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[19:27] <jcoxon> hey phatmonkey
[19:28] <phatmonkey> hey jcoxon
[19:28] <phatmonkey> just about to go out in 10 mins
[19:28] <phatmonkey> back later though
[19:29] <jcoxon> oh okay
[19:29] <jcoxon> no worries- just sorting out hte launch for sat
[19:35] <phatmonkey> ah yes
[19:36] <jcoxon> i'll speak to you about it later
[20:02] rocketboy (n=steve@ joined #highaltitude.
[20:12] <jcoxon> hey rocketboy
[20:19] mc- (n=mfcastle@cpc2-glfd1-0-0-cust995.glfd.cable.ntl.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:21] <mc-> hi rocketboy, just wondering if you have tested my payload?
[20:28] <jcoxon> hey mc-
[20:29] <mc-> hey jc, been away for the last week
[20:29] <jcoxon> oh okay
[20:30] <jcoxon> i'm trying to organise to launch this weekend
[20:30] <jcoxon> saturday actually -the weather looks good
[20:30] <mc-> yes, I've been reading the logs
[20:31] <jcoxon> are you signed up to the mailing list?
[20:31] <mc-> yes, I got the emails twice
[20:32] <jcoxon> oh sorry
[20:32] <jcoxon> hehe
[20:32] <mc-> no prob
[20:32] <jcoxon> i should really get a list of people on the list
[20:37] laurenceb (n=Laurence@cpc2-oxfd9-0-0-cust392.oxfd.cable.ntl.com) joined #highaltitude.
[20:37] <laurenceb> Hi everyone
[20:38] <mc-> hi
[20:38] <mc-> I saw you were talking about gyros on the logs
[20:38] <laurenceb> got a gps
[20:38] <laurenceb> now
[20:38] <mc-> gps won't do 10Hz
[20:38] <laurenceb> it should do 4hz
[20:38] <mc-> which one?
[20:38] <mc-> only ublox does 4Hz
[20:38] <laurenceb> don't know
[20:39] <laurenceb> its u-blox
[20:39] <mc-> its accuracy isn't too good
[20:39] <laurenceb> but guy who sold it doesnt know much about gps
[20:39] <mc-> but should be good enough if you do some filtering
[20:40] <laurenceb> it does have an antaris chipset tho
[20:40] <mc-> gotta go, bbl
[20:40] <laurenceb> ok
[20:40] <laurenceb> it's a dome board from u-blox
[20:41] <laurenceb> -demo
[20:41] <laurenceb> jcoxon is the launch on 4 this weekend?
[20:42] <laurenceb> I dont know about the accuracy being bad on u-blox, according to the datasheet it looks good
[20:43] <laurenceb> or rocketboy? Do you know whats happening with this launch?
[20:43] <jcoxon> yes laurenceb the launch is being planned for sat
[20:43] <laurenceb> cool
[20:43] <jcoxon> though i need to confirm from everyone first
[20:44] <laurenceb> I'm okay
[20:44] <jcoxon> and also the launch site needs to be decided
[20:44] <jcoxon> i've put up a wiki page
[20:44] <jcoxon> can you add your payload weight
[20:44] <jcoxon> and whats onboard
[20:44] <laurenceb> altho my payload hasn't been turned on 4 about 3 weeks
[20:45] <laurenceb> I will replace the camera batteries maybe, as the camerahas a clock that may have flattened them a bit
[20:45] <jcoxon> okay
[20:45] <laurenceb> ok jcoxn will do that
[20:45] <laurenceb> can I ask you a favour,
[20:45] <laurenceb> have you got a GPSstix?
[20:46] <laurenceb> that works (I dont need a lock)
[20:46] <jcoxon> i have got a gpsstix
[20:46] <jcoxon> that works
[20:46] <laurenceb> could you boot it up and try some commands, as I have bought an antaris module on ebay
[20:47] <laurenceb> and want to try something I read about
[20:47] <jcoxon> ummm i'm not even sure the rx on the board is wired up
[20:47] <laurenceb> basically I want to see if you can get 4hz
[20:47] <laurenceb> can't you just plug it in?
[20:48] <laurenceb> to the gumstix
[20:48] <jcoxon> ? the ublox chip is onboard one of the daughter boards
[20:48] <laurenceb> yes, you just need to send in serial commands
[20:48] <laurenceb> cant you open a terminal
[20:48] <jcoxon> whats the command then?
[20:48] <laurenceb> in linux?
[20:49] <jcoxon> yes but i'm not sure that the rx line is wired up
[20:49] <jcoxon> just the tx
[20:49] <jcoxon> but i'll check
[20:49] <laurenceb> okay it's a bit complicated
[20:49] <laurenceb> here goes
[20:49] <laurenceb> $PUBX,40
[20:49] <laurenceb> is what the sentence header is
[20:49] <laurenceb> you input this, followed by, e.g.
[20:50] <laurenceb> ,RMC,0,4,0,0*<CRC>
[20:50] <laurenceb> so you might send:
[20:51] <laurenceb> $PUBX,40,RMC,0,4,0,0*<CRC><line feed ect>
[20:51] <laurenceb> 0,4,0,0
[20:51] <laurenceb> means four times per second on uart 1
[20:52] <jcoxon> okay
[20:52] <laurenceb> and 0,0,1,0
[20:52] <laurenceb> would be once per second on uart 2
[20:52] <laurenceb> can you calculate the CRC?
[20:52] <jcoxon> ummm no
[20:52] <jcoxon> not sure what that means
[20:52] <laurenceb> I found a javascript thing somewhere once
[20:53] <laurenceb> ciclic redundancy check
[20:53] <laurenceb> XOR all the bytes previous in the string
[20:53] <laurenceb> I'll look on google
[20:53] <laurenceb> brb
[20:54] <rocketboy> yo
[20:54] <laurenceb> oh hi there
[20:54] <laurenceb> Am I right with that?
[20:55] <laurenceb> ie with the CRC
[20:55] <rocketboy> Is everyone happy with the launch being on Saturday?
[20:55] <laurenceb> yes
[20:56] <rocketboy> good - btw - did my email via ukhas go out?
[20:56] <laurenceb> haven;t looked
[20:56] <rocketboy> I need to know weights etc.
[20:56] <laurenceb> 230grams
[20:57] <rocketboy> sen't it earlier tonight - but i havn't seen it come back - and since its my first via UKHAS im a bit ?
[20:57] <rocketboy> OK ta
[20:57] <laurenceb> lol when you go to the microsoft page in IE7 it says script error on page
[20:57] <jcoxon> rocketboy, nothing from me
[20:58] <jcoxon> rocketboy, did you get my forwarded email about saturday?
[20:58] <jcoxon> i've started trying to organise it
[20:58] <rocketboy> yep I got the forwarded email ta
[20:59] <jcoxon> do you mind me taking the role of launch co-ordinator?
[21:00] <rocketboy> no probs
[21:00] <jcoxon> i've put together a page on the wiki for the launch
[21:00] <jcoxon> haven't put in info about dates and times yet
[21:00] <laurenceb> okay
[21:00] <laurenceb> $PUBX,40,RMC,0,4,0,0*84
[21:00] <jcoxon> wasn't sure if you were happy with them being online
[21:00] <jcoxon> i don't see a problem
[21:00] <rocketboy> mc's payload is working - although it might need a bigger battery
[21:00] <laurenceb> I used http://www.digsys.se/js_crc.html
[21:01] <laurenceb> jcoxon, want to try it
[21:01] <jcoxon> laurenceb, i have a question - is 4hz for nmea or the ublox propritory
[21:01] <jcoxon> i just did
[21:02] <laurenceb> its a nmea input
[21:02] <laurenceb> propritory to u-blox
[21:02] <jcoxon> ummm
[21:02] <jcoxon> it still looks like 1hz
[21:02] <laurenceb> did the module say anything in reply?
[21:03] <laurenceb> or echo it?
[21:03] <jcoxon> its hard to work out with all the nmea coming out
[21:03] <jcoxon> i'll try again
[21:04] <jcoxon> no nothing is echoed
[21:04] <laurenceb> http://www.nabble.com/UBX-driver-t2860585.html
[21:04] <laurenceb> theres a load of info there
[21:05] <laurenceb> but if nothing is echoed...
[21:05] <laurenceb> I'e tried this myself and couldnt get it to work
[21:05] <laurenceb> perhaps there is more to sending commands in...
[21:06] <laurenceb> oh be careful with the stuff on that page, you could put your module into UBX mode
[21:06] <jcoxon> thats what i'm worried about
[21:06] <mc-> rocketboy, thanks for testing my payload. What mAh is a 9V PP3?
[21:06] <laurenceb> about 500
[21:07] <laurenceb> for a good one
[21:07] <laurenceb> or 1.2ah for a lithium
[21:07] <mc-> thanks, and how about for a cheapo 9V batt?
[21:07] <laurenceb> mc-, do you know how to send commands to a gps?
[21:07] <laurenceb> oh 300 or 200mah
[21:08] <rocketboy> mc - well it starts at 200mA - but it seems to drop down - comming on every 1min -
[21:08] <rocketboy> so not as bad as i thought
[21:08] <rocketboy> the average must be about 20mA
[21:08] <mc-> ok, can 2 batt be paralleled with a diode?
[21:08] <rocketboy> yeah
[21:09] <mc-> lb, I know a little about sending NMEA commands
[21:09] <laurenceb> so can you just type them in?
[21:09] <rocketboy> no probs - actually I have a 1Ah lithium somwhere
[21:09] <laurenceb> to the uart that sends the nmea?
[21:09] <mc-> yes, but check whether it's CR+LF or LF+CR
[21:09] <mc-> that's caught me before
[21:10] <phatmonkey> back
[21:10] <laurenceb> oh interesting
[21:10] <phatmonkey> wait, brb
[21:10] <laurenceb> mc- so if you use hyperterminal what do you get?
[21:10] <rocketboy> think it should be CRLF to be NMEA
[21:10] <phatmonkey> back for real
[21:11] <laurenceb> and hyperterminal would be?
[21:11] <mc-> I think hyperterm can select whether a CRLF sequence is added
[21:11] <mc-> somewhere in the options
[21:11] <laurenceb> hmm jcoxon is on a mac...
[21:11] <laurenceb> jcoxon- do you know a way of changing that
[21:12] <mc-> just checked in hypter, it's in the ASCII setup options
[21:12] <phatmonkey> i can hack up a gumstix with gps and a phone on a different network if it's needed as backup
[21:12] <laurenceb> okay, I dont have my gps yet tho
[21:13] <laurenceb> mc- do you have a u-blox to try this?
[21:13] <jcoxon> laurenceb, i'm not actually on a mac
[21:13] <mc-> only got a very old ublox
[21:13] <jcoxon> i'm on a gumstix with is an arm processor
[21:13] <laurenceb> oh true lol
[21:13] <jcoxon> i just ssh into the gumstix
[21:13] <jcoxon> phatmonkey, to tell you the truth we have a lot of payloads :-)
[21:13] <jcoxon> i might call a payload freeze tomorrow
[21:14] <jcoxon> we mustn't overcomplicate things
[21:14] <phatmonkey> yes
[21:14] <phatmonkey> any video being planned?
[21:14] <laurenceb> yes woot
[21:14] <laurenceb> 7 second clip every minute
[21:14] <mc-> jcoxon, can my payload be near yours? so it doesn't get too cold..
[21:14] <phatmonkey> awesome!
[21:15] <laurenceb> and 3 3mpx pics
[21:15] <laurenceb> camera will probably die after 1 3/4 hours tho
[21:15] <jcoxon> mc-, i'm not launching
[21:15] <jcoxon> however i can provide a case
[21:16] <mc-> oh, ok, can my payload be near another, to keep it warm?
[21:16] <jcoxon> i was planning for the payloads to be fairly seperated - to avoid collision on landing
[21:16] <mc-> also, rocketboy, did my morse beeps make any sense?
[21:16] <jcoxon> about 1/3 of a meter between them
[21:17] <jcoxon> mc-, could you also resend me the morse beep email and attachemnt
[21:17] <jcoxon> i'll spend sometime working it out
[21:17] <phatmonkey> that's quite close
[21:17] <mc-> ok, will resend
[21:17] <jcoxon> http://wiki.ukhas.org.uk/ukhas_1
[21:17] <jcoxon> phatmonkey, true perhaps 1/2
[21:18] <jcoxon> could people add themselves to the teams etc
[21:19] <laurenceb> okay will do
[21:19] <jcoxon> + weights for their payloads etc
[21:20] <jcoxon> rocketboy, your permission is for sunday only?
[21:20] <jcoxon> if so we'll fly from churchill
[21:20] <rocketboy> mc - yes morese ok it sends - .. -... ... - .. -- - - . .. .. .. -.. ere
[21:21] <mc-> what's your lat/lon in NMEA mode?
[21:23] <laurenceb> okay http://www.tri-m.com/products/systems/files/manual/fv25_man.pdf page 62
[21:23] <mc-> I make that 5283 7055 12227, but the string seems too long
[21:27] <laurenceb> http://www.garmin.com/support/faqs/faq.jsp?faq=40
[21:27] <laurenceb> looks like i incorrectly calculated the checksum
[21:28] <laurenceb> $PUBX,40,RMC,0,4,0,0*08
[21:28] <laurenceb> try that
[21:28] <laurenceb> <CR><LF> at end
[21:31] <jcoxon> nope nothing
[21:31] <rocketboy> mc - could be me - I'll try it again tomorrow
[21:31] <mc-> rocketboy, I've checked against your approx position, and I think it says 5837 055 2227
[21:31] <jcoxon> reckon its the gumstix rather than the ublox
[21:31] <mc-> which means your 55m above sea level?
[21:32] <rocketboy> yep
[21:32] <laurenceb> okay, I'll have to try this when I get my module
[21:32] <laurenceb> it has rs232 ports
[21:32] <laurenceb> from uarts 1 and 2
[21:32] <laurenceb> and some indicator leds
[21:32] <jcoxon> right - i'm off for a bit - however could people please stick the weights of the payloads on my wiki page
[21:33] <laurenceb> okay cya
[21:33] <mc-> rocketboy, how does the signal sound on your receiver?
[21:33] <jcoxon> also rocketboy should it be an EARs launch or churchill?
[21:33] <mc-> is it stable?
[21:34] <laurenceb> what time will we be launching?
[21:34] <jcoxon> hmmm morning
[21:34] <jcoxon> will need to consult with henry
[21:34] <laurenceb> okay cya all
[21:35] laurenceb (n=Laurence@cpc2-oxfd9-0-0-cust392.oxfd.cable.ntl.com) left irc:
[21:35] <jcoxon> bbl
[21:36] <rocketboy> ere is 51.973N 1.371E according to my garmin etrex
[21:42] <mc-> .973 in NMEA is 58.38, 0.371 is 22.26, so it looks good
[21:42] <mc-> how did the signal sound?
[21:43] <rocketboy> good - quite stable really - given its keyed
[21:43] <mc-> and was it as strong as your modules?
[21:44] <mc-> do you have a CW filter on your rig?
[21:44] <rocketboy> don't know - seemed ok - need to filed test it
[21:44] <rocketboy> field
[21:47] <rocketboy> I only have a SSB filter on the rig - but I can go through the CWget program which has a few hundred hz filter
[21:47] <mc-> perfect, thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to the flight.
[21:48] <rocketboy> R U coming up
[21:49] <mc-> don't think I can make the launch this w/e, but will try to come to the next one after
[21:50] <mc-> btw, can CWget work on a laptop with a mic input?
[21:50] <mc-> ie single input?
[21:51] <rocketboy> yep - its a sister proggram to truetty(RTTY + ASCII + packet) - which both use a soundcard
[21:53] <rocketboy> BBL
[21:54] <mc-> cya
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[22:28] <CablitoE> hey
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