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[01:46] <kc0wys> yeah i finally got the network figured out, so now my server is back up :)
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[12:17] <jcoxon> morning all
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[15:11] <EvilGuru> Hi all
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[17:30] <sketchstudios> hi
[17:31] <icez> hi
[17:31] <sketchstudios> hey
[17:31] <sketchstudios> whats up?
[17:32] <icez> nothing much
[17:32] <sketchstudios> thought I'd come check the channel out, saw it from digg.com
[17:33] <icez> oh really
[17:33] <sketchstudios> http://www.digg.com/mods/Take_your_very_own_pictures_from_outside_Earth_s_atmosphere
[17:33] <sketchstudios> from there, but it just had pictures, thats all, so i clicked around and eventually got here
[17:33] <sketchstudios> lol
[17:34] <icez> :)
[17:35] <icez> are you into balloons too?
[17:36] <sketchstudios> was interested in the experiments alot, wanted to know more on the specifics on exactly how it was done so i thought id find answers in here, me and a couple of my buddies were wondering if it would be possible to do our own tests similar,
[17:37] <sketchstudios> yea, anything that goes up. hah.
[17:38] <icez> well the basic is pretty much the same, you have an helium-filled balloon attached to some sort of box (that we call the payload)
[17:38] <icez> and inside that box, some people use dismentled laptops, or tiny computers (like gumstix)
[17:38] <icez> connected to GPS/cellphones/cameras
[17:39] <icez> we have a list of missions from mostly people here on the website, and you can see inside those payloads
[17:39] <sketchstudios> yea thats what I was thinking, cool, i was wondering more about the connectivity issues, and the morose code i saw that was used
[17:39] <icez> it's not as complex as weather balloons but it's cool.
[17:40] <icez> yeah, the UK has a lot of restrictions on communications as I have heard, so it makes it a little harder
[17:40] <sketchstudios> right
[17:40] <icez> I know that using cellphones they usually SMS the current location every ~5 mins
[17:45] <sketchstudios> very interesting, yea im checking out the video of the nova payload right now
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[17:55] <d123> icez: did you guys ever used ramair parachute for bringing down softly the payload after the balloon burst?
[17:55] <icez> i have no idea
[17:56] <d123> :)
[17:56] <icez> i think i'm the only one that never really did anything with balloons here
[17:56] <icez> rockets mostly
[17:56] <d123> yeah I know you've told me ;)
[17:57] <d123> the thing is that I'm really trying to do a ramair parachute launch from a balloon or a plane and I'm searching how to control the pitch angle
[17:57] <icez> wewps
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[19:21] <malgar> http://www.k2.dion.ne.jp/~totex/Scan10002-fin.jpg
[19:21] <malgar> :DDD
[19:38] <icez> wohh
[19:38] <icez> that should go high enough :P
[19:39] <malgar> i think that a 500gr balloon become big like that at the moment of boom
[19:39] <malgar> :)
[19:40] <icez> :/
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