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[12:48] <edwardmoore> hi all
[12:48] <LaurenceB> hi there
[12:48] <edwardmoore> all well?
[12:48] <LaurenceB> about to order rc gear
[12:49] <LaurenceB> 2 channel 27mhz
[12:49] <LaurenceB> for my big wing
[12:49] <edwardmoore> cool
[12:49] <edwardmoore> using both cvhannels?
[12:49] <LaurenceB> perhaps, I could have pitch control as well
[12:50] <LaurenceB> I have a 2.4 Ghz camera I'll put on
[12:50] <LaurenceB> Thinking of testing my UAV today
[12:51] <edwardmoore> a 2.4ghx camera would be great value for testing
[12:51] <LaurenceB> its a little bit windy, and I was going to fit better mosfets, but who cares it should fly!
[12:51] <edwardmoore> also perhaps for actually rentry (we could have a manual overide!)
[12:51] <LaurenceB> I have a usb reciever for my laptop for the camera
[12:52] <edwardmoore> very smart- can it be hacked to be yagi'd?
[12:52] <LaurenceB> guess so, has coax input
[12:52] <edwardmoore> awesome
[12:52] <edwardmoore> last EARS I went to they had a 2.4ghx system for live video
[12:52] <edwardmoore> worked absolutelly fine even when the rocket was well out of sight
[12:53] <LaurenceB> I tried it on a rocket, but it shook about too much
[12:53] <edwardmoore> could maybe mount it in a whatsit
[12:53] <LaurenceB> now the battery holder is brocken
[12:53] <edwardmoore> a rubber band construction
[12:53] <LaurenceB> that would not be good at high altitude
[12:54] <edwardmoore> nitrogen shock absorbtion then ;)
[12:54] <LaurenceB> I spent ages repairing the mihab3 controller, when it landed it was very cold and the insulation cracked on loads of the wires
[12:55] <edwardmoore> sounds like good insulation will be important in the future then
[12:56] <LaurenceB> I emailed u-blox about my gps reciever, its using 350ma of current, way too much, and the +ive and -ive connections are wrong way round
[12:56] <LaurenceB> turns out its a prototype from their labs!
[12:56] <edwardmoore> ha
[12:56] <LaurenceB> works well, but dont know how it turned up on ebay
[12:57] <LaurenceB> explains why the serial number is 000000000
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[12:57] <LaurenceB> I can afford 350ma as I'm going to use AA lithiums
[12:57] <edwardmoore> that's still scary tho
[12:58] <_defy> hey guys
[12:58] <edwardmoore> nova 4 uses about 100mA total
[12:58] <LaurenceB> hi
[12:58] <edwardmoore> hi _defy
[12:58] <LaurenceB> yes same for my uav
[12:58] <LaurenceB> with sirf 2
[12:58] <_defy> I'm finally testing out my glider/auto pilot tomorrow :D
[13:00] <LaurenceB> good luck
[13:01] <LaurenceB> I might try mine today, but it doesnt have very good mosfets for the motors
[13:01] <edwardmoore> low temp servos will be fun
[13:01] <_defy> i'll need it, lol
[13:01] <edwardmoore> i'm working on some at the moment. I think they'll have to be DIY
[13:02] <edwardmoore> although i'll experiment with standard ones having removed all the lith grease
[13:02] <LaurenceB> I think the servo can just be stuck inside the payload
[13:02] <_defy> I'm doing my first test in a sloaper...just going to test keeping everything level. big storm just came in so we're having some really windy days, should make for some fun flying
[13:03] <LaurenceB> my rogallo wing was flying in gusts of 20-30mph on the video
[13:03] <_defy> cool, is that up on the wiki
[13:04] <LaurenceB> yes, under parawing links or something
[13:04] <_defy> sweet
[13:05] <LaurenceB> found it?
[13:05] <_defy> yup
[13:05] <LaurenceB> a bit too back heavy
[13:06] <LaurenceB> I built a 10 times bigger version yesterday
[13:07] <LaurenceB> using 10mm dowel, 12 micron polythne and some m3 bolts and aluminum clips I made
[13:08] <_defy> hehe nice
[13:09] <LaurenceB> will fit rc gear and launch it off big hill
[13:10] <LaurenceB> its not too hard to build a man carrying one!
[13:12] <_defy> haha that would be interesting
[13:12] <LaurenceB> hey my video on google is only 4 seconds long wtf
[13:14] <LaurenceB> should be 20 seconds
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[13:17] <LaurenceB> uploading new copy....
[13:19] <LaurenceB> I'm about to buy radio for the wing, it'll have GREEN 27mhz crystals
[13:48] <LaurenceB> got it :-)
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[20:17] <LaurenceB> Hi all
[20:17] <_defy> morning :)
[20:17] Nick change: _defy -> defy
[20:18] <LaurenceB> Finished my big rogallo
[20:18] <defy> cool, tested yet>?
[20:18] <LaurenceB> defy it's 8pm in the UK :)
[20:18] <defy> hehe, 9am here :P
[20:18] <LaurenceB> flew it in my garden with no payload
[20:19] <LaurenceB> it glided, but didnt want it to go through my windows or something!
[20:19] <defy> sweet
[20:19] <LaurenceB> also test flown my UAV!
[20:20] <defy> cool, what does your uav consist of?
[20:20] <LaurenceB> on the wiki
[20:21] <LaurenceB> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/projects:mihab:glider
[20:22] <LaurenceB> it crashed :-(
[20:22] <LaurenceB> broke a prop and I didnt brng spares to the test site
[20:24] <LaurenceB> but it turned towards the target before it crashed
[20:24] <defy> sweet...how long was it airborn for
[20:24] <LaurenceB> after that I had to head home, but on the way back there was a large hill, so I did a load of glide tests
[20:25] <LaurenceB> powered about 3 seconds
[20:26] <LaurenceB> too much wind and turbulence, also a bit underpowered, should have fitte logic level mosfets first
[20:26] <defy> I'm off to the slopes soon to test out my auto leveling gear
[20:27] <LaurenceB> glide tests were more sucessful, I seemed to get it to line up nicey for approx 4 seconds
[20:28] <defy> do you have RC control of it as well?
[20:28] <defy> err, -control, lol
[20:28] <LaurenceB> after I threw it, if wobbled about, then went in a more or less straight line for approx 4 seconds before turning sharply to one side
[20:28] <LaurenceB> no , just gps controlled
[20:29] <defy> sweet
[20:29] <LaurenceB> I think the reason it turned was a gust of side wind
[20:29] <LaurenceB> there was a gust from the side when it happened
[20:30] <LaurenceB> it worked better when I increased the size of the rudder
[20:34] <LaurenceB> it was a bit confusing that the straight line it stabalized on was about 15 degrees off target
[20:35] <LaurenceB> but if you take into account the side wind, that would explain it
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[20:48] <LaurenceB> bbl
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[22:22] <LaurenceB> hi all
[22:37] <LaurenceB> I've been thinking about the flights earlier, I think a slower flying glider would be more useful
[22:37] <LaurenceB> like the large Rogallo wing :-)
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[23:33] <LaurenceB> anyone know a good source of thermopiles
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