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[12:46] <Laurenceb> hello
[12:52] <Laurenceb> gpio works :D
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[13:02] <willo> :D
[13:03] <Laurenceb> right, back to ssh
[13:03] <Laurenceb> its such a pain there is only one ethernet socket on here
[13:03] <Laurenceb> need to register my ngw100 on the network
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[13:04] <willo> lol..
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[18:27] <Hiena> Good evening!
[18:32] <natrium42> hi
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[18:40] <jatkins> hi all
[18:40] <natrium42> hey
[18:41] <jatkins> natrium42, have you used arduinos before?
[18:41] <natrium42> nope
[18:41] <natrium42> just AVRs directly
[18:41] <jatkins> ok, np
[18:41] <jatkins> you used atmegas?
[18:42] <jatkins> that's basically what an arduino is
[18:43] <natrium42> yep, atmegas
[18:43] <jatkins> cool
[18:44] <jatkins> do you know how to go about interfacing an SD card with one?
[18:44] <natrium42> sure, you can use the SPI lines
[18:45] <natrium42> there should be some designs available at avrfreaks or elsewhere
[18:45] <jatkins> ok
[18:45] <jatkins> http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Serial_Peripheral_Interface_Bus?
[18:45] <natrium42> yep
[18:45] <jatkins> ok, thanks
[18:46] <natrium42> SD cards have 3 different modes of communication
[18:46] <natrium42> the best suited one for AVR is the SPI mode
[18:46] <jatkins> ok
[18:46] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[18:46] <natrium42> because AVR supports it in hardware
[18:46] <jatkins> http://www.avrfreaks.net/index.php?module=Freaks%20Academy&func=viewItem&item_id=885&item_type=project&timestamp=2007-03-27%2014:47:37
[18:46] <jatkins> looks like what I need
[18:48] <natrium42> yah, the schematic part looks good
[18:48] <jatkins> great
[18:49] <natrium42> of course you would write your own software or use a library
[18:49] <natrium42> avrlib has SD/MMC functions
[18:49] <natrium42> but i haven't tested them
[18:49] <natrium42> does arduino have SD library?
[18:49] <jatkins> I don't think so
[18:50] <jatkins> there's not much about SD communication on the arduino website
[18:54] <jatkins> do you think this is a good method: http://www.captain.at/electronic-atmega-sd-card.php
[18:54] <jatkins> from here http://www.captain.at/electronic-atmega-mmc.php
[18:56] <natrium42> sure, that's a simple way as it doesn't use any file system
[18:56] <natrium42> the advantage is that the code is tiny
[18:56] <jatkins> ok, cool
[18:56] <jatkins> I've g2g now, thanks for your help
[18:56] <natrium42> to read back the data on a computer you would need to use a disk editor or a tool like dd
[18:56] <natrium42> sure thing, later
[18:57] <jatkins> ok
[18:57] <jatkins> cya
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[18:59] <Hiena> Any news about the lost balloon?
[19:05] <natrium42> i haven't heard anything
[19:05] <natrium42> it's hard to find a small payload if you lose communication...
[19:05] <natrium42> hopefully somebody will find it and call
[19:06] <natrium42> i got very lucky with HALO1
[19:06] <natrium42> GPS module crashed because of altitude
[19:06] <natrium42> so even though i had communication with it when it landed
[19:06] <natrium42> it was sending me the last position only, which was at over 20km altitude
[19:07] <natrium42> luckily it landed right on a street in my home town
[19:07] <natrium42> and a guy saw it land and called me :)
[19:08] <natrium42> imagine the chance in the payload landing right in my town when we launched it 100km away
[19:08] <natrium42> very lucky!
[19:15] <natrium42> bbl, lecture time
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[19:23] <Hiena> Hi rocketboyV1 ! Did you get a V1?
[19:29] <Hiena> Sleep.
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[21:25] <Simon-MPFH> Lat-Long Mathematics - I remember enough triganomitary from school to work out distances and headings - probably
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[21:25] <Simon-MPFH> Are there any simple algorithms people use?
[21:26] <Simon-MPFH> I'm trying to pilot my glider back to base
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[23:03] <natrium42> hey jcoxon
[23:09] <natrium42> any calls?
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