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[20:14] <edwardmoore> hi rocketboy
[20:15] <rocketboy> Hi ed - is jcoxon about?
[20:16] <edwardmoore> no idea
[20:16] <edwardmoore> not heard from him today
[20:16] <edwardmoore> jetstream is looking pretty grim for sunday
[20:17] <rocketboy> ah - thats what I was going to ask - is he still interested
[20:17] <rocketboy> in launching - somthing has come up at home wich may mean i cant make Sunday
[20:18] <rocketboy> if he was still interested I could drop the helium off Friday/Saturday
[20:18] <rocketboy> anyways - I'll drop him a line
[20:19] <rocketboy> the code for the RC servo sniffer is almost finished - just de-bugging it
[20:22] <edwardmoore> awesome
[20:24] <edwardmoore> i know he knows it's pretty bad for sunday and i suspect he might cancel it, although i won't put words in his mouth
[20:27] <rocketboy> ta - BBL I'm off to vote
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