[00:00] <icez> I've been to Mexico for 20 seconds
[00:00] <icez> :P
[00:00] <icez> (thanks to the W#@$@@!# immigration office)
[00:00] <Golfgeo> Why that?
[00:01] <icez> well they wanted to have fun and told us they'd only update our visas if we came from another country directly
[00:01] <icez> so they told us to walk across to mexico and come back
[00:01] <icez> *sigh*
[00:01] <Golfgeo> lol
[00:01] <Golfgeo> Loophole
[00:01] <icez> yeah, what was funny is
[00:02] <icez> to get in mexico, there was a small metal gate you opened and walked, you get back to this huge building marked "US CUSTOMS" with gun-carrying people and metal detectors and all
[00:02] <icez> :P
[00:02] <Golfgeo> Americans are crazy
[00:02] <Golfgeo> It's the same with Isreal
[00:03] <icez> well
[00:03] <icez> from the canada side
[00:03] <Golfgeo> I could swim to it from Jordan, but my pasport had a Jordan stamp, so no entry
[00:03] <icez> it's only a little booth with a guy inside
[00:03] <icez> :P
[00:03] <Golfgeo> (possible)
[00:03] <Golfgeo> lol
[00:04] <Golfgeo> I however almost did swim to Isreal... :-)
[00:04] <Golfgeo> (Deathsee)
[00:04] <icez> hehe
[00:04] <icez> you can float your way on the dead sea, can't you?:P
[00:04] <Golfgeo> Yep
[00:04] <Golfgeo> But the salt is bad on the eyes
[00:04] <Golfgeo> Petra was great in Jordan
[00:05] <icez> places I've been thinking to go are Iceland, easter island, antarctica (yeah, i know), the UK, china, madagascar and new zealand
[00:05] <icez> :P
[00:06] <Golfgeo> I wanne go to the Alexandra Library (The new one)
[00:06] <Golfgeo> (Egypt)
[00:06] <icez> they have a new one?:/
[00:06] <Golfgeo> Yep
[00:07] <icez> mmm I think I have a gravity vortex on my table
[00:07] <Golfgeo> Jordan was special, been to an ancient Roman city, a desert pallace and a fort of Larance of Arabia... The history of those places...
[00:07] <Golfgeo> An dof course Petra
[00:07] <icez> europe has a bit more history than the americas
[00:07] <icez> :p
[00:08] <Golfgeo> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petra
[00:08] <Golfgeo> Yea, the old world...
[00:08] <icez> wow
[00:09] <Golfgeo> Yep, the people (Nubians) distroyed the ships of Cleopatra when she orderd them to be pulled over the desert...
[00:10] <icez> that's the closest thing like that we have here: http://www.adventurehostel.com/images/Montezuma's%20Castle.jpg
[00:10] <icez> ;)
[00:10] <Golfgeo> But the world is a big place. Easter Island is a special place, the maya/inca cities....
[00:10] <icez> everywhere on Earth has something nice to see
[00:10] <icez> I can't imagine any place that doesn't
[00:10] <Golfgeo> Yep
[00:11] <Golfgeo> Those are Native Indian sites right?
[00:11] <icez> yes
[00:11] <icez> it's called Montezuma's Castle
[00:11] <Golfgeo> ah
[00:12] <icez> but I don't think it has anything to do with Montezuma the aztec king;)
[00:12] <Golfgeo> lol
[00:12] <Golfgeo> Killed by the Conquestadores, right?
[00:12] <icez> yup
[00:12] <icez> those bastards
[00:12] <icez> :/
[00:13] <Golfgeo> Well, they should pray to the sun, those basterds...
[00:13] <Golfgeo> ;-)
[00:13] <icez> the consquistadors actually got scared of the grand canyon :)
[00:13] <icez> they thought it was the end of the world
[00:13] <icez> :)
[00:13] <Golfgeo> The Spanisch where very crule, even here...
[00:13] <icez> yup
[00:13] <Golfgeo> lol, the grand canyon
[00:14] <Golfgeo> Hertog Alfa bured people at the stake...
[00:14] <icez> well that's why they say we should learn from history
[00:14] <Golfgeo> Thats what you get for mixing politics with religion...
[00:15] <icez> :]
[00:15] <Golfgeo> Yea, but living memory is a paradox...
[00:15] <Golfgeo> While people live it won't hapen again, but people do die...
[00:18] <Golfgeo> But I've got to go
[00:18] <Golfgeo> cya
[00:19] <icez> cya
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