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[02:40] <defy> hey guys
[02:43] <icez> hey defy
[02:43] <defy> hows it going
[02:44] <icez> well school break soon
[02:44] <defy> i took some glider video yesterday, not the best video but not too bad for a first attempt... http://stonedlogic.com/glider/
[02:44] <defy> hehe sweet
[02:44] <icez> nice sunset
[02:44] <icez> :)
[02:45] <icez> that's pretty good though
[02:45] <icez> I'd be worried about it getting in the ocean (lake?)
[02:48] <defy> hehe, thats the pacific
[02:49] <icez> oh cool.
[02:49] <defy> there was enough of an updraft to keep it airborn all day
[02:50] <icez> we're freezing out here
[02:50] <icez> :p
[02:51] <defy> that sucks =/ its only just started getting nice here about 2 days ago
[02:51] <icez> yeah
[02:51] <icez> we're getting your cold front :[
[02:51] <icez> lol.
[02:51] <defy> lol
[02:51] <icez> it was like 32 yesterday morning
[02:51] <icez> brrr
[02:52] <defy> do you get snow
[02:52] <defy> ?
[02:52] <icez> nah
[02:52] <icez> we're too low for snow I guess
[02:52] <icez> only in mountains
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[10:03] <Morke_van_Ork> Hello everybody
[10:03] <Morke_van_Ork> I wanted to ask you all a question about balloning
[10:04] <Morke_van_Ork> I'm working on an art project, and I want to make a balloon that can carry something about as heavy as a laptop
[10:04] <Morke_van_Ork> It need'nt go to extreme heights, so I might be in the wrong channel here, but I thought I'd give it a whirl
[10:07] <malgar> hello
[10:07] <Morke_van_Ork> Hello
[10:08] <malgar> mmh the do you wnat the balloon wired or free?
[10:08] <Morke_van_Ork> It should be able to move around, so free
[10:09] <Morke_van_Ork> The idea is that is has the ability to hang still on one point in the air
[10:09] <Morke_van_Ork> about 100 metres up, maybe a bit more.
[10:09] <Morke_van_Ork> Nothing that would require specific temperature-casing or such
[10:11] <malgar> mmh if it isn't wired, it's not so easy to control it at a stationary height
[10:12] <Morke_van_Ork> I see, taht is because of wind and such. I must say that is also a part of the project, it is supposed to have a certain amount of random influence in it.
[10:13] <Morke_van_Ork> But I wanted to know mostly about what balloons can carry a weight of about 5 kilogrammes. And next to that, if there is such a thing as a system that adjusts lift for baloons.
[10:13] <malgar> not only for wind but beacuse you should balace perfectly the weight and lift forces
[10:13] <Morke_van_Ork> So there is no such thing as a height-control-system for baloons?
[10:14] <malgar> sure! but i don't know your budged or knowledge to do that
[10:14] <malgar> :)
[10:14] <Morke_van_Ork> Maybe a little bottle of gas that fills the balloon when it drops and lets out gas when it floats up too high?
[10:14] <malgar> yeah
[10:14] <Morke_van_Ork> My Budget is not of any relevance, it will have to adapt itself to my idea :)
[10:14] <Morke_van_Ork> So i have infinite budget one might say
[10:15] <Morke_van_Ork> Are there any systems readlily available for balloons?\
[10:15] <malgar> ok.. but build a such thing from scratch isn't easy..
[10:15] <malgar> mmh i don't know.. i think that could exist
[10:16] <malgar> you have to search on the web, i cant' help you for this (perhaps someone other here)
[10:16] <Morke_van_Ork> I understand, I have some people that can help me build it. They do know quite a bit about engineering and such, so I guess most things wouldn't be a big problem.
[10:16] <Morke_van_Ork> OK, thanks for your time anyway!
[10:17] <Morke_van_Ork> But hten a quick other question, I'm based in germany, any idea where i could order these big white ballloons for a test or such?
[10:18] <Morke_van_Ork> I've tried searching the web quite extensively, but the only things I can find is this Japanese company and some guy on Ebay selling them,
[10:18] <Morke_van_Ork> But thanks for yor time, I'm off looking for more info now!
[10:18] <Morke_van_Ork> Bye!
[10:21] <malgar> totex is a good brand
[10:21] <malgar> :)
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