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[08:33] <icez> howdy jcoxon
[08:35] <jcoxon> hey icez
[08:35] Action: jcoxon has finished exams and is free!
[08:35] <icez> :D
[08:36] <icez> good because this guy's been looking for you for ages.
[08:36] <jcoxon> though i'm sorting out my plans for hte next few weeks
[08:36] <icez> :P
[08:36] <jcoxon> they are crazy
[08:36] <jcoxon> yup Sbear
[08:36] <jcoxon> i got his email
[08:36] <jcoxon> interesting stuff about lifting masses with a kite
[08:36] <jcoxon> allows low altitude tests without wasting helium
[08:38] <icez> oh
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[09:31] <jcoxon> hey to all the people who aren't usually on here
[09:32] <jcoxon> e.g. Caitai and NeoThermic
[09:32] <jcoxon> welcome to #highaltitude
[09:32] <NeoThermic> been here before ages and ages ago :)
[09:32] <NeoThermic> but thanks :)
[09:38] <jcoxon> :-D
[09:47] <Caitai> Thank you jcoxon! :)
[09:53] <jcoxon> its funny the channel has gone quiet recently
[09:53] <jcoxon> but there have been quite a few new people
[09:53] <jcoxon> i think the lack of activity and lauches is hte main reason
[09:53] <jcoxon> exams and all
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[14:53] Sbear (n=skybear3@host86-150-17-58.range86-150.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[14:57] <Sbear> Hi, jcoxon you have a new e-mail from me. Also as most of have probably just finished exams, and are about 20ish. I thought I would let you know that I am 47. and that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUNG BOYS OR GIRLS! just trying to find out highaltitude stuff.
[14:58] <Sbear> As I hope to help with a record attempt (maybe next year) to do with kite flying.
[14:59] <Sbear> And as jcoxon has pointed out, can offer help with low level testing of deployment systems.
[15:02] <Sbear> Got to go as my mum wants to use the computer to look something up, will be back at about 22.05 tonight.
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[22:05] Sbear (n=skybear3@host86-150-17-58.range86-150.btcentralplus.com) joined #highaltitude.
[22:29] <Sbear> Interesting comparison on the cutdown footage from my bear drop and various high altitude balloon ones.
[22:31] <Sbear> Bear release was by a pipecleaner. (It is twisted round the line and the static for the chute attached just above or below
[22:31] <Sbear> the pipecleaner is then bent so part of it hooks over the line
[22:32] <Sbear> at drop the line is given a sharp pull, causeing the bear to bounce onthe pipecleaner and thus unhook it.
[22:37] <Sbear> Footage shows a spin for a few moments before going into under chute decent. The same as hapens on the highaltitude balloon cutdowns.
[22:38] <Sbear> I expected the spin as the bear goes upwards first before droping, but not to see the same on the balloon cutdowns
[22:39] <Sbear> As the chte on the balloons is usualy ready deployed, and should just open almost at once with no noticeable spin or roll.
[22:41] <Sbear> Any comments?
[22:48] jcoxon (n=jcoxon@jac208.caths.cam.ac.uk) joined #highaltitude.
[22:48] <Sbear> hi jason
[22:48] <jcoxon> hi Sbear
[22:49] <Sbear> have you read my comments that I have just put on here?
[22:50] <jcoxon> ummm, will have a look now
[22:51] <jcoxon> about hte cutdown, yeah interesting approach
[22:51] <jcoxon> we have avoided using mechanical systems due to servos and motors having problems in cold environments
[22:52] <Sbear> my cutdown as in the comments, thats the very basic type that you can do on a kite.
[22:52] <jcoxon> yeah
[22:52] <Sbear> from the pics I have seen
[22:52] <jcoxon> might use it for the low altitude drop tests
[22:53] <Sbear> yours works by the balloon holding the line thro the chute tight
[22:53] <Sbear> till it bursts
[22:54] <jcoxon> or we cutdown
[22:54] <jcoxon> yeah
[22:55] <Sbear> Did you get my e-mail about the type of kite to use, and my offer?
[22:55] <jcoxon> yes
[22:55] <jcoxon> i did get your email
[22:55] <jcoxon> thank you for the offer, will have to look into logistics
[22:55] <jcoxon> i'm really not sure what is the plan for the next few weeks
[22:55] <jcoxon> will know more soon
[22:57] <Sbear> ok, it's imposable to get anywhere on a Sunday as there are no busses runing through the village.
[22:57] <Sbear> could get somewhere on a Sat but might be awkwood with the kite being 2mtrs long.
[22:58] <jcoxon> right
[23:00] <Sbear> Made a mistake today when deleting my e-mails, deleted the one with the address you sent me,
[23:01] <Sbear> will you re-send the address by e-mail so I can save it, thanks
[23:03] <jcoxon> let me check my inbox
[23:04] <jcoxon> do you mean the website address for the UKHAS mailing list?
[23:04] <Sbear> yes
[23:05] <jcoxon> done
[23:05] <Sbear> thanks
[23:07] <jcoxon> right, i'm off to bed
[23:07] <jcoxon> night all
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