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[00:03] <fnoble_> hi edmoore
[00:03] <edmoore> hi
[00:04] <fnoble_> the sd card is still messing up
[00:04] <Laurenceb> hopefully its fixed now (I put it up)
[00:04] <fnoble_> left it on whilst i wend to the lib and now it says its used 523GB of a 1GB sd card
[00:05] <fnoble_> but luckily there is still about 950mb remaining :)
[00:05] <edmoore> that's ok then!
[00:06] <fnoble_> if i can just fix the file corruption i might have invented the infinite capacity sd card
[00:06] Action: SpeedEvil passes fnoble_ a really hot cup of tea.
[00:07] <fnoble_> this is going to be a tough one
[00:07] Action: Laurenceb gets back to trying to fix his audio
[00:08] <fnoble_> maybe i could get it to break at the point where it trys to write to the fat area of the card and see whats going on
[00:08] <fnoble_> might be hard to arrange though
[00:10] <fnoble_> hmm, but then it will also break when writing correctly
[00:10] <fnoble_> the hard part is getting the debugger to stop when the error condition has occured, any ideas?
[00:13] <Laurenceb> should I trust this site? http://driverscollection.com/?H=Aspire%205100&By=ACER
[00:13] <SpeedEvil> Pull the 'write to SD' functionality.
[00:13] <SpeedEvil> Make it a 'send packet over serial' functionality
[00:13] <SpeedEvil> then examine the data it's writing on the PC
[00:14] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: well - ... have you looked at acers site?
[00:14] <Laurenceb> yeah
[00:14] <Laurenceb> they dont have the drivers I'm after
[00:14] <Laurenceb> only for a small range of their machines
[00:14] <fnoble_> SpeedEvil, i can see the data its trying to write by putting a breakpoint in the write to sd function, the problem is that it will happily chug out a few mb of data before the error occurs
[00:15] <fnoble_> would take too long to examine it all
[00:15] <SpeedEvil> fnoble_: write 'aaaaaaa' or a predictable pattern, and automate it
[00:16] <fnoble_> the pattern is quite predicatable, its only logging the temperature at the moment so every line of the file is the same
[00:16] <Laurenceb> ah got it http://support.acer-euro.com/drivers/downloads.html
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[00:18] <fuzzylugnuts> *uberping* fnoble_
[00:18] <fnoble_> basically the symptoms are that it will write a small file ok, a longer file will have periodic corrupted lines where a little bit of previous data is injected mid string and if you try and write a really long file the whole fat seems to go bananas
[00:18] <fnoble_> hi fuzzylugnuts
[00:18] <fnoble_> !!!
[00:18] <edmoore> http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/11/spectrographic_imagery_in.html
[00:19] <edmoore> i have always wanted to try that
[00:19] <fnoble_> it shows up with the wrong size and free space and there are a whole bunch of files with crazy names, the files that are supposed to be there arent
[00:20] <SpeedEvil> fnoble_: are blocks always correct or incorrect, or variable?
[00:21] <Laurenceb> hehe aphex twin
[00:21] <Laurenceb> come to daddy ftw
[00:21] <fnoble_> the corruption seems to be vaguely periodic but its not an integer number of blocks and varies each time you try it
[00:22] <SpeedEvil> Where is it?
[00:22] <SpeedEvil> err
[00:22] <SpeedEvil> the corruption from?
[00:22] <SpeedEvil> Is it strings from ROM or RAM?
[00:25] <fnoble_> from ram
[00:25] <fnoble_> i guess i could rig it up to send a constant string straight from rom, no printfs or anything in between
[00:27] <SpeedEvil> Your code is only writing in one place, and it try to write the same file twice at the same time?
[00:28] <fnoble_> its only writing in one place and it shouldnt be trying to do concurrent writes
[00:28] <SpeedEvil> Check for pointer errors and such-like which are stomping the datastructures of the SD library
[00:29] <fnoble_> yeah, im sure your right, its probably something like that
[00:29] <fnoble_> the strange thing is im just using the elm fatfs library and loads of other people have used it without any errors
[00:29] <SpeedEvil> Stupid comments.
[00:30] <SpeedEvil> Decoupling.
[00:30] <SpeedEvil> You've tried another AVR?
[00:30] <fnoble_> it could do with more decoupling, really think that would affect it?
[00:30] <fnoble_> im running it quite slow i think
[00:31] <SpeedEvil> If you're going outside of the valid VCC limits, then anything can happen.
[00:31] <fnoble_> its running from an LPC, but not tried another one
[00:31] <fnoble_> an sd card is ok on 3.3v right?
[00:31] <SpeedEvil> Should be.
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[00:31] <fnoble_> ok
[00:31] <SpeedEvil> Some can operate lower, but I think all must operate at 3.3
[00:34] <Laurenceb> yeh printf works
[00:34] <Laurenceb> its about 2KB for the whole function
[00:36] <Laurenceb> 2.7 to 3.3v for an sd
[00:44] <Laurenceb> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yT0gRc2c2wQ <-- groovyness
[00:46] <fuzzylugnuts> hold on
[00:46] <fuzzylugnuts> I need to get drunker
[00:46] <fuzzylugnuts> more drunk
[00:47] <natrium42> lol
[00:48] <fuzzylugnuts> HEY
[00:48] <fuzzylugnuts> I see cat soup
[00:48] <Laurenceb> BOC are just crazy
[00:49] <fuzzylugnuts> an eagle in your mind
[00:49] <fuzzylugnuts> put to cat soup
[00:49] <fuzzylugnuts> yay.
[00:50] <natrium42> ...
[00:50] <fuzzylugnuts> you like it
[00:50] <natrium42> /kick fuzzylugnuts get sober soon!
[00:50] <fuzzylugnuts> you know you do
[00:50] <fuzzylugnuts> ; P
[00:52] <fuzzylugnuts> natrium42:
[00:52] <fuzzylugnuts> knock knock
[00:52] <natrium42> who is there?
[00:52] <fuzzylugnuts> you're sterile
[00:52] <fuzzylugnuts> : 3
[00:52] <natrium42> lol
[00:54] <fnoble_> bbl
[00:56] <fuzzylugnuts> ;3
[00:56] <fuzzylugnuts> been on HF much, natrium42
[00:56] <fuzzylugnuts> ?
[01:00] <natrium42> listening
[01:00] <natrium42> can't send yet
[01:00] <fuzzylugnuts> ahh
[01:00] <fuzzylugnuts> ok
[01:00] <fuzzylugnuts> I was wondering how the sunspot cycle has been
[01:00] <fuzzylugnuts> its supposed to be picking up
[01:02] <natrium42> mmh, no idea sorry
[01:02] <natrium42> i don't keep track of it yet
[01:02] <fuzzylugnuts> *nod*
[01:02] <fuzzylugnuts> it soo goofy
[01:03] <natrium42> going to make a trip to home depot
[01:03] <natrium42> lates
[01:03] <fuzzylugnuts> I've been able to make a voice contact (USB) 2100 miles away with 5W, and not been able to get someone at all with 100W.
[01:03] <fuzzylugnuts> laters.
[01:11] <Laurenceb> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/code:i2c_eeprom
[01:12] <Laurenceb> I dont get it but that hangs the processor if there is no I2C device
[01:14] <Laurenceb> hmf maybe it wasnt initialised right
[01:28] <fuzzylugnuts> colorimetric tubes ftw
[01:28] <fuzzylugnuts> if you ever do specific chemical sampling on your flights, that will probably be a good way to do, provided you keep them warm
[01:29] <fuzzylugnuts> they are available for just about any chemical too
[01:30] <fuzzylugnuts> we use them on hazmat jobs.
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[01:39] <fuzzylugnuts> and I'm
[01:40] <fuzzylugnuts> RAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! *DEATHBEAMS*
[01:49] <fuzzylugnuts> ok, sleep before I hurt myself here.
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[01:51] <Laurenceb> ignore me
[01:51] <Laurenceb> there were no pullup resistors
[01:51] <Laurenceb> durrrrrr
[01:54] <Laurenceb> yey all seems to work
[01:54] <Laurenceb> might be a car test tomorrow XD
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[13:55] <rjharrison> edmoore: Do you know the launch coords for churchill off hand?
[13:55] <edmoore> gosh, this is taxing
[13:55] <edmoore> no. could be a google maps job
[13:55] <rjharrison> I can probably find them in a log
[13:55] <rjharrison> True
[13:58] <rjharrison> 52.212906,0.099515 :)
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[16:13] <Laurenceb> hi edmoore
[16:13] <edmoore> yo
[16:15] <Laurenceb> do farnell have a minimum order size for free delivery?
[16:15] <edmoore> no idea
[16:15] <fnoble_> edmoore, you'll never guess who the head of class if for my computational methods parcticals and lectures it
[16:15] <edmoore> £100 for digi
[16:16] <edmoore> wassel?
[16:16] <fnoble_> mackay :)
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[16:17] <edmoore> so...
[16:17] <fnoble_> seeing as the practicals are basically just how to use excel i will have plenty of time to ask him about error correcting codes
[16:17] <edmoore> that would be like getting shannon for my comms course
[16:17] <fnoble_> yeah
[16:17] <Laurenceb> how to use excel ?!
[16:18] <Laurenceb> excel is crap
[16:19] <fnoble_> Laurenceb, i know, i think we are working up to c++ :)
[16:19] <Laurenceb> gnuplot all the way
[16:19] <fnoble_> Laurenceb, but its aminly methods for numerically dolving pdes etc
[16:20] <fnoble_> do you think i will sound like a goon if i say i read his book?
[16:20] <edmoore> his website suggests he is bonkers
[16:20] <edmoore> yes
[16:20] <edmoore> you are not a japanese girl
[16:20] <Laurenceb> link pls
[16:21] Action: Laurenceb uses his ti-92 for spreadsheets
[16:21] <SpeedEvil> edmoore: digi went to 50 a while back. Yay!
[16:21] <SpeedEvil> Unless they've gone back up.
[16:21] <edmoore> dunno
[16:21] <edmoore> this was easter
[16:24] <fnoble_> looks like he is quite "green"
[16:24] <Laurenceb> " For non-account holding customers please note that the Delivery and Invoice address must match the address your card is registered to"
[16:24] <Laurenceb> wut
[16:25] <edmoore> I have added his book to my list of books to read
[16:25] <edmoore> this is becoming a large list
[16:25] <Laurenceb> have farnell just introduced that rule?
[16:25] <Laurenceb> as I've not had issues before
[16:27] <fnoble_> ok, got suervision
[16:27] <fnoble_> bbl
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[19:09] <Laurenceb> hello
[19:09] <rjharrison> Hi
[19:10] <rjharrison> Evening all
[19:10] <rjharrison> Did the hallan's order come through today from radioword for the yagi?
[19:10] <rjharrison> Laurenceb i'm assuming your part of the CUSF team
[19:11] <rjharrison> you're*
[19:12] <Laurenceb> well I'm not at Cambridge
[19:12] <Laurenceb> unfortunately
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[20:20] <rjharrison> SpeedEvil I have been working on payload cutdown today. And I'm of the mind to go for a pyro solution. Using blackpowder and an electriv match
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[20:21] <rjharrison> edmore flakey connection sir
[20:22] <rjharrison> Going to order a kilo of gun powder
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[21:26] <MikeM> High All
[21:26] Nick change: MikeM -> Cooleo-M
[21:26] <Cooleo-M> :D
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[21:41] <Cooleo-M> Got my parachute working, Slows my payload down to 4.6 M/S
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[21:45] <rjharrison> I'm hoping I have come up with a sensible pyro based payload cutdown. Will run some tests before publishing
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[21:58] <edmoore> rjharrison: sorry yes
[21:59] <edmoore> was the wifi in the bar where I was typing away
[22:00] <edmoore> it's a bit dodge
[22:01] <rjharrison> Been working on pyro cut down and I think i'm getting some where
[22:02] <rjharrison> Can order 1 kg of black power off the web for 40 quid
[22:02] <rjharrison> Obv. I don't need that much
[22:02] <fuzzylugnuts> can you buy some .22 shells?
[22:03] <rjharrison> Going to make some fuse and wrap around kite string to burn through inside a tube
[22:03] <rjharrison> fuzzylugnuts we're not in america :)
[22:03] <fuzzylugnuts> thats why I asked
[22:03] <rjharrison> fuzzylugnuts how you dong any how
[22:03] <rjharrison> long time no hear
[22:03] <fuzzylugnuts> my dong is just fine thanks
[22:03] <rjharrison> is obama winning yet
[22:04] <fuzzylugnuts> yeah
[22:04] <rjharrison> hah
[22:04] <rjharrison> ha
[22:04] <fuzzylugnuts> :3
[22:04] <rjharrison> oops
[22:04] <fuzzylugnuts> can you get a pack of firecrackers?
[22:04] <rjharrison> I want Obama to win along with the rest of the world
[22:05] <rjharrison> It's bonfire day on 5th Nov (tomorrow) gun powder teason and plot
[22:05] <fuzzylugnuts> man I dunno, he seems to talk in circles well and his gun policies are horrible. I wish he'd forget that stuff and concentrate on getting this fucking country right again.
[22:05] <rjharrison> treason
[22:05] <fuzzylugnuts> oooh yeah
[22:05] <fuzzylugnuts> Guy something?
[22:05] <rjharrison> Guy Fawkes
[22:05] <fuzzylugnuts> .......
[22:06] <fuzzylugnuts> HAHAHAHHA
[22:06] <fuzzylugnuts> his name = +100000
[22:06] <fuzzylugnuts> and his plot to blow the fuck out of the gov was sweet too.
[22:07] <rjharrison> He tried to blow up our whitehouse (The House of Lords) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes
[22:07] <fuzzylugnuts> I've really got to give props to people who have that kind of determination
[22:09] <Cooleo-M> Obama ftw.
[22:09] <Cooleo-M> By the way, In ASDA, 60 sparklers for £3
[22:10] <rjharrison> Wicked You got a pack then
[22:12] <edmoore> would be fun for a dawn launch
[22:12] <edmoore> cover the payload in sparklers
[22:12] <edmoore> might get a few UFO reports at any rate
[22:12] <fuzzylugnuts> haha
[22:12] <fuzzylugnuts> ÿhere in the usa, you can walk in the store, buy an 8lb jug of smokeless powder, and a few feet of canon fuse in one sitting
[22:13] <Cooleo-M> rjharrison: Got 12 packs
[22:13] <Cooleo-M> 5 in each pack, 12 packs for £3
[22:13] <rjharrison> Don't burn yourself :-P
[22:13] <gordonjcp> fuzzylugnuts: you can do that in the UK, too
[22:13] <fuzzylugnuts> D:
[22:13] <fuzzylugnuts> cool!
[22:14] <gordonjcp> not really
[22:14] <fuzzylugnuts> ;_;
[22:14] <fuzzylugnuts> tease.
[22:14] <gordonjcp> you don't even need a licence
[22:14] <Cooleo-M> rjharrison: Im gonna make a pretty swirly pattern and set it on fire.
[22:14] <fuzzylugnuts> newp
[22:14] <fuzzylugnuts> Cooleo-M: that should look cool.
[22:14] <gordonjcp> so this time of year is peak season for kids showing up at A&E with half their hand blown off
[22:14] <Cooleo-M> fuzzylugnuts: Ill video it
[22:14] <Cooleo-M> Oh btw, OBAMA FTW :D
[22:15] <fuzzylugnuts> : ) great
[22:15] <gordonjcp> or severe burns which cannot be treated because they've got gunpowder residue in them
[22:15] <fuzzylugnuts> gordonjcp: ÿnatural selection in action
[22:15] <Cooleo-M> Who the hell fucks about with fireworks? o.0
[22:15] <fuzzylugnuts> bored engineers and pyro pysicist
[22:15] <fuzzylugnuts> s
[22:16] <Cooleo-M> Haha
[22:16] <fuzzylugnuts> I'll not say what horny engineers do.
[22:16] <Cooleo-M> I've seen a video of it
[22:16] <Cooleo-M> Just search on youtube 'Firework in ASs'
[22:17] <Cooleo-M> D:
[22:17] <rjharrison> lol
[22:17] <Cooleo-M> Need to slow my decent down to 3 M/S
[22:18] <fuzzylugnuts> HAHAHAHHAZ
[22:18] <fuzzylugnuts> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqNVMT1Nupo&NR=1
[22:19] <edmoore> Cooleo-M: why that speed?
[22:21] <rjharrison> edmoore have you fired any daveyfires off
[22:21] <edmoore> many
[22:21] <rjharrison> Was wondering how easy they are to trigger from avr
[22:21] <rjharrison> Obv. not by a pin
[22:21] <rjharrison> :)
[22:21] <rjharrison> But using a relay
[22:22] <rjharrison> 4aaa's enough power?
[22:22] <Cooleo-M> edmoore: So it lands gentally :D
[22:22] <Cooleo-M> 4.6 is too fast
[22:22] <edmoore> rjharrison: more than
[22:22] <edmoore> Cooleo-M: on what basis do you say that?
[22:22] <rjharrison> Great I'll get away with less if I can
[22:23] <Cooleo-M> edmoore: None at all :D I just prefere it slower than faster, less chance of breaking and good incase one chute fails, Its a cluster of chutes
[22:23] <fuzzylugnuts> hmmm
[22:23] <fuzzylugnuts> entanglement comes to mind
[22:23] <edmoore> 3m/s is slow by historical balloon standards
[22:23] <Cooleo-M> :D
[22:23] <edmoore> you may encounter drift problems
[22:23] <Cooleo-M> Yay for ASDA shopping bags
[22:24] <Cooleo-M> You want it faster?
[22:24] <edmoore> normally we go for about 5
[22:24] <edmoore> at least
[22:24] Hiena (n=Hiena@ left irc: "-=Halt! Hammerzeit!=-"
[22:24] <Cooleo-M> hmm
[22:24] <Cooleo-M> Couldnt that break your hardware?
[22:24] <edmoore> very very very unlikely
[22:24] <edmoore> not even close
[22:24] <Cooleo-M> Ah, Ok :)
[22:25] <edmoore> i'd happily rate stuff to 10m/s
[22:25] <Cooleo-M> Ill speed it up then.
[22:25] <edmoore> the bases are polystyrene or foam
[22:25] <edmoore> if it's mad eof glass, different story
[22:25] <edmoore> i'd go for 5
[22:25] <Cooleo-M> its Foam/Balsa wood base
[22:25] <Cooleo-M> But, It wont be carryign anything heavy for the first go
[22:26] <fuzzylugnuts> I use baby seals to pad my payloads.
[22:26] <Cooleo-M> ive planned to put my chute onto of my payload, so when it hits the 150m mark, Ill tug hard on the string and it should fall off
[22:26] <Cooleo-M> *on top
[22:27] <edmoore> 150m?
[22:27] <Cooleo-M> Yes, Im doing a teatherd launch
[22:27] <fuzzylugnuts> ah
[22:27] <fuzzylugnuts> ok
[22:29] <Cooleo-M> :)
[22:29] <Cooleo-M> Im gonna try the parachute from the top storey of my house tommorow
[22:29] <Cooleo-M> Dunno how high it is.
[22:29] <Cooleo-M> Pretty high
[22:34] <fuzzylugnuts> hmm. I better get another bottle of gin for tomorrow, since its a celibration over there
[22:34] <Cooleo-M> Lol
[22:36] edmoore (n=edmoore@chu-gw.churchillcambridge.co.uk) left irc:
[22:39] <fuzzylugnuts> omg.
[22:40] <fuzzylugnuts> I just found my new screensaver for work
[22:40] <fuzzylugnuts> just the image of big brother.
[22:41] <Cooleo-M> lol
[22:52] natrium42 (n=alexei@CPE000625d867e2-CM0014045885be.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:52] <fuzzylugnuts> mr sodium
[22:52] <fuzzylugnuts> greetings
[23:26] <fuzzylugnuts> btw
[23:26] <fuzzylugnuts> at work today we were issued Ironkeys
[23:27] <fuzzylugnuts> they are worthy of putting all your kinky porn on and have total confidence that only you can access it.
[23:33] rjharrison (n=rharriso@ left irc:
[23:35] <Cooleo-M> fuzzylugnuts: You got a free ironkey? Lucky bugger!
[23:38] <fuzzylugnuts> Yeah, for "work use"
[23:39] <Cooleo-M> xD
[23:41] G8KHW (n=Steve@ left irc: "Leaving"
[23:45] <fuzzylugnuts> and it works in linux too.
[23:51] <fuzzylugnuts> omgapplepie. n.n
[23:52] <Cooleo-M> :o
[23:52] <Cooleo-M> fuzzylugnuts: Watching the news? Results soon
[23:52] <fuzzylugnuts> really?
[23:53] <fuzzylugnuts> this early?
[23:53] <Cooleo-M> Yeah, First polls close in 7 mins
[23:53] <Cooleo-M> fuzzylugnuts, Did you vote?
[23:53] <fuzzylugnuts> no
[23:53] <Cooleo-M> D:
[23:53] <Cooleo-M> Why?
[23:54] <fuzzylugnuts> 1. I'm not registered (to get out of jury duty)
[23:54] <fuzzylugnuts> 2. There were no good canidates.
[23:54] <Cooleo-M> Ah
[23:54] <Cooleo-M> Fair enough
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> so
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> when will we know who won?
[23:57] Laurenceb (i=83e3dd6d@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-c928e04469b35ff1) joined #highaltitude.
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
[23:57] <Laurenceb> yo
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> don't scare me like that
[23:58] <fuzzylugnuts> want an MCA, Laurenceb?
[23:59] <Laurenceb> thats a businessy qualification thingy?
[23:59] <fuzzylugnuts> it could be
[23:59] <Cooleo-M> Lal
[23:59] <Laurenceb> business sucks
[23:59] <fuzzylugnuts> but I was thinking more along the lines of a multichannel analyzer
[23:59] <Laurenceb> ah
[23:59] <Laurenceb> what does it do?
[23:59] <Cooleo-M> fuzzylugnuts: Data is coming in :D
[00:00] --- Wed Nov 5 2008