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[20:05] <LaurenceB> Hi everyone :D
[20:12] <rocketboy> hi Laurence - hows it going in Oxford - finished yet?
[20:13] <LaurenceB> Hi there, yes I've just finished a few weeks work at the atmospheric physics dept, very interesting
[20:14] <rocketboy> lucky chap - done any more with MiHab?
[20:16] <LaurenceB> Not really, I'm thinking about a high altitude glider, I've got a couple of servos and I'm trying to get them to work with my microcontroller
[20:17] <rocketboy> ah - what sort of servos - model aircraft?
[20:19] <LaurenceB> yes, I'm having problems, I think myde they need inverted inputs
[20:19] <LaurenceB> -maybe
[20:20] <rocketboy> arn't they just a pulse width signal - about 20mS period
[20:21] <LaurenceB> Oh right, I was using around 5 ms
[20:22] <LaurenceB> Is the pulse +ive or -ive ?
[20:23] <rocketboy> hang on i'll go and check some info I have
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[20:28] <rocketboy> yeah the pulse repeats evey 20ms - it varies from 1ms to 2ms
[20:28] <rocketboy> 1ms is full one way, 2ms is full the other 1.5ms should be centre
[20:29] <rocketboy> the 1 - 2ms pulses are 5V
[20:29] <LaurenceB> Okay
[20:30] <LaurenceB> All the media attention around NOVA was rather unexpected!
[20:31] <rocketboy> yeah - I was amazed - its only a HAB - the US guys do it all the time - its just the UK press
[20:33] <LaurenceB> Everyone at the physics dept had heard about it!
[20:38] <LaurenceB> I'm not sure about the plan to launch a rocket, I don't see how they'll b able to stabilize it ..
[20:40] <LaurenceB> If they just use fins, it'll need a very long launch pole
[20:42] <LaurenceB> And that will be very heavy
[20:42] <rocketboy> I guess - i havn't done the calculations but i expect so
[20:43] <rocketboy> no i don't think so - I did some calculations a while back - I think a 3+ Kg
[20:43] <LaurenceB> They were talking to the press about spinning the rocket before launch
[20:43] <rocketboy> rocket could make 100Km if launched from 35Km
[20:44] <rocketboy> possibly
[20:44] <icez> are we talking about balloon-launched rockets?:)
[20:44] <rocketboy> spinning it has its problems too
[20:44] <rocketboy> yes
[20:45] <rocketboy> I'd be more in favor of active stabilization - like gyrock
[20:45] <LaurenceB> I'm getting something to eat - bbl
[20:45] <icez> someone gave me what i think is a great idea to get a rocket up and launch it from the air
[20:45] <icez> by using a balloon in a circle with the rocket suspended in between
[20:48] <rocketboy> yeah - its been done a few times
[20:48] <icez> it has?!
[20:48] <icez> :/
[20:48] Action: icez burns his idea book
[20:48] <rocketboy> I don't know of a really sucessful attempt though
[20:49] <rocketboy> http://www.nrl.navy.mil/content.php?P=ROCKOON
[20:50] <icez> that's not in a circle though
[20:52] <rocketboy> I'm sure that has been done by a UK group - they used 3 and a frame between them - the rocket was up the middile
[20:52] <rocketboy> I'll just see what I can find
[20:56] <icez> i wonder if using a less stretchable material for a balloon makes a difference?
[20:56] <icez> like plastic..
[20:59] <rocketboy> I think they use mylar on zero pressure balloons
[21:00] <rocketboy> - the baloons rise untill thier density reaches that of the surrounding air - then they stop
[21:00] <rocketboy> they don't expand beyond a certain point
[21:01] <rocketboy> I cant find that rockoon link at the mo
[21:01] <icez> it's okay
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[23:36] <rocketboy> hey icez - here is at least one link to that frame and multiple baloon idea http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/careers/careerstemplate.jsp?ArticleId=p050105
[23:37] <rocketboy> im
[23:37] <rocketboy> sure i have seen another
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