[00:00] <edmoore> coolio
[00:00] <edmoore> right, might hit the sack
[00:01] <edmoore> cya
[00:01] <akawaka> how much memory on there?
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[00:07] <Laurenceb> 32MB
[00:10] <Laurenceb> grr... cant make up my mind on the gps
[00:10] <edmoore> do you need alt all the way?
[00:11] <Laurenceb> really
[00:11] <Laurenceb> yes
[00:12] <edmoore> lassen iq then
[00:12] <edmoore> or the smd equiv
[00:12] <Laurenceb> hmm I wonder what its heading performance is like
[00:13] <Laurenceb> if its as good as sirf2 I'm happy
[00:13] <edmoore> beggars/choosers
[00:13] <edmoore> :p
[00:15] <edmoore> if you want to spend money, consider ublox too
[00:15] Action: Laurenceb is allergic to that
[00:16] <edmoore> lol
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[00:23] <Laurenceb> looking at the datasheet, the velocity accuracy is way better than sirf2
[00:23] <edmoore> it's blowing a gale here
[00:23] <Laurenceb> but I'm not sure how fast it updates
[00:23] <edmoore> 1hz
[00:24] <Laurenceb> sure, but it depends how its filtered
[00:25] <Laurenceb> sirf2 is nice as there is very little filtering, so your own schemes work well
[00:26] <Laurenceb> oh well I'll get a lassen iq
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[01:10] <Laurenceb> ffs
[01:10] Action: Laurenceb has just lost 3 hours work
[01:11] <Laurenceb> I'm seriously considering going back to xp
[01:11] <fuzzy_food> electro-pwned
[01:11] <Laurenceb> my machine rebooted for no reason and all my files had reverted to about 3 hours ago
[01:12] <fuzzy_food> bummer : (
[01:12] <Laurenceb> I thought this problem was confined to my fat32 partition
[01:12] <Laurenceb> but its manifesting itself in a different was on my ext3 one
[01:12] <Laurenceb> way*
[01:13] <Laurenceb> and I still have no clue as to what the problem is
[01:13] <fuzzy_food> : (
[01:13] Nick change: fuzzy_food -> fuzzylugnut
[01:14] <Laurenceb> I'm going to cook some food, bbl
[01:24] <fuzzylugnut> my gyro has no feta : (
[01:24] <Laurenceb> feta?
[01:24] <fuzzylugnut> feta cheese
[01:25] <Laurenceb> gyro?
[01:25] <Laurenceb> mems gyro?
[01:25] <fuzzylugnut> google image it
[01:25] Action: Laurenceb senses a meme
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[01:43] <Laurenceb> how do I change permissions on a directory so read and write is permitted by all users?
[01:44] <fuzzylugnut> chmod 577 I think
[01:45] <Laurenceb> doesnt work
[01:45] <fuzzylugnut> I chmod 777 will open it up all the way
[01:46] <Laurenceb> ah its working
[01:46] <fuzzylugnut> yey
[01:47] <Laurenceb> it wasnt giving me an error before
[01:47] <Laurenceb> so it wasnt saving my work
[01:47] <Laurenceb> and I didnt realise
[01:47] <fuzzylugnut> oh, that sucks
[01:48] <Laurenceb> yes its a bit glitchy
[01:48] <Laurenceb> back to where I started now
[01:49] <fuzzylugnut> :/
[01:50] <Laurenceb> oh well eagles quite easy, I should have the flight computer board ready in a few days
[01:50] <fuzzylugnut> ok
[01:51] <Laurenceb> I'm using a lassen iq and atmega324p
[01:51] <Laurenceb> it should be possible to make it fit square with the back of the gps
[01:51] <fuzzylugnut> Nifty
[01:52] <Laurenceb> its sort of designed for a zagi wing
[01:52] <Laurenceb> but I'm sure something smaller could be built
[01:53] <Laurenceb> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/projects:ukhas_glider_project:code
[01:53] <fuzzylugnut> as always : )
[01:57] <Laurenceb> with the lassen iq, theres no need for all the nmea parsing code
[01:57] <Laurenceb> it might be possible to make this with a 168, as the code on the wiki is only 22kb
[01:58] <fuzzylugnut> why is there no need for the parsing?
[01:58] <Laurenceb> it has binary interface
[01:58] <fuzzylugnut> .....?
[01:59] <Laurenceb> as in raw binary data, not csv
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[01:59] <fuzzylugnut> ahh ok
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[02:01] <Laurenceb> the 1pulse per sec output could be useful as well
[02:01] <Laurenceb> for syncronising the radio
[02:01] <Laurenceb> I'm adding a few pads and 0.1inch holes to the board so it could be modified in future
[02:02] <fuzzylugnut> good planning
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[03:10] <fuzzylugnut> http://kitup.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/sdu5.jpg
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[09:24] <jcoxon> TADA
[09:24] <jcoxon> I have returned
[09:29] <jcoxon> and i'll be back
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[10:14] <edmoore> go away!!!!!
[10:14] <edmoore> have a holiday!!
[10:14] <edmoore> bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
[10:15] <edmoore> how is it out there?
[10:15] <jcoxon> oh i'm actually home
[10:15] <jcoxon> and its cold :-p
[10:15] <edmoore> ooooooh
[10:15] <edmoore> ok
[10:15] <edmoore> that was a fast week
[10:16] <edmoore> yeah it's blowing a gale here
[10:16] <edmoore> and trying to sleet
[10:16] <jcoxon> i got a little lonely so went on a mini adventure
[10:16] <jcoxon> got the train(s) back so have played in the snow in austria
[10:18] <jcoxon> its a lot colder there then here :-)
[10:18] <edmoore> I can beleive that
[10:18] <edmoore> how far from brick lane to stratford?
[10:18] <jcoxon> not very
[10:19] <jcoxon> pourquoi?
[10:19] <edmoore> 5km
[10:19] <edmoore> deciding whether to walk/tube/what
[10:19] <jcoxon> maybe less
[10:19] <jcoxon> oh
[10:19] <jcoxon> don't walk it
[10:19] <jcoxon> central line
[10:19] <edmoore> sounds like a plan
[10:20] <jcoxon> http://homepage.mac.com/chen/w7ay/cocoaModem/Whats%20New/Whats%20New%20Old/whatsnew044.html
[10:21] <edmoore> which bit am I looking at?
[10:21] <edmoore> my heart is set alight by the news of the Japanese keyboard bug fix
[10:21] <jcoxon> hehe
[10:21] <edmoore> it doesn't seem to work in leopard
[10:21] <jcoxon> just that there is a new version and it uses NetAudio
[10:24] <jcoxon> makes it very adaptable
[10:24] <jcoxon> okay now this is cool
[10:24] <jcoxon> http://homepage.mac.com/chen/w7ay/cocoaModem/More/Contents/Lite.html
[10:25] <jcoxon> you could really easily make a system like the UTARC people use
[10:26] <jcoxon> right i better be off, getting a lift home to avoid the stupid bus replacement service
[10:26] <jcoxon> have a good time in Brick Lane
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[11:29] <Hiena> Good morning!
[11:34] <Hiena> Well, if you need some rad. shielding materials or ballast, i could offer my humble person for this purpose.
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[11:35] <Hiena> I got a phone call, from the company's doctor, and i had to go for a heavy metal test on the next week.
[11:40] <Hiena> Seems like i have some lead and silver surplus.
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[12:57] <edmoore> hi josh
[13:00] <edmoore> how's it going?
[13:00] <jatkins> hi
[13:00] <jatkins> ok, thanks
[13:00] <jatkins> still struggling with the gps though
[13:01] <jatkins> I've tried several different combinations of datatypes, but I'm still getting mangled characters
[13:01] <edmoore> it could well be a tough thing to do from a programming point of view. It causes lots of people problems.
[13:01] <edmoore> so, let's try and break the problem down into more manageable chunks
[13:02] <edmoore> are you splitting things up using the commas?
[13:02] <jatkins> haven't even got that far yet
[13:02] <edmoore> ok no problem
[13:02] <jatkins> I think that's just split(",", $nmea) when I come to it
[13:02] <jatkins> and then deal with the array
[13:02] <jatkins> but anyway, it's just the actual rs-232 input that's the problem
[13:03] <jatkins> I'll just connect the gps up to the arduino and open up the ide
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[13:03] <edmoore> You've got the gps talking directly to the terminal on the pc
[13:04] <jatkins> no
[13:04] <jatkins> it's going through the arduino
[13:04] <edmoore> ok that's good
[13:04] <edmoore> so a good next step would be to try and store it on the arduino, then send it
[13:04] <jatkins> and the arduino is transmitting it from the Tx pin, which the pc can read
[13:04] <edmoore> that way you know you've got all the arrays and stuff working properly
[13:04] <jatkins> yeah
[13:04] <jatkins> it's only got 512 bytes of read/write space
[13:05] <jatkins> but that's enough for testing
[13:05] <edmoore> that's plenty - the nmea string is ~90 characters isn't it?
[13:05] <jatkins> probably something like that ;)
[13:05] <jatkins> I wrote a parser for mc a little while a go, which got it down to about 10 characters
[13:06] <edmoore> cool
[13:06] <edmoore> well keep plugging
[13:06] <edmoore> if you can get this programmed, it's all downhill
[13:06] <jatkins> looks like this: 5114800>00032681
[13:06] <jatkins> once it's parsed, anyway
[13:07] <jatkins> I'll put my code on the wiki and give you the link
[13:07] <edmoore> now everyone knows where you live :p
[13:08] <jatkins> actually it's not my address
[13:08] <jatkins> mc's
[13:08] <jatkins> hope he doesn't mind
[13:08] <jatkins> anyway, http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/code:nmea_collection
[13:09] <edmoore> lol
[13:10] <edmoore> ok, and that works fine?
[13:10] <jatkins> well, it's just returning numbers
[13:10] <jatkins> I'll paste an example
[13:10] <jatkins> 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000911251971571591631411591631599915915915915916715915916715916716715915923595103159159159167159159159159167157155149831552359589167157167167167167
[13:10] <jatkins> 1631591671591591831131671571551411511591671671671591551511591671571511591712291138916715
[13:11] <edmoore> it looks like it's sending the ascii values
[13:12] <jatkins> yep
[13:12] <jatkins> but ascii values can be 2 or 3 digit?
[13:12] <jatkins> so I don't know how to differentiate
[13:13] <edmoore> I'm not sure how arduino handles such things as sending ascii or decimal - let me have a quick look
[13:13] <jatkins> ok
[13:13] <jatkins> http://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/ASCIIchart
[13:13] <jatkins> http://www.arduino.cc/en/Serial/Print has a list of datatypes for rs232
[13:14] <edmoore> oh that's correct
[13:14] <edmoore> (nmea, BYTE) should send nmea as ascii
[13:14] <jatkins> ok
[13:15] <edmoore> so what you've done is correct
[13:15] <jatkins> ok
[13:15] <jatkins> I did if(nmea==0) to check if it's ascii data
[13:15] <jatkins> i.e. it shouldn't be printing any zeros
[13:16] <edmoore> try getting rid of that bit
[13:16] <jatkins> yeah
[13:16] <jatkins> if(nmea!=0) {
[13:16] <jatkins> Serial.print(nmea, BYTE);
[13:16] <jatkins> }
[13:16] <edmoore> the if else clause
[13:16] <edmoore> and just have it print whatever it gets
[13:16] <jatkins> how about if(nmea!=0) ?
[13:16] <jatkins> or just leave that altogether?
[13:16] <edmoore> just comment it all out
[13:17] <jatkins> ok
[13:17] <edmoore> so it always prints serial.print(nmea,byte) regardless
[13:17] <jatkins> yep
[13:18] <jatkins> I've done that and uploaded, now I'm just getting (mainly) random characters on lines
[13:18] <jatkins> §
[13:18] <jatkins> ?
[13:18] <jatkins> ë
[13:18] <jatkins> _
[13:18] <jatkins> q
[13:18] <jatkins> W
[13:18] <jatkins> e
[13:18] <jatkins> c
[13:18] <jatkins> §
[13:18] <jatkins> ?
[13:24] <edmoore> nothing at all when the gps comes through?
[13:24] <jatkins> the characters above are what I get
[13:25] <jatkins> dyu mean when the satellites are located?
[13:25] <edmoore> ok, scrap that idea
[13:25] <edmoore> yeah
[13:25] <edmoore> when it starts sending its updates at 1hz
[13:25] <jatkins> not sure when that happens, as I can just see the ascii codes coming through
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[13:25] <jatkins> usually takes a few minutes though, I'll leave it on for a bit
[13:26] <jatkins> hi mc
[13:26] <mc-> Hi jatkins
[13:26] <mc-> Hi Ed, just had a call from John B
[13:27] <edmoore> spooky, I was just writing him an email
[13:28] <mc-> he prefers phone calls..
[13:28] <mc-> how are you fixed next w/e?
[13:28] <mc-> on sunday?
[13:28] <edmoore> I think that's free, yep
[13:28] <mc-> or failing that, the w/e
[13:28] <mc-> after
[13:29] <jatkins> you guys might find http://whichweekend.com/ helpful
[13:29] <jatkins> anyway, just realized something
[13:29] <jatkins> the serial data isn't coming in byte by byte (which I thought), it *is* sending ascii codes
[13:29] <jatkins> println() shows it:
[13:30] <jatkins> 87
[13:30] <jatkins> 101
[13:30] <jatkins> 99
[13:30] <jatkins> 105
[13:30] <jatkins> 117
[13:30] <jatkins> 0
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[13:31] <mc-> http://www.spacefleet.org.uk/
[13:31] <jatkins> sweet, 0 co2 emissions
[13:32] <jatkins> I guess ss1 gives off some because it burns rubber, i.e. hydrocarbon?
[13:32] <edmoore> Yep
[13:32] <edmoore> I don't think rocketry will ever be that friendly
[13:32] <jatkins> shame
[13:32] <jatkins> monopropellant perhaps though
[13:32] <edmoore> what propellant does that use, then?
[13:33] <mc-> just plant lots of trees instead
[13:33] <jatkins> lol
[13:33] <jatkins> wow 340km apogee
[13:33] <mc-> ed, can you pick up the bits from R+things
[13:33] <edmoore> what's the propulsion system on this thing?
[13:33] <edmoore> yes, will do next week
[13:33] <edmoore> after b'holiday monday
[13:33] <jatkins> no idea
[13:33] <jatkins> MECO at 140km
[13:34] <jatkins> or do they just call it that on the shuttle ;)
[13:34] <mc-> jatkins, it's just a paper design
[13:34] <mc-> don't believe any of it...
[13:34] <jatkins> they're electrolyzing water
[13:34] <edmoore> i guess lox and hydrogen is really the only way of doing zero carbon?
[13:35] <jatkins> guess so
[13:35] <jatkins> monopropellants can go to > mach 1 though
[13:35] <edmoore> if so, then the 'zero-carbon' claim is true but criminally misleading
[13:35] <jatkins> why?
[13:35] <edmoore> because water vapour is about 1000 times more effective a greenhouse gas than co2
[13:35] <jatkins> all the fossil fuels for electrolysis?
[13:35] <jatkins> yeah, but it's part of a cycle, so isn't it ok?
[13:36] <edmoore> not if you dump it into the upper atmosphere
[13:36] <edmoore> co2 is part of the cycle
[13:36] <edmoore> just not in the places we're putting it and at the rates we're putting it there
[13:36] <jatkins> but the water will freeze in the upper atmosphere, and drop
[13:36] <edmoore> no, sadly it doesn't
[13:36] <jatkins> oh
[13:36] <edmoore> it evaporates into molecules
[13:36] <jatkins> ok
[13:37] <edmoore> you need a nucleation point (like a piece of dust) and lots of molecules in teh same place for ice crystals to form
[13:37] <jatkins> if you have engine cut off at a lower altitude, say 40km like the shuttle SRBs, is that ok?
[13:37] <mc-> but I think there's a low chance of spacefleet ever happening....so it doesn't matter...
[13:37] <edmoore> the SRBs are solid fuel
[13:37] <jatkins> yeah, but i was meaning the cutoff point
[13:38] <edmoore> they produce different exhaust gases
[13:38] <edmoore> 40km is still very very high
[13:38] <jatkins> but the water vapour is very dense?
[13:38] <edmoore> you'd have to cut it off at 5km for that arguement to hold any weight
[13:38] <jatkins> lol
[13:38] <edmoore> yes but it diffuses
[13:38] <jatkins> oh
[13:38] <edmoore> right, gtg
[13:38] <edmoore> cya later
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[13:39] <mc-> www.spacefleet.co.uk - anyone joined this?
[13:40] <jatkins> not me, looks cool though
[13:41] <jatkins> mike, won't the exhaust still drop due to inertia?
[13:41] <jatkins> i.e. it's coming out at mach 2 or something
[13:42] <mc-> I haven't much clue about this
[13:42] <mc-> did you get serial comms working?
[13:43] <jatkins> not yet, that's what I've been talking to Ed about
[13:43] <jatkins> just getting ascii codes
[13:44] <mc-> that's all you need, isn't it?
[13:44] <jatkins> yes, but it's not converting from the codes to characters correctly
[13:45] <mc-> that's probably because it's a software com port
[13:45] <jatkins> it's returning this:
[13:45] <jatkins> Y}§}§?§§§§§§§§§§§§§?£?§?£?§?£?«??åë·q_qYS§?§?§??§??§??§???§«?{åë·q_[ey§??????£???§S§????£????§c§?????£????§u§§§??????§§«?yåë·q_SWq§§W§§e§§c§§i«?uåë
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[21:11] RocketBoy (n=grunge@ joined #highaltitude.
[21:14] <jcoxon> evening RocketBoy
[21:17] <RocketBoy> Hi jcoxon
[21:18] <RocketBoy> I got your email - sounds like you have been doing som traveling
[21:18] <RocketBoy> I just hacking the camera at the mo - i have a feeling that I have removed 1 too many components
[21:19] <jcoxon> uh oh
[21:20] <jcoxon> does it still turn on?
[21:20] <RocketBoy> I was removing the flash circuitry (capacitor xenon tube) and then I removed one of the coild and it broke (so I cant solder it back)
[21:20] <RocketBoy> Oh yeah it turns on - but the status led flashes
[21:20] <jcoxon> yes
[21:20] <RocketBoy> all the time
[21:21] <RocketBoy> Its waiting for the flash to charge I think
[21:21] <jcoxon> now, if you short out connections
[21:21] <jcoxon> it'll stop
[21:21] <jcoxon> or something like that
[21:22] <RocketBoy> yeah - I guess if I find the line that is the high voltage monitor - then I can fool it into thnking that the flash has charged
[21:23] <RocketBoy> even if I turn the flash off (or put it into macro mode) it won't take a picture - i think it knows somthing is wrong
[21:23] <jcoxon> if you stop it flashing it acts normally
[21:26] <RocketBoy> nope - in non macro mode it still keeps flashing - even if the flash is turned off through the menus
[21:26] <RocketBoy> in macro mode (where the flash is automatically disabled) it doesn't falsh - but there again it wont take any pictures
[21:28] <RocketBoy> I need to find the pinout for a 25H8F chip that seems to control the flash
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[21:33] <jcoxon> there is a new version cocoamodem including a lite version which is controlled purely by applescript
[21:34] <RocketBoy> sounds like it could do the job
[21:36] natrium42 (n=alexei@CPE000625d867e2-CM0014045885be.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #highaltitude.
[21:38] fuzzylugnut (n=hush@24-116-155-170.cpe.cableone.net) joined #highaltitude.
[21:38] <fuzzylugnut> hey folks
[21:39] <fuzzylugnut> at some point one of you guys mentioned the Gu icecream containers.... now I'm intrigued
[21:39] <fuzzylugnut> though it doesn't look like they sell in the US : (
[21:41] <jcoxon> fuzzylugnut, oh no
[21:41] <fuzzylugnut> : (
[21:41] <RocketBoy> yeah - I tried to get some today in our large tesco store - but no luck
[21:42] <fuzzylugnut> awww
[21:42] <fuzzylugnut> they look like foam boxes, right?
[21:43] <fuzzylugnut> that are dashingly aerodynamic?
[21:43] <jcoxon> they are very specialist
[21:44] <fuzzylugnut> cool
[21:44] <RocketBoy> yeah - seem just ideal for the atlas project
[21:44] <fuzzylugnut> maybe I could barter some stuff for gu cubes : )
[21:45] <fuzzylugnut> I've got a crapload of polaroid 4x5 BW film
[21:45] Action: RocketBoy thinks he might be eating a lot of gu shortly
[21:45] <fuzzylugnut> haha...
[21:49] <jcoxon> Ed has been going on about these boxes for quite a while
[21:49] <fuzzylugnut> haha.
[21:49] <jcoxon> atleast he has moved on from the altoid tins
[21:49] <fuzzylugnut> cool.
[21:52] <jcoxon> RocketBoy, is there anychance you could record me an RTTY transmission from one of your modems
[21:52] <jcoxon> am working on automating cocoamodem and would be good to have a test recording
[21:52] <jcoxon> (though i guess we'd need to find out how ed is going to transmit)
[21:53] <RocketBoy> yeah - I'll put on my list of jobs to do over the next day or so
[21:53] <jcoxon> thanks
[21:59] <RocketBoy> I'll think I'll try feeding in the voltage form another flash unit - to see if that makes it work - if so I'll know its that its sensing the voltage (250V DC)
[22:00] <fuzzylugnut> hv stuff?
[22:01] <RocketBoy> yeah the flash in this camera - it charges a capacitor to 250V and then triggers the xenon flash tube
[22:01] <RocketBoy> which discharges the capacitor
[22:01] <fuzzylugnut> oh, I though you were doing something different with it
[22:02] <RocketBoy> yeah - I trying to remove everything it doesn't need - so since we dont need the flash I thought I take it out
[22:03] <fuzzylugnut> ah ok.
[22:03] <RocketBoy> however the camera seems to be too smart and detects that the flash voltage isn't there
[22:03] <fuzzylugnut> what kind of camera?
[22:04] <RocketBoy> is a oldish 3Mp cheap one
[22:04] <RocketBoy> premier DS3080
[22:04] <fuzzylugnut> sounds like my first flight's camera
[22:04] <fuzzylugnut> I took the case out and just used superglue to hold it together, for some reason.
[22:05] <RocketBoy> yeah - it takes good pics jcoxon used it on pegasus1 a
[22:05] <fuzzylugnut> great : )
[22:06] <fuzzylugnut> bbiab, installing the ft-857 in my car. had it out for the winter.
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[22:30] <jcoxon> woohoo
[22:30] <jcoxon> got coocamodem logging
[22:31] <jcoxon> typically it required a delay of 1 second
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[23:12] borism (n=boris@84-50-229-9-dsl.krw.estpak.ee) joined #highaltitude.
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[23:28] <fuzzylugnut> woooooooo
[23:28] <fuzzylugnut> I love this radio + antenna.
[23:29] <fuzzylugnut> I was able to talk to a guy on the east coast from here (2100 miles) from my car : )
[23:29] <RocketBoy> thats the way of HF
[23:30] <fuzzylugnut> yeah : )
[23:30] <fuzzylugnut> 20m
[23:30] <RocketBoy> I just love SSB
[23:30] <fuzzylugnut> me too
[23:30] <fuzzylugnut> : )
[23:31] <RocketBoy> BTW i'm G8KHW
[23:31] <fuzzylugnut> awesome, if I had a beam I'd point it at england and try to get ya
[23:32] <RocketBoy> I havn't got an HF TX at the mo :-(
[23:32] <fuzzylugnut> awwwww ok
[23:32] <jcoxon> RocketBoy, i've got logging and periodic timestamping set up
[23:33] <fuzzylugnut> RocketBoy: I'm K3ZGO
[23:33] <RocketBoy> fb om
[23:34] <fuzzylugnut> hehe.
[23:37] <fuzzylugnut> bbiab, fixing cable sprawl.
[23:47] Laurenceb (n=laurence@dhcp39-083.sthughs.ox.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[23:47] <Laurenceb> hi all
[23:50] <fuzzylugnut> Hey
[23:51] <Laurenceb> annoyingly sparkfun are out of the antennas for the lassen iq
[23:52] <Laurenceb> hopefully they will have some in stock soon
[23:52] <fuzzylugnut> : )
[23:53] <Laurenceb> I dont want to have to make up my own ant, its a pain
[23:53] <fuzzylugnut> especially for the ghz stuffs
[23:53] <Laurenceb> well I'd fix a new cable onto an exsting ant
[23:54] <fuzzylugnut> oh, nm thats easy.
[23:54] <Laurenceb> but not as nice as the antenna on sparkfun
[23:55] <Laurenceb> I'm just working on the board layout, it should fit on a 1x2'' board
[23:56] <fuzzylugnut> nifty
[23:57] <Laurenceb> all the connectors will make it a bit bulky, its got 4 servo headers, cable to thermopile unit, radio header, gps ant, power, programmer, and a few extra pads for future mods
[23:57] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@85-210-96-225.dsl.pipex.com) left irc: "Leaving"
[23:59] <Laurenceb> it should be possible to do things like add extra analogue io, and run a gps synced radio onboard
[00:00] --- Sun Mar 23 2008