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[21:44] <Sbear> HI, Jcoxon and any others on here
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[22:02] <Sbear> hi, borsim
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[22:27] <Sbear> hi, steve
[22:28] <rocketboy> humm - hi?
[22:29] <Sbear> ok, I looked you up useing the whois, and it came up as n=steve. Thought I was the only one on here,
[22:29] <Sbear> as my name is stephen.
[22:34] <Sbear> anybody still on here?
[22:39] <icez> lol
[22:57] <rocketboy> Cu Chaps
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[23:20] <Sbear> I am going to send Jcoxon an e-mail, as he is not on here at the moment. bye all.
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