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[00:30] <benf> wow, that's a better nick
[00:31] <edmoore> didn't spot you over there
[00:33] <benf> quite exciting news about the server
[00:33] <benf> I might be able to get it colocated for free
[00:33] <benf> so stay tuned...
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[00:49] <edmoore> benf: that's awesome news
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[05:32] <natrium42> .
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[16:19] <jcoxon> afternoon all
[16:19] <gordonjcp> hello
[16:19] <jcoxon> hey gordonjcp
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[16:32] <benf_> damn, get someone else uses benf
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[16:33] <bfirsh> jcoxon: very good news
[16:33] <jcoxon> hey bfirsh
[16:33] <jcoxon> oooo what
[16:33] <bfirsh> I may be able to get free colocation for our server
[16:33] <bfirsh> stay tuned....
[16:33] <jcoxon> oh amazing
[16:33] <bfirsh> best of all worlds really
[16:34] <jcoxon> yeah
[16:34] <bfirsh> well, worlds being price and awesome server
[16:34] <bfirsh> haha
[16:51] <natrium42> whut
[16:55] <jcoxon> hey natrium42
[16:57] <natrium42> hi
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[17:22] <natrium42> rharrison_quiet.greet();
[17:32] <rharrison_quiet> Hi natrium42: How is going?
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[17:33] <natrium42> good
[17:33] <natrium42> and how are you?
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[17:41] <natrium42> Hi Hiena
[17:41] <Hiena> Hiya natrium42 !
[17:41] <Hiena> How things going?
[17:44] <natrium42> good, thanks
[17:45] <natrium42> how is your glider project?
[17:47] <Hiena> Stalling.
[17:49] <Hiena> The guys from the uni. is at the ICAS conference, and i'm cleaning my workshop and working three different part of the project at the same time. I'm done with the 5V 10A switching regulators schematic, started the VHF transmitter schematic, etching the serial transreceiver board, and writing the code for the range check.
[17:51] <Hiena> Also, there was a minor fire at university building and everybody asks me about the details, because the Airplane department located at the same building.
[17:55] <Hiena> Seems like the guys from the Electronic Vehicle Control Department forgot they little, supercap powered car at the charger and the Li-Ion booster batteries started the fire.
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[18:58] <robert1971> Yagi arrived today :)
[18:59] <robert1971> Built it over lunch but now need to connect an extension to the radio.
[19:23] <rocketboy> robert1971:what one did u get
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[19:54] <jcoxon> evening rocketboy robert1971
[19:56] <rocketboy> Hiya jcoxon
[19:57] <jcoxon> been running the gumstix on a loop system to test the radio
[19:57] <SpikeUK> Good evening all!
[19:58] <jcoxon> hey SpikeUK
[19:58] <jcoxon> ooo 21 people on the channel, we need a launch to keep people visiting :-p
[19:59] <SpikeUK> Hi jcoxon! Been busy?
[19:59] <rocketboy> jcoxon: working OK?
[19:59] <jcoxon> rocketboy, yup, 20 loops of packet while the sstv processes then sstv
[20:00] <jcoxon> SpikeUK, yup, making lots of progress
[20:00] <rocketboy> how long does it take to encode a picture into a wav - seemed like 110seconds reported by the prog was wrong?
[20:01] <SpikeUK> jcoxon - good stuff!
[20:01] <jcoxon> rocketboy, i'll time it and compare
[20:01] <jcoxon> with other stuff running it takes about 150 secs
[20:01] <jcoxon> but i'll check this
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[20:02] <rocketboy> just seemed it was quicker than that last night
[20:03] <SpikeUK> What Gumstix are you using jcoxon? Goliath?
[20:04] <jcoxon> rocketboy, timing right now
[20:04] <jcoxon> SpikeUK, a GPSstix right now
[20:04] <edmoore> greetings
[20:04] <jcoxon> hey edmoore
[20:04] <SpikeUK> jcoxon. OK!
[20:04] <edmoore> had a fun day today. nearly finished our swish new roof box
[20:05] <edmoore> to have a gps, wireless broadband dongle, and whip antenna. and some pretty terrifying magnets!
[20:05] <jcoxon> how do you access it?
[20:05] <jcoxon> usb hub or something?
[20:05] <edmoore> usb hub in the box, yeah
[20:05] <rocketboy> yo edmoore
[20:05] <edmoore> a usb gps from spark and the BB usb dongle
[20:05] <edmoore> hi rocketboy
[20:05] <SpikeUK> edmoore "wireless broadband" = "mobile broadband"?
[20:05] <jcoxon> and does that run down to a laptop or is someting embedded?
[20:06] <edmoore> SpikeUK: sory, yes
[20:06] <edmoore> jcoxon: laptop, though I want to put something small in my car
[20:06] <edmoore> just to watch dvds on rainy days as much as anything :)
[20:06] <jcoxon> rocketboy, nah its 150 seconds with other things running
[20:06] <jcoxon> float point slowing it down?
[20:07] <rocketboy> ah - OK well I can get that down to 70 seconds easily
[20:07] <jcoxon> oh okay
[20:07] <SpikeUK> edmoore - you can get mobile broadband dongle through USB hub?
[20:08] <edmoore> SpikeUK: well there are many mobile broadband usb modems - I assume they'll work with a hub but if some knows better then do tell me!
[20:08] <jcoxon> edmoore SpikeUK they work fine
[20:08] <edmoore> i would have thought they would - they certainly work on laptops whose ports are all part of one hub usually
[20:09] <edmoore> and they'd have to deviate from usb protocol if they didn't work with a hub
[20:11] <SpikeUK> edmoore & jcoxon - ok - just that Vodafone tech bloke told me that their Huawei E272 wouldna work via hub
[20:11] <SpikeUK> I should have tried it ;-)
[20:11] <edmoore> maybe it needs power
[20:11] <edmoore> and most hubs are unpowered
[20:11] <edmoore> our hub is a powered one
[20:12] <SpikeUK> edmoore - ta for that! Project sound interesting. We tried a Wireless USB hub the other day - interesting!
[20:12] <edmoore> I hope this is the case anyway
[20:12] <edmoore> oh? that's quite a data rate
[20:16] <edmoore> right, pub. See you all a bit later
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[20:17] <SpikeUK> Wireless USB stuff is still quite rare - we used a device from Belkin - range and datarate seemed a low
[20:17] <SpikeUK> Oh. edmoore's gone ;-)
[20:18] <rocketboy> bbl
[20:21] <robert1971> rocketboy: Bit delayed i got a 9 element yagi http://www.radioworld.co.uk/~radio/catalog/20909-tonna-70cm-440mhz-yagi-p-2321.html?osCsid=28084f82cb71bd951283b27b057c10c0
[20:23] <SpikeUK> robert1971 - nice! Tonna had a good name when I held a licence!
[20:25] <rocketboy> yeah they should be good from what i remember
[20:25] <rocketboy> bbl
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[21:52] <rharrison1971> Bloofy ADSL
[21:52] <rharrison1971> Bloody
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[22:04] <fuzzylugnuts> Hey
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[22:19] <rharrison1971> .
[22:23] <natrium42> ,
[22:24] <rharrison1971> my strip board is looking mucky is there something I should use to clean it before soldering?
[22:24] <rharrison1971> Flux pen?
[22:24] <rharrison1971> It's basicly oxidised a bit
[22:24] <natrium42> you mean it looks oxidized?
[22:24] <natrium42> oh
[22:24] <rharrison1971> :)
[22:24] <natrium42> i would use steel wool
[22:24] <natrium42> but it might work regardless
[22:24] <natrium42> just use flux
[22:25] <rharrison1971> Hum have lots of solder points nearby
[22:27] <rharrison1971> sharp craft knife :)
[22:27] <natrium42> hehe, works too
[22:27] <natrium42> just don't pull a Laurenceb
[22:28] <rharrison1971> Enlighten me
[22:28] <natrium42> i.e. don't cut the tip of your finger off
[22:29] <fuzzylugnuts> epic fail
[22:29] <natrium42> and have it stitched later
[22:29] <natrium42> :P:
[22:29] <rharrison1971> hehe
[22:30] <rharrison1971> I just touched my soldering iron to see if it was on. Wn;t be doing that again
[22:30] <natrium42> lol
[22:30] <rharrison1971> Won't
[22:30] <natrium42> you can move it close to your lips
[22:30] <natrium42> because they can feel heat well
[22:30] <natrium42> but not too close :P
[22:53] <fuzzylugnuts> I <3 xantrex
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[23:32] <fuzzylugnuts> ketchup ~= marinara
[23:48] <rocketboy> mnight
[23:48] rocketboy (n=grunge@ left irc: "Leaving"
[23:54] <rharrison1971> Back for the last 5 mins b 4 bed
[23:54] <fuzzylugnuts> so to make the most of htis time
[23:54] <fuzzylugnuts> make any contacts on the 817? : )
[23:55] <rharrison1971> Beacon MK1 bit slower tonight than hoped. Being working on the TX and RX from avr.
[23:55] <fuzzylugnuts> ahh ok
[23:55] <rharrison1971> Is that the satelite?
[23:55] <rharrison1971> Hum 817
[23:56] <rharrison1971> People
[23:56] <rharrison1971> Not yet
[23:56] <fuzzylugnuts> ft-817 QRP hf rig
[23:56] <fuzzylugnuts> oh
[23:56] <rharrison1971> Need to get my ham licence sorted
[23:56] <fuzzylugnuts> whoa...
[23:56] <fuzzylugnuts> ahh ok
[23:56] <fuzzylugnuts> I thought there were 2 of you
[23:56] <rharrison1971> ?
[23:56] <rharrison1971> robert and rharrison?
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> *towlie voice* I'm so high right now, I have no idea whats going on....
[23:57] <rharrison1971> Cool, so am I off solder fumes
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> win
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> ever see one of those table top fume sucker things?
[23:57] <rharrison1971> I need one
[23:57] <fuzzylugnuts> yeah, they are nice. I use one at work
[23:59] <rharrison1971> Are they quite scilent
[23:59] <rharrison1971> Silent even
[23:59] <fuzzylugnuts> er... a little noise
[23:59] <fuzzylugnuts> not too much
[23:59] <fuzzylugnuts> it remains at a pleasant level
[00:00] --- Fri Sep 19 2008