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[16:01] Nick change: Tigga_ -> Tigga
[16:15] <Cooleo> Afternoon All.
[16:16] <natrium42> like hi
[16:17] <Cooleo> Ever fixed a MacBook?
[16:23] <natrium42> nope
[16:23] <natrium42> my only mac is a hackintosh :P
[16:23] <Cooleo> Haha. I want a Hackintosh but my download rate is way too slow :P
[16:23] <Cooleo> So i bought an iBook G3.
[16:24] <Cooleo> Its broken, So I have to fix it
[16:24] <Cooleo> and just ripped the ribbon cable >.<
[16:26] <natrium42> well, you can patch the official leopard dvd
[16:26] <natrium42> and then install from that
[16:26] <natrium42> patch is not that big to download
[16:26] <Cooleo> I dont actually have the Actual CD.
[16:26] <Cooleo> OS9 On this atm :p
[16:26] <natrium42> lol
[16:26] <Cooleo> >.<
[16:26] <Cooleo> Might just sell the parts for ballooning stuff
[16:30] <natrium42> just fill the balloon with steve jobs' ego
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[16:30] <Cooleo> HAHA!
[16:31] <natrium42> then again, i heard that hot air from redmond floats pretty well
[16:31] <Cooleo> Haha :P
[16:31] <Cooleo> I love my Vista Box though
[16:39] <jcoxon> hey natrium42
[16:39] <natrium42> hi jcoxon
[16:40] <jcoxon> might squeeze a launch in this saturday
[16:43] <natrium42> awesome
[16:43] <natrium42> firefly or atlas?
[16:44] <jcoxon> firefly
[16:45] <jcoxon> though i'm still waiting for my gps module to arrive
[16:45] <jcoxon> :-(
[16:45] <jcoxon> is your tracker still up and running?
[16:54] <Cooleo> Arg. Well the things broken, Guess ill sell the parts
[16:55] <Cooleo> Anyone want iBook G3 parts? Lol
[16:58] <natrium42> jcoxon, yes
[16:58] <natrium42> jcoxon, i am going to new york city for 5 days today
[16:58] <jcoxon> haha
[16:58] <jcoxon> okay
[16:59] <natrium42> but should have internet connection hopefully :P
[16:59] <jcoxon> whats the address again
[16:59] <jcoxon> i'll get fhalp-3 to send you some messages
[17:00] <natrium42> natrium42.com/track
[17:00] <natrium42> and natrium42.com/track/admin
[17:00] <natrium42> let's delete spirit data
[17:01] <natrium42> done
[17:01] Action: natrium42 should add password protection eventually...
[17:01] <jcoxon> you'll only get the gsm data, so lots of points before launch, then lots of points on lanind
[17:01] <jcoxon> landing
[17:01] <natrium42> ok
[17:01] <natrium42> better than nothing :D
[17:01] <jcoxon> whats the format agin
[17:01] <natrium42> one sec
[17:01] <natrium42> i will uncomment it
[17:02] <natrium42> or rather the reverse
[17:04] <natrium42> ok, refresh
[17:05] <jcoxon> got it
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[17:07] <jatkins> hi all
[17:08] <jcoxon> natrium42, can i get away with just time, lat, lon and alt?
[17:09] <natrium42> sure, can you just set the others to 0 then?
[17:09] <natrium42> otherwise i would have to adapt the regex
[17:09] <natrium42> it's not that flexible atm
[17:10] <jcoxon> np
[17:10] <jcoxon> one sec just uploading the script
[17:18] <jcoxon> hmmmm
[17:18] <jcoxon> just sent a test message
[17:18] <jcoxon> oh oops
[17:18] <jcoxon> no N or Ws
[17:25] <jcoxon> yup there we go
[17:25] <jcoxon> right i've got to dash
[17:25] <jcoxon> have a good time in NY
[17:26] <natrium42> later
[17:26] <natrium42> thanks
[17:26] <jatkins> jcoxon: will you be back on later?
[17:26] <jcoxon> jatkins, probably not
[17:26] <jatkins> np
[17:27] <jcoxon> email me if you want
[17:27] <jcoxon> cya
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[17:27] <jatkins> ok, thanks
[17:27] <jatkins> natrium42, do you use Windows or Mac?
[17:27] <jatkins> OS X*
[17:27] <natrium42> linux & windows mainly
[17:27] <jatkins> ok
[17:27] <jatkins> I guess you use hyperterminal then?
[17:27] <natrium42> yep
[17:27] <jatkins> cool
[17:28] <jatkins> just trying to get my arduino to talk to my pc
[17:28] <jatkins> basically, I've got the serial digital pins wired to a serial port
[17:28] <jatkins> and got it to send out hello world
[17:28] <natrium42> ok
[17:28] <jatkins> but it's just returning gibberish in hyperterm
[17:29] <natrium42> is your baudrate set correctly?
[17:29] <jatkins> it's not ascii codes or hex
[17:29] <jatkins> I'll check
[17:29] <jatkins> might not be..
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[17:29] <natrium42> also make sure to set flow control to none if you are not using it
[17:29] <jatkins> I've been doing a lot of direct gps - pc comms
[17:29] <jatkins> yes, it is
[17:30] <jatkins> is incorrect baud rate a common cause for this sort of thing?
[17:30] <natrium42> yes
[17:30] <jatkins> ok
[17:31] <natrium42> are you sure your arduino clock is set up right?
[17:31] <natrium42> the baud rate generator is based of that
[17:31] <jatkins> internal clock?
[17:31] <natrium42> yah
[17:31] <jatkins> don't know about that :P
[17:31] <jatkins> I've just been doing simple stuff so far
[17:31] <jatkins> basic serial comms, and gpios, etc.
[17:31] <jatkins> I'll have a look online
[17:31] <jatkins> thanks
[17:31] <natrium42> not sure about arduino specifically, but there is a table in avr datasheet
[17:32] <natrium42> which tells you how to set up the baud rate given a specific clock rate
[17:32] <natrium42> bbl food
[17:32] <jatkins> ok
[17:32] <jatkins> cya
[17:47] <Cooleo> Hmm, If my ebay stuff sells, I make make £40 :D Thats enough for good parts
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[18:36] <Hiena> Good evening!
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[18:57] <natrium42> Hi Hiena
[19:03] <Hiena> Are the things going up?
[19:17] <natrium42> not yet
[19:17] <natrium42> jcoxon is launching this weekend
[19:22] <akawaka> whats he launching?
[19:23] <natrium42> firefly
[19:24] <natrium42> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/projects:firefly?s=fhalp
[19:36] <Hiena> I'm just wandering, why didn't you add some GSM module, with an own controller to the payload? It's simply power up every 5 minutes and check for the relays. If relay is awiable, reset the GPS and if the GPS has a valid pozition datas, it's sendin an SMS.
[19:38] <Hiena> If there is no aviable relay, or GPS data, it could go suspend and wait few minutes. If no valid GPS data, it could send a "blank" SMS, which could be traced by the service provider.
[19:39] <Hiena> If you owns the SIM in the GPS module, the most provider gives the cell information within 24 hours.
[19:40] <Hiena> Khm...GSM...
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[20:09] <Cooleo> Well, Ive got my string £1.22 for 120 meters. :D
[20:15] <Hiena> Cooleo, we could race at the weekend, which one of us makes a higher altitude. ;)
[20:15] <Cooleo> Haha, Im limiting mine to 100 Meters :)
[20:16] <Cooleo> Just because I haven't got the full GPS equipment yet, and chances are that it will go into the north sea, Haha :)
[20:16] <Cooleo> 4 Miles away.
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[20:19] <Cooleo> And, Mines not a full weather balloon, Its mearly 6 12" balloons :p
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[20:35] <Cooleo> Hmm, Might limit it to 80 meters.
[20:35] <Cooleo> Just because i dont want to mesure out another 20
[20:36] <Hiena> Cooleo, i'll be on the tow rope, and the winch is about 300m from the start, so it will be fair.
[20:36] <Cooleo> Im limiting my height though
[20:37] <Cooleo> Forcebly with a rope :P
[20:50] <Cooleo> Can someone help me with my Maths? I need to work out how much helium I will need
[20:57] <akawaka> best to just ask Cooleo
[20:58] <Cooleo> I need to lift about 210 Grams with 9" balloons
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[21:53] <Laurenceb> hi folks
[22:03] <Laurenceb> just got back from SSTL
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[22:48] <Laurenceb> hi jcoxon
[22:48] <jcoxon> hey Laurenceb
[22:49] <Laurenceb> SSTL is amazing :P
[22:49] <Laurenceb> like electronics heaven
[22:49] <jcoxon> hehe
[22:49] <jcoxon> so interview?
[22:49] <Laurenceb> yes
[22:50] <Laurenceb> hrmm I'm kicking myself a bit
[22:50] <jcoxon> go well?
[22:50] <Laurenceb> it could have gone better, should have done some revision
[22:50] <jcoxon> oh i'm sure its fine
[22:50] <Laurenceb> they were firing questions at me
[22:50] <Laurenceb> I knew the answers mostly, but just froze up a bit :-/
[22:51] <jcoxon> oh well
[22:51] <Laurenceb> I dont handle pressure well
[22:51] <Laurenceb> yes, they seemed fairly impressed in the end
[22:52] <Laurenceb> they're working with the cortex m3, edmoore would like it :P
[22:52] <jcoxon> when will you hear then?
[22:53] <Laurenceb> dunno, they seem rather disorganised
[22:53] <Laurenceb> didnt even know what I had applied for :D
[22:54] <akawaka> everyone is like that
[22:54] <akawaka> i get people brought into my office randomly for interviews
[22:54] <Laurenceb> basically in the end it came to "we'll fund a phd into something vaguely useful" :P
[22:57] <Laurenceb> so they're hopefully going to discuss things and get back to me with a range of avaliable research topics
[22:57] <jcoxon> would hte phd be there or at oxford?
[22:57] <Laurenceb> there
[22:58] <Laurenceb> most of the guys working for them are ex phd students they funded, its a great way to get a job
[22:59] <akawaka> they ever finish their phds?:)
[22:59] <Laurenceb> they've rented out part of the lab to the nigerian government, I had to resist the urge to make spam jokes
[23:00] <jcoxon> Laurenceb, it sounds all good
[23:00] <Laurenceb> yes
[23:01] <Laurenceb> I'm sure edmoore would be interested, looks like his sort of place, they even like the cortex m3 :D
[23:02] <Laurenceb> hopefully I'll hear from them soon :D
[23:03] <akawaka> booyah
[23:03] <akawaka> got my greencard
[23:04] <Laurenceb> does that mean you can work in the US?
[23:06] <Laurenceb> I'm off to bed, cya all
[23:07] <Laurenceb> oh permanent residence
[23:07] <Laurenceb> :P
[23:07] <Laurenceb> bye
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