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[10:39] <jcoxon> w
[10:39] <jcoxon> oops
[10:39] <jcoxon> bbl
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[13:32] <CablitoE> Hey
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[13:46] <flowolf> hi
[13:46] <CablitoE> Hellow
[13:46] <CablitoE> At last someone awakes
[13:46] <flowolf> I came here from gumstix.org
[13:47] <flowolf> it appears to be a really cool work :)
[13:47] <CablitoE> Yeah the guys here are doing what we all want to do :)
[13:48] <CablitoE> N projects of yours in high altitude balloons?
[13:50] <flowolf> no
[13:51] <flowolf> I'm not developing this kind of project
[13:51] <CablitoE> What kind of project are into?
[13:51] <flowolf> still I'm interested
[13:51] <flowolf> well, nothing that involves this kind of kind
[13:51] <flowolf> *kind of things
[13:51] <CablitoE> I was checking some pictures of cryogenic freezing of materials
[13:52] <flowolf> are you into it?
[13:52] <flowolf> "cryogenic freezing"?
[13:52] <CablitoE> home made cryogenic tests, sorry
[13:53] <CablitoE> dry ice freezing eletronics and other stuff to see how they perform
[13:53] <flowolf> ooohhh
[13:53] <flowolf> I supposed that you were try to apply that to biologic materials :p
[13:53] <CablitoE> I am facinated, but not activelly building anything - my high altitude balloon projects require more funds than I can spend on a hobby right now.
[13:54] <flowolf> did you develop an hab?
[13:55] <flowolf> it would be cool to add some kind of variable altitude tool to them
[13:55] <flowolf> as well as some elics
[13:55] <CablitoE> my plans are for non-recoverable payloads at first
[13:55] <flowolf> that could provide capability to move in all directions
[13:56] <CablitoE> you mean actually "fly" the ballon right?
[13:56] <flowolf> yep, sort of
[13:56] <CablitoE> Well, there are some challenges such as lack of air, well, a ducted fan with insane rpms might actually generate some thrust, but we are not sure how effective it would be
[13:56] <flowolf> I suppose the only problem is with required energy to power it
[13:57] <CablitoE> I´ve seen some guys flying RC solar powered blimps
[13:58] <flowolf> what's "blimp" ?
[13:58] <CablitoE> zepelim
[13:59] <flowolf> I don't know what it is :)
[13:59] <CablitoE> There are other problems such as high altitude winds... but the main problem is staying up there.... helium loss, temperature changes between day and night, perhaps even UV exposure
[13:59] <flowolf> uhm
[13:59] <CablitoE> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VBTKEPAzvA
[14:00] <flowolf> I suppose that with enough power high altitude winds shouldn't be a problem
[14:01] <CablitoE> In one of my insane brainstorms, I figured that the auto-pilot could always try to reach for the "goal" waypoint.... getting there woud be a bonus
[14:01] <CablitoE> even if the engines could not beat the drift, you´d at least be drifting less
[14:04] <CablitoE> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oNHD41MLMk
[14:04] <flowolf> cool
[14:04] <Max0> i want a gum stick :)
[14:05] <Max0> they look amazing
[14:05] <flowolf> it would be cool to know how much energy is required to keep a thing like that to be up and moving
[14:09] <CablitoE> you mean the solar plane?
[14:09] <flowolf> yep
[14:10] <flowolf> and it isn't using helium so I suppose it need more energy that a ballon
[14:10] <flowolf> but I don't really know air physics so I'm just guessing
[14:11] <CablitoE> Well, its a nasa project
[14:11] <CablitoE> so they are probably using space grade solar pannels
[14:11] <CablitoE> which have a very high density and efficiency
[14:12] <CablitoE> and put out a lot of power, but essencially its a flying wing so it only has to carry the weight of the engines and solar pannels
[14:12] <CablitoE> no fuel or bateries (except for buffering)
[14:13] <flowolf> fuel and batteries add some extra energy loss
[14:14] <flowolf> dispersion and more weight
[14:19] <CablitoE> I just love to see those solar planes footage
[14:19] <CablitoE> There is a guy who made a solar powered glider
[14:19] <CablitoE> and he actually flies on it.
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