[00:01] <jcoxon> testing
[00:01] <edmoore> on what- the bot?
[00:02] <jcoxon> yup
[00:02] <jcoxon> as the webspace is on a different server to the actual bot
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[00:06] <jcoxon> http://users.gridstar.net/~zeusbot/index.html
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[00:15] <edmoore_> yippee!
[00:17] <jcoxon> :-)
[00:18] <jcoxon> right
[00:18] <jcoxon> finally finished
[00:19] <jcoxon> though i have a bad feeling i'm not actually allowed to have 2 background processes running on this account
[00:19] <jcoxon> oh well
[00:19] <jcoxon> will have to see
[00:20] <jcoxon> hehe, its interesting to look at the early logs
[00:20] <edmoore_> what's in them?
[00:20] <jcoxon> oh from jan2006
[00:21] <jcoxon> when it was just phatmonkey and i
[00:21] <edmoore_> had you launched peg1 then?
[00:21] Nick change: edmoore_ -> edmoore
[00:22] <jcoxon> yup
[00:22] <jcoxon> peg1 in october 2005
[00:23] <edmoore> wey back when
[00:24] <edmoore> there are some lovely 8-bit flight computers about
[00:24] <edmoore> have a look at the Jestrel Autopilot
[00:24] <edmoore> Kestrel*
[00:25] <edmoore> http://www.procerusuav.com/images/large/img_kap2_side_lrg.jpg
[00:25] <edmoore> I like the way the gyros are squeezed in over in the corner
[00:27] <jcoxon> :-)
[00:28] <edmoore> 16g. not too bad
[00:28] <edmoore> ok, inspired. onwards we go
[00:32] <jcoxon> okay, i'm off to bed, job for the day done
[00:32] <edmoore> well done
[00:32] <edmoore> nice to see zb bac k
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[12:35] <jcoxon_> afternoon all
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[12:50] <edmoore> hi jcoxon_
[12:50] <edmoore> I hate that it's afternoon already
[12:50] <jcoxon_> so do i
[12:51] <jcoxon_> i'm bogged down with this damn project
[12:51] <jcoxon_> making very slow progress
[12:53] <edmoore> why does he keep asking?
[12:53] <jcoxon_> cause i haven't done it
[12:54] <jcoxon_> hmmm chanserv isn't responding
[12:55] <jcoxon_> hmmm chanserv isn't responding_
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[13:01] <jcoxon_> oh come on
[13:01] <jcoxon_> i turned that off
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[14:50] <neonyube> quiet in here today
[14:50] <edmoore> mmm, new years plans taking over
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[15:31] <neonyube> anyone use any C compliers for PICs
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[15:37] <jcoxon> hey neontube
[15:37] <neontube> afternoon
[15:37] <neontube> i need a better irc client for osx...
[15:37] <neontube> what would u recomend ?
[15:38] <jcoxon> xchat
[15:38] <jcoxon> well thats what i use
[15:38] <jcoxon> xchat aqua
[15:38] <jcoxon> edmoore uses colloquy
[15:38] <neontube> and does it do basic things like remmeber connection settings :-P this one i curretly have doesn't
[15:38] <jcoxon> yeah
[15:39] <neontube> thats what i have now, but for some reason it refuses to cache settings
[15:39] <neontube> i'm probs not doing something right, but if it isn't obvious then its not been writen well
[15:39] <neontube> god my spelling is crap
[15:40] <jcoxon> colloquy?
[15:40] edmoore (n=edmoore@ joined #highaltitude.
[15:42] <neontube> yer
[15:42] <jcoxon> xchat aqua is the simple
[15:43] <neontube> i'll give that a bash later
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[15:45] <jcoxon> yay, got my gm862 development system up and running again
[15:45] <jcoxon> had to resolder a few dodgey joints
[15:46] <neontube> http://www.kd7lmo.net/hf-aprs_mechanical.html
[15:46] <neontube> now that is a serious bomb proof payload box
[15:47] <jcoxon> hehe
[15:47] <jcoxon> gonna hurt when it hits you on the head
[15:47] <neontube> hehe happen to have one under the table
[15:48] <neontube> they chucked a couple of them out at work, they used to use them for backup tape off site transport
[15:48] <edmoore> That's a serious PCB!
[15:48] <edmoore> obviously doing a helluva lot more stuff than out payloads
[15:48] <edmoore> our*
[15:48] <neontube> well if u had invested that much time in the pcb.. u want a box that good to keep it in
[15:49] <edmoore> not going to argue with that :)
[15:49] <neontube> but they benefit from the american transmision rules for that radio coms / powers they can use
[15:49] <edmoore> yeah, I noticed the fairly serious looking transmitter section of that pcb
[15:49] <edmoore> looks lovely :)
[15:50] <neontube> u wouldn't need the radio to find that, u would here it humming 10 fields away
[15:50] <edmoore> I wonder what the dds is for...
[15:51] <edmoore> are they synthesising the carrier?
[15:51] <neontube> its for playing the in flight movie
[15:52] <edmoore> I do like the single pcb solution
[15:52] <neontube> DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) to generate PSK-31, 300 baud, 1200 baud, and 9600 baud APRS tracking signals.
[15:52] <neontube> so yes
[15:52] <edmoore> yep, just read it :)
[15:52] <edmoore> nice
[15:53] <neontube> l personaly like the sexy look of stacked pcbs though
[15:53] <edmoore> that is nice too
[15:54] <neontube> http://www.kd7lmo.net/beacon.html
[15:54] <edmoore> and probably a bit less massochistic from an emi pov than having a gps chipset and a massive hf transmitter on the same pcb
[15:54] <neontube> that one looks beefy in its own way too
[15:54] <neontube> looks like they have used expanding foam to make the shape packing they wanted
[15:58] Action: jcoxon has no idea how he managed to program his gm862 using the command line
[16:03] <neontube> back later...
[16:04] <edmoore> cya
[16:05] <fnoble> hi all
[16:14] <jcoxon> hi fnoble
[16:16] <edmoore> hi fooble
[16:16] <edmoore> fnoble*
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[23:04] <Laurenceb> hi all
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