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[17:54] <Hiena> Good evening!
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[20:46] <rcaron> hey guys, did i miss anything?
[20:52] <Hiena> Loosing some peroxide, propane and a tube. ;)
[20:54] <rcaron> how? did it explode?
[20:54] <natrium42> rcaron, not much.. .zeusbot got married, that's about it
[20:56] <Hiena> I reached a point where i has seriously consider finding some better test and building area. Whithin 3 months i scrapped 4 engine, and had too much legal fight. The quality of the set-up is lower and lower every test.
[20:59] <Hiena> Today, the peroxide injectorhead dropped off and the pump forced about 2 dl. to the chamber. Luckily the tube "just" went white hot before i could stop the fuel.
[21:01] <Hiena> The results: the chamber and the exhaust tube is scrap, the valvehead melted, same as the electronics and the motor.
[21:04] <rcaron> ugh. where you going to go for a new site?
[21:08] <Hiena> Dunno. I can't afford a fullscale shop. At first i had to decide how to countinue the research. What i really know, under 120mm exhaustdiameter the startup is unstable, also over 70 Hz impossible to study the upperharmonic jumps.
[21:12] <Hiena> With this "light" burnout, the motor is gone, so have to scavenge a new one. Need to find a new peroxide source, and making a high speed intake pump for the ramjet test.
[21:14] <Hiena> Well, just realised if the motor is burned, the shaftlock gone too...
[21:15] <rcaron> sounds like a bad day
[21:18] <Hiena> The house is intact, my legs not epilated, the propane tank in one piece... So, not bad at all...
[21:21] <rcaron> i'm not familiar with your project. i'm a rocket/hybrid/balloon guy myself
[21:21] <rcaron> got anything on the web?
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[21:23] <Hiena> Nope, i'm not document it, because if i put up any evidence using restricted chemicals, and making such activity in the suburbs, i would be in trouble.
[21:25] <rcaron> are you UK?
[21:26] <Hiena> The project is basically a rotary valve, long pulsejet engine, with a valvelock, so it could run as three mode engine.
[21:26] <Hiena> Nope. In Hungary.
[21:27] <rcaron> sorry for your restrictive laws; US doesn't seem that bad, although being university affiliated has its advantages
[21:33] <Hiena> Here the universities has no money, and the overprotective. They always ask: "And who will be the responsible, is something goes wrong?" If you are not a students, they first question: "How much will you pays?"
[21:34] <Hiena> Not to mention, if any research results surfacing, they fishing out and sells it.
[21:36] <Hiena> They has a very good cooperation with a R&D companies, because they spending a big fat buck sending the department members to fairs and other meetings.
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