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[16:24] <Golfgeo> Hi all
[16:42] <icez> hi
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[17:46] <Golfgeo> Anyone know what capton tape is?
[17:47] <Golfgeo> Ah, never mind. It's kapton tape...
[17:54] <Golfgeo> Why would Nasa use it on tools for spacewalks?
[17:58] <Golfgeo> Electrical/static insulation probably...
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[18:40] <Golfgeo_> Didn't know I could remain online even if I disconnected the irc app...
[18:42] <icez> happens sometimes :]
[18:42] <icez> I've even seen myself talking some rare times;)
[18:43] <Golfgeo_> :-)
[18:43] <Golfgeo_> To keep you typing ;-)
[18:44] <Golfgeo_> Where can I get the radio modules (the 4xxMhz ones)
[18:47] <Golfgeo_> Never mind, the licence exempt page is updated
[18:47] <Golfgeo_> :-)
[18:50] <Golfgeo_> Dammed, the "Radio Location" ones are expansive...
[18:56] <Golfgeo_> Atlantis is almost at the launch site...
[18:58] <Golfgeo_> Wel, pad 39A
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