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[23:09] <laurenceb> Hi all
[23:11] <icez_> hi
[23:11] <laurenceb> I have 4hz gps :)
[23:11] <laurenceb> and u-blox software
[23:11] <icez_> I have 4ghz of homework :/
[23:11] <laurenceb> u-center, you can download it 4 free
[23:11] <icez_> and too much stuff to do;)
[23:12] <laurenceb> yes me to
[23:12] <laurenceb> cant stay long
[23:12] <laurenceb> will put a photo on the wiki in a sec
[23:26] <laurenceb> arg pc out of ram...
[23:26] <laurenceb> why do pcs just die if they're out of ram
[23:32] <defy> they shouldn't, it should have some swap setup
[23:32] <defy> 4hz gps, damn..is that just a module?
[23:40] <laurenceb> its a dome board off ebay
[23:40] <laurenceb> -demo
[23:44] <laurenceb> okay its on the wiki
[23:44] <laurenceb> under mihab-glider
[23:48] <laurenceb> the rs232 voltage convertor was busted
[23:48] <laurenceb> so I made a hacked cable to swap round the ports
[23:48] <laurenceb> u-center is so cool, you can even change firmware settings
[23:49] <laurenceb> it uses a "dynamic platform model"
[23:49] <laurenceb> I presume its pr speak for some sort of statistical filtering
[23:49] <laurenceb> I swapped it from car to plane autopilot :-)
[23:50] <laurenceb> they have a model especially for planes
[23:51] <laurenceb> its a bit noisy, but very sensitive to velocity changes
[23:51] <laurenceb> noise< 1m/s
[23:52] <defy> cool
[23:53] <laurenceb> you can get u-center free, you need an account but you can just sign up 4 one
[23:53] <laurenceb> it works with just nmea as well
[23:54] <laurenceb> got to go cya all
[23:54] <defy> cya :)
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[00:00] --- Thu Feb 15 2007