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[21:20] <Sbear> Hi, I've had an e-mail from jcoxon. He will be back on next week, due to reviseing for exams.
[21:21] <Sbear> Also on the group that he posted on, that got me interested in this group
[21:22] <Sbear> there is a post telling about the first ISBD. (International Solar Balloon Day)
[21:25] <Sbear> This is to be a day when solarballoon makers and flyers release a balloon sometime during the day, as it passes around the world.
[21:26] <Sbear> Ballon sizes will range from small (four 30 USgal black trash bags) to large.
[21:27] <Sbear> The larger ones will cary instruments, similar to those used on the Nova balloons,
[21:27] <Sbear> while the small ones may not carry anything, or may just have a "Balloon Race" type card attatched.
[21:38] <Sbear> As balloons up to the weight of 1kg DO NOT have to have CAA permission to be launched, and as I have made one aprox 11ft X 8ft by 5ft deep, when inflated, that weighs 525g.
[21:44] <Sbear> I do not intend to use this onthe day, unless my other balloon that I am making has been finished.
[21:46] <Sbear> I will probably use a "race card" for the payload as I do not have accsess to any tech equipment, and also do not know if the balloon will lift it.
[21:47] <Sbear> I hope that some of the UKHAS members will think about making a solar balloon and take part in this event.
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[21:50] <Sbear> Hi, borsim. just got one more thing to put on about the ISBD, a link to a site on how to make a sollar balloon.
[21:53] <Sbear> Link to solar balloons site www.solar-balloons.com/index.html
[21:55] <Sbear> Sorry if I seem to have hoged the channel, but I thought the group might want to know about this.
[21:59] <Sbear> Got to go now, though I will be on sometime over the weekend. Hope this generates some talk.
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