water?
[20:03] <jcoxon> 5.8km
[20:04] <natrium42> not as close as last time, but damn close
[20:04] <natrium42> very lucky
[20:04] <jcoxon> indeed
[20:05] aggtrfrad (n=fIRCuser@CPE0014bf3f862a-CM0018c0d9db72.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:05] <natrium42> yay, another canadian
[20:06] <aggtrfrad> hi natrium :) i was just looking ar ur web site, didnt know there is a channel for this project
[20:06] <jcoxon> hehe
[20:06] <jcoxon> bbiab
[20:07] <natrium42> aggtrfrad, aah, nice
[20:07] <natrium42> welcome :)
[20:07] <aggtrfrad> and active ;)
[20:07] <natrium42> aggtrfrad, one of the folks here launched a balloon in UK this morning
[20:07] <natrium42> robert harrison
[20:08] <natrium42> new altitude record for UK it looks like (35206m)
[20:09] <aggtrfrad> cool
[20:10] fergusnoble (n=fergusno@82-71-15-97.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[20:11] <fergusnoble> whats the latest? did rob find it?
[20:11] <natrium42> fergusnoble, yeah
[20:12] <natrium42> [15:03] <natrium42> jcoxon, any idea how close it was to water?
[20:12] <natrium42> [15:03] <jcoxon> 5.8km
[20:12] <fergusnoble> oh sweet
[20:12] <fergusnoble> hehe
[20:12] <natrium42> how does he do it? :D
[20:12] <natrium42> last time it was a few hundred meters from water
[20:12] <fergusnoble> yeah
[20:45] edmoore (n=edmoore@88-212-167-121.rdns.as8401.net) joined #highaltitude.
[20:45] <edmoore> rjharrison_home: yo
[20:45] <edmoore> i give up with this phone
[20:46] <edmoore> wouldn't turn on, then turned on, locked up, and discharged the batt at full whack. left it to charge a few hours so missed your calls
[20:46] <edmoore> hi jcoxon
[20:48] <jcoxon> hey edmoore
[20:48] <edmoore> what's the latest?
[20:49] <jcoxon> payload retrieved
[20:49] <jcoxon> rob i guess is on his way home
[20:49] <jcoxon> apparently was quite difficult to find in pitch black
[20:49] <edmoore> must be a long drive
[20:49] <jcoxon> but was exactly where the gps said it was
[20:49] <jcoxon> oh yeah
[20:49] <edmoore> yeah I can imagine!
[20:50] <edmoore> maybe some blinky LEDS are a good addition for future things
[20:50] <jcoxon> perhaps
[20:50] <jcoxon> or people think its aliens
[20:50] <jcoxon> !!
[20:50] <edmoore> that'd be cool too
[20:50] <natrium42> wait, why was it dark?
[20:50] <edmoore> it's 8pm in the uk
[20:50] <edmoore> 9pm, even
[20:50] <natrium42> aah
[20:51] <natrium42> that
[20:51] <natrium42> :D
[20:51] <jcoxon> it was 5.30pm when he found it
[20:51] <edmoore> been dark since about 4.30pm
[20:51] <natrium42> gotcha
[20:54] Action: jcoxon has launch frenzy
[20:55] <edmoore> ?
[20:56] <jcoxon> it was really fun
[20:58] <edmoore> elab for those of us at home
[21:02] <edmoore> elaborate*
[21:17] <edmoore> jcoxon: ^
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[21:24] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
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[21:51] Laurenceb (n=laurence@host86-133-67-102.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:51] <Laurenceb> hello
[21:51] <Laurenceb> what happen?
[21:52] <natrium42> somebody set up us the altitude record
[21:52] <Laurenceb> recovery?
[21:53] <natrium42> yeah, robert recovered it
[21:53] <natrium42> 5.8km from sea
[21:53] <Laurenceb> great stuff
[21:53] <Laurenceb> whereabouts
[21:53] <Laurenceb> oh wow 35Km
[21:53] <natrium42> around 51.054471, 0.932895
[21:54] <Laurenceb> oh my god
[21:54] <Laurenceb> thats a long flight
[21:54] <natrium42> robert should have the final location once he's back
[21:55] <Laurenceb> I see
[21:55] <Laurenceb> so it only had radio?
[21:55] <natrium42> yes
[21:55] <natrium42> radio, gps, temp sensor
[21:56] <Laurenceb> hmmm I'd be interested to hear what reception was like
[21:56] <Laurenceb> aha I've got the trace
[21:56] <Laurenceb> what was wrong with the tracker?
[21:57] <natrium42> the decimals had leading zeros removed
[21:57] <Laurenceb> was it the telemetery or the script
[21:57] <natrium42> i think it's a common bug
[21:57] <natrium42> dunno
[21:58] <Laurenceb> I see
[21:58] <Laurenceb> I should read through the code
[21:58] <natrium42> you can just add leading zeros
[21:58] <natrium42> there should be 6 digits after decimal point
[21:58] <natrium42> so it's easi to fix retrospectively
[21:58] <natrium42> *easy
[21:58] <Laurenceb> hmm
[21:59] <Laurenceb> looks like the python script just sends the CSV onto rjharrisons server
[21:59] <Laurenceb> so its either a bug there or on the payload
[22:00] <Laurenceb> I'd have to alter the script to use the tracker - as I'm using a different format on the aerosol project
[22:00] <Laurenceb> which is hopefully launching in a week or two
[22:00] <natrium42> ah, cool
[22:01] <natrium42> let me know if you need help
[22:01] <Laurenceb> thanks
[22:01] <Laurenceb> yeah I'll havve to muck about with some python scripts
[22:01] <Laurenceb> its cool to have live tracking
[22:02] <natrium42> yeah, we can follow along :)
[22:02] <Laurenceb> the CSV has some slightly different parameters from rjharrisons :P
[22:03] <Laurenceb> ioniser voltage in Kv ect :D
[22:03] <natrium42> hehe
[22:03] <natrium42> high voltage ballooning
[22:04] <natrium42> put "DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE" sticker onto the payload :P
[22:04] <Laurenceb> I have to
[22:04] <Laurenceb> health and safety :P
[22:04] <Laurenceb> also I'm not allowed to go near it without supervision
[22:05] <Laurenceb> of course all that only applied in theory
[22:06] <Laurenceb> in reality everyone just has a good laugh
[22:07] <natrium42> :)
[22:07] <natrium42> are you using a nuclear source too?
[22:07] <Laurenceb> a little bit of thorium :D
[22:09] <natrium42> "
[22:13] <Laurenceb> it was too big, so my supervisor hit on the smart plan of putting it in a vice and filing the side off
[22:14] <Laurenceb> bbl
[22:14] <edmoore> jcoxon: ping
[22:41] Hiena (n=Hiena@ left irc: "-=Halt! Hammerzeit!=-"
[22:59] <rjharrison_home> Hi all
[22:59] <rjharrison_home> edmoore
[23:00] <rjharrison_home> I got it back
[23:00] <edmoore> rj
[23:00] <edmoore> rjharrison_home: cool
[23:00] <edmoore> so
[23:00] <edmoore> the executive summary?
[23:00] <edmoore> congrats btw
[23:00] <rjharrison_home> Got bak at 930pm
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> knackered
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> Have guests so can't stay long
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> Thanks edmoore
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> LED's cool
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> I met some nice people
[23:01] <edmoore> LEDs?
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> I thought they had it in their house
[23:01] <rjharrison_home> BLINkY leds
[23:02] G8KHW (n=RocketBo@ joined #highaltitude.
[23:02] <rjharrison_home> But it was in the field behind them when I put the SAt NAv in to pedestrian
[23:02] <rjharrison_home> I would have save 1/2 hour id I had an led on it
[23:03] <rjharrison_home> rtty was cool
[23:03] <rjharrison_home> got S8 in leeds (signal)
[23:03] <edmoore> rtty *is* cool
[23:03] <Laurenceb> rjharrison: well done
[23:05] <Laurenceb> rjharrison_home: what did you write the tracker in?
[23:05] <Laurenceb> php?
[23:06] <rjharrison_home> yep
[23:06] <rjharrison_home> The tracker works fine shame about the coord conversion on the avr
[23:06] <Laurenceb> any idea what went wrong?
[23:06] <Laurenceb> ah I see
[23:06] <rjharrison_home> Yep my crap coord conversion.
[23:07] <Laurenceb> if you ever want any help with uC code
[23:07] <rjharrison_home> Either the lasses send variable lengthe lat and ling
[23:07] <Laurenceb> dont hesitate to ask
[23:07] <rjharrison_home> or my code is shaged
[23:07] <edmoore> looks like the uC code worked with flying colours
[23:07] <Laurenceb> NMEA or TSIP?
[23:07] <rjharrison_home> NEMA
[23:07] <rjharrison_home> Is that where I went wrong
[23:07] <Laurenceb> theres some TSIP code on the wiki
[23:09] <Laurenceb> is it possible to change the message format for the tracker?
[23:09] <edmoore> NMEA is fine
[23:09] <edmoore> used all the time with no issues
[23:09] <Laurenceb> uses more RAM
[23:10] <edmoore> TSIP probably makes a bit more sense if you have the time to impliment it - you don't need to do any ascii conversion
[23:11] <Laurenceb> well the code on the wiki seems to work fine
[23:12] <rjharrison_home> The tx output was missing a dp in places and thad trouble with the boundry
[23:12] <Laurenceb> yeah
[23:12] <rjharrison_home> Lessons learnt
[23:12] <rjharrison_home> Ir use more data than driving around the house
[23:12] <rjharrison_home> ie
[23:13] <rjharrison_home> Will process a track across the uk and equator and find out where the bugs are
[23:13] <rjharrison_home> Thanks everyone for your help today
[23:13] <edmoore> i think we blew a cutdown in jame's face once because of an issue like that
[23:13] <rjharrison_home> ESP james who new more where the balloon was going than the payload did
[23:13] <edmoore> onboard landing predicition software assumed it had a massively velocity when it transition from no-lock to valid-lock
[23:14] <rjharrison_home> ahh
[23:14] <edmoore> massive velocity*
[23:14] <rjharrison_home> Thats the fun when you'ree doing realtime debug
[23:14] <edmoore> so cut-down, thinking it would land out of the onboard polygon map of east anglia
[23:15] <rjharrison_home> will be back in a bit
[23:15] <edmoore> cool, well done again
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[23:25] <Laurenceb> rjharrison_home: is the tracker code online?
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