[00:25] <Laurenceb> I've just got rprintf from procyon avrlib working
[00:26] <Laurenceb> its 1KB smaller than printf
[00:26] <natrium42> cool
[00:26] <Laurenceb> so room for I2C
[00:26] <natrium42> push it to the limit! :P
[00:26] <Laurenceb> and ground control on the mini rogallo now
[00:26] <Laurenceb> yeah
[00:27] <Laurenceb> I'm just writing some I2C code atm
[00:27] <Laurenceb> pity I cant get FRAM
[00:27] <natrium42> bbl
[00:27] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: yay!
[00:27] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: ground control - for taxiing?
[00:28] <Laurenceb> so you can guide it in for a nice landing
[00:28] <Laurenceb> hopefully it will reach the target with altitude to spare, and start circling, so if there someone there with a 47MHz tx they can guide it down
[00:29] <Laurenceb> basically it just takes the ICP unit and a state machine
[00:29] <Laurenceb> running in an input captine ISR
[00:29] <Laurenceb> *capture
[00:29] <SpeedEvil> You mean go to R/C mode?
[00:29] <SpeedEvil> or fly by wire?
[00:30] <Laurenceb> got to RC mode yes
[00:30] <Laurenceb> tho I could do a fancy fly by wire where you input a target bearing with your stick
[00:31] <Laurenceb> I'm using every single pin on my atmega now
[00:32] <Laurenceb> if I really wanted to take it to the limit, I'd get a little camera and stick a FAT library on the radio to grab jpegs off and SSTV them
[00:32] <Laurenceb> but thats probably not possible without an ARM
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[00:37] <Laurenceb> done http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/code:i2c_eeprom
[00:43] <Laurenceb> if (((TWSR & 0xF8) != TW_START)&&((TWSR & 0xF8) != TW_REP_START))
[00:43] <Laurenceb> is there a better way to do htat?
[00:44] <Laurenceb> logic soetimes gets me confused...
[00:44] <Laurenceb> TW_START and REP_START are 0x10 and 0x08
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[07:35] <EarlJr> evening everyone
[07:37] <natrium42> hey
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[08:52] <rjharrison> morning ed
[08:52] <rjharrison> No lectures this morning!
[09:02] <edmoore> morning
[09:02] <edmoore> indeed
[09:02] <edmoore> not till 11
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[15:47] <rjharrison> My we're chatty today
[15:59] <EarlJr> aren't we though?
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[16:36] Action: SpeedEvil ponders.
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx5sqJYyCCU
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> (how to make balloon animals)
[16:37] <SpeedEvil> Because spheres are so boring!
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[16:54] <EarlJr> haha
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[17:26] <jcoxon> evening all
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[18:46] <rjharrison> Evening all
[18:47] <jcoxon> hey rjharrison
[18:47] <jcoxon> sorry for missing you earleir
[18:47] <rjharrison> No probs.
[18:47] <rjharrison> np
[18:47] <rjharrison> I'm learning slowly
[18:47] <rjharrison> AVR programming tonight
[18:47] <gordonjcp> hello
[18:48] <rjharrison> gordonjcp Hey thanks for the sstv stuff
[18:48] <rjharrison> Worked great
[18:48] <gordonjcp> cool
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[19:19] <edmoore> fnoble: ping
[19:20] <edmoore> jcoxon, rjharrison, Laurenceb , natrium42 etc yo
[19:21] <natrium42> hi
[19:21] <fnoble> edmoore, hi
[19:21] <natrium42> what's the news?
[19:21] <edmoore> nothing much
[19:21] <edmoore> fnoble: thurs is looking to be subject to the presenter being available
[19:21] <edmoore> darn
[19:22] <fnoble> bugger it
[19:22] <fnoble> could do it anyway
[19:22] <fnoble> or maybe do the parkside launch
[19:22] <edmoore> they're on half term
[19:22] <fnoble> i see
[19:23] <fnoble> so what are the chances of the presenter being free?
[19:23] <edmoore> also college want a lot more hoops jumped through for H&S if there's hoardes of small kids about
[19:23] <edmoore> he didn't give me a number
[19:23] <fnoble> yup
[19:23] <rjharrison> hi edmoore
[19:23] <edmoore> just that he'd get back to me tomorrow morning
[19:23] <fnoble> ok
[19:23] <edmoore> we should do some badger...
[19:23] <fnoble> not until wednesday evening im afraid
[19:24] <edmoore> ok
[19:24] <fnoble> ive got a lot of work to plough through
[19:24] <edmoore> well, do you have the list of things that need to be done?
[19:24] <edmoore> i could at least start on the schematic
[19:24] <fnoble> ive done most of the schematic now
[19:24] <edmoore> i did 1.5 examples papers thisafternoon so I can justify myself some off-time
[19:25] <edmoore> well, i can do some layout then
[19:25] <rjharrison> It looks like the wind is going to be coming from the north over the w/e does that pose a problem for launching?
[19:25] <edmoore> your call, but looking at sat we wouldn't launch from cam
[19:25] <fnoble> rjharrison, are you launching again this w/e?
[19:27] <rjharrison> no
[19:27] <edmoore> fnoble: I will happily do some routing for the next hour or two
[19:27] <rjharrison> there is a lot going on
[19:27] <rjharrison> bbiab
[19:28] <fnoble> edmoore, i'd rather do it together if thats ok
[19:28] <edmoore> ok np
[19:28] <edmoore> i'll try and keep wednesday eve free
[19:28] <fnoble> may be able to do some stuff tomorrow or wed daytime depending on how work goes
[19:29] <edmoore> tomorrow is a pretty good day from my pov
[19:29] <fnoble> ive been at it since 6.30am, still got 1.5 examples sheets to go before i can call it a night
[19:29] <fnoble> :(
[19:29] <edmoore> eeeek
[19:29] <fnoble> all in tomorrow
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[19:32] <edmoore> hi steve
[19:34] <G8KHW> hi all
[19:34] <EarlJr> morning everyone
[19:35] <edmoore> steve have you ever come across G3ZAY?
[19:36] <G8KHW> doesn't ring any bells
[19:37] <edmoore> oh well
[19:37] <G8KHW> CUWS
[19:37] <G8KHW> so the internet tells me
[19:38] <edmoore> yeah. he said he works/ed at BT
[19:40] Nick change: Ei5GTB_ -> EI5GTB
[19:40] <G8KHW> interesting - looks like he came from the same part of the country as i did (Surrey)
[19:40] E70DX (n=TrX@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:41] <G8KHW> his name rings a bell
[19:41] <E70DX> hi
[19:41] <EI5GTB> c-c-c-c combo breaker
[19:41] <E70DX> :-)
[19:41] <G8KHW> QRZ
[19:42] <gordonjcp> I should add some stuff to qrz
[19:42] <EI5GTB> i meant to do that once
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[20:54] <Xenion> Guten Nacht jungs - penn jut ! :-)
[20:57] edmoore (n=edmoore@chu-gw.churchillcambridge.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[20:58] <edmoore> 26 human beings. not bad
[21:00] <natrium42> hehe
[21:01] <natrium42> edmoore, i wonder whether it is because of the google talk
[21:02] <edmoore> any googlers?
[21:02] <edmoore> is the talk online?
[21:02] <natrium42> yes
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[21:02] <natrium42> since friday
[21:04] <edmoore> link me!
[21:04] <natrium42> ...
[21:04] <natrium42> google :P
[21:04] <natrium42> http://research.google.com/video.html
[21:05] <natrium42> unfortunately audio was cut for the first couple of minutes, for some reason
[21:05] <edmoore> yep got it anyway
[21:07] <edmoore> i really need to find my headphones. The rest of the library probably don't want to hear the talk
[21:08] <natrium42> haha
[21:08] <edmoore> it's 9pm anyway, that's enough work for today
[21:08] <natrium42> exactly
[21:09] <natrium42> in other news, big soldering job coming up soon
[21:09] <natrium42> http://natrium42.com/wiki/DSerial_Edge
[21:09] <natrium42> going to make about 250 of them
[21:11] <edmoore> not for you, presumably?
[21:12] Action: natrium42 warms up skillet
[21:15] <edmoore> gold phoenix in china would probably do assembly for about $2/board
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[21:18] <natrium42> yah, i know
[21:18] <natrium42> quantity is kinda low, though
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[21:40] <rjharrison> jcoxon: Hows it going tonight system testing all going fine? I was wondering if your module had come through
[21:40] <rjharrison> The 434.075
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[21:49] <edmoore> natrium42: am watching now :)
[21:49] <natrium42> hehe
[21:50] <edmoore> yep, sound goes
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[22:19] <edmoore> awesome :)
[22:19] <edmoore> right, bbl
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[22:51] <Laurenceb> hi all
[23:15] <EarlJr> hello
[23:20] <jcoxon> hey all
[23:23] <natrium42> yakshemash
[23:28] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:28] <jcoxon> hi EarlJr and E70DX welcome to #highaltitude
[23:30] <EarlJr> thank you
[23:32] <jcoxon> no problem - so have an interest in highaltitude ballooning?
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[23:49] <jcoxon> night all
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[23:59] <natrium42> does anybody need anything from pololu?
[00:00] --- Tue Oct 28 2008