[00:07] <edmoore> ok, can't reproduce that initramfs error at all now. I am going to imagine that it is just a new install seating itself in after a few reboots.
[00:07] <edmoore> because mechanical engineering parallels give me comfort
[00:07] <edmoore> in the fight against gittish electroncs
[00:10] <edmoore> oh ffs. My motd splash screen always seems to reset after a reboot
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[00:17] <jcoxon> night all
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[00:18] <SpeedEvil> http://tesladownunder.com/tesla_coil_sparks.htm#Rotating long breakout point
[00:18] <SpeedEvil> fun.
[00:19] <fuzzylugnuts> pretty : 3
[00:20] <fergusnoble> SpeedEvil: do you tesla?
[00:20] <SpeedEvil> no
[00:24] <fergusnoble> that guy is a nutcase
[00:27] <fuzzylugnuts> arn't we all : )
[00:30] Action: fergusnoble wants to build an SSTC someday
[00:31] <fuzzylugnuts> I love it when they play music
[00:32] <fergusnoble> yeah that is pretty cool
[00:39] <fuzzylugnuts> mmm, this marker smells really good
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[01:00] <natrium42> damn osx
[01:00] <natrium42> put the laptop to sleep when i closed the lid
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[01:54] <fuzzylugnuts> 'night
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[07:39] <jcoxon> brb
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[07:43] <jcoxon> hey natrium42. fixed that wait problem
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[08:26] <jiffe88> anyone know any good tnc/aprs programs for xp?
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[08:49] <robert1971_> moring all
[08:49] <robert1971_> morning even :)
[08:52] <jcoxon> morning
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[08:55] <edmoore> morning all
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[09:05] <jiffe88> smtp.?
[09:05] <jiffe88> are you ircing from a mail server? :)
[09:15] <edmoore> jiffe88: i think the net gateway for work is also th mail server
[09:15] <edmoore> but don't quote me on that]
[09:15] <edmoore> although i could pretend I'm sending emails to the channel
[09:22] <akawaka> no more viagra for me please, thanks
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[10:03] <edmoore> 70 sims run to go, 70 sim runs to go, there were once 39000 sim runs to go, now there's only 70 sim runs to go
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[11:24] <robert1971_> 70 sims = 10 green bottles hanging on the wall ...
[11:24] <edmoore> exactly
[11:24] <edmoore> I was singing that to myself
[11:24] <edmoore> 9 left one one cluster now
[11:24] <robert1971_> Cool
[11:25] <edmoore> 90 on the other cluster
[11:25] <edmoore> both started at the sme time, identical hardware
[11:25] <edmoore> whoda thunk it?
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[11:43] Nick change: Ei5GTB_ -> EI5GTB
[11:44] <EI5GTB> morning guys
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[12:49] <edmoore> afternoon EI5GTB
[12:50] <EI5GTB> hai
[12:50] <EI5GTB> how gozit today?
[12:52] <edmoore> not bad. got my server set up last night
[12:52] <soneil> today goes good. I love 5-day weekends :D
[12:52] <EI5GTB> cool cool
[12:52] <EI5GTB> heh
[12:53] <edmoore> can'twait for 5 actually
[12:53] <edmoore> spent too much time at a computer
[12:53] <edmoore> I want to start work on some balloon flight prediction software though
[12:55] <edmoore> seeing as my server has nothing better to do, may aswell run some monte-carlos flight trajectory sims, seeing as they're my current favourite tool. Quite a large hammer to crack a fairly small nut, but might be interesting
[12:55] <soneil> it'd be tasty to have something that could refine it's track given live data
[12:56] <soneil> ie,midflight
[12:57] <edmoore> exactly
[12:57] <edmoore> that's the plan
[12:58] <edmoore> an dynamic landing site predictor
[13:01] <edmoore> i'm not sure yet how I'll go about updating things based on real results though
[13:02] <soneil> it makes sense in my head atleast :)
[13:02] <edmoore> I'll cross that bridge
[13:02] <edmoore> kalman filter might do it
[13:03] <soneil> everything seems to spit the track out as a line, but it's really a cone .. ideal ± variances. midflight you get to reposition the tip of the cone, reducing the final footprint
[13:05] <edmoore> oh I'd have some radius on landing site
[13:05] <edmoore> the point of the monte-carlo would be to see if i could generate some kind of landing elipse
[13:11] <SpeedEvil> It's a cone in air with no shears.
[13:12] <SpeedEvil> In practice if the cone face never passes through any shears which differ across its face, it'll be pretty much a cone.
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[13:47] <jcoxon> edmoore, http://www.pegasushabproject.org.uk/wiki/doku.php/missions:haps:haps-1#ground_station
[13:47] <edmoore> sorry need 3 mins
[13:47] <edmoore> bbiab
[13:47] <jcoxon> bp
[13:47] <jcoxon> np*
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[14:16] <edmoore> jcoxon: back
[14:16] <edmoore> ok
[14:16] <edmoore> so that ground station is sweet.
[14:16] <edmoore> .
[14:21] <jcoxon> :-)
[14:21] <jcoxon> just added the altitude bar
[14:22] <jcoxon> also it does a count down to the cutdown
[14:26] <jcoxon> bbiab
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[16:15] <jatkins> hi all
[16:15] <edmoore> hi jatkins
[16:15] <jatkins> hi
[16:15] <jatkins> just looking on rfsolutions site
[16:15] <jatkins> is ZigBee ok to use for air to ground??
[16:15] <jatkins> at 2.4GHz, 10 mW
[16:16] <jcoxon> jatkins, probably but its not a great idea
[16:16] <jatkins> well
[16:16] <jatkins> ok
[16:16] <jatkins> it says 18mW for Tx
[16:16] <jatkins> I was thinking for video
[16:16] <jcoxon> due to the high freq the range won't be great
[16:16] <jatkins> ok
[16:17] <jatkins> on the wiki it says 2.4-2.485GHz is the licence exempt video range?
[16:17] <jatkins> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/communication:licence_exempt
[16:18] <jatkins> http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8668
[16:18] <jatkins> ^^ that module can output as still jpegs
[16:19] <jatkins> so at 320x240 we can compress a jpeg to a reasonable quality at <10 KB
[16:19] <jcoxon> yup
[16:19] <jcoxon> how about sstv?
[16:19] <jatkins> if we do 15 frames/s
[16:19] <jatkins> well
[16:19] <jcoxon> oh right
[16:19] <jcoxon> video
[16:19] <jatkins> I wanted to do live
[16:19] <jatkins> yeah
[16:19] <jatkins> it would be a few second delay
[16:19] <jcoxon> make a payload and we'll launch it
[16:19] <jcoxon> bbiab
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[16:20] <jatkins> edmoore: the toshiba cmos does rs-232 comms (and I2C for commands)
[16:20] <jatkins> if we do the cmos camera -> arduino comms at 115200 baud
[16:20] phatmonke (n=ben@scooby.firshman.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[16:21] <jatkins> that's 10 seconds to get it to the atmega chip
[16:21] <jatkins> hi phatmonke
[16:21] <jatkins> and then if we had rtty downlink at the same speed
[16:22] <edmoore> jatkins: that sounds very reasonable
[16:22] <jatkins> we would have live-ish video at a reasonable frame rate with only 20 seconds delay
[16:22] <jatkins> great
[16:22] <jatkins> just to find a module
[16:22] <edmoore> surely 0.1secs?
[16:22] <edmoore> oh ignore me
[16:22] <edmoore> slow day
[16:22] <jatkins> lol
[16:22] <jatkins> np
[16:23] <jatkins> that would be nice though ..
[16:23] <jatkins> :)
[16:23] <jatkins> http://www.rfsolutions.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww.rfsolutions.co.uk%2facatalog%2fRadio_Modules.html&WD=4ghz%202&SHOP=%20&PN=EasyBee_Zigbee_Module.html%23aEASYBEE#aEASYBEE
[16:23] <edmoore> about 0.7secs for your <10kb image
[16:23] <jatkins> sorry for the long link.. i'll tinyurl it next time
[16:23] <jatkins> to input to the avr?
[16:23] <edmoore> yeah
[16:23] <jatkins> so it's about 9.6 KB per image
[16:24] <jatkins> but let's just say 10 to make it easier
[16:24] <edmoore> 115200 bits per second = 14400 bytes per second
[16:24] <edmoore> = 14.4KB per second
[16:24] <jatkins> yeah
[16:24] <jatkins> oh
[16:24] <jatkins> cool
[16:24] <jatkins> google's telling me differently
[16:24] <edmoore> what did you google?
[16:24] <jatkins> http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=150+KB+/+115200+bps
[16:25] <edmoore> 150 kilobytes = 150KB
[16:25] <edmoore> the image is 10KB
[16:25] <jatkins> yeah
[16:25] <jatkins> obviously it's not true maths that calculation
[16:26] <jatkins> but google does the converting for you
[16:26] <jatkins> I hope
[16:26] <jatkins> ok
[16:26] <jatkins> 10 KB * 15 images = 150 KB
[16:27] <SpeedEvil> 115200 bits per second = 11520 bytes per second
[16:27] <SpeedEvil> unless you're talking of synchronus protocols.
[16:27] <SpeedEvil> If it's N81, then it will be 10 bits per byte
[16:27] <jatkins> N81 to the arduino
[16:28] <jatkins> oh yeah
[16:28] <jatkins> because you add the stop bit and start bit
[16:28] <jatkins> sorry..
[16:28] <jatkins> yeah
[16:29] <jatkins> so 150 KB = 150,000 Bytes = 150,000,000 bits in 8-N-1 settings?
[16:29] <SpeedEvil> Err - no
[16:29] <jatkins> oh yeah
[16:30] <jatkins> sorry
[16:30] <jatkins> those two extra bits aren't data
[16:30] <SpeedEvil> 150KB = 150000 bytes = 1500000 bits
[16:30] <jatkins> yeah, sorry
[16:30] <jatkins> edmoore: it's obviously a bad day for radio today :)
[16:31] <edmoore> lol
[16:31] <edmoore> my brain is fried
[16:31] <jatkins> :D
[16:31] <edmoore> been trying to analyse some of the results of my simulations
[16:31] <edmoore> and it's friday afternoon
[16:31] <jatkins> lol
[16:32] <SpeedEvil> which toshiba device?
[16:32] <SpeedEvil> (that does rs232?)
[16:32] <jatkins> http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8668
[16:32] <jatkins> I think it's rs-232
[16:32] <jatkins> just a sec..
[16:32] <jatkins> looking at the datasheet
[16:32] <SpeedEvil> Umm. No
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> You absolutely cannot use that on a small micro
[16:33] <jatkins> oh
[16:33] <jatkins> why?
[16:33] <jatkins> RAM?
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> You must read the data out at at least 10+Megahertz
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> It doesn't have an onboard framestore.
[16:33] <jatkins> atmega 168 is 16MHz
[16:33] <jatkins> processor clock speed ^
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> It can't take a picture and then you read it out slowly.
[16:33] <jatkins> oh yeah
[16:33] <jatkins> you have to buffer it
[16:34] <SpeedEvil> You have to read out the picture as the rolling shutter rolls.
[16:34] <SpeedEvil> So you need to read it all in 1/15th of a second or so.
[16:34] <SpeedEvil> (typicallY)
[16:34] <jatkins> oh
[16:34] <jatkins> I guess I'd need to use usb rather than rs-232 :)
[16:34] <SpeedEvil> Also IIRC that datasheet is an utter joke.
[16:35] <jatkins> oh
[16:35] <jatkins> ok
[16:35] <SpeedEvil> It's got the names of the registers, but no actual description of what they do.
[16:35] <jatkins> yeah
[16:36] <jatkins> maybe you have to license it or something.. hope not
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> There may be someone on the forums that's worked out how to get it to output pictures.
[16:36] <jatkins> yeah
[16:37] <jatkins> I'll have a look
[16:37] <jatkins> but I guess you would need usb on the micro
[16:37] <SpeedEvil> Same problem.
[16:37] <jatkins> doubt the 168 can do that, it's 8-bit
[16:37] <jatkins> oh
[16:37] <jatkins> usb is pretty fast though
[16:37] <jatkins> even 1.0?
[16:37] <SpeedEvil> Most of the USB cameras absolutely require you to read the data at full rate
[16:37] <SpeedEvil> they don't have any internal framestore.
[16:37] <jatkins> ok
[16:37] <jatkins> USB 1.0 is 12 MB/s though
[16:38] <SpeedEvil> And USB hosts on small micros is rare.
[16:38] <jatkins> Mbits/s*
[16:38] <SpeedEvil> USB1.1 is 12M/s
[16:38] <SpeedEvil> usb1 is 1.5 IIRC
[16:38] <SpeedEvil> (which no camera I've seen supports)
[16:38] <jatkins> yeah
[16:38] <jatkins> well that was so buggy...
[16:38] <SpeedEvil> And 100K+ of RAM on micros is very, very rare.
[16:38] <jatkins> it's even 1.1 or 2.0
[16:38] <jatkins> you can get addons from atmel
[16:38] <jatkins> for am
[16:38] <jatkins> rma
[16:38] <jatkins> ram*
[16:38] <jatkins> geez I can't spell.
[16:39] <SpeedEvil> I need to get my damn camera saleable.
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[16:39] <SpeedEvil> 20*20*30mm package with SD and battery, timelapse, trigger on command, waterproof, ...
[16:39] <jatkins> nice
[16:40] <SpeedEvil> Could even glue a Lassen IQ thingy to it without too much hastle.
[16:40] <SpeedEvil> Currently working out netlists.
[16:40] <jatkins> I guess live video on an 8-bit 1k 16Mhz is a bit of joke to say the least
[16:40] <jatkins> edmoore: SSTV is perfectly feasible though?
[16:40] <jatkins> if the camera stores the image straight to an sd card
[16:40] <SpeedEvil> If you can find something that'll output slowscan.
[16:40] <jatkins> then I interface the sd to the avr over spi
[16:41] <jatkins> and transmit that over rtty 2.4GHz
[16:41] <SpeedEvil> I think many CCD based security cameras actually might if you change the clock.
[16:41] <edmoore> you don't want to use rtty for video
[16:41] <jatkins> ok
[16:41] <jatkins> what do you use instead?
[16:41] <edmoore> it's designed for simple text streams
[16:41] <edmoore> there are better ways
[16:41] <jatkins> ok
[16:42] <edmoore> but i guess it's possible - we'll see what james manages to do
[16:42] <jatkins> is that just what he's doing?
[16:42] <jatkins> cam -> sd -> micro -> rtty -> ground/
[16:42] <jatkins> ?
[16:43] <jatkins> on HAPS-1?
[16:50] <edmoore> no sd
[16:51] <jatkins> oh
[16:51] <jatkins> cam usb?
[16:51] <edmoore> and as I mentioned, you don't use rtty this kind of thing
[16:51] <jatkins> oh
[16:51] <jatkins> sorry
[16:51] <jatkins> thought you said he was
[16:51] <edmoore> it's just old teletype like you see in soviet-era films
[16:51] <jatkins> lol
[16:52] <jatkins> why not?
[16:52] <jatkins> if it can do the right speed?
[16:53] Ei5GTB_ (n=Paul@ joined #highaltitude.
[16:53] <edmoore> so what is teletype?
[16:53] <jatkins> or does it just not do binary data transmittion
[16:53] <edmoore> it's someone's idea for encoding characters on a radio physical layer
[16:53] <jatkins> oh teleprinters
[16:53] <jatkins> ok
[16:54] <edmoore> it's just an agreed language for sending characters. if I wanted to talk to someone about my shopping list, i'd use english
[16:54] <jatkins> yeah
[16:54] <edmoore> if I wanted to talk to them technically, I wouldn't want just english, I'd want algebra
[16:54] <jatkins> yeah
[16:54] <edmoore> both of them are done with pencil and paper (the physical layer) but what one is good at, the other isn't necessarily
[16:55] <jatkins> so rtty is just a character encoding?
[16:55] <jatkins> like ascii?
[16:55] <edmoore> well, i'm being not very helpful actually - it works well with ascii and baudot
[16:55] <jatkins> ok
[16:56] <edmoore> but what you really want to be talking about is the ohysical layer - and that frequency shift keying - fsk
[16:56] <jatkins> ok
[16:56] <edmoore> physical layer*
[16:56] <edmoore> so you could do 'rs232' over fsk
[16:57] <edmoore> although unhelpfully 'rs232', as a standard, also defines the physical layer - +/-12V on copper cables.
[16:57] <jatkins> ok
[16:58] <edmoore> So I'll try and summarise - any 'standard' you might pick - rs232, 802.11g (wifi), aprs, contains:
[16:59] <edmoore> a definition of the physical layer (copper wires, -12V = 1, 12V = 0, say)
[16:59] <jatkins> yeah
[16:59] <edmoore> another example of a physical layer might be 434mhz fsk
[17:00] <edmoore> then it contains the protocol - so rs232 would be 'one sync pulse, then a byte, then another sync pulse'
[17:00] <jatkins> yeah
[17:00] <edmoore> so... 'rtty' tends to include both FSK and the protocol - baudot (or ascii) whereas in this app (video) you probably want a different protocol
[17:01] <jatkins> ok
[17:01] <edmoore> anyway, I am boring you. but you get the idea.
[17:01] <jatkins> yeah, I get it
[17:01] <jatkins> so with rtty
[17:01] <jatkins> it's complicated just to send a byte
[17:01] <jatkins> but then you don't want a byte, you want a char, which is say 3 bytes for ascii?
[17:02] <edmoore> it's 1 byte
[17:02] <jatkins> but say 65 for A
[17:02] <jatkins> is 2 bytes - 6 and 5 ?
[17:02] <edmoore> but if you say to someone 'I am sending you rtty', then when they get a byte which in decimal is 65, they will assume it is 'A'
[17:02] <jatkins> oh right
[17:02] <jatkins> ok
[17:03] <edmoore> so it defines the language you talk in, basically, even if you're sending fundamentally the same stuff - 1s and 0s
[17:03] <jatkins> ok
[17:03] <edmoore> if you say 'i am sending you a jpeg on fsk' then when they get a stream of bytes they will put them into a picture
[17:03] <Shanuson> 1 byte is 0-127 or 00-FF
[17:04] <jatkins> ok
[17:04] <edmoore> 0-255 last i checked ;)
[17:04] <Shanuson> lol yes
[17:04] <edmoore> jatkins: here is an example
[17:04] <edmoore> do you have something like notepad++?
[17:04] <jatkins> yep
[17:04] <edmoore> if so, take a jpg file, and open it
[17:04] <jatkins> ok
[17:04] <edmoore> in notepad++
[17:05] <edmoore> then open it with picture-viewer or whatever
[17:05] <jatkins> yeah
[17:05] <jatkins> 2 mins..just downloding it
[17:05] <jatkins> sorry
[17:05] <edmoore> picture viewer expects pictures and knows how to deal with picture data
[17:05] <jatkins> I reinstalled yesterday
[17:05] <jatkins> but yeah
[17:05] <edmoore> oh it's ok really - but you will find you just get a whole screen of gibberish characters if you open a jpeg in notepad++
[17:06] <jatkins> yep
[17:06] <edmoore> because it doesn't know that it is getting a picture
[17:06] <jatkins> ok
[17:06] <Shanuson> you send ascii chars over rtty?
[17:06] <jatkins> it thinks it's ascii?
[17:06] <edmoore> so included in the definition of 'rtty' is that it's text being sent
[17:06] <edmoore> jatkins: correct
[17:06] <jatkins> ok
[17:07] <edmoore> because it is a text editor so it assumes anything you give it is text, because you wouldn't be so silly as to give it an image
[17:07] <jatkins> yeah
[17:07] <jatkins> :)
[17:08] <edmoore> so whilst the hardware layer in both cases is magnetic 1s and 0s on your hardisk, how you do stuff with those 1s and 0s is what's important.
[17:08] <jatkins> ok
[17:08] <edmoore> so... convolutedly, that's why it's not really correct to say you're sending sstv over rtty
[17:08] <edmoore> and on that note, it's home time for me
[17:08] <jatkins> ok
[17:08] <jatkins> thanks
[17:08] <jatkins> cya
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[17:15] <jatkins> bbl
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[17:26] Nick change: Ei5GTB_ -> EI5GTB
[17:31] fuzzylugnuts (n=hush@c-68-34-212-42.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) joined #highaltitude.
[17:31] <fuzzylugnuts> I forget when, but sometime one of you guys were talking about a group that sent up unrecoverable HF telemetry balloons
[17:40] edmoore (n=edmoore@37.124-84-212.ippool.ndo.com) joined #highaltitude.
[17:42] <Shanuson> wb
[17:43] Ebola (n=Ebola@unaffiliated/ebola) left irc: "Fucking day is finally over"
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[17:51] <fuzzylugnuts> wb
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[18:29] <SpeedEvil> fuzzylugnuts: that describes most governments.
[18:30] <fuzzylugnuts> yeah, but someone here was talking about a university doing it
[18:30] <SpeedEvil> ah
[18:30] <fuzzylugnuts> it sounds kinda neat
[18:30] <SpeedEvil> I was contemplating using a couple of my GPS sondes that way.
[18:31] <fuzzylugnuts> Cool
[18:32] <fuzzylugnuts> that would be neat
[18:32] <fuzzylugnuts> HF transmitters and antennas are super easy to make
[18:32] <SpeedEvil> It's got one in already
[18:32] <fuzzylugnuts> haha, cool
[18:33] <fuzzylugnuts> do you have a model number? I'd like to check them out
[18:33] <SpeedEvil> vs80?
[18:33] phatmonkey (n=ben@scooby.firshman.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[18:33] <SpeedEvil> http://www.vaisala.com/weather/products/soundingequipment/radiosondes/rs80
[18:34] <fuzzylugnuts> but thats uhf
[18:35] <fuzzylugnuts> unless I'm missing something
[18:35] <SpeedEvil> so?
[18:36] <fuzzylugnuts> I'm talking about HF transmitters
[18:36] <fuzzylugnuts> so I can let it go neutral buoyant and see how far it goes
[18:36] <SpeedEvil> ah
[18:44] Hiena (n=Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[18:46] <fuzzylugnuts> hyena!
[18:47] <Hiena> Hi all!
[18:48] <Hiena> How things going up?
[18:49] <fuzzylugnuts> eventually : )
[18:55] <fuzzylugnuts> *is waiting for the UPS man to deliver his PM alternator*
[19:03] <SpeedEvil> What do you do in the mornings?
[19:05] phatmonkey (n=ben@scooby.firshman.co.uk) left irc:
[19:08] <fuzzylugnuts> not alot, I'm still unpacking into this apartment. I start work monday
[19:09] <SpeedEvil> tar -xjvf boxes.tar.gz
[19:09] <fuzzylugnuts> if only
[19:09] akawaka (n=akawaka@ joined #highaltitude.
[19:09] <fuzzylugnuts> j is the bzip flag
[19:11] <fuzzylugnuts> maybe thats why my stuffs all in the boxes still
[19:11] <fuzzylugnuts> it broke my unpack script
[19:33] icez (n=icez@ip68-98-34-247.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #highaltitude.
[19:37] edmoore (n=edmoore@37.124-84-212.ippool.ndo.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:41] <jnd> hi
[19:43] <edmoore> hi
[19:43] <fuzzylugnuts> hi
[19:44] <jnd> how it's going?
[19:44] <edmoore> not bad, trying to work out something on my server
[19:45] <akawaka> http://www.shackvideo.com/?id=12682
[19:45] <edmoore> where motd is generated, if anyone knows
[19:45] <jnd> what about the boinc?
[19:46] <SpeedEvil> edmoore: /etc/issue
[19:46] <SpeedEvil> Err
[19:46] <SpeedEvil> /etc/motd
[19:47] <edmoore> no
[19:47] <edmoore> that points to /var/run/motd (ls -l it)
[19:47] <edmoore> but that is generated by something else too as when I reset it goes back to the default
[19:48] <SpeedEvil> /etc/profile ?
[19:48] <edmoore> it always goes back to default after restart
[19:48] <SpeedEvil> grep -R motd /etc/ ?
[19:48] <SpeedEvil> /etc/rc.d/rc.S:# Setup the /etc/motd to reflect the current kernel level:
[19:58] <fuzzylugnuts> Hiena: did you ever sort out the battery issue for the UAV thingus?
[19:59] <Hiena> Well, the Mark 2 generator is under construction. It will be 60W @ 5V. And not will fall apart at 10000 RPM.
[20:01] <fuzzylugnuts> oh
[20:01] <fuzzylugnuts> erm
[20:01] <fuzzylugnuts> so you are waiting until thats done to get the batteries?
[20:03] <Hiena> Actually, i'm waiting for a reliable sponsor. I'm kind of tired to dumpster diving every part for the system. Also, my lunch money is kind of limited.
[20:03] <fuzzylugnuts> ahhh, ok
[20:03] <fuzzylugnuts> maybe LifeBatt would want to
[20:04] <fuzzylugnuts> they sell 10AH LiFe batteries
[20:04] <fuzzylugnuts> http://www.lifebatt.com/
[20:05] <fuzzylugnuts> they are the fanciest packs I've ever seen
[20:05] <fuzzylugnuts> they can sms the battery status and location
[20:08] <Hiena> Look, i would be happy, with a new 4Ah notebook battery, which is only 36k HUF (about 200 USD). The only problem it's almost two months lunch-money for me.
[20:10] Ebola (n=Ebola@unaffiliated/ebola) joined #highaltitude.
[20:10] <fuzzylugnuts> ah
[20:10] <fuzzylugnuts> maybe if you give them puppy eyes
[20:11] <fuzzylugnuts> but like, not literally, because I think that would offend them
[20:19] <SpeedEvil> dealextreme.com is useful for much stuff.
[20:19] <SpeedEvil> I got new bats for my laptop.
[20:19] <SpeedEvil> well - cells.
[20:22] <fuzzylugnuts> +10 for DIY repair
[20:26] <robert1971> HUF?
[20:27] <Hiena> Hungarian forint,
[20:28] <robert1971> Ahh... THanks
[20:33] edmoore_ (n=edmoore@37.124-84-212.ippool.ndo.com) joined #highaltitude.
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[20:44] <fuzzylugnuts> wooooooooo
[20:44] <fuzzylugnuts> alternator came
[20:44] borism (n=boris@195-50-199-157-dsl.krw.estpak.ee) joined #highaltitude.
[20:51] Action: SpeedEvil ponders if it spurts grease.
[20:51] <fuzzylugnuts> hot
[20:55] <fuzzylugnuts> I'm going to put it on my bike because I can't put up a windmill right now
[20:56] <SpeedEvil> Windmills are usually silly.
[20:57] Action: SpeedEvil ponders going round asking neighbours if they mind me putting a wind turbine on my house.
[20:57] Action: SpeedEvil looks up prices of 40m wind-turbines.
[20:59] <fuzzylugnuts> its less fun to just pay the cheap price of utility power
[21:03] <fuzzylugnuts> ok, I'm off.
[21:03] fuzzylugnuts (n=hush@c-68-34-212-42.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) left irc: "play"
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[21:29] <natrium42> http://cleantechnica.com/2008/08/07/new-study-says-rooftop-wind-power-doesnt-pay-off/
[21:30] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) left irc: "Leaving"
[21:31] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@85-210-73-114.dsl.pipex.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:31] <natrium42> hey jcoxon
[21:32] <jcoxon> hey all
[21:33] <Hiena> natrium42, is it the new news for them?
[21:33] <natrium42> guess so
[21:33] <edmoore_> webmin is bloody brilliant
[21:33] <edmoore_> i can now survive on windows without putty
[21:34] <Hiena> The windpower is one of the worst green energy source.
[21:34] <jcoxon> edmoore_, really, i found it a bit annoying
[21:34] <jcoxon> its a little bit too modular
[21:34] <edmoore_> i will enjoy knowing it's there
[21:35] <jcoxon> hehe
[21:35] <jcoxon> so all set up then?
[21:35] <edmoore_> pretty much
[21:36] <jcoxon> amazing
[21:36] <edmoore_> enough to just cross each bridge as I find I need to cross it
[21:36] <edmoore_> rather than having to thin k ahead about corssings
[21:36] <edmoore_> actually I haven't get got ethernet shared over wifi
[21:36] <edmoore_> i have a pci wifi card in the back
[21:38] Shanuson (n=Peter@p54A95AC7.dip.t-dialin.net) left #highaltitude.
[21:38] <jcoxon> we made the right choice
[21:39] <jcoxon> 12hr forecast is sea landing
[21:50] <jcoxon> haha this is amazing
[21:50] <jcoxon> searching though my electronic junk and i found a hacked apart camera
[21:50] <jcoxon> no buttons etc (early balloon hack attempt)
[21:51] <jcoxon> being crazy i plugged it into my laptop and the mass storage still works
[21:51] G8KHW (n=Steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:52] <jcoxon> no what makes it even funnier is that there is a webcam driver for this camera - it might actually still work
[22:00] soneil (n=soneil@pdpc/supporter/active/soneil) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[22:01] soneil (n=soneil@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:06] Action: jcoxon has decided to rebuild his i386 25mhz box
[22:06] <jcoxon> it could take on edmoore_'s new server anyday
[22:06] <edmoore_> missing a digit or for real?
[22:07] <jcoxon> oh its for real
[22:07] <jcoxon> it was an old project - even had its own distro
[22:07] <jcoxon> http://sourceforge.net/projects/smalllinux2
[22:08] <jcoxon> need to find a floppy drive biab
[22:16] <akawaka> haha
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[22:27] <robert1971> Evening all
[22:28] <robert1971> Just did a google dump from wyoming... I can see why you called off the attempt
[22:32] <jcoxon> yeah
[22:32] <jcoxon> not great
[22:32] <jcoxon> amazing - got the floppy drive to work
[22:39] edmoore_ (n=edmoore@37.124-84-212.ippool.ndo.com) left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[22:39] robert1971 (n=rharriso@ left #highaltitude.
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[22:41] soneil (n=soneil@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:43] <soneil> well, I finally ordered that lassen widget
[22:43] <SpeedEvil> iq
[22:43] <soneil> yeah
[22:56] <jcoxon> wooohoo, got it working again
[23:09] <natrium42> zomg
[23:10] <jcoxon> :-)
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[23:36] <jcoxon> night all
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