[00:01] <robert1971> http://www.skpang.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=331
[00:02] <robert1971> and one of these to build when I have some time http://www.tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200705/article07052.shtml
[00:03] <natrium42> cool, looks good
[00:03] <natrium42> i have an old serial programmer
[00:03] <robert1971> I'll let you know when my led flashes. I brought a nice blue one for the big occasion...
[00:03] <natrium42> haha, neat
[00:04] <natrium42> robert1971, make an array like that --> http://blog.kevtris.org/
[00:04] <natrium42> :D
[00:05] <robert1971> Progressing quite well with the camera. Shoved a guide on the wiki on the Ixus 400. The opto works fine when tested with 5v high. Just need to get the ATmega32 working and I'm off. I'm going to use this to control the servo and temp sensors too.
[00:07] <SpeedEvil> :)
[00:07] <robert1971> Is that the cube one with 64x64 leds. I watched it on utube
[00:08] <natrium42> ooh, nice case --> http://www.skpang.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=83_87&products_id=207
[00:08] <akawaka> i wish there was an easier way to signal to multiple leds
[00:08] <SpeedEvil> akawaka: there is.
[00:08] <natrium42> robert1971, good job with the ixus guide -- it's very detailed
[00:08] <SpeedEvil> akawaka: lots of people make chips for it.
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[00:09] <Laurenceb> hi everyone
[00:09] <natrium42> hola Laurenceb
[00:09] <SpeedEvil> Hello.
[00:09] <robert1971> Thanks spent a bit of time getting it right. Just a few more paragraphs and I'm done with it. Should work with the Isux 500 too which is the same body
[00:09] <Laurenceb> I appear to have solved the mlx90609 issue I had ages ago
[00:10] <Laurenceb> the Vcc on the analogue interface needs to be connected apparently
[00:10] <Laurenceb> although http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/MLX90609-Breakout-Schematic.pdf
[00:10] <Laurenceb> would suggest otherwise
[00:11] <Laurenceb> I suspect my board has a faulty via or something
[00:12] <akawaka> SpeedEvil: i mean an easier way to address multiple leds without requiring so many address lines
[00:12] <Laurenceb> it seems to be working now - the only apparent problem is that its zeroed at 3.6V, not 2.5, but I'm running it at 4.7v as the batteries are flat
[00:12] <akawaka> something in the vein of BlinkM
[00:12] <akawaka> 'but much smaller and cheaper
[00:12] <robert1971> Wowo lots of LEDs in that project
[00:12] <Laurenceb> something to be aware of - be careful with sparkfuns pcbs
[00:13] <Laurenceb> will get some AA cells and see if that fixes it completely tomorrow
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[00:15] <robert1971> Guys I'm off to bed. I have to look after the kids tomorrow 1 4 and 7 years old. I hope they like Maplins as I need a 0.1uF cap
[00:16] <Laurenceb> hmm according to the datasheets the voltage is wrong :-/
[00:16] <robert1971> Wife is buggering off to a flower show
[00:16] <Laurenceb> lol
[00:16] <SpeedEvil> Maplins is 90% toys thesedays seemingly.
[00:17] <robert1971> True ... I'll end up spending a fortune on toys and all I wanted was a cap
[00:18] <robert1971> nights
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[00:18] <Laurenceb> hmm datasheet says 4.75 to 5.25 v
[00:18] <Laurenceb> looks like it might be a bit damaged
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[00:40] <Laurenceb> however... the voltage swing looks ok, its just the null voltage thats off at 4.7v
[01:11] <jnd> Laurenceb: flat batteries?
[01:32] <Laurenceb> yes
[01:33] <Laurenceb> but vcc is only just outside the absolute minimum from the datasheety
[01:33] <Laurenceb> and null voltage is about 1 v off expected
[01:34] <SpeedEvil> what's this device?
[01:35] <Laurenceb> melexix 90609 rate gyro
[01:35] <SpeedEvil> ah
[01:36] <Laurenceb> its a 5v device but I was running it on about 4.7
[01:43] <Laurenceb> the datasheet says Vnull drifts by 250mv per volt of Vcc drift, so a 1v drift at 300mv Vcc offset isnt right
[01:44] <Laurenceb> however it also has Vcc absolute minimum as 4.75v
[01:45] <SpeedEvil> Absolute minimum is not a functional spec
[01:45] <SpeedEvil> It's 'won't be damaged'
[01:45] <SpeedEvil> Unless you mean 'operating voltage 4.7V(min)'
[01:48] <Laurenceb> sure
[01:48] <Laurenceb> yes, I'm sure thats what they really mean
[01:54] <Laurenceb> well I'll try it with a better power supply... but it looks like it may be faulty
[01:54] <Laurenceb> I'm off cya all
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[02:55] <jiffe88> how much power do you think is necessary to transmit cleanly enough on the 2 meter band?
[02:56] <jiffe88> byonics has a 300mw transmitter
[03:01] <EI5GTB-macbook> well...in theory 1mW is enough
[03:05] <akawaka> jiffe88: the 300mw transmitter is fine in most situations
[03:06] <akawaka> if you are up in the air you will be hitting repeaters for miles and miles around
[03:06] <akawaka> byonics 8000fa gives you a little more confidence, but i'm not sure how much more useful it is
[03:07] <akawaka> we had hoped to get aprs data after landing, but lost the signal as it feel below 3000ft in a very hilly area
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[03:28] <jiffe88> I might just have to find a good area to do some line of sight testing
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[07:57] <robert1971> Quiet at 8am at the weekend
[07:58] <robert1971> AVR ISP comming today!
[07:58] <icez> ISP?
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[11:16] <Ei5GTB_> morning all
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[11:53] <edmoore> morning all
[11:55] <EI5GTB> http://www.lessaid.net/fun/apt-get-wife.pnghaha
[11:55] <EI5GTB> hai
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[12:00] <edmoore> morning robert1971
[12:01] <robert1971> /me is in a ball park with the kids being a good parent by taking the laptop ;-)
[12:01] <robert1971> oops
[12:01] <robert1971> zme
[12:01] <robert1971> \me
[12:01] <robert1971> strange
[12:02] <jcoxon> you put a space before /me
[12:02] <robert1971> Bloody asus keyboard ... or is it the client
[12:02] Action: robert1971 is happy
[12:02] <robert1971> Well spotted that man
[12:02] <edmoore> sorted
[12:03] <EI5GTB> robert1971, how you gettin on with the avr chip?
[12:03] <edmoore> jcoxon: bought all the stuff yesterday, though the temptation now is to spend £40 on a decent graphics card, and actually make a super-sweet headed workstation for Cad and pcb design and stuff. It's bloody tough being me!
[12:04] <jcoxon> oooo its hard
[12:04] <robert1971> The // port avr programmer arrived this morning and now I have to look after the kids for the day whilst the wife looks at flowers. Torture !!!
[12:04] <jcoxon> perhaps stick to the server and then add the card later
[12:04] <jcoxon> you always can
[12:05] <edmoore> fazackerly
[12:05] <jcoxon> you have a mbp with a screen1
[12:05] <EI5GTB> robert1971, i see... hateful, well, im speing the day trying to make the adc work..
[12:05] <edmoore> and built in graphics can probably serve up films fine anyway
[12:06] <edmoore> EI5GTB: how're you getting on?
[12:06] <EI5GTB> well, not too bad
[12:06] <robert1971> I have knocked up a nice 6pin to 10pin converter for the atmel usb programmer... Will be brave later and test :-)
[12:06] <EI5GTB> i think i have it in my head how its gonna work
[12:06] <EI5GTB> now just to wire it up, and se if i can make it work
[12:07] <robert1971> Are you attaching a temp sensor to the ADC?
[12:07] <edmoore> cool. adcs are same deal as most other things on an avr. when you start out you say 'wat for conversion on this pin' and then it hold the program till it's there. but an extra 2 minutes of effort and you set it up to start the converter and to interrupt when you're done. And at that point, you've won, and embedded development is your oyster
[12:08] <EI5GTB> woo
[12:09] <EI5GTB> robert1971, naw, its for my antenna rotation system, to work out where its pointing
[12:09] <robert1971> Do I get the general idea that intrrupt driven programs are the way forward on avr ?
[12:09] <EI5GTB> do i also get that feeling?
[12:10] <EI5GTB> what if i simply have to have 2 loops running at once
[12:10] <SpeedEvil> edmoore: on pics, you don't bother, as the ADC is so fast :)
[12:10] <SpeedEvil> (slight exaggeration)
[12:12] <robert1971> With intrrupts the processor only works when it needs too. Rather than be stuck waiting. THats how I see it from the newbi viewpoint
[12:12] <jcoxon> finalllyyyyy
[12:12] <EI5GTB> :O pics better than avr????
[12:12] <robert1971> No way
[12:12] <EI5GTB> phew :P
[12:13] <edmoore> robert1971: fazackerly
[12:13] <robert1971> I don't really know what I'm talking about :-)
[12:13] <EI5GTB> sounds good....newb to newb :P
[12:13] <edmoore> no no, things like an adc conversion take a lifetime in comparison to cpu cycles
[12:13] <edmoore> so it's very inefficient to hang around.
[12:13] <EI5GTB> i see
[12:13] <SpeedEvil> PICs are substantially cheaper than AVR, have faster ADCs, and are generally not C friendly.
[12:14] <EI5GTB> well, im in no rush :P
[12:14] <robert1971> Pics are slower I think 4. 4 cycles per instruction. avr's 1 cycle per insruction
[12:14] <EI5GTB> i just have to run where_the_fuck_am_i() every second or so
[12:14] <edmoore> the new xmegas and other slightly more beefy micros have DMA - direct memory accessing - and that means you can set up the adc to sample and write the result direct to a specified memory location, with no cpu overhead at all
[12:14] <edmoore> it's just automatic
[12:15] <EI5GTB> nice
[12:15] <edmoore> EI5GTB: exactly - with interrupts, they basically gather all the information from sensors/gps/whatever and put it in the right place, and the main loop is just an academic exercise. no real i/o involved.
[12:16] <EI5GTB> ADCSRA |= (1 << ADSC);
[12:16] <robert1971> I brought a book on programming the AVR, well work did, it has some good stuff on ADC
[12:16] <EI5GTB> so that will read from the adc?
[12:16] <EI5GTB> i need a book on avr..
[12:17] <robert1971> There seems to be a lot of avr guides on the internet
[12:17] <EI5GTB> is there?
[12:17] <EI5GTB> i cant find any :p
[12:17] <robert1971> I'm looking forward to my first flash tonight :-)
[12:18] <EI5GTB> first?
[12:18] <robert1971> LCD !!!
[12:18] <EI5GTB> ooh, imce
[12:18] <EI5GTB> nice
[12:18] <EI5GTB> iv tried lcd, but failed miserably
[12:18] <EI5GTB> so i decided to take it back a step
[12:18] <robert1971> Bollox the batter is going low and no plug point will die at some point
[12:19] <robert1971> The lcd code is about 4 lines in the main loop
[12:19] <EI5GTB> 4 lines??
[12:20] <EI5GTB> is it a normal 6 pin lcd??
[12:20] <robert1971> Opps LED
[12:20] <robert1971> My mistake
[12:20] <robert1971> Sorry anout that
[12:20] <EI5GTB> ah, ok
[12:20] <EI5GTB> :P
[12:20] <jcoxon> ping natrium42
[12:21] <EI5GTB> i was wondering how you done it in 4 lines
[12:21] <robert1971> I thought you had done the LED bit... The LCD bit wil be a little more complex !!!
[12:22] <SpeedEvil> Just stuff like output(attitude,altitude,temperature,...)
[12:22] <SpeedEvil> the rest is hidden in the output function
[12:22] <SpeedEvil> make it all nice and modular
[12:22] <SpeedEvil> And your main loop shrinks in size to an understandable size.
[12:22] <SpeedEvil> Rather than having stuff jammed into it to poll all the sensors, ...
[12:23] <EI5GTB> http://diydrones.com/photo
[12:23] <EI5GTB> zomg, i want a uav
[12:26] <robert1971> I'm looking forward to seeing if the 6pin - 10pin converter works. Then I will have a free original Atmel programmer as Farnel was chucking it out.
[12:27] <EI5GTB> cool
[12:27] <robert1971> Has anyone brought a 10 or 6 pin socket header to take the programmer plugs. I have search Farnel's through and through and got lost in the components
[12:28] <robert1971> silence :-)
[12:30] <edmoore> #avr would probably have the answer. I'm blanking :)
[12:30] <EI5GTB> i wonder what the legalities of uav are?
[12:30] <robert1971> kids want 2 go 2 Micky D's so i'm going to have to quit bbl
[12:30] <robert1971> c u 2 night
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[12:31] <edmoore> have a good day, g'luck
[12:31] <edmoore> EI5GTB: osh, let's say you'd be writing more leters
[12:31] <edmoore> letters*
[12:31] <edmoore> basically under bmfa rules you can do what you want aslong as it's within visual range and you can control it yourself
[12:31] <EI5GTB> naw, more from the caa or iaas piont of view
[12:31] <edmoore> beyond that things get very quickly ingrey grey or black aereas
[12:32] <edmoore> caa just don't know how to handle them
[12:32] <edmoore> the place to go is rcgroups.com and go to the uav autonomous section
[12:32] <EI5GTB> what if you CAN control it yourself. BUT it has the option to fly automatic, but you can still override it..?
[12:32] <edmoore> in between discussing building flight computers, they discuss legalities
[12:32] <edmoore> EI5GTB: that is how i read it, yeah
[12:32] <EI5GTB> i see
[12:33] <EI5GTB> well, ill not worry about that for quite some time yet
[12:34] <EI5GTB> wouldnt it be cool to launch a uav from a baloon 30km upo
[12:35] Action: SpeedEvil points at laurencB
[12:36] <SpeedEvil> To get it to fly at that altitude, you need stupidly large wings.
[12:36] <EI5GTB> haha, yera
[12:37] <EI5GTB> its just gonna stall for.....prolly 15 km
[12:37] <edmoore> EI5GTB: harve on the ukhas wiki
[12:37] <SpeedEvil> Well - not really.
[12:37] <SpeedEvil> EI5GTB: IAS is your friend.
[12:37] <EI5GTB> ias?
[12:37] <SpeedEvil> Indicated Air Speed
[12:37] <EI5GTB> oic
[12:37] <EI5GTB> heh
[12:37] <SpeedEvil> V^2 * pressure
[12:37] <SpeedEvil> Or something.
[12:37] <edmoore> it reaches equilibrium still
[12:38] <edmoore> it's just much faster when it does it
[12:38] <SpeedEvil> Means that a glider that'll do a nice sedate 30MPH at the ground does mach .8 at 30000 feet.
[12:38] <EI5GTB> :)
[12:38] <EI5GTB> but still 30km ias
[12:38] <SpeedEvil> (numbers made up)
[12:38] <SpeedEvil> no - 30MPH IAS
[12:38] <SpeedEvil> (though it'd be knots)
[12:38] <EI5GTB> thats what i meant ;P
[12:38] <SpeedEvil> it's what an air-speed-meter would measure
[12:39] <EI5GTB> yet ground speed is mach .8 :)
[12:39] <edmoore> density * v^2 is dynamic pressure (q) which is what I think in
[12:39] <edmoore> so a parachute's drag is qCdS
[12:39] <EI5GTB> http://diydrones.com/video/video/show?id=705844%3AVideo%3A43216
[12:39] <SpeedEvil> edmoore: subsonically :)
[12:39] <EI5GTB> now thats cool
[12:40] <edmoore> EI5GTB: if you have maybe 5 hours to spare
[12:40] <edmoore> find jack crossfire on rcgroups
[12:40] <edmoore> read through his blog from start to finish
[12:40] <edmoore> you'll learn loads of electronics, the pains of system integration, and perhaps fear slightly for his sanity
[12:40] <EI5GTB> k, not today, io want to play with avr chips today..
[12:41] <EI5GTB> haha
[12:41] <edmoore> I can never decide if he's actually a bit unhinged or it's just his blog persona
[12:41] <edmoore> jack crossfire is a pseudonym anyway
[12:41] <SpeedEvil> No!
[12:41] <SpeedEvil> :)
[12:42] Action: SpeedEvil ponders dropping 500 2g UAVs from 30000 feet.
[12:42] <EI5GTB> hmm
[12:43] <SpeedEvil> I have no idea why, other than it'd be damn cool.
[12:43] <EI5GTB> but srsly, i launch a baloon in donegal, and send out a glider to lan in your bnack yard, now thats cool
[12:43] <SpeedEvil> Naah.
[12:43] <SpeedEvil> Launching in france, and ... is cool :)
[12:44] <EI5GTB> hmm
[12:44] <EI5GTB> start small scale :P
[12:44] <SpeedEvil> bli: what happens if you short the input?
[12:44] <SpeedEvil> oops
[12:44] <EI5GTB> it lets out the factory smoke
[12:45] <EI5GTB> rioght, im gonna go do some fun stuff for a whie;
[12:45] <EI5GTB> then come back to the avr
[12:45] <EI5GTB> xhat in a bit
[12:45] <EI5GTB> chat*
[12:45] <edmoore> cya
[12:47] <fnoble> hello
[12:48] <edmoore> hi fnoble
[12:49] <edmoore> dave and george inquired after you in the lamb last night
[12:49] <edmoore> lion*
[12:50] <fnoble> ah cool
[12:50] <fnoble> hows it going with you know who?
[12:51] <edmoore> mike gascoigne interviewed on itv grand prix now
[12:51] <edmoore> he's an old churchillian
[12:51] <fnoble> cool
[12:51] <fnoble> i think today might be the day i change to leopard
[12:51] <edmoore> oh it's not really. tess is coming up today anyway
[12:52] <edmoore> haha
[12:52] <fnoble> sweet
[12:52] <edmoore> you'll like it
[12:52] <fnoble> i know, its going to be serious hassle though
[12:52] <fnoble> maybe i should start keeping all my data in a different partition so i can swap os' without having to move anything
[13:00] <edmoore> plonk it somewhere fo sho
[13:00] <edmoore> oh lord, F1 pays well
[13:01] <edmoore> he was earning $8m a year in 2005
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[13:14] <edmoore> fnoble: do you have lep?
[13:14] <fnoble> nope not yet
[13:14] <fnoble> do you have the dvd?
[13:15] <edmoore> I own one but I think harry might have it
[13:15] <fnoble> ok
[13:15] <edmoore> he works in brizzle so I can see if he can send it you
[13:15] <edmoore> not that the post service is really affected by proximity
[13:15] <fnoble> quicker to torrent it
[13:16] <fnoble> i mean... erm... get it from another friend of mine
[13:16] <fnoble> how can i connect to a windows share in os x?
[13:16] <edmoore> a what?
[13:16] <jcoxon> turn on samba in teh settings
[13:17] <fnoble> which settings?
[13:17] <edmoore> oh that's a point, do I put samba on the server?
[13:17] <jcoxon> Settings - sharing - windows share i think
[13:17] <jcoxon> though i'm on lepoard
[13:17] <edmoore> will rob and ian be able to cope with fearsom concepts like sftp?
[13:18] <fnoble> i think so
[13:19] <fnoble> why will they need to?
[13:19] <edmoore> if they want to put files on it
[13:19] <edmoore> or take them off it
[13:21] <edmoore> I'll put it on
[13:21] <fnoble> well iirc openssh includes an sftp server
[13:21] <fnoble> so you got the hardware?
[13:22] <edmoore> yes it includes that, samba is different
[13:22] <edmoore> yes
[13:22] <edmoore> it's bought
[13:22] <fnoble> oh right, i would say dont bother with samba
[13:22] <fnoble> i mean has it arrived?
[13:22] <edmoore> ok I won;t bother. they can adapt.
[13:22] <edmoore> no no, when I remembered by 5 year old dabs account it was after 8
[13:22] <edmoore> my*
[13:23] <fnoble> ok
[13:23] <edmoore> so it's on free delivery 1-3 days
[13:25] <edmoore> canni wait though
[13:26] <edmoore> need to make a pringle can antenna though for launch site services
[13:30] <fnoble> silly iphone doesnt have a disk mode
[13:30] <edmoore> fnoble: if you ever end up using textmate, it itegrates beautifully with cyberduck, which I also like when I canni be bummed with CLI
[13:31] <edmoore> for web dev it's a pretty sweet setup, I'd imagine
[13:34] <edmoore> have you seen this? http://www.nlpc.org/pdfs/googleexecutive.pdf
[13:34] <edmoore> if you want to see what's under the black boxes, just copy and paste
[13:34] <edmoore> d'oh
[13:34] <edmoore> scary
[13:43] <fnoble> edmoore: i dont get it
[13:43] <fnoble> what is this?
[13:45] <edmoore> it's a privacy thing
[13:46] <edmoore> on how easy it is to use google streetview to find details about people
[13:46] <edmoore> anyway, i ened to go an pick up tess
[13:46] <edmoore> ttyl
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[14:08] <robert1971> Back
[14:08] <robert1971> Baby in bed. DVD on for the other two.
[14:25] <EI5GTB> typical, you go to set the brakes on your quad, and you end up having to reset the valves =/
[14:34] Ebola (n=Ebola@unaffiliated/ebola) left irc: ""Don't let worry kill you -- let the church help.""
[14:45] Hiena (n=Hiena@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:13] <robert1971> OMG it flashed
[15:13] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[15:13] <robert1971> I'm in heven
[15:13] <robert1971> heaven
[15:13] <robert1971> Dancing ...
[15:16] <EI5GTB> i know the feeling :P
[15:16] <EI5GTB> but i still ant find much informatoin on getting my dam adc workin =/
[15:16] <EI5GTB> i think i need to read the datasheet from front to back
[15:16] <EI5GTB> heck, i dont even know how to read from registers..
[15:18] MetaMorfoziS (n=khmhm@dsl51B69ED0.pool.t-online.hu) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[15:19] <robert1971> I'll see if I can scan some pages from my book. May take 1/2 an hour to get to it
[15:19] <EI5GTB> that would be good
[15:19] <EI5GTB> no rush
[15:19] <EI5GTB> i must go and buy a dam book
[15:19] <EI5GTB> i dont think the average easons whould have one tho
[15:20] <EI5GTB> time to go read tis, back in a bit
[15:30] <robert1971> EI5GTB where are you in the worl
[15:30] <robert1971> world
[15:36] <robert1971> ping ei5gtb
[15:51] phatmonkey (n=ben@scooby.firshman.co.uk) left irc:
[15:59] <robert1971> PING EI5GTB
[16:00] <robert1971> You there dude. I have hunted high an low for the scanner power supply and I can't find it going to photograph instead
[16:07] <robert1971> Photos look good you can get the ADC docs @ http://www.robertharrison.org/E15GTB/
[16:07] <robert1971> about 15 mb Sorry if this is OT
[16:11] <robert1971> IF you need a better piture of the source let me know.
[16:11] phatmonkey (n=ben@scooby.firshman.co.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[16:18] <robert1971> The last two pictures are the source code about 20 lines
[16:31] Shanuson (n=Peter@p54A9472F.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #highaltitude.
[16:31] <Shanuson> hello again
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> robert1971: Wacky.
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> robert1971: dead-tree based docs.
[16:33] Action: SpeedEvil stabs e-ink.
[16:33] <SpeedEvil> (because they are bastards)
[16:35] <robert1971> Looks like E15GTB is away from the keyboard
[16:35] <SpeedEvil> I have so many fun things I want to do with e-in, and can't.
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> For example - a label printer.
[16:36] <robert1971> What does e-ink do
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> That prints a e-ink label.
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> You then just rub the printer over the label to update it.
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> It's a film that goes black or white under the influence of an electric field.
[16:37] <SpeedEvil> Used for - for example
[16:37] <SpeedEvil> electronic books
[16:48] <robert1971> Googled it... Kind of interesting .. There was talk about making newspapers like this a while back. It depends how cheep the tech. get I suppose
[16:48] <SpeedEvil> The current tech is expensive.
[16:48] <robert1971> Does anyone else get a horizontal line accross the screen every now and then?
[16:49] <SpeedEvil> I was also wondering about a device 15cm*3cm dia. You pull this along a page of e-ink, and it writes it.
[16:49] <SpeedEvil> Pull it back, and it rewrites.
[16:49] <robert1971> While I'm asking questions about IRC what is that slapper message that quotes the title of http pages
[16:49] <robert1971> Is that automatic
[16:49] <SpeedEvil> Just like a thermal printer. The screen wraps around it to store, and has absolutely no electronics, so is simple and cheap.
[16:49] <SpeedEvil> IRC is text only
[16:50] <SpeedEvil> with very few bells and whistles.
[16:50] <SpeedEvil> It does not support URLs
[16:50] <SpeedEvil> they are just text.
[16:50] <robert1971> baby crying brb
[16:52] <fnoble> i have a phone that uses an e-ink screen
[16:53] <fnoble> motorola f3
[16:53] <fnoble> was only £5 new, so the tech must be quite cheap
[16:53] <SpeedEvil> The phone was not 5 pounds.
[16:53] <SpeedEvil> The phone was 5 pounds with subsidy.
[16:54] <fnoble> also good for battery life as only draws current to change the display not to maintain its state
[16:54] <soneil> robert1971: I think that horizontal line is a marker your client drops in when you're switching around windows, it helps keep track of where you left off. not found anyone that finds it useful tho
[16:54] <fnoble> yes im sure there was some subsidy, but the phone was designed to be the cheapest of the cheap
[16:54] <fnoble> aimed at the third world markets
[16:55] <SpeedEvil> fnoble: sure - even the cheapest phone is going to be more at the 20 quid level, or a little under.
[16:55] <SpeedEvil> Maybe 15 at high volume.
[16:55] <soneil> I got a new phone yesterday .. found it in the recycle bin at work. now that's what I call free
[16:55] <SpeedEvil> what phone? ->fno
[16:59] <EI5GTB> robert1971, sorry, was wrestling with the quad engine
[16:59] <EI5GTB> im in ireland
[17:00] <EI5GTB> rhanks for them pics, look perfect
[17:01] <EI5GTB> now, time to go set my timing chain tensioner
[17:01] <SpeedEvil> this is a quadbike?
[17:04] <EI5GTB> yup
[17:04] <EI5GTB> iv to take off the dam carb to get at the tensioner
[17:04] <EI5GTB> so ill play with avr for a while.. p
[17:23] <EI5GTB> gah, so short of an attention span..
[17:23] <EI5GTB> =/
[17:34] <robert1971> Hi Back
[17:34] <robert1971> Just been tidying the house b 4 wife gets back from flower show
[17:34] <robert1971> LED is still flashing. Still feel warm feeling ... :-)
[17:38] <EI5GTB> haha
[17:44] <SpeedEvil> robert1971: if you can feel warmth from it, you're using too much current :)
[17:57] icez (n=icez@ip68-98-34-247.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #highaltitude.
[18:01] Action: jcoxon is stress testing his payload
[18:18] <robert1971> jcoxon How are you doing the testing. Time or cold?
[18:19] <jcoxon> just time right now
[18:19] <jcoxon> there are some complicated actions it needs to perform
[18:19] <jcoxon> just making sure there aren't any bugs
[18:19] <robert1971> I finaly got my LED to flash
[18:20] <jcoxon> excellent
[18:20] <jcoxon> i final got my usb stuff to work
[18:21] <robert1971> Wicked... Look forward to seeing the next guide... Interfacing a camera with servo control to the atmega32
[18:21] <jcoxon> oooo scary stuff like PWM then?
[18:21] <robert1971> Yep, inttrupt driven of course with a timer
[18:21] <jcoxon> haven't you done that already - the video seem to move it?
[18:21] <fnoble> servo controls the shutter?
[18:22] <robert1971> I cheated a little. That was using a pololu servo controler and the gumstix
[18:22] <robert1971> No servo controls the angle of the camera full 180 deg rotation
[18:22] <jcoxon> robert1971, is the avr just to control the servo?
[18:23] <robert1971> every 5 mins one pic up, one down and one to the horison then back to sleep
[18:23] <robert1971> horizon even
[18:23] <jcoxon> cause you know with a little bit of work you can get the gumstix to drive the servo directly
[18:23] <robert1971> 30 sec of video too
[18:24] <jcoxon> it can produce PWM on one of its gpios
[18:24] <robert1971> Im getting the atmega32 to do that unless there is an advantage to using the gumstix to do it!
[18:24] <jcoxon> depends if you need the atmega32 for anything else
[18:26] edmoore (n=edmoore@66.122-84-212.ippool.ndo.com) joined #highaltitude.
[18:27] <robert1971> Can't think of anything else for it to do the avr freaks said it could drive servo, 3 temp sensors, 1 barometer, shutter control, camera mode and power and only utilise 2% of the processor.
[18:27] <jcoxon> sure
[18:27] <jcoxon> its an easy job for it to do, and not to difficult to program
[18:27] <robert1971> At 35 pounds for the board it's a bargin. Though I picked up 10 atmega32 chips for 2.60 each
[18:28] <jcoxon> you could in theory do everything on the atmega32
[18:28] <jcoxon> (within reason)
[18:28] <robert1971> So I might make my own board and ditch the dev board I have
[18:29] <robert1971> I'm going to use the gumstix for logging data I think. Possible remote control of the camera using RF modem, but that looks problematic.
[18:29] <jcoxon> have you seen my website?
[18:29] <robert1971> Not sure
[18:29] <jcoxon> www.pegasushabproject.org.uk
[18:29] <robert1971> Hit me with a link
[18:30] <robert1971> Interesting you have gone for Greek mythology too
[18:30] <jcoxon> hehe
[18:30] <jcoxon> mine didn't fall out of the sky though :-p
[18:31] <robert1971> I liked the fall back to earth like icarus and I thought there's a chance my payload might do the same :-)
[18:31] <jcoxon> hmmm
[18:32] <jcoxon> iirc icarus died when he fell out of the sky _p
[18:32] <jcoxon> :-p
[18:32] <jcoxon> hehe, only teasing
[18:32] <robert1971> Yep
[18:32] <robert1971> I think my payload will too... Hopefully the parachute has been invented since Icarus
[18:33] <jcoxon> thi guy called Da Vinci sorted that bit for you
[18:33] <robert1971> Those wax wings would have been heavy
[18:33] <robert1971> You managed to get a goliath
[18:33] <jcoxon> but yeah i've done quite a few gumstix based payloads
[18:33] <jcoxon> indeed i did
[18:34] <jcoxon> it sitting right in front of me, being stress tested
[18:34] <robert1971> They still havn't realeased them buggers yet. I was going to use one of those. But there seems to be cheaper options
[18:35] <robert1971> You still up for a lunch next w/e weather dependent?
[18:35] <jcoxon> hopefully
[18:35] <jcoxon> i've managed to iron out quite a few issues these last few days
[18:36] <robert1971> What size launch window do you get from the CAA?
[18:36] <jcoxon> instead of revising for my exams on mon and tues
[18:37] <robert1971> Thats why I'm glad I'm done with Uni. 35 now ! Not been very productive at work these last few weeks
[18:37] <robert1971> 35 my age
[18:37] <jcoxon> hehe
[18:37] <robert1971> Did comp science at Leeds Uni in the 90's
[18:37] <jcoxon> i'm pretty screwed for next week, but hopefully i'll scrap by
[18:37] <jcoxon> Medicine at Cambridge and Kings College London
[18:38] <robert1971> Wow, you're brain ticks then
[18:38] <jcoxon> it used to
[18:38] <jcoxon> now it doesn't
[18:39] <robert1971> Surprised you're into elec. No many of my dr friends know how a switch works far less a computer, and embedded is what a reporter does
[18:39] <jcoxon> medicine is a hobby :-p
[18:40] <robert1971> Lots to read and regurgitate in exams if I remember
[18:40] <jcoxon> its a bad idea to mix revision and ballooning
[18:40] <robert1971> No shit
[18:40] <jcoxon> yeah thats what i'm stuggling on
[18:40] <jcoxon> too much info
[18:40] <robert1971> Keeps pushing stuff out of the registers
[18:40] <robert1971> I'm going to have to go and collect teenager from Station
[18:40] <jcoxon> well hopefully its gone in over the last year as its not going in now
[18:41] <jcoxon> np
[18:41] <robert1971> Chat laters of your on. Going to start cameraconrtol.c tonight. Timers and interrups. Which me luck
[18:41] <robert1971> tttfn
[18:42] <jcoxon> hhmmm b
[18:42] <jcoxon> no
[18:43] <jcoxon> oop
[18:43] <jcoxon> s
[18:43] <jcoxon> now on to the cutdown
[18:59] <fnoble> god this is tedious... transferring 60gb of data in chunks with a 4gb pen drive :(
[19:05] <EI5GTB> get a network :P
[19:05] <fnoble> i have one, but this is actually faster
[19:06] <SpeedEvil> Never underestimate the bandwidth of a pocketfull of microSD.
[19:07] akawaka (n=akawaka@cpe-76-173-152-142.socal.res.rr.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:18] <Shanuson> hm, just starting transfer, and than doing something else, oder using a pendrive
[19:20] <EI5GTB> but whith annewtork, press copy and forget..
[19:20] <Shanuson> thats what i mean
[19:20] <EI5GTB> oic
[19:21] <Shanuson> it takes longer but you can do something else
[19:21] <EI5GTB> prezactly
[19:22] <Shanuson> like reading this: http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story.jsp?id=news/WH08018.xml&headline=White%20House%20Briefed%20On%20Potential%20For%20Mars%20Life&channel=space
[19:31] <EI5GTB> omg, half a tonn of paint to paint the airbus a380
[19:31] <Shanuson> and spaceX try to lunch today between 23gmt-4gmt
[19:31] <bagpuss_thecat> lunch!
[19:32] Action: bagpuss_thecat vanishes
[19:32] <Shanuson> +a
[19:32] <Shanuson> it's lunchtime *s*
[19:33] <EI5GTB> you only think it is
[19:46] edmoore (n=edmoore@66.122-84-212.ippool.ndo.com) left irc:
[19:55] <robert1971> e15gtb: was that info on adc any good 4 u?
[19:55] jcoxon_ (n=jcoxon@host86-144-99-26.range86-144.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[19:55] <robert1971> Lovely blue LED still flashing ...
[19:59] <akawaka> changing headlight bulbs on an audi a4 is a lot more difficult than it should be
[20:00] Action: natrium42 pokes jcoxon_
[20:04] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@host86-145-229-223.range86-145.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[20:05] Action: natrium42 sharpens poking stick
[20:08] <jcoxon_> hey natrium42
[20:09] <natrium42> pm?
[20:09] <jcoxon_> oh all sorted
[20:09] Action: jcoxon_ jcoxon
[20:09] <jcoxon_> oops
[20:09] Nick change: jcoxon_ -> jcoxon
[20:09] <jcoxon> thats better
[20:09] <jcoxon> ls
[20:09] <jcoxon> got a new webcam
[20:10] <jcoxon> all works nicely
[20:10] <natrium42> awesome
[20:19] <robert1971> natrium42: Whats the weather like in ca
[20:19] <natrium42> it's pretty warm now
[20:19] <natrium42> 27-30 celsius
[20:20] <robert1971> lovey blue sky but as your thinking its lovely as you go out it pisse's
[20:20] <robert1971> down wityh rain
[20:20] <natrium42> haha, england :')
[20:20] <robert1971> yep
[20:24] <jcoxon> haha, some info about next the next launch
[20:25] <jcoxon> the plan is to have a picture down link using sstv :-P
[20:25] <jcoxon> right i've said it
[20:26] <jcoxon> now we can talk about it on the main channel
[20:26] <natrium42> \o/
[20:28] <fnoble> yey
[20:28] <fnoble> this is going to be good
[20:29] <jcoxon> its still running
[20:29] <jcoxon> this makes me happy
[20:29] <natrium42> excellent
[20:29] <jcoxon> anyone got a free bit of time and want to make me a radio beacon
[20:29] <jcoxon> ?
[20:30] <SpeedEvil> what specs?
[20:31] <jcoxon> 434.075 mhz, 10mW 1hz beacon would do
[20:31] <SpeedEvil> Alas I'm some way off :(
[20:31] Action: SpeedEvil has plans for a GPS disciplined beacon, but no implementation.
[20:32] <jcoxon> oh well
[20:32] <jcoxon> right i'll bbiab
[20:32] <natrium42> later
[20:32] <jcoxon> halo 3 time
[20:32] <natrium42> noooo
[20:33] <natrium42> i made a mockup of a new tracker
[20:33] <natrium42> with live pictures from the payload
[20:33] <natrium42> http://natrium42.com/test/
[20:34] <natrium42> still need to find a place for a chat box
[20:34] <natrium42> trying to fit everything onto 1024x768 screen
[20:34] <SpeedEvil> natrium42: heading too for the cam?
[20:34] <natrium42> oh, that's easy to add
[20:34] <natrium42> not sure if jcoxon is going to have that
[20:34] <SpeedEvil> Also, add a flag for 'chase car is speeding' :)
[20:35] <natrium42> XD
[20:35] <SpeedEvil> Looking good.
[20:35] <natrium42> thanks
[20:35] <natrium42> now where to place chat box?
[20:35] <natrium42> i don't really want to make the map much smaller
[20:36] <SpeedEvil> Under heading of the balloon should be vertical speed.
[20:36] <SpeedEvil> Or maybe after altitude
[20:36] <SpeedEvil> on teh same line
[20:36] <natrium42> oh, ok
[20:36] <natrium42> that's easy
[20:36] <SpeedEvil> What's the flash?
[20:36] <natrium42> any of the stats are easy to do
[20:37] <natrium42> flash is the live broadcasting from launch
[20:37] <SpeedEvil> ah.
[20:37] <SpeedEvil> drop that for the chat? After launch.
[20:37] akawaka (n=akawaka@cpe-76-173-152-142.socal.res.rr.com) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[20:37] <natrium42> space is a bit small
[20:37] <natrium42> maybe put the chat at the bottom?
[20:38] <natrium42> and people can just scroll down to chat
[20:38] <SpeedEvil> That works.
[20:38] <SpeedEvil> Or don't bother, and just leave it as a irc link
[20:38] <natrium42> or i can cut off 1/3 of the map on the right
[20:38] <natrium42> and put chat there
[20:38] <natrium42> well, many don't know IRC
[20:39] <SpeedEvil> Hmm.
[20:39] <SpeedEvil> I suppose for FF, you can just say 'install chatzilla' - but...
[20:39] <natrium42> if IE, 'install FF' :)
[20:40] <natrium42> nah
[20:40] <SpeedEvil> Personally I'd prefer simply opening a new window for the chat.
[20:40] <SpeedEvil> That way I can resize things as I like, not how you like it.
[20:41] <natrium42> NO, MY WAY IS PERFECT
[20:41] <natrium42> :D
[20:57] <natrium42> ideally all of the interface should be flash
[21:02] robert1971 (n=rharriso@ left #highaltitude.
[21:05] Action: bagpuss_thecat dies a little more, every time he waits for the x86 libs to be loaded to play a Flash component
[21:31] Simon-MPFH (n=simon@phantom.mpfh.co.uk) left irc: "Leaving"
[21:37] <SpeedEvil> There are good flash apps.
[21:37] <SpeedEvil> Then there are web-designers that need to be hung up in a darkened room for a week, with rats nibbling them.
[21:38] <SpeedEvil> http://digi-key.dirxion.com/Main.asp
[21:38] <SpeedEvil> forex
[21:39] <SpeedEvil> Which seems to be an interactive catalog designed by someone who has never actually used a computer themselves.
[21:45] <natrium42> lol
[21:47] Hiena (n=Hiena@ left irc: "-=Halt! Hammerzeit!=-"
[21:51] fnoble (n=fnoble@88-106-248-135.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[22:02] fnoble (n=fnoble@88-106-248-135.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:03] fnoble (n=fnoble@88-106-248-135.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left #highaltitude.
[22:04] <soneil> we have some of those at work. we have a web app that was put together by the java devs. I don't know who I'd rather hang .. the devs, or the manager that thought that'd end well
[22:05] <jcoxon> hey all
[22:06] fnoble (n=fnoble@88-106-248-135.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:30] robert1971 (n=rharriso@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:33] <robert1971> Can some one explain in english what this means PORTC &= ~_BV(PC0); (my guess is set portc byte to the current value anded with the negated binary value of pc0)
[22:35] <robert1971> Off to bed soom to read Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR
[22:36] <natrium42> jcoxon, there was a bug in the tracker
[22:36] <natrium42> you need to remove new line at the end of config.php
[22:36] <jcoxon> hey natrium42
[22:36] <natrium42> yo
[22:38] <jcoxon> which new line?
[22:38] <natrium42> after ?>
[22:39] <natrium42> otherwise the google earth stuff doesn't work properly
[22:39] <jcoxon> done
[22:39] <jcoxon> i moved it to org.uk/track rather than track/track
[22:39] <natrium42> k, now it should work
[22:40] <jcoxon> been running for 5 hours
[22:40] <jcoxon> tis going well
[22:40] <jcoxon> time for a reset...
[22:40] <robert1971> oooh who is doing some php stuff. I like php
[22:41] <natrium42> jcoxon, i fixed the archive too
[22:41] <natrium42> robert1971, :)
[22:42] <jcoxon> archive?
[22:42] <robert1971> Have been writing a patent system for professionals using php and jscript
[22:43] <natrium42> jcoxon, yah, tracker-0.1.tar.bz2
[22:43] <jcoxon> oh right
[22:44] <natrium42> robert1971, i am going to implement this mockup --> http://natrium42.com/test/
[22:45] <natrium42> jcoxon, so what's the res of the pictures?
[22:45] <jcoxon> 320x256
[22:45] <jcoxon> hehe
[22:45] <natrium42> ok, weird res
[22:45] <jcoxon> its sstv!
[22:46] <natrium42> i am going to rescale them to 120 pixels height
[22:46] <natrium42> but you can click for full res
[22:46] <jcoxon> fair enough
[22:46] <natrium42> going to use lightbox for the popup
[22:47] <jcoxon> amazing
[22:47] <natrium42> :P
[22:47] <jcoxon> the quality of the photos are going to be terrible quality
[22:47] <natrium42> yah, webcams suck
[22:47] <jcoxon> this webcam is tescos value, costing 5.00 pounds
[22:47] <natrium42> i have never found a good webcam -- and i have tried
[22:48] <natrium42> the best is using a camcorder or a remote capture from digicam
[22:48] <natrium42> security camera might also work
[22:48] <jcoxon> next step is to use a real camera, rig it to take pictures, switch to usb memory mode to download the pic
[22:49] <robert1971> I'll leave you guys coding php. Have fun.
[22:49] <robert1971> ttfn
[22:49] <natrium42> later
[22:49] robert1971 (n=rharriso@ left #highaltitude.
[22:50] <jcoxon> after my exams i'm going to take this webcam outside to a hill and make sure its focused properly
[22:50] <jcoxon> i'm really worried about the manual focus
[22:50] <natrium42> good idea
[22:50] <jcoxon> and also colour balance
[22:50] <natrium42> something close to infinity should work
[22:50] <jcoxon> i was think infinity
[22:51] <natrium42> right, it's never real infinity :)
[22:51] <jcoxon> exactly
[22:59] <EI5GTB> stick a proper camera in it :P
[22:59] <EI5GTB> you can put firmware on cannon cameras that make it take a pic every so many seconds, and even a vid and stuff
[22:59] <jcoxon> oh there are proper cameras onboard
[22:59] <jcoxon> EI5GTB, already done
[22:59] <EI5GTB> oic
[22:59] <EI5GTB> ill be expecting high quality :P
[23:00] <jcoxon> powershot a560
[23:00] <jcoxon> don't expect anything!
[23:00] Action: EI5GTB (being a photographer) hate lo qual images
[23:01] <jcoxon> EI5GTB, the webcam/sstv is all experiemental!
[23:01] <jcoxon> actually most of this payload is experimental
[23:01] <EI5GTB> thats right, the sstv, forgot bout that
[23:01] <EI5GTB> that will be interesting
[23:01] <jcoxon> yeah :-s
[23:02] <EI5GTB> my wish is to get live pictures down from a balloon
[23:05] Action: EI5GTB will eagerly await the return letter from comreg
[23:05] <jcoxon> so do i!
[23:06] <EI5GTB> the head of the experimenters section was on hols last week, hopefully hes back
[23:06] <jcoxon> its always harder to get things sorted during the summer
[23:07] <EI5GTB> yea
[23:07] <EI5GTB> i usually do all my shit in the winter
[23:07] <EI5GTB> and put stuff into plan in the spring
[23:07] <EI5GTB> then procrastinate for the summer
[23:07] <jcoxon> :-)
[23:07] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:22] phatmonkey (n=ben@scooby.firshman.co.uk) left irc:
[23:24] soneil (n=soneil@pdpc/supporter/active/soneil) left irc:
[23:30] soneil (n=soneil@pdpc/supporter/active/soneil) joined #highaltitude.
[23:32] <soneil> saturday night 'n I'm doing OS updates 'n watching red alert. I think there's a warning sign there somewhere
[23:32] <soneil> uhm .. red alert? hunt for the red october lol
[23:36] <EI5GTB> feck, hunt for red october is on
[23:36] <EI5GTB> i forgot to set it to record.
[23:36] <EI5GTB> dam
[23:36] <EI5GTB> brbn
[23:39] <Shanuson> well im watching live feed from spaceX
[23:39] <jcoxon> whens the launch?
[23:40] <Shanuson> atm 24 UTC
[23:40] <Shanuson> t-85 and counting
[23:40] <jcoxon> urgh, too late for me :-(
[23:41] <Shanuson> i stay awake
[23:43] <icez> spacex?
[23:43] <icez> what's happening x.x
[23:43] <EI5GTB> you mean 00:00 utc
[23:43] <Shanuson> www.spacex.com/webcast.php
[23:43] <EI5GTB> anyonr know wtf this is:
[23:43] <EI5GTB> interrupt [ADC_INT] void ADC_isr(void)
[23:46] Laurenceb (n=Laurence@host86-133-69-206.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[23:46] <Laurenceb> hi all
[23:46] <icez> hi
[23:47] <fnoble> sorry, what time is the launch? 01:00BST?
[23:48] <Laurenceb> I solved that glitch mlx90609 issue: sparkfuns board had either a faulty via or track, so Vdrive and maybe a few other 5V supply pins were intermittently unconnected
[23:48] <Shanuson> 2:00 am in germany
[23:49] <fnoble> germany is utc+2?
[23:49] <Laurenceb> this appears to have damaged the gyro - the null voltage is 900mv of spec, but it still works and the selftest gives no errors
[23:49] <Shanuson> summertime, its gmt+2 yes
[23:50] <Laurenceb> so to sum up: sparkfuns breakout boards arent all perfect
[23:50] <Laurenceb> another launch coming up?
[23:50] <jcoxon> space x falcon 1
[23:52] Laurenceb__ (n=Laurence@host86-133-69-206.range86-133.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[23:53] <Laurenceb__> I'm amazed
[23:53] <Laurenceb__> thought it would take them all year
[23:53] <natrium42> oh cool
[23:53] <Laurenceb__> this should be exciting
[23:53] <natrium42> indeed
[23:53] <EI5GTB> indeed
[23:53] <natrium42> indeed
[23:53] <EI5GTB> indeed
[23:54] <natrium42> what's the time until launch?
[23:54] <jcoxon> if there is another 'indeed' i'll op and kick you guys!
[23:54] <jcoxon> phew
[23:54] <Shanuson> yes it should
[23:54] <Shanuson> 71 min
[23:54] <jcoxon> hehe
[23:54] <Shanuson> if there is no more hold
[23:54] <natrium42> cool
[23:56] Action: Laurenceb__ loads webcast
[23:56] <Laurenceb__> hmmm lox fumes
[23:57] <Laurenceb__> aka comdensing water vapour
[23:57] <Laurenceb__> hang on... it says awaiting webcast... is that a loop?
[23:58] <EI5GTB> your a loop
[23:58] <jcoxon> hege
[23:58] <jcoxon> hehe*
[23:58] <jcoxon> right, night all
[23:58] <EI5GTB> dont go
[23:58] <Laurenceb__> bbl
[23:58] <jcoxon> i have to sleep, got to revise tomororw
[23:58] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@host86-144-99-26.range86-144.btcentralplus.com) left irc: "Leaving"
[23:58] <Shanuson> webcast should start in 5 mins
[00:00] --- Sun Aug 3 2008