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[03:23] <Kornholijo> Hello =)
[03:42] <rcaron> so does anybody have any hints on how to make sure your balloon is properly filled? somehow we managed to rediculously underfill ours
[03:46] <Kornholijo> hmm, measure the weight its pulling?
[03:46] <Kornholijo> no idea
[03:47] <Kornholijo> i mean, measure with how much force the baloon is pulling, if thats any different
[03:48] <Kornholijo> or have a "counter" of how much gas went into the baloon
[03:48] <Kornholijo> not really into this stuff, sry.
[03:50] <rcaron> np
[03:50] <rcaron> http://picasaweb.google.com/Theo.McDonald/AIAABalloonLaunch2
[03:50] <rcaron> ^ our flight from yesterday
[03:50] <Kornholijo> ill look into that later :P
[03:50] <Kornholijo> btw, where do you guys live?
[03:51] <rcaron> Mass, USA
[04:24] <Kornholijo> woot
[04:24] <Kornholijo> nice =D
[05:09] <natrium42> rcaron, i just calculated the weight it would need to pull and put a few books into a plastic bag summing up to that weight
[05:09] <natrium42> and then when you fill, you attach that bag and check for neutral buoyancy
[05:09] <natrium42> some people use scales instead...
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[15:42] <Laurenceb> hi folks
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[15:57] <Laurenceb> hi folks, if I want to set a 16 bit register, should I use atomic code?
[16:01] <edmoore> atomic code..... da da daaaah
[16:01] <edmoore> kkkppooooow it's atomic dude
[16:01] <edmoore> here to code, neutron style!!!
[16:01] <edmoore> and it's his buddy, muon the compiler
[16:01] <edmoore> out to rid the world of the evils of quark the assembler
[16:02] <edmoore> and Gluon the Binary, defeated emperor and now commander of the dark forces of punch card
[16:02] <Laurenceb> ok calm down
[16:03] <Laurenceb> in actualy fact I think you can just manipulate a couple of registers
[16:04] <Laurenceb> but the atomic code macros from avr-libc would probably do the same thing
[16:04] <edmoore> yes, in avrs you shouldn't need to do anything with atomic code like that
[16:04] <edmoore> with avr-libc
[16:04] <edmoore> you beat me to it
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[16:12] <Laurenceb> I used atomic code on the radio, but most poeple seem to use the register technique
[16:13] <Laurenceb> yey pcbs are here
[16:13] <Laurenceb> omfg how many....
[16:13] <Laurenceb> lol I have 3 extra boards free :P
[16:15] <Laurenceb> I've got them routed properly this time as well XD
[16:17] <Laurenceb> its so cool seeing your design work in physical form :D
[16:18] <Laurenceb> not bad for £30
[16:21] <Laurenceb> edmoore: I've got more flight computers than I know what to do with, so if you or anyone else wants one or two feel free, its basically a mega324p and lassen iq board
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[17:03] <rcaron> Laurenceb: i may be interested in said board, although I'm not familiar with its details
[17:05] <Laurenceb> rcaron: can you solder SMD ok?
[17:06] <rcaron> i'm getting better all the time. had to do it for some academic stuff
[17:07] <Laurenceb> its tqfp and sot-23
[17:11] <Laurenceb> http://imagebin.org/17166
[17:12] <Laurenceb> actually thats the radio - doh
[17:14] <Laurenceb> http://imagebin.org/17169 <-- thats the baby
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[17:28] <jcoxon> afternoon all
[17:32] <Laurenceb> hi
[17:32] <Laurenceb> the site keeps going down
[17:34] <jcoxon> hey Laurenceb
[17:34] <jcoxon> what site?
[17:34] <Laurenceb> ukhas :P
[17:36] <Laurenceb> yesss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3zDV5V3SPg
[17:37] <jcoxon> hehe Laurenceb i'm on a crap hospital connection
[17:38] <Laurenceb> its the pyrotechnic cutdown music :P
[17:39] <Laurenceb> I remember that from years ago :D
[17:42] <rcaron> Laurenceb: that looks no trickier than the Simon kit from Sparkfun that I started out my SMD skills on
[17:42] <Laurenceb> rcaron: where are you ?
[17:43] <rcaron> Mass, USA. I know this channel is predominately UK based :/
[17:44] <rcaron> so its not like I can drive over and grab it
[17:45] <rcaron> so what can this flight comp of yours do?
[17:45] <Laurenceb> theres a mega324p avr and lassen iq
[17:46] <Laurenceb> along with voltage regs and cutdown mosfets
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[17:47] <Laurenceb> its mainly designed for UAV use, so there are servo connectors going off the pwm
[17:49] <rcaron> any spare outputs left on the AVR?
[17:49] <Laurenceb> yes, theres 4
[17:49] <Laurenceb> and spi
[17:50] <Laurenceb> so 4 IO/ADc and spi bus
[17:50] <rcaron> hmmm, could be interesting. I'm thinking having it hit the transistor for the camera to take snapshots
[17:50] <Laurenceb> your welcome to it if you want, I have a pile of them now :P
[17:50] <rcaron> and since pwm is already there, maybe putting the camera on a servo
[17:51] <Laurenceb> it'd be perfect for that :D
[17:51] <rcaron> don't know how to get a good field of view yet and keep it insulated
[17:51] <rcaron> but this is just brainstorming
[17:51] <Laurenceb> blue foam?
[17:52] <Laurenceb> you'd have to get the components for it, but there digikey over there, so not too hard
[17:52] <rcaron> yeah, i would just need a parts list/schematic
[17:52] Action: Laurenceb thinks there one on the wiki
[17:52] <Laurenceb> but its down atm :-(
[17:53] <rcaron> well, whenever its back it'd be a good link to have
[17:54] <Laurenceb> it'd be cool if there were more people using AVRs for ballooning :D
[17:54] <rcaron> i wholehartedly agree
[17:54] <rcaron> i'm an AVR novice at best, but I like what I see over PICs
[17:54] Action: Laurenceb loads up eagle
[17:55] <rcaron> and that SPI bus makes this thing so easy to expand
[17:55] <Laurenceb> ok, theres two ctudown "channels" on there
[17:55] <rcaron> perfect. i really could have used a cutdown yesterday
[17:55] <rcaron> ... i mean saturday
[17:55] <Laurenceb> so you could use one for a camera, or just use one of the broken out IO pins
[17:56] <Laurenceb> premier camera use 3.3v logic IIRC
[17:57] <Laurenceb> so you can often tie camera gnd to flight comp gnd and use a level convertor to interface
[17:58] <Laurenceb> if you use three lines you can scroll throught the menus and do loads of cool stuff
[17:59] <rcaron> cool. we just hacked a transistor across the trigger and have a huge R/C timing circuit right now
[17:59] <rcaron> would be nice to upgrade both the camera and the timer
[18:00] <rcaron> but one thing at a time
[18:00] <Laurenceb> thats how we did this : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2226281095117039146
[18:00] <jcoxon> rcaron, did you launch last weekend?
[18:08] <rcaron> yes i did
[18:09] <rcaron> http://picasaweb.google.com/Theo.McDonald/AIAABalloonLaunch2
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[18:10] <Laurenceb> so are you in the black tshirt of the blue one?
[18:10] <Hiena> Good evening!
[18:11] <Laurenceb> interesting approach with the antenna
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[18:16] <rcaron> neither actually. i was in the chase car. http://picasaweb.google.com/Theo.McDonald/AIAABalloonLaunch2/photo#5194053209386809122 <-- big guy with the black jacket
[18:17] <rcaron> yeah, the antenna thing was pretty funny. we had 20ft of BNC cable so we figure we might as well use it to get it out of the way of the 70cm dipole that's on the side of the payload
[18:18] <rcaron> that 2m antenna (1/4wave vertical w/ 4 ground radials) worked beautifully
[18:18] <rcaron> and only got slightly beat up on landing
[18:18] <rcaron> we need a slightly bigger chute. 35ft/s
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[18:23] <Laurenceb> looks fun :D
[18:30] <rcaron> oh, it is
[18:43] <Laurenceb> food time, bbl
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[18:51] <akawaka> rcaron: launched last weekend?
[18:52] <rcaron> yes, our second launch
[18:53] <akawaka> what kind of payload, etc?
[18:54] <rcaron> camera w/ R/C timing circuit (~10second interval), a beeline GPS transmitter going into a 446.15MHz dipole
[18:55] <rcaron> serial GPS, APRS encoder, an old ham radio transmitting on 146.39MHz on a 1/4 wave vertical hanging below the payload
[18:55] <rcaron> that and a lot of AA batteries
[18:56] <akawaka> any pictures?
[18:56] <rcaron> the beeline didn't work very well, the other setup went great
[18:56] <rcaron> http://picasaweb.google.com/Theo.McDonald/AIAABalloonLaunch2
[18:56] <rcaron> ~5hr flight time over 5 states
[18:56] <rcaron> off course, this is new england, so states are small
[18:56] <rcaron> launched in VT, overflew NH, MA, and CT, before landing in RI
[18:56] <akawaka> what was the max altitude?
[18:57] <rcaron> 81,392ft
[18:58] <akawaka> nice
[19:00] <rcaron> yeah, ascent was much slower than we predicted but that was our own fault
[19:00] <rcaron> camera only lasted for two hours, but everything else was still going well
[19:00] <rcaron> also, using the APRS network to digipete your position is absolutely awesome
[19:01] <akawaka> yeah, launch my first one a few weeks ago
[19:01] <akawaka> aprs is great
[19:01] <akawaka> camera stopped working above 25000ft though
[19:01] <rcaron> power?
[19:01] <akawaka> think so
[19:01] <rcaron> yeah, gotta have a smaller interval and more power
[19:01] <rcaron> we also forgot to toss in a couple handwarmers
[19:02] <akawaka> it was our screwup
[19:02] <rcaron> so our payload got down to -23degC
[19:02] <rcaron> on the way back down
[19:02] <rcaron> funny what that temp does to solder connections and electrical tape
[19:02] <akawaka> do you inform the faa of your flights?
[19:02] <rcaron> don't have to, we're under the weight limit
[19:02] <akawaka> yeah, same
[19:03] <akawaka> handwarmers?
[19:03] <rcaron> 4.something pounds, i think the limit is either 6 of 6.5
[19:03] <rcaron> *or
[19:03] <rcaron> yeah, those little exothermic packs that people stick in their gloves while skiing
[19:03] <akawaka> thats a good idea
[19:04] <rcaron> i mean, they require oxygen to run, but it'd heat up the internal a bit on the ascent
[19:04] <rcaron> so i expect that descent wouldn't get a chance to get much below -5 or -10degC
[19:04] <rcaron> that and wrapping individual components in space-blanket mylar
[19:04] <rcaron> should do better next time
[19:04] <akawaka> was the cold a problem for you?
[19:05] <rcaron> probably affected the battery life, and caused the camera to fail a little earlier than it should have
[19:05] <rcaron> also, we didn't let things warm up when we recovered it
[19:05] <rcaron> and immediately started disconnecting things
[19:05] <rcaron> sheared the DB9 on the APRS encoder right off because it was so brittle
[19:05] <akawaka> wow
[19:06] <rcaron> yeah, an easy fix, but still. a little thermal consideration can go a long way
[19:14] <rcaron> how did yours go?
[19:28] <akawaka> really well, apart from the camera
[19:28] <akawaka> http://www.boredgamedeveloper.com/high_altitude/index.php/1_-_Pong
[19:31] <rcaron> that's right, we did talk about this awhile ago. i haven't had a chance to try out the soundcard packet decoding yet
[19:31] <rcaron> but we managed to get a hold of real TNCs (KCP3, KCP3+, KCP2)
[19:32] <Laurenceb> back
[19:34] <rcaron> wow, aprs.fi is much better than findu.com
[19:38] <rcaron> 2hr flight to 98kft. not bad at all
[19:39] <akawaka> yeah, we have lots of space, but few roads, so we needed to keep things short
[19:41] <rcaron> we really lucked out on ours. we stayed with the balloon the whole time, and it was already dusk by the time it landed. I was ready to jump out of the car with my yagi and start searching
[19:41] <rcaron> but it landed in the middle of an abandoned road
[19:41] <rcaron> we drove right up to it
[19:41] <akawaka> hah
[19:41] <akawaka> awesome
[19:42] <rcaron> it really was
[19:42] <rcaron> last time a guy heard the thing beeping and cut down the tree it got hung up in
[19:43] <rcaron> i was expecting a similar scenario being needed this time
[19:43] <Laurenceb> good job it wasnt run over
[19:43] <rcaron> no kidding. the way we were driving, WE could have run over it
[19:43] <rcaron> and that would have been awful
[19:45] <Laurenceb> but very very funny in a bad way
[19:45] <Laurenceb> *crunch* ... we "recovered" the payload
[19:45] <rcaron> heh
[19:46] <akawaka> the chase is the most fun
[19:47] <akawaka> gonna try to build this beacon for our next flight: http://web.mit.edu/bgelb/www/balloon/hfbeacon/pa.png
[19:47] <akawaka> all my parts just arrived
[19:47] <akawaka> can't operate on 10mhz though, so i need to modify the output filter somehow
[19:49] <Laurenceb> neat
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[20:09] <fnoble> hello
[20:11] <fnoble> is ukhas down?
[20:14] <Laurenceb> yes, annoyingly
[20:15] <Laurenceb> its been intermittent for a few days now
[20:15] <fnoble> i see
[20:15] <Laurenceb> oh well I have pcbs :P unfortunatley not enough time to assemble them :-/
[20:15] <fnoble> same here
[20:15] <fnoble> what are your pcbs of?
[20:16] <Laurenceb> 3 radio boards and 5 flight computers
[20:16] <Laurenceb> flight computer=mega324p, lassen iq, servo header, ragulators ect
[20:17] <fnoble> cool
[20:17] <natrium42> http://www.festo.com/cms/de_de/5890_6299.htm#6040
[20:17] <Laurenceb> the radio boards are a new design, theres a 3.3v regulator, overvoltage protection on the serial and its smaller
[20:19] <akawaka> is a vcxo usable for radio stuff?
[20:19] <Laurenceb> sweet, but how do you steer?
[20:19] <fnoble> that is so awesome
[20:20] <Laurenceb> the mechanism is cool, but I dont get the directional control
[20:20] <Laurenceb> actually yes I do
[20:21] <Laurenceb> if the flapping axis isnt vertical, you can differentially throttle the motors
[20:21] <Laurenceb> and move in the horizontal plane
[20:24] <Laurenceb> in fact with the "fins" at slightly different angles you can spin around as well :P
[20:27] <natrium42> http://www.festo.com/rep/de_de/assets/Corporate_img/Festo_AirJelly_en.pdf
[20:28] <rcaron> Laurenceb: tell me about your radio design
[20:28] <Laurenceb> its atmega168 based
[20:29] <rcaron> ok, but where's the RF module?
[20:29] <Laurenceb> so it uses pwm to do pulse shaping, then sticks the pwm through a filter network
[20:29] <Laurenceb> the board fits into the back of a radiometrix module
[20:30] <Laurenceb> so theres about 4mm on space in the bottom of the metal enclosure, and it slots in
[20:30] <Laurenceb> you send it 4800 baud serial and it comes out the other end using truetty/fldigi
[20:31] <rcaron> ah. what freq? 433?
[20:31] <Laurenceb> yes
[20:31] <rcaron> get much interference on that frequency? i did last time i was on it since there are so many devices that use it
[20:31] <Laurenceb> yes do get a bit in urban areas
[20:32] <Laurenceb> but out at launch sites we've never had a problem
[20:32] <Laurenceb> most interference is wideband we find
[20:32] <Laurenceb> so its filtered out quite well
[20:34] <Laurenceb> in the middle of oxford we have occasional problems with some sort of packet switched system, but 90% of data gets through
[20:34] <rcaron> pretty nice
[20:37] <Laurenceb> the firmware is still a bit dodgy, it seems to work with the power saving turned off
[20:37] <Laurenceb> but it was origionally designed to hybernate when there was no data, so power consumption goes down to a few ma
[20:37] <rcaron> does it not wake back up?
[20:38] <Laurenceb> yes, but the first transmitted byte is corrupted
[20:39] <Laurenceb> its odd, theres no obvious cause... it cant be that the uart isnt setup correctly
[20:39] <Laurenceb> as if I dump the first byte in buffer, the problem is unchanged
[20:40] <Laurenceb> however, if I printf the byte to see what it was, no problem
[20:41] <Laurenceb> suggesting volatile variables need to be used somewhere... but where is something I can work out
[20:44] <Laurenceb> theres also a few extra features to be added, e.g I2C and sending a sync pulse on '\r\n'
[20:45] <Laurenceb> the new board has I2C broken out so you can do that
[20:45] <rcaron> interesting
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[21:15] <Laurenceb> back
[21:24] <rcaron> that didn't take too long
[21:26] <edmoore> Did you know it's possible to pull a finger?
[21:26] <edmoore> as in, pull a muscle
[21:26] <rcaron> i suppose its possible, but I would think its pretty rare
[21:27] <edmoore> I did it today
[21:27] <edmoore> according to a doctor
[21:27] <rcaron> wow
[21:27] Action: Laurenceb thought edmoore was reffurring to a rude gesture
[21:27] <edmoore> nope, genuine injury
[21:27] <edmoore> really buggering
[21:27] <Laurenceb> ouch
[21:27] <edmoore> left hand, so I can still do exams, annoyingly
[21:28] <Laurenceb> lol
[21:28] <Laurenceb> pity
[21:28] <Laurenceb> http://www.n-prize.com/ <-- interesting read
[21:29] <edmoore> impossible
[21:29] <edmoore> unless someone dedicated you a mine that produced the raw materials for solid rocket propellant
[21:30] <Laurenceb> I could probably do it next year
[21:30] <Laurenceb> but I'd be braking the "industry recources rule"
[21:30] <edmoore> You cannot get something weighing that much into an orbit with a decay of greater than 9 days, using solid rocket fuel, for that much, if you have to buy the fuel
[21:30] <edmoore> no you couldn't
[21:30] <Laurenceb> you can launch something that small on a russian booster for that price
[21:31] <Laurenceb> if you can persuade them to take you seriously
[21:31] <edmoore> I'm sure you couldn't
[21:31] <rcaron> and then have it blow up and fall onto the steepes (or back into the ocean if its one of those sub-based launches)
[21:31] <edmoore> the fixtures to hold the thing in place on launch would cost more than (((
[21:31] <edmoore> 999*
[21:31] <rcaron> seriously, russian track record lately has been spotty
[21:32] <Laurenceb> it wouldnt matter
[21:32] <Hiena> They will. They usually use the micro satellites as "bubblewrap" around the payloads.
[21:32] <edmoore> machining costs alone to any spec that rocket science would except would cost that just to tool up befroe labour
[21:32] <Laurenceb> youd make it yourself
[21:33] <Laurenceb> its probably possible
[21:33] <Hiena> The russian universities frequently drop a small satelites from the "commercial flights".
[21:33] <Laurenceb> yes
[21:33] <Laurenceb> to be honest I dont see why its such a big challenge
[21:33] <rcaron> if you have access to a university's machine shop you could do it
[21:33] <edmoore> They seem to be pushing rockoons
[21:33] <Laurenceb> the solution is pretty obvious
[21:34] <Laurenceb> stick it on a rockot with a ton of othe rnanosats
[21:34] <edmoore> "No part of any orbit may be
[21:34] <edmoore> lower than 99.99 km above the surface of the earth"
[21:34] <edmoore> lol
[21:34] <Laurenceb> ha
[21:34] <edmoore> I'd like to see you try and orbit at 99km
[21:35] <rcaron> you don't have to orbit for LONG
[21:35] <Hiena> Yup.
[21:35] <Hiena> Short and hot orbit.
[21:35] <Laurenceb> just a small chunck of pcb with monocrystalline cells on both sides
[21:35] <Laurenceb> and a radio transmitter of some sort
[21:36] <edmoore> for 9 days?
[21:36] <rcaron> 9 orbits. 13.5hrs
[21:36] <Laurenceb> it just a matter of where your booster dumps you
[21:36] <rcaron> i'd be curious to see a solar-powered radio transmitter that only weighs 20grams
[21:37] <Laurenceb> you'd have to make a release mechanism, but that would be exempt from the rules :P
[21:37] <Laurenceb> how heavy is your cellphone?
[21:37] <edmoore> "Entrants may not 'piggyback' on other aerospace projects (for example, by launching a satellite as
[21:37] <edmoore> a passenger on a larger launch vehicle). If they do so, the entire cost of the launch will be
[21:37] <edmoore> considered part of the budget of their N-Prize entry."
[21:37] <edmoore> like i say, impossible
[21:37] <edmoore> 999 is the cost of a martian independently re-performing what you've done
[21:37] <rcaron> well, my iPhone weighs 145g
[21:39] <rcaron> (i just so happened to have a scale in the lab)
[21:39] <rcaron> time for food
[21:39] <Laurenceb> thats a stupid rule
[21:39] <Laurenceb> didnt read that
[21:39] <Laurenceb> it is impossible then :(
[21:39] Hiena (n=Hiena@ left irc: "-=Alkoholmentes-sör és repülõgép-szimulátor, biztos út a guminõ felé=-"
[21:39] <edmoore> no, it's the point, and why I said it was impossible
[21:40] <edmoore> if you de-orbit and recover it, the prize money goes up by £1
[21:40] <Laurenceb> lol
[21:40] <edmoore> this prize is flirting with CUSF's goals
[21:40] <edmoore> but that was just to get into space, not orbit
[21:40] <edmoore> and the required amount of helium would costs too much
[21:41] <edmoore> we'd have to do a hydrogen balloon where we electrolysed the hydrogen ourselves
[21:41] <edmoore> then the 999 would go entirely towards ammonium perchlorate
[21:44] <Laurenceb> balloon mounted railgun ? :P
[21:44] fnoble (n=fnoble@fn217.quns.cam.ac.uk) left #highaltitude.
[21:45] <Laurenceb> (I'm joking btw)
[21:47] <Laurenceb> I dont get this railgun fandom
[21:51] <edmoore> I don't really know anything about them
[21:51] <edmoore> but some envelope calcs I did once suggested that you'd need some pretty special, low resistence caps to get anything useful
[21:52] <edmoore> so I gave up on that as a summer project
[21:52] <Laurenceb> the problem is the rails vaporise
[21:52] <edmoore> ha, that is potentially a problem yeah :)
[21:52] <Laurenceb> so it either blows up or spotwelds the spigot in place
[21:53] <edmoore> stabalising the final stage of the rocket would be really difficult
[21:53] <edmoore> bbc radio4 now!!
[21:54] <edmoore> 'how to build your own spaceship'
[21:54] Action: Laurenceb looks for his radio
[21:54] <Laurenceb> can you listen online?
[21:55] <Laurenceb> bah realpayer :(
[21:56] Action: Laurenceb tried to install the plugin, causing firefox to hang
[21:58] <edmoore> over now
[21:58] <Laurenceb> marvallous
[21:58] <Laurenceb> and I'll probably have to reboot my system
[21:58] <Laurenceb> was it interesting?
[21:59] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:59] <edmoore> just about the future of spaceflight and stuff
[21:59] <edmoore> nothing you'd not have heard before
[22:00] <Laurenceb> ok
[22:00] <Laurenceb> ah managed to restart firefox :P
[22:01] <Laurenceb> horrible realplayer :-/
[22:07] <jcoxon> hey edmoore
[22:08] <edmoore> I'm going to have a beer with this n-prize guy
[22:08] <edmoore> http://www.rocketeers.co.uk/?q=node/195
[22:08] <edmoore> looks like we're getting round the news sites
[22:09] <edmoore> hi jcoxon
[22:09] <jcoxon> all recoverd now?
[22:09] <jcoxon> recovered*
[22:09] <edmoore> yep, though about to disappear
[22:10] <edmoore> had an academic day, need to gym
[22:10] <jcoxon> haha
[22:10] <jcoxon> i'm living in hospital now
[22:10] <jcoxon> got myself a bleep
[22:11] <edmoore> lol
[22:11] <edmoore> happy bleeping!
[22:11] <edmoore> bbl
[22:11] <jcoxon> cya
[22:13] <Laurenceb> lol
[22:13] <Laurenceb> "to clarify" :P
[22:15] <Laurenceb> ooh nice - http://www.engineeringbritain.com/space/
[22:15] <Laurenceb> I had a look at DEIMOS in the cleanroom :D
[22:27] <edmoore> right, seeing this nprize guy for a drink on friday
[22:27] <edmoore> need to do some order of mag calcs between now and then
[22:27] <edmoore> ps I am back as gym partner is being slow
[22:27] <edmoore> so may dissappear again soon
[22:28] <jcoxon> hehe, we await your return ;-)
[22:28] <Laurenceb> mag calcs?
[22:29] <edmoore> order of mag
[22:29] <edmoore> ....nitude
[22:29] <Laurenceb> lol got you
[22:29] Action: Laurenceb thought magnets for some reason
[22:29] Action: Laurenceb read that as order some magnetic calculators
[22:30] <Laurenceb> maybe I'm going mad
[22:31] <Laurenceb> hmm so does the n-space guy run the rocketeer?
[22:32] <natrium42> just enlist chuck norris to help
[22:32] <natrium42> he can throw things at orbital speed
[22:32] <jcoxon> chuck can get anything done
[22:37] <edmoore> right, gym!
[22:37] <edmoore> bbl
[22:37] <natrium42> ^ eh? perhaps we could enlist edmoore instead
[22:38] <jcoxon> doubt it - apparently he strained his finger, not sure he could match chuck
[22:38] <natrium42> unless you can use slave labour, the best bet would be laser propulsion
[22:39] <natrium42> need a powerful laser and ability to focus on the craft precisely
[22:53] RocketBoy (n=grunge@ joined #highaltitude.
[23:02] RocketBoy (n=grunge@ left irc: "Leaving"
[23:19] <Laurenceb> just cuz some guy at cam has £9999 for us, doesnt make much difference
[23:19] <Laurenceb> I could have devised and financed this myself
[23:20] <Laurenceb> but you can launch a nanosat for that price
[23:20] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@ left irc: "Leaving"
[23:27] <akawaka> shite
[23:28] <akawaka> i built and launched a 20 gram satellite for 10000 sterling:(
[23:28] <akawaka> 20gram doesn't sound like much, rocketeers.co.uk using the wrong units?
[23:37] <Laurenceb> you did?
[23:43] <Laurenceb> eh
[23:46] <Laurenceb> rcaron: you about?
[23:50] <edmoore> akawaka: I think it's correct
[23:50] <edmoore> Laurenceb: it's always been abour the prizes!
[23:50] <edmoore> they catalyse all these things, and they're fun
[23:50] Tigga (n=chatzill@pc-232-235-60.magd.cam.ac.uk) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[23:51] Action: Laurenceb thinks up his own prize
[23:51] <edmoore> you jest, but it's true
[23:51] <Laurenceb> £50 to do my problem sheet by tomorrow am :P
[23:51] <edmoore> winning the n-prize would get a lot more coverage than launching a sattelite for £999
[23:51] <edmoore> hahaha
[23:51] <edmoore> I could probably get my friend Richard to do that for you
[23:51] <edmoore> gladly
[23:53] <Laurenceb> "what are the key properties of the solar system to be explained by any theory of its origin? What are the main features of the two main classes of theory, and the main reasons for discounting the least popular theory?"
[23:53] <Laurenceb> its just so boring.. just lift a few paragraphs out of a book
[23:54] <Laurenceb> or c&p wikipedia :P
[23:55] <edmoore> lol
[23:56] <Laurenceb> some of the early theories are actually pretty hilariously stupid
[23:57] <edmoore> like what?
[23:58] <Laurenceb> comet hits sun, globules of debry form planets
[23:59] <Laurenceb> as we all know the sun is a big ball of molten rock :P
[00:00] --- Tue Apr 29 2008