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[18:16] <Proffy> g'day all
[18:26] <icez> hi
[18:26] <Proffy> anything good going on ?
[18:26] <Proffy> I'm stuck on something stupid w/ my gumstix board :(
[18:26] <icez> mmm, well if i remember, kc0wys's balloon was found 2 months later by someone :)
[18:26] <Proffy> yah
[18:27] <Proffy> in a field after it got runover by a combine
[18:27] <icez> that could be considered good =]
[18:27] <icez> combine?
[18:27] <Proffy> combination thresher and tractor
[18:27] <icez> wewps
[18:27] <Proffy> thresher and harvester?
[18:27] <Proffy> something like that
[18:28] <Proffy> the thing that cuts wheat then beats it to get the wheet out and then separates them and then grinds up the bad stuff and shoves it back in the ground to fertilize it
[18:28] <icez> outch
[18:28] <icez> poor payload:/
[18:47] <Proffy> ah, "modprobe proc_gpio"
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[18:50] <kc0wys> hey
[18:50] <Proffy> hello
[18:50] <rocketboy> yo
[18:51] <kc0wys> ya i'm not sure if he said it was run over by a combine, or almost run over
[18:51] <kc0wys> but it must be in a good enough condition to have been able to read the phone number :P
[18:51] <icez> oh, so you didn't get it ?
[18:51] <kc0wys> well not yet
[18:51] <kc0wys> it's 60 miles away, and i'm 15 (can't drive myself) lol
[18:52] <Proffy> hey
[18:52] <Proffy> did it use a gumstix board?
[18:52] <kc0wys> no
[18:52] <Proffy> k
[18:52] <Proffy> I'm trying to figure some shiz out
[21:09] <Tiger^> Proffy: be sure to tell us about the laptop's condition so we'll know whether to buy this brand or not :P
[21:10] <Proffy> what laptop are you talking about?
[21:10] <Tiger^> oops sorry
[21:10] <Tiger^> that was meant for kc0wys
[21:10] <Tiger^> not you :)
[21:10] <Proffy> oh
[21:10] <Proffy> he flew a laptop?
[21:10] <Proffy> $600 balloon?
[21:11] <Tiger^> hmm i think he did
[21:11] <Proffy> his webpage is clusterfucked so I can't see
[21:12] <Tiger^> 'our laptops can survive ascending to 30km, temp. of over -60 centigrade, falling down to the ground and being run over by a tractor'
[21:13] <icez> :/
[21:13] <icez> a modified laptop
[21:13] <icez> he removed a bunch of stuff if i remember
[21:14] <Tiger^> yup
[21:14] <Proffy> fucking gumstix docwiki page is all broken
[22:11] phatmonkey (i=nobody@ joined #highaltitude.
[22:21] <icez> hey phatmonkey
[22:22] <phatmonkey> hey there
[23:20] <kc0wys> hey
[23:21] <kc0wys> Proffy: yup, I flew a laptop
[23:21] <kc0wys> webpage is screwed up because my server's wifi card broke and I'm waiting for a new one to arrive
[23:22] <kc0wys> moved to a new house -- no wired lan anymore :(
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