[00:07] <hmh33> I've run some numbers and I think we can handle up to about 50-60kt jetstream for a 1hr ascent flight to 20km, depending on direction and low-level winds
[00:10] <hmh33> from the data from UKHAS 1 it's reasonable to assume the balloon has a drag coefficient of about 0.33
[00:11] <hmh33> the effects of reynolds number, changing air density etc mean that it goes a bit faster at the beginning and a bit slower later on, but that should give about the right result
[00:11] <hmh33> on average
[00:33] <hmh33> night all
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[00:39] <jcoxon> night
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[09:28] <Golfgeo> Hi all
[09:29] <jcoxon> hi
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[13:58] Action: jcoxon has a CF camera linked to his gumstix
[13:58] <jcoxon> of course it doesn't work as i can't find a driver for it
[14:00] <rocketboy> situation normal then - when are you going to give up that gumstix stuff and move up to a real processor like PIC ;-)
[14:02] <jcoxon> when i see a pic work :-p
[14:03] <jcoxon> hehe
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[14:04] <rocketboy> Touché
[14:05] <jcoxon> founds some hints of a driver on the internet
[14:05] <jcoxon> so shall see if they reply to my emails
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[16:12] <Golfgeo> Hi all
[16:14] <Golfgeo> Has anyone ever used the Linksys nslu2?
[16:16] <Golfgeo> Still looking into flighthardware and this device seems to be cheaper and more able (USB2) than the Foxboard...
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[17:46] <phatmonkey> Golfgeo, i origianlly thought about using it
[17:46] <phatmonkey> but it sucks so much power, and the gumstix is far better in every way
[17:46] <phatmonkey> apart from usb
[17:51] <Golfgeo> Yea, 1,5 amp @ 5vdc it ain't nice. But it does run Debian, so I know it won't suck.
[17:54] <Golfgeo> USB2 is handy though, webcams, the Phidgets interfase card will let me focus on the software development...
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[18:04] <Golfgeo> phatmonkey, what do you mean with the gumstix is beter in every way?
[18:05] <phatmonkey> isn't hacky, supported, has better i/o, more serial ports, faster, more ram, built in flash cards
[18:05] <phatmonkey> i could go on
[18:06] <Golfgeo> oke, please don't ;-)
[18:08] <phatmonkey> *much* smaller too
[18:08] <Golfgeo> I'm an it guy and not an electtical engeneer, so what I need to focus on is the software and the gumstix just seems to be to much on the i/o stuff.
[18:08] <phatmonkey> whoops, i went on
[18:08] <Golfgeo> :-)
[18:08] <Golfgeo> Argh, bad grammar
[18:09] <phatmonkey> you can run full versions of scripting languages on the gumstix
[18:09] <phatmonkey> it's much faster than the nslu2 after all
[18:09] <phatmonkey> and has twice or 4x the ram, i forget
[18:10] <phatmonkey> didn't turn out to be much more expensive either, since the nslu2 needs so many bits attached to get the same features as the gumstix
[18:11] <Golfgeo> The thing that cought my attention with the nslu2 is the requiremt of an external memory stick so I can install a full Debian install. I realy like Debian, so that is a pro for the Linksys
[18:11] <Golfgeo> What do toy mean by extra bits?
[18:11] <Golfgeo> *by = with
[18:14] <Golfgeo> B.t.w. Wen WiMAX is released in real products I realy would like to have a usb2 connection on the board. It would allow me to have realtime access at good speeds to the flightcomputer and this without many extra stuff or licence issues...
[18:17] <Golfgeo> But a small custom setup v.s. a modulair pc design is an personal choice. I don't wan't the hassle in areas where I'm not good...
[18:19] <Golfgeo> Phat, did you use the basic or connex gumstix?
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[19:44] <Golfgeo> bbl
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[19:52] <jcoxon> evening all
[19:56] <hmh33> ello
[20:13] <jcoxon> hi henry
[20:13] <jcoxon> haven't spoken to you in ages :-p
[20:16] <hmh33> I'm updating the firmware on my radio module
[20:16] <hmh33> hopefully I can make it suitable for you/other to use
[20:17] <hmh33> features include:
[20:17] <hmh33> accepts input data as serial TTL with auto baud rate detection
[20:17] <hmh33> 400 byte FIFO buffer
[20:17] <hmh33> auto standby after a second or two of inactivity, recovers straightaway
[20:18] <hmh33> transmits at either 50 baud or 300 baud, selectable by sending a special character over serial
[20:18] <hmh33> SMS support as soon as I can figure out how to reliably make it work.. Laurence might be onto something w.r.t. using an AT compatible phone
[20:19] <hmh33> oh and it fits in a 50mm circular PCB, could probably be made smaller without an awful lot of effort
[20:19] <hmh33> please let me know if anyone has other feature requests
[20:24] <jcoxon> that sounds pretty damn impressive
[20:42] <hmh33> radio receiver should get here tomorrow btw
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[20:48] <phatmonkey> jcoxon, i've moved the ukhas 1 page, hope you don't mind
[20:48] <phatmonkey> seems sensible categorising things
[20:50] <phatmonkey> the gallery thing is installed too
[20:51] <jcoxon> no problem
[20:55] <phatmonkey> oh
[20:55] <phatmonkey> and i've enabled kml files
[20:55] <phatmonkey> having all those things centrally is great - after time all the externally linked stuff will die
[21:02] <hmh33> grr sparkfun doesn't like my credit card
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[21:48] <jcoxon> bbl
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[22:23] <hmh33> night
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[22:47] <rocketboy> nightall
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[23:01] <CablitoE> hey
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[23:59] <icez> wb jcoxon
[00:00] --- Thu Feb 8 2007