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[00:09] <jcoxon> hey Sp
[00:09] <jcoxon> hey SpikeUK
[00:10] <SpikeUK> Hi jcoxon - just playing with zeusbot! Clever stuff!
[00:11] <jcoxon> i stole most of the scripts
[00:12] <SpikeUK> jcoxon ;-) That's research Is see that you've scrubbed tomorrow.
[00:12] <jcoxon> wasn't me launching
[00:12] <jcoxon> twas edmoore and co
[00:13] <SpikeUK> Right - but you were comms from Guys?
[00:13] <jcoxon> comms from london
[00:13] <jcoxon> Guy's was a nice idea :-)
[00:13] <jcoxon> but just an idea
[00:13] <SpikeUK> True! *Big* tower ;-)
[00:15] <SpikeUK> My GF used to work there - good parties on 10th (?) floor!
[00:15] <jcoxon> its not like it used to be
[00:16] <jcoxon> not sure about the parties
[00:16] <jcoxon> i'm more based at Thomas'
[00:16] <SpikeUK> Ok! My GF's now at George's via Imperial
[00:17] <jcoxon> okay cool
[00:20] <SpikeUK> Was interested in your earlier comments re antenna polarization. Does this get covered much in Radio Amateur licence?
[00:21] <jcoxon> it does a bit
[00:21] <jcoxon> but i was just checking, i had suspected it was vertical
[00:23] <SpikeUK> OK. The polarization is generally defined as the plane of the V field - where the voltage gradient is greatest
[00:24] <edmoore> I am doing the beginner and intermediate courses this sunday.
[00:24] <edmoore> truthfully, they didn't make it much beyond P=IV
[00:25] <jcoxon> oh thats all you need
[00:25] <jcoxon> the practical stuff is fun
[00:25] <jcoxon> i still haven't made a contact yet
[00:25] <edmoore> I am looking forward to it
[00:25] <edmoore> then full license by chrimbo
[00:25] <jcoxon> you'll breeze through it ed
[00:25] <edmoore> then the NOV attack on Ofcom can begin
[00:25] <jcoxon> haha
[00:25] <jcoxon> i'm not going to do my intermediate in the near future
[00:26] <edmoore> we only need one NOV
[00:26] <edmoore> aslong as I plonk my callsign on, should be ok
[00:26] <jcoxon> yeah
[00:26] <edmoore> I had my first piano lesson for 9 years today
[00:27] <SpikeUK> What prefix is used for balloon?
[00:27] <jcoxon> wow, lots of new learning
[00:27] <jcoxon> SpikeUK, there isn't one
[00:27] <edmoore> it was about twice as scary as my interview for here
[00:27] <jcoxon> hehe
[00:28] <jcoxon> right i'm off
[00:28] <jcoxon> night all
[00:28] <edmoore> cya
[00:28] <SpikeUK> jcoxon Night!
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[00:29] <SpikeUK> I'm offski too!
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[02:33] <Laurenceb> hmm this is interesting
[02:33] <Laurenceb> my radio has emi problems
[02:33] <Laurenceb> the avr is going dodgy about 1ms after the radio is turned on
[02:34] <Laurenceb> but sticking a cap on the EN pin to the radiometrix appears to solve the issue
[02:34] <Laurenceb> it would appear there are some transients on the rf output as the module is turned on
[02:35] <Laurenceb> 10mw shouldnt be anything like enough to cause issues on this board
[02:37] <Laurenceb> I guess it could be the oscillator starting up
[02:37] <Laurenceb> or the PLL going awol as its turned on
[02:38] <Laurenceb> oh well time to get some sleep, cya
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[07:48] <rjharrison> Moring all
[07:57] <Hiena> You too.
[07:57] <Hiena> Will you launch this weekend?
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[08:15] <rjharrison> Hi guys
[08:15] <jcoxon> morning rjharrison
[08:15] <rjharrison> windy but clear skys here
[08:17] <jcoxon> not bad here
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[08:20] <jcoxon> hmmm someone changed to topic before i got to it :-)
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[09:38] <Laurenceb> http://www.sensortechnics.com/index.php?fid=300&fpar=YToxOntzOjQ6InBjaWQiO3M6MzoiMTgzIjt9&isSSL=0&aps=0&blub=cc367a6648be72fe7ad8e2a6ea2eefd8
[09:38] <Laurenceb> sensortechncs is soo cool
[09:38] <Laurenceb> they have everything for a long duration tetroon
[09:39] <Laurenceb> those are 4.5 grams
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[11:36] <Laurenceb> SpeedEvil: you about?
[11:36] <Laurenceb> I'm using one of the pressure sensors as a liquid level detector
[11:37] <Laurenceb> is there a better technique
[11:54] <Laurenceb> nvm I've got it, capacitive sensor :P
[12:20] Action: Laurenceb experiments with capacitive level sensing
[12:25] <Ei5GTB_> iss is about to pass overhead, i m hoping to make contact :)
[12:33] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: analog devices has a stupidly accurate capacitive A/d
[12:34] <Laurenceb> I was just going to use a 555
[12:34] <Laurenceb> grrr this reminds me I need to make my capt scanner
[12:35] <SpeedEvil> cheap and I2C too
[12:36] <Laurenceb> oh cool
[12:36] <Laurenceb> everything can live on my I2C bus
[12:37] <Laurenceb> is the output isolated or to gnd ?
[12:37] <Laurenceb> as the ballast will be ionic and tied to gnd
[12:38] <Laurenceb> whats the part?
[12:41] <SpeedEvil> http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/capacitance-to-digital-converters/products/index.html
[12:42] <SpeedEvil> Hadn't seen http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/capacitance-to-digital-converters/AD7746/products/product.html before.
[12:43] Action: SpeedEvil wonders what he could use an attofarad resolution A/D for.
[12:44] <Laurenceb> capt scanner
[12:44] <SpeedEvil> ?
[12:45] <SpeedEvil> what's a capt scanner?
[12:45] <Laurenceb> capacitance tomography
[12:45] <SpeedEvil> measuering dielectric constnat?
[12:45] <Laurenceb> yeah
[12:45] <Laurenceb> and resistivity
[12:46] <Laurenceb> well not with that IC
[12:46] <Laurenceb> really it needs dedicated dsp
[12:46] <Laurenceb> I keep meaning to write some code for it but never get round to it
[12:47] <Laurenceb> all the papers I've seen on it use simple linear forward models
[12:47] <Laurenceb> I want to use a realistic forward model that can handle conductive targets
[12:49] <Laurenceb> then something like monte carlo or some sort of evolutionary optimisation
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[12:52] <edmoore> so
[12:52] <Laurenceb> hi edmoore
[12:52] <edmoore> what's the latest
[12:52] <Laurenceb> 35Km ?
[12:52] <Laurenceb> I only see 30 on the kml
[12:53] <rjharrison> that was a dump from the wyoming tracker
[12:53] <Laurenceb> ah
[12:53] <Laurenceb> well done
[12:54] <Laurenceb> what did you use for data storage ?
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[12:54] <rjharrison> the cw logs are in http://www.robertharrison.org/files/icarus/icarus.txt
[12:55] <Laurenceb> cool
[12:55] <Laurenceb> I meant onboard the payload
[12:56] <rjharrison> none it was really a beacon test
[12:58] <rjharrison> http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=53.480211,0.10021&ie=UTF8&ll=53.434901,-0.142136&spn=0.301068,1.056061&t=h&z=11&iwloc=addr
[12:58] <rjharrison> landing point
[13:00] <rjharrison> Laurenceb. There will be full logging on the next launch
[13:01] <Laurenceb> nice
[13:01] <rjharrison> This was my first and there were a few things I got wrong :)
[13:01] <Laurenceb> what will you store onto?
[13:01] <rjharrison> Like nearly landing in the sea
[13:01] <Laurenceb> :P it was pretty impressive
[13:01] <rjharrison> I thought I had lost the payload for an hour
[13:02] <rjharrison> I gad some guys converting the gps coords to decimal and they calculated it two miles out to the north sea
[13:02] <rjharrison> had
[13:05] <edmoore> rjharrison: any good vids to show?
[13:05] <Laurenceb> wow thats crazy
[13:05] <Laurenceb> your lucky
[13:05] <Laurenceb> its about 1 field away
[13:06] <Laurenceb> SpeedEvil: AD7745 is amazing, temperature sensor as well :D
[13:06] <Laurenceb> I could paint a couple of tracks onto the side of the tank with conductive paint
[13:07] <edmoore> what capacitance are you measuring?
[13:08] <Laurenceb> I'm working on a design for ballast control
[13:08] <Laurenceb> need to determine the volume of methanol left in the tank
[13:09] <SpeedEvil> Tomograpy of what Laurenceb?
[13:09] <SpeedEvil> Biologicals?
[13:10] <Laurenceb> dont know
[13:10] <Laurenceb> anything :P
[13:10] <Laurenceb> but I want phase and amplitude information
[13:10] <Laurenceb> not just amplitude
[13:10] <edmoore> for why?
[13:11] <edmoore> the first ever AVR doing radon transforms?
[13:14] <SpeedEvil> 'longitudinal study from 18 on on the capacitance tomography of 150 females breasts'.
[13:14] <edmoore> rjharrison: ed needs videos....
[13:14] <Laurenceb> whats AVR got to do with it?
[13:15] <SpeedEvil> Not completely unseriously. Novel methods of bodyscanning, especially if you can make them cheap, rapid and fast are a big thing.
[13:15] <Laurenceb> it'd more likely need a mac pro to do the processing XD
[13:16] <edmoore> tomography in the CT vein isn't all that processor intensive
[13:16] <Laurenceb> there would be a horrendous amount of number crunching
[13:16] <SpeedEvil> Not anymore.
[13:16] <Laurenceb> by the convensional techniques
[13:16] <edmoore> or at least, it's not one of the big problems in making a machine
[13:16] <SpeedEvil> Maybe in the 80s.
[13:16] <Laurenceb> yeah
[13:16] <Laurenceb> true
[13:16] <SpeedEvil> What's gonna be a big thing shortly is copper MRI
[13:17] <SpeedEvil> Unless someone invents cheap room-temp supercon.
[13:17] <edmoore> a bit of DSP to get a slice, then a few FFTS and radon transforms, a slightly bodgey resample from polar to cartesian, and you have a slice of body
[13:17] <SpeedEvil> There are a number of people doing copper based 'small' scanners - suitable for knees and elbows forex.
[13:18] <SpeedEvil> Those have the potential to get lots cheaper.
[13:18] <SpeedEvil> And again, the big tradeoff is do we have a nice absolutely linear field, or do we do hideous amounts of DSP on the output.
[13:22] <SpeedEvil> And of course you can cheat. http://geotate.com/en/products
[13:22] <SpeedEvil> Hmm.
[13:22] Action: SpeedEvil ponders SAR from balloons.
[13:28] Action: Laurenceb is drawing a quick sketch of his tetroon plan
[13:28] <Laurenceb> I'm going to call it ALDIST
[13:28] <Laurenceb> advanced long duration stratospheric tetroon
[13:30] <edmoore> I have given up on HALIPHAX for a bit
[13:30] <edmoore> too difficult
[13:31] <edmoore> (High ALtItude PHased Array eXperiment)
[13:31] <Laurenceb> haha
[13:31] <edmoore> was thinking of an array of maybe 13 1/4 wave elements
[13:46] <Laurenceb> ok, done
[13:46] <Laurenceb> I'll imagebin it
[13:51] <Laurenceb> http://imagebin.org/28971
[13:53] <Laurenceb> I've finally sourced all the parts *phew*
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[14:29] <Laurenceb> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/projects:aldist
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[14:40] <Laurenceb> hi fergus
[14:40] <fnoble> hi everyone
[14:41] <fnoble> hi Laurenceb
[14:54] <fnoble> rjharrison, congrats on your flight
[14:56] <Laurenceb> the photos are amazing
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[15:07] <edmoore> Laurenceb: it looks smart
[15:07] <Laurenceb> thanks
[15:08] <Laurenceb> I'm just finishing the hardware concept
[15:08] <edmoore> fnoble: hi
[15:08] <fnoble> edmoore, i dont have anything that will open that foundation ppt file atm
[15:09] <edmoore> college pc?
[15:09] <fnoble> edmoore, is there anyting in there other than whats in the doc file?
[15:09] <edmoore> Open office?
[15:09] <fnoble> you could save it as a pdf for me :)
[15:09] <edmoore> let me have a look at the doc file (yuck)
[15:09] <edmoore> oh that's true
[15:09] <edmoore> will do that
[15:10] <fnoble> i hope he lets me take it
[15:10] <fnoble> seeing as he hasnt got the form
[15:14] <edmoore> his email address is on the form isn't it?
[15:14] <edmoore> on the back
[15:15] <edmoore> fnoble: log onto skype and i'll tranfer the pdf
[15:15] <fnoble> yes his email is there
[15:17] <Laurenceb> done
[15:17] <Laurenceb> hardware design is up :D
[15:22] <Laurenceb> now maybe i'll head off to B&Q to get the polythene
[15:23] <Laurenceb> Ideally itd be launched in the states or canada....
[15:24] <Laurenceb> natrium42?
[15:24] <fnoble> Laurenceb, are you making a zp?
[15:24] <Laurenceb> yeah
[15:24] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: what's the radio?
[15:24] <SpeedEvil> pwoer
[15:24] <Laurenceb> 10mw
[15:25] <fnoble> Laurenceb, whats your plan for constructing it?
[15:25] <Laurenceb> tetroon
[15:25] <SpeedEvil> weld, tape, glue?
[15:25] <Laurenceb> not sure
[15:25] <Laurenceb> probably not glue
[15:25] <Laurenceb> maybe tape
[15:25] <fnoble> any your going to use the B&Q film?
[15:26] <Laurenceb> if its done carefully I dont see any big issues with tape
[15:26] <Laurenceb> yes
[15:26] <fnoble> Laurenceb, one problem with tape is the temperature performance of the adhesive
[15:26] <Laurenceb> yeah
[15:26] <fnoble> lots of normal tape adhesives just loose their stick when cold
[15:27] <Laurenceb> do you have your heat sealer working?
[15:28] <Laurenceb> could I come over and use that to do the seams?
[15:28] <Laurenceb> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/projects:aldist
[15:28] <fnoble> the sealing head is working sweet, the machine itself is nearly there, just needs some tweaks
[15:28] <Laurenceb> you've built it?
[15:29] <Laurenceb> or you made a machine to run the head in?
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> Along the way, I had good results with sealing polythene with an iron and foil.
[15:29] <Laurenceb> yeah, me too
[15:29] <Laurenceb> but it can leave small holes
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> Place on a suitible bit of wood, some foil on top, and along the seam.
[15:29] <SpeedEvil> yeah - the right heat and no crinkles are the keay
[15:29] <Laurenceb> however I wasnt doing it with a very good setup
[15:31] <fnoble> we've built the machine which contains a modified off the shelf welder
[15:32] <Laurenceb> nice one
[15:32] <Laurenceb> fnoble: its easy to make tetroons, that design on the wiki needs ~17m of seams
[15:33] <Laurenceb> have it built in no time
[15:33] <fnoble> yeah, we would probably have gone with tetroons unless we needed to go up to really big balloons for our final payload design
[15:34] <Laurenceb> I've been thinking of getting some groovy altitude hold techniques running
[15:34] <fnoble> its quite easy to make a welder that can do straight sections btw
[15:34] <Laurenceb> hence the thermocouple into the envelope
[15:35] <Laurenceb> and plethora of ballast sensors
[15:35] <Laurenceb> do you need to use teflon to stop it sticking?
[15:35] <SpeedEvil> Tie the ballast mechanism on with a soluble string.
[15:36] <SpeedEvil> so that as a last ditch, when you hit ocean, you drop it.
[15:36] <fnoble> one that does continuous seams is more difficult to build, so we bought one off the shelf
[15:36] <fnoble> but you are welcome to use it if you were to come up to cambridge
[15:36] <Laurenceb> yeah
[15:36] <Laurenceb> its probably a lot easier than me building one :P
[15:36] <Laurenceb> thanks
[15:37] <Laurenceb> it wont be for a while, I want to get the rogallo running
[15:37] <fnoble> yeah, you need teflon, but you can get it over the counter at lakeland - its used to put in the bottom of ovens or something
[15:37] <Laurenceb> ah
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> I was trying to find a way to glue foil together, and I was wondering if polythene would work as an adhesive.
[15:38] <Laurenceb> if you find the peak envelope heating during the day, you know how much ballast you'll have to drop come sunset
[15:38] <SpeedEvil> But I tested the method, and it worked well for just sealing too.
[15:38] <Laurenceb> SpeedEvil: spot welding
[15:39] <Laurenceb> surely if it works for sealing, the polythene doesnt stick to the alu?
[15:39] <SpeedEvil> Laurenceb: I ended up with a thread of 0.2mm or so hot-melt.
[15:39] <SpeedEvil> yes, it sticks.
[15:39] <SpeedEvil> Do you care?
[15:39] <Laurenceb> yes?
[15:39] <Laurenceb> good
[15:39] <Laurenceb> lol
[15:40] <SpeedEvil> Then that method isn't good I guess.
[15:42] <fnoble> Laurenceb, the teflon fabric stuff works really well
[15:42] <Laurenceb> its a fabric rather than a sheet?
[15:43] <Laurenceb> can you do it with just a soldering iron then?
[15:43] <fnoble> i think is a fibreglass fabric that is then teflon coated
[15:43] <Laurenceb> ah
[15:43] <fnoble> its a strange mottled brown colour
[15:44] <fnoble> i experimented a lot with using a soldering iron and found it hard to get good consistency
[15:44] <fnoble> like you say you get lots of little pin holes in the weld and the weld tends to be quite weak
[15:44] <Laurenceb> yeah, I've tried foil and greaseproof paper
[15:54] <Laurenceb> well I'm off to do some shopping, cya later folks
[15:58] <edmoore> fnoble: I think we can expect a HAB from Carl soon :)
[15:58] <fnoble> i see
[15:59] <fnoble> why is he not doing it with CUSF?
[15:59] <edmoore> well, he probably will be
[15:59] <edmoore> what I mean is, it's a good way to learn AVR
[15:59] <fnoble> yeah its a good idea
[16:00] <edmoore> it's good motivation and covers lots of the peripherals and some algorithmic stuff
[16:00] <fnoble> yup
[16:18] <rjharrison> Hi all
[16:18] <rjharrison> Back from radio course
[16:19] <rjharrison> Going to start too look at the stats.
[16:20] <rjharrison> edmoore: I think I locked out the gps yesterday as something strange happened. I kepts geting the same signals from the GPS
[16:20] <edmoore> very odd
[16:20] <edmoore> sure? Not just the uart not overwiring the buffer?
[16:21] <rjharrison> It locked at txing 123222 and repeated the same string which was around the time of impact
[16:21] <rjharrison> that was the time
[16:21] <rjharrison> UTC
[16:22] <edmoore> which GPS?
[16:22] <rjharrison> The sentance never changed now if the signals lost the avr just tx's icarus
[16:22] <rjharrison> lassen skII
[16:22] <edmoore> fnoble: any ideas?
[16:22] <rjharrison> I would be interested to know what lockout behaviour is
[16:23] <edmoore> well you certainly didn't hit any of the dynamic limits
[16:23] <rjharrison> Is it just send the same string ?
[16:23] <fnoble> well, hitting the floor would exceed the accn limit
[16:24] <fnoble> but it should start working again when you go back under the limit i think
[16:24] <rjharrison> Ie do the sentances just become constant
[16:24] <edmoore> exactly
[16:24] <edmoore> no, they tend to lock up for the duration of the exception
[16:24] <rjharrison> IE no tx
[16:24] <edmoore> rx?
[16:25] <edmoore> i assume the gps sattelites didn't turn off
[16:25] <rjharrison> :)
[16:25] <rjharrison> Yep I ment tx to my avr
[16:25] <fnoble> what did the sirfs do when over the limit? i think they just gave us 0,0 as coords but i cant remember
[16:26] <edmoore> i think they jsut saturate
[16:26] <edmoore> actually that's not a cocom limit, it's their filter
[16:26] <edmoore> so altitude might be 21, 22, 23, 24, 24, 24, 24, 24, 23, 19, 16, 13 (x1000m)
[16:27] <rjharrison> I'll get the stats out tonight and we'll have a look at what happened. I wish I had put in the logomattic
[16:27] <edmoore> i.e. it just hits its altitude rail whilst the balloon goes over
[16:27] <fnoble> ok
[16:27] <fnoble> we dont have any data for what happens when the accn limit is exceeded
[16:27] <rjharrison> We don't want to get that datya
[16:27] <rjharrison> data
[16:27] <fnoble> but i really think it should come back online afterwards
[16:28] <rjharrison> You should have seen the state of the antenna it was wrapped in latex and that shit is stong
[16:28] <rjharrison> strong and smells bad
[16:29] <fnoble> yeah its hard to place the smell
[16:29] <fnoble> its something like off beef
[16:29] <fnoble> definately meaty
[16:29] <rjharrison> I don't think the antenna matters too much given that I got a great signal from a very badly mutilated cp antnenna
[16:30] <rjharrison> gp antenna
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[17:57] <SpeedEvil> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7677349.stm :/
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[18:29] <Laurenceb> ggggg
[18:30] <jnd> :(
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[19:26] <natrium42> hi
[19:29] <edmoore> yo
[19:30] <Laurenceb> back
[19:30] Action: Laurenceb has been shopping
[19:30] <Laurenceb> did I buy clothes?
[19:30] <natrium42> yes?
[19:30] <Laurenceb> no I went to B&Q and maplins
[19:30] <natrium42> ah
[19:30] <Laurenceb> lol what would you expect
[19:30] <natrium42> *cough*nerd*cough*
[19:31] <Laurenceb> I have a load of the famous dust sheet
[19:31] <Laurenceb> its so light, amazing
[19:31] <natrium42> dust sheet?
[19:31] <Laurenceb> very thin polythene
[19:33] <Laurenceb> I also go tsome silicone adhesive from maplins, says it works down to -50C
[19:33] <Laurenceb> I want to see how well it adheres to polythene
[19:34] <rjharrison> I think that adheasive would be better than the glue gun I used
[19:34] <Laurenceb> rofl
[19:34] <rjharrison> Alog of the glue came unstuck suggesting flex in the payload structure with altitude
[19:34] <Laurenceb> polythene film
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[20:26] <rjharrison> Hi natrium42
[20:27] <rjharrison> Thanks for the panorama
[20:27] <natrium42> sure, np
[20:27] <rjharrison> I'm going to have to have a look at that software when I get a sec
[20:27] <natrium42> yah, it's very easy to use
[20:27] <rjharrison> How should I convert my GPS DDMM.SSS into decimal
[20:27] <natrium42> hope your computer is fast
[20:28] <natrium42> well, there are 60 minutes in 1 degree
[20:28] <rjharrison> is it dd.(mm./60)+sss
[20:28] <rjharrison> It's the seconds
[20:28] <natrium42> so you can just do 60/minutes to get degrees
[20:29] <rjharrison> od 5330.000 would be 53.50
[20:29] <rjharrison> or 53.5
[20:30] <natrium42> yeah
[20:30] <rjharrison> 5330.001 would than be 53.501 ?
[20:30] <natrium42> isn't GPS, DDMM.MMM and not DDMM.SSS?
[20:30] <rjharrison> That would make sense
[20:30] <rjharrison> :)
[20:30] <rjharrison> Give me a sec
[20:31] <natrium42> yah, i am pretty sure it is
[20:34] <natrium42> btw, should be minutes/60, d'oh
[20:34] <natrium42> bbl
[20:35] <rjharrison> natrium42 Your right it's .mm
[20:35] <rjharrison> Thats easy then
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[21:24] <jcoxon> evening all
[21:36] <jcoxon> hmmm how interesting - my gumstix produces a really strong signal at 433.6500Mhz
[21:47] <natrium42> haha
[21:47] <natrium42> is that even the system clock?
[21:49] <natrium42> gordonjcp, any idea when there are going to be transmissions from ISS?
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[22:30] <rjharrison> Evening all
[22:30] <rjharrison> Finally sorted the data
[22:42] <natrium> kmlplz :)
[22:42] <natrium> i would like to see the descent rate
[22:42] Nick change: natrium -> natrium42
[22:43] <rjharrison> http://www.robertharrison.org/tracker/
[22:43] <jcoxon> ping gordonjcp
[22:46] <rjharrison> natrium42 very lucky landing
[22:48] <rjharrison> natrium42 where abouts are you in canada
[22:48] <natrium42> waterloo, ontario
[22:49] <rjharrison> is it getting to winter there yet. Bloody cold here the last few days
[22:50] <natrium42> it's still fine
[22:50] <natrium42> maybe 10 celsius or so
[22:51] <natrium42> my latitude is lower than yours :P
[22:51] <natrium42> but no gulf stream
[22:52] <Xenion> how cold does it get on at your payload ?
[22:52] <Hiena> Geee, just saw the tracker. It vas a really lucky flight...
[22:57] <natrium42> rjharrison, would it have floated?
[23:03] <jcoxon> hmmm, i've found an interesting signal on the 70cm band but can't work out what format its in, any tips?
[23:06] <rjharrison> no
[23:07] <rjharrison> natrium42: No well it would have washed ashore but full of sea water
[23:07] <rjharrison> The antenna looked like this http://www.robertharrison.org/files/icarus/IMG_0359_ant.JPG
[23:08] <rjharrison> And the ballon had pulled so hard it had pulled the PCB sma connector off the strip board
[23:08] <rjharrison> The strips had been pulled off
[23:09] <natrium42> but you still had signal, that's incredible
[23:10] <rjharrison> still sent a good signal on the way down so I guess it's the lenght of the wires and not the angles between them that really counts
[23:10] <rjharrison> There seems to be quite alot of luck in this attempt. I won't get this lucky again
[23:10] <rjharrison> Beginners luck as they say
[23:11] <rjharrison> Next time I am going to have a tracker at base to log the positions
[23:12] <rjharrison> and upload them to the tracker
[23:12] <jcoxon> rjharrison, :-D
[23:12] <jcoxon> put me out of a job :-p
[23:12] <rjharrison> Yes next time I will employ the valuble services of one Mr J Coxon
[23:13] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:13] <jcoxon> i was already to track this weekend
[23:13] <rjharrison> It was a lernig curve.
[23:13] <jcoxon> oh well, soon
[23:13] <rjharrison> I'll have something for you to track before the next month is out
[23:13] <rjharrison> When r U going to launch ?
[23:14] <jcoxon> soon :-)
[23:14] <jcoxon> i've got camera, gps and phone working delightfully
[23:14] <rjharrison> Weather depending. I would like to come down for the launch if possible
[23:15] <jcoxon> just need to grab rocketboy for an hour or so to compile hte latest version of his code
[23:15] <jcoxon> then the radio will be sorted
[23:15] <jcoxon> then its a matter of making a box
[23:15] <jcoxon> so early november
[23:18] <natrium42> with sstv?
[23:18] <jcoxon> yup
[23:18] <jcoxon> rtty and sstv on ssb
[23:18] <natrium42> cool
[23:22] <rjharrison> poet :P
[23:26] <jcoxon> when it works it should be good
[23:28] <rjharrison> impact was at 10.9 meters/second taking the last two readings before impact
[23:28] <rjharrison> not too bad at all
[23:30] <rjharrison> 39.26 km/hr I think that is
[23:31] <rjharrison> jcoxon do we keep a standard set of data for a launch?
[23:32] <rjharrison> There should be a table on the wiki for comarative purposes. Esp assent rate
[23:32] <rjharrison> comparative
[23:32] <rjharrison> Don't tell me there is one
[23:33] <jcoxon> i don't think there is one
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[23:55] <rjharrison> Max decent rate was 41.368 m/s
[23:56] <rjharrison> or 148.926 km/hr
[23:56] <jcoxon> ouch
[23:57] <rjharrison> That is calculated from the highest two points after burst
[23:57] <rjharrison> It's a bit thin up there
[23:57] slima (i=slima@unaffiliated/slima) left #highaltitude.
[23:58] <rjharrison> 92 miles/hr
[00:00] --- Sun Oct 19 2008