[02:02] <kc0wys> haha the lithiums blew up
[02:02] <kc0wys> this is cool
[02:06] <icez> :/
[02:06] <icez> you got your ensure-1?
[02:08] <kc0wys> ya
[02:09] <kc0wys> and, amazingly, almost everything works
[02:09] <kc0wys> the fault was a blown resistor in the voltage regulator circuit
[02:09] <icez> did you have a camera on it?:)
[02:09] <kc0wys> ya
[02:09] <kc0wys> the camera still works!!
[02:09] <icez> pictures?!:)
[02:09] <kc0wys> will use on ENSURE-2
[02:09] <kc0wys> ya
[02:09] <kc0wys> one
[02:09] <kc0wys> :/
[02:09] <icez> one:/
[02:09] <icez> is it something interesting?
[02:09] <kc0wys> one at 2000 ft
[02:09] <kc0wys> nah
[02:10] <kc0wys> but one video clip that's kinda cool
[02:10] <icez> mmm
[02:10] <icez> can i see?
[02:10] <kc0wys> 6 secs long, it's looking down, the balloon is spinning
[02:10] <kc0wys> i can send it to your email address, i suppose
[02:10] <icez> :)
[02:11] <kc0wys> ok
[02:11] <kc0wys> well actually there's 8 pics and one video clip
[02:11] <icez> i can host it until you get your website back up
[02:11] <kc0wys> one 1.3mp pic, and 7 320x240 from the webcam
[02:11] <icez> if you want
[02:11] <kc0wys> ok sure
[02:11] <kc0wys> wait
[02:11] <kc0wys> damn
[02:11] <kc0wys> the clips are on my usb drive, which i left at school
[02:11] <kc0wys> :/
[02:11] <icez> wewps
[02:11] <icez> :P
[02:12] <kc0wys> well i'll get them to you tomorrow, maybe even during class
[02:12] <kc0wys> hijack one of the laptops... lol
[02:12] <icez> ok:)
[02:12] <icez> well, hopefully E-2 will have more luck :)
[02:13] <kc0wys> ya
[02:13] <kc0wys> actually i've been thinking...
[02:14] <kc0wys> i might continue E-2, then have a sort of E-1.5, like rebuild E-1 in a different box and make it very simple
[02:14] <kc0wys> still use the laptop, but no data acquisition and certainly not 40 lithiums
[02:15] <icez> hehe
[02:15] <kc0wys> and fix the bugs in my program, one that made all the 30-sec video clips 6 seconds :P
[02:15] <icez> maybe you need some ground testing..like running it for 2-3 hours to see if anything goes *boom*
[02:15] <icez> lol:)
[02:15] <kc0wys> ya lol
[02:15] <kc0wys> that is a very good idea
[02:15] <kc0wys> :)
[02:31] <icez> kc0wys, so did you figure out how high it went?
[03:06] <kc0wys> no, unfortunately
[03:06] <kc0wys> it landed 39.04 mi north from the launch site
[03:07] <kc0wys> it probably didn't get too high, because winds were fairly strong and would probably have pushed it farther if it had a longer flight time
[03:07] <kc0wys> (suggests short flight)
[03:07] <kc0wys> on the other hand, i duno
[03:07] <kc0wys> not really sure what to expect :/
[03:08] <kc0wys> since the power supply failed, the computer konked out, so there's no data after about 2000 ft when it failed
[03:15] <icez> :/
[03:15] <icez> well at least it's around 2000 ft :P
[03:15] <icez> that's more than the grand canyon!:)
[03:16] <icez> lol
[03:20] <kc0wys> lol yeah...
[03:20] <kc0wys> but about 1/50th of the target altitude!
[03:20] <icez> well
[03:21] <icez> i read something somewhere once that "you aren't a true rocket amateur until you had a real bad launch/crash"
[03:21] <icez> :]
[03:39] <kc0wys> hehe
[04:00] <kc0wys> damn
[04:00] <kc0wys> laptop doesnt work
[04:00] <kc0wys> no video signal, all the leds just turn on
[04:01] <kc0wys> could be a cooked processor...
[04:04] <kc0wys> bah it's just shot
[04:06] <kc0wys> well i gotta get back to studying
[04:06] <kc0wys> :/
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[13:16] <riksta> woo i found a miniDin 8 connector at maplins
[13:17] <riksta> might finally be able to make a cable :P
[14:03] icez (n=icez@ip68-3-56-121.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #highaltitude.
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[21:56] <icez> _kc0wys, cool pictures :]
[21:56] <_kc0wys> :)
[21:56] Nick change: _kc0wys -> kc0wys
[22:06] <kc0wys> unfortunately, the laptop doesn't work
[00:00] --- Wed Oct 11 2006